Setting The Bar

A Chuck This Blog Group Post

Schwartz and Fedak claim in all their recent tweets and interviews:

Episode 4.13 builds to “the most epic possible moment in the history of Chuck as it was designed to be a season and possibly series finale.”

The last 10 minutes of episode 13 are the best 10 minutes of Chuck EVER.

That’s a pretty bold claim, but also a fairly easy one. Push Mix has been declared as the best 10 minutes of Chuck, ever … by fiat. How do they know? How will any of us know?

Chuck has had some really great moments … lots of them, in fact. For the last 10 minutes of Push Mix to be the best 10 minutes of Chuck, ever … well, that’s quite a claim. Not only that, but these last 10 minutes comprise “the most epic possible moment in the history of Chuck.” So I started thinking, what moments do they have to beat to make good on the claim?

We at ChuckThis have decided to make it measurable. We’re going to “Set The Bar,” and we want you to help us.

What would Push Mix have to beat to earn the title and wear the crown? We’ll talk about the best Chuck moments to beat, must have elements for such an epic moment, and our standards for the best 10 minutes of Chuck, EVER.

Dave’s Take

Trying to pick a best 10 minutes ever is actually fairly tough. Never mind the fact I have so many favorite moments on Chuck. Its really hard for me to separate the moment from the episode. I could rattle off a top three episodes pretty fast right now. But then I have to ask, “are there any scenes or acts that are greater than what I think of those three episodes?” Well I did come up with one (see if you can guess which favorite moment doesn’t come from one of three favorite episodes!):

1. The end of Honeymooners. This is kind of a no brainer. I still say the last scene of Honeymooners is likely the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen on television. I’m not exactly sure where the 10 minute timer starts, but I’ll say all the way from Beckman saying “release Agent Walker!” to the camera fading out is about as favorite a stretch as I’ve ever seen.

2. The ruined wedding from Ring. Basically the whole duration of Jeffster performing “Mr. Roboto.” Knife throwing, special forces smashing through the ceiling, massive shoot out, and indoor fireworks ruining a wedding. Wow! Still a total blast to watch.

3. Again the 10 minute timer is imprecise here (this time I’m probably running a bit long); but I’d say Phase 3 from the Sarah/Morgan bedroom scene (now it just feels wrong saying that!) until the pit fight in Thailand. I’m sure that’s cheating 10 minutes badly. What’s worse is I really want to extend it all the way through the actual rescue and Sarah’s awesome, tearful speech to Chuck. But that’s more like half the episode.

Part two of this is what elements do we need for a best 10 minutes ever? You all know I’m an avowed ‘shipper. But for most of my life I’ve been more an action/effects junkie. So that provides the first two required elements; Something awesome for Chuck and Sarah (engagement at a minimum, marriage is better. I could certainly enjoy the episode if they stop short, but it can’t possibly be a best ever)

The second most important part is just explosive action. Especially if it means Sarah causing insane amounts of destruction (I can never get enough of that). Some great combat involving Mary, and Chuck annihilating Volkoff must be involved too. After all, I need some visceral satisfaction as well!

To guarantee best ever status a sweet family reunion is also required. I like sweet and sappy family moments, and with a season long set-up involving a dysfunctional estranged family; the only way to make it right is with everyone together and happy about it in the end (any reflection on the horrors of the last 20 years disqualifies the scene and the moment! sweet sap is required!).

Other things could be fun; new Intersect tricks, birth of baby Awesome, cool set-up for the next villain. But none of these are required for me.

– Dave

Joe’s Favs

Here’s my five favorite scenes in reverse order.

5. I like it when Chuck stands up for himself. That’s rare. But can you even think of a time when he stood up to Sarah in anger, when he really risked her wrath and stood his ground? I can. The dialog is from Crown Vic and goes like this:

Sarah: Things have been a little off since “the incident,” Chuck.

Chuck Really? And what incident are you referring to, Agent Walker, huh? Could it be the incident where you planted a kiss on me, right before a bomb was supposed to go off, ending our lives? That same kiss right before your boyfriend Bryce came back from the dead? That kiss?

Sarah: Stop saying kiss! It happened, okay? What’s done is done. Can we just not talk about it, please?

Chuck Okay, fine. Absolutely, of course. Just answer me one little thing.

Sarah: Chuck…

Chuck Did you kiss me that night because you thought we were going to die and mine were the most convenient lips around, or was in actually about me?

