Chucktoberfest Rolls On.


Chucktoberfest! (Logo Courtesy of Frea O'Scanlin at Castle Inanity)


Chucktoberfest is underway!  We’re showing our Chuck love and obsession, careful to stop short of that stalker line, in all the usual ways; watching and re-watching, and talking about Chuck.  This time however we’re doing a bit more.  We’ve organized here at ChuckThis to be a clearinghouse for information on how you can contact the sponsors of Chuck and show them your appreciation for their support of Chuck.  But the big question is this, why?  So I ask you why not?  We have a fanbase, we have a way to communicate like never before, and we have savvy.  We are on to the game.  So why Chucktoberfest?  The game has changed.  I blame Al Gore and the whole world wide web thing.  After the jump.

There was a time, and I actually remember those times, when TV meant 4 or 5 channels, if you were lucky.  Choice was whatever the three networks decided to air or a doccumentary on PBS, and if you wanted to see it you sat down at the appointed time or you waited for re-runs.  Advertising was a lot simpler then.  You could count on a large portion of the viewing public on any given network on any given night since there weren’t many other choices.  And most people had to get up to turn the channel.  Those days are gone, and we have to wonder if some of the effectiveness of TV advertising went along with them.  But companies still want to get their message out there, and TV is still one big way.

The big change came with the VCR.  With cheap videotape and the ability to watch shows on your schedule came the other great power for the TV viewer.  The power to skip the commercials.  Broadcasters, advertisers and the Nielson’s have been trying to figure a way around that ever since.  The problem only got worse with iTunes and streaming video and downloads.  All of the sudden that 8PM timeslot on NBC that is selling ad time is only one of many choices for the viewer.  We can watch virtually any time we want via DVR, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes rather than feeling the need to park ourselves on the couch at a specific time.  Then for the advertiser it gets even more confusing.  If you watch live you see one set of ads.  On Hulu?  Still ads, just different ads.  OnDemand?  Yep, different ads.  Amazon download or iTunes?  no ads.  So how does an advertiser reach the audience?  More to the point, how does an advertiser know he’s reaching the audience?  Easy, we tell them.  And that is the big push on the commercial side of Chucktoberfest.  Tell the advertisers that at least on Chuck their ads are noticed.  We make it a point to notice and to support them in whatever way we can in return for helping to bring us Chuck.

Things To Do

1)  Watch Chuck. This goes without saying.  Watch Chuck live, especially if you are a Nielsen houshold.  If you aren’t, well watch live anyway, because really, do you want to wait?  While you’re at it get others to do the same.  Casually visit friends and relatives at 8PM Monday and change the channel from Dancing With The Stars to Chuck.  They’ll thank you in the end.

2)  Re-watch Chuck. Chuckaholics attack every Tuesday night at 10PM EDT (soon to be EST I assume).  And yes, NBC does count that in their internal ratings system.  Follow Faith (aka ChuckNewbie8 here, ChuckNonpareil8 on the NBC boards and jemjoven on twitter) on twitter.  She is the motivating force behind Chuckaholics attacking the NBC streaming re-watch.  Ok there are others (iheartmondays1, keepchuckalive and shoelin_1685) but Faith is our fifth Beatle and an official unofficial member of the staff, so we’re giving her the credit.  Enhance your viewing experience by joining in the conversation that takes place on the NBC boards at the same time.  If we can crash NBC’s servers they’re bound to notice.

3)  Support the sponsors of Chuck. This is where we are making our big push as a clearinghouse for information.  We (meaning mostly Joe and Amy) have provided a ton of links people can click on to give the advertisers feedback and support, handily re-produced at the end of this post.  There is everything from comment forms to twitter accounts to facebook pages you can use.  And we can see that people are clicking on them, but not enough!  Most links get a click or two a day, let’s shoot for at least 3 or 4.  If you follow up on two or three each day we should have a lot more impact.

4)  RewardTV. This is potentially a very big way, since it feeds into the research the Nielsen’s do.  Within 24 hours of air time, log in and complete the survey for Chuck.  Make sure you took note of both the product placement and the ads run, because they will ask about both.  Good feedback on product placement is a potentialy big win for the show itself, since those promotional considerations likely go directly into helping production costs.  When you see a company like Toyota or Subway doing both product placement and commercials, be sure to note that, and perhaps send them a nice thank you, because they are helping support Chuck.

