It’s Muuurder! 4.19 Reactions

It’s a WhoDunIt!

Explosions, power-failures, duct-work and dead bodies!

Today’s big guest star is – The Buy More!

There seem to be a 2, or 3 or 4-for-one sale on Chucks today at the Buy More. But all of them wind up dead! Oh-Nos! Who, or what is killing them off?

Ellie has an alarming new hobby. Considering that Bentley has given her Stephen’s laptop back, I don’t think it’s Macramé. Does she stumble onto something about the Intersect, or something about the spy world?

Or maybe the secret is about herself!

Our Chuck, the one I hope stays alive this week, is on a top priority mission. But is this a different mission from solving the muuurders in Castle or in addition to? He may be a very busy boy!

Tell us what you think!

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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75 Responses to It’s Muuurder! 4.19 Reactions

  1. weaselone says:

    OMG, they killed Chuck! Sort of…

  2. Tamara Burks says:

    Point by point reaction.

    Bentley really is a bitch. Does she not get that she’s the one who screwed up?

    Darn it that was my favorite one!

    Does Big Mike know what BM stands for?

    Large Mart is really aggressive.

    I didn’t think it was the real Kevin Bacon.

    Bentley should be the top suspect. Or the female Chuck , she seems a little vicious.

    His number 2 is dressed in the BM costume . Today’s Subway product placement.

    If you want to know where Kevin Bacon is , ask Kyra Sedgewick.

    Devon’s gonna cave and put the harddrive back.

    I like the Greek, I understand his frustration.

    I wonder if this will be the day that the citizens of Buymoria finally realize what’s underneath thier feet.

    Of course Lewis could be dead , after all there’s still a little less than 30 minutes till the end.

    Please tell me they didn’t eat the pig.

    No it’s the pig.

    I totally called it!

    Morgan now knows where the pig has gone.

    Did Casey say I hope it’s a boy because his daughter’s dating habits (especially on Valentine’s Day) is giving him chest pains?

    Damian was using the Ten Little Indians method of avoiding detection if I remember it right.

    Bentley did the same damn thing the Gretas did with a bomb.

    Was that regret on her face as she thought she was going to die?

    Good the bacon didn’t get overcooked.

    Looks like a near death experience has given Bentley a new lease on life.

    I don’t think there’s a shoe big enough to stamp that flame out.

    And the pig did his own BM.

    I knew he didn’t do it!

    VIVIAN! I am so disappointed in her.

    OK, what’s the light?

    Agent X ! Is it accessing those files because they are files on Ellie or because they are files that Ellie is the only one that should have access to it?

    • silvercat says:

      Great stream of conscience, Tamara, especially the remark about Kyra Sedgewidk!

      As for Damien trying to blow up Chuck, I strongly suspected Vivian was behind it, and I was right. Very glad Casey’s back with Team B and Bentley’s gone… still don’t quite trust her. The last scene was rather foreboding when the computer scanned Ellie. Agent X? Hmmm.

      All in all a pretty good episode.Was pretty much glued to my seat the whole hour.

    • weaselone says:

      Several people were commenting over at the live chat at ChuckTV that Ellie was somehow agent X. That’s certainly not what I saw in that closing scene. Either Agent X is Chuck and that computer responded solely to her as a protection mechanism, or Agent X is an unknown who either Bentley or perhaps Volkoff wants Intersected. I’m leaning towards it being Chuck.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        It looked like the same scan light in Predator that verified Chuck’s identity. I can see thier father having set something up so that Ellie could make sure that the Intersect worked perfectly in Chuck in case he wasn’t able to fix it himself or remove it from Chuck (after all we don’t know when he set up the computer in the car. It could have been Before the Intersect was removed the first time).

        The computer may have been the failsafe in case he was killed by his enemies (it ended up being Sarah’s enemy who became Chuck’s when Chuck thwarted him) .Finding out exactly when the computer was placed or last updated (maybe he was able to d it remotely ) would be telling.

        Another thing I want to know is what’s powering the thing. It was showing lights when still in the car and we’ve never seen anybody charge it.

        I think Papa B is once again placing Chuck’s life in Ellie’s hands just like he did when she was a child.

        I wonder who’s gonna explode with thier secret keeping, Chuck , Ellie or Devon?

