Episode 4.06 Observation Post

Well, episode 4.06,  “Chuck vs. The Aisle of Terror” starts in just a few hours now.   I’m sure we’re all expecting great things.  Looks like the MEB story gets under way for real now,  Robert Englund guest stars,  and we’ve had more than normal promotion.   So hopefully this episode will show an uptick in numbers (and how sad it is we’re hoping for a 2.0!).

For us,  the rabidly excited core audience,  we have many questions about how things will unfold.  Just how bad will mom seem?   Will we see the cracks that lead to “First Fight” next week?  Or will it even start tonight?   Or will we be arguing about it all week?   How do Dr. Stanley Wheelright (or should that be Wheelwright?),  Mary Elizabeth,  and Volkoff relate to each other?   What mayhem will Jeff and Lester cause at the Buy More for Halloween?   and is Honey Woodcomb going to be the next great villain for the second part of the season (okay,  that one is sort of a no brainer!)?

Weigh in with your own observations below.  And for those who have been wagering all week now is your chance to claim some serious Costa Gravan Pesos!

– Dave


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233 Responses to Episode 4.06 Observation Post

  1. OldDarth says:

    The fight might be tonight. The fallout seems to be the basis of the next episode.

    • OldDarth says:

      D’oh! I was worng! 🙂

      • atcdave says:

        Hey you’re in good company, a lot of us were guessing something like that. Obviously we’ll get to the First Fight pretty quickly (like the first time Chuck and Sarah see each other next!), so MOST of 4.07 will be about fallout.

    • Faith says:

      The source of the fight happened. That’s more important than when. The what.

  2. Paul says:

    Damn……that was….GOOD!

    Well, now at least we know what the fight is going to be about….

    And gotta love how Jeffster keeps inadvertently saving the day. 😉

  3. patty says:

    Well now we know what the fight will be about.

  4. Waverly says:

    OK, how many of you saw the Aisle of Terror and thought that the images shown would actually be “intersect” images? If properly modulated, that really would be a great way to produce maximal fear in most people. Hypothetically, of course.

    • patty says:

      Maybe the images only work on people who are habitual hallucinogon (sp?) users. I hope they have a better explaination becuse that was a little lame as it stands. Good episode overall though.

      • Paul says:

        No, both Jeff and Wheelright alluded to it earlier in the eps: the images were found to be scary to the insane. Wheelright said so himself that he embraced his insanity so nothing scares him anymore….nothing conventional that is.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Jeff and Lester said that these were the images Scopes said were terrifying to even the most fearless lunatic.

        Later our bad guy says he tested the gas on himself, embraced his madness and wasn’t afriad of anything anymore. IOW, he was a fearless lunatic.

    • weaselone says:

      I thought it might mess with Chuck’s head.

    • kg says:

      Oh yeah, I did. That’s one of the reasons why I thought Chuck was so unamused and unaffected.

  5. herder says:

    Wow! that certainly has to be the most intense episode of the year and I think I can make a guess as to the reason for the fight. Want to think about it some more and rewatch certain bits again before saying more.

  6. Paul says:

    Damn…..that was…..GOOD!

    Really tightly written and executed episode. And gotta love how Jeffster keeps inadvertantly saving the day. 😉

    And we now also know what “the first fight” is about. Not really worried about it destroying C/S as a couple. But they will have to come to terms with the core issue of it.

  7. Hope says:

    The episode was…good, campy in spots but good. RE did great when he came on and Chuck’s scenes with his mom was the best of the episode great chemistry between Zach and Linda. 🙂

    The C/S were good too not as much angst as before (until the end part oh boy)

    Casey/Sarah scenes what there were were awesome I love it when AB and YS are together. 🙂

    Jeffster was the weakest link again. Tell me, why do they keep those pervs around? The gay undertones and jeff’s bare stomach? HORRORS!!!

    the Crimes story wasn’t as fun as usual, Morgan was taking it over the top (I’m beginning to regret the day he joined the team) And poor Casey, I can’t imagine what AB feels about this. He actually looked embarrassed.

    I want Casey/Chuck scenes again please I can hardly take more of this humilitating duo ship for my favorite character and a little man who hops back and forth from being an idiot to a badass and not knowing where his bounderies are.

    I loved it when Mama B brought the teddy bear to give to Ellie. And I’m feeling torn about weither or not to trust her. On one hand she seems sane and sounds like she’s telling the truth but there;s the other hand when she totally sounds like a loose cannon.

    Time will tell what side our prodical mother is on.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I agree re: Jeffster. While their involvement in last week’s episode I thought was outstanding (relatively speaking), this week’s was another of what seems to be one of many “forced” Jeff and Lester appearances in an episode. If you can’t fit them into the story in an at least half-decent way, then leave them out, or put them in the background like the tall, skinny guy with the big hair or the (no harm intended) rather “different” looking fellow with the glasses. Some times even a little Jeffster is too much Jeffster.

  8. godot says:

    Really? Chuck and Sarah have five minutes before the toxis goes off and NEITHER of them think to put on a mask? Where’s the containment unit that worked in Nacho Sampler but the brilliant Shaw forgot in Mask? You can get out of the cell in Castle by taking the elevator up?

    Oh, and so much for the “family.” Neither Sarah nor Awesome are allowed to be at the Ellie-Mamma Bartowski meet for moral support?

    • godot says:

      Oh, btw, not to be a killjoy. But I’ve said that there is no drama to the Mama B story because we know how it will turn out based on the story she tells young Chuck in the first episode. However, if you still have doubts, ask yourself: Do bad guys break cover, buy teddy bears and risk exactly what happened to her to see their daughter?

      • Paul says:

        Yeah, but not everyone is going to catch that little bit from 5 episodes ago. Sure us fanatical Chuck fans who scour every second of footage for clues will, but beyond that….?

      • Rick Holy says:

        Legitimate point. But this is CHUCK, afterall, not ALIAS. You CAN admit – I would think – that Chuck (and especially Ellie) are experiencing disappointment along the way of Mama B’s redemption. So is Mama B going to turn out to be good? Sure. That’s not in question. Kind of like the Chuck and Sarah thing – was there ever any doubt that they were going to wind up together? NO. But there were plenty of disappointments and setbacks along the way, which (except for way too much of it last season) were par for the CHUCK course. I think the “Mama B” story is running along a similar vein – and that’s O.K. by me. You know how it’s going to end up, but exactly how it gets there and what happens to who along the way is where the interest lies. It’s about the level of drama that we’ve come to expect from CHUCK.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah, I’ll ditto all of that Rick. This is Chuck, it hasn’t been in doubt that MEB would be a good guy since we met her. At its best, Chuck is primarily a fun show; the spy stories only matter if they provide a good ride (and some short term “how are they going to get out of that?!”). Which for the record, is why I think S3 was such a dismal failure, the story was no fun.

        I think the MEB arc is so far exactly what I want and expect from this show.

      • weaselone says:

        I honestly think it would be more fun if she were bad, but still wanted to reconnect with her family.

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        @Dave – This season feels more like S3 than S3 did or ever will.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Joseph, its what S3 SHOULD have been.

    • weaselone says:

      Sarah had already been there when Chuck met his mother. Why would he need her there for morale support? With Awesome, given his reactions last season about the spy world and even his reactions this season maybe Chuck thought it best not to bring him along to meet(unwittingly) another spy.

      • weaselone says:

        Meaning that Sarah, was introduced to his mother even before Ellie got her chance. Chuck obviously thought it was important that his girlfriend was involved. In the meeting arranged with Ellie, Chuck went to serve as moral support.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      It blew up along with the Buy More in the season 3 finale. It could be the whole room is a containment unit now and the reason they didn’t put on the masks yet was because it’s difficult to see through a gas mask to defuse something.

      It wasn’t a cell they got out of but the room that may now be the containment unit , probably set up that way so that you can close the doors to keep something from escaping further and then escape topside.

  9. atcdave says:

    This was exciting and well done in every way. Probably the first episode of the season I would use to introduce newbies to the series. Perfect balance of a spy adventure, family drama, and comedy.

    The Aisle of Terror itself was brilliant. The first time we see its just another strange/creepy Jeffster bit. But when it ties back into the climax, it was satisfying and funny; very well played.

    MEBs arrest at the end is upsetting to see and dramatic, even if we do understand the how and why of it. Sarah’s “I’m protecting your blind spot” is both beautiful and sad. There can be no doubt exactly what the “First Fight” is about. The only questions are, how will it be resolved and how long will Chuck carry a grudge? Hopefully not long. As we’ve seen in seasons past, this show quickly looses a big part of its appeal if Chuck and Sarah stay estranged for long. But certainly one big shouting match is appropriate at this point. I’m still betting (hoping!) they’ll be good with each other by the end of 4.07.

    • Paul says:

      I don’t think they’ll be mad at each other for too long. And I think Chuck avoids Sarah in the first part of next eps because a part of him knows why she did what she did.

      I suspect the supposed split up being that Chuck is recruited into Project Isis so that he can take down Volkoff so mom can come home.

      • patty says:

        Isn’t Team B already assigned to Volcoff via Beckman?

      • Paul says:

        But as far as teh CIA is concerned Isis is defunct. Timothy Dalton may reveal that Isis is very much alive and active and needs Chuck to finally take Volkoff down. And that means Chuck would have to shed his CIA affiliations to do it.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Paul, I don’t think it will be long term either. Chuck has to know why Sarah did what she did, and Sarah will understand that she hurt him. So apart from some short term frustration it shouldn’t be a long term issue.

        I’m not so sure Chuck would “have to” shed CIA affiliation. I imagine it happens all the time that CIA and MI6(SIS) co-operate on missions; but Chuck may choose the rogue route rather than give Sarah or Beckman any veto authority in his actions.

    • joe says:

      I’m on your wavelength with this one, Dave. Most intense episode of S4 so far (and I’m one that just loves the intensity).

      You know, for all the promos that were out there this week, I was *still* surprised by how it went down. Upsetting to see and dramatic says it perfectly.

      And at the same time, Sarah *is* protecting Chuck, like she was the entire episode – like she’s been all season. This “fight” is not a simple misunderstanding; it’s deep and it’s important and they won’t come out of this “fine”.

      Chuck and Sarah will come out of this stronger than ever.

      I can’t wait for next week!

  10. Rick Holy says:

    It looks like James Bond is going to come to the rescue of Sarah Connor in next week’s episode. CAN’T WAIT!!

    Good episode. Although it might not have been a bad idea at the end for Ellie to “see through the window” her mother approaching only to be taken. Would at least let her know that mom tried. Of course, all will eventually end well, but a little glimpse of mom for Ellie would have been nice.

    • Paul says:

      I think they’re going to save the Ellie/Frost reunion for a much more dramatic time in the arc….like Ellie giving birth…. 😉

    • atcdave says:

      I also don’t think they wanted Ellie to see that bolt of Blonde hair Chuck saw. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt TPTB want to explore the dramatic issue that would arise from Ellie knowing her future sister-in-law arrested her mom.

      But I would have loved for Chuck to bring in the teddy bear; Ellie not only would have known her mom was there, she might have guessed her mom was already involved in her life.

      I agree Paul, I think the Ellie/MEB reunion will come later. But I think a little sooner than your guess; I’m betting 4.10 (Thanksgiving).

  11. JC says:

    The episode felt all over the place. All the scenes with Linda Hamilton were fantastic, that sequence with her and Chuck in the car might have been my favorite of the series. It was awkward and sweet at the same time which it should be considering the situation.

    Once again I wasn’t feeling the BuyMore it feels so forced that I’m starting to dislike it.

    Morgan and Casey were good, they had their moments but I’m glad they were limited this week.

    Ellie was wasted again until the last scene. Hopefully she’s not in the dark anymore. I would have to think she knows Chuck is a spy again with the revelation about their mother. If she doesn’t Chuck needs to tell her because it makes her look extremely stupid.

    Kinda figured what the fight would be about weeks ago so it didn’t shock, still it was a great scene. I understand Sarah’s motives but she just shattered the whole no secret and lies deal they had. I hope they show Chuck being really angry about it and not just with Sarah but Casey too. A lot of trust was lost tonight not just personal but professional too. I might be in the minority but this rift should last at least two episodes.

    • weaselone says:

      That’s a good point JC. Sarah broke her no secrets, no lies agreement with Chuck. Her and Casey swooping in without informing Chuck was a serious breach of trust professionally for both of them and personally for Sarah. I would also say that Casey’s lie to Morgan was also a serious breach.

      • JC says:

        I totally forgot about Casey’s lie to Morgan. This episode could split Team B right down the middle.

        The only point I would disagree with is that it was personal breach of trust with Casey too. Their relationship has moved past just colleagues.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah I was thinking the same thing about Casey. He also played divide and conquer with Chuck and Sarah. All around not a great showing for the good guys. How big a deal it is remains to be seen. As Sarah herself said Chuck is special for his ability to trust and forgive in a profession based on deceit. Of course Sarah needs to be called on the carpet for her actions, but I think its a no brainer they’ll come stronger for it.

  12. herder says:

    Ok a few more points on what is a terrific episode written by new writer Craig DiGregorio. First, Mama B knows all about Charles Carmicheal including that he is the intersect, big news delivered in an offhand way. Does that mean that Volkov knows this too?

