So Much to Read, So Little Time!

With Chuck being a rerun this week, even if its an outstanding rerun, I thought this would be a good time for some more Fan Fiction recommendations. I’m not going to try any sort of theme this time, just mention a few stories that I haven’t discussed yet; after the jump.

Sometimes when I review entries on my own favorites list, it amazes me some of the things I haven’t discussed yet. So I’ll start with a unique and intriguing piece, many of you are likely familiar with, called “Collide” by Brickroad16. This is sort of the Decameron of Chuck fiction; only 51 stories short of Boccaccio’s epic (like that isn’t amazing in its own right!), and Brickroad has suggested that she may eventually return to it; so perhaps some day she will get that 100 mark.

The 49 one-shots currently posted are structured as song fics. Now I can honestly say this isn’t my favorite genre, I’m totally a prose guy. But if I can enjoy this piece even though I skip anything that looks like verse, I’m sure many other readers will too. Brickroad is primarily a relationship/romance writer. She doesn’t often dwell on missions or action, but she is very good at what she does best. I would recommend reading this in small doses. The 49 chapters are one shots (maybe three or four of them are continuations, but no more than that) and require a complete “reset” from the reader each time. This piece was started during the break between S1 and S2, and continued right up until a couple weeks ago (the writer is calling it “complete” for now, but suggests she might not mean it!). The title comes from the song she’s using in the first chapter, but it is fitting over all, as the common theme in most stories is all different ways of Chuck and Sarah finally coming together. Not surprisingly some chapters are better than others; I’m not as big a fan of the stories that really exaggerate Chuck and Sarah’s differences at the start, but many of these AUs flow so naturally its amazing. Some stories are more angst filled than I prefer, but as best I can recall, they ALL end well (okay, I can think of one or two of them require their later continuations to be a “happy ending”). If you’re at all curious, just read one, no major commitment is required. The last story is extremely good; not only a good one to check out, but easy to find as it’s the last page!

Collide would be rated PG for some occasionally messy relationship issues, but nothing is ever graphic. Each story takes 15-30 minutes to read, but don’t even think about reading more than a couple at a single sitting. This would be my one-shot recommendation for this post (okay, 49 one-shots!)

For my next recommendation this time around I’m going with another oldie. This is “Chuck vs. the Bright Side of Life” by The Notorious JMG. This qualifies as a classic in Chuckdom. It is one of the first longer length stories, especially if combined with its companion piece “The Star Spangled Intersect”. And in marked contrast with my previous recommendation, this was written by a male; believe me the difference is obvious! JMG has a very action heavy story, with lots of gunplay and some good humor. He does still make some time for relationship growth; “Bright Side” is really balanced a lot like the show we all love.

A few notes of interest about this (these?) story(s). “Chuck vs the Bright Side of Life” and “Star Spangled Intersect” sort of inter cut with each other. Star Spangled Intersect was written first; but Bright Side is a prequel for the first three chapters, and after that its a sequel. Ideally this should all be re-edited for flow; but hey, this is fan fiction and we’re all just having fun here! It really isn’t that hard to follow, and IS a lot of fun. Frea O’Scanlin has mentioned she was first inspired to write her epic Chuck-fic “What Fates Impose” after reading something by JMG, and I’m pretty sure this is the story she means. Also, many of you who’ve read fan fiction have likely noticed Carina’s last name often appears as Hansen. When the character was first introduced in Wookie (1.04) no last name was given. We didn’t learn she was Agent Miller until Three Words (3.02) over two years later. Well, JMG is the writer who first coined “Agent Carina Hansen”, and to this day that name appears more often than her correct name in fan fiction (this was from a different fic of his “The Seduction of Sarah Walker”). Also, the “Bright Side” saga continues with several later sequel stories; all told this is a significant AU.

Both stories would be rated PG-13 for some more intense action (and injuries). Allow a few hours to read both.

Next up I have to recommend something that’s just funny! “Anniversaries, Sexting, and the Bearded Gnome” by Kate McK fits the bill perfectly. This is set after episode 4.01; when Sarah finds out the inappropriate sexting from that episode was from Morgan, well initially she goes ballistic. Once she calms down she hatches a devious revenge prank. Will Morgan ever learn a lesson? Who knows, but the instruction is so much fun.

This would be rated PG and take 30 minutes or so to read.

The last couple of these updates I’ve been recommending “The Long Brick Road” by BillandBrick. That work is now complete, and a really good read. It could be finished in a couple of hours.

Now the really good news is BillatWork has already started publishing the sequel. Called “The Long Road Back” it starts immediately after the previous work. This story follows a popular theme, but its popular for a reason. Chuck is bunkered and Sarah re-assigned. Plus we get Shaw and Hannah as pure villains, neither of our heroes will be confused about it this time around! I’m not sure how much to spoil here, and the story is only four chapters in, so let’s just say it seems to be about Sarah and Casey going off the grid to rescue Chuck. The early chapters have been a fun tale, and I expect nothing less from Bill.

I continue to recommend Nervert’s latest story “The Revenge of the Bartowski” as one of the very best things out there. Exciting action, humor, and character/relationship development are all major strengths of this writer. His updates aren’t as speedy as some, but this kind of craftsmanship takes time. And both of his stories are the sort of thing any Chuck fan would enjoy, they have a little of everything.

As always, anything I recommend can be found by following the “atcDave/favorites” link under the Fan Fiction header at right. I’ve also added a “fan fiction” sorting option to the “Categories” header at right. If you want to review any of my past posts about fan fiction just select that category in the search bar and you’ll see all of them come up. Special thanks to Crumby who provided the kick in the pants I needed to finally set that up!

 – Dave


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  1. bundy says:

    I checked out fan-fic after your last post and now I’m addicted.I am now currently rereading What Fates Impose and it’s great.Frea has really done a great job and I cant wait to see what happens next.There really are some great storys out there.Thanks for introducing me to the fan-fic universe.

    • atcDave says:

      you’re welcome Bundy! I love coming up with new ways of wasting everyone’s time (if I’m hooked, you should be too!)

  2. Nervert says:

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks again for the recommendation! Man is it fun to see people’s interest in the story. I’ll hopefully have another update this Monday and this one really starts the acceleration into mystery/suspense part (don’t worry, still plenty of Charah).