      • herder says:

        I’m leaning towards Agent X being Chuck too, but I am keeping my mind open to some other intersect running around, especially if it is a version 1.0 intersect which is intelligence only. My guess is that Ellie’s task is to release the other things that the intersect can do, didn’t Papa B say something about all the other things that the intersect can do in Dream Job. Chuck had said that it only worked on input and he would flash on that input but his father said something like he designed the intersect and he knew what it could do.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Did the scan say it was verified that it was Elllie Bartowski or Ellie Woodcomb? While it is possible that her father may have thought of her as a Bartowski only , if it says Woodcomb it gives us a timeline to work with on when he last updated the computer.

      • sniderman says:

        “Did the scan say it was verified that it was Elllie Bartowski or Ellie Woodcomb?”

        I’m nearly positive that, upon scanning, the readout said “Eleanor Faye Bartowski”.

  3. joe says:

    Chuck saves Kevin’s Bacon!

  4. DaveB says:

    Well, with the russian sounding music in the background, I’m wondering if it’s Vivian who is accessing the computer, but that would be ridiculous, right, because a) it’s a Bartowski computer, inaccessible by anyone except a Bartowski. and b) Volkov, and so Vivian, didn’t know anything about the computer, and so wouldn’t know to access it in the first place.

    I see plot holes for the sake of convenience.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      The Russian sounding music may have been because of the reveal of Vivian as the one who ordered Chuck’s death.

      Is it wrong to hope that it isn’t Vivian at all but Volkov and/or his lawyer that are doing everything to make sure they keep Vivian on the path to the Dark Side and make sure that if Chuck survived the hit (or even if he didn’t) and she realized she was being cornered into taking up her father’s mantle then she wouldn not be able to go to them for help because they would no longer trust her.

      • ArmySFC says:

        i’m kind of looking at volkoff as the one behind the hit.

      • atcDave says:

        I’ll bet some serious Costa Gravan pesos that it wasn’t Vivian. It was probably her lawyer acting on papaV’s orders.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        I’d really hope someone writes a fic that has Sarah being the first one to find Vivian thinking that Vivian tried to kill Chuck with Vivian desperately trying to get them to believe her that she didn’t know anything about it until she realizes her father and his lawyer were setting her up to take over his business whether she liked it or not.

      • armysfc says:

        well find out in 4.20 because fedak said dalton is back for 1 episode. at least in the article i read that leaves 2 more with vivian.

      • herder says:

        I pretty sure that it was Vivian who ordered the hit, her arc is the descent into the dark side, there may be a redemption but for now she has become a bad guy, a nemisis ( throw back to season one ).

  5. atcDave says:

    This episode seemed more plot driven than is normal for Chuck. Apart from Chuck’s leadership issues, the mystery itself took most of the time.

    Loved the Buy More sub-plot. Very funny; from the big BM, to Kevin Bacon, to this week’s Subway placement (“like your mama!”)

    Interesting with Ellie. I wonder if Devon actually told her about Chuck’s involvement, or the not telling Chuck was a more general statement. I’m pretty sure Agent X is Chuck’s files; it sounds like a case study to me, and that could only mean Chuck (or maybe Orion himself, but then Orion wasn’t really an “agent”).

    Is Robin Givens done? That was a pretty anti-climactic send off. I mean its sort of funny and in character that Chuck won her over; but I really expected worse from her.

    The murder itself was took a lot of time. I never felt too engaged in it, I mean we knew it wasn’t anyone in teamB; so it was a minor exorcise to guess which of the guest stars it might be, I guessed Josie; oh well.

    It was sort of fun to see Sarah revert to more of her S1 type role, that is encourager and supporter every step of the way. I’d complain her role was too small this week, but with the guest stars taking so much screen time even Chuck’s role was pretty small this week.
    On a related note, it was fun to see Casey having Chuck’s complete confidence AND reveling in it. He was pleased and smug, kind of funny.

    • ArmySFC says:

      dave, i don’t think it was so much the guest stars as the BM taking up the screen time. i think the big 3 got equal time this week.

    • herder says:

      If Robin Givens is done, then it has been a waste of a pretty good build up of an opponent for Chuck. She was hard and unfair, sort of like Harry Tang, to have her change so easily seems a lame way to end it. I would have been better for her to dismiss Chuck’s good efforts again and simply continue as someone who didn’t get him and dismissed him until a bigger example of Chuck saving the day as Chuck.

