Smorgasbord of Ink about Chuck’s (unofficial) Season 5 Pickup


Multiple sources are citing that season 5 will be the final season of Chuck.


Well guys it looks like we’ll be getting another year of this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


If you’ve been living under a rock, or just happen to have missed the news, here is a collection of links and ink slewed about Chuck’s (unofficial) Season 5

The news that broke twitter, Ausiello:

“Sources confirm to TVLine that Chuck has cheated death once again and will return for a fifth season this fall…for at least 13 episodes.”

Variety (which technically broke the news first, with this snippet):

“As for NBC’s existing bubble shows, “Chuck” is likely to return for at least 13 episodes”


“He’s done it again! Escape artist CHUCK, which has successfully cheated cancellation for the past two years, will be coming back to fight again next season. I hear a deal is being finalized for a 13-episode order to the NBC spy dramedy.”


“NBC is reportedly nearing a deal to bring the spy series back for a fifth season for at least 13 episodes, according to”

Additional read about new pilots here.


“We’ll find out for sure on Sunday (May 15), when NBC holds a press conference to announce its schedule for next season.”


“…as NBC attempts to rebuild their very tarnished brand, it looks like they decided to go with a show that at least has a passionate, loyal core audience, while they order many new series around it.”


Now gaining a reputation as one of the luckiest shows around, ‘Chuck’ is a perennial bubble show that so far has managed to survive an aborted first season during the Great Writers Strike of ’08 and has then gone on to last at least three more seasons. Plus, our hero and his beautiful CIA agent crush are getting hitched at the end of this season. Not too shabby!

Here’s cast/crew reaction so far:

Mark Christopher Lawrence: “Chuck fans are the best.”!/chuck_sarah/status/69125972733075456

Sepinwall’s reaction:

” I’m believing nothing until I hear it from either an NBC official, Chris Fedak or Josh Schwartz.”

“Yes, the “Chuck” ratings have sunk from poor-but-acceptable to just plain awful as this season has gone along, but it’s still a known quantity. It’s never going to be a hit, but its audience is its audience (even if it’s been smaller this spring than it was in the fall), and NBC can put it on the schedule and not worry about having to promote it at all.(*)”

From Chuck fans all over the world? Well needless to say lots of thanks and gratitude. If you’re feeling an extra love, send some over to Mr. Greenblatt and company:

Jamie French
NBC Entertainment Publicity
(818) 777-2835

Robert Greenblatt
Chairman, NBC Entertainment
(Mr. Greenblatt’s email isn’t public, but it’s assumed that since all NBC employees have email addresses of, this one works too).

Bruce Rosenblum – President, Warner Brothers Television Group
CW feedback link

If you’re on twitter, you can thank Warner Brothers via @WarnerBrosEnt.

Finally here are some stuff that the stars want to see next year (via Examiner‘s Danielle Turchiano):

When we asked what he might like to see happen for Casey in a fifth season, clearly romance and relationships was on the mind:

“What [about] Chuck’s mom? What if?” He pitched. “They haven’t determined any of that; it’s way above my pay grade. But on an eight o’clock show? Nah. Casey needs a ten o’clock love interest!”

Gomez wasn’t looking into specifics just yet, noting that it was probably too early to push Morgan and Alex into a more serious relationship (to which Baldwin, ever the protective father figure had to agree).

“I just continue to hope to have more scenes with Adam and Zac and more fun spy stuff. It’s been such a blast for me personally,” Gomez explained.

Similarly, Sarah Lancaster is hoping for a bit less of the sweet, loving wife and mother stuff as Ellie and more of an integration into her brother’s spy world when she simply pleaded “Give me a gun!”

Above all else, though, the entire cast is just thrilled to be able to take the ride they have been with the fans that they have come to know and love and consider like no other.

(Read more in link).

So what would you guys like to see next season?*

*If it’s more #SexyTimes, sign the petition here 😀

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Eternally faith-ful at least as it relates to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Yes that's where the username comes from. Other than that self-professed Chuckaholic, Laker blogger and part time internet addict. Ok, full time.
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28 Responses to Smorgasbord of Ink about Chuck’s (unofficial) Season 5 Pickup

  1. alladinsgenie4u says:

    Aha! The petition has sneaked in. Faith, thanks for this article and the petition too. 🙂

  2. herder says:

    One thing that I would like to have seen in Jeff’s video is the outake of Sarah smacking down the bouquet from Ellie’s wedding, one of the funniest scenes not to make the show. As for next year, I think I’ll wait until the cliffhanger that sets up season 5 has aired before getting into that.

