Best of the Baddest and Best of the Guests

The Season 4 Edition


Some Guests Get Better With Time

OK, so this probably isn’t going to be a tough one.  My guess is that Timothy Dalton takes both, with some Linda Hamilton competition in one category…  But what the heck, we can still see who makes the cut as a fun villain or guest star and gets the fan vote for a comeback in season 5, provided they don’t get killed off like Marco.  Then again on this show that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.  Anyway, you know how it works, after the jump.


It’s sometimes tough to know where to draw the line with the villain of the week, or arc.  Some, like Boris in Masquerade or Pierre Melville in Balcony barely register.  Others like Volkoff are a force of nature driving the plot and the story forward.  Obviously Volkoff makes the cut, and so did Pierre and Boris, for all the good it’ll do them, but fair is fair, and if I left off your favorite villain, know it wasn’t intentional since I’m not going deep into the bench for henchmen.  Pick your top 5 villains below.


Guest stars and stunt casting are a big and often fun part of Chuck.  Even when their part is small, large, or sadly cut like poor Bronson Pinchot, just the anticipation can add to our enjoyment (Hello Roan).  Below is this season’s stars, pick your top 7.



About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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35 Responses to Best of the Baddest and Best of the Guests

  1. thinkling says:

    Thanks for all the fun polls, Ernie.

  2. Michael says:

    I know what you said about leaving someone off the list, but you left Mauser off? Seriously? He practically begged Sarah to shoot him, not expecting to get his wish. Or maybe I’m just equating the impact of how Sarah did him in as opposed to the strngth of the character.

    And Best Guest; Summer Glau, Summer Glau, Summer Glau, Summer Glau, Summer Glau, Summer Glau, Summer Glau

    That was seven times, right? 🙂

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Well this is the season 4 edition, so Mauser didn’t make that cut. 😉

      • Michael says:


        Okay, let me get this egg off of my face. I had my list in my head before I even looked at your list. Like Nicole Ritchie was in my head from Cougars and Austin from First Class.

        I have to pay better attention.

  3. atcDave says:

    Gee, great idea for a poll Ernie!

    Some interesting things even this early in polling, like John Larroquette is even more popular then Timothy Dalton.
    I admit I voted for Mini Anden again; but to be fair, her role was pretty small in CAT Squad and I think choosing her had more to do with past work.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Was this one yours Dave? Forgot to mention that these polls are a ChuckThis group project. I just make the polls other people help create. 😉

      On the horizon are Sarah Smackdowns (also the Fitzroy edition of Sarah smackdowns, i.e. the one hit wonders), Best Bartowski Beatdowns, Best Exploitation and Pecsploitation Moments and many more.

      • Crumby says:

        Speaking of Fitzroy, am I the only one that would like to see him again? No idea why we would but just the idea of him makes me smile.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’d love to see Fitzroy again. He’s Carmichaels biggest fanboy and probably terrified of Sarah. Maybe she could invite him to the wedding. 😉 See if he tries to kiss the bride in the reception line.

      • atcDave says:

        I agree, Fitzroy was very funny.

      • thinkling says:

        I like him, too. He was funny as Carmichael’s biggest fan. I’m sure he’s terrified of Sarah, even though she was very gentle as she punched his lights out. That was a rather perfect Yvonne moment. Oh, and he would need a step ladder to kiss the bride.

  4. Tamara Burks says:

    If this was the season 2 edition I’d say Vincent. And who knows he might come back, Roark survived the explosion , so why not Vincent.

  5. Jen says:

    Somebody is “Poll” happy! LOL..
    I applaud all of you that remember exactly who each one of these guests were… i remember most of them, but some i really can’t. I’m sure i can fix that problem with doing the proper (a lot!) amount of re-watching!

    Timothy Dalton is my top on either category. As both Tuttle and Volkoff he was incredible. The moment he walked into the basement at the Bartowski home and we realized Tuttle was not dead and that he in fact was Volkoff, and i swear we could see evil in his face.. that moment blew me away! i think i even screamed out NOOOOOO!!!

    I also voted for Zondra, i think mainly cause i really like Mercedes Masohn. If you follow her on twitter you’ll see the chick is definitely nuts and is a hoot!

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Good to see you here Jen! I thought TD was going to run away with both, but it’s a tight race for favorite guest star. As for remembering I did need to use the ChuckThis UNIVAC and database to be sure of a few of them. 😉 ATCDave actually E-mailed most of them and I just rounded out the list.

      • atcDave says:

        Except I suggested Rye on the villains list…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well dumb isn’t a crime.

