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We’re Here To Save The Day!

It’s been a looooong wait, but the new episode, Chuck vs. The A-Team is finally here. This one looks like it should be sub-titled “Revenge of the Gretas!”

And before you listen to this familiar, catchy little tune, be aware that much like the Gretas, it is not what it seems to be at first.

It’s adult-oriented.

You remember the tune, right? It was played when Chuck came back to the Buy More looking for a job and found the General waiting for him. It seemed perfect for the Buy More; an infectious, bouncy and up-beat little tune.

But underneath it all, the song is actually an arrogant, insulting and even brutal rap. It’s a taunting, pointed rebuke to the listener, just like the Gretas. And in this case, that listener is Chuck.

We’ve speculated for several days now about The A-Team. Be honest now. Did your speculations and predictions pan out? Chuck can’t really be obsolete, right? I know he’s not all that self-assured by nature, but Chuck, my boy. Buck up, will ya? Will we find out if Casey’s heart is like his coffee after all!

And what is this dangerous line of research that Ellie pursues? Does *that* have something to do with the Intersect, or with Chuck? We’ll find out.

The biggest question of all, though, is the big over-under betting line in Vegas. Will Morgan *still* be Casey’s roommate by the end of the episode???

My Costa Gravan Pesos say ‘no’.

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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  1. James Bond says:

    What did I say! Chuck’s intelligence sets him apart from the rest of the gretta’s lol! How can fans see this but not the CIA!

    • Waverly says:

      The “see-ya”? Jeff was inspired.

      There were some good laughs this episode, but the overall it was rather predictable.

  2. OldDarth says:

    Middling episode.

    Unexplained/murky Casey motivations undermine any drama. They want tension between Chuck/Sarah & Casey but don’t want Casey to seem like the bad guy so they slough over creating any credible motivation. And the funny was not very funny.

    The Apple Juice thing was funny though I was hoping Chuck was going to pee instead. 🙂

    Loved Ellie getting the laptop at the end.

    • weaselone says:

      No way Chuck was going to defuse the bomb with his urine wearing that outfit. The pee would have had to come from Casey, Sarah, or one of the Gretas.

  3. silvercat says:

    Loved the episode! Very funny stuff, especially when Sarah ambushed Morgan from behind in the apartment and tranqed him… and then when she saaid “This is a child’s handprint… (then after looking at a sleeping Morgan) oh.” Also funny that it turns out Jeff really was clairvoyant, but stupid Lester didn’t realize what CIA stood for.

    But, come on, did we really think the robotic Gretas were better than Chuck? His sensitivity is what makes him special, plus his innate intelligence. The NCS tricking Ellie into doing research for them will probably have sinister implications. This is one of the better episodes of Season 4, probably in the top three for me, behind Push Mix and Phase Three.

    • armySFC says:

      agreed on the episode not the two you have it behind though. i think the robot part was accurate, not the part about chuck though. this intersect over rides the human thought process. that’s why bently wants it fixed. it took the decision making process away from the agents. a regular agent with known orders not to kill would have shot to disable not kill. we saw the female greta flash then shoot. it was like she didn’t have a choice in the matter. the chuck intelligence i will agree with. it was his reasoning skills that solved the problem of the bomb.

      • weaselone says:

        Army, I think you’re incorrect. Givens had the Intersect reprogrammed to do precisely that. She basically says she had her programmers to tweak it in order to remove Chuck’s weaknesses from the new intersects (emotions). She reprogrammed it to make the agents completely inhuman and robotic. You can see that the moment the Captains are deintersected. They regain their humanity.

        Whatever Givens ultimately wants Ellie to do with the Intersect, I don’t think it’s going to be to make a kinder, fuzzier version.

      • armySFC says:

        weaselone, you said exactly what i did. but there is a big difference from warm and fuzzy and over riding orders. i agreed with the robotic part like you did same as the emotions. the part i think she wants fixed is her orders were to capture the dude not kill him. the intersect saw a threat and eliminated it, over riding the agents mind. the agent would have disabled the dude per his/her orders.

    • atcDave says:

      Don’t know if I’d rate it that highly Silvercat, but it was certainly a good time from beginning to end. Loved the sublime bit of board games in Castle, very funny. Chuck and Sarah breaking into Casey’s and tranqing Morgan was the funniest part to me.
      I’m just a huge fan of seeing Chuck and Sarah as THE team. I loved when it looked they’d been shelved making it their mission to regain their status. And of course Chuck and Sarah both being better (smarter) than their Intersected counterparts was perfect.
      I loved Casey as the big softy too. Even as he switched teams he was still looking out for his old team and cared what Sarah thought of him.

  4. First Timer says:

    As a big Klemmer fan, I would say this wasn’t one of his best episodes. It felt like he was handed a box of spare parts (the laptop, the Gretas, subpar Intersects, clueless Ellie) and told to make an episode.

    But can Klemmer write for Jeff, or what? First a video game champion in Tom Sawyer, now a psychic here.

    Some really lovely bits (Chuck dissing CBS police procedurals, Sarah dissing the Sienna right after the product placement) and a wonderful bored Sarah.

    Bad news: Robin Givens can’t act.

    Godfather reference of the week: “The Turk” was the nickname of the thug who ordered the hit on the Godfather, which led to Michael Corleone getting into the family business. Bring on Vivian doing the Volkoff family business in e20.

    What the episode really missed: Sarah at the Orange Orange having to serve customers during the lack of missions…

    • atcDave says:

      Jeff the psychic was very funny. Especially when Lester couldn’t make any sense of CIA.
      Of course I loved bored Sarah; Chuck will likely never make a nerd of her! The Sienna placement was funny, I almost was going to call it as clumsy as what they do on White Collar; and then SLAM! That was funny! (wonder if Toyota paid for that or not?!)

    • uplink2 says:

      FT I read that comment in a review about needing the Orange Orange for those moments in between in the episodes and lack of missions. Not to be crass but that’s not the reason I miss the Orange Orange, its the uniform I miss ! lol.

      • First Timer says:

        I’m a woman, and straight, but Strahovski in an orange, strappy blouse and classic white jeans works for me, too!

    • Faith says:

      Agreed on Sarah, CBS, and Givens. I think we could have had Sarah a la Santa Claus. But I did like the call back to board games.

      I’m actually not a fan of Klemmer and I felt like that even before S3 but I thought this episode was good.

      • First Timer says:

        I think they made a mistake with the Orange Orange. I understand that they saved some money by closing the Orange Orange set. But they could have occasionally dressed Sarah in the uniform. For starters, it would have relieved the pressure on the costumer to always find something for her to wear. Her in the uniform would have also kept the image of the Orange Orange alive and we wouldn’t have had to see her on the set to believe she still spent time there. Besides, given how desperate this show is for ancillary revenue, Orange Orange gear could have been some sales items for the NBC store…

      • thinkling says:

        Agree on CBS and Givens, but not the OO. Sorry to dissent, but I’ve never been so glad to see anything go. The OO was better than Wienerlicious, but it served its purpose and needed to go. I know you men loved the outfit, but I like seeing Sarah in normal clothes. Her entrance into the Buymore in FOD in the thigh high boots and normal outfit was stunning … much better than the OO uniform, IMO. Yvonne is way too classy to be stuck in the adolescent OO outfit.

        It was principally for surveillance, which is no longer necessary, so I say good riddance.

      • atcDave says:

        There does seem to be a bit of an issue with what does Sarah tell the various minor idiots in Chuck’s life (Jeffster and other Buy Morons) she does for a living. Of course driving a Porsche, and renting an island for their wedding didn’t particularly fit the old cover. Perhaps the best answer is she inherited a small fortune, in which case a cover job isn’t really needed.
        But something should be said about it at some point.

        I try not to talk like a guy too often; but I must admit I really liked the OO costume…

      • jason says:

        maybe u guys n gals haven’t noticed, but of late, ellie has been the object of jeff and lester’s affection – which I think has been marvelouus, gives ellie another scene or two often without awesome, a welcome break,

        the OO outfits were often to wow Jeffster or morgan as proxies for the audience. It is funny, I thought Sarah looked as hot, no not really hot, lets say beautiful in this ep in the castle as she maybe ever has, which I suppose is saying something, but I thought it upon first view – anyone else think that?

        no time for very many new stories, but would be funny for jeffster to stalk sarah and maybe even chuck to figure out where either of them work? Chuck maybe even more so, but I assume they often / usually go to work together, or say leave home together.

      • Faith says:

        I know there were theories running rampant when we got the Subway deal that Sarah was going to work at Subway, I don’t know what happened to that.

        Of course my theory this year has been YS made a deal with TPTB, she’ll be in lingerie whenever they want but the gratuitous OO outfits are a goner lol.

        Jason, I did notice that. In some ways Ellie has taken over Chuck’s role in that she’s the ties that bind the cast of late. She’s interacting with all parts and I have really enjoyed it. If I wasn’t a fan of SL before, I am now. She’s never looked better and been more impressive as an actor.

        RE: porsche. Heavy on the Sienna aside (seriously that’s not the show’s doing, it’s Toyota’s conditions I’m sure)—I think they’re both carless right now lol. Also I think they substituted that budget for the plane. I’ll take it. I love international Chuck.

      • atcDave says:

        So Faith are you suggesting Toyota is who insisted the Porsche must go? I guess we’ll know if Sarah starts driving a Lexus soon!

      • First Timer says:

        Well, as a woman, I didn’t find the OO outfit particularly offensive, especially when she wore the blue sweat over it. It is certainly LESS offensive than some of the things they put Strahovski in for the men in the audience.

        But more to the point, if Sarah’s cover at OO was unnecessary, what is Casey doing in the Buy More. Why does Casey need a cover when Sarah doesn’t? So, for logic’s sake, not to mention the “normal life” part of the show, having the Sarah character in the Orange Orange outfit, would have been a benefit…

        Besides, superspy Sarah occasionally being depicted as working with the masses isn’t a bad idea. Again, with the set gone, it would all be smoke and mirrors, but it might have helped a bit.

        No biggie, of course. Still…

      • thinkling says:

        Wow, this has gotten to be a long thread. I agree, FT, that the OO wasn’t the skimpiest outfit. But, as I said, Yvonne is too stunning not to get to wear other stuff. She’d probably look good in a gunny sack, not that I’m suggesting it, of course. Her more extensive wardrobe gives her a chance to look as beautiful as she is. I’m not a guy, so that colors my perspective a bit, I know.

        Here’s my logic on the covers, FT, not that I’m right. I figure Casey needs a reason to be at the Buymore. Since it’s a CIA base, he does have to be there. Sarah’s reason for coming and going is that she is Chuck’s girlfriend. She can make up any job she wants to satisfy the Buymorons who might ask. Chuck’s family knows what she does, so she doesn’t need a cover job, per se. She can say she’s a consultant for fill in the blank.

      • First Timer says:

        Yeah, I guess you’re right on that “girlfriend” cover. Sounds logical…

  5. gameagain says:

    So the CIA has a fully functioning skill set/combat oriented/intelligence based Intersect ready for agent installation? Not one hint in previous episodes that this was under CIA consideration, let alone in development? Not sure why, but the fact that the writers just tossed in a ready-to-go Intersect — as well as two Intersected agents — without any fanfare at all… I dunno. It felt really…”lazy” is the best word I guess.

    The near-impossibility of recreating the Intersect was something they really beat into us over 4 seasons. The first rebuilt Intersect exploded, giving Chuck a stay of execution. Fulcrum had their intelligence Intersect, but Chuck was the only one who downloaded it without brain damage. Chuck downloaded Intersect 2.0 then destroyed it, making it a one of a kind (yet again). I suppose The Ring’s Intersect was a success (ie He Who Shall Not Be Named), but that Intersect was never mentioned again. Manoosh had his reverse engineered Kung Fu specs. Let’s not forget the need for a Governor lest your brain burn out. (Were the Gretas wearing those? Nope.)

    Anyway, having a brand new, fully functioning Intersect at the ready just seemed like incredibly abrupt lazy writing that flies in the face of a major plot point the entire show revolves around.

    • armySFC says:

      some of your points are valid, to a point. they did have the ring intersect. they also had the laptop ellie fixed the program with so that does explain the governor part. also remember it took chuck how long to start suffering the effects of the intersect? a good couple of years, so it can be guessed that if it wasnt fixed they didnt have it long enough to cause problems.

    • silvercat says:

      What do you mean, there was no hint of a skill set/combat oriented intersect before this episode? Did you miss Orion’s computer in Casey’s Castle? The one Ellie used to alter the intersect and the one that gave Chuck his powers back? Or did you miss The Leftovers? As for the governor, Ellie could have fixed the need for that as well. Plot hole? Don’t think so.

      • sniderman says:

        I see your point, I just wish they had been a bit more forward with the foreshadowing.

        Ok, my “easy peazy Intersecting” issues aside, it appears the CIA now has a fully functioning DE-Intersect too. Now where did THAT come from? Only Orion created one that I know of, and that was destroyed when the drive-in blew up (Colonel). The PSP Suppressor is the only other device I’m aware of that may have survived the destruction of the Orion cave. So anyone have any ideas, or was that program on the Orion computer too?

        I think I’ve put my thumb on why this episode bothered me so much. The Orion computer has become a deus ex machina to move the plot forward. If we need something introduced from out of left field, it was on the Orion computer.

        In spite of my complaints, this was a solid 6-7. Didn’t hate the episode so much as was frustrated by my “Now where did THAT come from?” questions throughout…

    • thinkling says:

      That doesn’t bother me too much. This has been the goal of the CIA all along … to have many Intersects, and ones more like the Greta’s than like Chuck.

      They obviously have all the parts. The Ring Intersect was in a CIA building, and they’ve had Ellie’s changes since Leftovers.

      GB has staunchly defended Chuck and has seen the potential risks of the unchecked proliferation of Intersect technology. She knows she has the best team and realizes the dangers of teams like the Greta’s. It makes sense that she might be kept in the dark until the last minute. Since our knowledge of the spy world is handed down through her, we would likewise be taken by surprise, not by the CIA’s goal to have Intersects, but of their completed success.

      Ellie’s fixes may have precluded the need for a governor. Chuck may not really need his any more, either.

  6. Ernie Davis says:

    Well hate to rain on the hate, but I really liked this one. It had some of the best elements of seasons two, three, and four. Maybe even season one. There were callbacks to Sensei with the Sarah and Casey situation, there was Chuck and Sarah as a team, in every way firing on all cylinders, and there was Morgan the magnet. Careful where you place your loyalties Morgan. Lie to Chuck, you get the 10mg darts from Sarah. And the (as some said) overblown Chuck and Morgan “breakup” now makes some sense.

    I get the sense Casey’s story, and part in this isn’t over, and we don’t know the whole story. Also it seems to set up the intersect interaction as something only Chuck can properly handle. The unemotional Vickie lets the intersect take over, and the intersect doesn’t make good tactical decisions.

    I love that Chuck is now fully embracing his father’s legacy, as the head of the intersect project, and also think Bentley’s deception, with or without Casey’s knowledge is a pretty interesting setup.

    FT, nice catch on The Turk. I liked the touch he was a heroin dealer.

    • armySFC says:

      ernie if i remember correctly bently said they tinkered with the intersect. my bet is they designed the intersect to take over as i said in another post. bently wants non emotional agents, she said that up front. i also agree with you on liking this episode a lot. c/s did work well together as a team, they confronted beckman together, broke into the room together. i agree with most if not all your points. for me the big thing was chuck not getting all whiny about being the B team and along with sarah doing what they had to to get back to being the A team. sarah and casey’s confidence in chuck to defuse the bomb was also a plus. the your going to defuse a nuclear bomb with apple juice?, yes do it was great.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah army I forgot to mention about the bomb! That was great, good call back to the Pilot too.