4. That’s not the only time Chuck has spoken his mind to state his desires clearly. He spoke up, not in anger but decisively during my favorite fountain scene in Lethal Weapon as Bloc Party’s Signs plays in the background:

Chuck Please. Let me just finish. Sarah, I’m not gonna move in with you. Because, I can’t. And you know why I can’t. I’m crazy about you, and I’ve always been. But, having a fake relationship, that’s one thing. But living together is… I mean, every day, being around each other and – and that’s why I can’t do it. And I hope you understand.

Sarah: I do.

Chuck Thank you. Oh, and, uh, just so you know… I am gonna get this thing out of my head one day. I will. And when I do, I’m gonna live the life that I want with the girl that I love. Because I’m not gonna let this thing rob me of that. I won’t.

It’s the music, the mood, the way Zac says “I won’t.” and Yvonne’s subtle facial expression that makes this scene stand out. You believe every word. Despite that fact that it’s absolutely hopeless and Chuck appears to have taken a step back, you just know inside that the two of them have taken a step forward.

3. It’s true that in a screenplay it’s better to show than to tell. For my next favorite moment, Chuck uses only three words and a smile to drive home his point to Sarah and to us. It’s from Best Friend and occurs when Jeffster amazed(! is that the right word?) us all with their cover of Toto’s Africa.

Sarah: I wanted to apologize. I could’ve been more sensitive before about your friendship with Morgan. It’s just — It’s difficult. I don’t really have anyone in my life like that who cares about me.

Chuck Yeah, you do.

The scene is great because of what they don’t say. It comes through loud and clear.

2. One mission at a time, Chuck. The dirty motel room in Barstow where there had been no hope – only despair – was different in the morning. The sunlight was warm and golden to match Sarah’s hair. Chuck had not been aware that Sarah had nestled close to him sometime during the night and in his dream, he had protectively placed his arm over her body to hold her. Only slowly did he begin to realize that Sarah’s fingers gently touched and entwined with his and that it was not a dream. They both surrendered to the hopelessness and the promise of their situation. We could talk for hours still about those moments; the contrast between Chuck’s shy question Why are you doing this?, Sarah’s non-answer and the morning’s passion, the frantic pace of running and gentle pace of the morning, captured in the gentle guitar strum used in the music, Bon Iver’s Creature Fear. No fan is going to forget that scene.

1. I chose my favorite scene because of two things. The first is the incredible amount of information that we learn about Sarah, and the second is the unique techniques used to create the scene’s impact. It’s from Phase Three, where Sarah, in tears, is desperately trying to wake Chuck while calmly reassuring him (in his dream) that she is there. Chuck starts walking to the shattering glass of his consciousness and only Sarah’s voice turns him. “I have so much I want to tell you. I found your proposal plan. You were going to do it on the beach in Malibu, where we watched the sun rise after our first date. Chuck I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t care if you have the intersect or not. Without you, I’m nobody, I’m nothing but a spy. Come back to me, Chuck. I want to marry you.”

She’s nothing but a spy? We’ve watch Sarah struggling with newfound emotions for over a season. This is the moment where she breaks with her past and becomes someone other than who she was. The scene is not carried by the music, but by the doubling of Sarah’s words, Chuck’s beautifully violent struggle to join the living world (a struggle we knew he would lose without her help) and fantastic acting from everyone involved.

In those five scenes there are two main themes, two main elements that for me are key. If I see them in Chuck vs. The Push Mix then the 10 minutes that contain them will be my favorite of all time, guaranteed. Else, well, we’ll see if they live up to their billing.

I need to see 1) Chuck asserting himself and 2) a large step forward in Chuck & Sarah’s relationship. I’ve been lobbying for the engagement to happen sooner rather than later, so that would obviously take care of my second criterion. The first has room to be a bit more nuanced.

For instance, Chuck can assert himself by standing up to Volkoff the way he did to Shaw in Shaw’s office during The Ring Pt. 2.

Shaw: No. What are you doing here? What’s your plan?

Chuck: I’m sorry. Are you asking me to make the classic villain mistake of explaining my dastardly plot to you? Know what? I’d love to!
I confess, we had no idea who the Elders were or how to ID them. So we let you do that for us when you warned them to leave the theater. So on behalf of the NSA, the CIA and of course, your local Buy More, I’d just like to say thanks a lot.

He’s smart and snappy and even arrogant. That’s what I want to see. But Chuck can assert himself in other ways, especially to Sarah. He could do that just like he did in Crown Vic, challenging her to prove that she has not changed and deserted him the way his mother did. Or he could show her that no matter what, he still has to do the right thing, like he did when he asked Sarah to meet him in Union Station to run to Mexico. Don’t answer, just decide.