    No secrets or lies from Chuck to Sarah about his mom, she in turn has made sure that Beckman knows nothing about Mama B so far. Mama B on the other hand is full of secrets. Project Isis, wasn’t that one of Papa B’s files in the Orion cave, perhaps a source of info for Chuck as he goes rogue next week.

    A so-so episode for Jeff and Lester, but having seen Undercovers I think I see the need for something to break up the spy story from time to time so I think I am more tolerant of the Buy More stories than I was. In any event the things they put out as being scary were pretty funny; old people, licorice, man feet, odd but in a funny way.

    I really liked the comment by Chuck about whether they could get one of those uniforms for home, something that I would be wondering weekly were I in his position.

    Easily the best first half hour of the season, the second half hour was a bit less but still very enjoyable. Can’t wait for next week.

    • atcdave says:

      I’ll agree with most of this Herder. I thought Jeffster was very funny retroactively. I was mostly bored during their actual screen time, but when those idiots unintentionally did in the baddie; well, I thought THAT was funny.

      I wouldn’t actually call this my favorite episode of the season; but I think it may have been the strongest (does that make sense?). How about this, it wouldn’t my first choice to just re-watch a few times; but if I wanted to show a friend why Chuck is a great show, this would be my first choice among S4 episodes.

  13. Faith says:

    I’m going to say something that I’m sure will shock the hell out of everyone here and those that know me…or at least my POV.

    Chuck and Sarah need to break up.

    I don’t say that lightly. I’m NOT a fan of the make it and break it type of “Ross and Rachel” dance (ha, nice pop culture reference there tonight) but I truly believe to go forward they need to have this fight and time during that fight…away from each other and to examine their true feelings/intentions. No secrets, no lies. That was huge then, it is all the more poignant now.

    There’s this line right after Chuck tells Ellie that their mom is coming that sums this betrayal up: “she’s a spy.” And although the reference is specifically to Mary Bartowski, it is nonetheless applicable to Sarah and I argue Chuck’s thoughts are on Sarah’s actions in that moment.

    “I’m protecting your blindspot” is a great line. But there’s a sense of trust missing in her good intentions. Namely, she didn’t talk to Chuck about it. Maybe she didn’t have time, maybe she knew how he would react but a.) ambushing his mom and thereby Chuck at such a charged moment is both wrong and unbecoming of the Sarah Walker Chuck has fallen for and b. whatever her intentions were (for him, etc) it does not a bode well for a partnership/relationship. In that moment we are reminded that no matter how much she loves Chuck, and no matter how she rationalizes it in her head that she’s doing it for him…she is still a spy through and through. And that is something IMO Chuck’s going to have to learn to live with. Sarah will need her own time to fully realize and embrace the magnitude of her betrayal. And that’s what it is, a betrayal. In that one act, that one doubt she didn’t just betray Chuck, she broke whatever trust that has been bonded between them as it relates to the spy world and the real world.

    • JC says:

      Completely agree, that was a huge betrayal. I said the same thing in my review, she shattered the no secret and lies deal they had. Professionally she treated him like an asset again. I want Chuck to be really angry more so than we’ve ever seen him on the show.

      What I’m curious is will they address his anger that Sarah took away Ellie’s chance to see their mother. This has shades of Best Friend. Also did she plan to tell Chuck she MEB or let him believe she disappeared again.

      I have to wonder now if the rumored split is because Chuck asks for new partners.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      @Faith and J.C – Just saw your comments after posting my thoughts. Personally speaking,I find myself conflicted with Sarah’s actions. As you say- she acted as a spy through and through – shades of Mama B? Maybe she believes that she is doing the right thing – thereby indirectly protecting Chuck from geting emotionally burned by his mother again.

      • JC says:

        I think Sarah was justified in what she did but that doesn’t make it right. Its like S3’s finale Chuck would’ve been justified in snapping Shaw’s neck but it wasn’t the right thing to do.

        And it’s completely shades of MEB. The conversation she had in the car with Chuck, what she tells him is exactly the path Sarah has started down. Protect the ones you love even if you hurt or lose them. And like Chuck said “You had a mission”. Sarah has one to, bring down Volkoff just like MEB.

    • Merve says:

      Sarah’s actions also felt wrong to me. She should have told Chuck and trusted him to know that she was doing what she thought was right.

      But if Sarah had actually trusted Chuck, then there wouldn’t be any potential for “angst,” and what would we do without “angst?” 😀

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        what would we do without “angst?”

        Exactly. Because TPTB know very well that if they write conversations between Chuck and Sarah – mountains would move. So, to avoid that – have each of them by turns during various episodes come up with actions that lead to “angst”. Someone has to be the bad guy – and it’s Sarah’s turn now.

      • Merve says:

        Well, the show tried having Chuck and Sarah talk through their issues earlier this season, and it made for really boring television. I’m fine with Sarah being the bad guy for now as long as it keeps things interesting. I do think that she was in the wrong, but at least what she did was justifiable.

      • weaselone says:

        Merve, I don’t really think Sarah’s actions “felt wrong”. They were certainly within the boundaries established for the Sarah character as opposed to what happened in season 3. It might be angsty, but it was mostly organic as opposed to forced faux angst.

      • atcdave says:

        Agree entirely with Weaselone on that. That doesn’t mean it won’t be an issue for them to deal with (choosing professional loyalties over personal ones will be a bit of a no-no in Chuck’s eyes).

    • Faith says:

      Thanks for the thoughts guys…and not jumping down my throat lol.

      JC—I don’t think Chuck has it in him to be really angry. He may be hurtful (as we know he can be…”robot” line comes to mind) but not angry. I think he’ll hide. He’ll go back into the shell of himself rather than truly examine that which is wrong about their relationship.

      Alladins, there were definitely some very pointed references throughout the night of the similarities between Mary and Sarah. I think it was done beautifully and pointedly. I need another watch to really grasp how brilliant it was but most definitely beautiful. The “she’s a spy” line is perhaps the most powerful though.

      I’m not saying Sarah was wrong in what she did. Her intentions were good. I think she truly does care for Chuck and takes it as a personal mission to keep him safe. But my issue with it isn’t so much her intentions as much as what her intentions portray non-verbally (does that make sense?). Think of it this way, they have a relationship right? A partnership even. One where either partner is equal…well she didn’t do that. She looked out for his blindside without taking into account his feelings, his emotions, his thoughts. That’s not a partnership; she is not acting as a girlfriend, she’s acting (as JC pointed out) as his handler in a way, again. She needs to get to a point where she trusts his feelings and thoughts without doubt. Yes she was protecting him, but at some point you have to trust that he can protect himself and that all that you can do is be there for him.

      Merve, touché. I am personally loving this conflict and all that it brings.

      • JC says:

        You’re probably right about Chuck not getting angry but I feel like it needs to happen to make it believable. Chuck’s an emotional guy and not seeing one of the most common ones anger seems strange.

        Her decision affected more than just Chuck but Ellie also. And we know Chuck doesn’t take too kindly to people hurting his sister.

      • Merve says:

        @Faith: Before I forget, I think that we also have to put Sarah’s actions in context. It would have been a slightly different situation is Chuck had completely trusted his mother from the beginning and had never expressed any doubts about her loyalties. But Chuck had jumped back and forth between thinking his mom was good and thinking his mom was working for the bad guys. So, not only did Sarah not trust Chuck, she also ignored his prior judgments.

        @everyone: This episode got me thinking. What if Mary isn’t good or bad? What if she’s working for herself for her own gain? To be honest, I doubt that theory, but I think that it might be interesting.

      • Faith says:

        Merve, you’re not helping me off the ledge here, more like pushing me off 😉 Haha.

        In all seriousness though, I didn’t even consider her considering his waffling in her decision. In a way that probably swayed her into her chosen action as opposed to just serve as a sign of additional betrayal.

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        I get what you mean by “break-up”. But swiping Mama B is hopefully the start of something great for the Sarah character. For me this issue stems all the way back to Final Exam, when Chuck should have left for Italy, or Other Guy, when Sarah “chose” Chuck. Sarah has yet to realize what she stands to lose if she were to lose Chuck.

        It’s like what I said about this feeling more like S3 than S3 did. I’ve read numerous articles and post that S3 was necessary so that both Chuck and Sarah could be on equal footing. Spy-wise they are, emotionally there not. Without getting into the pros and cons of last season, from my perspective, this season we are seeing the Sarah character growth that was muddied and lost last season. Except that she has yet to fight for the relationship. This first fight and the speculated separation from Chuck might just be the wake up call to Sarah we were hoping to see but never materialized.

        Although to date Sarah certainly “talks” a better relationship, I feel we still need to see the Sarah that won’t let ANYTHING come between her and what she wants. Should this happen it will be great dare I say epic.

      • atcdave says:

        Good points Joseph. I would say Sarah has done a little more than just talk though, she has actually considered and come around to every relationship point Chuck has pushed her on. That’s quite remarkable for an independent tough woman. So now she’ll have to think about what those differing loyalties mean and could cost her. We know somehow they’ll fix things up in the next episode or two; I just hope the writers continue to do things in a way that honors both characters.

      • Faith says:

        I get what you mean by “break-up”. But swiping Mama B is hopefully the start.

        Although to date Sarah certainly “talks” a better relationship, I feel we still need to see the Sarah that won’t let ANYTHING come between her and what she wants. Should this happen it will be great dare I say epic.

             by Joseph (can’t be Joe) October 26, 2010 at 8:15 am

        Thank you for the post. Yes indeed this is an ushering of Sarah’s full emotional growth. And it is one that I am most definitely engrossed and interested in. It’s like some already have said…organic.

        In a lot of ways they’ve been working towards this and it’s only going to bring great things. I said before I felt that they weren’t ready to be engaged and all that that brings. After this they most assuredly will be.

        Also I want to add there is no story without conflict, no growth without mistakes. This is Sarah’s and Chuck’s an they will grow from this leaps and bounds. The right way.

    • treecrab says:

      I think the thing that stood out to me about this whole thing is that Chuck tells Sarah after she saves him from Wheelwright something to the effect that she’s a great partner. And then of course the episode ends with her not being all that great a partner. Nice foreshadowing, I suppose, but it did leave a sour aftertaste in my mouth.

      I don’t have a problem with Sarah arresting Mama B. The issue is completely in HOW she did it. She didn’t trust him as either her partner or her boyfriend. She didn’t respect him enough to be honest with him or to hold to her own rule about no secrets. That was such an unnecessary thing for her to do. It doesn’t matter if she’s justified in grabbing Mary. It was how she went about doing it that’s the problem.

      And I can’t help but wonder if Chuck hadn’t been there to see his mom get snatched, would Sarah or Casey ever have told him what happened or would they have just let him think she disappeared? Before this episode I would have never thought Sarah would keep something like that from him, but that ending left me with doubts.

      • atcdave says:

        Sarah would never keep something like that from Chuck, have no doubts.

        She’s been hitting the honesty thing pretty hard for 12 episodes now. I’m not sure if there was no time, or if she went along with Casey’s plan to keep Chuck in the dark. But either way, she would have come clean very quickly. The Sarah we’ve seen since 3.13 is now completely committed to Chuck. This was an error in judgement she will recognize and atone for.

      • Faith says:

        In most Chuck events the first thing I look for is…does it make sense.

        To me it makes sense for Sarah to do this. To betray him. That may sound off base with what I posted up there…but this is exactly the reason why I think they need to break up and have that time to really think and realize the way things are and fix it. It’s in Sarah’s character to act instinctively to protect him, someone on the boards put it best: Chuck’s physical safety is Sarah’s blind spot. She will do anything to ensure it. Including betraying him.

        So for myself, I didn’t have a sour aftertaste. But I did notice the foreshadowing. There were a lot of them. And ditto, the how is much more powerful than the what or why in this case.

      • weaselone says:

        The “no time” is not an excuse. Chuck and Sarah both have cell phones. She had time to arrange for some additional support staff to abduct mama B. It’s made very clear that mama B seems to be running late. That sniper took time to be positioned on the roof. She had the time to call hi.

        She went along with Casey. The show makes that very clear.

      • atcdave says:

        Faith I still think break-up and betrayal are too strong. Sarah has a fundamental conflict of interest between duty and Chuck (every few years you see a news story about real police/public safety officials in a similar situation; like the hurricane is coming, do they do their job or see to their own family). We all want to see her choose Chuck, and of course Chuck wants that too. We’ve seen her choose Chuck over profession several times. I expect next week this issue will be raised, and will be the basis of at least one good shouting match. Sarah will realize she chose poorly, and will make amends.

        Seriously, that should be the end of it. Of course if Chuck returns to soap opera form as we saw in S3 then Chuck will not understand the bind she was in and refuse to forgive.

    • atcdave says:

      I think Sarah should have talked to Chuck first; which comes down to trusting his professional judgement. She was wrong to act without him. So there will be angry words between them. But I think saying this is grounds for a break-up is an over-reaction. I’d simply call it proof of something they need to work on. Its really the first and ONLY breach of trust we’ve seen from Sarah since they’ve been together. Chuck has screwed up the truth and openness issues several times, and Sarah has managed to forgive. Now its Chuck’s turn. Couples mess up all the time. Thinking a mistake can only be fixed by punishing each other is why divorce rates are over 50%.