      • kg says:

        Yvonne/Sarah IS the most beautiful woman in the world wearing anything she wants….Or nothing at all.

        Ellie has the laptop. Let’s hope this time she has learned her lesson and when confronted by Bentley and her goons, goes to Chuck and the team for help. Her reluctance to involve the team and trust Justin was partially responsible for the murder of her father.

        It’s also time for Chuck and Awesome and/or Chuck and Sarah to clue Ellie in as to what he is doing. I’m not saying it will be necessarily easy, but an attempt should be made. She did accept her mom as a spy afterall. She even lauded Chuck, who told his sister their mom “is the best.”

        Ellie obviously did a wonderful job raising her younger brother. But he’s a grown man, a competent agent and has a supermodel/superspy girlfriend. It’s well past time she let go. It’s admirable how much she cares for and worries about her brother. Her instinct to protect is keen. But Chuck can take care of himself and he has the aforementioned GF who romped through half of Thailand in search of and to save him. Casey and Morgan have his back too.

      • thinkling says:

        KG, I have to unread that. How can I unread that?

    • atcDave says:

      Agree with all of that Ernie. It was very satisfying to see Chuck and Sarah outperform the Gretas in the end. In both cases, just by being smarter than they were with or without and Intersect.
      It did seem very fitting to have the team of Chuck and Sarah overcome the dreaded Morgan too! Casey needs a better watchdog!

      This was very much the sort of episode I always hope for. Very funny, some exciting moments, solid partnership, and even some good Casey moments thrown in.

    • silvercat says:

      Well, rain hard, Ernie, cuz I agree with your positive reaction to this episode. I guess it really is true you can’t please everybody.

      Oh, I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I really loved the fact the call back to the Pilot when Chuck diffused a bomb with the porn queen virus. Diffusing it with apple juice was even funnier!

    • Faith says:

      Where Chuck and Sarah differ isn’t just that they’re compromised but that compromise is actually making them better. They see solutions where there aren’t any, overcomes challenges that are unscalable to everyone else. They even have a trust within them that is unheard of and that which for everyone else leads to downfall within the spy life. I absolutely loved the team that was Chuck and Sarah in this episode and I thought it was a nice return for Klemmer.

      Oh and absolutely loved that they’ve built on that which sets Chuck apart from everyone else is, his heart. Chuck is full of heart and it shines right through.

      My biggest issue in this one and it’s not even a big deal, is the resolution to Casey’s actions. He tried to redeem himself towards the end but I’m still hurt.

      RE: Bentley, can I call it or what? 😛

      • thinkling says:

        When you’re right, you’re right, Faith.

        I loved this episode … for all the stuff you mentioned. Chuck and Sarah were perfect. What a team, all cylinders firing, and then some.

        I wonder if they were ever truly compromised? I know in CIA terms they were and are. But in reality they have always completed each other, and now the closer they become (engagement, etc) the better it works. Obviously that’s a deeper, altogether other level than just attraction and hormones, which would be the definition of compromised. It’s the conclusion of Heart Break … the connection, in their case, is a strength.

        I also loved the teamwork diffusing the bomb. It was a strong call back to the pilot, obviously, even their positions. The whole process highlighted how much they’ve grown in 4 years … the trust. And Casey was right in there with them. Fantastic! I also noted that the Greta’s had no notion of team what-so-ever.

        There is still a little Casey hurt, but I think at the moment he’s stuck. He’s probably figured out that his current situation is less than ideal. He’ll figure a way back. I love what he told Morgan … we’re all on the same team now.

      • kg says:

        That’s very true Faith.

        I know some thought Sarah overreacted in confronting Casey. I thought she was correct. And I don’t think she over did it. Now it may appear to Casey that Chuck and Sarah don’t need him, but in my estimation the couple never attempted to make him feel that way. It seemed to start with Morgan at the bar in masquerade and manipulated by Bentley.

        They’re not just regular teammates. They’ve all risked their lives and careers for each other. They’re supposed to be family. I thought of the family angle during the episode, but it was never mentioned. Sarah had a right to be furious and hurt. I don’t think she acted like a brat.

        It was really Chuck who seemed obscessed with the A/B team designations.

      • herder says:

        It’s funny, but in two situations while watching I found my self thinking “you don’t know what family you are provoking”. First when Vicky pulled the gun on Chuck I thought “hurt him and you’ll have to deal with both Sarah and Mama B, intersect or not you will be in trouble”. Can you imagine Mama B’s reaction to the news that someone shot her son for putting his hands on the computer given to his sister by his father, her husband? Thailand can tell you what happens when someone mistreats Sarah’s Chuck.

        Bentley is making the same mistake with Ellie, if mother hen Frost finds out that someone is messing with one of her chicks (and by implication her grand chick) the feathers will fly. Remember Ellie is Sarah’s maid (matron) of honour so there is a connection there too. Finally I think Casey views himself as Ellie’s uncle (albeit a younger uncle).

        Bentley may be Langston Graham’s evil daughter, but this is one family you don’t want to mess with.

      • atcDave says:

        I sort of like that thought Herder. Who’d have though, way back in the Pilot, that the Bartowski’s would prove to be so formidable.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, Herder, Dave, no kidding. The Bartowski’s are a force to be reckoned with. MamaB and Sarah are lionesses. Chuck is a master spy with or without public transportation. If he wants to bring you down, you’re going down. And Ellie, well she is pretty feisty, too. Plus she’s getting better and better at the spy stuff. And then there’s Casey.

        They just really don’t want to go there. I think it’s going to be a very fun showdown.

  7. armySFC says:

    help anyone!!! i remember a couple months ago seeing a picture of casey in the bomb disposal suit. does any one but me remember it? and if so i wonder why they changed it? just wondering.

  8. herder says:

    I liked it a lot, don’t know that I loved it though. I thought that it was a bit slow for the first half hour, but once the Orion computer made an appearance it took off. Some very funny lines like keeping the possibility of cutting off Casey’s hand as a back up. Not one mention of the wedding, this was very much a spy story and it served to toss a few more balls into the air that the show will be juggling for the rest of the year.

    Bentley seems to have some sort of animus towards Chuck, I think that more will come out next week about that. She is playing with fire involving Ellie in the spy world, that never works out well for who ever has that bright idea (Justin anybody?). The past two episodes were set up for the Vivian story, I think this week and next are set up for the Bentley story. Also I see the outlines for a Casey story, his view that Chuck and Sarah are the team and he is only backup is a real issue even if he didn’t say he was the fat kid of the group.

    Chuck and Sarah taking a business trip to a place far away with only sex to occupy them, if the cabin is a rocking then they are probably having sex. Sarah’s facial expressions at passing time playing board and video games was priceless. Overall a good, strong spy/mythology episode.

    • thinkling says:

      Going as a duo instead of a trio has its advantages. It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s a flying supply closet. Oh and it’s a pretty sweet looking ride.

      Bentley is a piece of work. She threatened Chuck’s life twice, first with her Greta, and then looked pleased as punch to put him on the team as the dispensable bomb diffuser. Looked to me like she not-so-secretly wanted it to go off on him.

  9. jason says:

    I liked the ep, where would I rate it vs rest of season 4, not sure, but I would have to say lots of stuff about chuck and sarah is exactly how I pictured chuck and sarah would be all season long. No engagement, no marriage talk, just a pair of spy partners doing their job, felt like the show I hoped it would become after honeymooners and role models and never quite found itself.

    I wish casey would lead a different team for good, and morgan would stay home, and let the A team do their thing. It is interesting that casey and sarah did discuss just that (that casey no longer has a role), maybe there is hope for CS vs the world yet.

    Interestingly, Chuck and Sarah seem to now be the comedy in the show (the way they were sneaking around spying on casey, playing board games, taking down morgan, getting the dog, chuck in his bomb outfit, diffusing the bomb with apple juice, etc). I have been noticing that more and more since push mix, which for me is great, it feels to me like the show is starting to find its niche with chuck and sarah. If sarah and chuck are having fun, this show rocks, the rest of the plot will work out most of the time – so yep – I liked this one as I have enjoyed most this season.

    • atcDave says:

      Agree entirely Jason. Maybe not the best of the best; but a solid episode. great seeing a solid, and slightly funny spy team/couple take center stage.

    • herder says:

      Anyone get the idea that Bentley was kind of inconsistent about Chuck, she listed all his faults; overly emotional, too much reliance on his handlers, unwilling to pull the trigger, she sent him in as bomb disposal (risked blowing him up) then at the end decides she needs someone who can think like a Bartowski. Definitely not as warm and cuddley as General Beckman. I will say that of all the ways to intersect a new team I didn’t think of the Orion computer, if I thought about it I guess I figured that it was somewhere in Chuck’s closet, that came as a suprise.

      The promo makes it clear that Casey is in the next episode despite Adam Baldwin’s name not appearing in the synopsis for Muuurder. Also for a change, no bad blue screen scenes.

      Interestingly, on some of the other sites, particularly the Sepinwall review the comments are raking Robin Givens over the coals for being a very wooden actor.

      • uplink2 says:

        Not surprised at the comments about Givens. She isn’t a great actress but she plays a decent B—–. From this episode I’m more convinced that she is working for Volkoff. Someone has to be behind it and her knowing about Ellie and the laptop and thinking like a Bartowski scream Volkoff to me. We shall see but I see her as the source of the inevitable convergence of theses arcs.

      • atcDave says:

        I figured she was supposed to be cold and humorless, at least that’s exactly what we saw on screen.

      • weaselone says:

        She might not be a good actor, but she definitely worked in this role. The Intersects she produces are a direct reflection on her personality. So, does anyone want to guess whether she Intersects herself with the new version when Ellie is done with it?

      • Faith says:

        She intersected 2 agents. I think she’ll be looking to create an army of intersects. Think Fulcrum.

        On the contrary I don’t think Ellie will be intersected, instead she will be used much like Stephen did, to make the weapon which they will then exploit. I don’t know how Bentley will get the computer after Ellie is done with it but she’ll find a way and I don’t mean through Casey.

      • jason says:

        I read a bunch of reviews quickly this am, more skimmed. I did not see too much about givens really, I think much like my taste in writers, guests like her largely have to stay out of the way, seen not heard, allow for casey, chuck, and sarah to lead the way which she (and both greta’s) did relatively well.

        Seemed like the ep did ok in the reviews also, much like givens herself, the ep was nice and uneventful. This ep seemed like a long conversation with an old friend might, where old times and hope for the future is shared, not discussions of heart attacks, cancer or problems with the spouse / children – LOL.

      • jason says:

        I did not get the impression the loss of time was an intersect event, more a distraction that a bored mind might find in an intriguing new board game. I would think there are dozens of ways for Bentley to get the computer back, she might even have it cloned and has a team of scientists monitoring ellie every key stroke.

      • Faith says:

        Jason, re: reviews, don’t know if you caught this one. Interestingly enough this is from a guy that didn’t like the episode: “Any spy show in which apple juice can defuse an atomic weapon has to be judged on character first, spy stuff second.” I agree with that statement.

        I bring this up because I’ve read you saying the same thing before.

      • weaselone says:

        I ment Bentley, not Ellie would be Intersected.

      • AtcDave says:

        They did seem to open the possibility Ellie may have accidentally intersected herself. My guess is that will not be the case, but it’s certainly out there as a possibility.

      • armysfc says:

        dave not sure on the accidental intersect. chuck needed his own password to access it. just a guess on my part.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Army but I wouldn’t have guessed the laptop contained the whole Intersect either! I definitely saw the ending as leaving that possibility open, although like I said, I think it’s still unlikely they will actually go that way.

        But then maybe Ellie downloaded a special “Administrator’s Intersect”, so she now knows everything Orion knew about the Intersect itself!

      • armysfc says:

        dave, they had the ring intersect as well. they also had all the information from 2.0 they were going to use on bryce. i really doubt they would not have a back up of it. i think ellies fix was more like a patch programmers use to repair a messed up program. you could be right though.

      • herder says:

        On of the interesting comments by Bentley was that “we need someone who thinks like a Bartowski”. She meant it in the sense that they need someone who can understand Papa B’s thought processes to make sense of the programing in the Orion Computer.

        Papa B had it set up that it needed both children to make it work, maybe the intersect itself is that way too. Not only do you need someone who thinks like a Bartowski to understand the programing (intelectually-Ellie), but some one who thinks like a Bartowski to apply the programing (physically or neurologically-Chuck).

        Her comment to Casey “and you’re going to help me do it” could lead to Casey’s moment of decision, is he the agent he always thought himself to be or is he a member of the extended Bartowski family that he said he was in Push Mix. At some point he will likely have to choose between orders and protecting Ellie.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah I’d love to see Casey pay Ellie a visit to let her know exactly what she’s getting involved with. I’d always figured it would eventually be Chuck who did that, but right now I think Casey.

      • thinkling says:

        I agree about Casey’s decision, and for him to be the one to help Ellie would be a great call back to Subway when she suspected him of all sorts of evil. That would be a really nice touch. In fact he could be the one to tell her about Chuck. We’ve all guessed everybody else, but I think it would be great if it were big brother Casey.

  10. uplink2 says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. This was Tom Sawyer Phil Klemmer and not Mask Phil Klemmer thankfully. On rewatch the funny parts are even funnier. Loved the CBS line that was awesome and something only this show can pull off as well.

    Loved that Sarah is so proud of her team, all three of them.

    Loved the callback to the Pilot and how when Sarah asked him about disarming a nuke with fruit juice as soon as he said yes she was all for the idea. I love that she trusts him completely again this season.

    It was just a fun entertaining episode. Decent spy story and good resolution leading into the next episode. Well done

    Another way I know I totally enjoyed this episode? I realized when I was about to rewatch it that I never looked for the ring once. Saw it on rewatch but at no time during it did I look for it because the story and the comedy had me so totally entertained I didn’t even think about it. Love that as we move away from the relationship arc dominating the show. It was just enough and the kiss after the bomb proves how wrong the Gretas were about relationships and judgment.

    • atcDave says:

      Agree entirely. On rewatch there were no cringe worthy moments or anything I “couldn’t” watch again. The humor was even better, I liked that the spy story/nuke (kind of similar to Tom Sawyer that way). I will enjoy watching Bentley go down in flames, even if she isn’t a baddie!

      • herder says:

        One thing that I will say for season 4, the rewatch value of almost all the episodes is high. I did the first rewatch last night and the only bits that I was tempted to fast forward were some (not all) of the Jeff and Lester and Morgan/Casey at the end.

  11. BDaddyDL says:

    Just thought of something, there was some nice foreshadowing going on with the operation game vs defusing the bomb

  12. mxpw says:

    After watching this episode I’ve become even more convinced that Klemmer does not have a good read on Sarah’s character. I thought she came across as over the top in this episode with her concern about Casey having another team, especially since we haven’t seen her really express any interest in being Casey’s partner since at least mid-S3. Her feelings kind of came out of nowhere for me and honestly, she acted more like a jealous girlfriend for most of the first half of the episode than a concerned partner.

    Her extreme restlessness at not having a mission also seemed odd and doesn’t bode well for future domestic harmony in the Walker-Bartowski household. It only enhanced her over the top behavior and made it seem like she cared more about getting to go on exciting missions and being Casey’s partner than she did that Chuck (and her) was being minimized and kind of discarded. It was like she resented not being one of the “cool kids” anymore and I thought Chuck handled things much, much better than she did, which was odd as he’s supposed to be the insecure and “sensitive” one.