  6. herder says:

    A bit of an odd episode, again I thought the beginning was slow then about halfway through it picked up and the last few minutes were great. Chuck barely flashed at all, it was his smarts that saved the day which was nice to see.

    Could there have been more BM and number two jokes? and while the Sienna plug last week seemed a bit forced for some reason I get a kick out of the Subway plugs (disclosure, had a BMT sub for supper, must support our sponsors). Reasonably good Buy More subplot this week, always fun to see Large Mart again.

    I will say that I didn’t guess the killer either so presumably that was well done. Truthfully while I enjoyed the Agatha Christie plot I didn’t find any of it exceptional. I was touched that Awesome cares more about Ellie’s happiness at having interesting work to do than he fears the spy world of Chuck and her father (incidentally Sarah Lancaster’s own baby bump is starting to show).

    The end was great, loved the scene of the three of them sitting around with milk and munchies decompressing after a mission, Chuck massaging Sarah’s feet and making sure everyone is clear about how he views the team as a collaborative effort. Then the General drops the bomb about Vivian being behind the explosions and trying to kill Chuck. Follow that with the scan, as Tamara said, returned from Predator. In fact I thought that was one of the weaknesses about the first introduction of the Orion computer from earlier this year. Why have riddles that only Ellie then Chuck could solve when he had retinal scaners in season 2. I guess the answer is that the deeper you get into whatever Papa B intends to be done the higher the security, it also explains why Bentley couldn’t understand the programing, she couldn’t acess it.

    One last point, the up ending elevated what I thought was a middling episode whereas last year a downer ending would have coloured my impression of what I had seen earlier in the hour. This year I liked the episode, with a downer ending like much of last year I probably wouldn’t have. You end with the team in a good place and interesting external threats and I’m happy.

    • atcDave says:

      Agree entirely about the endings Herder. It makes such a huge difference in the feel and memory of the episode. Even a weaker episode if you still look forward to the ending feels much better overall.

  7. Ernie Davis says:

    Well I’ve only watched 2.5 times, so I may be premature and open to revision, but I liked it a lot. And I think we’re going to revisit this one a lot.

    The brief version. I think Bentley was a bit too cut and dry to be done. Her turnaround was too quick and complete, but it could be she was just the convenient 2-3 episode plot device we’ve seen before.

    Did anyone else see the intersect, the new intersect? The failed intersect? We had a Chuck, a Sarah, and a Casey, but they had all passed their point of no return. Chuck was obvious, Sarah… well “How did you get the intersect to commit” from a psyops, and emotionally vulnerable woman who apparently became too emotional and lost her spy edge, then her humanity and sympathy… And then the guy who just spent too much time in sand and caves… I’m sorry, I may be reading too much into it, but catch that team at the right time, who knows. Oddly Chuck, or rather AU Chuck was the survivor of the bunch, aside from being killed… the emotionally healthy one.

    Did anyone else think Sarah was re-living a bit of the ole Bartowski charm in the interviews? Just a thought.

    The other stuff? Who doesn’t love excessive potty humor. And who doesn’t love pigs flying.

    Ellie now the one keeping Chuck in the dark was a fun twist, and I really wanna see where it goes. Orion may be dead, but like Obi Wan, he is not gone, and remains an active participant in the story.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      Good point on the parallels . Chuck , even with his occassional drop into depression (early season 3) , has always been the most emotionally stable of the 3.

      And if Sarah had gotten pregnant by Bryce, he would have dropped her like she was hot. He was too into being the big agent (witness his walking into Ellie’s first wedding with one gun).

      And Casey was at the point where he would blindly kill anyone he was ordered to and not be bothered (like the Gretas).

      The 3 came together at a point where they where the combination clicked and Casey and Sarah’s exposure to Chuck helped them remember the person they used to be or discover the person they could become.

      And I think that the potty humor was actually subtle for potty humor. For one thing not everyone has heard of the term being used and it might fly over thier heads until they were clued in by someone. I liked it because it was relatively subtle .

      • atcDave says:

        I don’t know about subtle; I mean a giant flaming BM at the front door??!! Subtle like a flaming sack of, oh never mind!