  3. ArmySFC says:

    dave good recs. let me add one to the list chuck vs parenthood by frompen2paper. the chapters are long but one shots. its one of the few written that goes into details of chuck and sarah after marriage. them working together as a great spy team. many favorites come back, bryce, carina and jack. probably g-pg i guess.

    • atcDave says:

      I’ve read some by frompen2paper army; but I’ve never got around to “Parenthood”. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to check it out!

  4. Joseph (can't be Joe) says:


    There have been several FF discussion on Twitter over the past few weeks of which you have not been present.

    We’re all trying to convince uplink what he should read next. Some oldies but goodies are resurfacing in the discussion.

    The latest hashtag is #letsgetatcdaveontwitter.

    Come on now. You know you want to. 🙂

    • Crumby says:

      Thanks Dave for adding the category. 🙂 I hadn’t seen your answer for some reason before today.

      So, when can we expect to see you tweeting?


    • atcDave says:

      You guys are really bad. Like I don’t have enough time consuming hobbies! I am flattered beyond words that you all value my recommendations so highly.

      But now I have to ask, have we all gotten Uplink so distracted with fan fiction we won’t be seeing as much of him here anymore? Is ChuckThis loosing other commenters to fan fiction? My fellow bloggers may not be so amused by this. They may cut off my gruel.

    • joe says:

      Joseph, I’ve tried to no avail to get Dave on twitter. I’ve even threatened to withhold his gruel until he gets an account.

      You’d think *Ernie* would be the one unable to keep it down to 140 chars. or less.
      But NOOOOOO!!!


  5. Frea O says:

    Actually, the story that inspired the writing of Fates would be “Chuck vs. His Destiny.”

    And just a note about JMG’s stuff: read it with a grain of salt. The man is a master plots craftsman, just brilliant at coming up with situations and scenarios and pulling you into them. I admire his ability to do that. But when I say that he inspired me to write Fates? It’s more he inspired me to write Fates Sarah. I didn’t feel like his Sarah was actually Sarah Walker, and I wanted to show people that Sarah could be awesome and kick-butt at the same time without being shrill, closed off, or just mean, the way his Sarahs sometimes can get. And same goes for Chuck, actually. His stories are great for plots, but the Chuck and Sarah featured in them are more….Chuck and Sarah shaped than Chuck and Sarah themselves. However, if you enjoy reading about ladies’ man Chuck, who curses a bit more than canon Chuck, is far more self-assured (and can get mean), then you’ll really like JMG’s stuff. It’s not for me, personally, but I know some people prefer that version.

    But I *can* recommend his Dollhouse/Chuck crossover, for fans of both shows. It’s a bit dated since I think it was written before the second season of Dollhouse came to light and added to the mythology of that ‘verse, but I really, really enjoyed the humor and intelligence in that story.

    And you really can’t go wrong with Nevert. Talk about a craftsman right there. Haven’t read Collide, so I can’t comment on that. 🙂

    • bdaddydl says:

      Frea, I see your point. I do agree with you on his stories, but his outrageously strong plots, with different outcomes is very enjoyable.

      Oh and for those that haven’t read it, Frea wrote a chapter for an abandoned fic. For those who like to read her writing go to Castle Insanity and read a fun chapter. Enjoy!

    • Crumby says:

      Thank god for JMG then. Fates Chuck & Sarah are my absolute favs.

    • atcDave says:

      I feel bad that I misrepresented the historic importance of “Bright Side!” I do prefer it to “Destiny”, although several months back I did recommend “Destiny” too.
      My disclaimer on any fan fiction is that they are written by amateur fans, and are usually deficient in one way or another. Its rare to see all characters and aspects of the story handled with equal skill. But I can usually enjoy a story that explores some angle or direction not taken by the show, as long as the weaker aspects aren’t offensively bad! I guess my other reservation would be that I mostly like happy stories; I’m not into dark deeds or happenings, and I don’t like when a story is unrelentingly dark or angst filled. But that leaves a lot of room for other shortcomings I can live with.
      And it goes without saying Charah is pretty much required. I can accept some variations in context; something set in S1 may be more acceptable with a “good friends” sort of finish that completely wouldn’t cut it in a S3 or later time frame. But I will categorically reject “alternate pairings” and “death fics”.

      • Mess says:

        Honestly Dave I don’t necessarily think that it is a matter of lack of skill when writers go a little wrong with a character. I mean, these aren’t their characters, but they are trying to make them theirs. Sometimes we see a character, and we think they act strangely, or not quite as on the show, but it is based on our interpretation of a character, who knows if the writers views them differently.

      • atcDave says:

        You’re right about that Mess. There’s so many reasons and issues I could have gone on all night. But I’d point out too, many writers are deliberately changing aspects of character or setting. They want their version to be different in some way. Sometimes that works quite well, sometimes it doesn’t. Typically if I say something like “this should appeal to all Chuck fans” it’s sort of code for saying I think it captures the mood of the show very closely.

      • Mess says:

        I have to agree with that Dave, that sometimes writers change characters to such an extent that one hardly recognizes them anymore, and that is a turn off. At least if there is no clear reason for it. It is one of those things that makes me stop reading a fic. I do like to see characters develop though.

      • armysfc says:

        dave i agree with the fact that some writers change the aspects of a character. now hear me out. is it any different than what the show did? it just takes time where as in FF its quick. take this years morgan to season 1 morgan. are they close to the same. not to me at least, or chuck and sarah again no. just some of the changes are different than what happens on the show. i actually applaud the writers that break away from canon and head in a different direction. in the end when reading FF it boils down to the same thing as watching the show. do you like the characters as they are or do you want to see them act different. it’s just a matter of taste, lol.

      • atcDave says:

        I agree with all of that army. Making changes to the characters is neither good nor bad on it’s own. It’s mostly in the execution. Of course as Chuck fans, we will often object to arbitrary changes. But if the change is significant to an AU, or plays out in a meaningful way it’s often a lot of fun. So when a writer presents a version of Chuck with anger management issues, or a particularly cold hearted Sarah; it likely won’t be well received. But more appealing changes, or changes that are earned may go over better.

      • bdaddydl says:

        What I strive to do, and so it kind of bugs me when it isn’t done. When those changes happen to fit the story instantly. If you want a character to do something the world must change Chuck not the reverse.
        For example, in Army’s AU Chuck changes when a new reality hits him. the change is not overnight. and it us natural.

