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Ok folks, I have a lot of crazy ideas running around in my head and I thought I’d get them done on paper-er-electrons!  I promise I have a more in depth and thoughtful article draft going on another topic, but since I have the power to post, I thought I’d bore you with them anyway!

More after the break….

Alright, as many of you know, I was gone for a few weeks and had some serious Chuck withdrawal.  I am loving this season (no surprise to anyone!) and am anxious to see what comes.

-Mama B.  Ok, I think she’s one of the good guys.  What a fine line to walk between duty and family.  And since this whole season is about family and all of the implications familial loyalties bring, it only seems fitting to analyze and speculate on what is to come.  Mary chose to zap Chuck with the PSP.  I think it is all of Orion’s research.  I think Mary knows full well that Stephen didn’t want their kids in the spy biz and likely doesn’t know that Stephen begrudgingly supported Chuck (and Sarah) at the end of his life.  What I can’t figure out (and I hope is reasonably explained) is what Mary has been doing with Volkoff all these years?  If her mission is to bring him down, why hasn’t she already?  I’m looking forward to some heart to heart with Sarah about the choices Mary has made.  I see the writers showing parallels between Stephen/Mary and Chuck/Sarah, but I think they will show the strength of Chuck and Sarah by both of them refusing to make the same choices.

-Is Stephen alive?  I know they did the whole Bryce and Shaw (shudder) deal with bringing them back from the dead, but I think Stephen’s coming back would be ok in my book.  Someone is leaving ads and Mustangs for the team to find.  What secrets does the laptop in the Mustang hold?

-Ellie.  She’s a Bartowski, so what role will she choose to play or have thrust upon her?  Will Ellie embrace the science/medical support role on Team Bartowski once she realizes how truly special Chuck is and that he needs her help?  Until Mary reclaims the role, Ellie is the matriarch and will continue to want to protect Chuck until she can confidently pass that protector torch to Sarah.    I hope Ellie can become a part of the support arm of Team Bartowski.

-Casey.  He is getting used to the idea of being a father.  We know Chuck has finally worn him down and that he can actually talk with Sarah about something besides the mission.  How will he react to any threat to his family?  We saw his reaction when he thought Chuck had been killed by Marko.  When was the last time he was worried about Sarah?  I’d like to explore more of that brotherly affection.  What about Morgan?  I’d like to see more of his training.  Casey will want to protect Alex by ensuring nothing happens to Morgan.  He’s already learned to not leave Morgan in the car-a far cry from how he used to treat Chuck.  It could be comedy gold!

-New enemies.  We know that Stephen was protecting Chuck and Ellie, as was Mary in her own way.  If I was writing the arcs this season (and I’m including the back 11-squee!), I would have Volkoff get away at the end of the original run, and Mary is reunited with the family.  The next arc would be the team rooting out Volkoff’s plants in the CIA and NSA while searching for Volkoff.  That would allow for some trusted agents like Roan, Cole Barker, and Carina Miller to return.  I have to say that I love it whenever Mini Anden guest stars as Carina.  She gives us more insight into Sarah and can push buttons like no other!

-Baby and bridal showers.  I hope to see both this season.  I really liked one of the scenes from Ring that ended up on the cutting room floor.  If you haven’t seen it, it shows Sarah freaking out about Ellie and Awesome’s wedding.  I think it would be fun to see Sarah stress about throwing the baby shower for Ellie.  I’d like to see Sarah’s engagement/bridal shower.  Carina, Ellie, Mary, and Alex.  Sarah doesn’t have many friends, so a small gathering would be nice.  Maybe Beckman drops by with a gift.  How creepy if Jeff decided to be the exotic dancer?!

Ok, I’ve rambled enough.  What do you want incorporated into the rest of our now extended season?  Are you ok with the idea of Stephen being alive or would that be jumping the shark?  Who could be helping out behind the scenes?  What challenges do you want to see them face?



