Chuck vs. The Balcony – Reactions Thread

It’s Here!

After seven long weeks without, we finally have a new episode.

Is Chuck about to pop the question? We’ll see. It’s been a long time coming.

You remember how it was at first, don’t you? Chuck was a “nice guy”, but didn’t trust that this amazing woman who sashayed into the Buy More with a broken phone was for real. Good thing, because she wasn’t. Agent Walker, for her part, was an accomplished assassin, and as Carina pointed out, lied for a living and knew he was an easy mark. Chuck might have been infatuated, but he was taken aback when he realized what she was capable of.

I guess in today’s parlance, Chuck was a “beta” and Sarah was a “hottie”. They were terribly mismatched and both knew it. It’s not right to say that they’ve changed in all this time. Even now, Chuck is no “Alpha male” – that would be Bryce and Cole and especially Shaw. Sarah is still capable of laying waste to half a small country, if necessary, to fulfill her mission.

But something’s changed. Chuck’s loyalty to friends and family, his almost naive trust in people and his determination to always do the right thing count for more in Sarah’s eyes now than heroic deeds done merely in service of a mission. She asks more of herself because of him, and will no longer do anything without asking how it affects people. For his part, Chuck now understands that the deceptions and lies came a great cost to Sarah. They were meant to help and protect him and his family, not to hurt him. He’s lost the childish naiveté without losing the kindness.

It took a lot of growth on both their parts to get past the idea that they are extremely mismatched as a couple, and to discover that they are not, in fact, mismatched at all. I may be jumping the gun here, but I think we’ve seen the end of their transition.

The episode is about to air, and I hope you’ll all tell us what you thought of it.

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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247 Responses to Chuck vs. The Balcony – Reactions Thread

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  2. sniderman says:

    Lester’s Canadian?


  3. Tamara Burks says:

    Sarah actually revealed something personal without a gun or bomb to her head. That’s progress in my eyes.

    I was beginning to wonder if her father conned someone and they handed over custody of her.

  4. Tamara Burks says:

    Can anyone say the chalice with the palace?

  5. Tamara Burks says:

    Lester has a nice butt in those pants.

  6. Tamara Burks says:

    Who was taking the pictures?

    The Intersect seems much smoother in this ep.

  7. Tamara Burks says:


  8. Tamara Burks says:

    Did Beckman set Sarah up?

    • joe says:

      On re-watch, I noticed that early in the episode Sarah said she’d do “anything in her power to bring back Chuck’s mother and to bring down Volkoff and his organization.”

      Sarah looked surprised when the CIA focused their lights on her, but I suspect Beckman just took Sarah at her word and didn’t tell her the plan until later. Sarah is convinced it will work, though and at the end asks Chuck to trust her.

      I was a little confused last night, but 2nd time through the scene is very powerful.

  9. Tamara Burks says:

    I think Beckman may have set Sarah up so that Sarah could appear to turn traitor and end up helping Mama B.

  10. Tamara Burks says:

    It’s a deja Vu of Mama and Papa B all over again.

    And what exactly does she mean by her old self?

    That’s a bit worrying>

    • joe says:

      I think that was about being separated from Chuck. She has to do this mission without him.

      Of course, we’ll see if he actually lets her *do* that… 😉

  11. Anonymous says:

    Old self means Sarah the spy. What an awesome episode, and the promo for next week, this is going to be epic, yes I dare say it.

    • patty says:

      Yeah I was thinking the first part was very very funny. The best Chuck’s always have a lot of humor before stuff gets serious.

      Loved Sarah taking over the proposal!

    • thinkling says:

      Old self means the Sarah we saw in Phase 3.

      That whole scene with Sarah and Morgan was hilarious. They are quite good together both in comedy and in the serious moments.

      • silvercat says:

        In re-watching the episode, it appeared to me that Chuck was on the verge of proposing again when Sarah stopped him by saying she had to go away, which was necessary because how could she make her defection believable to Volkoff if she was engaged to Chuck? After all, Volkoff’s operatives are everywhere and keep tabs for him on what’s up.

        I’m really on the edge om my seat and anticipating the next two episodes in a way I haven’t since Season 3 eps 11-13.

      • atcDave says:

        Just because you’re engaged to someone doesn’t mean you HAVE TO wear the ring…

        There is really no particular story reason to put it off, its just about tweaking the audience.

  12. Rick Holy says:

    I really like where they’re going with this. I wish Chuck would have been able to actually “propose” in the cell at Castle – she could have slid on the ring – who would have known – but barring that actually happening, I really like they way things are shaping up.

    It DOES appear like they were expecting that this would be the final season and only 13 episodes long – so the stuff we’ve been hearing about the last 10 minutes of episode 13 being the best 10 minutes of CHUCK ever is beginning to sound believable.

    One more thing – I LOVED the advice to Chuck from Casey. You don’t need the balconey. You only need the girl. Absolutely PERFECT. PERFECT coming from Casey. PERFECT timing.

    Here’s to a next couple of great – dare I saw “awesome” – or as much as I hate the word and never thought I’d say it – “EPIC” episodes!!!

    This is a GREAT show, Nieslen ratings be damned!

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I thought that was sweet the way Casey opened up. I’m hoping that we’ll eventually get some present day Casey/Kathleen.

    • DaveB says:

      I find it interesting that Castle and Chuck have followed the same line regarding proposals: It’s not the helicopter ride, it’s the girl.

      • armysfc says:

        another castle chuck similarity, castle gets his first real kiss from becket in 3.13 same as chuck.

    • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

      Yep – Rick, I completely agree….
      to have Chuck propose – and slip the ring on her finger… only to have Sarah take it off and return it [ With Chuck thinking she is saying no] because she’s going undercover would have been very powerful… Ah well – you say tomato I say brocholi…

      • atcDave says:

        With Chuck thinking she meant no would have been disastrous. After S3 there is no way the show runners would be that outrageous. Now if she said yes, and told to hang on to the ring until she came back… that would work fine and still be quite dramatic while highlighting what they both stand to loose.

    • jason says:

      they handled the sarah leaving far, far better than I thought it would be handled, I thought she might leave, possibly with a good bye note and the returned ring in the box … her saying I have to be my old self for just a little while longer, more or less for ‘us’, I thought was really great, some of the best chuck ever

      For all those mad at shippers, the fact is quite simple, at some point, the audience starts throwing things at the carnival hucksters playing the shell game – we all know the ‘ring’ is safely in the huckster’s hands, the game simply gets old & elicits booing – sorry – it is FAR more than a handful of folks who thought this ep was a bit off

      As I have said several times now, shippers probably should be happy it is the proposal that is the source of manufactured, forced relational drama, there are far, far worse plot devices that could be used & once the proposal is settled, something else WILL emerge between chuck and sarah to take its place, and it too, if done for too long, will become tired, and forced, and seem manufactured.

      • There is no drama about the proposal in that episode. All was played for laugh. Maybe it was too much or too late, and it didn’t make people laugh but it wasn’t drama.

        What was played for drama was Sarah set up for her undercover operation.

        If they wanted to played the proposal for drama, we still would be wondering if Sarah would say yes, or there would be a misunderstanding between them, letting one of them think the other didn’t want to get married or else. That’s not the case. Everybody is one board with that proposal and everybody knows it!

      • jason says:

        cumby – I agree – the proposal was played to mock the fans – sort of like the CS relationship was mocked in fake name, or sham in the interrogation scene – to paraphrase sarah in prague – that was not the proposal I wanted to hear – anyhow – really doesn’t matter, this show is what it is, anyone who heard schwartz get interviewed, this show isn’t changing, if you can’t learn to like it, find a new one I guess, hope the numbers hold / grow over the next few weeks

  13. Alix says:

    What. I don’t even.

    Great ep, but GRR I HAS A ANGRY.

    Did they SERIOUSLY have to just cut off the proposal right then? I mean, those CIA guys were probably hanging around there the whole time, waiting to capture Sarah; they couldn’t have waited another few minutes? Really?

    • Tamara Burks says:

      That’s because they have no romance in thier souls. There was a scene in a great movie called Paperback Romance where the police had a bug in the woman’s crutch and she and her jewel thief boyfriend were having sex and one cop wanted to go in and arrest them right then and there . The other cops stopped him and said to let them finish and then lit up a cigarette when they were done.

    • Paul says:

      Did you honestly think they were going to actually go through with the proposal in this eps?!?

  14. First Timer says:

    I found this a middling episode, but they ALMOST had me the last time on the balcony. When Slow Club began playing (remember, it was the music at the Awesome-Ellie beach wedding) I thought for a moment that they actually WERE going to do the proposal-acceptance. Now we know it’ll be in the final 10 minutes, along with a temporary victory over Volkoff, Mama B coming in from the cold and the birth of Baby Awesome.

    Other than that, spattery episode, awful green screen work. But I assume that giving Sarah dialogue about her mother means that the show runners have a back-11 story in mind. That is NOT something they’d let a free-lance writer (Max Denby wrote the episode) just throw in. So that is an Easter Egg for what’s coming.

    And bravo for the Danny Kaye callback!

    • patty says:

      I really thought the green screen stuff was way better than fear of death!

      Proposal was frustrating but expected.

      Love Casey’s advice.

      • thinkling says:

        This was really a great Casey episode. The manservant bit in the beginning. Figuring out the sub-mission and pulling up a chair to help Morgan QB the proposal because Chuck needs all the help he can get. And his great advice … the second time Casey has advised Chuck in matters of the heart … not bad for a Marine Colonel.

    • joe says:

      Well, it *was* a bit of a cheat, wasn’t it? You have to admit that fans were lobbying for a “perfect”, romantic proposal in an exotic locale, *and* they were lobbying for a quick, simple & sweet proposal (maybe under fire!) *and* they were lobbying for Sarah to take the ring-box from Chuck’s hand, plant one on him and do the heavy proposal-lifting instead of waiting for him… there were a lot of great suggestions and not one was going satisfy everybody.

      So they gave us several proposals! All of ’em were perfect, too. Sarah *did* take charge of the operation, Chuck got all the way up to the last two words in the sentence “Sarah, will you…” before being interrupted and everyone was smiling and beaming and…

      I guess I’ve always been a ‘shipper, even as I keep it foremost in mind that it’s not *all* about the relationship. I think the ‘shippers have plenty to be happy about.

      I know you’re very interested in the techniques and structure and think a lot about the technical aspects, First Timer. I’m with you on that. But rather than worry about the green screen (which *was* noticeable), I can only ask myself if I smiled and cheered and cried at the right places. I did. I did again on re-watch, even when I knew what was coming.

      I ask myself one more question, too. Do I want to see more? Clearly, yes. The promos had me going too.

    • joe says:

      Ooohhhh! One more thing! I missed the Danny Kaye call-back! Please point it out to us!

      • Tamara Burks says:

        It was when Chuck was looking for the wine and Morgan was telling him about the desgn on the bottle and cork.

        The callback was to a movie called The Court Jester. Just look up “chalice with the palace” and you should find the whole bit for the movie.

      • joe says:

        Ah, thanks, Tamara. As it turns out, Happydayz3 and Aleveria (from twitter and the CNN podcasts) were all over this and let me know I had missed a good one!

        I’ve definitely enjoyed more than I couple of old Danny Kaye movies, and I suspect I’ve seen The Court Jester. Can’t believe I forgot that bit!

  15. Katsumaro says:

    Awesome stuff. Honestly.. the first half of the episode started real slow, but had some of the humor we all love.

    This is why “Chuck” is hard to classify. It’s got humor and action, but then as the episode progressed, we continued to see that romance, along with some drama. When I saw the guys taking those pictures, I figured something was up, and when it all came down.. I just had that feeling of “I knew it”. I didn’t think the proposal would go off without a hitch or two in the very first episode back, and that we’d have to continue to work on it. Granted we’ve been working on it for a while now (what with their relationship build up), but I think going through these next couple of episodes will be totally worth it. The preview worries me. I hope they don’t kill off Casey. >.> That’d be terrible.

    Still though.. you had everything with tonight’s episode. It was a big ol Rollercoaster!

    • Katsumaro says:

      Oh.. forgot to mention the bits about Sarah’s parents and Casey’s line there at the end/bit of inclusion within the episode. Loved both, and yeah.. I’m hoping we get some Sarah backstory to go along with the engagement that I’m guessing is in the works. That’d be great.

  16. Rick Holy says:

    “Re-watch” tomorrow on NBC.COM and HULU. Let ’em know where out there – outside the “Nielsen radar!”

  17. herder says:

    Some really good parts and some meh parts, started slow then really took off in the second half hour. The Hinjews of Saskatchewan is a line of genius, Sarah and Morgan are really good together, “I am somebody deadly” and “you work for me now” Sarah in charge is awesome. Casey as the voice of wisdom at the end is probably his strongest bit this year.

    That said, a few too many proposal fake outs, the aborted restaurant proposal was more annoying than funny. Jeffster is getting stale, probably my least favorite performance of theirs. And Chuck, man up will you, she’s already told you that she wants to marry you, less hand wringing more doing.