    Casey’s actions also weren’t sufficiently justified in this episode to really make his actions in joining the other team make sense. It just kind of…happened. And the episode didn’t really address the allegedly main reason why Casey joined the other team in the first place, because he felt like he was no longer needed on Team B. Where was the resolution to that?

    Other than those things, the episode was fairly funny and entertaining. The second half was definitely superior to the first half and everything at the airport with the bomb was pretty darn good. That was Chuck firing on all cylinders. The callback to the Pilot was most appreciated. And Jeff actually had some funny material for once.

    • James Bond says:

      I think mxpw the sarah actions can be alattributed to betrayal, abandonment and trust issues. Sarah has always had and always will have trust, betrayal and abadonment issues that have been there since the pilot with Bryce. Whenever that happens you see how she reacts, in a word…. unpredictable, everytime! So it makes sense that chuck would deal with it better then she did, I think Klemmer got that right. What casey did was abandon the team and he betrayed her trust, so her first reaction is like it always is and she got angry! the difference now though to when it happened before, she has chuck and so she may react slightly differently. The whole not having missions and needing to go away, that was just a setup for the episode, I think they will abandon that aspect.

    • weaselone says:

      You also have to remember that there is a segment of the fan base that was up in arms about “Casey’s betrayal” before the episode aired. If Chuck is going to handle it responsibly that leaves Sarah to make an issue of it. If all the characters treat it as no big deal, those fans will gripe endlessly.

    • armySFC says:

      mxpw, i have a different take on sarah and missions. i don’t think it has anything to do with their home life. missions are her job. if you were a doctor and had no patients for a couple weeks and sat around your office you would get bored, same for an IT guy with no breakdowns. she has been in the castle for how ever many hours each day for several weeks doing nothing at all. so she would get bored and want a mission. then when she leaves and goes home life changes and she does whatever with chuck.

      • uplink2 says:

        That brings up the discussion of Sarah not having a cover job anymore. From season 1 till about mid season 3 Sarah had a cover job that kept her occupied when there were no missions. And she always had the mission of protecting Chuck, the asset. Well she no longer has that job and Chuck is a full agent now and really doesn’t need to be watched over anymore. Its kind of the empty nest syndrome in a way. So with all the free time they have now its no wonder she is bored.

        Sarah Walker is a woman used to the action lifestyle and now that she has chosen to stay put and settle down there will be times of great boredom for her. How she deals with is is what matters. Chuck is content to waste those hours on video games and board games. Sarah Walker isn’t. She will need to find another outlet for that somehow. In the past her cover job provided that. Remember the opening of DeLorean?

        Chuck: “Long day?”
        Sarah: “Boring day”

        Sarah Walker doesn’t do well with boredom, never has.

      • atcDave says:

        That was how I saw it too. Sarah seems to do fine with actual down time. But being at work with nothing interesting to do is hard for her. She would not make a good firefighter!

      • armysfc says:

        dave agreed. i don’t many people do well with down time. heck even you say you watch chuck on breaks and lunch. i think she gets bored sitting around castle doing nothing. chuck who never had much of a life before the intersect can occupy himself.

      • thinkling says:

        Agree with Army, et al about the lack of stuff to do at work, and that it’s not a reflection of her legitimate off time. Chuck didn’t like it either, but he’s more laid back than she is in general.

        Something that stuck me, though, was that Chuck barely has a cover job. He wasn’t upstairs in the Buymore. He was in Castle playing board games with Sarah.

        Looks like the Buymore has a big role next week, though.

      • armysfc says:

        thinkling, what about morgan? he was in lock down and from the looks of it he never left the apartment, lol. not much of a manager…

      • thinkling says:

        Touché Army.

        Who said the Buymore wasn’t relevant … cough.

    • joe says:

      Good observation, mxpw. But I thought of something.

      My take is that Sarah’s reaction to being sidelined was supposed to be analogous to Ellie’s. Ellie did not react well to being house-bound either. Both were desperate to busy themselves with something they do well – in Sarah’s case, spying and in Ellie’s, Bio-medical research.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Joe – I get the parallel, I just don’t think it worked for Sarah as much as it did for Ellie. Ellie’s reaction made sense. She’s house-bound, as you say, and is more or less “forced” to be there at all times while Devon is away. Plus, presumably she’s been holed up in their house for more than three months, at least.

        Sarah has no restriction. There is nothing keeping Sarah from exploring aspects of her life outside of the spy life. She had such an extreme reaction after just two weeks. Where is Sarah’s personal growth? Does she have no hobbies? Does she have no interests beside Chuck and being a spy? If not, then her character is, quite frankly, lame. Where is her personal growth? Surely she should be able to find something to occupy herself with that wouldn’t make her so desperate to go on missions. And her reaction to Casey was just weird.

        That’s why I found Sarah over the top in this episode. This was plot-device Sarah in fine form and it’s why I don’t think Klemmer really knows how to write Sarah. She was much the same in Mask, American Hero, and most of Klemmer’s other episodes. He’s much more suited to writing the male characters and the spy stuff than Sarah.

      • mxpw says:

        Sorry, that was me. Have no idea why it didn’t post my name. Ah well.

  13. JC says:

    I’ll echo everyone else here and say a much better second half than the first. Solid all around and it was enjoyable.

    This almost felt like another setup episode. Don’t know what to think of Casey at this point, I can kinda understand him feeling like a third wheel but he had the same role basically with the Greta’s. And if he has any knowledge of what Bentley is up to with Ellie that’s a character killer in my eyes especially after what happened last year. If she gets hurt or put in any danger because of it he should watch his back when it comes to Mary.

    I doubt they’d give Ellie an Intersect but they hinted at that with her loss of time right? Oh she does know how to play the BuyMorians, plus Sarah Lancaster looked amazing during the episode.

    Nice to see the laptop again but I feel like the Intersect blocking emotions came out of nowhere although I have read some fan fiction that had this idea. I hope they move forward with this idea though, it seemed like Stacey Greta had no control over it, so maybe my spec about brainwashing agents is part of Volkoff’s plan.

    Gotta agree with Mxpw about Sarah being over the top about missions and Casey. She was acting like she did Cat Squad in some ways. Really hate to see her being dragged by the plot after the growth of earlier this season.

    They had great balance between smart and Kung Fu or as I like to call it Batman Chuck. He didn’t act whiny and actually showed some justifiable anger towards Casey and Bentley.

    Just enough Morgan in the episode and he did get one the best lines”Clever Girl” gotta give Klemmer props for comparing Sarah to a Velociraptor.

    • weaselone says:

      Don’t you mean comparing a velociraptor to Sarah?

    • thinkling says:

      I don’t think it’s that they have no control over the Intersect. I think the Intersect is a force that they can give in to, like an adrenaline rush. The CIA Intersect project runners probably want agents to give in to the power. Obviously that’s not a good thing, as evidenced by the GRETA’s last night and Chuck on laudenal last year. The CIA values agents that are less emotional, more aggressive, with a killer instinct. They want to Intersect those agents. Terrible idea.

      Next week, it looks like they will go to the other extreme … find some sweet nerds and Intersect them. My guess is that won’t work out any better, drawing the conclusion that we’ve all known for a long time. Chuck is really the one and only Intersect. There may be a few others like him, but forget trying to form an army of Intersects.

      • atcDave says:

        Others capable but only rarely may be the key. It was especially gratifying to have Chuck’s seniority with the project finally acknowledged last night. It would be nice to see some sort of larger Intersect program eventually built, it makes a Chuck/Sarah exit strategy more doable for a finale.

      • thinkling says:

        True, Dave. It would give Chuck and Sarah an administrative role to slide into.

      • uplink2 says:

        You guys seem to be thinking along the lines of my series finale closing scene idea. 🙂

      • thinkling says:

        Series finale … many years from now. 🙂

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah, I’m in no hurry for that; but eventually it would be nice to think they wouldn’t spend their whole lives going in harm’s way.

      • JC says:


        Could be but it did seem to alter both of the Greta’s personalities and Rick’s comment about being happy its gone seemed to imply it changed him somehow. I’m just spit balling on how they could tie this story into the Volkoff one but they could just ignore what happened moving forward. We’ll just have to wait and see.

        One more thing they really need to establish why Chuck can handle the Intersect while others fail and keep to it. That’s the backbone of the mythology of the show and they need to stick to it.

      • armysfc says:

        jc, not only that vicky smiles after its gone and rick say that poor bugger bartowski. they did look more relaxed when it was removed.

      • Faith says:

        I thought they took care of that with the reboot and “special” flashback last season. Which makes last episode’s “that poor guy” all the more significant.

      • thinkling says:

        JC, I think what we saw is still explainable by canon. Even Chuck commented on how different, how much lighter he felt when the 1.0 was removed (Colonel).

        We’ve already had glimpses of the Intersect overwhelming Chuck, mostly when he was learning to control it. First, he had to struggle mightily not to deck Emmit in 3.1. Then in Operation Awesome, he yelled at the Korean woman in Korean and kicked Lester across the Buymore. In Tic Tac, when his inhibitions and emotions were blocked by the laudenol, he almost broke the guy’s windpipe. In Ring2, he struggled not to kill Shaw.

        They haven’t made an issue of it since. I’m assuming he has it under control. There could be situations, however, that would test that.

        Agents who are already given to aggression and killing would easily give in to the rush, or control, or power (or whatever) of the Intersect, which is programmed for aggression and killing. Some agents would enjoy it. The GRETA’s were likely trained to give in to its control. Perhaps they were chosen for their soldier-like qualities of aggression and submission to orders.

        The personality thing at the end could just be an expression of relief to have their brain relieved of the “weight” of the Intersect.

        The Intersect is heavy. It puts stress on the brain. Perhaps there are very few brains that can handle that stress and function as before. The stress could affect personality, without being actually programmed to change personality. Plus they weren’t wearing governors.

        To me I didn’t see anything that isn’t explained somewhere in canon. (As always, I could be wrong.) That’s not to say, though, that someone might program it to control the will and personality of the host. Yikes. I suppose it’s possible that the GRETA Intersect had those specs, but I don’t think we can know that for sure just from what we saw in A-Team.

        As to why Chuck can handle it, I’ve inferred, from Alma Matter and Suburbs and Ring2, that he has a special high capacity, high functioning (think fast CPU) brain. The other reason he can handle it is his character and heart (as Faith said). The CIA up until now, has only been concerned with the brain aspect. I think that explanation (the special brain) has been very consistent.

        Oh well, just my 2 bits. If I’m right I’ll collect my pesos. If I’m wrong, I’ll deny everything 😉 🙂

      • herder says:

        I think that thinkling has got it, I’ll just add two pieces, the 1.0 which was removed (overwritten?) in Colonel was the original intersect done up by Orion and stolen by Bryce. It didn’t seem to have the mood altering parts that came later but Chuck did notice a difference when it was gone.

        The 2.0 was designed by Orion but altered by the CIA “you’ve changed some of my underlying architecture…” “you don’t want to know” to include abilities to knowlege as flash subjects. It was the abilities that were much more difficult for Chuck to handle and learn to control in season 3.

        Also maybe the deterioration in season 3.5 that Chuck was suffering has different manifestations in different people. Chuck had sort of seizures, others might have huberis or abscence of empathy.

      • atcDave says:

        Although Herder, whatever it was we can guess the 1.0 would have eventually caused problems too; since the Beta Intersect caused long-term problems for Orion. Sorry if that was too obvious to be needed.

      • joe says:

        @JC: One more thing they really need to establish why Chuck can handle the Intersect while others fail and keep to it. That’s the backbone of the mythology of the show and they need to stick to it.

        Great question, JC. Just coincidentally, Lou and the CNN podcasters happened to bring this up. I realized that I just hadn’t ever thought in terms of Chuck needing to override (or, like you said, handle) the Intersect.

        Now it seems that The Intersect (version 2.0 or better) wants to control things a bit. Way back when, we nearly saw Chuck kill Emmett when he got a bit aggravated. I think now that The Intersect somehow urges him (and anyone who is intersected) to act on it’s solution, which isn’t always the moral solution that Chuck would choose. The Greta shot Dragan because that was the answer it found – not the right one, after all.

        So I think it’s Chuck’s strong moral compass that lets him override it. The Laudinol prevented that and the Greta’s never had that compass to begin with.

        And the promo for next week, with all the “Chucks” and with Bentley saying she needs someone who “thinks like a Bartowski” has more meaning to me.

      • JC says:

        I know that continuity isn’t something that people care about on this blog and I admit maybe it bothers me more than it should sometimes. And I’ve accepted the shift in the mythology from how rare the ability to download an Intersect is to Chuck’s ability to handle it. Here’s the thing though they need to establish a reason why and it has to be more than his emotions IMO which is cop out. I’m hoping with Ellie in the game again we get that reason.

      • thinkling says:

        JC, it’s never been his emotions. His emotions are presumed to be a hindrance to the functioning of the Intersect. They have never been tied to his ability to handle it (upload it and live with it stuck in his brain).

        Maybe this will help. I see two areas affected by the Intersect: the brain and the will. The host must have a rare brain to handle the Intersect. When I say handle I mean upload it and live with it stuck in his brain.

        The ability to control the Intersect, as opposed to being controlled by it, is a matter of the will. A person’s will is directed by his character, values, convictions, and conscience (morality). Chuck’s caring about his family and friends, his concern for people, his wanting to do the right thing, his unwillingness to take a life … that’s all a part of his convictions. His character, directing his will, puts him at odds with the aggressive aspects of the programming of the Intersect.

        Other agents are more compatible with the Intersect. More ruthless soldier types who don’t have the same concern for individuals, who think some losses are acceptable, who aren’t hesitant to pull the trigger, whose notion of right and wrong is always guided by orders … those agents are very likely to yield to the Intersect programming for any given situation. Chuck’s convictions are too strong to allow him to give in to the programming of the Intersect. That’s why he controls the Intersect, and others don’t.

        I do think that the word emotion has been used too broadly when describing Chuck. I would distinguish between character and emotion. They are not the same thing.

        His ability to handle it (upload it and host it), which has been shown to be rare, is his “special brain.” That has been consistent from Alma Mater to Suburbs to Ring2. In Ring2, they added the info that he uploaded the Alpha Intersect as a child. The fact that he’s been living with an Intersect since he was 9, may be one of the reasons that he is able to handle it better (both uploading it and living with it stuck in his brain). Maybe the Alpha Intersect even protects his brain from later Intersect properties; maybe it’s in charge, so to speak. Of course that’s pure speculation on my part. But we do know that the Alpha is somehow important, because PapaB’s last words were directed at it. But the bottom line is that Chuck has a special brain. I doubt they’ll go into the neurology of it, though Ellie has already made adjustments to the Intersect so that it is more human-brain friendly.

        His ability to control the Intersect is that he’s a good guy who wants to help people.

      • jason says:

        @jc – since klemmer wrote suburbs when nobody could handle the intersect process, to this ep where seemingly anyone can, all they would have needed is one line stating the new intersect tech is much more suitable for everyone, but we don’t know the long term effects, hence the same thing that allowed chuck to handle the antiquated intersect tech, allows him to stay intersected, while it would drive others mad. Did you notice, they never showed the greta’s with a noticeable flash moment, or they seemingly did not flash, they just knew, I wonder if that is important or just an oversight or plot hole?

        that being said, I am not needing of much continuity, between the many impending cancellations, the many different writers, as well as the need for comedy interspersed with the mythology, it is a wonder they get it right ever.

      • atcDave says:

        Perhaps the recent changes Ellie made have made it compatable with more brains.

      • thinkling says:

        I thought it showed them flashing … their eyes, not all the other images we see.