        Just because some of that was done to Sarah in season three does not excuse it.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah bdaddy, certainly among my major complaints of S3 was shifts in Sarah’s character that didn’t make sense with the person we’d known for two seasons. Really most fan fiction I read treats her with far more respect than the pros did during the misery arc.

      • Frea O says:

        Don’t get me wrong: I would still recommend JMG’s stories to others writers and have before because there are aspects of his stuff that I love. I think he’s a solid writer: he’s got a good grasp of grammar and mechanics, etc. But when I recommend things, it’s also important to kind of give heads’ ups, too. Like, recommending ninjaVanish, for example, who writes these great over-the-top scenarios: there are a lot of sexual situations in his stories, his Frontier Sarah is a bit anachronistic (even while she’s fun to read), stuff like that. Recommending Fates, I’d be like, it’s an interesting look at the head of a guy who’s been in a bunker for years, but if you like fast-paced romance and faster-paced plotting, this may not be the story for you. Things happen at the speed of molasses in January in that story.

        Every writer puts their own spin on the characters. That’s just the way the game goes. However, I do feel like it’s a writer’s responsibility to work with the details and traits given and make it work with their situation, but wer’e all going to interpret things differently, of course, as was said before.

        It’s when the writer makes those instant changes everybody’s talking that the problems begin. With everything in writing, you need some explanation as to why things are different. Why this Chuck would have picked the red pill over the blue pill, and your explanation can’t be, “I thought Chuck was stupid for picking the blue pill, so I’m just going to make him pick the red pill!” The change has to come from Chuck himself; something has to have happened in your story to justify that different decision, just like something has to have happened to justify the changes you’ve made in the character. Sometimes the writer’s changes work — the situation has merited it. Sometimes it’s just…pure wish-fulfillment and/or laziness/unwillingness to do the work. If you can give me a solid reason why the character would have made that change, I’ll accept it. Changing things willy-nilly about your characters just because it makes your story easier to write, however, I view as cheating.

      • ArmySFC says:

        frea, good points. one thing i would offer small bit of protest is the cheating portion. anyone that has written FF has cheated in a sense. the characters and world are already there. we don’t need to develop them or create a world for them to exist. we simply take them and use them. while the plot may be ours the rest is not. AU’s for me are the most honest type of FF. in those the author has changed the world and tried to make their own. vanish going old west is a good example. to me this is a step above those that keep the characters and world pretty much as is. as long as the characters fit in the world they reside in i’m good with it.

        dave you are correct about is if the characters are to different readers don’t have as much interest. which is a shame really. there are quite a few stories that are like that but folks don’t read them.

        one thing that does bug me about some fics is the need to add angst just because. things are going well then bang something goofy happens and drags out, lol. personal choice i guess.

      • atcDave says:

        gee Frea you make wish fulfillment sound like a bad thing…

        I guess my first interest in finding fan fiction wasn’t even about finding good fiction, it was mainly about exploring different possibilities in a world with characters I already knew. I read a few in late S2, and it was just fun to me to see ideas about kill or bunker orders going out, Ellie getting sucked into the spy world, Chuck getting rid of the Intersect, and of course, various ways of Chuck and Sarah trying to have something real.
        Gradually I’ve come to enjoy a broader variety of subjects and variations of settings. But it needs to remain true to Chuck on some level. The most important thing is that the characters be recognizable; or at least one of them must be. If the setting is completely AU it becomes even more important that the characters be true. If an original character is introduced they shouldn’t dominate or detract from the canon characters (I’ve seen so may promising stories derailed by a pet oc that the writer spends far too much time on). And if one of the characters we know and care about is going to behave in an ooc manner it is very important that the other characters respond in character. I’ve seen a few variations of angry Chuck and trashy (or bitchy) Sarah, which is a total turn-off to me; both characters have lost their charm. In fact either Chuck or Sarah being changed significantly is a dangerous start to me; that is always one strike against.
        But if I’m understanding you correctly Frea I would agree; a random change to the canon characters without some significant rationale is often a major obstacle in enjoying a story. Now I’m going to guess I’m neither as observant nor as picky as you in finding those differences (I mean picky in a good way, honest!). The hard thing here is I really don’t want to get specific about stories I DON’T like. Suffice to say all of the writers you mentioned I specifically DO like, and I value some of the strengths they do have (and every time I’ve reviewed NinjaVanish I’ve specifically said his work would be rated “R”; both for graphic descriptions of violence and the actions of a married couple).

        Army I really do agree about angst. I tend to think the show itself already had way too much. So adding to it is not a way of getting my interest. Now that said, the situation is ripe for a certain amount. Especially in the setting of the first two seasons (normal guy in a dangerous new world, in a “fake” relationship with a woman he loves — who is also in love with him, but they can’t be together…) SOME angst is actually needed to give the situation gravitas. But as a fan, my interest is in seeing the native angst resolved, NOT new layers of it being piled on. So those writers who want to dwell on unresolved or accumulated angst loose my interest quickly.

      • Frea O says:

        Yes, Dave, I want to make you work for your wish fulfillment. 😉 But good point about ninjaVanish being rated R. I think I may have forgotten that, so I’m sorry if it came across like I was saying you were slacking or something. And I think you were reading me correctly about justifying changes. Fanfiction is, yes, on some level, always going to be wish-fulfillment, but that doesn’t excuse not committing to an idea you’ve introduced me to.

        Speaking of committing, you know who is extraordinarily good at crafting a universe and sticking to it? Sharpasamarble. I just reread his entire series (it helps that I made ebooks of it, available here, and I read the latest chapter of Chuck vs. the Watch on my lunch break last night and it was fantastic. His Sarah and Chuck are vastly different from the canon versions now because they’ve divulged a path, but he’s always stayed true to the character he’s created. Between the new Watch chapters and JMG’s stuff, I’ve got a lot of great things to read. I’m a happy Frea.

      • atcDave says:

        Frea I do think we’re mostly in agreement in principle. Although depending on how and when a story goes AU I don’t expect or require new levels of “earning” the payoff. For example, if someone breaks after say Fake Name or Final Exam I have nearly zero tolerance for for additional angst. I also think you’re a harder audience on this than I will ever be; but that’s hardly surprising since you look at these things with a writer’s eye, and I’m just a reader looking for something fun with my favorite characters and multi-verse.

