Emmy 4 Yvonne

It’s The Right Thing To Do!

Emmy for Yvonne

Although it’s been well advertised on Twitter, I’ve been remiss in not highlighting the EMMY4Yvonne campaign and pointing out our friend Uplink2 has been a large part of this.

Please don’t think this is a frivolous enterprise. It’s anything but. Besides the fact that the divine Ms. Strahovski deserves the recognition a few times over, they have also helped with the Queensland Flood Relief effort.

Fans of Chuck have always been more than a little different this way. We’ve always been a bit more outspoken and a bit more involved – call it engaged. I call it heart (and having lots of it).

If you click on the link, you’ll see the people at EMMY4Yvonne are promising an interview with Yvonne at the end of the month. Yea! I can never get enough of that Aussie accent!

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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23 Responses to Emmy 4 Yvonne

  1. Rick Holy says:

    For EVERYTHING she’s been asked to portray in the role of Sarah Walker – from doing drama, comedy, action – the whole ball of wax – Yvonne deserves it! How many actresses have had to do the range of things that Yvonne does on their respective shows? Most don’t do in a whole season what Yvonne is asked to do – and does OUTSTANDINGLY – in a single episode. Go Yvonne! And thanks for giving your devoted fans a wonderful “Sarah Walker!” (or Jenny Burton, or “Sam”, or whomever!).

  2. uplink2 says:

    Thanmks so much Joe we all truly appreciate it but one quick correction. The interview will be a print only interview but still we are very excited about it!

  3. uplink2 says:

    Thanks so much Joe we all truly appreciate it but one quick correction. The interview will be a print only interview but still we are very excited about it!

  4. thinkling says:

    She deserves it!!

  5. atcDave says:

    If this even gets as far as a nomination it will be a huge win for everyone associated with the show. Certainly Yvonne is as deserving as any actress I’ve ever seen; its a constantly demanding role and she always excels.

  6. bundy says:

    I’m a big fan of Yvonne.The last four years have been a pleasure to watch.Her work on Chuck has been greatly underappreciated by the awards shows.I have also seen I Love You Too and Matching Jack.ILYT was a great example of her range as an actress.When Chuck sadly ends,Yvonne will have a great future in Hollywood.When she becomes the star she deserves to be,I’ll just sit back and tell all my friends I told you so.

    • kg says:

      I know. I’m already telling them that now.

      • Rick Holy says:

        Ditto on that, fellas! Her future is bright! It’s good to see genuinely GOOD people succeed. Now for Yvonne to start getting the recognition she so richly deserves. GO YVONNE! You ROCK!!!!

  7. Guys i’d just LOVE if Yvonne would receive a nomination. I know she’s aussie but she’s Polish as well and she just kicks as…

    The main reason why I follow chuck is her great creation (with invaluable additions of the rest of the team).

    Go yvonne!

    • joe says:

      Heh! In my family tree I find the names:
      Byczkowski, Krawczyk, Mrowski, Sikorski, Jaszcz…

      I never learned Polish, but you can bet I heard a lot of it around the dinner table growing up. 😉

      Go Yvonne!

      • Rick Holy says:

        I have a boatload that I can’t spell either. Krzyziak, Halerz, Kwiatkowski, Banik, Turcza, and YES, Holy (the “l” has the little line going through it – the Polish “l” is proncounced like the English “w”). So bring on the Pollocks – and that great Polish food, too. When I start my vacation, I’ll be saying “Nazdrovia” for sure (yes, I know that’s Russian, too – but they stole it from us Poles!!)

      • joe says:

        Oh boy! Kielbasa and perogies for everyone! Fr. Rick’s treating! I heard it.

        Oh, and between you & me, it looks like we need to buy some vowels from Pat Sajak & Vanna White.

    • thinkling says:

      My husband’s mother was born in Poland, even though she was German.

      Ditto … Go Yvonne.

  8. uplink2 says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that our exclusive interview with Yvonne will go public this weekend. It is a print interview and I just got to see her answers to our questions and I have to say I am just so impressed with the sincerity of her answers and how graciously and openly she talks about Sarah and her talents as an actor. Even though I’m biased because a couple of the questions were mine I have to say its one of the best interviews I have seen with an actor on the show. She talks about many of the things we love about her and Sarah and talks alot about how much she loved Phase Three. It is a great interview and we can’t wait to share it with all the fans.

    Check Emmy4Yvonne.com tomorrow and we hope to have it up during the day. We hope to have it become part of the excitement for Push Mix.

    • joe says:

      Fantastic, Uplink! Thanks for that update.

    • atcDave says:

      thanks Uplink, I’m really excited to read it!

    • Faith says:

      Great job with the interview uplink! Awesome questions and you really honed in on the motivations and drew her in a bit.

    • atcDave says:

      thanks for doing that uplink. Really good interview; interesting questions and answers.

    • thinkling says:

      Really great interview. It’s the first interview I’ve read in a while that I thought asked thoughtful probing questions. Sometimes I get really irked at interviewer’s inane questions.

      You guys did great. Congratulations. Yvonne’s came across as transparent, gracious, and humble.

      Atta boys all around.

  9. uplink2 says:

    Thanks folks! We were very excited about it and I’m very pleased with the questions we selected. I also was thrilled to see how sincere and in depth her responses were. She is an amazing talent and a very genuine person.

    • joe says:

      I’ll second what Thinkling said above. Great interview! Great questions and I too am grateful that Ms. Strahovski responded so graciously.

      But I’m not surprised that she did! For all the cast members, that seems to be what they do!

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