        Okay I’ll admit, while I was laughing pretty hard at the potty humor my wife was looking at me like I was nuts. Must be a guy thing…

      • Faith says:

        My only gripe for this episode was the potty humor. I felt a bit like girl Chuck during the James Bond discussion, is this something that only guys understand? :D. BTW those sets of interviews, muy awesome.

      • herder says:

        Faith, definitely a guy thing, how else can you explain the career of Adam Sandler?

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Considering what they’ve done with sh*t jokes in movies , this was pretty freaking subtle.And not everyone has heard the term BM.

      • Faith says:

        LOL got it Herder. That’s actually comforting.

        Yeah I do think it was subtle Tamara but it still did nothing for me. The Kevin Bacon/Pig jokes on the other hand absolute win. A show stealer you might say.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Maybe the potty humor was meant to balance out the darkness of the Murder plot .

    • herder says:

      “”How did you get the intersect to commit” from a psyops, and emotionally vulnerable woman who became too emotional and apparantly lost her spy edge…” and who is pregnant, foreshadowsing?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        It’s an AU world. 😉

        Also forgot to mention, great genre adaptation. Might even say … Genius?

      • Faith says:

        I feel robbed. That’s right robbed.

        How dare they not allow us to hear the answer to that?

        Which obviously is, “he couldn’t help himself” heh. She is Sarah Walker after all and he’s well, Chuck Bartowski. LMAO.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Ahhh, but the answer was there. AU Sarah passed the point of no return. In her interview she clearly stated she’d manipulate her partner. At a certain point the real sarah realized that didn’t work. That is why AU Sara is pregnant and alone, and real Sarah is still a great spy and about to be married to the man she loves.

      • Faith says:

        Jeez Ernie, that’s freakin brilliant. A first watch need not apply…I gotta see this several more times!

      • herder says:

        That is brilliant Ernie, my appreciation for the writing in this episode just went up a notch.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        The answer was he wasn’t the one with the commitment problems.

      • weaselone says:

        True enough. In this case the female Chuck who wasn’t like Chuck was decidedly like Chuck.

    • herder says:

      I will say that I got a kick out of the most Chuck-like of the Chucks saying about conflict resolution “I talk about it right away, for as long as it takes, you can’t leave anything unsaid, sometimes it’s best to say it two or three times”. That is definitely someone channeling their inner Chuck.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I think there was another parallel and that was Beckman and Bentley. Look how Beckman was when we first met her, now she seems to have embraced the wierd way Chuck works because she knows that while he doesn’t fit in the corporate grove , he’s the best man for the job.

      I mean could you have imagine season 1 Beckman even listening to Morgan about how the store’s cover was failing much less listening and then passing his thoughts on the cover to her superiors? In season 1 she would have been as condescending as Bentley was about Chuck’s pocket protector.

  8. uplink2 says:

    Did my usual rewatch and as with every episode this season its even better the second time round. Lots of fun and that was the best BuyMore story of the season. And I will say this once again that my favorite BuyMoron is Big Mike. Jeff and Lester I could care less about but I love me some Big Mike. You can tell he is a real comedian as his timing and delivery are just so spot on. Love the job satisfaction line.

    Lots of other stuff to love but I’m glad that Devon let his wife follow her path. Now it wasn’t the end of clueless Ellie but it is definitely headed that way finally. What I see happening is that obviously Chuck is Agent X and what this is is the final realization of what Stephen said to young Ellie about there was nothing they could not do when they worked together. He wants them to work together to follow his research and follow in the family journey together. The scanning of Ellie was activated by her work and it waited for a time to confirm it was her that was actually doing it before it released the encrypted files on Chuck that she will need to continue his work. She will eventually come to realize, probably in 4.22 that Chuck is Agent X and the families work will really begin in earnest.

    Ellie Bartowski gets it. She is the one who can understand the genius that was her father and his work and will put it together with Chuck to improve and make him an even better Intersect. I really like this journey. This episode was another piece in the puzzle. If I had anything to complain about is that there wasn’t enough Sarah but what we got was great as usual. Her going after the girl when she made a comment about being a fiance, she supported Chuck and loves that he believes in them as a team and that it is the 3 of them that make it work.

    All in all a very good episode again. Season 4 really has been stellar!