      • Mess says:

        I do understand what you mean about aditional angst at such a point Dave, but I also understand writers taking their time resolving the angst already created upto that point on the show. I mean they never resolved anything, it was just they admitted their feelings and done. There was no talk about lack of trust, or any of the other stuff that happened, it was just let’s make things easy for ourselves and put them together and done. I don’t know, but I don’t find that good storytelling. I love great AU’s, it’s why especially the beginning of Frea’s fates is so amazing, as much as I enjoy the whole story, the later chapters don’t match the first ones IMO. But I also love stories that try to fix things, and for me to see Charah working through issues that are clearly there, well that is just something I enjoy. Just as long as they move forward, no matter how slow, I’m game. I never cared for the whole just say I love you and then fall in each others arms idea.

      • atcDave says:

        I agree with all of that Mess. I object to additional issues being piled up after a situation has been resolved. I’ve seen many stories where it seems every problem that gets resolved is immediately replaced by a bigger problem. THAT gets old very fast to me. A hard problem may have a hard solution. But piling problem upon problem gets old to me.
        I guess it comes down to this; a stressful angst-filled situation requires a pay-off. Another stressful angst-filled situation doesn’t cut it. So a story that bounces from one relationship misunderstanding or catastrophe to another and doesn’t finally resolve anything until the last paragraph is not going to be satisfying me. There are many ff writers who just want to keep building the tension until the very end. I don’t like that. I want to see Charah as a team, not just star-crossed lovers who barely beat the odds in the end (I may be a ‘shipper; but I don’t want the story to be ABOUT the romance, I want it to be ABOUT the adventure). I get that some writers want to tell that story; and it is a legitimate approach, it just happens to be a legitimate approach that I don’t care for.
        Where it gets tricky is when the writer is building off a stressful situation from the show. If more angst is manufactured to pile on what we already saw I will likely reject the story.
        But this is tricky because I can think some exceptions. I like most of Kate McK’s writing quite a lot. She’s written a couple of stories that had Chuck decide at the beginning of American Hero (yes, she’s done this same start twice!) that he was done fighting for Sarah and he simply took the Rome assignment without her. So I would expect to not like these stories because they are “piling on” to what was already a painful situation. But surprisingly I like both quite a lot. Perhaps I could argue that they don’t so much add to the existing angst so much as follow a more involved reconciliation process. But I think the biggest difference is in both cases we Sarah fighting for what she screwed up; in contrast to the show where we saw Chuck do almost all of the heavy lifting.

      • Mess says:

        Kate’s stuff is indeed very entertaining. She really has put a spin on certain moments that I applaud, and that I really wanted to see. And what’s great about it for me is, she let’s the characters vocalise things we never heard them say on screen. Like for example in her latest story with the whole penthathol disaster being mentioned by Sarah. I really love the kind of fics that resolve those burning issues, just like I love reading how those characters come to realisations about things. I think part of the problem is, is that people think that a story is a built up to a destination, and that it is all about that destination. But like you I don’t want to see things resolved in the last paragraph, I always hate endings that have Charah get together at the very end, and done. I can hack it, if for example we get a sequel(and I don’t mean a sequel like an epilogue, I’m talking like actually a full multi chapter follow up) and the first part was about their journey to come to certain realisations, and such, but if not then I’d rather not bother reading. It’s just so unsatisfying to have just one paragraph of happy Charah, after a ride with angst for the sake of angst. Still I’d rather see a process rather then the thing we’ve seen on the show in 3.12/3.13 for example. One story that was very well written and was really nothing for me was Second Chance from Malamoo I think, way to angsty for my taste. I was glad I read the reviews before starting reading lol.

        The big problem with for example starting around 3×12 is, where do you go from there? I mean do you let the mistake sink in instantly, and make the change in Sarah right away that is needed, or do you take them on a road of them getting to know themselves, like TPTB claim S3 was supposed to do? I mean do you think a u-turn like that is good story telling or do you think there should be more to it? I suppose a lot of fics that start with such a point are rooted in how a writer perceives a situation. One will let them go their seperate ways for a long time, because perhaps they believe there is guilt from Sarah’s side, or perhaps they both believe there is no way back anymore, or perhaps an author thingks that the characters aren’t ready to be together because they really need to realise a few things. There is one great thing about fan fiction, there are so many writers, and we are blessed in this fandom to have quite a few good ones, which means there is something for everybody’s needs and desires.

      • atcDave says:

        Malamoo is one of the writers I was thinking of. I’ll go ahead and discuss this some because she is fundamentally a very good writer.
        “Missing Years” is absolutely one of my favorites. I love the the little mystery of Chuck trying to sort out what happened during the five years he can’t remember, and I’m totally a sucker for Chuck falling in love with Sarah all over again. But there is a central “angst” or betrayal there that sits wrong with me if I think about it too much. Sarah made the unilateral decision that Chuck was better off without her, and left him when he needed her. I can’t reconcile that with the actions we’ve seen of how an “in love” Sarah actually acts. But it is fundamental to the story. As the whole saga continues, she uses mistaken impressions of lying, affairs, and manipulation to generate tension in the central relationship. While in every case I like how things play out, and Malamoo absolutely allows time for “pay-off”, the angst is played heavy and frequently. I love “Missing Years,” but the rest of the epic only gets my qualified approval.
        And I agree entirely about “Second Chances.” The reviews turn me off cold, and based on what I know of her style, I don’t think I’m going to read 150000 words to get to a one paragraph pay-off in the end.
        My apologies for being blunt. She truly is a good writer, and when I like her stuff I like it A LOT! But I wish she would let us all have more fun with her stories and not spend so much time worrying about things!

      • Crumby says:

        I think Long Nights and Days is really, really angsty , but Then and Now and the following pieces are really great in terms of “pay-off”. It’s really one of my favorite CS pairing.

        I’ve loved Second Chance but considering what you said about your taste Dave, I don’t think you’d be satisfied in the end.

        My personal turn-off is when I really don’t recognize the characters.
        It’s one thing to change them because something has happened whether it’s an AU or derive from canon, but when it comes to change them for no apparent reasons it’s weird.
        Also, we don’t always interpret the show the same way. Watching S1, some seem to think that Sarah is a mean bitch that loves to sleep around and is playing Chuck for the hell of it. That’s certainly not how I see the character so I don’t enjoy seeing her written like that.