    Things are set up for the next two episodes and I’m really looking forward to them. Bottom line, even an episode that mixes meh with greatness is better than anything else on TV.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I didn’t get angry at the aborted restaurant one because not only did Sarah reveal something about herself without prompting but when she found out about the aborted proposal and why it was aborted she realized the effect of her words and then took her own steps to make it work. Which if we didn’t already know it is a big flashing sign that Sarah will say yes.

  18. atcDave says:

    I have fairly mixed feelings about this one, which usually ends up meaning I didn’t care for it much. A few good moments; but the interrupted proposal was enough of a buzz kill to undermine the good stuff (in the end, I don’t think its a big deal, but more on that in a minute).

    There was some excellent good stuff here. Starting with Lester being Canadian. That was so out of left field and bizarre, like pretty much all things Lester. I don’t think you could craft a more surreal character. It was really a relief when the girl walked away, Lester in anything other than lust would be hard to compute.
    I loved Sarah taking control of the proposal mission, Sarah/Morgan scenes have consistently been a lot of fun. Sarah’s enthusiasm and commitment to this particular mission was satisfying to see.
    I also liked Casey’s speech about the importance of the right woman. I’ve been mildly annoyed by Chuck’s attempts to have a spectacular proposal. It strikes me as a bit juvenile and exactly contrary to what marriage is about. Now I don’t want to make too big a thing of that. I’m not opposed to having fun with the moment; I’m just opposed to making the event more important than the question. So I thought Casey’s words were a much needed dose of reality.

    Which leads directly to what I didn’t like so much. As you can guess, I don’t really care for Chuck making too big a thing of the external issues on the proposal. I did like Sarah’s reaction to finding out she’d accidentally shot Chuck down (although she should have guessed what the fancy dinner was all about, minor stupid stick moment for Sarah).
    I didn’t care for the rug being pulled out from under the proposal. I think they’ve now officially dragged this out too long. And for the record, that is not a function of the number of episodes. They could have put it off a while longer by not bringing it up for a few weeks, no problem. But they’ve made a big thing of it for a while now, the gag is no longer funny.
    I think it creates a situation where an awful lot is on the line in the next couple episodes. I think the proposal has passed the point where it even CAN be satisfying. Its possible they will have to skip straight to a wedding to salvage the mood. I’m not sure; but it just seems to me, it is so well established at this point what Chuck and Sarah both want, that an engagement in 4.13 will simply feel underwhelming. So I expect, we’ll see the epic showdown that results in the take down of Volkoff, return of MEB, the birth of baby Awesome, and an engagement/wedding to finish of the episode. That is A LOT to cram into 10 minutes, but I’m fairly sure we’ll get it all in two weeks. Anything less and we’ll feel robbed.

    Now I’m not saying that’s the only way to make it work. A big and explosive resolution to the Volkoff story followed by Chuck and Sarah being completely reunited could be fun and satisfying as well. But we were promised the best 10 minutes ever…

    • armysfc says:

      dave i couldn’t said it better myself on the engagement. add to that chuck acting like an idiot when he knows she will say yes is nearing stupid.

      as far as the stupid stick being used, the lame ending that sarah can some how do something that mama b couldn’t do in 20 years bothers me. why not just put the big red s on her chest and be done with it? they telegraphed the arrest when beckman sent them back to france to do the exchange.

      high points for me were each of the big three got their moments to shine. it was a team effort to do the actual mission. caseys words to chuck great and a change from his normal self.

      all that said it was a good episode for me.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I think Chuck just wants everything to go right especially since there’s so many things that have gone wrong in his romance with Sarah and in his life. Sarah telling him about her parents botched proposal and how it was the beginning of the end for them didn’t help matters either.

    • thinkling says:

      I had the same thought, Dave. They’re having such rotten luck with the proposal, even with Morgan and Casey “helping” … I’m thinking they may just say to heck with it and get married. Fine by me. In just one episode, they did a well-intentioned but over-the-top proposal; a proposal that was nearly perfect, not just because the setting was perfect, but because Chuck spoke from his heart; and a no-frills, short and sweet proposal. There’s nothing left to do now, but get married.

      In Chuck’s defense, I think he knows that the question is more important than the moment. But as Morgan explained, he wants to wipe the slate clean … for Sarah. He wants to give her something beautiful and perfect, the kind of thing he knows she deserves but has never had.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Thinkling, I think the proposal has played out. Even though it never quite happened, that’s sort of beside the point, and I’d rather they just skip to the next step now.

        I just re-watched, and still found Chuck’s worrying about the details to be tiresome; but I did like his speech.

      • joe says:

        It’s sort of the opposite of “angst”, isn’t it?

        I mean, unlike WT/WT we already know the answer, we’ve seen the sweetness and except for 2 words, heard Chuck ask. What’s left seems like a mere formality.

    • joe says:

      Heh! For the past two hours I’ve been thinking that I already knew Lester was Canadian. Then I tried to remember which episode revealed that tid-bit.

      Then it hit me. It’s Vik Sahay who’s Canadian. He’s said that in at least a couple of interviews that I’ve heard. NOW I understand!

    • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

      Hola Dave – YES – I completely agree…
      For the proposal angst to have worked – they should have had a Sarah moment [ once upon a time] where she shares her desire for a story book proposal… maybe a moment where Chuck asks about her parents – or more about her past –
      and she shares her need to have everything perfect as an important sign for the future of their relationship….
      But since that never happened before the restaurant scene…
      Where does Chuck get the idea – that the girl he loves – and lives with – and sleeps with every night needs to have THE perfect Romantic moment.
      Maybe its Chuck that needs the perfect romantic moment – but that’s not described either.
      So all of a sudden – there’s a need for perfect moments. ok – we’ll play along…
      That brings me to wondering why Chuck seems to be in a rush to make that happen…
      I liked the interaction around the chateau –
      Tender moments – Light hearted moments – even a couple good fights – a typical good mix for Chuck.
      Lester and Jeff – other than the fact that it had really no place or connection to the plot of the week – well, that’s the first time I’ve laughed out loud at a Jeffster moment since Jeff ate the Urnial Puck!… Not sure how they are going to keep the Buy More characters working withing the context of the show for much longer….
      Unfortunately I seem to be most dissappointed with Chuck [ the guy] this week.
      That might just happen because we got such great moments from Sarah, Casey and especially Morgan!
      Sarah was EXCELLENT!!!
      Anyways – other than a few plot points that seemed to be rather forced [ so what else is new] – it was a great setup for what is coming in the next 2 weeks. As long as we keep that in mind – that 11, 12 and 13 are together – I really love where the show is going!

      • Chuck’s need for a great proposal plan and “magic” were there since Phase Three. I really don’t know what’s surprising about Chuck wanting to create a memorable romantic moment for Sarah. Awesome did it for Ellie too. Then, Sarah’s proposal story made it worst. Why not?

        Sarah went along with it. She could have just told him she didn’t need to go all “magical” on her about this. Instead she helped him (via Morgan) to create that moment.

        Chuck wants the best for Sarah, what’s wrong with that?

      • joe says:

        If Chuck needed that perfect moment, Gringo, I think it’s quite possible he doesn’t need it any more. Now he knows it’s not about the moment; it’s about the girl.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        I think Chuck’s need for the perfect moment has been around for a long time. Morgan said the plan has been refined since childhood so it’s just because Chuck is romantic.

        Part of what plays into it could be because he’s got it set in his mind that if he gets it right his marriage will last. Maybe it had something to do with his parents proposal. They could have told him that it was a disaster and then when his mother left he connected the too. Maybe he did that in a desperate attempt to not blame himself for her leaving (since we know that he did blame himself) . Sarah’s tale would have exacerbated this belief that a disastrous proposal makes for a disaster of a marriage and made him even more anxious.

        Add in how many times outright rejected a relationship with him (and really Chuck’s a weeble wobble thee way he kept getting back up -either that or a masochist) . Add to that the fact that Chuck is the type that asks what did I do to make them hurt me when he’s hurt by someone (a raw woound Bryce poured salt on when he told Chuck he brought it on himself in Nemisis) , put in some hyperactivity and you have one increasingly anxious man .

      • atcDave says:

        Gringo thanks for mentioning the interaction around the château, those were well done and we saw them as a couple and a team; I always enjoy that.

        I do think Chuck needs to push the proposal; at least to me (and my wife, and my family, and her family… trust me I know) delaying for long seems flaky and uncertain. If he’s serious he needs to get down to business. To me that is vastly more important than stage managing a scene. Constructing the right moment strikes me as juvenile not romantic, at least the restaurant scene struck me that way; the balcony in France looked like a better idea to me.
        Besides, I always got the impression the production was more important to Chuck than it was to Sarah. Her getting involved in the operation was to keep Chuck calm and the mission on course. It almost worked too…
        I just hope next time its more intimate between the two of them, less of a full team production.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Fountain Proposal FTW!! 🙂

      • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

        At this point in the tale of Chuck and Sarah and the proposal plan – I’d like Chuck to find the family restaurant that belonged to Sarah’s family….
        [ Great place for a proposal] – that would give them a chance for a clean slate & fresh start… kinda romantic too – would show he was paying attention to her. *** just no candles ***
        I wonder if Sarah’s story had anything to do with the last few Steve Martin – Pink Panther movie moments??? with the restaurant buring to the ground…. : )

  19. James Bond says:

    Wait I thought Max Denby was on another show…..chuck has loads of writers, I really thought it was Craig Degrigorio’s turn to write this episode, then it would be fedak and then lejudkins…. I think the fact that they got the back 11 they may have brought in a freelance writer to kind of free up the other writers to help and construct the back 11, that is a guess thought!

    • Faith says:

      Per the WGA, every show has to have writers that are not on staff (often freelance writers) write at least one episode per season. It’s kind of how a. they find new writers and b. keeps it competitive. Max Denby is not in our stable of writers but he could be considered if he keeps on putting up solid material.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Interesting rule. Probably helps keep things from getting stale if people know there’s someone hanging around who is going to get an ep to write and probably ready and willing to get a steady gig.

        Might be a little nerve wracking for the writers though.

  20. Tamara Burks says:

    Sarah’s framing herself as a traitor so she could bring down Volkoff from the inside really brings home the parallels between her and Mama B.

    Any fears he has about this ending up the same way it did for his mother are completely justified.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah, they’ve pretty much clubbed us over the head with those parallels. I think I’d have liked it better if Sarah had shown more smarts than getting sucked into the same scenario. And I think Chuck wasn’t too pleased by her pledge to return with mom no matter what; Sarah matters more to him.

      But since Leftovers Sarah is more connected to MEB than Chuck himself is. My hope is, that we will see quickly Sarah has more sense than Mary did. And I think we will, the previews clearly show Sarah returning home to round up her team. That is the best possible outcome to the situation, she will apply more resources to the problem than Frost ever did to keep the mission from bogging down for another 20 years.

      • thinkling says:

        That’s one of the keys. Sarah has a top team. Mary was soon abandoned inside the mission. Sarah also has a top agent on the inside, with 20 years worth of Intel and Volkoff in her pocket. It’s a binary solution, 20 years in the making that will finally come together and … explode. But in a good way.

    • herder says:

      But it’s not just the desire to do what Mama B couldn’t do or to bring her back safe to Chuck, listen to what she told the General at the begining. Chuck is worried about Volkov and the safety of his family and friends, she is willing to do anything to bring him down. Sarah is doing this for Chuck’s peace of mind, his fears for the safety of Ellie, Awesome, Morgan Casey and although she doesn’t realize it most of all he is worried about her safety.

      It is a bit of a Gift of the Magi situation, Sarah wants to ease Chuck’s mind about the safety of his loved ones so she goes undercover, her safety is the thing he is most worried about and her mission takes away his peace of mind.

      • thinkling says:

        I have often thought they set up some very O Henry-ish situations.

        Sarah’s motivation is all for Chuck and his family. As far as we know that differs from Mary’s original reason, but does match much of her latter motivation. I think this Sarah/Mary mission could be really great on multiple levels.

        I’ll have to rewatch, but Chuck’s nervousness at the restaurant probably contributed to Sarah’s hasty offer to GB. She attributed his stress to family. She still doesn’t understand that she is the center of his world.

        After this is all over, they need to have a nice talk about the similarities of Sarah’s worries and fears in FOD and Chuck’s during Gobbler.

    • Paul says:

      I don’t think Sarah knew what was coming. GBeck set her up. Sarah DID volunteer for anything that would help Frost though, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this mission was coming.

  21. joe says:

    Already the frame-by-frame promo break-down for 4.12 Chuck vs. The Gobbler is up at the NBC boards.

    I’ve been hooked. I’m being reeled in.

    Added: Look closely! The numbers on Chuck’s prison jumper – that’s Zac’s birthday.

  22. Tamara Burks says:

    It occurred to me that this ep actually has two double agents being doubles to do the right thing-Morgan and Sarah.

    Morgan becomes a double agent who’s really working for the good of the proposaler and the proposalee but not telling the proposaler that the proposalee knows all about it.

