All the ChuckNews Fit To Print

This News is Soooo ‘Five Minutes Ago’

… and you’ve probably heard already. From Ausiello:

Chuck is on the verge of receiving a full-season pickup from NBC, sources confirm to me exclusively. Although a Peacock rep declined to comment, insiders tell me the network and Warner Bros. Television are ironing out the final details of the back-nine order as we speak.

Nope. It’s not time to celebrate, yet. BUT THAT’S COMING!

According to TVBTN, this will be an order for an additional 9 episodes, something that’s been a bit of a rarity for a few years.

S5 just became much more likely.

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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47 Responses to All the ChuckNews Fit To Print

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  2. atcdave says:

    I guess I’d agree S5 became more likely in the sense it just became possible!

    I think that will be another fight in the spring. Right now steady numbers seem good enough, but a few big hits for NBC and that could change in a hurry.

    • joe says:

      Fair enough, Dave. But really, the early signs couldn’t be better, considering the numbers.

      Yeah, yeah. That’s me, the eternal optimist! 😉

      The 800 lb. gorilla in the room is still Comcast, though; there truly is no telling what they will do. I’m confident in my initial estimate of their corporate conservatism, though. If they choose to rock the boat, it won’t be in *that* way – at least, not initially.

      • atcdave says:

        You are the optimist Joe! I’m feeling a bit of the buzz myself right now, full season just sounds great.

        As things stand now, I do feel pretty good about S5 too. Just warning we need to remain vigilant, its a long ways off yet.

      • joe says:

        Vigilant it is!


        (and your ‘steady and cheap!’ note in the other thread is spot on, too!)

  3. jason says:

    a very wise tv superheroine once said “one mission at a time Chuck” – that is great news – another line comes to mind, “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we…” maybe that one is not so good after all, it starts on the right track – Father Holly, are either of those two quotes from the Bible?

    • joe says:

      Not to horn in on the good Fr’s business, but “Eat, Drink and be Merry” is from Ecclesiastes VIII 15 (King James Version).

      I believe “One mission at a time.” is from the CIA student handbook. 😉

      • jason says:

        thx joe, I thought I’d read one or the other in sunday school – LOL – and congrat’s to you and your colleagues for all the efforts toward renewal, I think stuff like chuckthis did make a difference, “Aces” to you and the gang

      • ChuckNewbie8 says:

        Second that Jason. We may never know if chucktoberfest contributed in some way but “you know and so do I” (well actually that was supposed to be Dave, Ernie, Joe and Amy knows in their hearts and so do we but I’m trying to call on Tango’s shippery moment lol).

        Anyways, the war is not won 😉 Chucktoberfest!!! Attack!

  4. OldDarth says:

    Given the announcement about Chuck likely to get a back 9, I think Fedak sneakily confirmed that with the baby announcement in the IGN interview.

    Betting baby Awesome delivers on 4.22.

  5. kg says:

    Very good news. In the past, this kind of speculation always has become a reality. There’s no indication it won’t happen again.

    In today’s volatile TV realm holding steady is widely respected. As you’ve stated on more than one occasion Joe, we are a loyal, savvy and sponsors’ product indulging audience. We haven’t done a very good job of adding viewers, but we haven’t lost any either.

    I know this has been said before, I honestly think more people are watching this show than the numbers suggest. And I also think a lot of folks are taping and watching at a more convenient time. And then’s there’s the good folk from this blog who watch it several times between Tuesday and Sunday on the internet.

  6. Rick Holy says:

    This news ROCKS!! A FULL 22 episode Season of CHUCK – and a FOURTH Season at that. Who’d a thunk it 2 years ago when it seemed like “the little show that could” was headed for the chopping block?

    If Season 5 happens, it will be icing on the cake – but even if we don’t get it (heaven forbid!), hopefully things will wrap up at the end of Season 4 nicely – like with a new baby and if not a marriage, and least an engagement. Let’s face it. The writers/producers of CHUCK know that it will always be a show “on the bubble.” They can end Season 4 in a GOOD way – knowing that it could be THE end, while at the same time ending it in a way that would still leave “much story to tell” in a FIFTH Season.

    Bottom line is that CHUCK is making NBC and/or WB $$. We’ve got to do our part – and I know there are no millionaires on this site (at least I’m guessing there arent – if there are, I’d like to talk to you about a dontation to the church! 😉 ), but we can all CONTINUE to pitch in by watching on line, buying the DVDs – not only for ourselves but for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, etc.

    I’m going to Mexico in November to visit an orphanage with which I have an affiliation. Last time down there I brought the volunteers Seasons 1 and 2 of CHUCK so they would have something GOOD to watch (Mexico is a GREAT country, but doesn’t have the best TV programs). This time I’ll be going down with Season 3 in hand!!