      • herder says:

        I thought it showed a stereo flash on the nuclear bomb, two images side by side.

      • armySFC says:

        herder you are correct. at one point they did flash in split screen mode. it was a white screen with scientific symbols in black and some other bits as well.

      • thinkling says:

        Oh, right, Herder. I forgot about the info flashes. They were just like Chuck’s … identical, if I remember. The double one I think was to show that the two GRETA’s were having exactly the same flash.

        The KungFu flashes were less obvious in the GRETA’s, but I remember seeing them. Then when Stacy shot the detonator guy, she definitely flashed before she did, target pictures and all.

      • jason says:

        but when chuck flashes, he makes a face like he is trying to pass gas or something, with the greta’s, I saw no change in expression, just the flash, i.e. it appeared without effort – or did I miss something, I have not rewatched, so maybe I just missedit?

      • armySFC says:

        thinkling, i agree with you on the character and emotions of chuck. bentley did say they tinkered with the new intersect to remove a persons emotions (or something to that effect) ans she listed chuck faults (in her belief).

        another thing you mentioned…”The GRETA’s were likely trained to give in to its control. Perhaps they were chosen for their soldier-like qualities of aggression and submission to orders.” this helps me point out why i think the intersect they were given overrides their normal thought process when it engages.

        any member of the military is sworn to obey a lawful order not just any order. i’ll explain, if i am ordered to take a platoon on a patrol of a town, that’s a lawful order. if i am ordered to shoot an unarmed civilian, that is not a lawful order and i can refuse to obey it. BOTH gretas were given the same order TWICE, bring the dude in alive. being a lawful order it would have been obeyed by the gretas in their normal state. she flashed, killed the guy, then you can see her look of surprise at what she did. she went against the orders she was given by casey and bentley.

      • armySFC says:

        jason, no you didn’t miss anything. chucks flashes this week were the same as the gretas, he just did the closed eyes thing. i did notice that when he force flashes he tends to look like he has bad gas or something.

      • thinkling says:

        I see what you’re saying Army. If that’s the case, it’s a really bad thing.

      • armySFC says:

        thinkling, agreed. i think that plays into the end of the episode where bentley says the problems not with my gretas but with the computer. she know knows the intersect overrode her orders and wants that part fixed. i think she wants the perfect soldiers. ones that will do anything without remorse and still be able to use rational thought and obey orders. right now they can’t, the intersect takes over. it reminded me a little of the movie war games from back in the day. the computer figures out the best response and goes ahead with it not caring about the end result.

      • atcDave says:

        I think there’s a reasonable possibility that when Bentley choose her Intersect candidates she was looking for dimwits who weren’t so good at distinguishing between a lawful order and an illegal one. (much like Casey in the first two seasons!)

        There’s no doubt some commanders simply prefer soldiers who obey without thinking; and I think Bentley is one of those. But in this case she was burned by her agents not being able to think past the Intersect’s interactions.

      • armySFC says:

        dave, i would agree with the dimwit part if they had been enlisted (explanation follows). they were captains (not naval). they are more accustomed to giving orders than enlisted. they are from what i know trained better in that area. young enlisted troops tend to get caught up in the moment and forget their training. they would be better candidates to violate rules and regulations.

      • thinkling says:

        Army, Dave, I don’t know what tweaks she made or the actual extent of the Intersect’s ability to override human judgment, but I do know one thing. I don’t like Bentley. She reminds me of Graham … only worse. She gives me the willies.

        I think Casey will wake up and smell the coffee and alert Ellie, who will work with Chuck to make the Intersect great and get rid of Bentley.

      • armySFC says:

        thinkling, i agree with you on bentley. for all the complaints about the actor playing her i think she did a good job. if she can get people to dislike her, like most do, she must be doing something right. she is supposed to be an unfeeling, nasty, hateful %&*. she got that across to me.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Thinkling, Army I agree. I’d love to see Casey take down Bentley. (and Army, I’ve known dimwit officers too!)

      • JC says:


        Damn I had dig through a lot of comments.

        I like your theory about the Intersect and no offense intended but I really want the show to establish a canon reason. I know it probably doesn’t bother other people that much but I look at as the backbone of the mythology on the show. I can role with the shift from Chuck being the only Intersect because it makes sense the technology would advance that others could take it. But now that’s its shifted we need more than a “your special” line, it reminds me of the dreaded “You know how I grew up ” one that drives me crazy.

      • thinkling says:

        JC, with Ellie on the case, you may get a better explanation. This could be a really good piece of Intersect mythology coming up.

  14. Rick Holy says:

    Actually, my favorite part of the episode – which I didn’t hate but didn’t love, either (I’d rate it as a “meh.” I think that is a work that “Merve” uses from time to time on his posts, or maybe it’s Ernie) – had to do with Ellie.

    For the second time she used her “sexual charms” to manipulate Jeff and Lester. She has them down pat. The “perhaps I should go use the back room to breast feed,” line when she wanted to give Awesome a chance to steal Jeffster’s “Sleep Sheep,” and them quickly following her (and yes, I know that watching a woman breastfeed as a “turn on” is a little creepy, but we’re talking Jeff and Lester here).

    Then in this episode when she’s trying to get the computer back. I’ll have to rewatch it, but where she leans over the Nerd Herd counter and “baits” them with the “video she and Devon made in college that they wouldn’t want anyone seeing,” all the while (at least as I remember it) kind of giving them a little more cleavage by moving her hair out of the way…….

    I like to see Ellie in these kinds of positions. Yes, I know it’s only Jeff and Lester, but she’s using her feminine wiles (is that word I’m looking for?). Sometimes the way Ellie is written, she comes off as kind of dense and not getting it. She’s an intelligent woman. The more of that we see, I think the better.

    • jason says:

      rick – I love ellie too – have you ever watched everwood, if you haven’t – give it a try, sarah lancaster plays a LI in season 2 of a 4 season show (her first ep is 2×4, a great first ep to give a try), but she is a strong character in the show, she sings, and she is still really cute.

      You and I are kind of the early warning ratings guys – I’m predicting 1.7 for chuck, 1.4 for the event, and 1.7 for Harry, which might be considered a victory given DLST. The older skewing Harry’s Law has not helped chuck or the event at all, it is going to be a long string of tuesday mornings for chuck fans, just hoping for the ‘schadenfruede’ effect to kick in for chuck.

    • joe says:

      I loved Ellie in this episode too! Then again, I’ve always had this thing for long haired brunettes.

      You know. Winnie Cooper.

      The final scene with her makes me want to see next weeks episode NOW!

      And by the way, wasn’t that episode going to be preempted for a televised presidential honor ceremony (for G.W. Bush, I believe)? Has anyone heard the last word on that?

  15. Big Kev says:

    Really enjoyed that episode. Very solid return for Klemmer. Not a huge amount of depth to the episode, but a couple of interesting plotlines to be picked up later.
    Loved the comedy. Actual clairvoyant Jeff was gold – as was FT’s “can Klemmer write for Jeff, or what??” Loved bored/horny Sarah – I didn’t think her reactions were OOC. She’s always been fiercely loyal and protective and I was fitting that she would respond to a betrayal with a mixture of anger and hurt pride. And I also liked that Chuck felt the same way – much more fun than insecure Chuck.
    Yeah, Casey’s motivations could have been fleshed out – but the line about not being needed anymore was the minimum required. But – what’s he doing being complicit in leading Bentley to Ellie??
    Good use of all the secondary characters too – just enough of all of them and well integrated. Devious Ellie – always a hoot, and how good did Sarah Lancaster look??
    So the intersect extractor came from the MamaB PSP? Why the smoke and mirrors earlier on in the season then? And what exactly was Ellie working on in the earlier episode when she referred to having figured something out?? Not sure if I’ve missed something – but looking forward to seeing where they take the Ellie story – and seeing Bentley get hers!
    What I’ve enjoyed is a return to a storyline that’s rooted in the spy plot and makes me wonder what’s coming next. Vivian, Bentley, Ellie…..all good stuff to come. I’d love to see all of those threads come to the boil with the return of Volkoff and MamaB – but I suspect they will finish up the Bentley arc first. Either way I’m looking forward to the next one. More please…

    • Tamara Burks says:

      Didn’t the extractor/suppressor psp blow up with the house?

      • Big Kev says:

        Did MamaB put it down at any point? I always assumed she kept it – but I haven’t rewatched for a long while so I could very well be wrong.

      • thinkling says:

        Could have easily had a de-intersect program on the laptop. You know, install … uninstall, modify, repair … whatever.

  16. Judy says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. It’s good to get away from the Chuck-Sarah relationship and back into the spy biz. I wonder if the over emphasis on the relationship has driven away the 18-49 male demographic.

    I’m glad Klemmer’s back. There seemed to be a real continuity vibe with the earlier seasons that I think has been absent in most of the episodes this season. The Givens character also revives a key theme of Seasons 1 and 2 that the government is menacing toward Chuck. I also liked the return of a somewhat harder edged Casey.

  17. Faith says:

    Numbers are in. 1.6/5 million.

    Could be worse, Event got a 1.2. Schadenfreude!

    • atcDave says:

      Wow 1.2! Dang, makes Chuck look solid. Hopefully it will round up, but whether it does or not it’s a fairly small loss. Too bad we really can’t afford any small losses!

  18. Ernie Davis says:

    Not great ratings news, but it could be worse. Chuck down to a 1.6, but everything on NBC was down. Harry’s Law and The Event also hit season lows with a 1.7 and a 1.2 respectively. The Event looks like bear bait at this point, and Harry’s law looks like the competition.

    Then again so many NBC shows have tanked that they are likely to be in the same position as last year, needing to pick up something like 14 new shows just to fill the existing holes in the schedule.

    • uplink2 says:

      Well I think this all but officially kills The Event. Harry’s Law is safe but Chuck can’t drop much further. Though it still all depends on what they have in the can to replace it. But I think that the last show that was between Chuck and non-renewal is now dead. So it becomes where do they put the line for next season. Is Chuck above it or below it but it is most definitely at the line now.

      I still don’t think we gained any real tangible change either way. Next week will be very important.

      • armySFC says:

        uplink, i may read things different than you but the more shows that get canceled it looks better for chuck. i don’t feel they can cancel every low rated show. they need to have some shows that have at least some fan recognition.

        this needs to be considered as well. there may not be a flat rate for advertising on NBC on mondays but its around 85k per 30 sec. the production costs of a new show are higher. there just arn’t that many viewers left during the monday night time slots for a new show to grab. how much of a loss is NBC willing to take on three new shows with limited viewers? for the new show to charge more per add it would need to be real well viewed. thats the purpose of sweeps, set up the cost for the next part of the season.

      • atcDave says:

        That is an excellent point army, an all new line-up would face a brutally hard challenge. Especially with possibility (still remote, but must be considered) of no football in the fall. SNF being NBC’s best rated show was their premier launch platform for new shows. If they have no good way of promoting new programming, it makes a new line-up VERY risky.

      • armysfc says:

        dave, true about SNF. it looks like the next meeting isn’t scheduled till mid april. the longer it goes on the better for chuck.

      • thinkling says:

        Plus, look at the trend for their new shows this year. New shows just aren’t doing well on Monday nights. A solid 1.7 with a famously dedicated fan base is certainly better than adding to the already long list of necessary new shows.

        Of course I AM biased, but it seems logical to me … especially with syndication in the works.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I think, Ernie, that the decision has already been made regarding CHUCK. Not saying I know whether it’s a “yea” or “nay,” but just that it’s already been made. NBC knows what they’ll get with CHUCK. They KNOW that the ratings are going to drop with DST (and also going against that stupid Bachelor finale) and with DWTS around the bend.

      Either they’ll get a “sweet deal” from WB that will enable both parties to still make enough of a profit off the show, or they won’t – and CHUCK will go the way of many a show before it.

      So…….. we need to “end well” with 4.24, just in case “that’s it.” Reminds me of the last episode of Carol Burnett when she sang the “I’m so glad we had this time together” song for the last time.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        There is still L&O LA that is being “retooled”, but you are right, minus a precipitous drop in Harry’s Law or Parenthood’s numbers there is little between Chuck and the bear.

        However, The Event is the fifth hour long scripted show to (probably) be canceled, leaving only L&O LA and Harry’s Law from the 2010 pilot season, and a lot of open space to fill in the schedule.

      • First Timer says:

        I think a MUCH more telling point the last several weeks is how much the half-hour splits for Chuck are off. People are tuning into the show and then tuning out. THAT is not good news. Regardless of what we say on this board, pro or con, we WATCH the entire episode and then rewatch once or twice, too.

        The general audience, however, is tuning in and then tuning out before the end of the show. That is NOT good news for NBC and is much harder for the execs to ignore. Low ratings are one thing. Low ratings that DECREASE during the broadcast hour are a sign of broader viewer distaste.

        I don’t think there is a person on the planet who knows what Chuck’s fate is. Not even at NBC, since most of the pilots for next year aren’t even in yet. But bad ratings do not help the Chuck cause. And viewer tune-outs during the half-hour splits is dire.

      • uplink2 says:

        Thanks Ernie, forgot about LOLA but I think it is being setup as an alternative to Harry’s Law. I don’t think it really is a threat to Chuck. But if it tanks Harry’s Law’s ratings it will be dead too.

      • jason says:

        ft – yes and no – with the internet these days, the ends can be rewatched, but shows like the bachelor or even idol / dancing with the stars, the last 5-10 minutes are all that is interesting, at least that is my take or an alternative to the more dire POV that the 2nd half is all people hating on chuck.

        One flaw with S4 chuck, is chuck and sarah are not having fountain type scenes at the end of many eps these days, I think 4 or 5 scenes last night occurred after chuck and sarah’s last, had the last scene been of chuck and sarah punching in their frequent flier cards in the mile high club, more fans would stay tuned or been mad they missed, again, in my opinion.

      • Faith says:

        There are a couple of things going right for Chuck even with this drop, and a couple of bad things too. At this point, it’s like crystal ball…it’s blurry.

        The half hour thing puzzles me. I mean really. The last episode we had that rose from one hour to the the other was Leftovers. Went from a 1.9 at 8pm to 2.1 at 8:30.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I may be wrong, but as I recall TVBTN only recently started posting the half hour splits. I recall looking at the ratings for last fall and only seeing one for Chuck. Is this correct? Is there another source where we could see the numbers? I’d be curious, because if even episodes like Phase Three and Push mix show the pattern then I don’t think we’re dealing with viewer disgust.

      • Faith says:

        Good point Herder.

        Ernie, I do think it’s recent. I don’t remember seeing it in any of the charts or lists before season 4 and even then they’re hit and miss on showing it on a weekly basis.

      • armySFC says:

        i think its the convoluted way they count ratings. i have read and heard that if you switch from a channel during commercials you get dropped. it could be as simple as that. people switch away and turn back, but they get dropped. i don’t know but it would seem they take the numbers at the beginning of each half hour. the middle half hour is usually where the commercials are. this is just a guess.

      • herder says:

        Faith, if you look at Chuck’s competition it is usually DWTS or Bachelor where people might watch something else and tune in later on during the show. Leftovers aired against Skating with the Stars, a dog of a program so viewers shifted from it rather than to it. The week before against the finale of DWTS we got a 1.7, if we had got another week against Skating with the Stars we would have got low 2’s, instead NBC aired the Sing Off.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        And here you have a glimpse into the extreme-nerd world of ChuckThis. We all keep spreadsheets with ratings for Chuck and other shows. I would say Faith has reached a new level by having it broken down by the half hour, but Joe wrote a whole Chuck database. 😉

      • thinkling says:

        Ernie, I don’t even think there are pills for this … whatever it is we have.