5)  Buy Chuck. Have a Nerd Herd lanyard for your ID yet?  Why not?  Your Buy More mug?  Seasons 1-3 on DVD/BRD and/or iTunes/Amazon?  Buying merchandise may help either NBC or WB, but we want both to like Chuck and support it.

Chucktoberfest Events

OK, so there’s the eat your vegtables do your homework and brush your teeth part of Chucktoberfest, except the watching and re-watching part, we assume if you’re here you enjoy that.  Now for the community fun and party part.  This is fun, remember?  So we now announce the Chucktoberfest Beer Bash coming to a livingroom near you, October 25th.  It turns out that both Budweiser and Stella Artios are sponsors of Chuck.  And what month long festival in October would be complete without beer?  The plan is, assuming you are legally able and can do so responsibly, buy some of the beer sponsors beer, tell them you have done so and why, and we’ll all join in having a Monday night online beer bash while watching Chuck.  As far as I know it’s relatively safe to tweet, facebook, blog and comment while tipsy and watching Chuck.  And if you don’t drink it should be amusing to see the rest of us forget how to type and spell as the night goes on since drinking games will not be discouraged. 😉  In addition we are told that Canada is a sponsor of Chuck in some markets.  Canadian beer will therefore be an acceptable method of supporting Canada should you choose to do so.

So will it mean anything in the end?  Who knows, but it should be fun.  The cast and crew of Chuck goes to tremendous lengths to give us a great show and to show us fans how much they appreciate our support.  I think we owe them the same.  They’re going all out this season, from amazing guest stars to Yvonne in a bikini, to make this show an entertaining hit, so as not your ordinary fans it’s up to us to at least try to see that reflected in the ratings and fan support.  Me, I have the sneaking suspicion that they notice and it helps them through those 18 hour days.  I say we go for it.  Besides, rumor has it that if we bring the ratings up to a 2.2 during Chucktoberfest the entire cast will all dress in lederhosen for a publicity photo.*  So support Chuck, throw a Chucktoberfest Beer Bash! and see Adam Baldwin in lederhose.

*(There is nothing to this rumor, I decided to start it to see if, like Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mom, it might come true.)

Here’s What You Can Tell The Sponsors of Chuck

Dear [Paste Company Name Here]
I am a fan of the NBC television’s Chuck, and wish to thank you for your continuing advertising support of this show. Because Chuck fans are active, engaged and intelligent viewers, your advertising dollars were well spent. Because of your good decision to support this show, I promise to consider your product when making my consumer choices.

Follow All-State Insurance on Twitter (from your Twitter account, type: “@allstate I follow YOU because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
All-State Insurance on Facebook
Allstate “Contact-Us” Form
Allstate Direct Website Email

Anthem Blue Cross (health insurance)
Anthem Blue Cross Website Members can leave feedback (see link at the bottom of their page).

Applebees on Facebook
Applebees Restaurants Instructions: For “Topic”, please select “Praise”, and paste your message in their form.

Arby’s Welcome Page Instructions: For “Feedback Regarding”, select “Other”, and for type of feedback, select “Positive” and click continue. For positive feedback, no personal information is required. Paste your message in their form.
Follow Arby’s on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @Arbys I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)

AT&T Wireless

Baby Bjorn
Baby Bjorn on Facebook
Follow Baby Borjn on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @babybjorn I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
Baby Bjorn Contact Us

Bank of America

BB&T Contact Us Form Instructions: Click on “Secure On-Line Contact Form”, fill in the required contact information and your message.

Behr Premium Paints

Bing Search Engine
(This URL has extra information embedded that may not apply to you. To get to them directly, go to and click on the link that says “Tell us what you think” in the lower right hand corner.)

Blackberry Torch
Follow Blackberry on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type:@BlackBerry/blackberry-on-twitter I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
BlackBerry on Facebook

Blue Cross Blue Shield
e-mail (e-mail) or go to
The BCBS Contact page and enter your location, then “Contact us”. They will provide a link to “e-mail technical questions” about their local or state-wide affiliate. I believe is Maryland’s BSBC affiliate, where the message can be sent.

Bounty Paper Towels
Bounty Paper Towels Customer Help
Bounty on Facebook

Budweiser Beer
Anheuser-Bush Contact Us (they ask to verify that you are 21 and older)

Carnival Cruises
Carnival Cruises Site

Charles Schwab
Follow Charles Schwab on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @charlessechwab I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
Charles Schwab Facebook Page
Charles Schwab Customer Service

Charmin Ultra Strong Web Page

Chase Blueprint
Chase Blueprint Contact Page

Chevrolet Family of Vehicles (Instructions: click on “OTHER – I have a question/comment not related to any of the categories above.” And continue.)