But that would not be the biggest indication that Chuck has finally grown up. You see, several people have made Chuck their own personal puppet, and General Beckman is only one of them. Mary Elizabeth and Stephen’s legacy hold the strings too.

To cut those strings and finally be his own person, Chuck must confront his mother. He must make her start to undo the damage her twenty year absence has done.

There’s one way we’ll know for certain if Chuck has succeeded. We’ll see it in Ellie’s eyes when he tells her.

– joe

Faith’s picks

10 minutes is a lifetime. And I just don’t mean in basketball (heh). I’ve said this before but if you measure the minutes precisely (which, judging by JS’ freudian slip of 5 minutes, perhaps we shouldn’t) we’re talking more than this:

In Ring pt 1 from the canceled (aka Jeffster ruined wedding) to the end of the beach wedding (complete with Casey rescue in the middle) was 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

So what would it take to be the best 10 minutes ever? Well first it has to compete with the:

1. romanticism of Honeymooners“Feeling Good,”

2. the unwitting intimacy that built to a frenzy in the motel in Colonel,

3. the simplicity of Colonel’s “it is real,”

4. the emotional punch of Wookie‘s “it’s Lisa, my middle name is Lisa,” and (finally)

5. the winning speech in Break Up.

To do that it needs to involve Yvonne’s captivating facial expressions, Zac’s charm and Adam Baldwin’s grunt. And oh! Did I mention it has to have a wicked ballad as well?

In some ways my best 10 minutes ever would be an amalgamation of Colonel and Ring pt 1 complete with wedding, but not Ellie and Devon’s, Chuck and Sarah’s. That’s the best 10 minutes ever. It doesn’t matter if there are other things going on for the other 8 minutes (how long does it take to get married?), that one scene, one event will be king.

Thinkling’s Thoughts

Two bars to clear. First, this epic finale (10 minutes) must combine the signature elements of Chuck and do them better than they’ve ever been done before. Second, Push Mix must not only do justice to the mythology and main story lines, but do so in unprecedentedly epic fashion.

Signature Elements

Chuck the Hero. The best and greatest episodes of Chuck feature Chuck at his hero best, including his heart, his bravery, his side-ways thinking, and his full complement of Intersect tricks. So, Chuck must out-hero himself in bravery, smarts, planning, and Chuck Fu. I set the bar with Other Guy and Ring Part 2.

Family. I anticipate the family goodness of Ring, not only the sweet moments, but also the unparalleled excitement of the spy world intrusion on the event and the action that followed. A series benchmark for sure.

Action. There are lots of places to set the bar for action, but I’ll go with the final fight in Ring 2 and the Thai rampage of Phase 3. For heroic action, both of these are hard to beat. Add in the Ring action, mentioned above, for good measure. (Of course, I’d like some ring action of a different sort, but more on that later.)

Mythology and Story

The mythology reveal has to be jaw-dropping. I’m talking better than Alma Mater’s reveal of Chuck’s past, Dream Job’s Orion reveal, and the basement reveal from Ring Part 2.

Finally, my deal breaker. Chuck and Sarah. Their story is as much a part of the Chuck story as the mythology and Chuck himself. There are so many romantic relationship moments to beat, like Colonel or the end of Honeymooners; the final moments of Suitcase or Coup d’Etat; or the final rescue in Phase 3. High bars, indeed. However, there’s only one forward direction left for Chuck and Sarah. Only one move can be considered epic in their story. Only one can do justice to their S4 arc. Push Mix has to beat the last proposal of Balcony. It doesn’t have to beat it by much, mind you … just by 3 words. Of course, Faith set the bar even higher, and that would just be Icing on the Epic Cake … wedding, anyone?

Ernie’s Additions

In TV land the last 10 minutes of Chuck essentially includes the climax and the epilogue.  In terms of Chuck it is two to three scenes, depending on the kind of scene.  My fellow bloggers have mentioned a lot of those great scenes and the elements that make them great.  I think there will be three of Chuck’s signature types of scenes.  And I also require a wicked ballad to remember it by.  So here are the types of scenes that always capture me, and what I’d need to see in the best 10 minutes of Chuck.

The Musical Montage.