        In the end, it often comes down to one thing for me. I love the characters for their qualities, if you take them away or change them, I probably won’t like it much. However, if the characters are acting accordingly to those qualities, even if it’s really different that what we’ve seen in canon, then I’m fine with it.

        By the way, that’s exactly why I had a hard time with S3. The characters were weird and had lost some of their qualities for reasons that I couldn’t understand. (It’s just a side note, I don’t want to get into S3 talk.)

      • atcDave says:

        Crumby I agree with most of your comments and appreciate you confirming my decision not to read “Second Chances!” I also agree about “Long Days and Nights”. I enjoyed it more on a later re-read than I did the first time around. The story is really quite involved and clever, but the thing that makes it worthwhile for me is loving “Missing Years” so much, and the fact that she’s done several sequels that provide ample “pay-off.”

      • Nervert says:

        Wow, what a great discussion. There so many opinions I can agree with here like, the need to earn character changes, an aversion for stories where it’s all angst until everything works out in the last paragraph/chapter, a dislike for stories that are pure and obvious wish fulfillment, etc.
        However, I can probably find exception to each of these rules if (and it’s a big if) the story is honest or true to life. When I see a story that perfectly describes aspects of life I’m familiar with I will give it all sorts of leeway.
        This is one of the things I love/loved about TV shows like The Wire and Breaking Bad. They are so honest about their subject matter or the relationships between characters that I become immediately addicted. Of course the action and premise in Chuck is anything but real life, but the character interactions easily can be. In the actual show that often comes from the actors more than the writing but in fanfic there are certainly writers that strive for that kind of honesty and I’ll follow them diligently.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Nervert it is tough to come up with absolute “rules” for what works and what doesn’t. Nearly every rule I can think of has an exception or two. Most of my life I would have categorically said I didn’t like relationship angst at all, yet so much of Chuck depends on it, especially in the first couple seasons when Chuck was hiding everything from everyone and AND the situation with Sarah wasn’t defined. But I think the bottom line with angst for me is the resolution of it. Not that it has to be resolved quickly, but it does have to be resolved without destroying the characters.

        Its funny you mention the performances. Although I think the writing on the show is often quite clever, I wonder sometimes just how much of this pull towards these characters we feel is really more about the performances and the incredible charisma of Zach and Yvonne.

      • JC says:

        It seems to me that some writers alter the characters to make up for some deficiency they see in the show. I think that’s why you see so many stories featuring “Die Hard” Chuck who kills and beats up everyone without a second thought. The same goes with overly affectionate Sarah and unfortunately because of S3 Sarah treated like shit for 90% of the story. The sad part is some of these stories have potential but are ruined IMO by the author’s agenda.

        On the flip side like others have mentioned you have someone like Kate McK who’s stories give some closure on some of issues from S3 that I think still hang over the show even now. And she does it in a way without treating characters like scum. Then you have Frea’s Sarah who I still say would rival Buffy if she was written that way on the show. Chuck I admit is a little harder character to write but this older story Chuck vs the Topeka created a hardened version without turning him into a cold blooded killer. Personally I’m a huge fan of Double Agent Chuck, who I think would’ve been a far better character than the 2.0 version we have. At least personality wise.

    • Nervert says:

      Whoa! Praise from Frea. I have to say that since I started reading ‘Fates’ I’ve been a lot more inspired to write. The last few chapters of ‘Revenge’ have been a slog to get through but after reading the first 17 of ‘Fates’, I wrote my latest chapter in two days (this is fast for me … seriously, you’d think I type with my nose or something). Don’t know why it took so long for me to get to reading it (I read slow; 40+ chapters is intimidating) but thanks for such a fantastic story.

  6. bdaddydl says:

    I just started rereading the Bright Side again. I forgot how much I enjoyed his writing. BTW he started writing again Hazzah!! His Encino traveler’s latest chapter is a great example of his good stuff.


  7. Verkan_Vall says:

    Dave, Don’t Do It!!!

    Don’t listen to the Twitferatu! Sure, sure, this social media prattle SOUNDS great, cyber-chatting with the neat and the elite, but sooner or later the competition for followers begins, and then you get dragged into a twitter flame war or five, and the next thing you know, you’ve slipped your geritol into an intravenous rig and you’re following Justin Beiber…

    (Biographical? Nonsense, this isn’t about me)

    Dave, consider this: not only may we have lost Uplink2 already, but when Yvonne went on Twitter, she started following LADY GAGA.
    (Personally, I could be persuaded that this is a sign of the Apocalypse)

    For God’s sake, man, think of your dignity, think of the cost in time and money…more to the point, think of how the harry hell you’re going to explain this one to your wife.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need something to calm my nerves and lower my blood pressure: time for some Geritol shooters and “What Fates Impose”. Ta.

  8. Nervert says:

    Dave, I have to second your recommendation of ‘Anniversaries, Sexting, and the Bearded Gnome’ (not just because Kate betas my story). Anytime someone can write a story that much humor and affection for the characters it makes me smile.

  9. bdaddydl says:

    Since this is on Fic I thought I would make mention of something. One of the most prolific writers in the fandom Armadilloi is ill. I am not sure how sick he is, but he is in a fight for his life.

    The armor plated rat has always had his fans, and those that aren’t, but he has always been a class act IMO. Whether you are a fan or not, please wish him and his wonderful wife Nick your prayers and best wishes.

    Nick if you read this I’ll be happy to send you something from the Bayou whenever you want.

  10. uplink2 says:

    Dave, again just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for doing this. Up until about 5 weeks ago or so I had never read any FF on any subject. Well now it has become one of my favorite down time activities. I started with a few one shots to get a feel for it from your recommendations and now have read a number of longer pieces. Nervert’s Pacific Northwest was my first long piece and I loved it. Read all of Fates in 6 days and curse Frea’s cliffhangers lol. Ninja’s work are some of my favorites. And every time I post about it on Twitter I get 5 or 6 recommendations for new stuff. There really is so much great stuff out there. Bdaddydl and many of the other posters here have been very helpful in my growing appreciation for all of this but it started with you and I want to express my sincere appreciation for it.

