Nearing the Finish Line

The NBC Upfronts will take place on May 16. That gives the show and us fans only one week to do our part (maybe it will help, maybe it’s all for naught) for the show. While it is generally acknowledged that the pilots (or strength of pilots) will dictate Chuck’s fate:

Mo Ryan: As for ‘Chuck,’ whether it gets a fifth season is in the hands of the gods at this point. TV By the Numbers has it as a “Likely Cancellation,” though there is some hope that the new regime at NBC will see the virtue of sticking with a known quantity with a loyal fan base. ‘Chuck’s’ chances may well rest on how NBC feels about the new shows that it has developed for next season. If the network has a large number of new shows it feels good about, ‘Chuck’s’ days might be numbered. If the Monday schedule is still looking spotty, ‘Chuck’ might get a reprieve and return for one more go-round next season.

Us fans aren’t without an audience (pun intended!). Enter We Give A Chuck‘s fan movement. We’ve highlighted this enterprising group once before; today, as we near the finish line they ask us again (as we ask you, Chuckthis bloggers) to join in on #NotANielsenFamily. This being the last week before upfronts, it’s all the more imperative we band together and do our part. As always tweeting responsibly will be essential, but watching live and being an active viewer even more. If you don’t have twitter, you can still participate via the Thank the Advertiser page, all you need are the night’s advertisers. And of course to watch live.

As for the state of the pilots, here’s an interesting read from Deadline and the LATimesScott Collins. Be warned that it’s early days yet and things and rumored network reactions remain fluid.

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8 Responses to Nearing the Finish Line

  1. Bill says:

    What is going to happen in 4-24, the last episode of the season?

    We assume (probably a good assumption) that Fedak and Schwartz didn’t know whether the show would be renewed when they wrote and shot this episode. The renewal status would not be official until May 16, the date that the show is supposed to air. So they had a problem.

    We are expecting a successfully executed wedding at some point. If TPTB presumed that the show wouldn’t be renewed, then they had to have the wedding come off successfully. If TPTB presumed that the show would be renewed, they could have fudged a little with the wedding — possibly even delayed it until the next season. But that would have been too much of a gamble. So the only thing they could really do was to have a wedding with perhaps a mild chiffhanger that wouldn’t present a real problem if the show was not renewed — something that could legimately be left to the imagination.

    But there was another option. TPTB knew that they would learn the renewal status during the day on the air date of the episode. If I were them, I would have written and shot the episode with two endings, airing the appropriate one based on the renewal status. That way they could either wrap up the series cleanly, or do a real cliffhanger, even delaying the wedding.

    Did they or didn’t they?

    • atcDave says:

      Although they have wrapped up ongoing story elements at the end of every season, and Chris Fedak did say all story lines for this season will be resolved in 4.24. So without saying anything, he pretty much confirmed that the wedding will take place. Besides, I like to think they learned a lesson from the wt/wt of S3 about the problems with carrying out anything past its expiration date. Its simply time for this particular story to come to an acceptable conclusion so they can get on to what’s next in S5.

    • uplink2 says:

      Well on the wedding front my belief is that we will most definitely see one. The Cliffhanger will be a totally new story to launch season 5 like we saw with the Orion Cave. I think the way they handled the proposal indicates to me that the wedding will most definitely happen. Just maybe not a traditional one but a Chuck one. There are some spoilers of a sort of revisiting of the WTWT story. I believe that will be in the form of a flashback type sequence that will be part of the wedding itself. Heck even the new promo hints at that with the scenes from the Pilot.

      The cliffhanger will be a way to launch season 5 if it gets renewed and a lot of Fan Fiction if it doesn’t.

    • ArmySFC says:

      i think F/S have said they plan to end each season with a lead in to the next. so even if they do get another season expect a lead in to season 6 even if they don’t get it. like dave said as long as they tie up all the loose ends from this year it should be ok to have the end hanging.

  2. amyabn says:

    Well team, I don’t know how it will go. I just hope you can all tweet your little hearts out. There are a lot of us military folks who love Chuck who are definitely NOT Nielsen families! I will wait not so patiently for several days while trying to download the episode, completely helpless to avoid the blog (I can’t stop reading it!) and all the awesome comments you are bound to make. So tweet on friends, and let’s hope for a S5!

  3. Katsumaro says:

    Nicely written JemFaithfulnessofawesome. I’ll try and do my part to help #Chuck out and all that from Twitter.

  4. Faith says:

    Word’s coming down that NBC will announce their schedule a day earlier than Monday’s upfront: Sunday.

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