      • Jen says:

        I was gonna say he belongs in the “retard” category… but then though it wasn’t very PC… 😛
        I didn’t hate him.. maybe he was on speed…

      • thinkling says:

        @Ernie: I think Sarah would disagree. 😉

      • Crumby says:

        Is Bentley a villain? Not being a fan of Chuck doesn’t make you a enemy of the state, does it?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Is Bentley a villain?

        Well she stole Casey from Team B, the Intersect from Chuck, bugged and used Ellie’s research and was going to let her Greta shoot Chuck, so I gave a qualified yes to villainy

      • atcDave says:

        I would absolutely call Bentley a villain, the fact they all made nice in the end is awesome. But she was still a serious challenge to the team, and was Chuck’s nemesis for a while!

        I’m not necessarily considering villain in the criminal sense of the word, just a rivalry that drives the story for most of an episode. That’s why I’d add Rye and Frost to the list too.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well Chuck was cooperating with Rye, so he wasn’t much of a nemesis, maybe for Sarah… and I thought we knew pretty darn quick Mary was at least watching out for Chuck.

        This is what happens when you’re the one who makes the polls! Mwuuhaha… 😉

        I’m sure we’ll have another at the end of the season once we see which way Vivian goes.

      • Faith says:

        By that logic Jill is also a villain lol, though I don’t consider her to be one.

      • atcDave says:

        Jill was totally a villain!

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, Jill is definitely a villain.

        At least she did the right thing in First Kill.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I’d also note that if you follow Mercedes Masohn she is hillarious, but there is a fair bit of NC-17 humor. Be warned, not for the kids or faint of heart!

      • Jen says:

        Goodness, thanks for mentioning that cause yeah, she’s not PG at all… not in the least. All in all seems like a great girl with a WICKED sense of humor.

    • Faith says:

      Team Zondra FTW!!!!

      But I do want Linda Hamilton as series regular so I voted for both of them :).

    • Crumby says:

      No by that logic Jill is a fugitive ex-Fulcrum agent that isn’t a villain because she likes Chuck, and Bentley is a villain because she’s a government agent that doesn’t like Chuck.

      But I get the “nemesis” argument.

  6. Crumby says:

    My vote for the first one:
    – Volkoff,
    – Heather Chandler (I like the dynamic between her and Sarah even though I was a little disappointed that she went soft at the end of Cubic Z),
    – Dasha (First Fight is one of my favorite of the season)
    – Marco,
    – Fatima.

    For the second one:
    – Linda Hamilton (she’s obviously been put a little in the background with TD, but I think she’s done a great job to portray MEB. She had really great scenes with Zac, Yvonne and Sarah Lancaster, and she has balanced well the different aspect of MEB. Spy, mom, mother-in-law, wife, etc.),
    – Timothy Dalton,
    – Mini Anden (CAT Squad was a poor use of her in terms of the Sarah/Carina dynamic but I still want to see Mini again. She’s only had 3 episodes through 4 years but she’s definitely a part of the show),
    – John Laroquette,
    – Nicole Richie,
    – Summer Glau (she was the best Greta we got IMO),
    – Dolph Lundgren.

  7. Mess says:

    You know at first I didn’t even realise it was just season 4, and I was like why on earth is mister Colt not on this list. I still love that guy, my all time fav villain, even prefer him over Volkoff.

    • OregonLt3 says:

      Love, Love Colt and Love La Ciudad (still the hottest villan after all these years) but T Dalts is crazy-good at playing crazy-bad.

  8. Ernie Davis says:

    Just an update/synopsis on the polls. Your favorite season 4 villains are:

    5 ) Hugo Panzer (Steve Austin)
    4 ) Riley (Ray Wise)
    3 ) Marco (Dolph Lundgren)
    2 ) Heather Chandler (Nocole Ritchie)
    1 ) Alexei Volkoff (Timothy Dalton)

    And your favorite season 4 guest stars:

    10) Steve Austin (Hugo Panzer)
    9 ) Mercedes Masohn (Zondra) tied with Dolph Lundgren (Marco)
    8 ) Lauren Cohan (Vivian McArthur)
    7 ) Summer Glau (Greta) tied with Isaiah Mustafa (Greta)
    6 ) Nicole Richie (Heather Chandler)
    5 ) Armand Assanti (Premier Allejandro Goya)
    4 ) Mini Anden (Carina)
    3 ) John Larroquette (Roan Montgomery)
    2 ) Linda Hamilton (Frost/Mary Bartowski)
    1 ) Timothy Dalton (Alexei Volkoff)

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