      • Faith says:

        if loving Chuck is wrong, I don’t want to be right! 😀

    • uplink2 says:

      Even though total viewers don’t count they stayed very stable with only a very minor drop. That is much better than I expected. So this isn’t as bad a day as I thought it would be realistically.

  19. Verkan_Vall says:

    I quite enjoyed this episode. It had a good look at the team of Chuck & Sarah, which we haven’t seen enough of. It made me laugh, and I didn’t notice any pacing issues while I watched. It was just the escape I needed.

    It had a gorgeous Sarah Lancaster.
    It had a gorgeous (and funny) Yvonne Strahovski.
    And it had a tranked Morgan.

    Honestly, what more could I ask for?

    • armySFC says:

      no morgan. you did ask, lol.

    • atcDave says:

      ummm, tranqued Jeff and Lester?!

    • thinkling says:

      The 15 seconds immediately following GB’s mid-air briefing!

      • Verkan_Vall says:


      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well after about the first 15 seconds you probably couldn’t show it on US network TV anyway…

      • joe says:

        Oh gee. I don’t think we have to speculate about whether or not C&S belong to the “mile high club.”

        I mean, why speculate when you *know* the answer??? 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I always assumed they joined on the way back from the Honeymoon. Or Moscow. Or Milan (twice). Or Costa Gravas (only the second time, not the first with Ellie there…That’s just wrong).

      • herder says:

        I always thought the fifteen seconds following the General’s mid-air briefing would be Sarah rushing to lock the cockpit door and Chuck throwing his jacket over the General’s camera ala Fat Lady.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Herder, come on, two spies? The A-Team? That takes 3-5 seconds tops…

      • thinkling says:

        Yes, I was very judicious in my calculations, blush.

        Like I said a two man op has definite advantages over a three or four man op.

      • jason says:

        I’m sure when it comes to membership in the mile high club, agent sarah walker is most resourceful, and remember, most members of the mile high club get there with far more than another passenger or two to worry about, maybe the CIA jet of choice has a supply closet for missions where morgan and casey are along?

      • Faith says:

        I endorse this 1000%. Just once I’d like to watch offscreenville instead of on.

        Also unrelated side note, I just got a tweet from Zondra. *Fangirl squee* Team Zondra FTW!

        Unrelated side note #2: If you haven’t already purchased Youngblood by the Naked and the Famous (playing during proposal scene in Push Mix) it’s currently free via itunes:

      • joe says:

        @Faith Haha, you’re the best!!!


      • Ernie Davis says:

        Thinkling, just to be sure I re-watched our baseline scene in Fat Lady. Sarah Walker can have Chuck Bartowski (effectively) naked and in the shower in 10 seconds.

      • Faith says:

        ^I was beginning to think it’s a female gender thing wanting the sexy on Chuck 😉 lol. 10 seconds, LMAO. Let’s just say she was motivated ;).

        LOL Joe.

      • thinkling says:

        I used the Salami end-of-the-world kiss, which took longer than 10 seconds all by itself.

        Without the threat of kool-aid contamination or imminent exploding things, I would expect it to stay prime-time appropriate for at least 15 seconds.

        Plus your baseline scene doesn’t include any kissing.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well I was looking for a baseline timescale for a motivated Sarah getting Chuck naked, thus effectively ending the scene. You could easily add kissing since Sarah was multitasking, getting both of them disrobed. With Chuck’s help this time I’d say 15 seconds pretty effectively moves us from TV-PG to TV-MA.

        We may have to do a post on this, it’s getting complicated. Dave, what was the jet they used in the Yana extraction?

      • atcDave says:

        It was a Citation (750 I think, I’d have to re-watch… Dang, I guess there’s no way out of it, I must re-watch tonight…)

        It’s kind of funny really, I’d been thinking about checking N numbers because I bet it’s owned by WB. Human Target kept switching all the time between a Citation and Falcon. They’d been using a Falcon pretty faithfully on Chuck, but that was a Citation in A-Team. I bet they’re the same planes Human Target was using.

        And for the record, Chuck and Sarah are both a little tall to be standing up for very long in a Citation anyway; and I bet they won’t be leaving their seats in the full upright position…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Great, now we need the cabin specs, compare them to a floor-plan of the Waldron hotel, see if they are comparable distances from the cockpit to the back and from the living room to the shower, allow for some cramped conditions, Faith I think we need a frame by frame breakdown of several kissing scenes, then one of the shower in Fat Lady… Hmmm, well if we’re going to obsess on details… 😉

      • atcDave says:

        Hey, you started it!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Oh no, Dave you’re providing valuable technical data. I blame Thinkling and Herder. And Faith of course, that goes without saying.

      • thinkling says:

        Thank-yeww. 🙂

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Heh, you included the motorboat…

  20. herder says:

    Interesting thing on the slow turn of Morgan, in First Fight, he was on Chuck’s side in the fight with Sarah, such as it was. Chuck was his boy and he had his back. Skip ahead four months or however long that is in show time and his loyalties see to be shifting. Not that he wishes any ill will towards Chuck, but Casey says don’t tell Chuck and that is enough for Morgan to side with Casey and deny Chuck what he is asking. In the end Chuck had to call in Sarah to settle the issue by tranquing Morgan.

    Morgan seems to be shifting his hero worship from Chuck to Casey. Maybe the break up when he moved out had more of an effect than I thought.

    • thinkling says:

      Good point Herder. All told, I think this is a good thing.

      I’ll add two more. In Tic Tac, Morgan caved easily to Chuck on the promise of hearing about his missions. In Balcony, he conspired with Sarah and didn’t tell Chuck.

      In both Balcony and A-Team, Morgan believed that deceiving Chuck was for Chuck’s own good. But then in the end, the lying gets to him.

      We’re definitely seeing a more grown up Morgan since the break-up. Hip hip hurray.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      Maybe it has nothing to do with hero worship, maybe it has to do with scoring points with the very scary father of the woman he loves especially since he was desperate for a place to live and if he gets caught doing something with Alex in Casey’s apartment he might need that good will to survive.

      If he truly thought that Casey was up to something that would hurt Chuck he wouldn’t keep quiet for Casey but unless that happens Morgan is a man of his word. Also he trusts Casey to not betray Chuck possibly because of the way he heard Casey described in Beard (where Casey had had Chuck’s back when Sarah didn’t and since he’s marrying Sarah in spite of that then casey must be even more trustworthy than her).

      • thinkling says:

        Tamara, why is it for you that all roads lead to Sarah bashing? None of the characters on the show have ever expressed an iota of the animus you constantly level at her. Morgan’s trust or admiration for Casey doesn’t have anything to do with Sarah. We simply don’t know what Chuck told Morgan in Beard. And to say that Chuck is marrying Sarah in spite of anything is ridiculous.

      • jason says:

        Morgan and sarah is one of the easiest and funniest source of recurring comedy on the show right now, happens nearly each week … if you take the show serious and literally, she is pretty mean to morgan sometimes, but so are chuck and casey …. morgan is on the team to replace chuck as the butt of the inept jokes, at least some of the time – it is funny

      • Verkan_Vall says:

        ALERT! Season 3 Reference!

        I know this sounds stupid but I agree with both you and Tamara. Chuck and the Sarah Walkers of S1, 2 and 4 (and episodes 3.14-16) are meant for each other, and the thought of Chuck having to resist ANYTHING to love her is nonsense.

        But to many of us, some of the actions of Sarah Walker in season 3 are so out of character that they belong to someone else, and that is the Sarah Walker Tamara is referring to here.

        I’m sorry, Ernie, I know this drives you and some others crazy, so I’ll try to keep it short. Some of you here see a continuity in Sarah Walker and try to make sense of her actions; my perception is that there are at least 2 different Sarahs in S3, and I can’t make the stretch necessary to reconcile what to me are 2 completely distinct characters.

        I don’t think that Tamara is necessarily bashing the character of Sarah, but I do think that she sees many of the same things that I do. Unlike me, she has made that stretch (salute) and now she is trying to make what sense she can out of the confusing mess of the S3 Sarah Walkers. I can’t do that; in my opinion, neither could many of the fans who have left the show and who have never returned.

        I think Uplink2 was the one who said that S3 was a retcon of S1/S2, and S4 is a retcon of S3. That feels right to me. I REALLY like Season 4, it is my great escape. But for me and a number of people, some of the actions of the other Sarah and of Shaw in S3 make Season 4 impossible.

        That is why I say that I ignore Season 3.

        Apologies to Tamara if I have mistated anything you were trying to say.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        It wasn’t meant as a Sarah bashing but as a statement of fact.

        Sarah did go back on having Chuck’s back and if Sarah who did go back was given a second chance and the benefit of the doubt then Casey who didn’t go back should definitely be given the benefit of the doubt that he has a good reason for his behavior until evidence to the contrary appears.

        Casey’s rediscovering the part of himself that he left behind when he took Keller’s offer not to mention finding himself as something entirely new-a father.

        He may be trying on his old life and finding out it doesn’t fit anymore. This may have possibly have been brought on by some kind of shellshock from what he walked in on on Valentine’s Day.

        Sarah’s still learning but she is learning. She learns that change isn’t necessarily bad, that you don’t automatically condemn someone at the first sign of suspicion , and that fighting for what’s important in life doesn’t necessarily involve weaponry (though sometimes it does). Who knows what she or Casey will learn next.

        Casey grew from the man in the pilot who would kill them and go get pancakes to the man who would argue to keep Chuck alive after the beta Intersect was built (but still be willing to go through with it if only to make it quick and painless) to the man who would follow Chuck on his mission (after being fired) and take the shot to save him even though if it was found out he would be arrested and put away and not be able to even see his daughter as a patron of her work (since she didn’t know who he was at that point).

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Remember that as far as we know Chuck has been not only Morgan’s best friend, but essentially only friend for most of his life. A lot of people saw “the end of an era” as about Morgan moving out after only about a year or so of living with Chuck, and thought it overdone, but the scene showed pretty definitively they had a lot of common property and history stretching back to adolescence. Morgan has essentially been living through Chuck a lot longer than a year, and realizing (both of them) that it was time to end the oddly co-dependant portion of their relationship was the tough part. That’s the reason I think the bro-mance breakup was played pretty well. So Morgan is realizing that he has other friends, like Casey, Sarah, and Alex that care about him just as much as Chuck does. That is changing his view of things and Morgan is developing loyalties other than just to Chuck.

      • jason says:

        @ernie – thanks – what you wrote made me realize, I am starting to enjoy morgan in the show much more than I used to, he seems far less attached to chuck’s hip plot wise, this is so crucial for the show to develop true other ‘plots’, not just other ‘gags’ to fill in time. This past ep, even jeffster was part of the ellie – bentley – casey plot, not just a gag reel to give the two actors their 5 minutes of time to collect their checks.

      • weaselone says:

        Sarah has an interesting method of showing how much she cares about Morgan…She seems most comfortable intimidating him followed closely by thinking about him as a child.

      • herder says:

        That’s true, I hadn’t made the connection between her child sized handprints comment and her rrrwaaar while playing with the “toys”. It seems she does make a lot of connections of Morgan = child.

      • atcDave says:

        I would agree Ernie that the intensity of parting ways with an old friend was appropriate. My only beef would be that something along those lines should have been done back in Ring when they thought Morgan was moving to Hawaii (unless that was always intended to be temporary?)
        As Jason mentioned I’ve liked Morgan a lot more these last few episodes, but I think I will continue to be a little impatient with “sage advice from the bearded troll.” But he is often very funny, and its clear to me he’s a favorite part of the show among more casual viewers.

      • atcDave says:

        Morgan as Sarah’s unintended adopted child is a very funny recurring gag.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Hey, spare the tranq’s spoil the Morgan.

        Clearly Sarah likes and cares about Morgan. She just cares about Chuck more, and isn’t above using a little spy-craft on Morgan if necessary. At this point it’s as close as she comes to parenting skills or knowing how to discipline her fiance’s child. 😉

        Seriously, one of the reasons I loved the scene in Masquarade between Sarah and Morgan was that after what Casey said to Morgan about being a child, Sarah treated him (Morgan) exactly the way an indulgent mother would treat a bored child whose best friend isn’t available to play with him. It was pitch perfect.

      • thinkling says:

        Agree Jason. That was really well explained, Ernie. And it does make Morgan much more enjoyable.

      • atcDave says:

        Plus Ernie she was perfectly caring but clueless. That may be my favorite Sarah scene ever (or at least in the top 100).

      • jason says:

        replied in the wrong spot – where is that edit button?

        Morgan and sarah are one of the easiest and funniest sources of recurring comedy on the show right now, happens nearly each week … if you take the show serious and literally, she is pretty mean to morgan sometimes, but so are chuck and casey …. morgan is on the team to replace chuck as the butt of the inept jokes, at least some of the time – it is funny

      • thinkling says:

        The child = Morgan thing is hilarious, but you’re right. The development of the Morgan/Sarah relationship has been one of the delights of the season.

      • thinkling says:

        @Dave. That bothered me a little too … the contrast with Ring when Chuck was cool with Morgan moving to Hawaii. But I still thought the move out/break up was well handled.

        Unintended adopted child … that’s funny!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think some of the best Sarah bits this season come from her trying to adapt to “real life” and failing or falling back on adapting her spy skills to the situation. Face it, a lot of Morgan interaction involves that theme. So Morgan needs to be “turned” so she can make sure the proposal goes smoothly, well she knows how to turn an agent… (poor Morgan) Choosing the wedding dress as if it were a mission was another good one, followed closely by wedding planning on the strategic level (she knows a good patisserie in Paris, so go with that).

  21. BDaddyDL says:

    OK maybe I am over analyzeing this, but I thought the Gretas showed how much Casey Sarah has grown since the pilot. Casey and Sarah both were the only follow orders , shoot first, ask questions later type of agents, and than Chuck happened to them.

    • uplink2 says:

      Casey definitely was but I would agree with that only to a point with Sarah. She knew that there was something different about Chuck very early on. She trusted him as “our best shot” rather easily because something was telling her this guy was special. It was beyond just the nice guy who put the plight of a little girl and her father ahead of hitting on the hot blonde. Sarah instinctively saw something else in part because she was subconsciously falling for him already but also because she knew he was very bright. She was already starting to think out of the box. It just took Casey till probably about The Truth to realize it about Chuck.

    • BDaddyDL says:

      Ya KNow what I did not make myself understood. I think the Gretas were Casey Sarah pre chuck. We know Sarah was already in love with him already. Casey probably had some respect for the stones he was showing, so yeah by the first defusal the team had already begun its change,

      I think that Casey shooting Bryce is a great example of the mindset they had. Was it done on purpose, who knows, but I would like to think so.

      • thinkling says:

        I agree on Casey, BDaddy. Not as much on Sarah. I know she has been called the wild card enforcer, and in the pilot Chuck flashed on her killing a couple of people. However, I don’t think she would ever have pulled the stunt that Vicky pulled.

        It was pretty clear in the pilot that she didn’t like Casey’s methods. Her willingness to tentatively trust Chuck (to diffuse the bomb) and protect him, consider his friends and family, rather than just bunker him and go home, wasn’t because she was falling for him or even because she liked him, IMO. It was who she was. I think there was a sharp contrast drawn between the two in the very beginning when Sarah was pretty much still all spy.

        I think Casey would shoot first and ask questions later. Sarah would ask questions first and shoot if necessary.

      • uplink2 says:

        Then go home and eat pancakes.