    Sarah becomes a double agent (well appears to be) by appearing to turn traitor in order to help her family (aka Chuck’s family) and get in with Volkoff.

    The last interuption of propsal really is Sarah’s fault since she had to have been in on the plan to set herself up. I’m pretty sure she kissed the guy on the cheek she made the exchange with and that was to make it look like they were old acquantices.

    • atcDave says:

      Pretty sure the kiss was just part of the cover/exchange. I seriously don’t believe Sarah was in on it until after she was brought back to the states; she wouldn’t have been working so hard for Chuck’s benefit, or been struck by nerves if it was just another spy mission.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Well it could be she knew the pictures would be taken but didn’t realize that they would arrest her that quickly.

      • atcDave says:

        No I don’t buy that either Tamara. She was completely blind-sided. Now, as a career intelligence professional she knows how the game is played; and i’m sure her telling Beckman she will do anything to recover Frost is seen as tacit permission to set up the scenario. But she was clearly in the dark on any specifics until she was arrested on the balcony.
        Sorry, I just can’t believe any duplicitous motives from Sarah at this point.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        I wonder if we’ll get confirmation of what scenario was true. Though Beckman telling Sarah to make sure she was the one to make the exchange makes me think she at least knew about the pictures.

      • Paul says:

        Dave, to be fair, Sarah was suspicious of how easy the real mission went, but was distracted by her submission.

      • Paul says:

        Tamara, I disagree. Like Dave, I think Sarah was totally blindsided by the move, although she was suspicious of how easy the mission went. The pics were meant to gather “evidence” of her going rogue.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Paul, I think you are exactly right.

  23. atcDave says:

    Having just watched the episode a couple times I have to add a couple comments. For starters, the villain and spy story are really boring and uninspired. Of course, we get that Chuck is often more about the characters and relationships than stories anyway; but it seemed very noticeable in Balcony.
    It really is too bad they interrupted the proposal. They gained nothing by doing it and I think many of us were disappointed by way too much time invested in a story that didn’t deliver. Had Sarah accepted the ring (in the holding cell would have been even better than on the balcony I think), it would have only heightened the point of what Chuck stands to loose if Sarah can’t find her way back. So I still consider this one fake out too many. For the first time this season, they’ve lost me on a major story point.
    But in spite of that, this was a great Sarah episode. Her calm confidence and fearlessness are long established character traits, and are completely on display here except for the one moment when they aren’t. I love her taking over the sub-mission without Chuck’s knowledge (both “I am someone deadly” and “I don’t like surprises” being wonderful lines), I loved her helping with the ring, and I especially loved her loosing her cool for about 30 seconds (“I never get butterflies”; so funny and so fitting).
    Casey was excellent in support, from his role as man-servant, to helping with the sub-mission, to solid words of wisdom (while violating federal law by smoking in a federal facility). Good Casey episode too.

    • It also makes sense to have Sarah getting the ring when she comes back. We’re gonna get another sweet CS then.

    • thinkling says:

      I also love the way Morgan calmed her butterflies. There’s a sweet fragile bond developing there, which is nice since Morgan will be a sort of pseudo brother-in-law. In fact that’s kind of the descriptor I’ve been looking for to name their relationship.

      Morgan gets a good grade in this episode.

  24. treecrab says:

    This episode was cringingly bad at times. It was pretty decent at others (almost all of Sarah’s scenes were fantastic, especially DrunkSarah, a real highlight), like the Sarah/Morgan conversation or Sarah being nervous or Casey’s talk to Chuck at the end (FINALLY somebody sits the idiot down and explains to him what’s most important). But the bad outweighs the good here. I knew they would tease the proposal and interrupt it, but I didn’t think they’d do it FOUR times, and club us over the head with the stupid stick repeatedly while they did it. By the time the episode was over, I hated the very notion of the proposal and no longer care about it. Thanks a lot for completely devaluing it, writers! Why should I care about it when you don’t?

    Gah, just thinking about the interrupted proposals is making me upset. So moving onto other things that were bad about this episode, such as the stupid traitor plot. They did exactly what I feared they were going to do, which was have Sarah make a unilateral decision to go undercover without even talking it over with Chuck first. Chuck should be quite upset with her for that, and I thought they were FINALLY going to let him have a genuine human reaction there, such as getting angry, but then Beckman has to come and interrupt them. Oh gee, big surprise.

    Really, if Chuck hadn’t gone down that hallway at that precise moment to make his fourth interrupted proposal, would Sarah have even told him what she was doing? I mean, their talk lasted all of like two minutes and then she was leaving for the mission.

    Don’t even get me started on the Jeffster subplot. Painful. Man, this episode was SO frustrating. I wanted to like it, I really did, but not a good way to start off the new episodes after the hiatus.

  25. JC says:

    So many mixed feelings over this episode. Lots of strong scenes but it just didn’t gel for me.

    Sarah actually talking about her past to Chuck?. Are pigs flying? I didn’t even care that it interrupted the proposal, they actually had her follow through with her declaration from Phase Three. Maybe they’re laying down the groundwork for Sarah’s family in the back.

    The scene with Casey near the end of episode was fantastic. It hit all the right notes, Casey really knows how to push Chuck when he wants to. And seriously we need more Chuck and Casey, second best pairing on the show.

    Chuck’s speech during the “real” proposal was one of the better speeches they’ve gave him. If they do one thing right on this show, it’s when Chuck talks about Sarah.

    The rest of proposal stuff was OK, if the last ten minutes of 4.13 is just them getting engaged I’ll be disappointed. The Sarah and Morgan stuff was good, her smile after Morgan gave his permission was the best part.

    The BuyMore stuff is still falling flat. Only part I laughed at was Big Mike’s “Damn”. Jeffster really only works with over the top 80’s music, like from Africa.

    Too much Morgan, wish we would get a scene with Ellie and Chuck talking about marriage. Although I think that might be coming in the next two episodes.

    Hope they have a good reason why Volkoff would welcome Sarah into his organization. And that line about going back to who she used to be, smells like more retcon coming.

    Didn’t like how they handled Chuck’s abandonment issues at all. At least they had Chuck bring them up somewhat but Sarah seemed clueless about them.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      I find myself in complete agreement with your impressions. 🙂

      Hope they have a good reason why Volkoff would welcome Sarah into his organization. And that line about going back to who she used to be, smells like more retcon coming.

      One good reason for Volkoff to welcome Sarah – endorsement from Mama B or maybe Mama B convinces Volkoff that by using Sarah they can do major damage – like killing Casey.

      Will we see Sarah in her ‘wild card enforcer’ role again? I am pretty sure that being an enforcer is almost same as an assassin. What say?

      And with regard to Chuck’s abandonment issues – Granted Sarah is doing everything because she wants the family safe from Volkoff – but hasn’t she completely disregarded Chuck’s emotions/feelings again?

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Adding on to my post – With reference to the 4×12 promo – Wonder how Sarah ends up at Volkoff Industries in the next episode? Does she ‘escape’ from CIA custody? Or does Mama B convince Volkoff to break Sarah out?

      • JC says:

        It reminds me of the ending of Aisle, she makes a huge unilateral decision that effects not just her but Chuck. Having her that take the exact same mission as his mother makes her come off oblivious and stupid. Seriously she does remember this is Chuck right?

        I’m sure well get Phase Three Sarah without the emotions to sell the cover. I’m just waiting for them to pull something dark out of her past to sell it that’s all. But honestly at this point her past is such a mess its hard to care.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        You’re right about her making a unilateral decision. Also it brings up wheter or not Sarah thinks the full disclosure thing applies to both of them. Sarah telling him about her parents proposal like that was one step forward but her setting up this plan could be a major step back if they aren’t careful.

      • JC says:

        Just like in Aisle I doubt it will be addressed. And like someone else mentioned was anyone going to tell Chuck about the undercover mission? I feel like there’s a double standard on the show, if Chuck had done the same thing Sarah would into emotional lockdown or get enraged. But Chuck just sits there like a schmuck.

        These kind of things always happen when they go dramatic. They ignore things like C/S pact or they create unintentional problems they have don’t plan on addressing.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        One could argue that Sarah let herself be maneuvered into that position by going out on a limb earlier when speaking with Beckman about doing anything to take down Volkoff and get Mama B back. So, maybe her going undercover is all Beckman’s plan and she is left with no choice but to follow the plan to the end.

        Question: Since when have the CIA/NSA become convinced of Mama B’s innocence and are eager to get her bac?. As late as 4×10, she appeared to be in total cahoots with Volkoff.

      • atcDave says:

        I think the government just wants to take down Volkoff. Sarah is on board to rescue Frost.

      • JC says:

        I can buy that Genie but you still have her suggesting she’d do anything to Beckman without talking to Chuck in the first place. If you reversed the situation what would Sarah’s reaction be?

      • alladinsgenie4u says:


        Hmm. Which leads us to the next question. I thought that the mission to save Mama B was Chuck’s own at first but later expanded by Chuck to include Sarah and Casey in every step of the way. When and why did it become Sarah’s personal mission?

      • armysfc says:

        genie she did put herself in that position and that’s where it sours for me. not that she did what she did but because as soon as she told beckman that she would do anything is when she should have told chuck. she waited till it was to late.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Maybe while conveying to Beckman that she was ready to do anything, Sarah didn’t reckon that the shrewd General would move so quickly to capitalize on the opening that Sarah had provided. Maybe if things hadn’t moved so quickly, maybe she would have told Chuck. But it’s a big ‘MAYBE’ and it again comes down to not honoring the ‘no secrets, no lies’ pact of 4×01. ( too strong?)

      • armysfc says:

        sounds good to me. but it does make sarah look like an idiot. after all these years she doesn’t know how the spy game is played? and again proves that she values her ideals and values over chucks.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        One freaky way they could twist things is if Chuck starts to back off because of something Sarah does and she actually ends up proposing to him.

      • Paul says:

        I don’t think Sarah knew what was going on, so it wasn’t so much she made a unilateral choice as was given a mission that she really couldn’t turn down pnce the ball started rolling. She was suspicious of how easy the mission went. Like Genie said, Beckman knew Sarah would be game for anything to help take down Volkoff (she had told her so earlier in the eps). She didn’t tell either of them because they needed to be able to create a cover that was credible.

      • JC says:


        Like Army said Sarah’s been in the spy game long enough to know the CIA will do anything to get a mission done. So her not knowing Beckman might do something like this makes her look stupid.

        And again the minute she mentioned she’d do anything to get Chuck’s mom back she should have talked to him. It shows she still doesn’t see Chuck as an equal but an asset. I’ve always said that when they go to far in her protectiveness it comes off bad. This was one of those times.

        Also it seems like Sarah has lost all insight into what makes Chuck tick. She takes the exact same mission that basically destroyed Chuck’s life twenty years ago and it doesn’t register that might be a bad idea. Not just for her safety but how Chuck would take it.

        The whole situation reminds me of the talk between Mary and Chuck while riding in the car from Aisle. I would love for these upcoming episodes to give Chuck pause about whether he wants to end up like his father.

      • I don’t see how “we must must wait for the right opportunity” would automatically mean setting up a cover for Sarah to be a Double Agent and take down Volkoff network from inside! Come on! How could she had known what Beckman was up to? Sarah knew something was off in France, that’s all she could have known.

        And of course she knew Chuck would not want her to go. But refusing to go just because she thought he just wouldn’t understand would have been underestimating him. He gets it. He doesn’t like it, but he gets it.

        Besides, we know Sarah will come to Team B for help. She’s not doing this alone.

      • atcDave says:

        I think you guys are being WAY to hard on Sarah. Chuck was doing a rogue operation in the season premier and taking outrageous risks to find out about his mom. So Sarah sees a stressed out Chuck, assumes it still has to do with the mom mission; and officially buys into Chuck’s mission by notifying Beckman of her intent.

        What a shock, fearless Sarah who doesn’t communicate well shows her love with actions not words. In this case it sort of bites her in the butt because Chuck puts a higher value on Sarah than he does on criminal baddie mom. Not only does Sarah not quite get that, but she now understands Frost better than Chuck does. There is potential for epic tragedy here if the mission fails (but of course, we know it won’t)

        But I think this is awesome Sarah Walker stuff. Easily my favorite heroic character on television.

      • JC says:


        I’m not saying she should have known that Beckman was going to do it when she did but she did have to know that the undercover option was on the table.

        And again it has to do with her not discussing what she told Beckman with Chuck. Its the same thing as Aisle, she didn’t treat Chuck like her partner.


        I’m only being hard on Sarah because nobody on the show is. Chuck always gets called out when does something similar, yet Sarah doesn’t. Look at Sarah’s reactions when Chuck did something on his own this season, she yells or calls him out. Frankly the double standard is getting old.

      • atcDave says:

        I’ve really never seen a double standard JC. I remember being extremely hard on Sarah in S3; she made me far angrier than Chuck did, even though Chuck started the downward spiral, Sarah got more flak because it took her longer to figure out her error.