    Keep up the GREAT work everybody!! Keep contacting the sponsors to thank them, buy their products when you can (I’m still buying Subway and now I’m buying some of the cheaper stuff advertised on CHUCK – the Jennie-O turkey burgers, DQ, etc).

    All who have worked so hard – especially Joe and everyone associated with this Chuck site (and the other Chuck sites as well) deserve a big pat on the back.

    So revel in the (hopefully soon to be CONFIRMED) GREAT news – and BRING ON THE CHUCK!!!

  7. hiswings says:

    I’m as excited as all the rest of you – but my question is why would this announcement come out and not include Chuck??

    I’m wondering if they are waiting to see what the numbers are for tonight before they ink the deal? What say the rest of you??

    • OldDarth says:

      NBC owned shows versus Chuck which is a WB one. Different players, more contracts to be signed, i’s dotted, t’s crossed.

      WB may want a separate announcement etc.

  8. Rick Holy says:

    It’s OFFICLAL!!! And additional order of ELEVEN, YES 11 more episodes of CHUCK for Season 4! A 24-episode Season 4!!

    Congratulations, everybody – and KEEP ON CHUCKIN’!

    And as they used to say on one of my favorite old Monty Python movies – “And there was great rejoicing!”

    Party time all!

  9. Robert H says:

    Yes 11 additional episodes have been confirmed but
    while it’s ok to celebrate let’s not get cocky here.

    NBC’s fall schedule is bombing. They probably don’t
    have anything else to put up for the rest of the year. The Event and Chase also got 9-11 additional episodes, not sure how many and their ratings are going down although Chase upticked .1 last week.
    Outlaw is a goner. Undercovers got 4 additional episodes, not a good sign. It too is probably a goner.

    Chuck at least stays steady, is picking up in dvr
    and other viewings within 7 days after initial run
    on Monday night. It still is making money for NBC.
    All of this happened with little or no promotion from NBC.

    However 11 extra episodes, while nice, does not assure renewal. The producers must still continue to run scared and not take anything for granted.
    They need to produce consistent high quality shows
    through this extra run and not get stupid like they
    did last year. The fans must continue to watch,rewatch episodes, increase viewership by spreading the word as much as possible, and support
    sponsor’s products where possible. This must be continue to be a week by week effort. A 5th season
    would almost guarantee syndication with a 22 episode
    order if renewed next year but we have to get there first.

    So yes let’s enjoy the good news but keep on working
    and take nothing for granted. A backorder for 11
    additional episodes is one thing. Renewal will be
    quite another, especially with Comcast being in the mix.

    • Cuhckaddict says:

      My initial response to the pick up was ecstatic. Later on the little voice of pessimism piped up. What if NBC had given the Chuck team an extended run this season simply to “wrap up” the story? The writing is probably nearly complete for the original 13 episode arc. I’m assuming that like last year the 11 episode pick-up will be written as a new arc. My fear is that Chuck was given the extended season to finish it’s grand story. I realize it’s a sadly pessimistic thought, but there it is. I’m grateful for more Chuck, but please someone show me the glass half full!

      • weaselone says:

        NBC is run as a business, albeit rather poorly. I doubt very much that they really care whether Chuck gets to wrap up its grand story. What’s important for NBC is whether it 1)Makes money and 2) whether they could replace it with something that would make more money.

        My guess is that we got 11 more episodes because Chuck does indeed make money at it’s current ratings while many other NBC shows do not and if they do have a potentially more profitable show on their bench it will go to staunch a show that’s bleeding red ink.

        Whether Chuck gets picked up again will depend on whether it looks like it will continue to be profitable next year and whether after NBC plugs all its other worse holes with new programming if there is something that looks like it would be more profitable than Chuck.

        The prospect of torches and pitchforks may also play a part as rebuilding 30 Rockefeller Center would likely be quite costly. Of course we would be getting rid of a lot of dead weight at NBC so a bloody purge of the NBC offices by fans might leave Comcast better off.

      • Cuhckaddict says:

        Point taken. It’s the 11 that started me wondering. If the “normal” pick up is 9 or even 6, why did Chuck get 11?

        I’ve seen the argument that this will put Chuck back on track for syndication after season 5. Obviously WB would be interested in this, and maybe they pushed for 11.

        Us Chuck fans are a dedicated group. I could see NBC giving us a “thank you” for helping to keep ship from sinking these past 3 years. I don’t believe Comcast is in charge yet.

        The bottom line is that Chuck must make money for NBC and WB or it wouldn’t still be around. These are weird economic times and anything that makes money should worth keeping around for a while, at least until something more promising comes along. I wonder what’s in development for next year @ NBC…

      • joe says:

        There’s a lot of truth in that, cuhckaddict. NBC is a business, and probably doesn’t even want to be involved in the quality of the story, except so far as it helps it to sell ads. Ending the story next week or a decade from now is irrelevant to them if the show makes enough money.