        But I agree with you. Though I still think part of her trusting Chuck was that she saw something different/special in him and a small part of how she realized that was an emotional response or a response on a more instinctive level than just professional. But I think we are basically saying the same thing.

      • joe says:

        I’m sort of half-way in between about Sarah (before Chuck, that is).

        When we meet her, she’s awful quick to pull out knives and gun on anyone, including other federal agents. She was ready to shoot Casey and had disabled his team, in fact.

        But the one that defines her for me was the incident we saw in flash-back, with Bryce in Bogata. Her shot was – shall we say – reckless. Between that and Carina’s description of their exploits, she was pretty cocky about her abilities, maybe justifiably so. I assume she left the big-picture thinking to someone at a higher pay-grade.

        Like Langston Graham. He knew how to handle her from the get-go. If there’s one story I’d love to see them expound on in S5, that would be it!

      • atcDave says:

        Well you know I’ll side with the Sarah defenders! She certainly has changed a lot; but “wild card enforcer” was Casey’s description of her, and I’m thinking she was a wild card because she didn’t always follow orders. I always go back too to Chuck telling Carina that “Sarah’s not like that” after her telling Chuck how agents saw things; and Carina conceded the point, Sarah wasn’t ever like that.

        Like I said, I believe she’s changed a lot. I think she is more careful with Chuck’s life than she ever was Bryce’s; she’s certainly more open and honest about her priorities and feelings; she’s more likely to trust other people (especially those whose initials are Charles Irving Bartowski); and she’s more likely to make people and relationships a priority instead of always duty first.
        But I don’t believe she was ever as cold and hard as Casey was (or the Gretas).

  22. Tamara Burks says:

    I would have posted this before but I hadn’t watched until I I had time to transfer the recorded bit to the to keep dvd (without commercials) without interuption so I could savor .I usually pause while recording on the first run except this time I accidentally put on some lotion that had an ingrediant I’m highly allergic to and had to sleep off the itching during the first run. just I was enjoying the spitballing speck though.

    point by point reaction

    Isn’t Casey’s voice scary enough without the Darth Vader device ?

    Sarah doesn’t do well with inactivity , does she?

    One and only Intersect , a bit of foreshadowing .

    Domestic partner and don’t ask don’t tell early on in a episode. Did a Casey/Morgan shipper have a hand in this?

    Good product placement . Even Sarah saying unassuming is part of it .

    Casey looks a little guilty . He’s trying to explain himself. That’s new.

    Ellie’s hyperness is just as bad as Chuck’s , it just takes special circumstances for it to show up.

    Jeff and Lester screwing up is a good cover.

    Psychic Jeff!

    Ellie’s very subtle with the blouse adjust and counter lean.

    They were sent to extract a frilly dog with a weak bladder (maybe that’s why it was in the bag in the trunk)!

    And a yappy dog shall lead them.

    Sarah’s bloodthirsty isn’t she?

    He’s the perfect size for Alex, Junior not senior.

    The evil robots have been dissing Chuck behind his back.

    That bitch!

    I think the one who mindlessly kills without cause is the one who’s afraid.

    I get why Sarah’s angry.And why Casey feels unneeded.

    Jeff was right!

    Male Greta is an ass! Chuck never dropped a bomb , Morgan dropped the trigger to one.

    Chuck’s a little pissed. That’s why the comment about being sensitive .

    Casey gave him apple juice because he knows it’s his favorite.

    Male Greta can’t think outside the box , can he?

    Neither can female Greta.

    Wow the sodium on those things is high!

    Male Greta so deserved that comment.

    Beckman is definitely on Chuck’s side. She’s come a long way since the pilot.

    I loved seeing Bentley knocked down a peg.

    The Gretas seemed more human after deletion. So maybe he’s only an ass with an Intersect.

    Suddenly Bentley wants the Bartowski touch! ? Is it possible she’s a bit power mad

    Sarah really doesn’t like inactivity. And she probably got in trouble for dragging Chuck into closets at the Buy More.

    Of course there’s no ban on the plane bathroom.

    He actually referred to her as Mrs. Awesome!

    Is Chili’s a product placement? Suddenly I’m hungry and It’s probably a hundred miles to the nearest Chili’s

    I’d do that to get a pair of plastic wings.

    Yeah the band (team) is getting back together!

    Hope fully relieved tension from having a mission and airplane sex will erase any lingering anger Sarah has towards Casey.

    And she really needs to get a hobby. That’s one of those things she still hasn’t learned.

    And I’m pretty sure This ep proves my thought that Casey’s words to Morgan in Masquerade were him projecting his own thoughts and fears.

    Contact allergies to an ingredient that’s in many lotions because it’s considered hypoallergenic because so few people have contact allergies to it is not fun. I’m still itching a bit but at least I could focus on the ep unlike the first two days. I printed out a sheet on it and it’s alternate names and put it in my wallet so I won’t forget the name again.

    • atcDave says:

      Bummer about the allergy Tamara! My wife has some of those issues too, and it makes shopping for certain things a pain in the ***.

      I agree with most of your take on things. I might agree Sarah needs more hobbies, although being bored at work is sort of a special situation. I have a very seasonal job, and we see all sorts of mind sets about dealing with down time. Some are perfectly happy to read a book or watch a DVD; but some are just driven to be “productive” during work time, no matter how many interests and hobbies they have in their personal time. And of course those are the folks who drive the rest of us nuts!
      And I think Sarah showed the sort of drive that probably first led her to be considered the best of the best. It might have been different even had she known how long the down stretch would be, she’d be running off to the shooting range and lining up sparring partners. But being “on-call” but not needed is a special sort of torture for some personalities!

    • joe says:

      LOL! Tamara, I loved your line-by-line review. Or, maybe I loved it line-by-line. 😉

      I say this a lot, but this episode really grows on me. My first reaction was a bit “meh”. I was surprised on Monday night that it received so many favorable reviews here.

      But on second & third watches, it’s really a lot of fun and full of cleverness. I’ve come to like Sarah in a whole new way. If S4 had been a short season, this is probably an episode that would not have been missed. But in a 24 episode season, I’m really glad that we got to see this side of her – a little stir-crazy, a little protective and a lot confident in her man.

      P.S. Sorry to hear ’bout the allergy, Tamara.

  23. Tamara Burks says:

    I had a couple of thoughts about this ep while driving yesterday.

    Wouldn’t the scene just before the deintersecting have been a great time for Mama B to show up in Castle right after the comment about the female Greta trying to shoot Chuck. I can see her exploding with long suppressed maternal instincts all over the Gretas and Bentley screaming you tried to shoot my baby!

    And since they have a way to deintersect completely , does that mean the block of plywood in custody has had his removed? I can see them doing it as a security measure but I was thinking fondly of his brain being more melted than it already is.

    • atcDave says:

      It sure would make sense to remove the Intersect from Shaw, if he’s even still alive. I think that’s one of those things that’s reasonable to assume unless they later tell us otherwise.

    • uplink2 says:

      Interesting but IMO the block of plywood has been dropped faster and deeper than Mauser. In their callbacks to previous seasons, they will use season 3 as they already have but the comment about running away with him and not wanting Chuck to be a spy by Sarah is as close as they will ever get to either the misery arc or the worst spy ever known.

      Let him rot!

    • First Timer says:

      You know, this whole Shaw thing is interesting for a couple of reasons:
      1) Do we even KNOW that they have been able to get Dalton back for the season-ending arc? Is it possible we only get one episode (20, vs. the Family Volkoff) and 21-24 are something else?
      2) I still think they are coming back to Shaw at some point (if not this year, next if there is one…) because he’s simply too good a villain to ignore. I mean, conceptually. And I do think the craziest of shippers need to grow up a bit on this. As a storytelling device, throwing away Shaw is a mistake.
      3) They really can play with the mythology. You could, for example, suggest this: The Ring’s Intersect was never as powerful as Intersect 2.0 and thus Shaw never needed the governor and thus is not going crazy. And the “proof” they could offer about this is that Chuck beat Shaw in hand to hand combat. Logic (hah!) would dictate that Shaw was already stronger and better trained physically than Chuck and that if their intersects were equal, Shaw should have ALWAYS beaten Chuck in combat. (Yes, good must triumph over evil, but Chuck’s victories should always be intellectual/emotional rather than physical over Shaw…)
      4) As Tamara said, the easy hook into a Shaw story now is the fact that the laptop can de-intersect folks. Shaw’s brought to a holding area for the procedure and escapes. After all, he IS a superspy, right. (LOL) Or, even better, the laptop cannot de-intersect him because The Ring intersect works differently…
      5) No matter what they say, they can go back to Papa B if they can get Bakula back. There IS a reason that they shot him in front of the crazy doctor’s tissue-regenerating machine. The show runners left themselves an easy angle for the revival. Besides, we haven’t had either our back-from-the-dead character or a Chuck-Sarah dance sequence in S4 year. (Okay, the dance MAY be coming…)

      Anyway, none of this really matter. It’s just a momentary diversion from the awful developments in Japan and Libya and it’s nice to escape back to Chuck, even if it means discussing Shaw, too 🙂

      • jason says:

        I’m starting a new term – ‘crazy shaw shippers’

        Definition – those who argue to bring back the character who was least liked in the show’s history, who doubled up by giving one of the poorest performances many fans have seen, to the point most fans argue the entire season should be skipped when rewatching the series.

        A further logical ? – why would the actor want to come back, he seems somewhat in demand, this role did not do his career any favors.

      • atcDave says:

        We have heard Dalton is coming back, but I’m not sure how many episodes.

        I’ll happily be one of those who isn’t eager to grow up on the topic of Shaw. I think Routh has to consider this a frustrating role, we know he commented on getting little information on how to prepare for the part; and, as evidenced by our recurring plywood jokes, he seems to get little affection or respect from fans.
        In addition, I think many fans would see it as a sign of bad faith (or something like that) if he were resigned. I strongly suspect TPTB simply have no desire to reopen that can of worms. At least this season. We’ll see what the mood is after S4. It is possible they may revisit his story if we get an S5.

      • uplink2 says:


        Schwedak have confirmed that both Dalton and Hamilton are coming back for “multi-episodes”.

        As far as Shaw goes I would contend that he was NOT a good villain. He just didn’t suck as bad as a villain than he did at everything else. Volkoff is a great villain and there simply isn’t any comparison. I would contend that Rourke was better than Shaw as well.

        With a potential 5th season there is no real benefit to bringing him bringing him back. They managed to salvage some credibility to the character by what they did at the end of season 3 so its best to just leave it there. Which is exactly what I believe they have done and will do. It simply isn’t worth it as far as I can see.

        Scott Bakula will never be back. Bringing him back from the dead simply throws any danger of the spy world away and turns this show into nothing but a soap opera and they already did that with horrible consequences in season 3. It ain’t gonna happen. Not now, not ever.

      • First Timer says:

        I thought the confirmation was based on INTEREST, not that they had contracts. But if Dalton’s back, that’s good…

        As for comparing Volkoff to Shaw, unfair. Volkoff was well written, and written with over-the-top glee and silliness. He’s clearly the best best villain the show has created. Roark was also a great villain because he was a recognizable character: Steve Jobs. Chevy Chase only had to do what he is: be condescending and smug. You knew what to think about Roark from the moment you shaw the character.

        The Shaw character was badly drawn in the first 13, but in the back six, he was well done: a rogue spy with Chuck’s gift and a personal animus against both Chuck and Sarah.

        I don’t care either way, of course. I was simply pointing out that the opportunity exists to bring the character back because the mythology is compelling.

        I love your passion, even when we disagree. But, really, this is just a TV show. You can’t take EVERY decision the showrunners make as a personal affront or personal affirmation. It’ll make you crazy and old before your time, to quote Crosby, Stills and Nash.

      • joe says:

        @Uplink: Scott Bakula will never be back.

        I tend to agree, Uplink, but not for the stated reason. It’s a matter of his obligations to his show, Men of a Certain Age.

        I’m of the opinion that, in general, the fans would be fine with Stephen being resurrected so gratuitously. After Bryce and Shaw, we’ll forgive them that. But even more so, I too think they set it up that way, just in case.

        Besides the obvious tissue-regenerating kit placed conspicuously nearby, there’s also the music played when Mary Elizabeth got to talk to Ellie.

        That we don’t eat until your father’s at the table
        We don’t drink until the devil’s turned to dust
        Never once has any man I’ve met been able to love
        So if I were you, I’d have a little trust

        That almost seemed like a promise to me.

      • jason says:

        @crazy shaw shipper et er @ft – rather than comment on your opinion of my state of mind, stick to comments about the tv show comments please

      • First Timer says:

        With all respect (really, all respect), you’re doing what you claim to be against. When you start calling people “crazy” anything when we’re just talking about fictional characters, storytelling options and TV shows, it shows a lack of perspective. We should be able talk about Chuck and Sarah or Shaw without resorting to calling anyone “crazy.”

      • jason says:

        @crazy shaw shipper – you used the crazy shipper term in your first post, I am simply sick of the term & decided to respond in kind, no more no less – if you apologize and discontinue calling chuck and sarah fans ‘crazy’ I will not call you a crazy shaw shipper for your obsession with bringing the worst guest star in the shows history back.

        so when you were worried about my health in your followup post or were you trying to be obnoxious? Because if you were worried I apologize, if not, do I not have the right to defend myself from an insult don’t I?

      • uplink2 says:


        Here is one source of the confirmation about Dalton and Hamilton. Linda had already said she had an option for 3 more. 1 of which was Seduction. So she may even have more.

        Also if I was Brandon Routh I would never come anywhere near Daniel Shaw again. It did not do his career any favors and exposed his very significant limitations as an actor so I’d move on as fast as I could.

      • JC says:

        As much as I would to see a Mary and Stephen reunion he needs to stay dead. The show barely has any dramatic weight as is and another magical resurrection would be the final nail in the coffin.

      • joe says:

        Jason, FT, may I suggest that neither of you demand apologies and simply refrain from discussing Shaw or S3?

        It’s clearly a sore point. We’ve got many more enjoyable topics and sub-topics to discuss, especially in S4 and the current episode.

      • armySFC says:

        Uplink…i have only heard they wanted them to come back or planned on it anyway. i haven’t heard they got them or the number of episodes they would appear in. it’s great news if they did get them for a couple.

        FT…i agree that some fans take things TPTB do personally. i see it on many blogs and forums and about many shows not just chuck. they are constantly saying i can’t believe they did that to us or things like that.

        i’m a cynic by nature but i can’t see ANY show runner intentionally angering fans, especially on a bubble show. they may screw up because they completely misread the fans but not on purpose. fans pay their salary in a way. if they show runners get a bad name in the business it’s less likely they will get new shows approved.

        i bet if you look at the outline for season 3 of chuck it sounded good on paper. the hero being pushed to excel (officer and a gentleman) someone trying to get even for the death of his wife (hard to kill). in the end the main couple gets together (top gun). just use the premise behind those movies. there a bunch like them. the idea just went pear shaped during the writing phase. they did say they wanted to tell their story, they just screwed up doing it.