From the start of “Keep Yourself Warm” to the end of Fat Lady is about 5 minutes of almost entirely intercut scenes of our heroes, and scarcely any dialog, but the emotional impact…wow.  The entire getting ready montage in Tango, with Chuck learning to tango lasts about a minute.  I consider the wedding shootout to Mr. Roboto to be in this vein, even though it also qualifies under the next category.  I’m guessing with Ellie giving birth and Chuck facing down Volkoff while Mary and Sarah are potentially capturing his database there will be rich opportunities for this type of scene.

Epic Battles

Yes, the first wedding shootout qualifies, but it can be epic without a cast of dozens.  Think Sarah taking on Colt, or Smooth Lau.  Think Casey losing his calm and taking down his sensei.  But also think Sarah taking on all of Fulcrum headquarters or Chuck taking on Shaw, the first or second time.  There’s gonna be a showdown.

Epilogue (As Prologue?)

This is a tough one.  There are certain scenes that Chuck often ends on that suggest both the end of something and a new story.  I think my favorite of all times is the beach scene at the end of the pilot.  In close competition was “it is real” or the end of Honeymooners.  When done right these are some of the best scenes Chuck produces.  Chuck refusing to move in with Sarah and then revealing the back of the Tron poster.  The breakup, and Sarah’s sudden look over her shoulder, and a seeming realization.  Sharing a cheeseburger, or holding hands while Jeffster butchers Africa.

So I’m not too picky, or specific.  I’m not too hung up on when they deliver it, but I always feel like the best 10 minutes of Chuck is still to come.  Always.


About thinkling

In my [younger] youth, I was a math teacher, basketball coach, and computer programmer. In 1984, we moved to Brazil, where we serve as missionaries. I like to design things and build things, read things and write things. We now live part-time in Brazil, part-time in the US. Love them both. Wife, 37 yrs; mom, 30 yrs. I am blessed.
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75 Responses to Setting The Bar

  1. shawmustdie says:

    The best ten minute ever? Hmmm…

    Any ten minute sequence in Honeymooners. How about two 5 minute sequences?

    1) Where Chuck and Sarah have finally left the sleeper car and are in the dining car. ( They can still walk? ) Chuck is once again insecure about his relationship with Sarah and her response is that they are running away together.
    2) The last five minutes of the show.

    What would they have to do to beat that?

    It can’t be the proposal, marriage, pregnancy or birth. A little too obvious.

    My prediction would be a world class spy thriller culminating in the destruction of Volkoff and the return of Mama B.

    Either that or the complete destruction of the Buy More and/or Castle, with the resignation of Chuck, Sarah and Casey from the CIA. They start their own security firm and make millions doing what they are already doing. Just no more seductions and no more secrets or lies between them. But then I would be accused of being too fanficy. But then again, most of the show could be characterized that way. ::smirk::

    Actually, the more I think about it, the security firm idea would be a great way to ‘reboot’ the show for Season 5.

    • atcDave says:

      It is interesting how popular the idea of “going private” is. I remember having several discussions along those lines after S2. I’d love to see it, but my guess is it doesn’t figure into any actual plans.

  2. alladinsgenie4u says:

    So we are talking about epic and game changing minutes on Chuck. My list is easy to compile.
    i.Prague Station 3×01 ii.Ending of 3×07 iii.Ending of 3×08 iv. Ending of 3×10 v.Ending of 3×11 and finally vi. 2/3rds pf 3×12 Oh Boy! Good times indeed. 😛
    I am sorry, but when I read the word epic, the above moments were the ones that came immediately to mind. [/joke]

    In all seriousness. The moments/minutes that I considered epic :

    1. Ending of Lethal Weapon – Sarah making a decision, Epic fountain scene and TRON poster FTW!!
    2. Colonel – Finger intimacy and subsequent scenes – Casey finding them, Sarah getting captured, Chuck backing up to try and rescue her.
    3. Entire Roboto sequence in Ring Part 1.
    4. Ending of Honeymooners.
    5. All the emotional outpouring by Sarah in 4×09.

    Now, what would I consider to be epic in 4×13 –

    An awesome montage of Ellie’s delivery intermixed with scenes of Chuck taking down Volkoff for good, rescuing Mama B and Sarah, reconnecting with Sarah and an impromptu proposal and an acceptance of it. All this accompanied by some great music that leaves a permanent impression on the mind. Is it setting the bar too high ? 🙂

  3. JC says:

    I’m looking for a lot out of Chuck himself. No more of this woe is me whiny crap we’ve gotten of late.