        Well this season I think the situation is quite different. I haven’t seen any of her missteps as being that horrible or from bad motives. And she’s made efforts to fix every problem she’s caused. For the record, I haven’t had any major issues with Chuck’s behavior since the season premier. I’ve really enjoyed watching Chuck and Sarah work through things like a couple ought to.

      • armySFC says:

        dave, you mention ep 1 where he goes off and makes a name for himself. he was not going into immediate danger that he knew of. sarah on the other hand is. im not saying she wasn’t surprised. for me its not about sarah’s choice to tell beckman what she did. as much as the plan being lousy. that’s the distinction. but as i stated earlier he mistake came right after she told beckman she would do anything. thats when she should have informed chuck of her meeting.

        why am i so hard on sarah? sarah has been around long enough to know what could happen. she also knows beckman would not hesitate to leave her butt out to dry. but it seems with certain parts of the relationship she still does what is best for her. i do think she had a selfish motive to bring it up. chuck’s not happy neither is she.

        jc i agree with you. she went crazy on chuck in ep 1 about not letting her and casey in on the plans he made. but its ok for her to go behind chucks back for the second time because she wants to keep him safe. don’t get me wrong her her heart is in the right place but for all her bluster in phase three, its clear that she doesn’t want to tell chuck everything. no body holds her accountable for her actions. i’m curious to see how her tossing casey out the window plays out. that will be a big test for the writers. do they fairy tale it or make it more real world. if they play it the real way sarah fans will be nuts cause the princess will lose luster on the tiara.

      • atcDave says:

        The window toss will be fine; I’ll almost guarantee they have a plan to fake Casey’s death. The fall we saw may be a bit of a mistake in the plan, but I’m positive no harm was intended and of course Casey will be fine by the end of 4.13.

        They are simply not going to go that dark this season. The situation will be exciting and fun, and in the end teamB will be fine and ready for the next challenge. Chuck will never be 24, and the core team will always be the good guys; even if a cover gets scary and dangerous. I think your just setting yourself up to be disappointed if you expect anything different than that.

      • armysfc says:

        dave, i hope they don’t go that dark. i’m simply saying if they do they need to handle it correctly. of course casey will be fine he is in the next episode.

      • JC says:


        My double standard comment wasn’t about the fans or comments here, it was directed at the show. Chuck gets called out for everything he does the same can’t be said for Sarah or any other characters.

      • Big Kev says:

        One thing about Sarah going it alone on the Volkoff mission that no one has mentioned – neither Beckman nor Sarah have consulted with Chuck or included him in the planning. Sarah’s been quite consistent – she believes MamaB is Chuck’s blind spot, and she’s taken unilateral decisions with regards to that. Beckman hatching this plan implies that she agrees with Sarah’s judgement. When it comes to his Mother, Chuck isn’t a spy – not yet. Keeping Chuck safe and maximising the success of the mission both mean keeping Chuck out of things, in Sarah’s eyes – and Beckman seems to agree.

  26. armysfc says:

    what happened to mama b’s line “if you go after my family or their friends i will end you” i guess that goes with the no more secrets, honesty. im sure she had her reasons and it will come out next week but as i said earlier the ending was hit with the stupid stick.

    • Paul says:

      Disagree. If they did nothing, then Team B’s lives are balanced on the whims of a powerful lunatic. That detante can’t last forever, and that was what Sarah was worried about. If ANYTHING were to upset that fragile balance (such as an arguement between Frost and Volkoff), then their lives would be in serious danger. And that was why she wanted to do something to help take Volkoff down once and for all.

      And I don’t get where you see the “stupid stick” being used. Beckman set up Sarah so that she could plant her as a double agent with a fairly credible story. It’s pretty obvious Sarah didn’t know what was coming (and again pretty obvious that she was willing to do it once she was briefed).

      • armysfc says:

        ok first help who? we still don’t know if mama b is good or not. so she is going in alone.

        as for the stupid stick does it make any sense to you how sending in a solo agent into the hands of volkoff. she will have no back up that we know of so do assume they have a plan in place. this is beckman who wanted to kill chuck in season one.

        volkoff knows sarah is the girlfriend of a CIA agent. so they believe he will just open his arms and accept her? why not just kill her? like you said he is unstable. i could go on but these are some reasons for the stupid stick.

      • Paul says:

        First off, Beckman isn’t sending Sarah to “help” Frost. She’s sending her to destroy Volkoff once and for all. If Frost is helped along the way, it’s a bonus.

        Second, how do you know that Team B isn’t going to be used as back up from the outside? And it’s not uncommon for spies ot be sent in deep cover with only minimal support.

        Third, Volkoff is unstable, therefore, the common sense thing to do (simply kill her) doesn’t necessarily apply. But it also plays to his twisted mind that the easiest (and likely fun) way to hurt Chuck is to use his girlfriend against him.

      • armysfc says:

        you wrote “And that was why she wanted to do something to help take Volkoff down once and for all.” again i ask who?

      • armysfc says:

        sorry i meant to say do not assume they have a team in place. which by you last comment you are leaning towards.

      • Paul says:

        The “who” is Fros, working under the assumption that what she said is true. That is the only person on the inside. Buuuuuut, Sarah will use Team B to help her from the outside.

      • armySFC says:

        see that’s an assumption you are making. is frost good or bad? we still don’t know so she is going alone. if mama b could not get help in 20 years why should sarah be able to do it? i view and form opinions of an episode on what is presented, not what i would like to happen. if they had frost contact sarah or gen b and we saw it then great i have no problem. but not as it was shown.

  27. Katsumaro says:

    Yeah, I’m curious about how Sarah ends up at Volkoff’s place. I’m sure the CIA isn’t just going to ‘drop her off’ or something, Haha. I’m guessing she’ll break out, and get her disguise going. Man.. I’m really excited.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah looks like fun! I always look forward to the action heavy episodes, and next week looks like a big one.

      • Anonymous says:

        Considering they kinda failed at the whole proposal thing now anyway, we need action, action, and more action, and I really want to know the full extent of operation kill Casey. Seriously speaking, I’m not looking forward to the last 10minutes of 4.13 it’s bound to be a walking Cliche tv ending.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m not feeling that negative! I do look forward to the conclusion, but yeah I’m pretty tired of the cheap tricks like we got tonight.

      • Paul says:

        @Anonymous – did you REALLY think they were going to go through with the proposal with at least 2 eps left in the original arc??? If anything the setup for this eps was by-the-numbers Hollywood storytelling. But I’m very much okay with that. The failed attempts were very much in keeping with the show’s overall feel and Chuck’ character. So in other words, it was not a “fail” on the proposal. It was a setup for it to be much more dramatic later on.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m totally with Anonymous on this one. I don’t think it was at all obvious they wouldn’t get to the proposal last night; in fact, if the end game for the original season was marriage, then a proposal last night would have made perfect sense. I also think its poor planning to draw it out to overlap the “A” plot climax; its just a distraction to the Volkoff story. In addition I think it was poorly done; they made such a joke of it, and made it so clear they both want it, a formal proposal is complete anti-climax now. Emotionally its been a done deal since Coup, now we’re just waiting for the characters to catch up; to me that’s poorly managing the flow of the story.

  28. Josh says:

    I actually think that delaying the proposal was a good idea, simply because of the fact that I think the moment should build to a crescendo and not a quiet moment. I think chuck fighting the bad guys and being a hero on the good side and sarah fighting the bad guys on the bad side and being a hero and they both meet in the middle and propose to each other over volkoff’s defeated body (maybe not dead) with mama b and the whole crew in the background. This moment as we have seen in this episode (I mean look at casey and morgans face during the scene on the balcony) is as much a moment for team b then it is for chuck and sarah in a way. I mean I love how casey over 4 years has always had both chuck and sarah’s back and pushed each other together when they were not going for what they really wanted and morgan has kind of taken that mantle in season 4, giving advice to both of them. So I think if they can bring the moment in line with the big spy story and all chuck and sarah’s friends and family then that is a moment we can say will go down in history!

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t be to thrilled with such a proposal. And tbh, weither or not I want a proposal at all, will depend on what we get in the next two episodes. As for Casey’s and Morgan’s role, I agree with you, that was great.

      • Josh says:

        But that line he said “I wish I was james bond” I mean ok she loves chuck for who he is, I get that I really do, but I think the way CHUCK the show works is that anytime there is progress with sarah it is because he has made progress as a man…. be it ending with jill, getting his diploma, becoming a spy, etc. Him being the hero when he proposes kind of means he has somewhat earnt his time with sarah. In a way I am ok with that, in that for a relationship (especially this one) where chuck and sarah are totally different people, they kind of need to find a way of meeting half way to make the relationship work, if sarah does too much or chuck does too much then as a fan you think well that was not earned, it must be a balance and then you can say as a fan well that was earned, now the moment truely is perfect.

    • atcDave says:

      I sort of think they had too much involvement from the rest of the team in this week’s failed proposals. I’d rather see Chuck and Sarah make it a more private moment; then have a huge celebration with family and friends when they tie the knot!

      • Anonymous says:

        I absolutely agree Dave, some minor intimate occassion is definitely the way they should go about it. It’s the way I would do it. It’s a shame Awesome has already done the fountain proposal, else the ideal proposal imo would have been, fill the courtyard with Gardenias and Candles and such, and then after a romantic date pop the question there. But considering Awesome already did there, it’s kind of a no go area.

        Right now though, I’m waiting to see what the consequences of Sarah’s mission will be. In other words how will Chuck react on what she has to do, and how will she come out of it. That’s why I’m not even sure I want to see a proposal, as if either of those isn’t as it should be, we’ll get one of those forced ones, just to appease the shippers, and I hate that kind of stuff.

        And as said before I really don’t fancy the proposal in the last 10minutes of 4.13. I’m fearful it will be some rushed, forced, not so intimate proposal, and well we as the fans deserve better than that. I fear it could very well be, Chuck frees Sarah, and then takes Caseys advice to heart and inmediatly asks her. To me it would feel like the ultimate let’s just get it over with so we don’t have to deal with it moment from TPTB. Though I hope my fears are unfounded, they do have a neck to do it in such a way.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        TPTB have shown all the romantic ways that the proposal could have happened but didn’t. Now, when it does happen it will be something quick and non-fancy – but I agree that it could end up being rushed and not too intimate. But I still have hope that they will pull of something incredibly good when it does happen.

      • atcDave says:

        Well, as I said elsewhere, I think the whole proposal is kind of a moot point now. They both know the other wants it, they’ve tried it half dozen ways. I think at this point the proposal should be a private discussion they have 5 minutes after they’re re-united and 15 minutes before they say “I do”.

        To me that’s the only way to make right what they did tonight. Yeah I’m a total ‘shipper.

      • Josh says:

        Well think of it like this Dave, if it happens in 4.13 Family Bartowski will be officially having 2 new members! baby awesome and sarah (ok baby awesome is a woodcombe) but still! Also mama b will b there for two important moments in her kids lives, especially since she has missed so much of their lives, it would give her character something nice to leave on as well! Chuck is about familly and this would be a great ending!

      • atcDave says:

        I agree entirely that a wedding in 4.13 would be very satisfying, and I may drop all my criticism of this episode if it happens. But I suspect it will not. I think they mean to end with a proposal, which strikes me underwhelming.

    • silvercat says:

      Well, I may be in the minority here (along with you Josh), but I don’t share the negative reactions to the botched proposals. In fact, I think they were done in a way that gave us a little more background on Sarah and advanced the storyline.

      As for the final C/S scene, I think Sarah stopping Chuck from proposing l was NECESSARY in light of her needing to go back to being the old, pre-Chuck Agent Walker to bring Volkoff down. And I disagree that they could have at least done in in secret. I doubt they could have kept the engagement between just them, but in light of the fact that Morgan probably would have figured it out (he knows Chuck too well) and can’t keep his mouth shut, there’s a good possibility it would have gotten back to Volkoff. As Frost has revealed, he has eyes and ears everywhere, probably even within the CIA/NSA.

      As for how the proposal will take place, I won’t speculate because so far the show-runners have never done things the way I expected, and besides why should I set myself up for disappointment? I think that’s why so many fans have negative reactions at times is because the plot didn’t go the way they expected or wanted.

  29. looseleaf says:

    The ending with Sarah Walker being taken away as a traitor (albeit undercover) with legs chained and cuffed struck me as Sarah’s version of Chuck’s ‘bunker’ situation, where the CIA forces Chuck/Sarah to go underground and disappear for the sake of national security/taking down bad guys. The parallel may not be perfect but I kept thinking how Chuck should actually do something (eg. commit treason) to rescue Sarah from her situation, a la Sarah in Marlin and Colonel, and not just sit and stare. He’s allegedly a ‘real spy’, not a helpless civilian anymore, so doing so would be entirely within his means and ability. Of course, it was Sarah’s choice to obey Beckman (how could she not, though) but her parting looks at the end show anything but willingness to be a double agent and be away from Chuck. I was surprised Chuck didn’t go after her, or do whatever he could to get her back (blackmail? kidnap? go rogue?).