      I think we’ll actually see something far more mature from Chuck and Sarah. After a justified shouting match, that will apparently lead to Chuck running off to fix this on his own; Chuck and Sarah will have a talk and fix this wrong. Sarah acted in a rash and thoughtless manner due to a lack of trust in Chuck, she will explain herself then apologize. Chuck will be angry with Sarah for going behind his back; he will then behave rashly out of hurt and spite, for which he will apologize.

      I predict they will have either made up completely by the end of next week or they will be prevented by circumstance, but we will know they intend to make up.

      • Faith says:

        I’m not saying divorce. But if you want to talk real life I think a lot of couples would be better off if they didn’t jump to divorce and separated (maybe not physically or emotionally, but metaphorically) and went to counseling instead. There’s a point in time in between divorcing and when these issues come up that every day life just seems to bury. That time is the best time to hash and fix what went wrong. Unfortunately people don’t often believe it’s happening, and if they did, they don’t often fight for what they want and it leads to a divorce.

        I’ve said break up specifically for this reason. When they’re together everything is all right. The issues, the underlying thing that’s broken between gets swept up in the life and love and that’s fine…love is love. Love is essential but to truly make a relationship work you need more than love, you need trust and a willingness to dive into the depths of even that which is unsavory and painful. Only then can a true partnership emerge. Ignoring it is what festers it. I argued that they need time away from each other to think and to come into the realization of that which is broken in their relationship and what needs to be done.

        Could they do this by talking to each other? Or perhaps what usually does happen…yelling at each other? Perhaps. But until they can realize what it is they’re willing to live with, and what they can consciously change about themselves to make this relationship work, they won’t go anywhere. It’ll be misunderstandings and makeups without true deeply emotional connection. Then they need to talk and work it out.

      • atcdave says:

        Unless one partner is actually in danger from the other I don’t ever believe problems are best handled apart. I’m a big fan of team work and “not letting the sun set on your anger”.

        As I said, anger here would be justified, Sarah showed a lack of trust in Chuck’s professionalism, and Chuck has a right be angry about it. But she has long shown complete love for the person and a willingness to work on all aspects of the relationship. Talking any kind of separation in such a situation sounds punitive to me; that is not a good basis for re-establishing trust and forgiveness.

      • Faith says:

        Punitive? I guess it depends on who does the breaking up.

        The thing is Sarah didn’t just disregard his professionalism, if that was it, it would be one thing. But she disregarded him entirely. And yes she has thus far shown a willingness (even against her own fears and doubts) to work on this relationship but at the same time I think she’s yet to realize that which holds her back, that which she acts in sabotage to their relationship, that which is the elephant in the room.

        Dave, you’ve been married far longer than I can even fathom being so I defer to you. But I will say though that some issues can’t be talked out, or band-aid-ed. They need to be exposed to the purest and ugliest extent. And to do that one needs more than talking but thinking. Time to think is important. Time apart or together, doesn’t matter but time to be alone with one’s thoughts to come to a realization and thereby change…is imperative.

      • atcdave says:

        I’ll agree time to think is important. But I would also say its important not to phrase something as a “break-up” unless you intend to be done with the other person. That adds rejection to whatever other issues need to be dealt with. You’re far more likely to have an honest exchange of feelings/thoughts/hurts if you’re both working towards restoring a relationship; than if either party is worried about loosing the other.

        And I do think Sarah’s major failing towards Chuck is about professionalism. She doesn’t trust him to be an agent first, and expects him to act on personal loyalties. Is she actually wrong about that? I don’t think so. She may need a reminder of something she already knows; that is, Chuck’s loyalties to friends and family is one of his core values, and she loves this about him. As such, there are times when she too must choose other things (specifically Chuck) as more important than her job (I mean professionally, her actions were completely correct). I think where she failed on this one is making that correct professional decision instead of choosing personal loyalty, and I think she’ll remember that pretty quickly.

      • atcdave says:

        Oh and I should add, you are right Faith that sometimes talking things through isn’t enough; sometimes actions are required too. I’m not sure what you mean by the Ban Aid; but I would say I’m not a fan of temporary fixes either. If there’s a problem, it needs to be addressed. Whether that means talking or doing or some combination of the two. But I do think all such fixes for a couple involve the couple. Lone wolves stay lonely.

      • Faith says:

        Dave, you have a point. I said before that where Chuck has failed Sarah is reassuring her that which she breaks, he will “help” fix. In a way she’s all the more insecure about all of this because she doesn’t know that…or realizes that.

        And I’m not taking anything away from fixing anything together. My main argument is that you have to know what needs fixing and I think there’s a fundamental personality trait that in which needs to be explored within before true emotional commitment. It’s like that old adage, you have to love yourself before you can love someone else…well in this instance I feel that Sarah needs to learn to trust before she can be fully committed. Or rather she needs to learn how to let go before really loving. Nothing Chuck can say will accomplish that. Fighting over it won’t do that. She needs to think about what she has done and why it was wrong and how to fix it. This isn’t just her either, I think Chuck also has his own set of things that need to be explored for himself.

        I guess I never really considered “break-up” to be “done with the person” I’ve always considered it as a step, a painful step that in some ways brings about much needed growth and emotion. Just because you break up, doesn’t mean the feelings change…or your willingness to fight for that relationship. But like I said, that’s my view. Just like when it’s over, it doesn’t mean it’s over forever.

        I think in a lot of ways what has gone on these 4 seasons is a band-aid. What I mean by that is think back to my post before about trust and how trust issues has been present between the two of them since I don’t know when. Now granted that post was more about Chuck and why Chuck needs to trust Sarah (heh, funny dichotomy now!) but it illustrates that which was present and often band-aided only to bleed and open up again.

        It’s interesting to me how you see her action as emotional as opposed to professional and similarly her view of his actions. I see it the exact opposite. In a lot of ways what they’re always fighting against is this balance between what’s right and what feels right and I think it’s one that is brilliantly done.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        @Faith and Dave – Sorry for butting in, but I am enjoying your discussion. Your back and forth over trust, love and commitment is really engrossing. Thanks.

      • atcdave says:

        Butt in anytime Genie, a good debate is what makes these discussions fun.

        Obviously Faith we have some difference in terminology, I just can’t imagine using a word like “break-up” as part of a healing process; to me that’s a quitting process. I really don’t see the issue as being that deep seated. We’ve seen Chuck and Sarah are deeply devoted to each other on multiple levels and all the way to life and death. That is a healthy relationship with no fundamental flaws. The professional/personal conflict is just one that a person in that sort of work will have to deal with. I would agree Sarah choose poorly, but that is simply a lesson to learn and grow from; nothing to make any dire decisions based on. Of course Chuck will be hurt, Sarah will see the consequences of her actions, and make amends. I hope its all settled next week, but it may be drawn out a little longer. I hope not.

      • Faith says:

        I was kind of hoping someone would get my “truth” reference. But alas it’s not meant to be.

        Alladins thanks. We try 😉

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Chuck forgiving her will also be dependant on one thing Sarah has shown a problem doing- admitting she did wrong.

        Getting her to do that will be a great case of character growth.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Tamara, while I don’t think asking for forgiveness is a necessary part of getting it; it sure does help in a couple’s relationship! But I do suspect we’ll see something along those lines here. We’ve seen an amazing amount of character growth from Sarah in the last dozen episodes, I think this will be one huge step. She will recognize how she has wronged Chuck, and will ask for forgiveness AND prove her worth.

    • Rick Holy says:

      Faith. I, too, liked the “I’m protecting your blind spot” line by Sarah. That’s why I don’t think this was in any way a betrayal. Her instinct – from the first episode of the series – has been to protect Chuck. I think she had to “act fast,” thus no time for a long drawn out “debate” over taking Mama B into custody. [That’s one reason why I don’t think you can compare Chuck’s keeping “the secret” from Sarah that he was looking for his mother from a few episodes back with what Sarah did in taking Mama B into custody. Chuck had plenty of time to talk to Sarah about looking for his mother. Sarah, on the other hand, had to act fast with the information that was given to her in regard to Mama B. Completely different scenarios regarding “keeping secrets” from each other].

      Anyway, the “debate” about what to have done with Mama B in regard to the new intel Casey obtained will come in the next episode in the form of the “First Fight.” But, again, I REALLY liked the “I’m protecting your blind spot” line not only because of it’s emphasis on who Sarah has been to Chuck from Day 1 – his protector – but also because of the link to last season’s line from Chuck to Sarah when he goes “on the run” with Papa B. “If I have to choose, I’ll always choose to PROTECT you, Sarah.” Maybe I’m reading too much into one word, but I just like the connection – and see in it the justification for Sarah doing what Sarah did. “Betrayal,” I feel is way too strong a word.

      NOW – if Sarah went (or goes) ahead and reveals all this to Beckman, THEN I would start thinking about usig the “B” word. For now I give her the benefit of any doubt and will stick with the “P” word. Anyway, that’s my take on it.

      • joe says:

        Ah, you found the way to say what I was thinking, Fr. Rick. To Agent Walker, Frost was a dangerous agent of unknown intentions. No evidence at all had confirmed her story. To Sarah Walker this was the woman who had shot her man through the heart more than a few times in more than a few ways.

        I don’t think she was betraying Chuck at all, even if it turns out she was wrong.

      • Jenn says:

        I agree with you. It seem that people are being really harsh with Casey and Sarah right now. They had information that their partner/friend/family member was in danger. They did what they did to protect Chuck and Ellie for that matter.

        There are definitely trust issues all around. However, it seems that when Chuck keeps something from the team everything is forgiven in a 5 minute conversation. There seems to be a double standard. If Chuck lies and keeps things from them, it can be explained away. Now, Casey and Sarah are the “bad guys” for “betraying Chuck.

        Ok I am done rambling now.

      • weaselone says:

        Wait a second. Chuck got hammered hard for not telling Sarah the intersect was malfunctioning. He also got slammed before the season even started when spoilers revealed he would not immediately involve Sarah in the search for his mother. Chuck was being referred to as an unlikeable character, people questioned why Sarah would or even should stay with such a dishonest guy who treated her so poorly.

        Even last week, when the spoiler dropped that Chuck was going Rogue, the whole bad Chuck chorus came out again to castrate Chuck for abandoning Sarah, chickening out, not involving her, etc.

      • weaselone says:

        I also don’t think anyone has said that Sarah and Casey are horrible people for what they did, solely that they are responsible for a breach of trust. Even faith who suggested a break up didn’t do so because she views Sarah as a horrible person unworthy of Chuck.

      • JC says:

        I think you have it backwards Jenn. Anytime Chuck lies on the show and in particular to Sarah the fanbase goes nuts. Yet Sarah lied to him for three seasons and she’s the one who gets the free pass.

      • atcdave says:

        Thanks for some great comments Rick. I loved the “protecting your blind spot” line and agree it was no betrayal (well, I guess it was in a superficial way). She can rightfully be called to task for making such a unilateral decision, but not for her intentions.

      • Jenn says:

        I understand that the fan base has gone nuts when Chuck has lied and kept something from Sarah. However, it seems that Sarah was very forgiving and understanding of the lies or omissions. From some of the comments I have read (not just here), it seems that some people want Chcuk to be really angry at her and have a knock down drag out fight. Maybe I am misinterpreting. I apologize.

      • joe says:

        That’s an interesting point, Jenn. I see the calls for Chuck to vent (at least a little). I don’t think I want to see him have a knock-down, drag-out with Sarah, but there is a sense in which I do want to see him vent…

        It was like when Chuck first confronted his father. I don’t want to hear what you can’t do. I’ve SEEN what you can’t do.. He’s even gone off with Sarah at least once that I remember. What that kiss about me, or were my lips just the most convenient ones around?

        Chuck always and immediately regrets the times he’s gotten angry like that. But somehow those are his most honest moments. For someone who’s basically an honest guy, that’s saying a lot.

      • atcdave says:

        You are right Jenn, there are many fans who just want to see Chuck angry at Sarah and Casey and everyone else. I think a case could also be made for an angry Sarah with the number of times Chuck has got them all into serious trouble by not respecting her or her judgement.

        But to me, a huge part of the appeal of the show is the patience and forgiveness they show each other. I’m a huge fan of both virtues; and I’ve never seen a real relationship that didn’t require both to succeed. Sometimes its okay to be angry, but a mature adult needs to know when its time to let it go and get back to what matters.

      • JC says:

        Chuck has been equally as forgiving when it comes to Sarah’s lies and omissions.

        And yes I want Chuck angry at Sarah for what she did. We’ve seen Sarah angry at Chuck for his actions and we’ve seen her jump to the wrong conclusions about those actions. Its time for Chuck to call out Sarah for what she did.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree JC this issue needs to be forced; and then forgiven. I look forward to both parts.
        We need to remember both characters have screwed up many times; all of Chuck’s lies and omissions in S3.5 were quickly and easily forgiven by Sarah. I found that beautiful and touching.
        Of course Sarah often deceived Chuck in the past, which has likewise been forgiven. It is a wonderful recurring theme on this show; I think both main characters have shown patience, forebearance, and forgiveness. Of course its great when there’s nothing to forgive; but seeing damage undone is just as satisfying to me sometimes. I thought this episode was a wonderful example of a legitimate conflict organic to the characters and situation; to see it resolved should be especially satisfying.