      • James Bond says:

        I think the season 3 outline was good on paper, in the end of the day I did not mind that they did not put chuck sarah in the beginning, because in the end of the day this is a spy show and so for it to continue chuck had to become a spy, that was the next step. Now in terms of development of chuck and sarah as a potential couple chuck had to realise just how much sarah went through and protected him from the harsh realities when he was just an asset he had to know what it was like to be in her shoes so that he could fully appreciate the sacrifices she made. Likewise sarah needed to know that if chuck did become a spy could he keep enough of the person she fell in love with intact. This is not a bad idea and it makes sense that this would be the final test before they got together, if they just left the love interest or love partner bullcrap out of the season it would have been far more genuine and a better story. But the problem is and this is just not chuck (I still think justified’s final episode of season 1 and white collar season 2 did not finish their arcs great at all, it was just too rushed in the end) that in a 13 episode order you have 3-5 different elements all in the air and you never get to concentrate enough time on them and so you throw in false angst to build it up. Now because they focused so many of the first half dozen episodes on chucks spy learning and his relationship with sarah that they spent no time on explaining why shaw was there, why was his wifes death important, etc and so by episode 7 they probably realised they did not have the time or budget to make shaws character count as just a team member and so they did the cheap and easy thing of putting him in a relationship with sarah and that backfired hugely……If they knew they had 19 upfront I am sure they would have spent 2 episodes on flashbacks on explaining who shaw was and who his wife was and why it mattered and the arc would have been better because they would have left out the romance bullcrap that was not necessary. So instead of us feeling sorry for man whose only crime would have been that he loved his wife too much and wanted revenge we hated him because he was potentially with sarah first and the fanbase had crashed poor sepinwalls blog mulitple times, lol.

      • James Bond says:

        Also what happened to shaw and his wife was supposed to matter it was a real life demonstration of what could happen when two people who are spies fall in love and one dies……shaw was supposed to represent the potential downside of what happens to a spy who does lose someone they love in the field, but as I said no one gave two craps when it came to showing that because they royally screwed up with the love interests…….

      • atcDave says:

        Well you know my mantra on this James. WT/WT was played out at Colonel. Doesn’t mean life needed to be easy for them. In fact, I think ther darker arc could have worked just fine showing Chuck’s learning about the spy life, had Sarah continued her S1 & S2 role as adviser and encourager. Had they been determined to continue some fashion of wt/wt there was plenty of room for professional and valuable asset type concerns while Chuck was in training, and it possibly could have worked fine with C/S just having clandestine together time. Basically a reverse of the first two seasons; General B maybe extremely concerned about potential “emotional issues” messing with the Intersect while Chuck and Sarah are trying to sort things out privately and still turn him into a spy. Phew! That actually could have been fun!

        And Shaw could have worked fine as a trainer/Ring expert with a tragic backstory who turns traitor. While Hannah is the new nerd with a thing for Chuck; who has a very hard time coming up with excuses to avoid her and protect his secret thing with Sarah.

        Actually, some excellent fan fictions have been written along those very lines.

        I sure am glad the show is in a better place now. It’s so much more fun to just be able to laugh and enjoy myself while watching my favorite show again and not worry about all the mistakes of the past!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        They can easily bring Orion back. As part of the newest version of the intersect. Obi Wan Orion.

      • Faith says:

        Their first dance as husband and wife.


        Yes I give new meaning to crazy shipper, don’t judge me 😛

      • thinkling says:

        Ohh, I hope so!! AND I want to see it … up close … with the lights on. Not from the Goodyear Blimp as the screen goes dark.

        Call me crazy shipper 2.

      • Faith says:

        LOL Thinkling, ok, up close. Picture this, swaying to You and I by Michael Buble, Sarah’s cheek on Chuck’s shoulders, eyes closed; he smiles at the moment, kisses her hair…fade to black.

        Crazy shippers rule.

      • joe says:

        Man, I’ve spent years trying to disown the “crazy-shipper” label. Then Faith & Thinkling come along plant seeds like this for the finale.

        You make it hard to see anything beyond an ending like that! 😉

      • Faith says:

        4.23 Joe. Maybe…

      • joe says:

        Yeah. I agree.
        I was wrong about the engagement. In fact, I thought it might be as early as 4.11 (and really, how much closer can you get than the Balcony scene???). But nooooo – they had to put it off and make me wait until the last possible second.

        Sweet agony!

        But I agree, Faith. 4.23.

  24. herder says:

    I know that the ratings aren’t good, but the strange thing is that we had the second best 8 pm ratings for the week. Biggest Loser 2.4 ,Chuck 1.6, Community/Perfect Couples 1.4 combined, America’s Next Great Restaurant 1.2, Who Do You Think You Are 0.9, Minute to Win it 0.9. If we were still getting 1.9’s we’d probably have the season 5 renewal already, sigh.

  25. amyabn says:

    Hi all, I’m late to the proverbial party as usual these days. it took a couple of days to download. A few thoughts to share:
    -I felt the pacing or something was off in this episode. I’ve watched it twice now and I still can’t quite put my finger on it.

    -I wish they would have delved into the feelings a bit more. I liked that Casey seemed to really care what Sarah thought and I’m glad Sarah expressed herself. It just seemed rushed.
    -I could have used less Morgan this week. The tranq scene was great, but I didn’t need the others. I would have much rather had more exposition about the toll the Intersect took on Rick and Vicky. The quick line about that “poor bastard Bartowski” (paraphrasing) was a gold mine to actually explore and appreciate the burden Chuck has been carrying for the last 4 years.

    -I’m convinced that Bentley is working for Volkoff. I’d love to see the fur fly when Mary shows up and realizes Bentley is a baddy. It makes sense from the standpoint the Volkoff is a weapons dealer, and theoretically the Intersect can make the ultimate weapon.

    -I don’t like how easily they are intersecting/de-intersecting people. I do think Bentley tweaked the program and dorked it up as she saw Chuck’s strengths as weaknesses.

    I hope Ellie hurries up and gets clued in to the family business. I could imagine Devon and Clara being kidnapped to force Ellie to do something, only to unleash the fury of the entire Team Bartowski extended family. Woohoo!

    • joe says:

      I know what you mean, Amy. Have to say, though, that I didn’t think that after the second viewing. It certainly wasn’t the amazing excitement of Phase-3 or the intense drama of Push Mix, but it was a decent stand-alone episode.

      Klemmer’s got an interesting list of epis to his credit. The standout’s are Dream Job (which has some of my all-time favorite scenes and music), Suburbs (which for some reason, is always one I want to re-watch) and of course, Tom Sawyer. This episode struck me most like that one.

      A-Team may ultimately be forgettable. And in a long season, most shows will have many more than that. In fact, most shows “cheat” and stick in an episode made up of 90% flash-backs or re-used scenes stitched together with some dialog. It’s a cheap way to produce a nothing-episode when they’re behind on schedule or budget.

      We haven’t gotten that, fortunately. A-Team wasn’t the best Chuck episode ever, but it did just enough to plant some seeds and move the story forward while keeping me engaged.

      I love the spec that Bentley’s working for Volkoff. Given’s can be a bit wooden, but I almost wish I could have seen her opposite Tony Todd – Graham. They’ve got that same kind of inscrutableness.

      Ellie as the hero this time? That would be so cool!

      • atcDave says:

        I agree with most of this. There were enough really good moments I was quite pleased with this episode in the end, but it wasn’t “special”, and we’ve been spoiled with a lot of special episodes this season. It may hold up better with time; Joe was mentioning other Klemmer episodes, I’m not as nuts about Dream Job or Suburbs, but Tom Sawyer is one I keep coming back to; for whatever reason it always felt like he got everything right in that episode, it’s a stand alone and nice snap-shot of a moment in time for S2.
        From what I’ve read about “clip show” type episodes they’re normally the product of last minute order extensions; as in “the network wants 4 more episodes and we only have 3 extra weeks to crank them out…”. I don’t they’re anyone’s favorite episodes, unless they go the SG-1 route and do a clip show of things that never actually happened (“and that’s how we accidentally destroyed the home world of the Furlings…”). But then of course, it isn’t really a clip show and you’re back to producing an all new episode. Chuck is one show where I might actually enjoy such a thing, especially if it were framed around Chuck and Sarah discussing what they were actually thinking at certain times. But the way these things normally go is we’d get Chuck and Morgan discussing Chuck’s past or Ellie explaining Uncle Chuck to Clara or some other less interesting scenario.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I could definitely go for Bentley being a Volkov baddie. It would make for a great confrontation scene if Bentley doesn’t know that Frost is a Bartowski. She could still know that Frost helped bring down Volkov but not knowing she’s Chuck and Ellie’s mom would make it where she has no idea that she could run into her in Burbank.

      • James Bond says:

        I think the fact that chuck is happy now may have a release on the intersect i.e. when he is with sarah they play board games or make love (enorphins make people happy and so chuck will be happy). Being with sarah as a couple and the fact that chuck can use the intersect and control it must mean that his brain gets a rest when he is on his downtime with sarah. Whether it be SNES or sex the intersect does not define chuck it just aids him to be a field agent…..

      • atcDave says:

        It’s funny James, they still have people suggest on occasion that Sarah is in some way holding Chuck back (Rye); I’d love to see that completely debunked and have someone acknowledge how Sarah actually makes Chuck and the Intersect far more effective. We got that a little in A-team, but mainly in the context of Chuck and Sarah being better outside the box thinkers than the new Intersect agents; I’d love to see it be stated clearly and strongly by an observer like Beckman or Casey.

      • James Bond says:

        Well Dave in that episode chuck said he did not care about the intersect and that sarah came first because he loved her, also the cia are idiots, I mean they wanted to put a bullet in chucks brain before casey objected (and I think he may not have gone through with it) and they believed shaw was a great spy and they thought emotionless intersects would be better then chuck and so on and so forth. Basically the cia is a bunch of narrow minded, short sighted, inept and anything else you can think of beaurocrats. I would not put much stock in what anyone associated with them say.

      • herder says:

        That is one of the things that is becoming more of a disconnect as time passes, the attitude of some in the spy business towards Chuck. Sure he took out Fulcrum, brought down the Ring and trapped Volkov, but I would have done much better if I had the opportunity.

        Come on, the President wanted him back such that Beckman felt it was ok to incapacitate innocent civilians to prevent his job interviews from being sucessful. What’s Bentley going to say at the hearing, “my agent had to shoot him because he was worthless and weak and had his hands on his father’s computer, yes the one he passed on to us.”

        The odd thing is that I sort of like it, that is an identifiable opponent and one that most can sypathise with, the oppostion of entrenched mindsets against a new idea or new way of doing things. Also it is one that Sarah and Casey can help him with at the same time as showing the growth that they have experienced through the series.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m okay with the idea of everyone underestimating Chuck, even if it is getting a bit ridiculous. Sarah and Casey believe in him, professionally that seems to be enough. It’s just the silly idea that Sarah is weakness to him that irks me.

      • JC says:

        I just wish the show wouldn’t be so blatant about it sometimes. One minute Chuck is one of the greatest spies ever and the next he’s being benched or people question his skills. Its not so bad when they give an excuse even if its thin. But this episode was one of those that made no sense on that front.

      • herder says:

        I don’t really see it that way, think about it in the sense of corporate culture. You have some people for whom results are the bottom line, people like Fitzgerald (or what ever his name was) who are a sort of Agent Carmicheal fan club. Then you have others who are offended and incensed that this non-entity has blundered into something that elevates him above his station and that if he only did things the proper way then his missions would go smoothly rather than the way they do.

        In the words of Daniel Shaw “his mission reports read like a combination of James Bond and Jerry Lewis”, these people will view Chuck as Jerry Lewis notwithstanding his acheivements. How he finds sucess offends them.

        Then you have those like Sarah and Casey (and to a lesser extent Beckman) who realize that Chuck has something real inside him that makes him a sucess, the intersect merely brings him to a stage where he can show his own inate talent. In Casey’s words “before you were the intersect you were smart” so go from there and figure it out.

        People like Bentley are blind to what they don’t understand and what they don’t understand they don’t value. I just wish that they didn’t have hiss out their disdain, may as well give them a hump and withered arm (as in Richard III) to show how evil they are. But at the end they do make good antagonists and it is fun to see them beaten in the end.

      • atcDave says:

        Wow, well put Herder. I do like seeing various elitist types humbled by Chuck (and TeamB’s) prowess. But it is funny how clueless Beckman seems on the whole good/bad thing (everyone from Zarnow to Rye) and she seems to only have the vaguest sense of Chuck’s value (she seems more confused about the issue since the 2.0; which isn’t that shocking; seriously, is the thing an Intelligence tool or a combat aid?)

      • uplink2 says:

        I’ll put it another way. This is a stretch but bear with me. Chuck is the American Idol of the spy world. Having come out of the Idol fanworld, many members of the traditional music industry look down on the Idol contestants as in some respects cheaters. The feel that the Idols got to where they are by bypassing everything they had to struggle to achieve. They refuse to see that many of these kids have a great deal of talent and they just found that lucky break that got them noticed. Let’s face it many are even more talented than many of the conventional artists who get a break because they have a gimmick, or they have a relationship with someone in the industry or they just get their hits bought by the record company promotional machine. A few have gotten past this like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson but most others will live with this blessing/curse for the rest of their careers.

        In a way Chuck is like that for other spies. Bryce Larkin became his Simon Cowell in a way and gave him the opportunity to show his talent without having paid his dues. Many people in the spy world will always look down on him because of that and their own personal ego issues. The only 2 who don’t are Sarah and Casey because they have seen him first hand show his talent. But Shaw and Bryce both had a certain level of jealousy of Chuck and their way of manifesting that was to go after Sarah. Cole was the only one who gave him a chance and then also did the honorable thing of backing away from Sarah completely when he knew he didn’t have a chance with her. Bryce never completely did that till he was dying and Shaw could have cared less about either of them in the end.

        Spies by their very nature have huge egos and some manifest that in jealousy of other agents. And in a case like Chuck it makes it even worse because he took a shortcut to his status. They can’t accept that it is just his journey and he has just as much right to be there on an equal level as they are. But fortunately Sarah and Casey themselves are not just any other spy and have grown by their relationship with Chuck to be able to see past that professional jealousy.

      • atcDave says:

        Interesting take on it Uplink. I think Casey may have been like the other spies at first, but by working in close proximity to Chuck he’s come to recognize his worth. Sarah may be the only one of the traditional spies to give him a fair chance right out of the gate (Sarah talked about how lucky she was to draw Chuck as an assignment. Think how lucky Chuck was to get Sarah, imagine if Forest had been his first handler!)

        By the way, interesting Gravatar, I hope that boat is of no personal association!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well put Herder. That is why the Rye’s and S#@w’s and the CIA’s occasional cluelessness never bothered me. Uplink adds some good points about paying dues. I’ve always thought that a major part of the charm of the show, that the spy world splits on whether Carmichael is a badass or a klutz.

        I’d only add one thing that I think antagonizes some in the spy world and why Beckman seems on the fence at times. Chuck’s emotions. More precisely his motivation to be a spy and his outlook on people. In a world of adrenaline junkies and egomaniacs Chuck took up the calling out of a genuine desire to do good and to help people. That is his defining characteristic. It grates on the Bentley’s of the spy world. The other aspect, Chuck’s willingness to trust and forgive is a genuine weakness at times. It usually works out in the end, like with his mom, but sometimes with say a Rye, he gets in over his head and needs his team. That is where I see Beckman as a superior spy to Bentley. She sees and acknowledges that the keys to Chuck’s success may, but aren’t always, a genuine source of weakness, so he needs his team around him. Bentley sees that as an over-reliance on his “handlers”. Where Sarah and Casey both admire Chuck for jumping into the spy world and his motives for doing so, others see him as holier-than-thou (at least on paper) rather than the real genuine selfless hero he is. The genuine article is always going to offend the pretenders to the title.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Uplink , Bryce may have given Chuck a shortcut in the eyes of the people who love the status quo but he’s also the first person to underestimate Chuck’s ability in the spy world .

        It may seem he was given a shortcut but really he was supposed to have started training shortly after Bryce did.

        Some may look at Chuck and say well if he can do so well with an Intersect than one of my people would be even better . They want things to follow the path they decide is right even if another way is more effective.