    Maybe we’ll find out next episode but still, I’m a little miffed at Chuck’s passive-ness at the end, and this season in general. Seems like spy-Chuck is surprisingly less proactive than non-spy Chuck a lot of times these days.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      It could be he was in shock. .

    • What would be the point of rescuing her from a situation she doesn’t want to be rescued from?

      Especially if that can help his mom, his family and friends, his relationship with Sarah, and himself?

      It’s probably not the way he wants it to happen but it is a major opportunity to go after Volkoff, so why not?

    • JC says:

      They could have at least had him flash when the CIA team arrested Sarah. Have him fighting off agents while trying to rescue him. It’s the same thing that happened when Mary was taken earlier in the season.

      • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

        JC – I was expecting the same thing!
        I really wanted to see Chuck react. Even if it was like the time at teh Buy MOre when Chuck was speaking Mandrin – or kicking Lester in the side of the head- [Boom Boom Pow] – Chuck is in France – about to propose and suddenly you’re surrounded? Why wouldn’t he flash – and start tossing guys off the balcony, until he gets tranq’d – and wakes up back in Castle?… I think they missed a good moment there.

      • looseleaf says:

        “It’s the same thing that happened when Mary was taken earlier in the season.”

        At the end of that episode, I was trying to picture an alternative scenario where Chuck flashes at that moment and, very very likely, gets into a hand-to-hand fight with Sarah, without realizing it’s her behind the mask. Of course, that would be too dark for the show, although the potential emotional weight and subsequent resolution in First Fight could be tremendously interesting to watch.

  30. Joeeph (can't be Joe) says:

    OK, don’t get me wrong I liked the episode just fine. But after sleeping on it, this episode is missing two things;
    – Some understanding as to why Sarah told Beckman she would do anything. It doesn’t need a big explanation, but the motivation is left open for interpretation to some degree. (Yes, with regards to Sarah, I prefer they use the big club.)
    – We needed to hear some of the conversation between Sarah and Beckman. Sarah has to go back to her “old” self. OK, but why? It has to be her. OK, but why. (Again, big club necessary.)

    This is the first episode this season where they’ve left some gaps in understanding Sarah’s thought process and motivations, allowing the fans to fill in the blanks.

    • This Volkoff situation has obviously been a source of worry for Chuck. Everytime something comes up that’s all Chuck and Sarah they think about. Volkoff?

      She said to Beckman: “He’s concerned for his family and friends.” My understanding is that they just can’t keep on living like that. Fearing for anything to happen to anybody.

      As for Beckman’s plan, we’ll see what it is next week. It’s probably a big part of 4×12 to discover what’s going on.

      • armysfc says:

        very true. now he has to add concern for the woman he wants to marry into that mix. she enters a world that his mom has been stuck in for 20 years.

  31. jason says:

    s4 following last season’s pattern continue’s – with the end of 4×11 being a no win situation and a major twist much like the red test last season, this season’s felt better, but still sort of stupid.

    I want to like this episode, I really do. I felt like I was watching my son’s basketball team when they were about 10 years old, I loved all the characters, all 5 of them were adorable (beck, casey, morgan, sarah, chuck), but it was painful to watch the episode, Chuck just can’t keep being so hapless, hopeless, clueless, while sarah, morgan, and casey seem to be gifted with the wisdom of the ages

    Jeffster was terrible, possible worst 5 ever Jeffster plots, and my goodness, that is saying something.

    I wonder how this ep will affect ratings, considering how adorable and neat the concept, the love, and everything potentially was, I hope it is not too negative – this is a show that can’t afford to make mistakes.

    I still think the proposal dance will go on past 4×13, so far, I have been telling you all since about 4×4 that it won’t happen soon, I remain convinced it will not occur in 13 either – and once they do get engaged, something even stupidier will dominate the angst plot in its place.

    • Joseph (can't be Joe) says:


      I wonder how much of this “wanting to love this episode” (that I feel too by the way) has to do with it ending on somewhat of a downer, after so many proposal false starts.

  32. I really don’t have a problem with the way Sarah handled the situation.

    Beckman basically told her to stay put and wait for an opportunity to come up. There’s not much to say to Chuck, and we don’t even know that she didn’t tell him about that. How would have the events happened differently, anyway?

    Beckman didn’t tell Sarah about her plan.

    Then, Sarah and Chuck talked about it. He raised his concerns, she answered them. His last words weren’t a desperate plea for her to stay or anger about her taking this decision. That was acceptance of what she was doing.

    It’s not like Sarah planned the whole operation behind his back. When the opportunity came up, Beckman made her move, and then CS talked about it.

    It’s certainly not how Chuck would have want to do it, but they do agree on the fact that they have to take Volkoff down, and that the opportunity they have right now.

    • armysfc says:

      for me its not so much that sarah did what she did. its what she didn’t do. in the first episode she makes a big deal that chuck went out on his own to find his mom. they make a pact no more secrets. then later without telling him she gets his mom arrested. now she tells beckman she will do anything to help get volkoff. again she doesn’t tell chuck. its been said many times in this thread, if the roles were reversed how would sarah take being kept in the dark.

  33. I really liked the episode.

    Obviously the spy plot wasn’t great, but there were a lot of fun and sweet moments. I had a great time watching it, and the set up for the next couple of episodes is great.

    Loved the scene at the restaurant. Thought it was funny. Chuck and all his luck! He planned Sarah’s parents nightmare proposal! And Sarah voluntarily talking about her family history was great.

    Chuck’s obsession at making this the perfect moment for Sarah didn’t bother me. It’s sound like him.

    Morgan was hilarious.

    Sarah really has changed. She’s in love and she’s completely fine with it.

    Chuck seems to handle the Intersect really well. We still don’t know if there’s something different. I’d have like a word on it considering the last episode finished on Chuck re-intersecting. Just seems weird that they don’t talk about it at all. Especially since they probably will talk about it at some point. But that didn’t keep me from enjoying the ep.

    Morgan/Sarah scene = comedy gold! “I am somebody deadly” and “I’m a spy, I hate surprises” were great lines. The Double Agent thing was great too, I liked Sarah taking actions. I LOVED how Sarah said “We’re gonna make this proposal happened. For Chuck’s sake.” She was like super excited! 🙂

    Casey getting into the proposal as well. Sarah getting butterflies and Morgan’s approval. All three making the proposal Chuck wants to make happen. Chuck’s speech. Sarah’s reactions to what he’s saying. Morgan and Casey kind of being us watching this happening. I felt like I was ecstatic like Morgan was! 🙂

    Casey talking to Chuck. The cigar was a little too much, but the speech was great.

    The last scene was great too. Yvonne really nailed it. I liked how Sarah said she was doing it not just for Chuck but for them as well. How can they build their future in fear. She wants that life with Chuck and she’s not gonna let Volkoff ruined it! She’s being proactive instead of passive. I like that.

    Ideally I would have liked them to talk about it a little more. But without time pressure, Chuck would probably never accept to let Sarah go. So I’m fine with it.

    The only major problem I had was the Buy Morons. I didn’t care for the B plot at all, and more importantly, that episode could have used Ellie and Awesome. This is getting tiring and frustrating.

    Overall a fun episode for me. Morgan was hilarious, Sarah was awesome in all her scenes, Chuck and Casey were great too. And I’m excited about what’s to come!

  34. First Timer says:

    You know, I really DO NOT understand this carping about a fairly standard plot point (Sarah goes undercover), which we know will end with everyone having a heroic moment. Sarah, Chuck and Mama B will each save the day at one point.

    Last year, when we KNEW Honeymooners was coming, we were well within our “rights” to fret about the damage being done to the characters as they got to the happy ending. That was a brutal game of bad (or no) character actions and chaos. Criticism even though we knew how the story would end was totally valid.

    But what’s at risk now? Moreover, you’re being TOLD with exposition what each character’s motivation is. Sarah is acting to save Chuck’s family, which clearly weighs on him. Chuck is acting to give Sarah a perfect moment, which she has never had and which she clearly wants. Morgan and Casey are given heroic moments in support of the main players.

    Hell, folks, you even have the show runners giving Beckman the opportunity to allow Chuck and Sarah to talk before she disappears. In years past, the show runners would have had Sarah go without seeing Chuck. She’d be doing the right thing and Chuck would be thinking she’s abandonned him. Now you don’t even have that bit of angst. Everyone is talking to everyone…about everything.

    I don’t even think Balcony is a very good episode, but to carp about each and every plot point seems odd. For 3+ seasons, everyone said the show would be fine if Chuck and Sarah just talked. Now they talk and people are STILL unhappy.

    Seems like insane nitpicking to me. Far be it from me to say “enjoy the ride,” but everyone on the planet knows how this will go. Everyone on the planet knows the motives are pure and that the characters aren’t being damaged or kept in the dark

    So what is the problem? I mean, other than the fact that the episode itself wasn’t stellar…

    • I really agree on that.

    • herder says:

      I’ll go a step further, Sarah’s going undercover is consistent with her character as written. In previous years both she and Chuck would generally try and figure out what was bothering the other or what were their concerns without adressing it directly and then proceed to try and fix it for them.

      This year, so far, Sarah is willing to do more, risk more for the safety and peace of mind of her guy, her Chuck. If he is a threat to Chuck she will do all in her power to eliminate that threat. She might not have been thrilled at the timing of the start of the sting, but with the General’s explanation she accepts it.

      It will be interesting to hear that explanation, why does it have to be her, the symatry of another Bartowski love for Volkov, Sarah’s connection with Mary, I don’t know. I do think that at the end of this Sarah tells the General that this was her last mission without Chuck, either they go together or not at all.

      • And she’s not just protecting Chuck. She’s protecting what they have together as well. “Chuck I’m doing this for you, okay. I’m doing this for us.”

      • Faith says:

        Agreed and that is where it all comes together for me.

      • thinkling says:

        Agree, all. This is not a CIA mission for Sarah. It’s a Bartowski mission. Phase 3 wasn’t a CIA mission, either. It was all about Chuck and how much she loved him. This is about much more than even that. It’s a whole new level of Sarah being all in. It’s about their life and future.

    • armysfc says:

      FT, in a round about way you just pointed out what was wrong with the episode as a whole. i am speaking for myself here. a good episode does not leave me that many things to complain about. the main arc of the show was the proposal. four failed attempts was boring and stupid. i get they want to put it off but there is a limit for me. jeffster was terrible at best. the other part was not to bad up till that point, so i was ok with it. when i have only 3/4 parts i enjoyed and they were small parts at that does not make a good episode.

      • Josh says:

        Dude! This is his dream girl! no matter how competent he gets, how suave and awesome in a fight scene and how many times he saves the day….He will always maintain a level of adorableness and included in that adorableness is that sarah is his dream girl/soul mate/love of life…of course he wants it to be perfect! He kept on trying because he wants to give her the best version of himself! Even now he said to her I am not James Bond, but she loves him. Wow! How do you not get that! he still sees her in an angel light with a wind machine (fear of death).

    • kg says:

      Agreed. It was pure CHUCK. Enjoyed it. The four members of the team working the missions and the team working the sub-mission. Talking, communicating. Anticipating.

      I don’t get all the whining. This is Chuck and Sarah. They’ve been surrounded by this type of crap for four years and because of the love, respect, admiration and partnership they’ve always tried to rise above it. The reasons for the proposal interruptions were plausible. A disaster for Sarah’s parents in the restaurant; Casey needed some help in the cellar; the get-away zip line; Beckman’s setup.

      Chuck may be right, though. This working undercover for Volkoff plan seemingly failed before. Why will it work this time? And really. How dumb can Volkoff be? But then again, he’s wacko. He just actually may like collecting hot superspy/enforcer types. As someone pointed out, Alexi has Orion’s wife and now the son of Orion’s girl. At one time or another each was the CIA’s top female operative. Fascinating. Can’t wait till Monday.

    • atcDave says:

      I mostly agree First Timer. The whole producing a perfect moment bit will likely always rub me wrong, I simply don’t get it. But the undercover mission does not bother me much. I was actually glad for the moment to talk, and while neither Chuck nor Sarah is thrilled with the situation, they at least both know the score.

      This was not a great episode, and as always, I feel its fair game to critique. But we’re seeing serious Sarah hate here that I completely don’t get.

      • silvercat says:

        I also don’t understand the Sarah hate. Unlike in past eps, her motivations are pretty transparent to both Chuck and the audience.. Could it be that we’re being tweaked a bit by some who like to be controversial or different? Or do they really hate Sarah?

      • atcDave says:

        I don’t know Silvercat, I love her growth this season. She’s always been an awesome heroic character (well maybe not zombie Sarah in S3), and this season we’ve seen her emotional growth; to me its been a total blast.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Lots of “I really wanted to like it, but……” about tonights episode and I can see why.
    Another set up episode? 2 in a row with Leftovers and with only 2 episodes left in the first half? That’s strange pacing to me, and it does seem like everything is going to be packed into the last 2 episodes. The idea above that they freelanced Max Denby to do this episode while everyone else went and broke the back 11 makes a lot of sense.
    To be honest I think the Volkoff/MamaB/Bartowsi clan story is more interesting than more contrived Chuck and Sarah stuff at the moment, so I was disappointed not to see them – or Ellie or Awesome – but I did enjoy the episode. Plenty of fun. Great scene with Morgan and Sarah. Pithy relationship genius from Casey. Even some good Lester stuff until they egged the omlette

  36. Anonymous says:

    Oops…..posted a little too early!!