      • Faith says:

        Even faith who suggested a break up didn’t do so because she views Sarah as a horrible person unworthy of Chuck.

             by weaselone October 26, 2010 at 9:35 am

        Right. I’m not besmirching her character at all. More like…to make their relationship work she needs more from herself. Similarly for Chuck.

      • JC says:


        Yeah, the issue really needs to be forced by Chuck but it doesn’t have to be melodrama. One of my biggest gripes about the show is Sarah never being called out for her actions. It really needs to happen in the next episode for the growth of both characters. For Chuck he needs to be able to tell his g/f and partner that she messed up without fear of her leaving. And Sarah needs to understand there are consequences to your actions and to realize she needs to treat him as an equal.

        The only part I disagree with is about it being easy. Don’t get me wrong I hope it isn’t dragged out for the rest of the season but it needs to be at least two episodes. A lot of trust was broken and to have it all fixed in one episode wouldn’t ring true to me.

      • atcdave says:

        I didn’t mean to suggest it should be easy, only speedy. I don’t like emotional story lines drawn out for long. My suspicion is, we will only know they both intend to forgive next week; but there will some sort of physical separation that delays it for another week. I really don’t enjoy watching angry characters, at least not those that ought to be lovers or friends; so I would much prefer any story that has Chuck and Sarah as the calm center of the storm around them. But as I said, as long as the introduce legitimate conflict derived from the story I’m okay with the occasional occurrence.

      • thinkling says:

        @Joe: totally agree. MEB is an unknown, loose cannon, pointed at Chuck for all Sarah knows.

        As per Chuck’s own admission, one of them needs to protect his blind spot, and that would be the one that can see it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Post of the week nominee! I went to sleep before I saw this last night, Faith, but it was the first thing I saw this morning. What a great concept!

      There’s this line right after Chuck tells Ellie that their mom is coming that sums this betrayal up: “she’s a spy.” And although the reference is specifically to Mary Bartowski, it is nonetheless applicable to Sarah and I argue Chuck’s thoughts are on Sarah’s actions in that moment.

      And you say this like it’s a bad thing! 😉

      Seriously, you tapped into exactly why this episode was so intense. Sarah *did* do the coldly rational thing and betrayed Chuck. She also protected him from his blind spot. It wasn’t because she didn’t trust his judgment. I was because HE ASKED HER TOO! It was precisely because she *did* trust his judgment about being irrational when it came to his mother that she took action. And oh, is it going to cost her. Sarah may be absolutely wrong (and in fact, I hope she is). But that was the single most loving act I’ve seen her do in 3.25 seasons!

      Heh! I hope I disagreed agreeably, Faith, because you just helped me understand why I thought this episode was so amazingly intense! It was this conflict that produced the intensity.

      • joe says:

        Oops. That was me! Sorry.

      • atcdave says:

        Interesting observation Joe. Chuck did broach the topic, that mom was his blind spot and he was sort of at a loss. That certainly may form the basis of Sarah’s defense of her actions; and may play in to Chuck understanding and forgiving.

      • Faith says:

        Post of the week nominee! I went to sleep before I saw this last night, Faith, but it was the first thing I saw this morning.

        Seriously, you tapped into exactly why this episode was so intense. Sarah *did* do the coldly rational thing and betrayed Chuck. She also protected him from his blind spot. It wasn’t because she didn’t trust his judgment. I was because HE ASKED HER TOO! It was precisely because she *did* trust his judgment about being irrational when it came to his mother that she took action. And oh, is it going to cost her. Sarah may be absolutely wrong (and in fact, I hope she is). But that was the single most loving act I’ve seen her do in 3.25 seasons!

        Heh! I hope I disagreed agreeably, Faith, because you just helped me understand why I thought this episode was so amazingly intense! It was this conflict that produced the intensity..

             by joe October 26, 2010 at 9:22 am

        High praise indeed! So far today my sanity, my penchant for analysis, my syntax and my POV has been called into question. I don’t post for reaction per say but an exploration of my own views and thoughts compared to others. I always post with an open mind and often my stand is not unbreakable . I do this because I think Chuck is just that good.

        Intense is exactly the word I used in my one word twitter review. And why I am so moved and emotional about it. To quote Sarah… ” that’s why I love” Chuck.

        Chuck said during season 3.5 “we’re working towards this remember” and they are. Her betrayal is not without love, but it’s also not without pain/hurt.

      • Faith says:

        …and reverberating consequences! Pum, pum, purum!

      • jason says:

        faith I also often post to explore my POV too – I simply do not see 4.6 as betrayal. The end annoyed me, but I am indifferent toward CS as having blame, betrayal, trust issues, anything really, don’t care, much like we knew about paris in 3.13, this is just crap writing we need to put up with.

        That ending was the angst box on the Shewdak playbook that needs to be checked off. Breakup, my goodness, I am not even sure they even are going to have much of a fight – after all, chuck goes rogue because he does not want to confront sarah – which I assume is ask for her help in finding dalton.

        4.6 sort of reminds me of 3.7, a castle gas mishap, a bad ending, but with hope, last season thinking ali adler was going to fix things, this time it is judkins and lefranc, here is a tweet from schwartz, not sure if his fav means anything but pain for the rest of us, but nonetheless:

        Next wk’s Chuck my fave in 2 yrs. T Dalton so much fun. L Hamilton so good. Our cast takes it next level. #toomuchhype?? 19 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

      • atcdave says:

        You know Jason, I’ve always agreed with you that I most want to see Chuck and Sarah as a team. I want them facing all challenges together and leave the relationship tension to daytime TV.

        But that said, I think this ending is a legit snag for these characters to face. This is the way they SHOULD have handled S3 while Chuck was learning to be an agent and Sarah was learning to be a partner and not a handler. We won’t know for sure until 4.07 or 4.08, but I think we will see growth and understanding of what it means to WORK together come out of this.

        TPTB said several times that S4 for would be lighter and tone and Chuck and Sarah were a couple for the duration. So I really do not believe this will be dragged out like the idiocy they were inflicted with last season. The issues will be addressed and fixed; I am completely comfortable with enjoying the ride this season. That is not a blind or unreasoning faith; it is based on their own comments about the season, and I may change my mind if the don’t come through. But for now everything is good.

    • kg says:

      Faith I completely appreciate your point of view on this. I think that it was specially crafted so that folks could easily defend both sides. This is an issue where I’m not sure anyone is really wrong or at fault. It makes this show great.

      Anway, I’m going to defend Sarah here. She didn’t have the time. To her, this was Jill all over again. And it has been demonstrated that MEB and Volkolff are much more dangerous and a threat than Fulcrum.

      Yes, Chuck is still an asset to her. But he’s not the CIA’s asset. He’s HER asset. “Everything I care about is right here.” “You don’t understand, he’s special. I need him to be OK.” She moved in, she unpacked, nothing will ever stop her from loving him. She’ll say YES when he pops the question for real. This is not a spy relationship. She’s finally come around for the real thing. And you all know how hard and difficult that was.

      She can’t lose Chuck. She did what she had to do. So, while I agree she acted like a spy, she also acted like a woman truly in love. Chuck will eventually have to understand. He himself has played the “I did what I had to do” and “I’ll always choose to protect you” defense cards.

      • kg says:

        Oh Faith, great insight before I forget. I thought the same thing you did when it unfolded.
        “She’s a spy” succinctly told Ellie what she needed to know as to why her mom was not coming and aptly summed up Chuck’s attitude and anger with Sarah for her actions.

      • Faith says:

        thank you! Great stuff from you as well.

        Yes indeed…what makes Chuck so great is that it’s never just one thing. It’s not black and white and any stance has ground for argument and reason.

        I absolutely loved the “her asset” idea.

  14. alladinsgenie4u says:

    Emotional, fun and exciting episode.

    Things I loved

    – The whole concept of Mama B going deep undercover to bring down Volkoff Industries. Turns out – Mama B has always been a spy first, although she did look out for her family’s safety.

    -Sarah and Mama B confrontation – it was good stuff.

    -All the Chuck and Mama B interactions – great chemistry between ZL and LH. Specially loved the car scene.

    -Ellie getting all upset by Honey’s arrival and her antics but at the same time being grateful for a motherly figure in her life – bittersweet.

    -Cafe scene was top class – glad to see the name Carmichael return and even more glad that it’s a well know name in spy circles.

    -Casey using Morgan as bait was hilarious and so Casey-like.

    -Mama B and teddy bear – heartwarming and poignant at the same time.

    -Good performance by Englund, although the Mama B plot overshadowed the toxin plot – which IMHO was a good thing

    -Chuck seeing Sarah get shot by his mother – in a hallucination – a foreshadowing to a future intense showdown perhaps?

    -I absolutely believed Casey when he told Morgan that everything was alright with Mama B’s story. But then he turned around and surprised me.

    -Chuck not taking Sarah to the place where Ellie was supposed to meet Mama B did not bother me. First, Sarah had already met his mom. Second – Ellie needed that moment alone with her family.

    -Sarah is looking out for Chuck that’s for sure – “I am protecting your blind spot” – it was perfectly put. Chuck was so happy to see his mom that he was willing to believe everything she said. Maybe Chuck is right in trusting his mom, but Sarah was acting upon intel – not conjecture- cant fault her for that.

    Poor, poor Ellie – so near yet so far. At least Chuck told her the truth about their mom.

    Things that were passable

    Jeff and Lester – their Aisle of Terror deserves credit because it got entangled with the spy plot.

    Morgan – IMHO, he needs to mature a lot more before he can even sit with the team during briefings. And I hope TPTB use Morgan in medium doses – the whole “getting the file from the ex-NSA agent” was a good scene that (for me )was partially ruined by Morgan’s continuous blabbering – he needs to shut the hell up.

    Will watch it again- there are a lot of things to pick up on.

    Final Note: It is going to be really interesting to see how the C/S fight starts out. I hope it’s resolved by the end of 4×07.

    • atcdave says:

      I’ll agree with all of this Genie. I also think Morgan has been a bit overused. He is often very funny; but funniest in smaller doses. Jeffster haven’t been real used this season; but I loved the way they came into the “A” plot in the end, even though they weren’t present!

    • Casey's girl says:

      I agree about Morgan I’ve grown to like him in the past but he’s starting annoy. I wish Casey would’ve been more firm in telling him to shut up. I’m beginning to regret the day Morgan came on the team.

    • kg says:

      Genie classic Chuck. His worst fear is something bad happening to Sarah, nothing to do with him. Of course, it also shows that he’s not subconsciously worried about losing her over something stupid. Or something of his doing.

  15. Merve says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this episode. On the one hand, I liked it. It was certainly way better than the first four episodes of this season – the blandest, most uninspiring episodes of the entire series. (It’s unfortunate that the writers forgot to include a plot in their giant shipper love letter.) So, I’m very glad that the show has recovered from its slump. But on the other hand, I feel a bit weird about this episode. Maybe it’s because so little happened in the first few episodes of this season that packing three episodes’ worth of plot into one episode was a shock to the system. In any case, if this is the new pace, then I’m over the initial acceleration and I’m ready for more. And I’m really liking Linda Hamilton as Mary Bartowski. She’s doing some phenomenal work on this show.

    • atcdave says:

      Wow Merve, I hadn’t realized you were such a ‘ship hater. I’d rather of a season of Suitcase over this any day. But that said, I thought this was an excellent episode. Very well crafted and thought out. I think it shows the range what all Chuck does better than any other single episode we’ve seen this season. I thought this was a legitimate use of angst in the end; all about conflicting goals and objectives. I’m not sure if Chuck will completely forgive Sarah BEFORE she proves herself to him again in some grand heroic gesture (enter lioness mode); but I’m certain when the time comes it will involve another talk of the sort you seem to dislike so much!

      I am also excited about the direction of the show if they can continue to produce good adventure and drama like they did here. But I always like it best when Chuck and Sarah are the perfect team.

      • Merve says:

        Maybe I’m being a bit harsh about the early part of this season, but the problem wasn’t so much that they were talking; the problem was that that’s all that was happening. As for being a ‘ship hater, let me put it this way: I definitely wasn’t before “Coup d’Etat.” Now I’m not so sure.

        “Couch Lock” and “Aisle of Terror” are more like the kind of Chuck I want to see: fun, exciting spy stories with a family-centric emotional undercurrent. If this is how the show is going to be from here on in, then we’re in for an amazing season. But if the show consistently returns to the sitcom stupidity of the early part of this season, then I’m not sure that I’ll be sticking around. The good news is that I don’t expect it to. There seems to be an intricate story building here – at least by Chuck standards – so I expect the level of excitement to stay high. Plus, we’ve gotten a lot of names to consider: Volkoff, Beacon, Isis. I’m curious to see how it all comes together. At any rate, I’m a lot more excited about the show than I was two weeks ago.

      • weaselone says:

        I think I get you Merve. For most of this season the writers have been telling, not showing the story especially the Chuck and Sarah relationship. That’s a bad enough trait in a book, it’s nearly unforgivable in visual media.