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My name is Amy and I'm in the active Army as my profession. I love the show Chuck and want to see it succeed for many seasons to come. My twitter handle is amyabn.
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65 Responses to Random Musings

  1. joe says:

    Here’s my random thought:

    Casey let Morgan “out of the car” in this episode. Remember how long it took before he let Chuck out of the car? FOREVER!

    Even Casey has come a long way!

  2. herder says:

    I am interested in the idea of Volkov having sources in the CIA, the problem is that we have so few characters in the CIA who are not part of the regular cast that when one shows up the likelihood is that they may be evil. Unless one of the Greta’s turns out to be a Volkov plant, that may be a way around the problem, we have become used to the Gretas being innocuous so an evil turn for one of them could be a suprise.

    Strange as it sounds, I don’t think that we’re done with the twists for Mama B. I think the idea was to create a truely ambiguos character and going from good to evil to good, rince and repeat is all part of that ambiguity.

    Sadly I think that Stephen is gone, but I think he’ll pop up in voice overs, flash backs and deus ex machina discs for a time yet.

    Babys and Bridal showers are one of the things that I think will benefit from the back eleven. Much as I would like somewhat less Morgan, this is an area that seems to be made for him. Sarah (or Mama B), clueless in this area turns to Morgan for advice who then runs with it. I can see a very uncomfortable group of random “friends”, Ellie, Sarah and Mama B all being pushed around at a baby shower by Bridzilla Morgan. Bonus for a bridal shower, add the General and have her and Mama B loath one another at sight, a real clash of the titans.

    • DaveB says:

      Bonus for a bridal shower, add the General and have her and Mama B loath one another at sight, a real clash of the titans.

      What if Mama B and the General met with “Hi, Mom!” Too much?

      • herder says:

        I think the age difference isn’t enough, one of them would have to be in her seventies, but a “hi sis” might work.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        NOOOOOO!!!!!!! You’ll ruin Duck for me just like Lucas ruined Luke and Leia! All those longing looks and inuendo are suddenly … creepy! (Yes, I said suddenly. Quit laughing, this is Duck were talking about!)

      • herder says:

        To calm you down Ernie, perhaps they could be cousins (hi cuz), Volkov and Bartowski are both eastern european names, maybe Diane is related (by marriage) to one of them, she could have been a Volkowski at birth.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Herder, add to the bridal shower both Alex and … you got it, Carina. Epic.

      On another topic on the engagement/wedding, I don’t know if there would be a way to work it into Sarah’s character or backstory, but I think it would be interesting if all the sudden she took to the idea of a girly fairytale wedding and actually wanted it. Just a thought.

      • atcdave says:

        It has to be one extreme or the other.
        I was just thinking she tasks Ellie with planning (because of course, Ellie is REALLY excited about it) and creates a surrogate bridezilla. Create a wedding planning arc where Sarah isn’t even in a single scene until the rehearsal…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        That would be more in character and comic gold when Sarah shows up to see what Ellie has planned and is horrified. The problem is that it was already established Ellie has excellent and understated taste from Ring I. Casey also.

      • herder says:

        So instead bring in Martin Short to do his wedding planner bit from Father of the Bride. Sarah could like the ideas, have Casey want to kill him the whole time.

      • herder says:

        Especially if Alex seems to be taking notes on how to plan a wedding.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Forget the bridal shower for now. I am just imagining how the baby shower for the Awesomes would go down. What gifts should they expect from everybody?

      • thinkling says:

        OK. I’m guffawing just reading all of this. The baby or bridal shower stuff is comedy gold. Add in a little spy stuff going on in the background that Sarah and Carina are trying to hide from everyone else …

    • herder says:

      Definitely couldn’t have any competitive games at the Bridal shower if you had Sarah, Carina, Mama B and Diane there, limbs might be lost, the shower might end out at the emergency department of the local hospital and how would Ellie explain that to her co-workers.