    There really is a wide range of styles, some I don’t care for but most I do. I even like some of the angsty stuff when there is good justification for it and good understandable resolution to it. There are some great stories by some very talented writers. I had an assignment last night to re-read the Grand Canyon scene from Fates and Frea’s ability to create a visual image is extrordinary.

    I will say that coming in late to all of this has its advantages however. Many stories are complete and I don’t have to wait for weeks for an update. I’m now up to probably 30 or so I have read and still have quite a few more on my recommendations listing. But if I ever need some good Charah stuff I know I can always find it on your list and our tastes are very similar. So thanks again and keep the recommendations coming.

    • atcDave says:

      Always makes me happy to find another fan hooked!
      You know when I first started devoting entirely too much time to fan fiction was after S2, and I remember thinking at the time how pleased I was that so much stuff was already done. It almost seems like a bottomless well, I’m still finding good stories I’ve either skipped or missed entirely before.

  11. Ernie Davis says:

    This is one of the better discussions of fanfiction I’ve seen for quite some time, so I wanted to jump in and offer this. I judge fanfiction on a case by case basis the same way I judge fiction I get anywhere else. The most amazing thing to me is how well the fanfiction holds up compared to the stuff I have to pay for.

    I feel a caveat is necessary here. I mean good fanfiction. While that may seem obvious I think there is an important distinction. I plain won’t read it if the writing skill isn’t there. If an author has shown some skill on some occasions, as one very prolific writer has, I’ll give them a chance, but I don’t care how great you feel your story is, if I constantly have to correct you grammar in my head I’m tuning out. End of fic.

    As for the rest all I ask is a compelling story told well. I’ll make adjustments for the style, or the AU. But I will add that as mentioned somewhere above I think some authors push the boundaries of AU, but it depends on where you start your AU.

    Frea for instance starts AU ab initio, yet we all recognize the characters almost immediately and the possibilities (limits? boundaries? I still may not be precise) of her AU are closely tied to the series and the characters as presented, given the different premise. Others, mxpw’s Double Agent being my favorite example, explore some very different sides of the characters, having changed their backstories radically, yet they can still be connected to the original characters, even though the story requires virtually no connection to the Chuck-Verse as we know it.

    Kate McK and Sharpasamarble are both personal favorites for their ability to bend the cannon without twisting or breaking, and Ninjavanish, well, I’m waiting for the next chapter, anxiously. But seriously, you couldn’t give them more than two weeks before…?

    Which brings me to my last point. I really hate fanfic. Fanfic authors post what and when they want, and too often I’ve invested in a story, only to find it abandoned. Yet as unpaid amateur writers you can’t blame them. Just rend your garments and curse them for leaving you hanging. I would say only read fics labeled as complete, but right, that’s gonna happen… All I can say is invest with care.

    • atcDave says:

      The unfinished but promising story is the bane of fan fiction. SO many great starts never get resolved. I’m actually inclined to give bonus points to a mediocre story just if it gets finished!

      Thanks for some good points and a great contribution to our discussion Ernie. I do agree about your “good fan fiction” comment. While in one sense I consider it a sliding scale, and I think I’m more forgiving of a sloppy execution if the idea catches my interest; I do agree on the importance of good technical skills. It is so hard to stick with something that is riddled with mistakes.
      There’s also the more elusive property of “sophistication.” Some stories have nuance and depth that others are completely lacking. I’m not always the best at identifying this, but overly “simple” stories often get boring very quickly.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        One of the first fanfiction stories I got hooked on was a Buffy one that’s definitely been abandoned since it’s been more than 10 years but it’s still a compelling read even knowing that.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Tamara, I usually figure anything after 6 months is likely done for. Although every now and then we get a pleasant surprise and someone comes back to an oldie.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      Do any of us really have the patience to wait until things are finished to read them? I know I don’t .

      There are definitely ones I’d like to poke the suthor or authors to get them to finish for instance if it’s been six months between updates.

      For example the collarboration that is mxmoo is an AU that starts in season 3 where Sarah chose Shaw and it picks up months later when she sees Chuck again but Shaw is still in Washington. Only 5 chapters so far but I’m hoping for more.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        collaboration . typo. And edit button would be handy as long as no one has responded to you yet.

      • atcDave says:

        I limited myself to completed works for a while, but I gave up. Its so tough when you see a writer you know is starting something new; and then its hard to resist when you see a really compelling description.

        And then I stopped trying to resist. I try to accept that some excellent tales will simply never be done, but it is so tough when something fun stops.

      • bdaddydl says:

        Every time I think of the land of abandoned fics, I think of Family Matters. It appeared abandoned, oh thank goodness it wasn’t. Plus fics like the Morgan Door are really good,

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Family Matters is one of the great ones.

    • armysfc says:

      ernie, that’s what i do. i started read FF way back in the day before 05. i now only read completed ones.

      dave like you i stay away from the angst ones.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      One of the ones that have been over 6 months is Chuck vs the Pond (last updated in September). It has the best explanation for Season 3 ever.

      • atcDave says:

        Pond was a great one, he at least got as far as establishing an interesting new reality; but we haven’t seen it play out.

  12. bdaddydl says:

    There are two reasons I won’t read most fics.
    The first is something I just don’t understand, I do not understand why there are some fic writers that just seem to hate Sarah. The stories come and go, plus there servants of darkness who are all two quick to call Sarah a prostitute, and or a cold unfeeling….well bitch. Sarah seems to enjoy hurting Chuck, its as if the dreaded pod Sarah is the real Sarah.
    A less severe Sarah is in even more fics. In this type of fic she chooses sh@# and immediately a love interest falls into Chucks lap. Now the same guy who pined over a girl he didn’t feel as much for as Sarah for 5 years drops his feelings for another woman, at least for a while. This woman goes by many names, but mainly its Sarah much more emotional, and not named Sarah.
    I just don’t like to read a fic where the whole reason its written is to make walker suffer. Its almost as if there is 2 camps out there. On one side their is the Frea school of fic writing (Hogwarts without the sorting hat). In this camp, Sarah is not perfect, but she is perfect for Chuck, its just that life gets in the way.

    On the other side Sarah and Chuck may be destined to be together, but she must suffer. In all fairness, Armadilloi is by far the least severe than most of his devotees. There is a lot of emotional angst brought on by duty or misunderstandings. The angst is usually brought on by seduction missions. Some of these missions are interesting, but some are just plain mean.