      • JC says:

        I understand what Merve is getting at Dave. I’d didn’t dislike the earlier episodes this season but it was the way they addressed the issues between Chuck and Sarah was the problem. They never really explored anything but what happened in Aisle well that can’t be solved in a five minute non conversation.

      • atcdave says:

        I would certainly agree the “relationship problem of the week” would get old very quick. And I enjoyed seeing Chuck and Sarah work as a team through most of the last two episodes.

  16. jason says:

    INteresting stuff, I’ll add three things

    1 – I hated the last scene, forced angst, right out of season 3, right out of 3.11 to be specific

    2 – sarah had to act, if mary is bad, both ellie and chuck’s lives were in danger immediately, mary is not going to wait around for sarah to talk to chuck, the hit is going down, now, and mary is one of the best assassin’s in the world – she walked right up to Yvonne on mission

    3 – too bad for Yvonne and Levi, as might be the cutest, funnest couple on tv, I hate the intense, dark episodes, but only for chuck and sarah, other than that the ridiculous morgan garbage goes on (u can just see baldwin wondering why he has to do these scenes), and jeff and lester are probably the two biggest perverts on tv, yet CS are subjected to all this intense BS

    • weaselone says:

      1. I thought the scene fit the characters. Unlike season 3, neither Chuck nor Sarah needed to act out of character to create the angst.

      2. Sarah can pick up a phone and call in back up, back she can’t dial up Chuck to at the very least warn him that his mother is a bad guy just in case Mama B arrives before the cavalry?

      3. Morgan, Lester and Jeff are starting to grate on my nerves a bit, although I don’t think Jeff or Lester were too excessively used in this episode. There was definitely too much Morgan time.

      • Jenn says:

        I totally understand what you arer saying but…unfortunately, a phone call to Chuck to tell him his mother was bad would not be so simple…

    • atcdave says:

      I actually like this use of angst, it strikes me as organic to the story, characters and theme. Now if it gets drawn out past next week I will no longer be so appreciative. I do think it will be addressed quickly, and will be a point of growth for the characters.

      But I seriously see this angst as the same sort public safety officers all over the world deal with routinely; when they have to make a choice between duty and personal life is always difficult. And as Rick pointed out above, we should believe Sarah was protecting Chuck’s blind spot. It created a painful situation; but the groundwork was laid not only for the coming fight, but for the ensuing reconciliation as well.

    • Casey's Girl says:

      That’s what I thought too Jason, Too much Morgan and his babbling needs to stop for sanity’s sake at least for me I felt so sorry for Adam B. I actually felt embarrassed for him and what he must feel about it.

      The Mama B plot was the strongest story of the night I always enjoy a loose cannon. 😉

  17. odysszeuss says:

    the more i like it, the less i have to say 😉

    @Faith really like your POV. Many tweeps out there copy and paste your POST and discuss it desperately 😉 you’re right AND wrong. I like that…

  18. Big Kev says:

    Really enjoyed the ep. Good to see some drama back on the show. I’m not quite in Merve’s ballpark that the first 4 were the weakest of the series but the fluff had definitely reached its use by date for me.
    Wonderful, compelling performance from Linda H – equally believable as deep cover and potential double agent. Every scene of hers hit the mark.
    Resolution of the Wheelright story was a little weak, as was the Morgan plot (disappointing after last weeks great use) – but those are really only minor gripes.
    I completely bought Sarah’s actions at the end. She knew Chuck and Ellie were potentially I’m danger and she also knew that she didn’t have time for the inevitable long conversation to try to convince Chuck that his Mother is rogue. Casey and Sarah are both doers – they made the tough call. Sets up a great dynamic for the next few eps as Chuck goes rogue and the show plays out the legitimate question of what happens when professional instinct and training clashes with family and personal trust.
    Another top notch effort from a first time writer. Seriously looking forward to seeing Dalton – some more serious acting chops coming to beef up the show.

    • herder says:

      I completely agree with this. I’m a little bit suprised at those who suggest that what is going to happen next is predictable, that Mama B must be good and so they know where the show is headed.

      At it’s best the show has huge twists: Bryce is alive in Imported Hard Salami, Bryce is at Sarah’s in the Seduction, Ned is a Ring agent in Santa Claus, Chuck is planning his way out in Leathal Weapon, Sarah killed Shaw’s wife. Those who think they can see where things are going are not factoring in TPTB’s love of suprise twists that change everything.

  19. Rac2873 says:

    Reading everyones perspective on the last scene. I can see why Sarah did it. Chuck has a huge blindspot for his mother. Sarah’s and Casey’s actions were so season 1/2. They need to treat Chuck as a partner. I think Casey’s and Sarah’s actions will lead to the temp breakup of Team B. They have their work cut out for them. I hope everyone enjoyed the shipper episodes because we won’t be seeing them for a while.

    • odysszeuss says:

      OK Rac, but for me (and I am a huge shipper http://bit.ly/odysszeuss) this is the sort of “good” ANGST you can enjoy, even as a shipper… All the actions of the Characters are believable. I can imagine and I guess I can enjoy the upcoming Bumps in the Charah relationship. It’s not the joy like Honeymooners but their interaction will be interesting, deep and kind of enjoyable (I guess)…

      • Judy says:

        I agree that this can be a set up for “good” angst. Sarah’s actions this time were toally in keeping with her character as we have known it over the course of the series. Would Sarah from Season 2 have done anything else? The biggest problem last year was that Sarah, as we previously knew her, would never have given up on Chuck for more an episode or two and she never would have dated Shaw. In this situation, her actions were in character. Chuck asked her to protect his blind spot. She had the intel. it would have been foolish and dangerous to alert Chuck.

        On another note, it was interesting to see that Chuck didn’t lie in this episode.

  20. jason says:

    The show’s best fans are those who like the drama, they seem to be able to tolerate the rest of the show really well (when CS get too sappy for them they grumble and mumble about mythology and drama, jeffster the perverts get a restrained laugh, morgan the overwritten elf they love) – when CS fans get po’d, they are or at least I am enormously intolerant of the shows weaknesses, and some might argue blind to the show’s strengths.

    I think the ratings will be great for last night, assuming a house rerun, a string of decent eps, no world series game, good renewal news, and a little promo can help a little at least, but it will be interesting what fans do after last night.

    My enthusiasm is waning – I am pretty sure where it is heading, if right, I will like the destination – but I am coming to the realization I do not like the way TPTB craft their journeys. I don’t like no win situations for CS which force them apart, by the way, EVERY time this happens, the fan base gets split apart (if there is any doubt read some of the things being said above), usually just as things are consolidating and getting better this stuff gets introduced and ratings tank, no immediately, a slow death.

    Sorry for raining on what probably was a parade for many of you.

    • rac2873 says:

      I am riding the storm. I understand that every show needs drama. Sarah reverted to her old ways becuase I think she doesn’t trust parents in general. She doesn’t trust her dad and certainly not his mom when she lied to them. Sarah panicked she went with what she knows.

      I think they are heading where Sarah and Mary have to work together and this will make Sarah realize that her actions may cost her everything she ever loved and she will make sure that this does not happen.

      As for an Engagement sorry this is not happening in the front 13 as I thought.

      • rac2873 says:

        Just read a great point. Last time Chuck acted with a parental blindspot his dad was killed. So instead of Mary actually killing her son Sarha and Casey made a rash decision. Yes there are consequences but if she was really working for Volkoff Chuck is a dead man. She shot him once already.

      • joe says:

        Are you thinking of something specific here, Rac, when you say the engagement is not happening in the first 13?

        I agree with you now, but since we have nearly half a season to go after that, I’m more certain that it’ll happen before 4.22. Looking forward to that!

      • herder says:

        I’ve got to disagree with you about the engagement. I think this is the start of the arc where Sarah realizes just what she wants and what she has to avoid in order to achieve it. Sarah will make sure the engagement occurs by the end of the first 13.

        Also in doing so she will demonstrate to Chuck how much they mean to each other, the end result is them being closer than ever, not further apart.

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        Herder – Agree. For me this has to happen so the Chuck and Sarah relationship can regain it’s “epic” status, which has not returned yet.

      • weaselone says:

        As I pointed out, simply as precaution Sarah should have called Chuck and told him about his mother as soon as Casey revealed the information. Sarah knew Chuck was meeting with his mother. She needed to warn him just in case she and the cavalry were unable to arrive in time.

        Throughout this episode, Chuck had been very cautious regarding his mother. He told Sarah about the original meet up so he had backup. He wore a vest at the meeting she set up with the doctor. He activated his tracking device when she abducted him from the Buy More. There was no reason to expect that he would not have acted in a cautious manner if informed by Casey and Sarah, particularly as Ellie was at risk.

        If Mary actually was bad and she had not been late, Ellie and Chuck could have ended up dead before Sarah and the team even arrived just because Chuck had no heads up from his team members because they didn’t trust his “lady feelings”.

      • JC says:

        Sarah also put herself, Casey and the rest of the extraction team in danger. She knows better than anyone how far Chuck would go to protect someone he loves. Chuck had no idea who was taking his mother at first, if he would’ve flashed the whole situation could have turned into a nightmare.

      • atcdave says:

        I’ll agree with Herder and Joseph, I think is the start of the “engagement arc”. it will likely happen in 3.11-3.13.

        I also think this “storm” will be a fun one. I don’t care for unresolved angst between Chuck and Sarah; but I also don’t believe it will remain unresolved for long.

      • Paul says:

        How do you know that? This issue between C/S could easily be resolved in 1 or 2 eps. Just as easily as we, the audience, may be making a bigger deal out of teh first fight than it’s really going to turn out to be. We tend to run very pessimistic. With the heavy hints they dropped early on in the season and the fact that they originally thought they only had 13 eps at all, I could still EASILY see an engagement in the final act in eps 13.

    • Big Kev says:

      Jason – I’m definitely one of those “likes the drama” fans you refer to, but I really don’t see this as Chuck and Sarah being “forced” apart. How can you not have a story involving Chuck’s Mum being a spy, having walked out on her family 20 years ago, that doesn’t involve some tension? Yes, TPTB could craft a story that puts the focus of that tension somewhere other than Chuck and Sarah, but you’re kind of limiting your options if any drama or tension between the 2 main characters in a show is a dealbreaker for you. Even Hart to Hart had some disagreements, and that was way too light for my bones.
      The difference this year is that the drama flows organically from the story and the characters reacting “in character” to situations. It’s a completely different situation to some of the forced rubbish of S3 – and the lightness of touch of S2 has returned too, just to make sure nothing goes too dark.
      Different strokes I guess. I was bored after Cubic Z and I’m back on board now. Hopefully the show’s genius ability to be a “big tent” in terms of its various styles will be enough to keep you interested!

    • joe says:

      Jason, you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s just TV, after all. My enthusiasm waxes and wanes for EVERY show I’ve ever seen. None of them lasts forever for exactly that reason, in the large.

      For Chuck, I find I’m *still* laughing at the Buy Morons (Fernando this time!) and still rooting for Morgan when he has his victories, small as they are sometimes. Of course, I’m always cheering (and crying) for Chuck & Sarah, ’cause no matter what, they do feel like my children, and I can’t resist wanting to guide and advise them through everything I see going on.

      Oddly, it’s given me a greater empathy for my own parents.

      For some people this will simply never jibe with their experiences. For others, it’ll fit too closely for comfort. I know how that goes.

  21. Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

    Is it wrong that I really want Chuck to be the one to lose his temper (as much as he can)?

    @Jason – I get what your saying, yet I don’t have the same feeling of dread as I did last season, at least not yet. The main reason is that I see the characters behaving as they should / would. No matter how misguided Sarah’s actions may have been (we honestly don’t know yet) her heart was in the right place. Really if you think about it, she acted more like Chuck would have.

    Although I can understand your’s and Faith’s POV. The story is being told much better (to date) and is more compelling.

    • JC says:

      You’re not wrong, Chuck should be furious at both Sarah and Casey. And we need to see him vent his anger.

    • atcdave says:

      I agree completely. Sarah and Casey both deserve a big piece of Chuck’s mind for leaving him out of the loop. Casey likely won’t care so much, Sarah WILL prove her loyalty to Chuck (like he should need any proof!).

      • JC says:

        I think it might bother Casey more than we think especially how Couch Lock ended.

        But if it doesn’t bother Casey I would love if Chuck threw what he did for him in Tic Tac back in his face.

      • atcdave says:

        You might be right that Casey will be properly chastised. But even if he isn’t (Casey’s always been big on duty, which he was doing); I think Chuck will cut him some slack. It may never be an issue, I think most (or all) of Chuck’s initial anger will be aimed at Sarah.
        At any rate, once Chuck gets Sarah’s fundamental conflict, Casey’s should be easy to get; it would be the same professional/personal with far less pull on the personal. Okay, maybe not; the more I think of it, Sarah could easily claim there was little conflict because she was protecting Chuck’s blind spot exactly as he asked her to. Hmmmm. It’ll be interesting to see. Some good issues and some righteous anger; I just hope it doesn’t get drawn out to the stupid point like last season.