  3. patty says:

    That video is so doggone nice! It is hard to beleive they are just actors and not a real couple!!

  4. atcDave says:

    Always ready for more fun and laughs. I may have some more specific thoughts after 4.24 airs. I’ve never seen another show that manages fun, funny and sweet so perfectly; hopefully that will continue.

    • Chuck604 says:

      You and me both Dave. I think this is one of the very few shows that I follow week to week because of the balance of all the elements you just mentioned. Plus all the geek references remind me of what some of my biggest interests where growing up as a teenageer.

  5. Rick Holy says:

    Hey guys, our friends over at have three season finale “sneak peek” snippets posted – and at least to this one Chuckaholic, it looks like this finale has the possibility of being one of the “Awesomest” 🙂 episodes of CHUCK ever. Check out the videos for yourself, they’re on Youtube, too. The one with Sarah in the ice bath and the “Chuck and Sarah theme” playing in the background is a real “throat lumper!”

    Got my Polish beer and pizza order ready to go for Monday night!!!

    Haven’t used this line is a while, but I think right now it’s fitting:


    5 Seasons – I still can’t believe it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 [One smiley face for each season!!].

  6. Waverly says:

    Awesome. Yeah, and I, I cut off its head. Yeah, babe, I decapitated the cancellation bear!

  7. amyabn says:

    Team, it wouldn’t be bad to tweet thanks to all of the sponsors too. Granted, we don’t know who jumped on board to support S5 or not, but if we thank them and they didn’t, maybe they’ll see we are serious and jump on the bandwagon too.

  8. herder says:

    The online reporting services, for what they are worth ( ), seem to be saying that today is the day that Chuck’s announcement will be made.

  9. lappers84 says:

    I know we’ve had unofficial confirmation of Chucks renewel, yet until it’s official I can’t seem to relax 😦

  10. Jen says:

    OH MAN, guys… I’ve been holding back a victory dance until our “friends” at NBC give the official word. I think we can start our celebrating though, just don’t get smashed until it’s official, OK??
    I can’t wait til Monday.. i’m hoping the promo about the wedding is real and not a dream. Those sneak peeks have me all pumoed up… oh how far Casey and Beckman have come. Chuck is pure heart… there is no match for it, it will break u down! To the point were even NBC has been broken down and our dear show has lasted this long.

    Duty calls, i have lots of work… i’m considering moving into my office… I’ve got enough work to never leave, and i could save the rent money… and i have to leave at noon for my office beach party (It’s already summer in Miami), and i have lots of things to finish up.
    Wish u all a great day Chucksters!

  11. lappers84 says:

    time to stick on some cool and the gang, celebration time people. WHOOOO!!!

  12. Faith says:

    If twitter would load…as in not be overloaded like it’s been since Chuck’s news came out, the update up top would show up.

    Multiple sources are citing that NBC has stated season 5 of Chuck will be the final season, Chuck’s last. 13 episode order. Great news. Let the show go out their way, and know it ahead of time. Classy move.

    • Rick Holy says:

      I agree. Five seasons will have been an AWESOME run. I just think of how many shows that I’ve enjoyed (i.e., Firefly) that were cancelled after less than ONE full season. Going out on your own terms is a great way to go! And I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Zach, Yvonne and others in the cast on TV and/or on the “Big Screen!”

      So, CELEBRATE, people. We’re going to get FIVE seasons of CHUCK, and it will end – I’m confident – WONDERFULLY!!

      Go CHUCK Go!! We love ya!

  13. lappers84 says:

    wow, I really hope they can cram in all that’s basically been teased in this series in those 13. But hey its all good, we get to enjoy another season of our fave show 😀

  14. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    Wow – what a fantastic way to end an otherwise crappy week of work!
    That’s just such tremendous news –
    I hope that all the fan sites – and twitter – gets flooded with celebration messages for the show, and its incredible cast.
    Can’t wait for Monday night – and the season 4 finale – and how it leads into the big unknown of Season 5 now!!!

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