    Lester good until they went a little far with the Whitesnake cover,

    But Chuck……what to do about Chuck??
    He’s got the intersect back. Hes back to dispatching bad guys. Sarah Walker, kick ass Giant Blonde She-Male is crazy about him……and yet every decision is still an agony, every idea second guessed with hand wringing and drama. Even Season One Chuck had more confidence than Chuck v4.0 and right now, I’d settle for that one back. He gained some points for the aborted proposal speeches – but he’s comfortably my least favorite character on the show at the moment.

    The double agent? I think we all saw it coming but I was surprised at how they set it up. The last scene felt contrived and rushed to me – but I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out, and getting just a little drama and Dalton/Hamilton back into the mix.

    Overall a real mixed bag tonight. I’m really hoping 4.12 and 4.13 raise both the stakes and the standards.

  37. sd says:

    For those of us who figured a mere restaurant proposal was OOC…we saw exactly why. It was just awkward..and in my opinion not all that funny. The dialog and Sarah’s story about her parents proposal seemed forced.

    From the restaurant scene on…it was tough for me to get into this episode until the 2nd trip to–what did Morgan say–the garden of France?

    I thought Chuck’s speech leading to Sarah’s arrest was spot on…and Casey was awesome…telling Sarah the ring box was on her six was so funny…it would stand to reason that Chuck would drop the ring. The last scene in the holding cell was great and a great set up for the next two episodes.

    • Faith says:

      You know I insensitively remarked something about that earlier before the hiatus…how a restaurant proposal was so common and blasé but I meant it in the best way possible (sorry guys who have proposed to their wives in restaurants!). It’s just not them, if you know what I mean and what this episode has shown me is that that moment means something to both of them; more importantly what that moment symbolizes to their future means a lot to both of them.

      That scene with the ring was full of win. I mean seriously, I loved it.

  38. Rick Holy says:

    On “re-watch” of this episode, I think we have to remember that we DO have high standards, high expectations for the show. But we also have to acknowledge that we’re not talking about “great literature” or “master art work” here. It’s a TV show. Yes, sometimes there are plot holes. Yes, sometimes there are silly things that don’t seem to make “common” sense.

    FOR EXAMPLE – the possible proposal scene in the restaurant. On “re-watch,” yes it was kind of silly that Chuck balked, but it was also kind of funny – to see the look on his face as Sarah basically described with “disdain” his “plan” down to the last detail – and to see Chuck’s facial expression. You could literally “feel” him melting in his seat.

    And Jeff and Lester. I’m on board with most who have grown tired of most of their antics. But truthfully, the thing with the “arranged date” was actually kind of cute – and funny. Certainly not the WORST use of Jeffster on the show – and I thought pretty comically (is that a word?) creative.

    I guess what I’m saying is that we – and I’ve been part of this enough times – can dissect these episodes and find all kinds of flaws. But while we’re doing that, we’re kind of detracting from enjoying what’s there to enjoy.

    I’m not giving the creators/writers “free reign” to do just any stupid old thing, but at the same time, I’m going to enjoy what’s put on my plate – because after 13 more episodes, there may not be a plate anymore.

    So analyze, critique, even get a little “mad,” but don’t forget to ENJOY what we’ve got while we’ve got it. I shudder to think of it, but it may not be long and we’ll be lamenting it’s loss. I’ve still got fingers crossed for a Season 5 – and I think we WILL get it – even if only a 13 episoder to let “CHUCK” go out on it’s own terms – but you never know.

    So ENJOY it, everybody!!! We’ve got a pretty amazing season on our hands here with some of the best guest stars we’ve had – and the return of some great ones in the future. So “rejoice and be glad!” Our is the Kingdom of CHUCK! 😉

    • silvercat says:

      You’ve so eloquently expressed exactly how I feel. It’s a TV show! A very entertaining television show that has me anxious for the next episode. Sure, not every episode is going to be stellar, but even the worst episodes are better than just about anything else. Not only that, we fans are being treating to what promises to be the best season of Chuck, and yet we’re still getting complaints.

      When I read posts that tend to nit pick and emphasize the negative, my first reaction is: “Why do you keep watching the show if you’re so disappointed?” After all, all our complaints do is keep us from completely enjoying the show. They’re certainly not going to change the direction of episodes that have already been written and shot.

      • atcDave says:

        Well I think critique is always valid. It is feedback to the creative staff and network. Even if there’s a lag of several months it gives them a clue what viewers enjoy and are looking for, not just on a given show but from television in general. I think its especially meaningful when writers are operating under completely erroneous assumptions about what viewers are looking for.

        I also think its fair that most viewers will not like every episode; in fact, most episodes will find someone who isn’t happy. So it is certainly a real trick to sort out valid criticism from popular sentiment from a few stray malcontents. I don’t envy the staff people who may sort through hundreds or even thousands of viewer comments; and I’m not even sure how hard anyone even tries to.

        I think we’ve seen some signs in the direction of the show this year, and comments made by many people attached to Chuck, that they do pay attention to what we say and think. Certainly the show is very different than it was in S3.

        But I worry too about the very negative tone we see on occasion. To my mind, I’ve mostly got the show I was screaming for last season; so I’m mostly happy. I was disappointed with some elements of Balcony, so I’m going to mention them. But I remain pleased with the show overall and am very optimistic about where things are heading in both the long and short term.

      • JC says:

        But you have to remember that other people latch onto to any negatives a person might have with an episode. I had issues with this episode but I thought it had a lot strong scenes and I pointed out both. But it was the parts I didn’t like that people were talking about.

      • atcDave says:

        Negative criticism always seems to get more attention than positive. After all, negative carries a desire for change; while good comments require no action. I think there’s also a tendency to be more vocal about the things we want to see changed than we are about the things we liked. And finally, when people have a mix of positive and negative reactions to the same thing; those with negative opinions are more often put on the defensive (I’m far more likely to have to defend a complaint than a praise!).

        When I post my impressions of an episode I always try to include both positives and negatives (I don’t think I had any for Phase 3!). But it is the negatives that generate more discussion.

      • silvercat says:

        Dave, you’re right that you, and several others have been careful to point out the things you like as well as the things you don’t like. But here and on other forums, there are some folks who very rarely have anything good to say, or if they do, it’s rather weak and seems to be done just to keep from appearing all negative.

        Although I wasn’t as down on the first half of Season 3 as many others, I at least understood for the most part why they were unhappy, and even agreed with some of it. But, many of the criticisms of Season 3 have been corrected or answered in this season, and yet we still have a plethora of negative nit picking, which is why I asked my original question. Bit then I haven’t enjoyed a t.v. show this much since Babylon 5. I’ve seen a lot of television shows come and go in my sixty years, and Chuck is pretty much at the top of the list of my favorites because it’s just good, for the most part well done entertainment.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah silvercat I agree; this is now the show I was hoping for, so I hope my tone reflects far more satisfaction than it did last year. I think I loved Chuck right from the Pilot, for now I just hope S3 (not including S3.5) was an aberration.
        Agree too about Babylon 5. That was also a special and enormously entertaining show. I’d add SG-1 and Firefly to the list as well. But I’ve never had so much of my life taken over by a show like Chuck, it is really in a class of its own.

  39. DaveB says:

    Chucks nervousness about the proposal is not about acceptance. It’s about this rather warped way of thinking that somehow the proposal sets the tone for the marriage. Of course this spills over into the wedding planning, which will no doubt be the underlying angst for the last half of the season. One day, when everything is perfect, all states are purple, marketers no longer exist, and lamb is not on the lions menu, people will understand that a marriage is not about “being in love” but instead will simply be love in action on a daily basis. Proposals will fall by the wayside, and diamond rings will be passe.

  40. Rick Holy says:

    @DaveB. WOW. Preach it!! If you’re married, you and your wife would make great “mentors” for a couple contemplating marriage. Chuck & Sarah perhaps?? 😉

    I still think when it comes to Chuck, he has something of a residual “inferiority complex” when it comes to Sarah. He doesn’t have to – and that’s when he’ll see the TRUE LOVE of Sarah that’s right in front of him. If what she’s attempting to do right now regarding Mama B isn’t “love in action” (at least in regard to the story arc we’re dealing with), then I don’t know what is. It was excellent that she didn’t just say, “I’m doing this for YOU.” She said, “I’m doing this for US.”

  41. Merve says:

    I hated it. I thought that we were done with Chuck as a crappy relationship sitcom. Apparently not.

    On the bright side, I’ve been waiting for more than a couple of decades for someone to make a “HinJew” joke on television, and last night, that finally happened.

  42. beti says:

    I fall in love with Casey, forget the balcony, forget the moon , all you need is the girl

  43. alladinsgenie4u says:

    Here are my impressions after having watched the episode a second time. Many of them have changed . 🙂 Second viewing and all 😉

    As in keeping with the excellent trend of Season 4, I found that this episode was equally enjoyable as the rest of them have been.
    Although the spy plot was nothing major, what really mattered in this episode were the C/S interactions and Team Wingmen’s (Casey and Morgan) efforts.
    Loved all the interactions between all the characters. The best were –
    -Chuck’s speech to Sarah before he was going to go down on one knee ( that was really cute and sweet – Tandem Brushing FTW!!)
    -Sarah badgering poor Morgan and taking over the proposal plan – priceless comedy
    -Casey helping out C/S by spotting the dropped ring and alerting Sarah to it.
    -Casey advising Chuck on the proposal by reminiscing about Kathleen – heartwarming and touching scene.
    -Chuck and Sarah conversation at the very end

    Although, I felt that four fake outs with the proposal in one episode were just a tad too much – it was all rendered inconsequential by the awesome scenes of Chuck and Sarah being all nervous about it. I absolutely loved Sarah’s nervousness and the fact that she admitted it. And did I mention that the balcony scene that followed was just gold.

    Some fans may disagree, but I didn’t find Chuck annoying at all. He did his part in the mission with professionalism and got the nano-chip. And it was cool to see him take on the bad guys confidently – not once but twice. And I loved the fact that he wanted the proposal to be a perfect moment for Sarah. Everything that he was doing with regards to the proposal was just to give Sarah THE perfect moment. He thinks most highly of her and given her past life he feels that this one milestone in her life should be one that she remembers and cherishes for the rest of her life. In short he wants her to be happy and tries in his own romantic way – restaurant, balloons, horse carriage, string quartet, sunset, moonlight etc,etc to make it happen.

    And now for the meaty part – Beckman’s Plan.

    Although Sarah did inadvertently put herself in a position where she could be manipulated by Beckman, she had absolutely no idea that the General would move so fast and in such a cunning way to set her plan in motion. Sarah was blindsided by the General’s actions. Before, she may have agreed to do anything, but she must not have thought that separation from Chuck would have come into play. This season has not only been about Chuck’s search for his mom – there has been a parallel and official mission being run by the CIA/NSA to take down Volkoff. So, decisions and orders by Beckman – like making Sarah go undercover as a rogue operative are all part of her plan to bring down Volkoff – orders that Sarah has to follow. The presence of Mama B and her connection to Sarah (through Chuck) must have made it an easy decision for Beckman to make. BUT, in the coming episode, I hope they throw more light on Beckaman’s plan. Does she have some cunning and concrete plan to bring down Volkoff? Or is Beckman’s plan limited to the act of getting Sarah undercover and after that relying solely on her to bring down Volkoff by whatever methods Sarah deems necessary ( this second plan is more dangerous for Sarah)? Does Beckman’s plan involve saving Mama B? Or is it something that Sarah will have to do on top of trying to take Volkoff down?

    We all knew that the parallel to Mama B and Sarah was being set up the entire season and it came to fruition in that last two minutes. Sarah has been ordered to go undercover to take down Volkoff – but she goes with secondary intentions combined with her primary goal(Volkoff take down) – try and save Mama B (thus completing Chuck’s personal mission), end Volkoff and his activities, not only for the CIA/NSA but for C/S and their family themselves. Question is – how deep is she willing to go? Will she face a scenario where she is outed by Volkoff as a double agent and forced to chose between working for him permanently and risk losing Chuck or refuse and risk losing Chuck permanently?

    Regarding the 4×12 promo – to me it seems like Sarah’s mission to ‘kill’ Casey will happen during the latter part of the episode. Which may explain Casey bonding with Alex in 4×13 – he may get injured and be out of action (again). Interesting things to look for in the coming episode – will Mama B be found out by Volkoff? Or does she compromise herself while trying to save Sarah from a dangerous situation?

    • Anonymous says:

      All very sound questions alladin, questions I share with you. It’s going to be great to find the answers.

    • Faith says:

      Nice, an Alladins review ;-). Couldn’t have said it better myself, ok maybe…but maybe not lol.