      • JC says:

        But did Chuck really have a blind spot towards his mother? He didn’t trust her blindly it was only after they talked and her actions that he was convinced.

        If anything Sarah has huge blind spot when it comes to Chuck’s safety. She should know just because someone appears to be rogue (Hello Bryce) that doesn’t make it true. Also we’ve the extent of Volkoff’s reach within the CIA at this point can she trust the info they have on MEB?

      • atcdave says:

        You might be right about Sarah’s blind spot, but I have no doubt she believed she was helping Chuck with her actions. Perhaps an understanding in this area is part of what they need to deal with; but Chuck did clearly ask for help in dealing with this blind spot. That he didn’t like her form of help is among their issues. And of course, Sarah really NEEDS to learn not to provide such drastic “help” without discussion or coordination.

        I don’t think Volkoff’s reach into the CIA is known at this point.

      • JC says:

        I have no doubt either that she did it to protect him. And you’re right he did ask for her help but he also showed that he was willing to question his mother’s motives.

        So instead of showing Chuck the evidence that might sway him she rushed into action without thinking. That’s where her blind spot showed.

        As for Volkoff’s reach I think Cubic Z showed its pretty long.

      • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

        “she rushed into action without thinking”

        Sound like anyone else we know? 🙂

  22. rac2873 says:

    Oh yeah me too. I just know that Chuck will have a hard time forgiving Sarah on this one. She says she always trust Chuck but this time she didn’t. Her actions were of a spy and not that of a girlfriend. Maybe that is why Chuck needs decides to go solo. Maybe he gets captured and Sarah needs to save him to realize that they need each other. But I cannot see Chuck asking her to get married any time soon. Maybe at the end of 4.13 but not 4.10 like i predicted.

    • Big Kev says:

      But right then she had to be a spy – she didn’t have time to be a girlfriend. If Mama B is seriously rogue then potentially thousands of lives are in danger. They need to make a call right then – no analysis, no hand wringing, no time for Chuck to go through his “process”. She can’t be a girlfriend in that situation. She has to do her job.

      • Rick Holy says:


      • rac2873 says:

        I agree but Chuck will not see it that way. It will take the fear of death for them to both get over this. 😉

      • rac2873 says:

        I just think the TPTB are going to make this messier than it needs to be. They need some angst and this will drive it.

      • weaselone says:

        If she was a SPY, she needed to inform her PARTNER that he was potentially walking into the trap set by an enemy agent. She placed a her PARTNER at risk by not providing him with information relevant to his personal safety and that of civilians in his proximity.

      • Big Kev says:

        That’s assuming she could rely on Chuck to think like a spy when it came to his mother. Do we know that Chuck wouldn’t have potentially jeapordised the takedown by revealing all to his mother? I’m not sure I would be confident what Chuck would do. Of course there were other ways they could have written it and they played it for the drama. I have no problem with that as long as I’m convinced by the option they chose – and I was here.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        It’s not the case of not having time to tell Chuck about Mama B (both as a partner and girlfriend). Didn’t they have enough time to set up snipers on rooftops? They had already gotten the place scoped out. The least they could have done was to allow the meeting with Ellie to take place. It’s not as if Mama B was planning to stay. She could have been grabbed/arrested after wards. And the explanation could have come along with it.

      • weaselone says:

        While I agree there was no time for a long, in depth personal discussion of Chuck’s mommy issues, Sarah could have taken a cue from Momma B, phoned Chuck, informed him that there was new information which suggested Mama B was still rogue, told him that backup was on the way, warned him to be on his guard and then hung up.

        Is Chuck or is Chuck not a spy? Does he not merit a heads up that his mother is probably still an enemy agent and poses a threat to himself, Ellie and his unborn niece?

      • weaselone says:

        Right, but that circles back around to Sarah and Casey not trusting Chuck’s professionalism. It also doesn’t erase the fact that they put Chuck at personal risk by withholding that information.

        What if Mary had not been late and had either killed or abducted Chuck and Ellie. I wonder what Beckman would have to say about losing the Intersect because Casey and Sarah didn’t trust Chuck enough to warn him she was still a threat.

        Casey and Sarah gambled with Chuck’s life without his knowledge in order to improve the odds of taking down his mother. This directly follows a week where Chuck wrestled with his conscience about using a fully informed and agreeable Casey to gain information about his mother.

        That’s what Chuck meant when he made the “she’s a spy comment.” Sarah didn’t act to protect him. She acted to bring down Frost. She placed Chuck’s safety and that of his sister at greater risk by withholding information so as to avoid the chance Chuck would jeopardize that mission.

      • MichaelCarmichael says:

        I’m with you on this. Mostly what we saw in this episode is that you can’t plan when it comes to MEB – she’s an element of chaos , and now there’s an innocent bystander involved in the form of Ellie, who has no inkling that so far MEB has shot, abducted and manipulated Chuck.

      • Paul says:

        I tend to agree with Big Kev. Chuck’s blindspot for his mom isn’t that he is not cautious around her. He is. The problem is that he is too willing to give her a pass because of his prior relationship. In other words, he’s compromised. I can see the team not trusting Chuck to act rationally (spy-like if you will). A tip off that they were taking her could have easily turned into Chuck telling mom to get away while the getting was good. And that is the crux of the trust issue. Does Sarah trust Chuck to act like a spy when it’s apporpriate? Does Chuck trust Sarah’s judgement in why she chose to aprehend Mom?

  23. Big Kev says:

    Rich – I guess to me it’s not angst if it involves a plausible (within the parameters of the show) situation where both characters motivations are convincing and well told. That’s drama to me. Angst is annoying. Drama (even on Chuck) I think is essential.

    • rac2873 says:

      Correction – Drama. I am okay with it this year. It allows us to delve deeper into things. I agree that this fight will make them stronger in the long run and this will get the relationship back to epic status.

      Imagine Sarah and Mama B going all mama bear to save Chuck. That would be a sight to see.

      I am sure Mama B will not resent Sarah for what she did. In fact she would have probably done the same thing.

      • herder says:

        I think that is exactly what happens in the next episode, Chuck takes off to try an clear his mother’s name. Sarah finds out what he has done, is convinced by Mama B that he is in danger where he is going, Sarah takes off after him with Mama B as she is the one who knows where he is likely to go. For Sarah, Chuck’s safety is more important than having Mama B in custody.

      • rac2873 says:

        Herder did you read the 4.08 synopsis? This is more than a one week thing.

      • herder says:

        4.08 Chuck tries to prove himself by going on a hazardous mission. How is that inconsistant with what I have said. Sarah goes after him with Mama B, doesn’t mean the fight or it’s issues are all resolved or that the fallout professionally is wrapped up.

      • rac2873 says:

        The question is does he volunteer for the solo mission without his team? If he does then he still does not fully trust his team. If Chuck is captured on his mission then Sarah and Mama B can team up and go rescue him. That will prove to Sarah Mama B is okay and to Mama B that Sarah loves her son deeply. THat could be very good.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        I am guessing that the C/S fight will be resolved by the ending of 4×07, but the professional fall out from the happenings in 4×07 are going to resonate in 4×08. Why does Chuck have to prove himself – again and again? Is it Beckman who separates Team B? Should be interesting.

      • Big Kev says:

        Agreed – I would love to see Sarah and Mama B teaming up to rescue Chuck. It would be a great twist on the more predictable “Chuck rescues his Mum” storyline – and would be a great way to illustrate why Sarah did what she did. If Mama B is fine with Sarah’s actions, then Chuck may have to reconsider his anger.
        I’m still intrigued by Magnus’ spec that the “split up” is not over Mama B. Not saying it’s true, but if it is, maybe Beckman orders Chuck deep and Sarah and Mama B are forced to watch (and then act) from the sidelines?

      • JC says:

        There’s also the possibility that Chuck asks for the professional split. No matter what he does on some level Sarah and Casey still see him as an asset to some degree.

        Chuck’s rogue mission in 4.07 leads him to Tuttle and more information about his mother and her mission.

        In 4.08 he takes over his mother’s mission not just to prove his worth as a spy but also to protect his loved ones.

      • Paul says:

        From spoiler sources (ie Magnus) the split is imposed on them. Ie neither one wants it.

  24. Godot says:

    I didn’t think much of this episode, but I think we may be very close to knowing if TPTB understand how to write for this couple and the Chuck show as it now exists.

    Should Chuck be angry that Sarah snatched his mom? Sure. Worthy “first fight” material? Sure. But if he doesn’t UNDERSTAND why she did it–protecting his self-confessed blind spot, fear that the blind spot would cause him to make a mistake if tipped off to the snatch, concern for his safety, the importance of bringing in an apparent rogue spy–then this show is over as something worth discussing. If Chuck regresses back to the trust issues for the sweeps arc, it’s over. And if this is the cause of the “break up,” then this show is unworthy of the kind of analysis this blog gives it. That’s a well TPTB have gone too far too frequently for it to be fresh. And this show is already repeating itself far too often.

    That said, I really don’t think this is how the break up, such as it will be, will go. I think TPTB have something else in mind. It will be imposed upon Chuck and Sarah. Someone like Beckman will decide that Chuck’s inability to separate his emotional commitment to his mom from the reality that she’s supposedly rogue endangers the entire operation and raises questions about his qualifications. So Beckman imposes a separation, over Sarah’s objection. so that Chuck can get more training. Hence the introduction of the new super-spy type in whatever episode he’s coming in for. That, I admit, is not quite fresh, either, but it is less-well-trodden ground than Chuck-Sarah relationship angst. And it would also fit the pattern I’ve noticed so far in Season 4: A lot of themes from Season 3 are being revisited and retold from a more positive (ahem, less “dark”) angle. So why NOT a one-off Shaw type who’s job is to get Chuck’s head in the right place? Rather than play the romance angst card again, TPTB play the “dispassionate spy/better if you know what can be lost” card.

    Episodes 7-8, the start of any season’s sweeps arc, often makes or breaks a season. In Season one, Lou/Chuck/Sarah/Bryce was new. In season two, the Jill arc was inevitable and I thought it worked well enough. In season three, Mask and Fake Name basically destroyed the season and almost doomed the show. How they handle the next two episodes will pretty much make or break the season and possibly the show.

  25. rac2873 says:

    Would it be too spoilery to post the brief synopsis for 4.08?

  26. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    Grrrr – just hit the wrong key – and lost what I was typing in my post…. gaaaaaaaasp.

    So – I’ll shorten this [ you can thank me later]

    Anyone remember the Princess Bride?
    Who was the Dread Pirate Roberts?…. answer –
    well, there had been many in a long line of succession…. Methinks that Volkoff…. ????
    Could it be that MEB was undercover and so involved – that – well… this might turn out to be bigger than we first thought.
    What got me thinking in this direction was the reference to Dalton as an aged MI-6 agent…. oh the twists and turns ahead!
    So WHO is Volkoff?

    Oh, and Chuck and Sarah have really had a falling out…[understatement]

    What’s worse is that this is not isolated to a single event… its uncovered a bigger problem.
    Trust is always a major issue.

    Intesting that MEB shoots Chuck.
    Then she ambushes him.
    Then they find out, apparently, everything that she’s been telling them is a lie….
    But Chuck follows his heart – rather than his head…
    Chuck has always had a great ability to read people.
    hmmm – Who was it that said – “you don’t need to believe me – you just need to trust me?”

    Not sure where this is headed – but I like the start.

  27. jason says:

    Thx for all the feedback, I appreciate it. My outlook for CS is very positive, I think by mid 4.7 one or both of them will be sorry about the fight, and 4.9 will be a great episode by my standards.

    I just don’t like how these guys tell stories.

    First, I want bad things to happen to CS as a couple, which causes them to overcome the obstacle together as they go on an adventure – for example – why not have casey and the heroic morgan betray CS at the end of 4.6. Have chuck fight with poor morgan for it, and sarah be mad at casey.

    Second, I am sorry, but there are only 2 dramatic regulars in this show, Chuck is not a drama. The show ALWAYS gets in trouble when it uses angst between CS to generate drama, why do they keep doing it, they don’t have anyone else they are willing to ruin.

    Now to repeat, I think everything will be fine by mid 4.7 or so, and by 4.9 things are going to be great, that is why I call what they did at 4.6’s end ‘forced angst’, and from my POV it sucks.

  28. jason says:

    chuck (1.9) and the event (1.9 or 2.0) essentially tied, chase down to 1.3, NBC gotta be worried?


    • herder says:

      A bit disappointed in the 1.9, still hold out hope for a tick up in the finals. Shocked at The Event 1.9/2.0 (even though I had predicted that this was the week that Chuck would pass the Event a few weeks ago) as I thought it had bottomed out and Chase at 1.3, are horrible for them.

  29. rac2873 says:

    Looks like Chuck’s audience is it’s audience. The people from House did not watch Chuck only the Chuck fans watched Chuck. It seems like the Nielsen viewers who are Chuck fans watch and that is it.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I may be wrong on this, but I think that the Golden Opportunity that was Season 3 was blown. The show turned into a version of “CHUCK” that for most of that season not that many people cared for. The new viewers jumped ship pretty quickly (kind of like you see happening with THE EVENT this year), and even some of the loyal viewers decided to “switch” after having stuck with the program for two seasons. I was like that with HEROES. Watched it for 2 seasons – enjoyed it. But Season 3 was a disaster and I turned it off for good during that season. I think that’s what might have happened with CHUCK last year.