    • atcDave says:

      Agree Uplink. Big Mike was so funny. I loved his usual Subway plug. Oh, and he was a captive right up until quitting time.

  9. Adam says:

    Yawnfest of an episode, I hate to admit it but I drifted over to House after the 3 ad break and I hate House. The main story was campy and badly written, very slow paced, and frankly enough with the spelling out of every single thing that happens through the actors, it’s not that complicated a show that we need the characters to tell us what’s happening.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I don’t know if this is any indicator, but I’m going to have to re-watch. I fell asleep during the episode. Either I was REALLY tired, or it just wasn’t that interesting.

  10. sniderman says:

    Missed Gag Opportunity:

    Morgan: “Who is your favorite James Bond – excluding Connery?”
    AU Chuck: “Hmmm…Always was partial to Dalton.”
    (Morgan and Chuck share a look and both nod in approval)

    Can’t believe Morgan asked that question and the best they came up with was AU Sarah’s “What has this got to do with anything?”

  11. jason says:

    wasn’t the seasons best, but what can I say, I still liked it.

    1 – were the 4 intersects supposed to represent chuck, sarah, casey the killer, and maybe morgan, the annoying guy who gets a british accent from spending a few months in england?

    2 – With bentley I would think many would be surprised she did not link back to volkov. Since she was not a real strong actor, I bid her farewell, yet another in the line of guest stars who are serious characters and sort of fall flat. It must be really hard to keep up with the constant switching of genres, trying to keep up with jeffster, beckman, casey, morgan, & chuck’s hijinx and having to be in near every scene with Yvonne, who seems to be born for the role of Sarah Walker.

    3 – Sarah literally was relegated to the audience or narrator in this ep, sort of watching chuck, guiding him, and enjoying his journey, fedak once said the fans see chuck thru sarah’s eyes, that is how this ep felt for sure.

    4 – Another thing, did awesome tell ellie everything he knows, that is how I interpreted the end, which if so, well, I think is awesome? Most of my guesses were chuck tells her or ellie accidentally would discover the intersect, for some reason, I would not have guessed awesome – that really is clever & appropriate, at least for my eye!

    5 – INterestingly, Morgan was not with team B in this ep or at the end, although Morgan was used for my fav morgan story, him getting as annoyed by jeffster as I get by having to watch morgan ruining / stealing chuck and sarah moments. Payback baby!

    6 – Nice to have a water fountain type moment at the end in the apartment, was this the first time casey was with CS in that end of ep setting? Chuck making the point that the team was important, making the intersect work, not him.

    But to digress, speaking of babies …. that Sarah doppleganger, I don’t know …..

  12. Big Kev says:

    Wow. I’m really not sure what to say…..
    I think Kristin Newman has been the pick of the new writers by a distance this season – but most of that honestly just made me cringe. Thank god for the Ellie plot, and the Volkoff twist.
    BuyMore was OK, much as normal. But that murder mystery spy plot? Chuck “in charge”? Kudos to those who enjoyed it. I hate to be so harsh, I really do – but man, it just really wasn’t very good.

  13. herder says:

    Brace yourselves for bad numbers on the overnights, the preliminary numbers for NBC are down 10-20% for the night. It is entirely possible that a 1.5 might be NBC’s top demo.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Ugh… Can we blame it on the NCAA? How did the other networks do?

    • Rick Holy says:

      Blame it on something called DANCING WITH THE STARS! It ALWAYS does damage to CHUCK every time it premieres. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1.4 or even 1.3 CHUCK demo numbers.

      As much as we hate to admit it, the show is waning with the fans. It’s been a good season, but fan interest continues to decline. We MAY be seeing the end of CHUCK.

      If CHUCK does come back, it WON’T be on Monday nights. NBC has to be tired of getting their butt kicked – so they’ll be willing to roll the dice and put on an all new lineup. CHUCK may be around to replace something that crashes – whether it be on a Monday night or some other night of the week.

      Bottom line. Don’t expect to see anything but dismal numbers for the remaining episodes this season. DWTS will be with us for the rest of this season’s run – and considering 1.7 had become “the norm” for CHUCK withOUT DWTS against it, you can bet that the numbers WITH DWTS against it will be lower – much lower.

      But enough about the numbers. ENJOY what’s left this season. Hopefully the episodes leading up to the wedding will be “top-notch.”