    The 2nd fic I just have trouble reading is the fic with is the one that, for lack of a better term, is a cookie cutting story.This is the fic that just tells a story where there is no characterization. Its Chuck shoots the bad Guy Sarah throws a knife they then get together and say “I Love you” and then the required sex scene.

    I want to see what the characters are feeling. A nod of the head here, a tensing of a fist there, or even a blue scarf around someones neck can tell more than action can ever convey.

    Don’t get me wrong, Some of these action stories have some fantastic ideas. I want to yell at the screen..SLOW DOWN what are the characters subconcious thinking, oh well that’s me.

    • Mess says:

      I agree with a lot you are saying Bdaddyl. For example the whole Sarah is just a government prostitute idea is something that annoys me to bits, it is also the reason I don’t read for example ‘the long road back’. As soon as I read something like that, I zone out and I’m done. I don’t care how good of a writer someone is, but if you come up with just whoring out characters, or the constant emphasizing of the fact that the writer considers Sarah a government prostitute, I close the fic never to return again. But then I also don’t read another fic of that author again. It just isn’t something that apeals to me, it isn’t the kind of thing that is in my character.
      I also have to agree with the PLI for Chuck when Sarah chooses Shaw. Like you said he pined after Jill for five years, and then we have to belief he just gets up and goes after another girl when the love of his life leaves with another guy? Yeah right. Oh it could happen if you just like jump ten years in time, but not when you do it straight after she leaves with Shaw. We’ve all seen his response to that news.
      I do have to say that breaking off a story after 3.11/3.12 it is hard not to let both characters suffer with their decisions. Both are lost without the other, we know that, so why would they both be fine without the other? They both shouldn’t be fine, but they should be trying to be.

      I couldn’t agree more about the cookie cutter stories. Like you I want to know what is going on in the head of the characters.

      • atcDave says:

        Mess you are obviously allowed to dislike whatever you want, but I do feel some obligation here to defend Bill after promoting his work here for so long.

        For starters, I agree. I dislike Sarah the trained seductress and honey trap that is popular in so many stories. I especially dislike when its used to build angst based around Chuck not knowing if he can trust her or if she is just playing him.
        I also dislike that anyone would believe such things ever happen in the US intelligence community. Can you imagine, as hyper sensitive as everyone is in this country to charges of sexual harassment or bias, that ANY government agency would actually train young woman to have sex with people? The idea is utterly ridiculous. Imagine if that wound up in the press?! Its almost as offensive as the whole Red Test stupidity.

        Now that said, woman spies as dangerous and skilled seductresses have such a long history in the annals of spy history and literature. Going way back to ancient history, and being well documented into the modern era; women have not only used their “wiles” to get military or political information from their unsuspecting lovers its almost hard to ignore the theme. Its well documented of actual prostitutes being used for intelligence gathering as well.
        When we get to Chuck we have clearly seen on the show that Sarah has done seduction missions. I like to think she has always been able to keep herself out of too much trouble, but it is clearly a part of Chuck canon that Sarah has been a skilled seductress. Since we also know she is fairly reserved in her personnel life we can guess she has never enjoyed this aspect of her job, and likely uses tranqs or a simple rapid escape to avoid taking things too far.
        I can assure you Sarah has never cheated on Chuck in any of billatwork’s stories (okay, she might have once in a one-shot; but nothing I’ve ever recommended). Now I admit he likes to toe that line sometimes where you can’t imagine how she’s going to get out of a situation without sleeping with someone or getting killed. But its always clear she hates that situation; and she always gets out of it through some combination of skill, trickery, and good fortune.
        I would also agree the latest chapter of “Long Road Back” spent way too much time talking about her training in the art of seduction. I find everything about the subject distasteful, and I even skipped a few paragraphs.
        To me, the two key ingredients on if I will tolerate such a story are her attitude towards the seduction mission (Sarah should dislike that sort of work and strive to remain faithful to Chuck), and that she does in fact find a way out of it.
        I too profoundly dislike stories that make Sarah out to be trashy or someone who enjoys such work. I prefer when a more “realistic” approach is taken towards seduction work (the US government will NEVER tell an agent to use such tactics; kudos to NinjaVanish for addressing this topic head on a few chapters back in “Chuck and Sarah vs Themselves”); but we must concede it is a part of the genre and a part of Chuck canon specifically.

      • ArmySFC says:

        dave, i gave up on bill at work when sarah was attacked and almost raped in one of his stories. that part was ok. what bothered me was nothing happened to the attacker other than getting a larger role on the team, a GF and so on. rape is not to be treated lightly by anyone even bill. rape or attempted rape should be punished and not rewarded even to advance your story. for that reason alone i no longer care about anything bill writes.

      • Mess says:

        Honestly Dave, I do understand where Bill is coming from. I’m not saying that he’s saying things that are incompatible with canon, not at all. In fact, I’m well aware of the fact that Sarah is a more than capable seductress. No surprise there, I mean what single man would say no to Sarah Walker when she tries to seduce you? I suppose a big part of it is in how I view things. I’m just really uncomfortable with those aspects of the stories he writes, mostly because I think he goes to it too soon, and perhaps takes it too far. Not that he writes it that she’s doing it, I’m not saying that, but take for example ‘The Long Road Back’, Sarah meets Orion, and it inmediately becomes about sex in her mind. And again I understand that, but to have her just unbutton her shirt like he let her do(I mean we have to belief this is the best CIA Agent there is, surely she could try something else to persuade him), and the thoughts and the constant saying she has done it a million times before, it just doesn’t work for me. Actually it only makes me really, really, really uncomfortable. And I know he makes her uncomfortable about that as well, but look at ‘The Long Brick Road’ She actually says the only reason she is uncomfortable about it because of Chuck. So what we are supposed to belief she was ok with it before that? What doesn’t help is to me he isn’t writing that because it just happens to come to that point, he’s activily looking for it. He could have let Orion say a million things to make a request to her, but no he wants to let it be about sex, so he says something that can be interpreted that way. I guess I’m just a bit sensitive about that topic, because I’m not the kind of guy that likes things like sleeping around. Actually I really hate the idea of sleeping around, which sadly a lot of my generation don’t seem to agree on. But to me Sex is something important, and it’s something that actually means something, and then to see a writer treating it like he does, it just annoys me. I mean bill as a writer is not bad, actually overall he’s a good writer, but that aspect of his writing just doesn’t match with my personality, which is I suppose my problem. But it appeals to a lot of people, so he’s completely right in writing it.
        I agree about NinjaVanish adressing that aspect, I loved that as well. I have to say, together with Lucky47 from ‘Family Matters'(which is an amazing story) NinjaVanish is by far my favourite writer in this fandom.