      I do think that this episode requires second if not more viewing. What was there was so very good but it was subtle. If you weren’t paying attention you’d miss it. And what was there was full heart. From Chuck’s face at Sarah’s carefree reveal during dinner, to Sarah imploring Chuck to look at the moon from afar so she can give him that moment, and have that moment for herself. All beautifully done and eternally sweet.

      I don’t know…like I said earlier, maybe I’m seeing something that’s not there and maybe others are missing what I see.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        I thought all the romantic moments were very well done. And for me, the best part was Sarah stopping on the stairwell and being all nervous about the coming proposal and the look of joy and anticipation on her face when Chuck was giving his speech. It just made me go AWWWWWWWW!!

      • All great moments. I also loved when she said: “We’re going to make sure this proposal happen. For Chuck’s sake. Yeah. And for mine.” She was super excited about this. It was really great to see!

      • PeterOinNJ says:

        Faith, I saw the same things on the first watch. Sarah’s butterfly’s while walking up the stairs to the balcony and her destiny; Casey joining Morgan on the covert mission saying the nerd needs all the help he can get – and Morgan’s smile in responce; Chuck telling Sarah how he wakes up to something as beautiful as the full moon over the French countryside every day he wakes up with her; Sarah’s smile when she tells Morgan that the perfect proposal is for her too; her revelation & verbalization that she needed to be the old Sarah Walker for a little while longer so that they – she and chuck – could have the life that is in front of them.
        This was a great episode – and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • I completely agree about Chuck the character. And I found Chuck annoying most of the time… But not in that ep.

    • sd says:

      Excellent breakdown! Did anyone catch what–clearly–wasn’t a throwaway line from Sarah in the vineyard…when she tells Chuck something to the effect “I have a weird feeling about this.” I agree, she had a weird feeling but didn’t have any idea what was going to happen.
      And Chuck says…this missing is going so perfectly…it never goes this perfectly.
      I need to re-watch to see if I have missed some of the nuances of the ep…but if nothing else it was a great set up for coming episodes.

    • herder says:

      Alladinsgenie, I’ll agree that the episode improved on rewatching (especially if you fast forward some of the Jeffster parts). I still think that the start was a bit weak, the end, strangely, didn’t bother me, nor the incomplete proposals, just the number of them. Overall I thought that it was a good episode, not a great one, but a good Chuck episode is still pretty darn good.

      The weak start may be reflected in the ratings while they were at about the top of the range for this year 2.0 demo and 5.9 million viewers, the first half hour had a 2.1 demo and 6.1 million viewers, a slide after the start that cost the show it’s top ratings of the year.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Speaking about the Jeffster plot line, I was howling with laughter when they played an old Bollywood song in the background as Lester meets the girl in the home theater room. That song “Roop Suhana Lagta hai” is from a 1994 film titled “Gentleman”

    • atcDave says:

      I’ll also agree genie that this episode improved on second viewing. While I’ll never rank it as a favorite, there is nothing here seriously wrong either. It is a set-up for what is to come. As long as things play out well I will be pleased. Unlike some least favorites from last year, there was no character damage done here. And Casey, Sarah and Morgan all had particularly strong showings.

      • jason says:

        i just got around to a second viewing at lunch, much better, i still feel played & don’t like the way they tell stories, but I do love the two lead characters together, sarah really had a strong showing – at least it appears sarah will only be gone for 2 episodes, and will be back for parts of 1, and at the end, so it can’t be that bad, and if the baby deliver occurs at the end, can’t even be that long time wise, it should all work out fine.

        I just am not a big fan of the way TPTB tell stories, I have always liked the bottle early / middle eps more than the mythology ending ones, did not like 3×11 thru 13, did not like 3×18 and 3×19 either, and 2×21 and 2×22 were not even my fav in season 2, so maybe 4×11 thru 13 will surprise me.

        Did morgan or chuck say ‘talk to me goose’, as a callback to tom cruise in top gun?

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Morgan said “talk to me Goose”.

        I do like much of the story telling, but I thought the four botched proposals was not particularly funny. As I said, this will never be a favorite of mine, but it didn’t really hurt much either.

    • JC says:

      I watched it again and I’m still pretty blah about it. The C/S romance really does nothing for me anymore so that might be the reason. I won’t deny their scenes together aren’t great so I understand why people would like the episodes.

      I’ve been pretty hard on Chuck’s character this season but even I understand him freaking out about popping the question. They did go overboard with the four fake outs but it doesn’t surprise me.

      The spy stuff sucked but at least they didn’t try and make it out to be bigger than it was. This episode was all about character interactions and those were fantastic for the most part. Wish we could have had Ellie interacting with both C/S but I always want more Ellie.

      I still have problems with the ending but those are about how the show handles things. This episode just highlighted it in my eyes. I’m willing to see how the whole double agent arc
      plays out before passing total judgment.

      I rank it as bottom three episode this season but nowhere near the mess FOD and Leftovers were.

  44. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    I know a few of you have already commented on this – but Sarah’s very open conversation with Chuck about her parents, their brutal engagement, her mother’s family restaurant…. Wow – that was a wonderful and most memorable scene! I really hope that Chuck was listening – and somehow gets to take her back to that same spot… well, if they rebuilt the restaurant – just to give her a romantic moment.

  45. Dianne certainly did her job in Balcony! Taking away Sarah like this: GENIUS! She’ll have Chuck for herself now!

    • Verkan_Vall says:

      You’ve nailed it, Crumby.

      Diane is the real brains behind Team Bartowski, not that Chuck is good enough for her, mind you. And since no one else has said it:

      Wasn’t Diane GREAT in this episode? Didn’t she look marvelous?

      Those eyes, that voice, those lips, that UNIFORM!
      I admit it, I’m a sucker for a gal in uniform (army too, no less).

      And who started this whole “Duckies” business? That’s so cute, I want to hurl.

  46. mxpw says:

    Okay, so Sarah is going undercover to take down Volkoff. Great. Sounds exciting. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? But then I remember, wait a minute, Mary said specifically that it wasn’t about taking down Volkoff, it was about taking down the whole network. So in this episode during all the talk about Sarah taking down Volkoff, I kept waiting for somebody, anybody, to point out this very important fact. And nobody did. Sarah doesn’t even seem aware of it.

    So I really hope 4.12 explains why taking down the network is so hard and why Sarah needs to go undercover to do it and why Mary couldn’t do it in 20 years of work and yet somehow Sarah will be able to pull it off in practically no time at all.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:

      TBH, I am also looking forward to a scenario where we come to know that a grand plan does exist – and that plan has been hatched by the foxy Diane to destroy Volkoff (Industries). Or maybe there’s no grand plan and Sarah has to come up with spur of the moment ideas and make plans on the go to try and implicate Volkoff.

      • mxpw says:

        First of all, if there’s no plan and it’s all dependent on Sarah’s own ideas, then I see no reason to believe Sarah will ever finish the mission before she’s 60.

        Second of all, that’s kind of my point. It’s not about just implicating Volkoff or eliminating him, it’s about this whole network we know nothing about. If it was just about getting rid of Volkoff, presumably Mary would have done that years ago (as Chuck pointed out to her and she flatly said wasn’t enough).

      • armySFC says:

        mxpw very good points. i tried to make the same one earlier but failed.

      • Kisku says:

        Sarah said she will try to take down Volkoff and his organization.

    • Sarah specifically said: “I’m going undercover into Volkoff Industries. I’m going to take them down from the inside.” So it is about the network and she said it.

      As to why it has to be her, and what is Beckman’s plan? It probably won’t really be convincing anyway knowing how the show handles these things, but I don’t see why they should have explain in 4×11 considering that scene was a set up for 4×12. Obviously, if 4×12 then yes it’s ridiculous but we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • mxpw says:

        Eh… They’ve always used Volkoff and Volkoff Industries interchangably, so I don’t think that’s really an indication that Sarah plans to take down the network.

        I’m fully expecting to see the resolution as just a removal of Volkoff and nothing else at this point. They’ve really not developed this grand network at all up until now.

      • That would be very disappointing considering they made a point of stating it wasn’t just about him in Leftovers.

        But eh, wouldn’t surprise me if their story wasn’t really convincing. There’s so many questions about Orion/Frost/Volkoff at this point…

        But when Sarah contacted Beckman she said: “I will do anything in my power to help bring back Chuck’s mother and to eliminate Volkoff and his organization.”

        So both times, she mentioned the network. I’m willing to give them the benefice of the doubt for now.

      • patty says:

        She also referenced “Beckman’s plan” in her explanation to Chuck. So there is a plan at the moment. Whether (sp?) it will work or not is up in the air.

    • joe says:

      Hi, mxpw. Always nice to see you here.

      I happened to make a note of Sarah’s statement to Gen. Beckman. She said that she would do anything in her power to “bring back Chuck’s mom and bring down Volkoff & his organization.” (I think that’s a pretty exact quote.) So she really wasn’t in contradiction to Mary. I had the same thought as you before I re-watched.

      My theory is, yes, it’s that hard to bring down his entire organization. Orion spent 20 years trying to do that and failed. And remember, this was the same guy who commandeered a cruise missile to bomb his hotel room (and Vincent) in Hong Kong and a Buy More in Beverly Hills (sort of). Volkoff Industries was in the middle of downtown Moscow, which would make bombing the place fairly problematical for a guy like Stephen, and if Volkoff had factories in other cities throughout the world, then yes, his VPs and successors would come after him and his family.

      Prince Chuck has been elevated to king, so he’s going to be in the same position.

      Just my theory, so far.

  47. Rick Holy says:

    Don’t know how everybody else feels, but for Chuck to score the ratings it did in the first episode AFTER a return from a hiatus I think was pretty darn good. I was figuring about 1.7/1.8. To hit a 2.0 was a pleasant surprise. Now let’s hope we can sustain those numbers. Keep plugging the show. You never know when you can pick up a new viewer who is tiring of some of the other stuff that is could be “getting old” for them.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah Rick, hopefully we can build from there.

    • armySFC says:

      i’d love to but after a lot of thought, with the other shows chuck is up against how many viewers can really be swayed to chuck? the others draw very well and are established in their slot. this maybe why chuck keeps plugging along with the numbers it has. there aren’t any scraps left. we got what we have and introducing a new show in the slot may not be the best thing to do.

    • jason says:

      I was introduced to the show from watching on sci fi during a special showing, I would think saturday nite showings might entice new fans, I read somewhere that the pilot is going on next, if so, that might mean they are going to try to get new fans, I think it is a great idea. It did not do well at all last saturday, something like .3 or .4 in the demo, usually reruns on mondays gets .7 or .8, but who knows, at NBC, that might even be ok, just a few extra .1’s would make a huge difference

  48. Rick Holy says:

    I’ve talked to a number of people – I’m ALWAYS plugging CHUCK – who are regular “BACHELOR” watchers, but who aren’t thrilled with this season – so I’ve been coaxing them to “get on board the CHUCK train,” and they’ve said they’d be willing to check it out. You could say they’re only “saying that,” but would they really lie to their priest about something so important???? 😉 🙂

    There’s always a chance to pick up a “stray” here and there.

    • armySFC says:

      true, but the same can be said for losing a few here or there. my point may have been badly stated, but chuck needs a lot more than few here of there to be a lock for renewal.

      • Rick Holy says:

        No disagreement here. But it never hurts to try to get “new people” to watch – and to bring back those who split during last season.

        One example for me is “Grey’s Anatomy.” NEVER watched the show. They promo’d it in the beginning as like a hospital sexcapade (which in a sense it IT). However, about Season 3, I started to actually tune into a couple of episodes, and found that there were good stories being told (in addition to the sexcapades). Even motiviated me to go back and buy the previous seasons on DVD.

        Maybe I’m an eternal optimist, but if we lose viewers after 3 seasons, we can also pick them back up, too and a few new ones here and there to boot. I’m not saying it’s going to make CHUCK a “hit” by any means – but if it will help keep us at or near 2.0, there’s a good likelihood of at least a partial Season 5. One can hope!

  49. weaselone says:

    Decent episode. Not the strongest of the series or the season, particularly on the spy plot, but definitely watchable. They pushed the interrupted proposal bit too far, but I don’t get the general irritation with Chuck for trying to make the moment perfect.

    In fact I’m really curious as to the mindset of those suggesting that Chuck needn’t have bothered. If Chuck shouldn’t bother trying to create a memorable proposal given Sarah’s history, under what circumstances should someone make a big deal about a proposal?

    • atcDave says:

      I’ve never suggested Chuck shouldn’t have bothered; making a fun and memorable proposal is a good thing. But I thought he worried far too much about it after the restaurant; it was largely a case of his neurosis crossing the line into not funny anymore to me. I’m guess I’m completely not sentimental about these sorts of things, and I cringe at such showy productions, so I guess I’ll just never get it. To me its about being with the woman you love, and I have no expectations about “perfect”.
      I’d say its not a big deal, but it did all just rub me wrong enough that I did not relate to Chuck in this episode until he finally started talking on the balcony; I liked his speech, from James Bond to brushing teeth.