      Now…. and of course it’s all mere conjecture – if the show was introduced to the new folks (with all the promo that went along with the January return) and if the story arc was the PRESENT story arc (of S4) or at least something similar, I think we might have been able to maintain at least a slight pickup in viewership and not lose some of those who were loyal viewers during the first two seasons.

      Would it have made a HUGE difference considering the time slot? Don’t think so. But I think we’d be seeing numbers closer to 2.4/2.5 than 1.9/2.0. Just one person’s take on it. Disagree if you want. I’m not saying anything based on solid evidence, only on a “gut” feeling.

      • atcdave says:

        I agree Rick, I think Chuck had two opportunities to really build an audience and both were botched. I’m thinking of 3-D, which was a pretty mediocre episode; and of course, S3 in general. S3 started with strong numbers, but the audience wasted as the show went to dark and didn’t showcase its best strength until all the new/curious viewers had given up.
        Now we just have the enthusiastic core. It would be great if we could pick up viewers, but for now it doesn’t seem to be happening.

      • timlay says:

        I do not think you are wrong, purely from own experience the people that I know who used to watch it do not anymore. I watch it if I am in and nothing else is on. I am not a avid viewer or even a core viewer and I was in season 1 and 2. I did not watch most of season 3. Watched most of it now but the first six i have never seen and really do not intend watching them.

        Season 3 did alot of damage to the show and as I said the characters seems less great now. In think the only character that came out ok was casey he so needs his own show.

        It seems instead of dealing with the problems created by the story line of season 3 its just been forgotten. Well for me I really do not like some of the characters anymore and until that is dealt with I really do not feel like watching as much. Also the behaviour of some of the fans against those that did not like the season was horrendous i think that drove fans away. It seemed everyone dare not admit the season was a dud in case it meant we did not get a season 4.

  30. JC says:

    I hope they’ll explore how both Ellie and Sarah view Chuck.

    Ellie still sees him as her baby brother that she needs to protect hence her not wanting him to be a spy. Sarah still sees him as an asset and not as her partner or a full fledged spy. Neither have taken into account his feelings.

    Compare that to MEB who in one episode showed complete faith in him. No fear on her part about him being in the CIA or his abilities as a spy. She’s still protecting him but she treats him like a man not a child. Except that cheek pinch.

  31. timlay says:


    first time posting here lurked alot i like this website – and discussion .. you do a good honest job and are not afraid to be critical about the show.

    Well season 4 is better than season 3 100% I liked season 1 and 2 more

    I liked the first 4 episodes …they had something for everyone.

    Yes I used to be a shipper not so much any more.

    After season 3 do not really like sarah as a character that much and I really am a little
    disapointed that they have not fixed the mess season 3 made of sarah’s character.

    Its just been ignored I hope chuck would use that to be more a lone gunman, I liked the batman
    reference keeping sarah and casey at arms length professionally especially after he found out
    how sarah had lied to him about her relationship with shaw. Why would he not lie to her professionally he owes her nothing.

    The whole I cannot be with chuck the spy but I can be with shaw the spy has been ignored I hope chuck has the sense to throw all her arrogant behaviour in her face in their first fight. That I would really be great.

    Hopefully that will make her take a long hard look at her actions in the past. Chuck so far has
    acted too weak in regards to how people acted to him.

    Sarah has never treated him as an equal and instead of them getting together in season 3 that whole resolution to that arc was well not much of a pay of. It really felt like not an epic oh i love you chuck more a pity i love you chuck. Yet again chuck was the weaker of the two.

    I hope chuck unloads big time on her and on casey. They betrayed him if you remember he helped saved her dad from arrest. He could have handed him in. Chuck has stood by them even in the dark times for casey.

    That was chucks mom sarah and casey betrayed chuck they know how important family is to him. They did not even talk to him about it.

    There is going to have to be something serious to realisticly get them back together and I agree
    realisticly they have to split up maybe for good. He cannot trust her to treat him as an adult and professional. That is not the basic of a relationship.

    I think Chuck has every reason not to trust casey or sarah from now on if he did not already. Sarah is too ruthless and self centred that has not changed. She had no thought about ellie at all a pregnant woman nor did casey.

    I guess in their point of view maybe they thought they were protecting chuck but their actions were not nice at all. This idea they had to act as he was in danger is really just not true.

    Chuck was completely treated like he was second rate and not a member of the team.

    He should be asking for a new team he is the intersect. It lends into my view that chuck could
    actually be better off without sarah in his life or until she treats him as an equal.

    I think the show is best when its team bartowski together and I was fairly happy with what was being said at the start of this season but it seems they will split them up.

    Yes its organic and realistic but its still not very honest to the fans after they said “whatever they face they will face as a couple that angst is over with now”. Well after this the only realistic response has to be “we are finished its over I cannot trust you”.

    Hence not being a shipper anymore there is nothing special or great about that TV relationship its just your standard show canon fodder.

    My biggest problem with this season its not funny or nerd reference ridden anymore.. where has the comedy gone.. it just seems the stupid behaviour of the buy more people is the comedy .. instead of a cool spy comedy. There really has been few real funny moments?

    Anyone point some out apart from comedic comments?

    As for the numbers well Season 3 really lost about 2 million viewers we used to have alot of fan good will and reached numbers of 7 to 7.7 by 3.16 we were hitting 5.3 we have not recovered from that. People have not returned to watching the show and as rac2873 says the show is not gaining viewers it has a audience and thats it. I really am not sure the shippers stuck around after the mid point of season 3. Certainly people like me who watched mostly for the relationship and cool spy story have less to get excited about these days. I watch if I am in but do not go out of my way to watch live. My family used to watch it now they do not. So yes the show has an audience and its unlikely to grow it now.

  32. OldDarth says:

    Tough episode for me to review. I loved the MamaB parts and Robert Englund in the first half but man, oh man! – that second half! Yeessh!

    Everything around the release of the toxin in the Castle was brutally bad. This time the show did not tap Chuck and Sarah with the stupid stick. They used it to pile drive them six feet into the ground. What a mess conceptually and executionally.

    Like finding a cigarette butt or a fingernail in your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant.


    • Rick Holy says:

      That seems to be the case with a number of episodes. There are parts that are excellent and “spot on.” And then there are parts that can make even the most die-hard CHUCK fan as him/herself, “Why am I watching this show?”

      Are CHUCK’s stories too complex for a half hour show? Just wondering if a half hour show would allow for overall better episodes. It’s not like CHUCK is a “drama” in the truest sense of the word. It’s probably way too late in the “CHUCK game” now, but I’m just wondering if a half hour show wouldn’t be a possible way to go (or are all “serialized” programs automatically an hour long)?

    • weaselone says:

      I take it that having Chuck and Sarah handle a dangerous neurotoxin in the middle of the Castle using only a single pair of safety glasses as protection pushed the boundaries a bit much for you, hmmm OD? Or perhaps it was the fact they had gas masks and didn’t wear them by default. Or that they repeated the same mistake made in vs. The Mask.

      A chemist practicing proper safety techniques exercises more caution and utilizes more protection than Sarah and Chuck when handling dihydrogen monoxide, hydrogen hydroxide and hydric acid in the lab. Unless of course they’re in the break room in which case they just drink it using a cup or straight from the bottle.

      • OldDarth says:

        Weasel in short, yes. Listen to the podcast for more detail. 😉

        Rick, no.

        Chuck’s stories are not too complex but they are carrying too many characters and too many storylines. Its when they try to shoehorn all those elements into a single episode that problems result. Couch Lock handled it deftly. Aisle of Terror did not.

      • Paul says:

        IMHO, we put this show on a pedestal and expect glorious thing EVERY week. When it doesn’t deliver on expectations (or doesn’t deliver what we thought/wanted to happen) we get upset. I’ve stopped having expectations to have my socks wow’d off every week. I simply try to enjoy the show for what it is.

      • atcdave says:

        The funny thing is Paul, when they deliver a knock out; it seems we still get upset. This is a good spy story involving Chuck’s mom, and some appropriate angst used in the context of the story, and we’re still nervous.
        My guess is a lot of it is S3 hangover.

      • Merve says:

        The show delivered a lot of knockout episodes in the first three seasons, and fans still got upset. That will never change.

      • Paul says:

        But the question in my mind is this: are we being too critical of the show or do we just have unrealistic expectations?

      • JC says:

        Its a fine line really. I understand the complaints about the scene in Castle. It comes off as bad writing when you have to make your characters look like idiots to move the plot forward. You have to ask yourself why someone on set didn’t point out that two CIA agents shouldn’t be that stupid.

        Usually things like that bother me. But since the toxin wasn’t the main plot of the story I can deal with it. Now if that sequence of events had been the climax or used to cause a major shift in the story I would’ve hated it. But honestly by season 4 they shouldn’t have to resort to idiot ball moments it hurts the show in the long run.

      • joe says:

        But the question in my mind is this: are we being too critical of the show or do we just have unrealistic expectations?

        I think the answer is “YES!”, Paul. We ARE being too critical, and we have unrealistic expectations. But it’s also absolutely appropriate and right that we do.

        The show, more accurately, the emotions it’s brought out in some of us, is like an addictive drug. I *liked* the sweet sadness I felt when it looked like Chuck was hopelessly in love with someone who was ridiculously unattainable. I *liked* it when Sarah was revealed to be not so unattainable, but in an impossible position. I liked it when they both showed each other that they were desperately flawed, and in need of something the other could provide. I was amazed at the difficulty of their twin struggles to find each other.

        None of that was fun, but I was addicted. “Save me from the misery!” I kept shouting. “But keep it real.” Now it’s “Make me feel something every week!” Tall order. And now that C&S are together, I won’t even allow them to use the same tricks to entertain me with those emotions. It’s almost unfair!

        ‘Sok, though. They’re pros and do this without a net every day. And I’m quite aware of the budget and schedule pressures that become continuity errors and flaws that I see after watching the episode for the fourth time in three days. Really, I don’t subject any other show to this kind of scrutiny, and I doubt any others would survive it.

        And after 10 years of marriage, I still love my wife too. Funny thing is, I feel like I’m the lucky one, ’cause she still loves me, despite everything.

      • atcdave says:

        Merve, I have been watching Chuck since the beginning and involved in forum discussion s since early S2; and it seems there is a difference in mood now. I folks being pretty unhappy with the Jill and Cole arcs in S2 (even if Cole turned out to be no big deal) but that was the only “over reaction” I recall. The Mauser shooting generated what I though was a fitting level of excitement; which would describe how I saw most S2 reaction. But for us ‘shippers, S3 was MUCH worse than we anticipated. Which I think left many of us jumpy even though the story has been mostly to our liking since 3.13. S4 started in a way that had most of us happy, yet one issue comes up and the reactions are huge. That’s what I call S3 hangover. Perhaps a good resolution to this arc will reduce the jitters.

        JC I agree it was annoying to see such stupid handling of the nerve gas bomb; especially when it shouldn’t be that hard to get someone with enough knowledge to stage the scene in a more credible manner. The only thing I can figure is that TV production is so rushed they just can’t bring in specialists for every type of scene they want to produce. Especially on a show like Chuck that does so many different things. I’m just glad they’ve done very little with an aviation theme so far, that’s always my hot button. Heck, I’d even provide free technical assistance if they’d ever ask…

      • JC says:

        Its not even bringing a specialist Dave, its just common sense. You’re handling a deadly toxin and you don’t put it in some kind of containment unit? Plus like someone else mentioned it was the same stupidity from last season.

        It also call into question the effort they put in as writers. Why the Big Mike scene, instead of expanding the castle one to make C/S not look so stupid.

  33. godot says:

    Of course, we may all be missing the incredibly obvious here. Season 4 could just be a set up for the ultimate payoff in Season 5: Chuck goes on the search for the original Peaches, who wasn’t hit by a car, but is actually a deep undercover agent for the CCIA (Canine CIA). Think of the episodes we’ll have: Chuck vs. the Chew Toy; Chuck vs. the Kennel of Chaos; Chuck vs. the Hounds of Death, etc. 🙂

    • weaselone says:

      Don’t forget Chuck vs. The Dogs of War, Chuck vs. Man’s Best Friend, and Chuck vs. A Nose for Trouble.

  34. Sole says:

    They had me at the Friends reference. LOVED this ep! Mama B, so sweet, and Scary! Loved the use of Ellie, awesome, ChuckandSarah, Freddy, Mama B, everything! To me, best ep so far… The first couple of the season were a little meh for me, with all the unnecesary angst with C/S, but now, see them just as a couple of spies is great. Too bad it´ll end in the next ep, hope it won’t seem too forced.

  35. Tamara Burks says:

    One thing I think was intersting to note was Mama B’s explanantion for why she left especially as compared to Papa B’s.

    We know from Anniversary that she was still on missions because little Chuck was asking about her leaving again . Here we find out that she was assigned to go inside Volkoff industries and tear it down from the inside . Something like this takes time.And I’m not talking about a couple of weeks , six months to a year at the least. She could have requested that she no longer be assigned to missions of that sort because it kept her away from her children . Umtimately she made the choice, mission over family.