Follow Chrysler on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @chrysler I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
Chrysler on Facebook
categorical contact so no specific ad contact

(??? No obvious on-line contacts.)

Dairy Queen
Follow Dairy Queen on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @DairyQueen I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)

DirecTV on Facebook
Ask DirecTV
Follow DirecTV on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type @DirecTV I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)

Disney (Beauty and The Beast)
(Instructions: Click on “Questions” in the middle of the page to give feedback. Also click their Facebook page link to share it with your friends).

Dodge Journey
Dodge Journey Instructions: Click on “I need customer assistance.” and thank them for advertising on NBCs Chuck.

Dodge Ram Trucks
Dodge Ram Trucks Instructions: Click on “I need customer assistance.” and thank them for advertising on NBCs Chuck.

Dunkin Donut
Follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter (From your account, @DunkinDonuts I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest! )  I added “That plus I LOVE your coffee!!”
Follow Dunkin Donuts on Facebook
Dunkin Donuts Website contact

Follow Dreamworks on Twitter (From your account, Tweet Dreamworks by typing: @dreamworks I follow you because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)
“Please read carefully before submitting a question: DreamWorks Animation’s company policy prohibits us from accepting or considering unsolicited submissions of creative ideas, scripts, stories, treatments, suggestions, artwork, inventions, technology and any other materials. Therefore, we cannot accept such submissions from you and must request that you please refrain from sending us any unsolicited materials.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Contact Website For Chat and E-Mail.
Direct website Email Instructions: Provide a valid e-mail address.

Farmers Insurance Group
Farmers Insurance Group Facebook page
Farmers Insurance Group Contact Form (A contact form is located on the page.)

Follow Ford on Twitter (From your Twitter account, tweet Ford by typing: @ford I follow you because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)
Follow Ford on Facebook
Website contact Instructions: In the box in the lower right hand corner, select “Comments about” OR “Sales and advertising”, then enter the mandatory information and our message.

Geico Twitter help page. (From your Twitter account, tweet Geico service by typing: @GEICO_Service I follow you because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)
GEICO Communications Department
One GEICO Plaza
Washington, D.C. 20076

General Electric (GE) (The current owner of NBC Universal)
General Electric General Contact Address

Gerber (a Nestle company)
Gerber Facebook Page
Gerber Contact Us Page

H&M Contact Us Page (Instructions: Choose area Marketing, and send your message.)

Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Customer Care (Instructions: Select from the drop down menu “General comments and Compliments” and tell them you appreciate their continuing support of NBC’s Chuck.)

Home Depot
Home Depot Contact Us Page Instructions: 1) Select “Other” as your area of interest, 2) Select “Other” as Your Feedback 3) Supply your name, email (required information) and enter the message.
Follow Home Depot on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @homedepot I follow you because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)

Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z on FaceBook

Honda Odyssey
(no obvious contact information)

HTC EVO 4G Sprint
Sprint HTC EVO 4G Phone
Instructions: Select Yes or No to specify if you already have Sprint Service, From the drop down menu, select “General Inquiry for topic AND for subtopic that best matches your issue”, paste your message in the box and supply your identification as you see fit.

Apple iPad Instructions: From the drop down menu, select “Enhancement request” and paste your message. For Operating System and configuration, choose any selection.

iPod Nano
Apple iPod Nano Instructions: From the drop down menu, select “Enhancement request” and paste your message. For Operating System and configuration, choose any selection.

JC Penney
JC Penney on Facebook
Follow JC Penney on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type @jcpenney I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)
Email JC Penney General Inquiries Instructions: From the drop down menu, select “Advertisements” as the topic.

Jeep Home Page Instructions: Near the bottom, click on “Contact us”, then click on “I need CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE.” Click on the tiny “Send us an Email” in the upper middle of the page. For the question “Is this a question regarding your Vehicle?”, select “No” to disable the VIN inquiry, and provide other required information, and your message.

Jennie-O Turkey Burgers
Jennie-O Turkey Contact Us Page Instructions: Fill the required fields in their form and send our message.