      • atcDave says:

        I never liked that character either Army. But I would add trying to rape Sarah is a little like trying to kiss an alligator; its not going to work out too well for the initiator, and it didn’t.

        I don’t want to get too into this, I did not like that situation or that character. But as we’ve discussed many times with the show also applies to fan fiction; there is always going to be something not to like. When I make recommendations I try to provide relevant information so readers will know if something is to their taste or not, along with warnings on content. I can easily see where many of the stories I’ve enjoyed wouldn’t appeal to others; so please, read my review and synopsis data at before getting into something that may only annoy you!

      • atcDave says:

        Mess I agree with most of that. I didn’t care for that part of the last chapter either. I think he was really trying to be funny; Sarah not knowing who this mysterious spy was, makes some wrong assumptions, and thinks she’ll have to sleep with her soon to be father-in-law (ewww!)
        But it didn’t really work. Sarah was too forced, Orion’s comments weren’t really ambiguous (I really had a hard time imagining how they could mean anything else!), and the humor was too creepy in the end. In addition, much of the chapter was spent on something I’d rather not read about (seduction training). So the chapter sort of failed for me.

        But I love the story. Its a similar set-up to “Chuck and Sarah vs The Bunker” by NinjaVanish, but we have Sarah and Casey together looking for Chuck. We also have a particularly dark and unpleasant version of Shaw as a purely evil villain who’s connected at least as high as the Vice-President. To me, that’s a great set-up and I’m excited to see how it will play out.

      • armysfc says:

        dave agreed but the point doesn’t change. he rewarded the action. that is unacceptable to me at any level. he just joked it off.

  13. Tamara Burks says:

    The site has the wedding registry has the gifts up and the givers .I’m hoping that someone will use those to jump off a fic for ar that they might show up in canon. For intance Lester is giving them a goat named Nibbles.

  14. Crumby says:

    Dave, Bill is a great writer but you have to admit that a lot of time in his stories is devoted to seduction missions/situations. Even if in the end, Sarah doesn’t sleep with anybody, it’s always there. For Sarah or any other female character. If you don’t like that kind of stuff, it’s hard to enjoy one of his stories.

    • atcDave says:

      I would agree with that Crumby. As I said above, he likes to toe that line. Take things right to the brink. Its probably safe to say he’s a little sex obsessed! (and I don’t believe he’d deny it).

      You all know my values are actually a bit conservative in this area, and it honestly is something I wish he would dial back at times. But what I have always liked about his work, and this goes back to late S2 when I first started reading his stuff, is that he’s not afraid to START his story with putting Chuck and Sarah together; then making them fight to hang on to it. I especially appreciated that angle back when TPTB seemed to be taking wt/wt to utterly ridiculous extremes; while billatwork was writing fun and exciting stories with Chuck and Sarah happily together.
      I also appreciate that he always finishes his stories!

      • Tamara Burks says:

        Notorious JMG has the aspect of Sarah as government prostitute in some of his stories. In fact one (I can’t remember the name) has her training to use sex on a mission where she has to sleep with 3 instructors while she’s watched through a 2 way mirror and the last one is Carina because it’s said that Sarah has to learn to seduce same sex and they have sex in that room with the 2 way mirrors . How Sarah pretending to enjoy sex with 3 people who knew she’d sleep with them had anything to do with seduction I don’t know. I stick to his one shots except for vs the Producers.

        I find Sarah as government prostitute to be a very disturbing plot point.

        One story that I liked had where Sarah had slept with men as part of her job though was Chuck vs the Buy More Bomber (I’m blanking on the author name) because it had it where it was made clear that it was a worst case scenario kind of thing plus there was the element of shame attached to it. Sarah didn’t actually do it in the story but it was mentioned because of the Bomber case had an element of that in connection with another female agent.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        The Producers and Encino Traveler. So far so good but then he travels back in time and Sarah’s still a baby.

      • atcDave says:

        I agree Tamara that I don’t care for the spy/prostitute thing at all. It is a recurring theme but certainly not used by all. As I was saying, with billatwork’s stuff it has always carried a stigma, AND, she has never actually done it after getting together with Chuck.
        But because I don’t care for the theme at all it rarely comes up in the stories I’ve tagged as favorites. NinjaVanish actually mocks the idea because of its flagrant illegality, and a significant number of writers I recommend are women who clearly don’t want to touch it. And I guarantee you Sarah will never cheat on Chuck in any story I recommend (and vice versa! no cheating Chuck either). It angers me greatly and it flat out disqualifies any story from a “favorite” tag from me.
        I don’t believe limiting yourself to one-shots gives you any protection from this theme at all. In fact, many writers go for more “shock value” in the one-shots and they are occasionally more disturbing than more developed stories.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s just with Notorious JMG that I limit to mostly one shots. With others I happily ready many , many chapters . Sometimes repeatedly . Castleinanity posting stories as ebooks has come in handy for that.

        And speaking of cheating , one thing I’ve noticed is that in the femslash stories , most of the time Sarah is cheating (sometimes with Ellie) . Now I don’t read femslash but I’ve got to wonder what the deal with with that. When they have Chuck in a guy on guy fic , he’s never cheating.

      • Tamara Burks says:

        That was me and I meant what is the deal with that. I accidentally cleared my cookies.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Tamara I like the e-book editions available as downloads at Castle Inanity. They are especially easier to read when I’m at the gym!

        As for the second part; I really don’t do alternate pairings at all, slash or otherwise. To me, Charah is one of the defining things that makes Chuck what it is; so no thanks to all of it (I’m going to guess this only rules out about 15% of fiction. Chuck fan fiction is overwhelmingly Charah themed.)

  15. Robert H says:

    Thanks again atcdave for the new sources to read. Really appreciate it and the work you have done to make this happen.

  16. AgentInWaiting says:

    Readers looking for more recommendations may want to check out It’s a discussion of what stories to nominate for this year’s Awesome Awards for the best in Chuck fiction.

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