There have been so many little things happening in the Chuck Universe that I’ve been having a hard time making one coherent post. So instead, I’ll make one incoherent post!


First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who clicked on links for Chucktoberfest! I could still use your help tracking down some of those “Contact Us” addresses (URLs, Twitter and Facebook accounts), but the list is surprisingly long already! If you haven’t tried this links yet, please do. Once you get going, you’ll find it surprising easy to use the contacts, plug in the information and SEND the message.

I’ll be honest, though. This is not 100% cost free. Well, no $ need be involved, but in every case I’ve seen so far, the companies do want to know a little about you (some more than others). It seems they all respond with a robo-reply, and privacy is always an issue. What’s amazing is that some (almost all, in fact) follow up with a real response thanking you for the comment. From a REAL HUMAN BEING, no less. The message is being seen, and if it’s seen enough times, it’ll be shown to the right set of eyes, too.

If you discover that a company is abusing you by sending undo corporate spam (and worse, selling your name for mailing lists), please let me know and they will be removed from our roster.

A also want to say how happy and surprised I was to see this in comments. We’ve gone international! It’s a Polish Chuck fan site. I tried to translate the page, and I think it comes out this way:

Chuck is kept. Fans appreciate the advertisers…
This week, when all other shows were said to experience a ratings decrease because of popular sporting events, Chuck was the only show to experience ratings stability. It saw an audience this week of 5.325 million, and 1.9 million in the 18-49 demographic. Let’s hope that NBC will appreciate the loyalty of Chuck’s fans.

These fans have decided to let advertisers know about Chucktoberfest during the month of October. During this time, they are expressing their thanks to the advertisers for sponsoring the show. Such mass-efforts by the fans have come to the shows aid before, saving it from cancellation by buying Subway [sandwiches].

This is probably the first time that fans are willing to have [thank?] advertisers. That probably won’t help in Poland, unfortunately.

Despite the title, I don’t think they meant to imply that Chuck has been renewed – that’s just the (bad) translation. But I thought it was cute, so I kept it! Needless to say, if anyone named Yvonne wants to help me translate this more accurately, please give me a call… 😉


We saw the final numbers at TVBTN for Monday’s episode of Chuck. In the face of very stiff competition Chuck held it’s own. Since most of the shows on last night (including House and DWTS) can’t say that, it’s not bad at all.

NBC also got hit, but Chuck’s 1.9 adults 18-49 rating was one of the few steady vs. last week. The Event fell 8% to a 2.2 rating. Chase was down 12% to just a 1.5 rating. The cancellation bear has its scent.

There’s that cancellation bear again. Joal Ryan at E! Online thinks that both The Event and Parenthood are safe, for now.

But speaking of the bear, Outlaw has been officially canceled.

NBC has officially pulled the plug on Jimmy Smits’ struggling rookie procedural Outlaw. The Friday-night legal drama, which was already on a production hiatus, will be replaced by a second hour of Dateline.

A Little Spoilery News

And this is fun. Kristin Dos Santos is spilling some casting news. This almost rates as a spoiler, but really, it’s just fun.

Finley: Chuck is great this season. Any news on what’s ahead?
Somebody’s going to stripper school! Chuck is casting for a pole-dancing class instructor. Ellie’s (Sarah Lancaster) pregnant, and preggos don’t generally like being naked in public, so could this mean Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) is getting all strippy to prep for a mission? (The fanboys cheer while Yvonne runs and hides.)

Finally, it’s Podcastday! Like usual, The Chuck Nerdposium Netcast can be found here!

– joe

Added: The promo for 4.05 is up on the Spoiler page (link on the right).


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  1. odysszeuss says:

    stimmt eigentlich. ich poste das gleich mal im forum bei

    chucktoberfest rueles!!!

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