        These seem to be people that are very set in thier ways and do not like anyone telling them there is a better and different way even if thier way will cause them mass casualties.

        In this ep you can say the Gretas represent the old way of thinking and Chuck and Sarah the new (with Casey being the bridge between the two who hasn’t quite realized he’s crossed over to the new completely) . Neither Greta was capable of original thought or stopping and thinking. If Casey hadn’t insisted that Chuck and Sarah come along the Greta’s screwup would have caused a nuclear explosion , thousands of deaths , lasting radiation and if Bentley had survived she’d be busy trying to pass the blame for the explosion.

        herder, I’d really love to see Bentley have to explain the attempt at shooting Chuck to someone at a higher level than Beckman. Like say, a Congressional committee.

        And I hadn’t remembered Shaw saying that about Chuck but then the misery arc caused some traumatic amnesia on my part , unfortunately what I remember is way too much.

        And I haven’t gotten season 3 on dvd yet and I won’t until the price goes WAY down.

      • uplink2 says:

        Dave unfortunately yes that was the final cruise of my first boat. Fortunately it sunk in my own slip and the fuel vent and filler stayed out of the water so we didn’t have to deal with the environmental police. But I will always have a fondness for it as it was my first.

        Also Dave, I read your recommendation of Chuck VS The Pacific Northwest last night and couldn’t stop till I was finished. Really enjoyed it a great deal. Got any other similar ones to recommend? God I wish Sarah Walker spoke half as much on the show as she does in some of these fanfics lol.

        I agree with you about Casey but by the time of Truth he had learned differently about Chuck though he would never really say that to him till after Tic Tac really.

        Ernie, as far as Beckman goes she did recognize at the end of Agent Forrest’s intervention that Chuck’s relationships can be an “asset to the asset”. But I agree that she never will give it total appreciation. She is still too old school military for that. But she does recognize that it works for her best team and I think sees clearly that in the case of Chuck and Sarah at least it brings out yes sometimes the worst in them but more often the best.

      • herder says:

        One other theme that TPTB may be beginning to explore is that Intersectin’ Ain’t Easy. For people like Bentley, it is merely a series of unfortunate events that has resulted in Chuck being the only intersect. First Bryce blows up the intersect to prevent Fulcrum from getting it, his copy sent to Chuck is destroyed when Sarah tries to retrieve it. Fulcrum’s version unfortunately drives people insane.

        They get the 2.0 and Chuck has to destroy it so that the Ring can’t have it, once again no intersect. Shaw got the Ring’s version but unfortunately he was insane too (or at least so unbalanced so as to make no difference). Finally they get a break, Bartowski gives them his father’s computer which can down load the thing.

        Bentley would think that with a goofball like Chuck able to handle the intersect it should be a snap for a real agent or two again undervaluing what they don’t understand. Problem is that it doesn’t work properly for them, they have no balance. Once again I think that we are going to see that they decide that it was the flaws of the agents that caused the failure not something special within Chuck that allows him to effectively use the intersect.

        I think that in Muuurder they will go looking for Chuck clones to maybe down load the intersect again without understanding why Chuck can do what others can’t. Chuck is humble enough not to realize that there is something special in him that is more than simply being an underacheiving slacker that allowed him to do what he has done. None of the new “Chucks”, assuming any survive the Muuurder, will be able to do what Chuck has done.

      • uplink2 says:

        Tamara, Bryce may have shortchanged Chuck’s abilities in the spy world but I believe that he was right in a sense that if Chuck had not been lucky enough to be assigned Sarah in particular and Casey as well he would have been ultimately killed early on because his nature would have put him at risk unnecessarily. As someone else mentioned imagine if he had been assigned to Agent Forrest? He would have been dead by Wookie.

        We talk alot about Chuck saving Sarah but Sarah saved Chuck just as much. Both in real life she stopped his downward spiral after he had been betrayed by Bryce and Jill but also in the spy world. She protected him allowing him to grow to the point that he has been able to use his talents in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily endanger him. The only lapse in her protecting of Chuck came during season 3 when real Sarah left and AU Sarah was put on display. Without her he would not be where he is today.
        There are many things I hate about season 3 but teenage Sarah not protecting Chuck and allowing Shaw to kill him is one of the things that I hate the most.

      • joe says:

        Ack! Uplink, you write well and convincingly, especially about Sarah.

        But I have to put it out there, that there *are* other ways of looking at her actions when you don’t understand or agree (or even like) them. Ultimately, that’s what Chuck does.

        Now this is not an invitation to explain or expound on S3 – we’ve all done that too much, especially me. Instead, please consider it an invitation (for all of us) to accept the actions of others when we DO NOT understand – especially when we don’t have the whole story.

        Sometimes it’s the only way to get to the good stuff, even in real life.

      • ArmySFC says:

        uplink, as a point of conversation nothing more, lets go with the idea of forrest being assigned to chuck and not sarah. you claim he would be dead by wookie. he could also have had his first kill by then as well. instead of codling him like they did maybe they actually trained him as an agent, taught him the skills he needed to survive in the spy world. maybe they forced him to grow up by taking him away from his known comfort zone.

        this season is a good example to use. right now it looks like a wedding is coming. maybe in 4.23 they head to the wedding and the writers decide to kill chuck or sarah, maybe injure them in a car wreck. they can just as easily decide that nothing goes wrong and they have a trouble free wedding. there is nothing real influencing the events that are coming. just the desires of writers and show runners. same can be said for the past episodes.

        my point in all this is chuck is a show written by real people. they can write the story as they see fit. they chose to write chuck like they have, they could have written him another way. would the show be the same, no it wouldn’t.

        i refuse to believe that anyone that tuned in from the first episode thought chuck and sarah would be together BEFORE they saw the first episode. that episode and the way it was written planted all the seeds for what came along later. if that episode was written differently with it showing clearly that sarah had no interest at all in chuck, viewers would not have even looked for it. we would not be having these discussions if that was the case.

        playing the what if game is hard enough in real life, but harder with a scripted medium. the greatest works in literature could have different endings if the authors wanted it that way.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Uplink I can think of a few good fan fics for you! Your taste seems similar enough to mine you’d like enjoy most of what’s on my favorites list.
        But some more specific recommendations would be first “The Revenge of Bartowski” by Nevert; which is simply the sequel to Pacific Northwest. He’s not too far into it yet, but as always he’s showing a good mix of humor, character drama, and action; and of course, Shaw is the villain of the piece.
        Another good one might be “Chuck vs. The Fight” by Kate McK. It would be better called a series one shots, where she took each episode from S3 and “fixed” the Charah situation. Some of her fixes are quite satisfying, especially my favorite that involves Sarah putting a bullet in Shaw’s chest (that’s for “Beard”, and it gets a lot more involved after that!). She did another called “Chuck vs. The Fight: New Year’s Edition” that is essentially take two on fixing Final Exam. I’ll be posting another Fan Fiction piece in a week or so with more suggestions.

      • JC says:

        I’d also like to throw out Chuck vs The Duplicity and the sequel Chuck vs The Cure. The writer took some liberties with S3 but made Shaw a credible villain and IMO had a more believable resolution to the Chuck and Sarah romance.

      • uplink2 says:

        Thanks Dave. Next time I get a few hours free I will check out a few more.

        Joe and Army. Both interesting POV’s Joe I know you try to find ways to make sense of things that happened and get folks to accept what we don’t understand or agree with. Its one of the things I like most about reading your writings. Army I agree with you about what is in the Pilot. Now I didn’t start watching Chuck till the Jill arc began but I’ve probably watched the Pilot more than any other episode. Everything I love about the show is in there and that is where we fall for the Chuck Sarah relationship just like Sarah falls for Chuck.

        This is where some of my frustrations with the direction of the show comes from. They WANTED me to feel the way I do because they wrote it that way. It was a conscious decision to get the audience and me invested in the epic quality of the romance because that was the story they were telling. So when that story is changed for reasons that don’t seem to fit with what I have been seeing and investing it, it becomes difficult to watch and difficult to understand. If they had not shown the intensity of the looks on Sarah’s face as she looked at Chuck on the beach things would have been very different. But they were making a point and I get it quite clearly and they have shown it throughout the series until the misery arc began.

        This is one of the reasons I have such difficulty with Ali Adler and Fake Name. Those same tools she used to get me to love these characters and love this show were used to show them do things I hated and never wanted to see or will never understand. I got into a discussion with someone who I really respect but who got very upset with me about my feelings towards Ali’s possible return. Their point to me was that she was glad that Ali wrote it because imagine how bad it would have been if someone else had done it? The episode was going to be written that way and maybe giving it to Ali made it less painful because it was written well at least and the fans trusted her. I can see that line of thinking as having some merit but it still doesn’t relieve me of any of my hatred for the course they chose or what she used to inflict that pain on me the viewer. But I will give that person credit for making a well thought out and written position. I just still can’t accept the premise from the beginning though I am getting closer.

      • herder says:

        I thought that I’d try to divide the characters as to how they view Chuck:

        Those who think he is a spy:
        -Hugo Panzer
        -Generalissimo Goya
        -Mama B?
        -Roan Montgomery

        Those who view Chuck as a flawed spy:
        -Gereral Beckman
        -Heather Chandler
        -Agent Rye
        -The Belgian
        -the Gretas (2)

        Those who view him as a failed spy:

        Those who view him as a Civilian:
        -the Buy More gang

        The list is obviously incomplete, but an interesting thing is that those that he goes against tend to view him as a full fledged spy as do those that are close to him. Those in the spy community who don’t have a lot to do with him tend to view him as flawed. I realize that this is my own personal interpretation of what we have seen, but he seems to be more respected by those he fights against than those on his own side.

        Incidentally I’ve put question marks against both Mama B and Volkov as I’m not really sure what Mama B’s opinion is but she seems to trust his judgement and as he captured Volkov I guesss he thinks Chuck is a full fledged spy. I didn’t get into all of the minor characters or bad guys of the week, merely trying to keep to the major ones.

      • thinkling says:

        That’s a good list Herder. I agree with all of it, I think. Carmichael had a rep with his enemies even when he was just an asset. Even then he was viewed as a spy by the baddies.

      • atcDave says:

        Interesting list Herder. I would add Orion, he never seemed to accept Chuck as a spy either; although it may have mainly been wishful thinking on his part. Although he did pass down his legacy to him, so maybe its just too complex to categorize.

      • herder says:

        Sorry Dave, there was a sentence that I missed, the characters from this season, I didn’t want to get into Jill, Cole, Orion or Shaw, so I left them out.

      • joe says:

        It’s a great list! I too wonder about where in the list Stephen would place himself!

        Hannah saw Chuck a civilian, as did Lou. Jill saw him as spy, of course, as did my favorite, Vincent, and all the rest of the Fulcrum and Ring gangs.

        Remember Dr. Howard Busgang, aka Perseus? He saw Chuck as a civilian, too. Cole started out seeing Chuck as a civilian and then changed his mind. 😉

        Update: Ack! Just saw your note limiting this to S4. <voice type=Emily Latella>Never mind!</voice>

      • Tamara Burks says:

        I don’t think the situation with Orion was a matter of him not accepting Chuck as a spy or not believing he was capable.I think he just didn’t want his children anywhere near spy world and the pain it had brought him especially after seeing Chuck in a situation that paralleled his relationship with Frost.

        Since the two relationships were meant to be parallels and from what little we heard Frost tell Ellie, we can say for certain that Frost was Orion’s handler.

        That means that spy world brought him his wife and from her his children but it also took them away from him and he didn’t want them to go through the pain he went through.

        Ellie not getting involved with spy world was a pretty safe bet (except for a few circumstances and without Chuck in spy world Ellie was clear of it) . Chuck was the one he couldn’t keep away from it and his love for Sarah made keeping him away especially problematic.

        It had to be incredibly frustrating for him to see history repeating itself with his son . Orion believing that Chuck was good at his job would only increase that frustration.

      • herder says:

        Joe, anyone can take this where they want, I had limited my comments to season 4 simply because in season four he has been a full time spy. In previous seasons he has been a reluctant spy, an asset and a spy in training. Oh yeah and I didn’t want this to become an I hate Shaw post. Jill, Bryce, Cole and Langston Graham were all dead or gone before Chuck became a full time spy, how they viewed him are not as relevant as how he is viewed now.

      • ArmySFC says:

        herder, good list. i would argue that casey (despite knowing chuck is a spy) still see’s him as flawed. he won’t pull the trigger and he won’t hit a girl.

        it can be argued that the big three are all considered flawed by the higher ups. isn’t that why they want to create the perfect spy using the intersect? because the higher powers see flaws in ALL the spies and want the intersect to make them perfect.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        ATCDave in the sequel to pacific northwest has quite possibly my favorite costume ever worn by Sarah. As a huge dune fan when Sarah said ,wearing her costume says, “tell me of your homeworld Usel”
        It took me a while to stop smiling

        As far as the list, I don’t understand GB at the beginning of the season she thought she was a great spy, last week, great spy. In between, not so much.
        Maybe if we follow her lead we’ll know if Chuck is a good spy that week.

      • atcDave says:

        Army I would certainly agree that part of Bentley’s agenda seems to be removing human “shortcomings” from the equation. Of course her interpretation of shortcomings seems to include any sort of free will decision making. So all of TeamB, a completely “outside the box” sort of unit, will be severely flawed reference her agenda.
        By comparison, I would say General Beckman has a far more complex view of her “A-Team”. She gets Chuck’s hand-wringing and moral reservations, she knows Sarah is motivated at least as much to protect Chuck as she is with any other aspect of a mission, and I think she knows Casey has lost some of his “edge” by long association with his team. But I think the General still considers them her best, because somehow they always get things done.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh yeah BDaddy, Nervert has had a few awesome moments in his newest story. I have to give him bonus points for coming up with the worst “real name” for Sarah Walker in all of Chuckdom! I almost spit Diet Coke out my nose when I read it! Now we know the real reason she is so secretive about these things. (Just a hint, many of you may be familiar with the only flyable B-29 in the world today…)

      • ArmySFC says:

        dave, i agree with that. beckman knows they have flaws. she knows they are here her best team, so she accepts them warts and all.

  26. Tamara Burks says:

    Did I miss it or did they never explain exactly what the acronym GRETA meant. I mean the ETA could mean elitist typical agent.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Sounds about right to me. Government Robotic Elitist Typical Agent. I was going to go with General Retail Environment Trained Agent, but yours seems fitting.

    • ArmySFC says:

      i was thinking along the lines of enhanced/engineered, trained/tactical, agent

    • Tamara Burks says:

      Elitist certainly fits in with the Greta who thought she should kille Jeff and Lester because they might blow her cover. It seems to me that them blowing her cover would be a failure on her part since she was supposed to be undercover .

    • Faith says:

      This is from chuckfnatc of the boards:
      R- RESEARCHED (/Research?)
      T- TESTING
      A- AGENT

      I added the research instead of researched. I like it.

  27. Faith says:

    Random tweet:

    • joe says:

      Is it possible to die from too much hotness-exposure? If so, I’m doomed.

    • atcDave says:

      What? No Ellie! (What’s Amy still doing there? Maybe this is old?)

      • Faith says:

        LOL guys. Welcome!

        Dave, I asked about SL, will see if she responds. But it’s definitely new.

        Here’s an update:

        As you can tell she’s a trip. If you’re ok with graphic tweets, she’s definitely worth a follow.

    • herder says:

      Wow, (picks jaw up off of floor) I’m speachless.

  28. Verkan_Vall says:

    I,..I….What the heck is my name again?


    Thank you, Faith.

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