      • Kerrie says:

        Actually that’s not accurate, last year for example Chuck fell to 1.9 with DST, held on to 1.9 the following week against DWTS premiere then even rose to 2.1 for the following two episodes before tumbling down to 1.7 for the finale.

        Who’d imagine it though, last year’s 1.9 looks so good now that we are realistically facing a 1.4.

      • Faith says:

        I will take Friday please…can’t believe I’m saying that. But no Chuck, at all, nien! It is unacceptable.

  14. Kerrie says:

    Brace yourselves for the ratings guys, fast overnights suggest a sizeable drop

  15. I’m glad that the Awesomes are finally included it the spy story, I’ve been asking for this since the end of S3. But what is the Captain thinking? Keeping secrets from both Bartowskis? How can he possibly not see trouble coming by doing that?

    Even if I’m not a big fan of this ‘everybody is keeping secrets from each other for no good reason’ idea, Chuck should have handled this from the beginning, instead of lying to Ellie and putting Devon in this situation, so he kind of had it coming.

  16. Rick Holy says:

    Not as bad as I expected. A “new low” for CHUCK, but it’s a 1.5. Was expecting/fearing worse. Considering NO promotion and the competition, not bad. Maybe not good enough for renewal, but time will tell. Even Harry’s Law which gets ALOT of promo, only got a 1.6. (and I’m sure it’s much more expensive to produce than CHUCK with Kathy Bates on the payroll).

    • uplink2 says:

      I agree it was better than I thought from what was being said earlier. Waiting to see final #s for audience to see trends. NBC is in real trouble and it is staying consistant in how is places with Harry’s Law .1 ahead and the 9pm hour just a disaster.

  17. herder says:

    It may be a dumb question but when is the next new episode, I think it is Family Volkov. Last night they said that Chuck returns in two weeks but is that a new episode or a repeat. If it is new on April 4th does it go to repeats on the 11th and 18th and then new again for Wedding Planner on the 25th?

    • Kerrie says:

      thefuttoncritic has no Chuck next week, repeats on the 4th and the 11th then new episodes every week between April 18th and May 16th

      • joe says:

        Ah, thank you, Kerrie.

        I have a suspicion that the schedule is currently cast in jello, though. So I won’t be at all surprised if this changes.

        We’ll keep tabs, just in case. 😉

    • atcDave says:

      I was surprised by that announcement at the end. Two weeks of reruns before starting the final run makes the most sense, but they don’t normally announce reruns like that.

  18. Robert H says:

    1.5 huh?Well it could have been worse. TVBTN has Chuck all alone on the bubble now.
    Undercovers,Chase, The Cape all finished. The Event not even broadcast Monday night and probably finished too. TVBTN has it not getting renewed.

    All that money spent by NBC on these shows flushed down the toilet for what? Nothing, that’s what. A fraction of that money spent could have restored the budget
    for Chuck with the balance spent on worthier prodjects with still enough left over for
    a decent promotion of the show this year which might have helped its ratings. All for naught and the show is going to be preempted next week for a president’s special which no one will watch followed by 2 weeks of repeats. It will be off the air for 3 weeks coming back April 18th to compete with DWTS,DST, and Spring. That’s like sending a pee wee football team to compete in the NFL-no chance baby, no chance.

    The incompetence at NBC is just utterly astounding. It smells like a very bad pus over there and Comcast needs to clean it out asap. The patient just doesn’t need major surgery-corporate amputations may be required. Just do it and get it over with, the sooner the better.

    And the episode? Our hero was his usual self for the first 3/4 of the hour, being presented as a bumbling,weak,indecisive fool. Bentley had him pegged about right. Then of course all was made well at the end. Apparently Ellie is going to be the new
    intersect. Hope she enjoys her new status while she can which will be for 5 more episodes unless WB/NBC strike a deal for syndication which is the only way I see this
    show getting renewed for 1 more year. I don’t really care one way or the other but I
    would like to see the people who work on the show keep their jobs for another year so
    they can find other work when the show does come to an end.

    Looks like it’s coming down to the May sweeps which will tell the final story on the show’s fate. As usual nothing to do now but to wait and see how things play out coming down the home stretch. Should be interesting to watch.