Lenscrafter Contact-Us Page Instructions: Near the bottom, see their “e-mail us” link, click on that and fill in the required information and our message.
email them directly at

Lowes on Facebook
Follow Lowes on Twitter (From your twitter account, type: @lowes I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
Lowes Customer Feedback Form

Macy’s Inc. Contact Us Page

Microsoft Customer Service Contact-Us Page
There is also a FEEDBACK link at the bottom of that page that I have not tested, but may be more germane.

Mounds and Almond Joy
Hershey’s Contact Us Form Instructions: Enter in your birth date, click Submit, and enter in our message.

Mucinex DM

NBC Universal
NBC Contact Us Page Instructions: Select Chuck in the drop down menu, and provide the required information and our message. OR
At the bottom of this page, click the link for FEEDBACK (but this seems to bring up a somewhat intrusive survey.)

Neutrogena Cosmetics
Neutrogena Cosmetics on Facebook
Neutrogena Contact Us Page Instructions: Select “Company Information, Sponsorships, Donations and Policies” from the drop-down menu and send our message.

Nissan Juke Sport Cross
Nissan Contact Us Page Instructions: In the drop down menu for “I have a question/comment about…” select “Nissan North America, Inc.”

Norton AV
(Information Pending)

Ocean’s Spray
Follow Ocean’s Spray on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @oceansprayinc I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!) (Yes, they removed the redundant s in the tweet handle!)
Ocean’s Spray on Facebook
Website contact

Olay Regenerist
Olay on Facebook
Talk to Olay in a private IM
E-mail Olay Their e-mail form!

Piedmont Natural Gas

Progressive Car Insurance
Progressive Car Insurance Contact Us E-mail form Instructions: Select “I have a Question or Comment” from their Topic drop down menu, fill in the required information. They also have a check box to optionally allow your comment to be used in their advertising.
Progressive on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @progressive I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
Progressive on Facebook

Quicken Loans
Red Bull

iRobot General Inquiry and Comments Instructions: Only an e-mail address is required. Send your message here.
E-mail iRobot corporate headquarters at
E-mail Media-Contact at

Sensodyne Toothpaste
Sensodyne-US Contact US (for US customers only – sorry!)

Sharp Aquos Quattron tv
Sony Playstation Move
Stella Artois Beer

Subaru USA on Twitter (From your twitter account, type: @subaru_usa I follow You because you support #Chuck #Chucktoberfest!)
Subaru on Facebook
Subaru Contact Us Page

Subway Customer Service Contact Us
Follow Subway on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @subwayfreshbuzz I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
Subway on Facebook

Time Warner Cable
Toyota Camry

Toyota (Sienna—in show promotion)
Follow Toyota on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type: @toyota I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chucktoberfest!)
Follow Toyota on Facebook
Toyota Contact-Us Page Instructions: Click on “E-Mail Toyota” near the bottom of the page. Sadly, they ask you to create an account before you are allowed to proceed.

Tropicana Trop50 OJ
Follow Tropicana on Facebook
Tropicana Website Contact Instructions: Select “other” as your reason for contact, and “refrigerated products” from the drop down menu. On the next page you are required to enter both a physical address (which I find intrusive) and an email to proceed. On the next page, select “Trop-50” from the drop down menu, and enter our message.

Verizon (Droid)
Follow Verizon on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type @verizon I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)
Verizon Contact-us Page Instructions: Enter your zip-code into the box, and click on the arrow. Locate the “Send an e-mail” box, and in the drop-down menu, select “I am not a customer,” and click on the arrow to see the contact form.

Verizon Wireless Services
Verizon Wireless Customer Services Instructions: In the “Send an E-Mail” box, select “I am not a customer Yet.” and enter the required information and our message in the form provided. If you ARE a Verizon Wireless customer, select that option, and find “Send an E-Mail” on the next page. Enter the required information and our message in the form provided.

This one is FUN! Versace’s site does not allow “deep” links, so go to their main site, select the desired language and enjoy the fashion show for a bit. After a few moments a menu bar appears. In the lower right hand corner, “mouse over” “Versace Corporate” and select “Contacts”. Fill in the required information and send our message.
Versace on Facebook
Versace on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type @versace I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)

Victorias Secret
Victoria’s Secret on Facebook
Victoria’s Secret Contact-Us (Comments, Questions, Suggestions)

Virgin Mobile
WWE Smackdown

Zune (in show ad)
Follow Zune on Twitter (From your Twitter account, type @zune I follow You because you support #Chuck on @NBC #Chuckoberfest!)
Follow Zune on Facebook
Zune is a Microsoft Product.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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22 Responses to Chucktoberfest Rolls On.