    • Merve says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong (and I might be because I’ve been avoiding spoilers) but haven’t Schwedak and Co. said that Stephen is legitimately, definitively dead in a way that can’t be reversed by cellular regeneration or some other form of television magic? I don’t mind him reappearing in voiceovers, flashbacks, videos, dreams, apparitions, hallucinations, photo albums, audio recordings, or acid trips, but I think that he should stay dead. Death should have some sort of finality on this show.

      • atcdave says:

        Yeah they have Merve. You know how TV is, never say never; but by all indications Stephen will likely stay dead. On principle I prefer it that way, although I do like Scott Bakula…

      • thinkling says:

        Me too. I loved Bakula and Papa-B, but I think they’ve gone to the resurrection well enough already.

  3. alladinsgenie4u says:

    Here’s what I would love to see incorporated.

    -I hope to see the engagement in the front 13 – any further delay would start looking really unrealistic, unless of course we are forced to swallow a delay via some “game changing event” (shudder). The back 11 could see C/S deal with the aftermath of them being engaged. Lots of potential for comedy. And hopefully a marriage by 4×24 or in Season 5.

    @Amy – I really like your idea about the resolution of the Mama B arc by 4×13 where in the end she turns out good and Volkoff escapes – thus setting up a plausible story arc for the back 11.

    -I would like to see a little bit more stand alone episodes in the back 11 too.

    -If TPTB wrap up the Volkoff arc in 4×13, then the next set of baddies could be rom the rogue gallery cataloged in Orion’s Base =- Hydra, Fornax etc.

    -Hope to see the return of Carina and Jack Burton ( each of them for two episodes)

    -A Sarah back story involving her and Carina- preferably on their first mission together.

    -A small minisode within an episode where Mama B kills off Shaw in his cell hole.

    -A more confident and assertive Chuck – and a stop to his ridiculous insecurity and neurosis

    – Chuck and Sarah going all the way (even rogue) to save each other – this never gets old.

    – A little moderation on how Morgan is used and more screen time for Casey – it’s a fact that Morgan scenes are upstaging all Casey scenes and it’s really irking me.

    – The Buy More in very small doses.
    -A Greta going on an actual mission with Team B.
    -More General Beckman at the Buy More.
    -Sarah and Ellie interactions.

    • herder says:

      That’s why I said elsewhere that the one reason for delaying the engagement over the back eleven is for Chuck to seek out Jack Burton to ask his permission to marry Sarah. Getting another Sarah background episode might be worth a delay in the engagement for an episode or three if it brought back Jack Burton for that and the later wedding.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Ok! The way you put it – it’s a very logical and realistic way that TPTB could put off an engagement for a small time period. And I wouldn’t mind if they referenced Sarah’s mom during Jack Burton’s visit(s) – I am not that keen on a whole Mama Burton arc.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I’m definitely all for Mama B killing Shaw. Maybe after proving that his wife was a turncoat or that she was set up by the very people he turned for and then once he realizes what a fool he was and is blubbering have her stand up and say , my name is Mary Elizabeth Bartowski , you killed my husband and hurt my children.And then she could maybe stab him somewhere where he would have a few minutes to think about how he deserved this . Possibly with a pison tipped knife so that if the jailers saved him from blleding to death he’d die from the poison.

  4. atcdave says:

    Great post Amy. I’d say I agree with most of your answers and questions!

    I really hope the back 11 means episodes with more Sarah backstory, maybe something from her past that isn’t aweful and depressing; and the return of some our favorites from the past would be fun, Carina of course, Roan, Cole, Jack Burton, even Jill. The situation is so different now both with Chuck the agent AND Chuck and Sarah as a real couple, all those previous characters could have interesting views on what’s changed.