    Its time for him to embrace his destiny as a Bartowski and a spy. Chuck needs to take his life back into his own hands. Ellie, Mary and Sarah can accept this or get out of his way. I want to see the smart Chuck again who flipped his Tron poster, the guy Orion claimed was smarter than him but I also want the Chuck who stormed Roarke’s to rescue his father and kicked the crap out of Shaw. And for god’s sake he needs to be angry. Volkoff is the man who destroyed his family and childhood.

    When it comes to the mythology I’m still hoping the Intersect is different. Since it looks like they end up at Orion’s cabin I hope something there triggers it. I’m also hoping we get some kind of connection between Volkoff and Orion. Former partners or something like that.

    I also want a huge action scene like First Kill or Ring Pt1. Lets hope they saved the budget for this. We need canon fodder for Team B to take on. No three or four guards in the whole of Volkoff’s organization.

    Out of of the other characters Mary needs the most screen time. Some mention of Stephen and an admission to her children she screwed up. Very little Morgan and lets not make him look more competent than Chuck. Sarah needs to realize she screwed up at the end of Gobbler. Wouldn’t mind a conversation between her and Mary about everything.

    Here’s the one thing I don’t want, a magically Orion resurrection. I love Scott Bakula but Orion needs to stay dead. A message from him would be great but nothing more.

  4. SWnerd says:

    I have to say that when people hype something up this much I get a little nervous. My own expectations tend to run away with me and I usually get disappointed. So I’ve tried to stop giving any weight to what people say.

    I’ll just be happy if Chuck gets his moment to shine and be a BA and if he and Sarah have a special reunion/couple moment. That’s all I’m really asking for and any “epicness” (real definition) will be an awesome surprise bonus.

    • thinkling says:

      Yes, actually I used the “E” word, because they did. Best ever is fine. But the word came from Schwedak.

      I stand by my list, though, even for best ever.

    • atcDave says:

      One of the realizations to me in doing these lists is just how high that bar is set. Chuck already has several of my all-time favorite TV moments. So they’re really going to have to get everything right to top it. I HOPE, if they fail to deliver a “best ever” and simply give us a very good episode; that we’ll all be able to recognize that and enjoy it for what it is.

      • thinkling says:

        It is a high bar, but doing the list makes me realize how often they pull it off. I’ll be happy if they stay in the same ballpark with all the great stuff we’ve mentioned. (Plus my deal breaker, of course)

      • atcDave says:

        Oh yeah, in the ballpark should be good. But like you Thinkling, there is one particular issue that simply must be addressed or I will likely be disappointed (I’m not saying they MUST do what I want; just I can’t imagine how it could work out well if they didn’t!)

      • thinkling says:

        Right, Dave. But with recent semi-leaks, things sound promising: Zach’s interview, Sepinwall’s tweet. Very good signs.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh yeah, I’m not too worried about it now!

    • Faith says:

      I’m usually not a pessimistic kind of person but I already figured that this upcoming greatness will fall short of my best ever. Which is not to say it won’t be awesome or Chuck’s best ever so far, just not mine.

      Though honestly I should have added a disclaimer to my post, that’s what I would consider to be king but I don’t necessarily want to see it right now.

      Also I forgot to add cinematography wise it has to look fantastic. Some of the best scenes are enhanced by how well it’s shot (see beach wedding scene).

      • thinkling says:

        The video you posted on the spoiler page seems to indicate a delay in the coronation. But I think the proposal is probable.

        I doubt that every wish will be fulfilled, but it’s interesting to see our types, and to talk about what the ideal 4.13 would look like.

        Less than 24 hrs, now. I’m excited.

      • thinkling says:

        Ah. Yes, it’s amazing what a difference the cinematography makes. A couple of episodes this season suffered for it.

  5. herder says:

    Great choices all, one sequence that has not been mentioned is the one in Dream Job, from Chuck’s talk with his dad “still my minute” through to Casey and Sarah hauling him out of Roark’s lab. Two great songs, Luisa’s Bones The Rising and Glasvegas’s Daddy’s Gone, Chuck figuring things out, standing up to Casey and going after Roark on his own. I think the reason for the lack of love for this sequence is that there isn’t much Sarah in it. I’d be happy with something similar but with more Sarah. Sort of a mash of this and the last scenes in Leathal Weapon, ok a bit of the Ring’s beach wedding feel good sense too. Note that all of those scenes had great music, that’s not too much to ask for is it?

    • joe says:

      I came very close to putting that sequence in exactly like you describe it, herder! Someday when I’m 85 and I hear Luisa’s Bones on my iBrain direct-to-neuron music player I’ll still see those moments – Chuck clapping the handles of two guns.