        Of course, for NBC, NOTHING they have right now is making enough money. Apparently, they don’t even have much faith in what’s in their pipeline, and even shows like Chase and Undercovers are getting an extended viewing.

        The next best thing they have to sell, both to advertisers and to Comcast, is stability. Chuck may not be a stellar performer, but it is a consistent performer, and the fans are legendary for their loyalty. Definitely a plus.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah I’ll ditto most of Joe’s comments. The main thing to take from an 11 episode pick-up for Chuck is that NBC has little confidence in whatever else they’re working on, or at least they don’t think their other shows are ready yet.

      • jason says:

        @actdave – this is off topic, but if you or anyone reads this, have you been watching castle? Seems the LI’s really are less than 5% of the show, beckett last night seemed not only to give castle great advice about his LI, but legitimately seemed concerned, both LI’s seem to be better choices for rick and beckett anyhow, and the LI’s are not on screen during missions, which in castle amounts to 80% of the time, so far at least, a non factor. The end of 3.5 between castle and beckett was very romantic, even though they are not dating & beckett had no idea she aced rick’s love test, classic wt/wt. Problem is once you have the colonel you can’t go back, castle and beckett have not had that moment, heck they have not even shared the hard salami yet – so wt/wt life is good for them. LOL.

      • Chuckaddict says:

        You guys did a great job of filling the glass half full. You all make rational points. I hope the Comcast execs. are just as rational!

        I’m now going over to the TV Guide contest to vote a few hundred more times tonight.

      • atcdave says:

        Happy to help Chuckaddict.

        Yeah Jason I still watch Castle. Agree with all your observations. Its a funny thing, at times Castle feels a lot like Chuck (okay, maybe a slightly older version of Chuck); but the details are so different. Its more like angst-light. I remember my wife commenting right from the start “he’s no good for her,” yet we both love the show anyway.
        I’ll stand by my never liking love triangles, but maybe it doesn’t matter as much on Castle because the show is mainly about the cases anyway.
        There also may be that more vague issue of emotional investment. For whatever reason, I love the show but don’t get all excited about Castle and Beckett. Perhaps I feel about it like non-‘shipper Chuck fans feel about Chuck and Sarah. I don’t frequent any Castle web sites or forums so I have no feel for what may be typical. Bottom line is, Castle just feels different.

      • JC says:

        Also the romance isn’t in your face like it was on Chuck from almost the beginning. If Castle spent whole episodes or a season on the romance it’d be just as played out as it was on Chuck.

      • atcdave says:

        Oh I forgot to get my usual dig in Jason!

        Yeah, once they’ve done Colonel there may be no going back, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try!!!

        I need to get a saying for my Gravitar; S3: forgive but never forget!

      • jason says:

        when rick and his mom discussed the ‘test of love’, the first thing I thought was sarah essentially passed that test for chuck from episode #1.1 and many, many time since, was 3.13 the first time chuck did so, at least overtly for sarah?

      • atcdave says:

        I think Sarah already expects the heroics; Chuck won her over with the ballerina, it was something different and selfless.

        If there was any “love test” it would have been about overcoming circumstance.

      • jason says:

        since I started OT here, interesting, on undercovers last night, the non-spy theme was how frustrated the lady lead (watched all 5 eps, don’t know her name) was that she could not attend some function of her sisters, at the end, the lady / man had a romantic dinner, at the dinner the lady stated emphatically they will have a real, normal life & she promised her sister she would not miss stuff in the future – what did JJ simply watch chuck and hack all the themes – real & normal life & promises a star can’t keep to her sister – wow

      • thinkling says:

        Hey, Jason. I keep up with Castle, too.

        As for the rescue test, I think Dave is right. Chuck had her with the ballerina. Chuck rescues people, including her, on a different level. From the trivial act of a pizza without olives to being everything she needed at her class reunion, Chuck began rescuing Sarah from day 1. However, there were instances of heroism, especially for a bumbling nerd, beginning as early as Helicopter and Sizzling Shrimp. Then there was Seduction, DeLorean, and Suburbs; not to mention the less than stellar attempts in Beefcake and Lethal Weapon. If he thought Sarah was in danger, he always did whatever he could. That impressed Sarah, but it wasn’t what captured her heart.

        As for the OT, I’d like C&B together, but it’s not the same as C/S. From the beginning C&S filled voids in each others lives and cared about each other on a deep level. C&B started out with a like-you/annoy-me relationship and Castle had a lot of growing up to do. So, I’m fine with the delay. (I’m totally OK with the Bones delay, too, but that’s a different OT) And the pre/post Colonel is a huge factor!