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  2. joe says:

    5 Channels??? You had 5 channels??? Why, you young whippersnappers have it so easy. Back in my day, we had to make due with 2, ghosts and snow, sonny!

    And I had to walk every day to school barefoot through 5 feet of snow, uphill both ways!


    • Ernie Davis says:

      Three networks, one PBS and one UHF channel. We got good reception because my dad mounted an antenna in the attic.

      • Frea O says:

        Did you also have a “Hue” knob posted on your TV? I’m pretty sure that’s how smurfs came about originally.

        PS – I hate to be a bother, but it’s O’ScanLIN. 🙂

    • herder says:

      Two english and two french Canadian plus US networks from Burlington Vt and Platsburg NY. As an aside, I can remember the Burlington local news being in black and white into the 70’s (that and the Beverly Hillbillies being the first show that I saw in colour).

  3. bundy says:

    I think this is a great idea getting in touch with the sponsors.I sent some emails out the other night and have gotten a response from all of them.I plan on sending more out this weekend.The employees at my local Subway call me the Chuck guy cause I’m there every Monday.I even got a couple of them to start following the show(I think Yvonne Strahovski had alot to do with that though).

    • joe says:

      Bundy, that is so cool! I too have gotten responses from my “thank you” e-mails that tell me they were actually read. But seeing you confirm my experience is great to see.

      Heh! I sometimes flatter myself by thinking I’m known in the greater Chuck universe, but I’ve never been called “The Chuck Guy.” Congrats on earning that title, Bundy!

  4. Faith says:

    Beer bash hehe. Sweet! It goes without saying that if you have any sort of liver problems, it’s best to support Chuck in other ways, but if not, chug 😉

    Nice comprehensive list, I’ll pass it along. I think all of those is doable we should be able to do ’em easy. Well except for the going back in time lol.

    Oh and FYI if you follow subway (@Subwayfreshbuzz) they follow you back! So that’s a great way to get through to them. The rest do notice the attention. Probably not in direct follow or friend or whatnot but they do notice.

  5. DaveB says:

    I’m not sure what it says when there are that many sponsors for a one hour show (OK, 42 minutes…)

    • joe says:

      Well, some of those spots aren’t seen nation-wide, Dave. In fact, some are seen only locally. I’ll pay attention to see just how many of these ads are seen over more than one episode.

      Honestly, I was surprised by the number of ads they show in 60 minutes too. And on top of this, the network runs “crawlers” and “spiders” advertising their own stuff while the show is being aired.

      From a business standpoint, I understand. But from an entertainment POV it’s highly obnoxious, irritating and something that tends to bring out the Type-A personality in me. Philosophically speaking, when I pay my “cable” bill (it’s really fiber, but you know what I mean), I should be paying for the show, not merely an antenna service. Sadly, that was an argument I lost decades ago. EOR!

      But hey, that’s life in the 21st century.

      • atcdave says:

        While I’m always glad for the support of advertisers for getting certain shows made; you guys have really hit on why I prefer iTunes or discs. I really don’t like watching all the ads!

      • joe says:

        Ads keep me buying DVDs! 😉

      • amyabn says:

        That’s why I love iTunes. And, as an aside, why is it that the UK has Chuck on their iTunes but we don’t have it yet on the US page/store?? I’m getting ready for another business trip and I need some S4 Chuck for some long plane trips!

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  7. Ernie Davis says:

    When I got tweeted I found some broken links. They are fixed. If you notice a broken link please let me know and I’ll take care of it ASAP. We want to make this easy for everyone!

  8. joe says:

    Although I’m redacting the name of the company (and person) who sent me this response, I wanted to share it with you.

    It’s *exactly* what I was hoping to see!

    Thanks for letting us know you like our ad placement, Joe!

    Your reaction is just what we hoped for, and your comments give us valuable input for future advertising campaigns. I’m sharing your compliments with the rest of our team.

    Thanks again for getting in touch with us.

    Please keep sending those e-mails and tweets! They’re hearing our message, and Chucktoberfest! will make a difference!

  9. Frea O says:

    Hey, guys, I just cut together a one-minute promotional video for Chucktoberfest and Chucktoberfest Beer Bash, if you want to use it:



  10. ChuckNewbie8 says:

    “Thanks again for contacting Anheuser-Busch. I hope your beer fest is a huge success.” LOL

  11. Pingback: Back 11 order! « Crumby's

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