    Papa B OTOH was working from home it seems. He started being Orion the spy when his wife left in order to find her. By doing so he attracted the wrong sort of attention and ended up leaving because he was endangering his children. He was a self taught spy and thus more likely to make mistakes in spying at first.

    Mama B left for a job, Papa B’s whole involvement in spy world as something other than an inventor was out of love for his wife.Mama B still has some major explaining to do.Though it’s obvious she now has major regrets.

    I’m ready for them to bring on the comparisons between Mama B and Sarah. Mama B is a prime example of what happens when you make your job your life.
    You end up alone , afraid to see your children and having missed out on so many things.

    I think Mama B found Ellie to be the intimidating one to meet because with Chuck she can relate to him as an agent after she’s read his Carmicheal files. Ellie OTOH she has to relate to as a mother to a daughter and no other way. That’s why Chuck mentioning Ellie and telling her she was pregnant broke through to her.

    There are parallels between the Bartowski siblings and thier loves.
    Papa B was smart , squirrly and loving . Devon is as well , his squirrliness is just a little less obvious.

    Mama B the consumate professional who puts the missions first
    Ditto for Sarah but she’s improving so I have high hopes for her.

    • atcdave says:

      Great analysis Tamara, thank you for the post! I too hope we see the contrast grow between MEB and Sarah; I think that will come in the weeks ahead. We will see Sarah reach the realization that she will not leave Chuck for the job. But I think we will have to endure one forced separation before she makes that decision.

    • kg says:

      There’s been absolutely no mention of Papa B. MEB hasn’t asked of him, I wonder if she knows he’s dead. Chuck hasn’t mentioned him to her, explaining he was the inspiration for Chuck continuing the quest.

      Steven apparently spent years searching for his wife and came up empty. Chuck finds her in a few months.

  36. Tamara Burks says:

    Oh and another thing. We all thought Mama B escaped at the end of Anniversary but all she really did was kill the people who knew her son was looking for her.

  37. thinkling says:

    I’m probably off in a bit of a weird direction. But these were my thoughts …

    Chuck drama!! While fun may be mostly absent from this week’s episode, our visit to the drama mine did yield some gems of enjoyment and a vein of humor. Mostly great episode.

    Aisle of Terror = Good Moments + Love and Heartache


    MEB Surprises: Just say you flashed on it. I may not know anything about you, Chuck, but I know everything there is to know about Charles Carmichael. The shooting (she touched his shoulder to verify the vest). All the things we learned about her departure and spy life.

    MEB Parenting Manual: How to protect your child … shoot him. How to earn his trust … bring him the world’s most dangerous nerve gas. Nothing says happy belated 10th birthday like a clandestine, mobile weapons lab. And (my personal favorite) the obedience technique of the week: Get in this car right now or I’ll shoot you, again. (Why did I never think of that line.) Plus a whole chapter on keeping up appearances.

    Sarah: Threatening to eat Chuck’s dessert and blame it on Morgan. Her wariness of MEB and trying to figure her out. How well she knows Chuck. Her unfailing loyalty to Chuck. Her frantic worry over Chuck when he gets gassed.

    Chuck: Confiding only in Sarah and taking only Sarah to the meet. Introductions — please don’t kill each other (often thought and sometime uttered, but never so literally). Standing up to his mom. The hostess outfit flirtation. Confessing his huge blind spot. FUNNY Chuck on atroxium.

    Really wonderful Chuck and Sarah teamwork, until the very end.

    Ellie: I don’t know how to be a mom. I could stay at the W.

    Casey: Reading his team and doing what needs to be done. Casey recognizes Sarah’s dilema and steps into the roll of doubter. Casey and Morgan spy team — funny.

    Buymoron honorable mentions: What is the going deposit for unclaimed morgue mercandise? The decorations looked good. Other than that the Buymore crashed and burned, for me. I do give them half a point for setting up a reverse fear scheme for Dr. Wheelwright, even though I really didn’t like the whole Jeff/Lester thing this week.


    Hears the deal. Love and heartache are inextricably bound. Wherever real love dwells, heartache eventually comes knocking. Count on it. This week love is revealed against the backdrop of heartache.

    Ellie. Opening herself to the search for her mom, cracking the lid on that love, brings new pain for Ellie. Wishing her own mother were there to share parenting advice. Wondering if her daughter will ever know her grandmother. Lamenting that her mother doesn’t want to be a part of her life, and by extension the life of her baby. The biggest heartache of all is learning that the spy world has robbed her of yet another parent.

    Mary. Linda Hamilton did a good job portraying a conflicted, layered woman. (She and Sarah may eventually bond, once they learn to leave their guns at home.) Having to finally acknowledge her regrets opens a well of heartache that has been capped by her Frost cover and sealed by the instinct to survive. The confessions that flow from that well are proof of her love. And even more touching than the car confessions is Mary watching Ellie in the baby store. For all her shortcomings as a mother, she at least knows that a bear is better nursery accessory than a dictionary.

    Chuck and Sarah both absorb the pain of those they love and make it their own. Chuck denies his own feelings and worries about Ellie’s. He knows Ellie needs to see her mother, and that his mother needs to reconnect with her daughter. Chuck is the family pain bearer.

    Sarah feels Chuck’s pain. She loves this man, and in this development, she is torn as to how best to live out that love. She doesn’t want to add to his pain by outwardly doubting his mom, but she also wants to protect him from a deeper hurt or physical harm should his mom betray him again. In the end she risks heartache to both of them in order to protect Chuck’s blind side … because she loves this man. Her first duty is to protect him. That done, she will probably keep digging for the truth to prove Casey’s informant wrong. For Chuck’s sake, she wants MEB to be one of the good guys. I believe she will be on Chuck’s side in this. She will work from facts and reason, while he works from trust and emotion.

    Sarah also has her own heartbreaking moment, when Chuck rebuffs her offer to go with him to meet his mother and Ellie. Once again she feels a little less than family.

    Ever since Chuck and Sarah hopped the train in Paris as a real couple, it’s been a happy ride, especially s4. We’ve smiled at their growing love and cheered their happiness. Because the love and happiness are real, the pain is real. They will grow through the pain to happiness again and to a love that is stronger.

    To borrow a quote from Shadowlands, “The pain now is part of the happiness then. That’s the deal.”

    • atcdave says:

      Thanks as always for your thoughts Thinkling. A C.S. Lewis quote, impressive.

      Interesting thought on Sarah’s heartbreaking moment; if she’d been included in the dinner perhaps she wouldn’t have been in on the arrest. But as you observe pain is part of the process. I watch to have fun, but this was so well done I look forward to the payoff. (gee, I feel like I just cheapened your observations!)

      I just spent some time with friends who are more casual viewers of Chuck, and have a baby. Their favorite was “babies love dictionaries.”

      • thinkling says:

        Lewis easily makes my top 5 favorite authors.

        I watch for the fun, too. It would have been easier for all, if Sarah hadn’t been in on the arrest. It would have been easier if Chuck hadn’t seen it. But if they are going to take us through a fight, they have picked a good one: as has been noted, organic to the story, the characters and their nature … a conflict that is predictable and probably something they need to face at some point. At least its not senseless, as in the unmentionable season.

        It was well done, and I think the trend will continue. I think forgiveness will prevail by the end of 4.07.

        On the Honey front, the contrast between Mary and Honey took a different tack than I expected. Honey’s love was less real in some ways than Mary’s. Honey floats along on the surface, harbors in a portrait of what she thinks her family should be. Mary has lived in the storm, but she has held on to the love. There’s a look on Mary’s face in the store that says this woman is a piece of work. The mother that’s present is as detached as the one that’s absent. And the height of insult: This little wonder is already half way there, referencing the genetic superiority of the Woodcomb line.

      • atcdave says:

        I’m a big fan of Lewis too, “Mere Christianity” playing a key role in my life (is that obtuse enough?).

        I really look forward to the forgiveness theme playing out. I just really hope it comes before the week off (meaning 4.07, not later). You know I agree about the appropriatness of the basic conflict, but in talking with casual Chuck viewers; our friends just rolled their eyes about the ending. I think many Chuck fans now have a very cynical attitude towards the way Chuck/Sarah tension is handled by the show. And I would have to say the cliff hanger nature of it was a bit annoying; they don’t make actual mission/life and death stuff the big deal; no, its girlfriend arrested mom that gets the cliffy.

        I stand by my thought Honey will be the main villain of the back arc; that woman is the very picture of banal evil.

      • jason says:

        @dave – are u starting to see why I disliked the end? I am not the casual viewer, but the whole my GF arrested my teddy bear carrying mom on her way to see my sister who is pregnant and hasn’t seen our mom in 20 years just grates me.

        Why not have the little troll and casey arrest mary, and have chuck not talk to morgan for 6 seasons? Answer, none of the fans would care. TPTB do the CS angst tango to the fans because they can, it is easy drama vs writing adventurous story lines.

        By the way, I still think the resolution to this mess is going to be ok and relatively swift, I just don’t know how many more times TPTB can go to the angst well.

        Dave – don’t you see the anger on this board? Not just over the angst, mad at sarah, mad at chuck, bringing up shaw again, season 3, the mask, none of this is good for the show.

      • atcdave says:

        Jason I do understand most of the frustration. As I’ve said many times, I want to see Chuck and Sarah together as a team, not fighting each other. And I would never END an episode with the emotional cliffhanger; I would save that for actual life and death stuff.

        But all that said, one of my major complaints all last season was that they were manufacturing angst from stupid soap opera stuff; when there was plenty of legitimate angst to be had for these two characters in this situation. So I have to say they finally delivered what I thought was fitting for the show. What we saw is exactly what I call organic to the characters and scenario.

        So I say splunge.

      • herder says:

        I realize that this is just a personal position but the downer endings last year really p***** me off. This ending doesn’t, from Mask to Final Exam (with the exception of Beard) I hated the endings, this one intrigues me. I think of it as more like the ending of American Hero, how are they going to fix this rather than wondering if the character has somehow suffered a closed head injury.

      • atcdave says:

        Herder, for myself I agree entirely. But I take Jason’s point seriously that the fan base in general simply has no more patience with angst filled endings.

      • thinkling says:

        @Dave: Didn’t want to completely lose the Lewis thought. MC is a classic. We’ve given many away as gifts. (I had sort of guessed the obtuse part.)

      • joe says:

        I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I read C.S. Lewis. Yes I can – TOO LONG!

        The last one I re-read was The Screwtape Letters (of course) and MC has been on my “To Re-Read” list forever.

        You’ve inspired me to get to it!

      • thinkling says:

        He’s so brilliant you always pick up something new or new again.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah Screwtape is really twisted and thought provoking. And hard to believe its 70 years old! Sounds like here and now.

    • joe says:

      I think I’ve cornered the market on great writers here! You’ve just put to pixels so much of what I’ve been feeling, Thinkling.

      Wonderful post.

    • herder says:

      Terrific post, love and heartache a theme I think we will see played out not just between Chuck and Sarah but between all the Bartowskis and the Bartowskis to be.

    • Faith says:

      Ever since Chuck and Sarah hopped the train in Paris as a real couple, it’s been a happy ride, especially s4. We’ve smiled at their growing love and cheered their happiness. Because the love and happiness are real, the pain is real. They will grow through the pain to happiness again and to a love that is stronger.

      A valid illustration to the band-aid as I’ve ever seen 🙂

      I totally agree with this: Love and heartache are inextricably bound

      And where they go from here determines that which is their future and whether they’re really meant to be.

      • thinkling says:

        I don’t think it is any longer a question of whether they are meant to be together. They ARE together. This doesn’t change that.

        When pain comes as part of real love, you don’t abandon the love to alleviate the pain. (Well, I suppose lots of people do.) When storms come, instead of running for safe harbor from love’s pain, you anchor the relationship to the love and learn how to weather that particular storm. The storm shows you the leaks in the vessel so you can patch them; it makes you inspect the relationship for vulnerable spots and strengthen them; it makes you learn how to spot storms on the horizon and steer around them. And it makes you work as a team, relying on each other’s strengths and protecting each other’s weaknesses. In the end your vessel is more sea worthy … ready for more high seas adventures.

        Chuck and Sarah will do weather the storm, anchored in their love. No matter what the changes are, is the love still there? I say it is. And it will come through the storm stronger and more mature.

      • atcdave says:

        And Thinkling wins the prize for best Chuck metaphor that doesn’t involve a journey!

      • thinkling says:

        @Dave: almost … they are in a boat. 😉

      • atcdave says:

        er, Metaphor without using the word journey! That’s it, that’s what I meant.

  38. Tamara Burks says:

    I just looked at the beginning of Anniversary and in it she said that she was only going away for a few days. Given the amount of time it would take to take down an organization from within I set the scene as being the same year she left not just before.

  39. Robert H says:

    Is there a problem with the site? The timeline on
    the comments is all messed up and not in chronological order. I can’t find my own comments at
    all. It makes it difficult to follow. Please advise, thanks.

  40. Robert H says:

    Disregard previous comment. Was on wrong article.
    Sorry about that, thanks.

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