  5. PeterOinNJ says:

    Funny thing – I had a random thought that popped into my head today about something from the last episode. It starts in the fight – when Sarah tells Chuck that she was just trying to protect him & he answered I don’t need you to protect me. I need you to believe in me. It ends with MommaB slipping the razor blade into Sarah’s hand and whispering “Protect him.”
    Protect – I have to wonder how that word, how those sentiments are going to play out into actions the next few episodes. Just a random thought I had the urge to share.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Protect him versus believe in him has often been at the core of Chuck and Sarah’s conflicts. Prague was Sarah trying to protect Chuck from his own ambition. Sarah does believe in Chuck, but only it seems when there isn’t a conflict between that and protecting him. If she can protect him she’s glad to take any decision out of his hands and do it. That’s the root of the First Fight conflict. Sarah is still acting as Chuck’s protector, and that leads to her often treating him as a junior partner.

      • Merve says:

        To add to that, Sarah is always concerned not only with protecting Chuck’s physical well-being, but also his trusting nature. It’s why she doesn’t get mad at him for messing up the Laszlo situation in “Sandworm.” It’s why she tells Chuck to “leave the deception to [her]” in “Gravitron.” It’s why she gets into an argument with Beckman about keeping Chuck in the spy game in “Predator.” It’s why she’s horrified by him manipulating and burning Manoosh in “Nacho Sampler.” It’s why she lets Chuck have his “blind spot” in “Aisle of Terror.” The one anomaly is “First Kill,” when she tells Chuck not to trust Jill, but I think that we can attribute that to Sarah’s hatred of brunettes. 😉

      • joe says:

        Wow! Well put, Merve. I have to admit, the idea that Sarah his been trying to protect Chuck’s innocence (my way of saying what I think you were implying) is something I hadn’t considered. Makes me go “Duh!”. It resonates.

        But I don’t think Sarah hates brunettes. She’s just tremendously jealous of them and insecure when it comes to hair color. The merged images of Jill, Lou and Hannah work to undermine her very self image and sense of self.

        And if you buy the psycho babble I just typed at this early hour, I also have a bridge I’m willing to sell… 😉

      • Merve says:

        Yes, I think that preserving Chuck’s innocence is part of it. But I don’t think that Sarah is trying to hide death or deception from him; she just wants to prevent him from partaking in it. Of course, now Sarah knows that just because Chuck has to lie on occasion and has gotten good at it doesn’t mean that he enjoys doing it. She also knows that he will kill only if given no other options. Her concerns in S4 have morphed slightly into – and I’m having a little trouble putting this into words – preserving Chuck’s family life, however messed up it may be. As such, she goes about trying to protect Chuck from Mary with as little interference in the mother/son relationship as possible (which is at least part of the reason why she goes behind Chuck’s back to arrest Mary in “Aisle of Terror”). Maybe she doesn’t feel secure enough as a member of the extended Bartowski clan to come between Chuck and his mother. Maybe we’ll get some insight on this in the coming weeks.

        But if you really want to delve into confusing Sarah Walker psychology, it should be noted that Bryce, Cole, and Shaw were all brown-haired, as is Chuck. Coincidence? 😉

      • odysszeuss says:

        yes Merve, she said it (kind of herself) tall and brunette. That’s the key to Sarah’s heart…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Absolutely Merve, Sarah sees protection as the whole spectrum and always has. That was what I was implying with the Prague reference. It goes all the way back to not just Gravitron where she basically tells him to leave the deception to her, but earlier to where she tells Jill pointedly that it’s her job to protect Chuck, from anything. I’m pretty sure that’s not her CIA mandate talking. You can also go back to Hard Salami where Lioness Sarah first appears and warns Lou about the consequences of hurting her man.

      • atcdave says:

        I’ve always loved this part about Sarah; she embraces protecting Chuck on a very personal level. Even trying to protect his dignity (I love how, again in Imported Hard Salami, she’s defending the idea that a woman would find him appealing). Of course, where she gets messed up in Aisle of Terror, is where she has to choose between the different ways she may protect him (protecting him physically violates a trust; protecting the trust puts him at risk physically; what’s a super spy goddess to do?!)