      I almost cheated to put it in my list. 😉

    • atcDave says:

      That is an excellent scene Herder. There’s no shortage of excellent scenes to choose from. No Sarah does indeed knock that one down a notch for me, but you never know; after all I did choose a scene with Jeffster in it for one of my top 3!

  6. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    Well, sounds like we’re all on the same page here…. someone take a screen cap –
    probably the only time that will ever happen : )
    Chuck needs his big boy pants… maybe complete with big belt buckle and sh!t kickers all laced up. Chuck – note to self ” do NOT be a tumble weed.”
    If he pulls this off – he’ll rescue Sarah and Mary away from Volkoff… bring Mary back for the birth of her grandchild. Heart melting scenes between Devon and Ellie.
    Give Sarah a badly needed moment with Casey…
    Time for some tender moments between Morgan and Alex… maybe Alex’s mom at the hospital too? Wow – would that be a historic moment for Casey!!!
    Somehow though, I have a feeling there will be a Jeffster interlude in there someplace.
    Someone mentioned that TPTB love the show for different reasons than most of us do.
    I predict that will really stand out tomorrow night… but hopefully in a good way.

  7. OldDarth says:

    Just reiterating the sentiment that Chuck needs to step up and become proactive. It is the foundation upon which all the other epic elements depend on.

    Accepting the Orion legacy, which is hopefully not undermined in the finale, would be the cherry on the top.

    • thinkling says:

      I’ve got to agree OD. Chuck stepping into Orion’s legacy would be huge for everyone and for the show. It would expand the horizon for story telling, too. I like it!

    • joe says:

      Yes. I worded the concept rather poorly in the post.

      Right now I see Chuck being manipulated by Orion’s legacy. He’s tripping over bits and pieces of it, but hasn’t been given the big picture and can’t explain why he’s doing what he’s doing. When he gets it I would like to see him make the decision on his own that it’s worth and to take it up. *Then* he’ll be able to explain (to Ellie) exactly what’s going on.

      • atcDave says:

        Up until now I haven’t been convinced the writers quite know what to do with the “Orion legacy.” I’m cautiously optimistic after seeing Orion’s cabin in the trailer.

      • JC says:

        That’s a good way of putting it Joe. It really feels like Chuck still hasn’t taken charge of his life and doesn’t have his own reason for being a spy. He’s still caught up in the wake of his parent’s choices.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Agreed that Chuck accepting Orion’s legacy would be a major step – but IMHO maybe TPTB have other plans or are just afraid/reluctant to take a such a step for the character – which is foolish considering the fact that they have harped a lot on growth.

      • joe says:

        I see that, Dave.

        But me, I’m overly fond of the Stephen character. I thought I was being impatient for more about the Orion Cave and those files. It was pretty upsetting when they destroyed it in First Fight; I thought it was a big waste.

        If they succeed in bringing it back like that now with any kind of artistry, it’ll prove that I *was* being impatient. TPTB will have chalked up a major win in my book.

      • joe says:

        Oooohhhh! I hope not, Genie.

        If TPTB have other plans now, then they lied about tying up the loose ends at the conclusion of the original 13!

        Fear and reluctance is another matter. I guess I’m sort of expecting them to do something with Orion’s legacy at this point, mostly because they haven’t let me down in that way up yet.

      • atcDave says:

        I would agree Joe. I hated seeing the house blow up, and I hope they have some way of having Orion mean something. As long as they don’t bring him back. Love Scott Bakula, but we’ve already seen at least one too many characters come back from the dead.

  8. weaselone says:

    Personally I’m hoping for something that combines the romance and passion we saw at the end of Honeymooners, with the music enhanced action we witnessed in The Ring, and the touching family family scene of Mother’s Day in Sizzling Shrimp.

    Given the writers proclivities this year what we’ll probably see is something along these lines.
    1. Chuck, Casey and Sarah are easily ensnared in a Volkoff trap. Chuck whines incessantly and is basically less than useless.
    2. Never fear, Morgan is here. Morgan utilizing his keen intellect and astute knowledge of Vogon poetry, Star Trek DS9 and Kurdish cuisine saves the day to the sounds of Queen’s “We are the Champions.”
    3. In the final battle set to Empire’s “Clash of Lightsabres”, Morgan while temporarily blinded disables Volkoff with a mop.
    4. Morgan uploads Intersect version 3.0 which makes him faster than a speeding bullet, allows him to leap over tall buildings in a single bound and enhances his already formidable mystery crisper skills.
    5. Episode closes with Morgan in bed with scantily clad Sarah and Alex draped across his Star Wars sheets, Chuck crying in his room, and cuts out to a villain seated with his back to us watching the scenes on a monitor. The only part of his anatomy visible is his arm as his fist slams to the desk next to his cat while he shouts “I’ll get you Grimes.”