    • Faith says:

      I agree. We do these things and put emphasis on these events because it matters. Chuck tried his damnest to give Sarah the one romantic moment she deserves because she hasn’t had much love in her life, not to mention much in terms of looking to a future. So why not? It’s for him and her and at the end there she shows just how much it means to her too.

    • jason says:

      weasel – dave – to me it wasn’t about chuck, it was about how the story tellers decided to play the fans, a little like chuck, the pressure is now on the story tellers to really get it right later on.

      casey’s advice sticks with me, ‘it’s about the girl’, I just wonder …. nahhh …. still sticking with no engagement, no wedding in 4×13, but if I had to pick one or the other, I might pick ….. naaahhh just forget it

    • armySFC says:

      i have the same issue as dave. he tried to plan the perfect proposal but it got derailed by sarah talking about her parents. then he tried again which i could see. but it kept going on and on. thats what i take issue with not the actual planning.

    • patty says:

      I thought the wish to make a perfect proposal was very true to Chuck’s character. He loves Sarah and knows that she has missed most of the normal milestones people go through. He wanted to give her one. I thought it was very sweet.

      That said, I think that Casey’s advice was excellent. I miss Casey and Chuck having scenes together and hope they will write more of them in future episodes.

  50. uplink2 says:

    Well I finally got a chance to read much of the commentary here. I loved so much of this episode the shipper old softy in me shed a few tears at so much of it. There were simply so many special moments. Most have been mentioned but I want to say them again because they were so special.

    Sarah’s taking over the proposal plan and adding the “and for mine” was really important for her. She wants this as much as he does and wanted to make sure it happens. She is completely comfortable with the idea now. How far she has come from Coup d’Etat and the awkward Chuck Sarah moment.

    Sarah admitting she was nervous on the stairs and the little banter with her and Morgan calming those nerves was priceless.

    Chuck’s speech about waking up and seeing the most beautiful thing in the world every day when he looks at her was just so real and heartfelt. It was one of the sweetest moments I have ever seen on TV.

    The callbacks were so great, and so plentiful. The tandem tooth brushing scene, the TV watching scene, Sarah surprising Morgan from behind the door. Even the Chuck I’m leaving scene when he is “proposing” something was great. And what made that throwback so much better than the original is that Sarah’s actions were totally setup, known, and fully believable. It was completely in line with previous episodes, unlike the scene in Ring 1. This season they seem to be making special effort to not ignore major events that happened earlier because they don’t fit their plot device. They are actually staying true to the story they have been telling all season. THAT is one of the things I love most about Season 4.

    Even though the botched balcony proposal could be seen coming a mile away I loved it because 1. it gave us a wonderful Casey/Chuck scene that we don’t get enough of. 2. It was in line with the story being told and makes me want to see next week even more. 3. What Sarah is doing is as much an act of love and selflessness as Chuck’s was in American Hero. 4. After what happened last night I’m convinced that the proposal will come in 4.13 as a small, simple but very touching moment probably at the fountain where it should be. There is no way they can top what happened last night and no way they can go back on it either. When Sarah and Mom come home its gonna happen. Probably a reversal of Awesome and Ellie in Marlin with the family watching from inside with Chuck and Sarah by the fountain. I would love for him to use a throwback line to the scene from Lethal Weapon about living the life that he wants with the girl that he loves. That would be something really special.

    This may not be the best episode in this season of great ones but it is the one with the most heart ever on the show. It is definitely top 3 for me.

    I really can’t wait for what’s next. The quality this season has been on such a high level and these could be truly epic. Then we are followed by 2 episodes that look like a lot of fun. It has been a great ride.

    BTW its interesting that NBC is pulling the return of LOLA with all of its cast problems. This bodes well for Chuck as the 3 main bubble shows on NBC, Chuck, Parenthood and LOLA I don’t really see all of them coming back so any help we can get by the chaos at LOLA is fine with me.

  51. Tamara Burks says: has the synopsis for eps 13 and 14 which answers at least one questions and lends credence to my hopeful thoughts about Casey.

  52. Robert H says:

    Enjoyed the episode. It drew good ratings for Chuck
    a 2.0. After DVR factoring in maybe a 2.3 or 2.5. The reruns and NBC promotion apparently helped. Nice diversion with the Lester character, was very funny to watch. Casey, Morgan, Sarah characters all
    good which leads to the show’s weak link, the Chuck
    character. Once again comes across as very passive,
    really a turnoff. Sarah had to even take over the proposal, once again “rescueing” him. I’m not going to harp on it. I’ve said said this before. It is what it is. Supposedly the Chuck character is supposed to become more assertive in upcoming episodes (YAWN). We’ll wait and see. Once again the
    male characters with the exception of Casey are made to look weak in comparison to the female characters on the show as I’ve said before. I don’t like it. The Chuck/Sarah scenes and especially the
    Sarah/Morgan scenes bear this out. As I said before
    I have no objection to a strong female character or characters in their own right but not at the expense of the male characters on the show but once again, it is as it is. OK enough said.

    On the whole I liked the episode and am looking forward to the next two, thanks.

  53. herder says:

    One thing that I very much liked about this episode was the writing, it reintroduced a lot of the in jokes and playfulness in the details that had been missing for much of the last two seasons.

    The names of minor characters, in previous years we had sports figures; Guy Lafleur, Vaughn Hayes. This week we had writers of Chuck; special agent Rosenbaum “one of our best”(former writer Scott Rosenbaum) Chateau LeFranc “a peppery pinot”(current writer Annie Lefranc). The whole lable with a stable and the cork with a stork homage to Danny Kaye.

    Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes they have to be pointed out to us but they always add an extra bit of enjoyment to any episode. For some reason they stopped doing that after season two, it is nice to see it’s return.

    • atcDave says:

      I did enjoy the humor of this episode a lot. Drunk Sarah was classic, as was the Sarah/Morgan scene. Chuck talking to his man-servant, too funny.

      I guess this was the most mixed episode of the season for me, that is, some stuff I really liked and some stuff I really didn’t. First time this year I really didn’t like parts, but I am very excited for next Monday!

  54. herder says:

    I’ve been trying to settle in my own mind what it was about the restaurant proposal that I didn’t like. I understand that a proposal is a big thing and that Chuck would want to make it as special as possible for Sarah. I get that and why many people liked it.

    I guess that part of my unease is that I have always been of the opinion that those big flashy public proposals say more about the person asking than the person being asked. When you get down to it, is there anything about Chuck or Sarah that says a public, flashy proposal is what they want.

    Chuck has always been about the personal, intimate moments, very little PDA, despite occasional requests for it and Casey’s disgust when it happens. The only big event planned by Chuck was Ellie’s wedding, “sand in my toes, surrounded by those I love”, it was personal and intimate especially compared to the church wedding.

    Chuck’s first proposal plan, despite it’s reliance on sports cars had at it’s core the beach where he and Sarah watched the sun rise after their first date, personal and intimate. The restaurant proposal had baloons, violins, champagne and a horse and carriage. Over the top and not Chuck-like.

    The moonlight proposal, on the other hand was Chuck-like, just the two of them, him speaking from the heart, intimate and personal. I didn’t even mind the interuption, that too is Chuck-like, real life being interupted by the job, a bit more harshly than usual but consistent.

    When he does finally finish it, make it personal, intimate and from the heart, no bells and whistles, just something of himself, which is what Sarah wants more than anything else and loved ones to share it with later.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Herder, I know exactly what you mean. I put the cause immediately at another of Chuck’s blind spots. Going to Morgan Grimes for help.

    • Faith says:

      I actually think the proposals by design were supposed to fail..because it wasn’t right. I know that Casey said, there was no right time or moment or scene, just the girl but there’s something to be said for fate. Chuck was pushing for the right time instead of letting it come to him.

      It almost feels like, if you were paying close attention you’d catch that all of those proposals weren’t meant to be because there was always something off about them. The scene with the moonlight and the ring was as close as we got because that was the closest to their heart…everything else wasn’t them so it failed. But even the moonlight one had undertones of “it never goes that smoothly.”

      I remarked to Crumby yesterday that I’m thinking that a proposal didn’t happen in this episode ultimately because it wasn’t meant to be. “Maybe that was the point? As lovely and romantic as it was, it wasn’t the right time yet. But good things happen to those who wait! ;).” I don’t know, maybe I’m too much of a romantic and seeing these things but it works for me.

      But give me a scene in the fountain and I can almost guarantee it’s meant to be. 😀

      • herder says:

        Maybe that was some of the humor that I missed, that it was supposed to be funny, not just because of Chuck’s panic, but because it was simply so wrong for them.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Herder, that was my take away. Sarah’s story just reinforced what a ridiculous approach it was, even without the family disaster involved. I got a great Chuckle out of watching Chuck try to put the breaks on what he and Morgan put in motion.

      • First Timer says:

        I think everyone is missing the subtext the writers are playing with here. Chuck keeps trying to cook up proposals to wow Sarah Walker, superspy. And Sarah, superspy, hates surprises and actually hates proposals. She wants Chuck to propose to Sarah, the woman.

        It is the underlying game being played by the showrunners since they put the two characters together. Chuck thinks he’s dating a “big fish” and Sarah is stunned anyone loves her as a woman. It’s the watered-down, not-as-good twist on the brilliant state of affairs in Seasons 1 and 2. Each sees the other as unattainable and out of their respective leagues.

        Assuming the showrunners haven’t kicked this to the back-11, the proposal will be some twist on the end of Ring II. (Sarah whacks Shaw with a girder while extolling Chuck’s humanity.) In Push Mix, Chuck will do something heroic and then propose to the gal, not the spy.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Firstimer. Love your take on this. It fits the story to a “T.” I alluded earlier to Chuck still having this “inferiority complex” when it comes to Sarah – when he doesn’t need to! You excellently point out the situation form Sarah’s perspective – that somehow because of her life, she doesn’t “deserve” someone like CHUCK.

        It really has been if not THE, at least AN underlying current through the seasons. Even the S3. Sarah was “settling” for “the name of the person that will no longer be spoken” because she felt rejected by a “real person,” Chuck, and so she turned to what she felt was her equivalent, but not in the “good sense” of “a great, superspy like me.” She was, in a sense, “settling” for “the name of the person that will no longer be spoken.”

        Great comment/insight!

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah Herder that’s it exactly. I too am quite biased against the big spectacle, and part of the appeal of the character from the beginning is he seemed like a kindred spirit on that sort of thing (ducking out of his own birthday party; preferring small gatherings of friends and family). Add to that, Sarah is also fairly shy and reserved in personal life; so the whole scene just rubbed me wrong.

      Thanks for laying it out so clearly.

  55. Rick Holy says:

    GREAT NEWS from TVBYTHENUMBERS. CHUCK’s ratings for “Vs. The Balcony” were adjusted up to a SEASON-HIGH 2.1 !!!

    Let’s keep it going Chuck fans. Keep Facebooking, blogging, emailing, etc. CHUCK clips and promos. There’s a great clip of Chuck’s balcony proposal on Youtube. Bound to “suck in” any even romotely “romantics” into maybe watching the next episode!

    Keep on Chuckin’ everybody! And don’t forget Subway, either!!!

    • atcDave says:

      That is awesome news Rick. Hope we can keep a good trend going!

    • armySFC says:

      i think the numbers of the upcoming episode will tell the tale for the rest of the season and chances of renewal. if they stay the same or rise it will be good. if they fall i’m sure it will be bad. i think the tptb put a lot into this arc. if it goes south my guess is were looking at the last season.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Well, basically we need to maintain what we’ve got going for as long as we can. Because it won’t be long before DWTS is back on the air – and that WILL negatively affect CHUCK’s ratings – it always does. There still is a glimmer of hope for a fifth season. Most of NBC’s new shows BOMBED – and even shows that are beyond their first season (except for the reality shows like Biggest Loser) aren’t exactly setting the world on fire with their ratings. We’re not out of the woods, but we’re definitely not in the pooper – at least not yet – and hopefully not at all.

      • thinkling says:

        Thanks Rick for the encouraging news. I though Fedak sounded as positive as I’ve ever heard him about a 5th season. This is a pretty exciting arc with pretty exciting guest stars. Maybe that will help. A Chuck & Sarah wedding or engagement couldn’t hurt either 😉

  56. Tamara Burks says:

    I was just looking up a movie on and there was a guy planning a proposal in it and a thought hit me.

    Men plan proposals, women plan weddings. Not every man plans a proposal and not every woman plans her dream wedding (I don’t for instance I mentally plan a dream house, but then there’s a high rate of divorce in my family). That’s just the way it is.Even Casey admitted he planned a proposal , it just didn’t work out the way he planned .

    • thinkling says:

      That’s funny Tamara, and true. But here we have Sarah helping with the proposal … not planning it per se, but making sure it happens. And we know she’s not a wedding planner. That would be Casey.

      Me I gave my mother free reign for my wedding. As long as I walked out married to the groom, the rest didn’t matter too much.

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