    • FirstTimer says:

      I think where TPTB have been on the “protect” thing since the pilot is that Chuck is “special.” He’s literally unique. Of course, they’ve used the intersect so sparingly (and I think poorly) this year that we’ve all forgotten.

      Chuck may be able to protect himself now. He may even be a decent agent, too. But for the very same reason he was supposedly roped back into the CIA (Beckman said it went as far as the President) is why Sarah would STILL be tasked to “protect” Chuck.

      I think TPTB keep forgetting to tell us that in exposition and SHOW us that in the episodes. So when Sarah says “protect,” it often comes across as a smoothering, almost motherly kind of devotion that sort of detracts a bit from the romance.

      I’d actually like to see some dialogue about this in the back 11. Maybe Chuck has to go rogue to save Sarah and Sarah would then have to explain to Chuck that he is more important than her. The collision of love (each would gladly sacrifice for the other) and duty (Chuck is simply more important) would be compelling.

      And, oddly, it would be one time where Sarah’s “journey” is less difficult than Chuck’s. In a way, she has it easy. Chuck needs to be protected for love and duty. Ostensibly, someone has to remind Chuck of his duty and his value and how that would impact his logical romantic impulses toward Sarah could be fascinating.

      Bottom line: Chuck is still “the asset.” If they are writing the Sarah character correctly, she’ll know that. And if they are writing the Chuck character correctly, he’ll have major difficulties accepting that Sarah simply is “worth” less in the spy world.

      • odysszeuss says:

        That’s an interesting POV

      • amyabn says:

        Hey FT, I think the now absent intersect (for however long) will be the reset that pushes Sarah even further into protector role. The beauty in their team, as I see it, was that while they were equals as a team, they each brought their own skills to the fight. Chuck will go back to doubting himself as a spy and in his role in the relationship. Sarah has the power to set him straight, and I hope that is what we see.
        As Casey told him, before the Intersect, before becoming a spy, Chuck was smart. I think this arc may be a great spot to turn the corner on their relationship-both personal and professional.

      • FirstTimer says:

        You’re right, of course. I think the emotional stuff, i.e. boyfriend-girlfriend stuff, will come to the forefront again in the next few episodes. Sarah and Chuck will do the dance they’ve done before and let’s hope the emotional repeat at least moves the relationship forward to the next level. We have to go through a lot of blather to get to the occasional “You’re my home, Chuck. You always have been” moments.

        But I guess what I am talking about is the show’s mythology. There is a reality that is worth exploring: Chuck is the “asset” or the “weapon” or whatever. So the show always has to position the subsidiary characters as having to do whatever they have to do to protect Chuck.

        That’s what makes Chuck different from other shows. In other shows, Chuck would be the superhero who saves everyone else because he has all the information in his head and Intersect 2.0 gives him the other skills, too. But in Chuck, the conceit is that Chuck is the unique person whose protection is paramount. Everyone must protect him.

        Chuck the boyfriend may consider Sarah his equal (in fact, the charm is that he has always considered her above his station). But Chuck the spy, Chuck the Intersect, needs to be given a moment of clarity where he’s rather bluntly informed that Sarah is simply small potatoes compared to him. And that the Sarah character gets that disparity.

        It’s not so interesting that Chuck is considered more valuable by the NSA, CIA, whatever. What IS interesting is that Sarah, his lover and partner, AGREES with the assessment. That’s really rich fodder for drama, emotion (and even some laughs).

      • joe says:

        Gee. I’m still thinking on this, First Timer, and my thoughts are still a bit scattered. But for the first time, I think I disagree with you!

        Well, not about Chuck. From the first he thought Sarah was “too good to be true,” and probably too good for him. It allowed him to believe for a long time that, for Sarah, “it’s just a cover,” even though everybody and everything was telling him different.