    • atcDave says:

      Hmmm, I’m going to guess this is just a bit tongue in cheek…

      Agree entirely about what you hope for, that would be awesome.

      • weaselone says:

        Yep. Just a little. I’m hoping for the first part of my post. If any of the 5 items I listed actually occur, I’ll be more than a little disappointed with the writers. I know they can do better.

      • atcDave says:

        You may have noticed none of us listed Morgan anywhere in what we need for a best moment. I do wish TPTB would notice that too.

    • alladinsgenie4u says:


      You forgot one important part – Since the show was given an additional back 11, the remaining episodes will have Chuck playing the role of Morgan Grimes’ personal man-servant 😛

      • JC says:

        Don’t forget the catfight over super spy Morgan between Sarah, Carina and Alex.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:


        The only hope for Chuck will be the arrival of Vivian in 4×16 who will take pity on him and take him away to England permanently.

      • JC says:


        But even that won’t work out once she turns evil and Shaw swoops in.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:


        And after Shaw swoops in, there would be no recourse left for Chuck except to commit hara-kiri . R.I.P Chuck

        Charles Irving Bartowski Died 2011.

        Here in solitude lies Chuck
        Poor man had the worst kind of luck
        But he still struggled like a duck
        And tried hard not to be a schmuck

    • joe says:

      You forgot that Sarah & Casey have to crawl through the Buy More’s duct-works to get to Volkoff’s bodyguards.

      Or somethin’.

      But they have to use the duct-works!

    • Merve says:

      @weaselone: I’m surprised that Chuck hasn’t referenced Inspector Gadget yet.

      Alright, new opinion: the best 10 minutes of Chuck ever will include an Inspector Gadget reference. Chuck and Morgan can just make funny faces at the camera for the remaining nine and a half minutes. If this happens, my life will be complete.

  9. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    As I’m typically a day late and a dollar short on these things…
    Did yall catch the TVLine interview with Zac about Chuck 4.13?
    Great insights and answers… not really very spoilery either –
    although … he is getting better at spoofing and misdirections.
    [ Wonder if that’s an intersect skill or something]

  10. Rick Holy says:

    Greetings from FLORIDA!!

    O.K. Here’s my “stab” at it less than 24 hours before the most EPIC moment in CHUCK history! There’s an old saying – well, maybe not so old, but old enough. It says, “PUT UP OR SHUT UP!”

    TPTB are doing a lot of talking – so WHATEVER it is that they come up with, all I can say is that it has BETTER be good – no, better than good – EXCELLENT – no, better than EXCELLENT – EPIC!!! If it’s “just another of the better episodes of CHUCK,” that won’t cut it. Not when it’s being talked up the way it is.

    So here’s my guess. Volkoff gets taken down, Mama B returns to the CIA and takes over for Beckman who is killed trying to save a yet to be named member of team Bartowski – ironic if it would be MORGAN – (and heck, Linda Hamilton needs a regular gig so make her the new “Beckman”), the baby is born, and out of nowhere – actually out of the sky – comes a parachuting Elvis impersonator who will “marry” Chuck and Sarah. It will be the shortest engagement in T.V. history. “Marry me.” “Yes.” “I do.” “I no pronounce you husband and wife!” Thank you, thank you very much! And he drops to one knee and spreads out his cape while Chuck and Sarah exchange the nuptial kiss!


    • atcDave says:

      I especially like the sky-diving Elvis bit. Has to be a sky-diving Elvis or it just isn’t epic!

    • joe says:

      But – but – but [Joe suspends his motorboat impersonation]…

      Beckman is killed? Ernie and the Duckies would never stand for that! It would be pitchfork and torch time all over again!

      • atcDave says:

        But he had sky-diving Elvis’s Joe! I’m pretty sure the Duckies will be okay if they get sky-diving Elvis.

      • Verkan_Vall says:

        Ohh no you don’t. I ain’t trading our titian-haired temptress Diane away for a 5 minute pitstop from a parachuting Elvis impersonator. Now, a dozen sky-diving Marilyn Monroes, I might….no, no, that’s just wrong!

        I have a simple hope for episode 4.13, after hearing all of the boasting from Messers Fedak and Schwartz:

        Don’t screw up, Guys.