      • thinkling says:

        I’ll drop another footnote of comparison. With Chuck and Sarah the only thing that really kept them apart was external to the relationship; it was their circumstance, the job, the danger, the handler/asset thing. With Castle and Becket what keeps them apart is internal to the relationship.

      • DaveB says:

        The Castle/Chuck comparisons are interesting. Castle, SGU and Outsourced are the only other TV I watch regularly, and Castle and Chuck are by far my favorites. The wt/wt tension is part of the fun. Now that Chuck has bounded past that line, Castle is my last bastion of romatic tension. I think it’s a maturation process for Castle. He’s learning about love from Beckett, and it makes for an entertaining show.

      • atcdave says:

        Jason, it may not be all coincidence on similarities with Chuck; after all they swiped one of Chuck’s writers!

        And Thinkling, thanks as always for explaining what I was trying to figure out. As I said, Chuck and Sarah was all about overcoming circumstance; and I believe that tied directly into why we root for them so hard. It was obvious from the beginning they both wanted to be together but external reasons made that difficult; while on Castle they are dealing with their own internal issues and hang-ups. I think it means we’re rooting for growth and change in the lead characters before they try to get together.

        Which leads directly to my usual beef with Chuck S3. Among my many complaints would be that they swept away the external barriers rather than defy them. Up to the end of S2, the glimmers of hope we saw for Chuck and Sarah all related to Sarah going against orders or training. When you look at fan fiction you can see how overwhelmingly popular this theme was; that Chuck and Sarah would have to sneak around or defy circumstance to be together. But S3 simply swept the external barriers away, and had Chuck and Sarah act like jerks towards each other for half the season. Although I’m very happy with where the show is now, I’ll always feel like the transition stage of Chuck/Sarah is one of the great wasted opportunities in television history.

      • atcdave says:

        You know DaveB its hard for me to disagree with you, I feel like I’m arguing with myself (you’ve got the right initial!). But I don’t think the learning is one way on Castle. Castle is way beyond Beckett in some ways, specifically as a parent. We often see him have wisdom and insight Beckett lacks; even though in MOST ways she is the more mature and steady character. But she has no experience with the sort of sacrificial love of a parent. I like the imbalance that brings to their dynamic; we often see Beckett underestimating Castle only to learn he’s way beyond where she thinks he is.

        As far as Chuck parallels go, I find it interesting they’ve chosen to define their S3 with a double triangle arc. Also interesting that right after S2 I saw a Stana Katic interview where she commented that she thought the wt/wt was about played out and they needed to get on with it; specifically saying she hoped they would move on to a “Thin Man” sort of interaction. Looks like she won’t get her way this season. I’m tempted to visit some Castle forums, I wonder if the fans there are as annoyed with the direction as we were with Chuck last year.

      • thinkling says:

        Good point, Dave, about the imbalance that is Castle, which keeps everyone else in a state of imbalance. It is part of his charm and what keeps Becket and us interested.

        I visited a Castle board after their s2 finale. A lot of fans did not like the twist.

        That’s actually how I found Chuck. Someone on the board drew a parallel, and I thought what’s Chuck? Obviously I found out what Chuck was and loved it immediately.

      • DaveB says:

        Castle and Beckett have an opportunity to explore an interesting area that isn’t often done: Intimate friendship. Difficult to accomplish between Male and Female because sex always gets in the way. But it would be an interesting area to explore.

      • thinkling says:

        Good point, DaveB. As you say, there are very few ways to do that anymore, b/c so many people equate “together” with a sexual relationship. It’s a shame, too. Between first-date and spending-the-night lies the lost continent of courtship which writers would do well to explore for it’s relationship treasures.

        So, you’re right, with each of them involved with someone else they can deepen their friendship. Should be fun to watch.

        Chuck and Sarah’s relationship had a life of its own, a closeness, unparalleled loyalty and a smoldering intimacy, none of which they were free to openly explore b/c of their unusual circumstances. Torture. Maybe that’s why I am so loving s4. 🙂

      • thinkling says:

        @Dave: I have to agree that the Chuck/Sarah transition was a lost opportunity. Could’ve been really sweet. But what’s going on now is pretty sweet. I think in some ways they are trying to recuperate what might have been in some of the current themes. It’s a little backward, but I’ll take it!

        Even though 4.05 was C/S lite, they were awesome together; and Zach and Yvonne were pitch perfect as always. Very couple-y. I’m expecting great things in #6

      • atcdave says:

        Thinkling I do agree about S4. If S3 had only been a delay it wouldn’t have bothered me so much, but I do feel real damage was done to the characters and that will always bother me.

        I do agree about the growth of an actual friendship on Castle. The “romance” angle is downplayed, and its a nice treat to see a platonic friendship develop. Yet another reason why the slower pace isn’t a problem.

      • Crumby says:

        Bones explores this closeness/friendship very well.

      • thinkling says:

        Totally agree, Crumby.

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