    • Brandon says:

      NBC doesn’t exist solely to promote Chuck. They gave the show awesome promotion at the start of Season 3. And I do mean awesome, it was wall to wall Chuck. Show went from a 3.0 to a 1.7. Networks don’t constantly throw money at shows, they promote them, from that point it’s the show’s responsibility to gather and maintain viewers. Look at House for example. Fox doesn’t constantly spend money to promote the show, the show got its push and it’s self reliant. As to the show’s budget. The ONLY thing that kept Chuck around was that NBC could make some money on it. If they gave it a budget increase and Chuck scored 1.7s then there’s no way they’d keep the show around.

      As to new shows, it’s pretty much an axiom. These days 90% of all new shows each season fail. Look at ABC, every single one of their new shows this year is dead, in fact only 2 are still airing. But that’s how the business works, they throw large amounts of money at new developments hoping they will find 1-2 hits. Most seasons they don’t. ABC (again) hasn’t really launched a hit since 2004 when they had a lucky great set of freshmen shows.

      • atcDave says:

        Thanks for that Brandon. We’ve been very fortunate that Chuck has lasted as long as it has, and given us many hours of outstanding entertainment. There will be many factors involved in if we get an S5 or not, but it will all boil down to what kind of profit NBC can make off the show. We will make another fan effort to encourage NBC to make the right choice, but that only works if the show is actually making money. And right now, the very cheapness of Chuck is one of the advantages the show has.

      • armysfc says:

        nice call brandon. chucks main problem is not the show itself, but its time slot. chuck has hovered at 1.7 for a while. during that time more females i the target age were up. where do you think they go when DWTS comes back? you got it in one. i don’t think anything NBC puts in that slot will do good. my hope is NBC makes a bold move and switches chucks night. friday may lose ratings a bit but tha numbers chuck pulls would be great for a friday night in that time slot.

        here’s an example, mike and molly on CBS dropped again. its a decent show but with out 2.5 men pulling in the viewers ahead of it, its dropping.

        NBC could air the best shows it has in that slot and they would tank as well. people say fridays nights is where shows go to die. well monday on NBC kills them faster.

      • armysfc says:

        sorry wrong button. the bold move i’m talking about is put LOLA on at 8 and chuck at 9. with 2.5 men done maybe folks looking for comedy would switch to chuck vs DWTS. i don’t see those folks going for a drama type show. so for me chuck would be a good fit. after all what have they got to lose at this point?

  19. Robert H says:

    The above comments may be true and I see the logic of it, to a point. Chuck was well
    promoted in Season 3 but budget cuts and bad mgt decisions by both the producers and NBC ruined it. That’s why,in part the ratings dropped so dramatically. People just stopped watching the show and that could have been for the most part prevented if the right decisions had been made. The show could have been moved to a better time slot but NBC did not do that either, another bad decision.

    As for the other networks, cancellation rate of new shows not withstanding, NBC has been in a mess for years. The other networks don’t have the mgt problems that NBC
    has and that is a well known fact. Even before the Comcast takeover there were changes made at NBC by GE and the problems just got worse, not better, and rock bottom still has not been reached, the network is still in freefall.

    As for Chuck making it on its own, that is a fair enough assessment but the show’s ratings have fallen starting in Season 3, not to a lack of promotion in Season 3, but to
    bad decisions made regarding the show’s structure and direction as mentioned above. The show got a 4th season because, in part, of the networks weakness not strength.
    On any other network the show probably would have been cancelled after Season 2 and for sure after Season 3.

    I’m not necessarily saying the show should have been promoted as heavily as it was for Season 3 but given its time slot and competiton with NBC refusing to move it, the network could have devoted a portion of funds to the show to promote it better. At least
    the show was pulling a steady 1.9-2.0. Now its dropped to 1.5 and if it goes any lower it’s probably a goner for sure. The other new shows cancelled were tanking early enough in the season where a small diversion of promo funds to Chuck might have made a difference. Now of course it’s too late. Even if the show is promoted more for
    the May sweeps the trends have set in which will be practically impossible to reverse given the way things are now.

    And that is the point. This state of affairs could have been avoided. It wasn’t because of
    poor mgt by NBC and that is why wholesale firings of network executives is occurring and will be an ongoing thing for sometime to come. That is not happening at the other

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