        But for Sarah, I don’t think she ever believed that Chuck was an invaluable asset that must be considered as important as nuclear secrets were in the cold war. He, was, of course. But that only applied to Agent Walker. Sarah seemed blown away by the idea that Chuck saw her as beautiful, intelligent, kick-ass and all the other descriptions he used on their first date. She wanted to hear those words, not to feed her ego, but because they revealed her to be special to someone who saw her as more than just a CIA operative.

        The lioness-protector seems separate from the professional. She comes out when her relationship is threatened. The Agent comes out when the danger is physical. That’s why the scene in the bank was so cool. Their separation was very much in evidence.

        I thought it was significant that Chuck didn’t say “I need you to trust me!” in the bank, the way Sarah said it to him in the beginning of S1. He said “I need you to believe in me.” It’s almost exactly what I said to my mother over half a lifetime ago and I suspect that we’ve all said it in one form or another. It’s a cry to let me make my own mistakes for good or for ill, and recognize the fact of my growth. For Chuck it should apply to Sarah as much as to Ellie and to Mary Elizabeth.

        So Chuck is no superhero who only needs self-confidence from others. He’s us, trying to discover and understand his own growth into adulthood. IMHO, the story is relying on the Intersect less and less for that reason.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well put Joe. There has always been the Agent Walker vs. Sarah tension, and how Sarah managed, or didn’t manage to fuse them was the source of most of the legitimate romantic tension in the first two seasons. They tended to abandon that for most of the third season. It was still there, or supposed to be, but after Nacho Sampler it didn’t play right, or well. Having Shaw there added another aspect to Sarah’s internal struggles that was not well explained and made it difficult to get a read on Sarah. Backloading the exposition didn’t help. But what it came down to was that Agent Walker was in charge, or trying to be. Sarah was losing herself without Chuck around to anchor her. I think one thing that has largely worked this season is some of the repair they’ve sought to do with Sarah with what some seem to feel is a bit too much relationshippery. I think it’s some of what we needed to see in Sarah in season 3 and was then dealt with in a throwaway line at the end of Role Models or Tooth. To me the two aspects of Sarah have never been handled so well or so subtly as in First Fight. Though never before have they been so integral to the story either.

      • JC says:

        What I find interesting is that both Chuck and Sarah believed that the other was out of their league.

        Agent Walker is the confident take charge persona and Sarah(Sam)is the complete opposite. We saw that in spades during S3. Over the last two seasons we’ve seen Chuck grow more confident as a spy and person. I really hope we see the same growth for Sarah too. That’s why part of me wants her to be the one to pop the question if it happens. In a way it would be the ultimate growth for her as a character.

        I see what your saying about Chuck’s uniqueness. When push comes to shove his ability to use the Intersect makes him invaluable. I get the feeling we might see what you’re talking about in the upcoming episodes. The PSP and Orion computer make me think we’re going to get a healthy dose of mythology. And that usually ties into Chuck being extremely special.

      • joe says:

        JC – interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that Sarah could see Chuck as “out of her league”, but on reflection, you’re right. She sees herself as compromised and wants to see him as pure. Is morally compromised the right nuance? Maybe.

        And Ernie, you hit it exactly. In S3 Sarah seemed overwhelmed by that sense of being irredeemably compromised, even to the point of bringing Chuck down with her.

        Maybe the idea that S3 damaged the characters comes from that. It’s hard to see Sarah as anything less than amazing. We were put into the position of seeing her as defenceless, ineffective and insecure when we knew she wasn’t that way. She was NOT free to be all that, because she was indeed compromised both by her past and by her love for Chuck (the love they both denied, btw).

        Whew! Where did *that* come from???

      • Tamara Burks says:

        What i’d like to be brought up is why Chuck suddenly became less valuable in the Beard than a set of discs that seemed to be about nothing once they were gotten until the bad guys showed up in Beard.