      • joe says:

        Amen to that!

    • thinkling says:

      Sunscreen, Fr Rick, lots of sunscreen. And don’t forget to wear a hat. jk 😉

    • Tamara Burks says:

      Given that the synopsis says Morgan and Chuck go after Volkoff maybe Morgan acts as his electronic eyes in the sky to help watch Chuck’s back in this missions.

      One thing I think would be neat is if Casey is attacked in his bed and Alex kicks his butt . Since she isn’t a trained killer like any bad guy would be have it where if she’s knocked down the bad guy ends up near Casey’s bed, the bad guy makes some comment and Casey wakes up and grabs his throat and starts crushing his windpipe.

      Chuck is taking down Volkoff while he’s bragging that he has access and we see similar scenes involving all the good guys who seem to be in danger(including Ellie giving birth) and then they turn the tables and right before Chuck takes out Volkoff (either by arrest or killing him) Morgan reports to Chuck that everyone is fine and all th4e bad guys have been taken down. Chuck relays this to Volkoff to make him realize he lost this 20 year game he’s been playing. Maybe if he’s somewhere with a video screen have video pop up showing the failure of Volkoff’s attack on the good guys to him.

  11. Merve says:

    Best ten minutes of Chuck ever? Easy. 10 minutes straight of explosions.

    In all seriousness, I’m not going to make a list of demands or expectations. Whatever happens rarely matches what I predict anyway (and that’s probably a good thing). All I ask is that “Push Mix” is good. (And if Chuck could stop being a whiner, that would be super.)

  12. Big Kev says:

    Honestly? I just want Chuck back. The smart, funny, nerdy, crazy brave and intensely loyal guy that won the heart of Sarah Walker, the love of his family and the respect of his friends – and was worthy of all that.
    His alter-ego of this season has been no fun to watch, probably not much fun to play – and near impossible to root for.
    The show needs its main character back, using his smarts and his team to bring down Volkoff, using his heart to redeem his mother, his heroism to claim his father’s legacy and his destiny as a spy, and his love for Sarah to light
    the way in all that he does.
    Now that would be epic!!

  13. Joseph (can't be Joe) says:

    Just for Thinkling 🙂

    We look at 4.13 with a little bit of weariness
    For resolutions to plots are hardly automatic
    But recall the person who tweeted its “greatness”
    Also said the same of “emotional and traumatic”

    • joe says:

      Limerick? Forget limerick.

      Joseph is a poet, and Thinkling his muse!

    • thinkling says:

      Aww. Poetry. Thanks Joseph.

      The season that we shall not name
      Was tauted with much acclaim.
      They couldn’t believe it
      When the fans didn’t receive it.
      So now they don’t wish to inflame.

      At some point, they may produce something we might not like, but I don’t think they’ll ever try to sell it as best ever or epic again. For now I think 4.13 will be something we like … a lot. There’s too much enthusiasm from different sources. We’ll know soooon.

  14. Rick Holy says:

    Maybe a parachuting Elvis impersonator could talk some sense into Chuck and help “bring back the OLD Chuck!” Hey, it’s not like strange things haven’t happened on this show before! The whole show is based on a strange thing – THE INTERSECT! Counting down the hours to tonight as I “wallow” in this beautiful Florida weather. Back home (Chicagoland) they’re predicting a potential blizzard. Now, how will I “dig out” my soon to be plowed in car at the O’Hare airport parking lot when I get “home” on Sunday??

    • atcDave says:

      Sorry to hear about the wallowing Rick. We have big storm hitting Detroit (and I’m sure Chicago too!) the next couple days. I’ll think about you suffering in the sun while I get to shovel!

    • thinkling says:

      Good excuse to stay a little longer in the sunny south, Fr. Rick. … Sabbatical, spiritual renewal, sermon prep … all very good reasons to stay. You owe it to your ministry.

  15. I’m curious about the “Push Mix”. I’m hoping it culminates in a great musical moment ala Ring with awesome craziness, action & drama. Followed by a great family moment.

    What I’d like to see: the return of Chuck, Team B working together, the spy story to make sense, an engagement, and Ellie well integrated to the story.

  16. Tamara Burks says:

    The fight between Chuck and Shaw at the end of the Ring 2 was pretty good. It included one heck of an appropriate song, a flashback to his childhood and his father’s death and Shaw’s butt being kicked even though he had the advantage of years of training, the Governer and a hostage. And then the Buy More blew up.

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