        Shaw seemed to have no problem with ordering Chuck’s death over the discs . Sarah was spectacularly ineffective in stopping him. Her asking him to stop for me sounded like a girlfriend trying to get her boyfriend to do her favorite activity instead of his (like going to the opera over watching a football game) . Casey at least gave the impression he might shoot Shaw if he didn’t stop.

        And before anybody says he wasn’t flashing and became less valuable, at that point they really hadn’t tried much (like taking him to the shrink in Tooth) and had no reason to think the lack of flashing was permanant and that he was any less valuable than he was before.

        Also it should be very interesting to see the difference between the way Chuck was treated the last time.

        If there is still the lingering effects of a fight going on then I hope that the pain from his mother’s betrayal and the loss of what’s left of his dad will combine with the lack of flashing bringing up memories of his last non flashing and what led to it.

      • kg says:

        Yes Ernie. Lou was strolling by the Weinerlicious and Sarah mentioned something about Chuck being a great guy. Lou countered with having the same “opinion.”

        Lioness Sarah barked “no that’s a fact.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    OK Random Musings so … I know not everone will agree but I must say that I was rather dissappointed with the rather high level of angst in the last episode (First Fight). This after we were told that the tone for the season would be lighter and more “fun”. It was a little disconcerting to return to “angst well” yet again so that the story could move forward. I honestly don’t see the point and thought that the sheep deserved a better fate.


  7. Judy says:

    Although I doubt that they’ll do it, I think Charles Carmichael should be no more and Chuck should pick a new cover name. Sarah should too, but that would be too confusing for the series as a whole.

    • thinkling says:

      It makes sense, but we can’t lose the Carmichael legacy. There’s something to be said for a reputation of master spy who expertly uses public transportation.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        “Rogue spies, gun runners and international criminals fear me. I patrol the underbellies of all criminal/enemy lairs using public transportation, striking fear and awe wherever I go. Who am I? I am CARMICHAEL”

        *all this said in a perfect impersonation of Christian Bale’s Batman*

      • thinkling says:

        Oh, Genie, I’m holding my sides, here. ROTFL.

        That’s great.

  8. thinkling says:

    I agree with your MEB take Amy. I don’t know how much she knows about recent years, but I think her reference is to Stephen’s desire to keep his family away from the spy-world. I think Sarah has something to do with her decision to zap Chuck. She knows he has a worth partner on all levels.

    The 20 year thing is hard to figure, unless by staying under, she was in a better position to protect her family. Now, though, in Chuck and Sarah, she may have the team she needs to finish the mission and come home. Talk about your re-entry issues.

  9. herder says:

    One thing that popped into my head tonight is the question of engagement/wedding rings. So far we have had Chuck and Sarah wearing them in Suburbs, both of them loved having them, but it was a sham, what could be not what was. Last year they showed up in the Beard, this time it was Sarah and Shaw wearing them and Sarah looking guilty while putting them on in front of Chuck, yet more angst for the arc of misery. Oh yeah, one dropped from the ventilation system in Cubic Z to jump start a certain though process.

    What I’m wondering is now that they both have them on their minds will we see an episode where they have to wear them for cover before they actually get around to doing the real asking. Their reactions could be funny, more so the reactions of anybody that knows them seeing Sarah with an engagement ring on; Morgan, Awesome, Alex, Buy Morons or Mama B, all could have interesting comments to make and it could let Chuck and Sarah know how others view them. It’s always interesting to find out how others view us.

    Don’t know if they’ll have time to do this if (and that is a big if) they plan to have an engagement in the original 13, but it would be interesting.

    • joe says:

      You didn’t forget about The Honeymooners now, did you, Herder???

      It *was* funny. And sweet. I absolutely was taken by Sarah’s reaction!

      It’s a shame none of their friends saw it, except Casey, who has absolutely no sense of humor about such things… 😉

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