Chuck Versus the Long Aisle — Cliff Hanger

To the guests, it looks like your normal wedding. Beautiful church and flowers, picture-perfect attendants, handsome groom, stunning bride. Vows are exchanged and rings … OK the bread-tie thingies aren’t very normal, but to each his own. Everyone can easily imagine the week’s preparations and festivities leading up to that walk down the aisle. Fun times.

They have no idea what a long aisle it has been for this wedding party … or that their week’s preparations have been anything but normal. Who would believe that the bridesmaids were delayed, because the coup they were staging took longer than expected … or that the bride and groom had to break his mother out of a Columbian prison the day before the rehearsal dinner … or that just yesterday the radiant bride was radioactive, and the maid of honor and her husband were applying all their medical skills to keep her alive. No one would believe that earlier, while they still slept, the groom — this groom, Chuck Bartowski — parachuted in from Moscow with the antidote for his bride’s food radiation poisoning.

There are 9 people, though, who know the truth … that the aisle was long and uncertain, and that making it to the altar was a precious gift. For them, this moment — each expression and every word — is laden with meaning and emotion. As with most Bartowski events, there’s something more than meets the eye. There’s what touches the heart.

The Little Bearded Guy With the White Stole …

The groom’s best friend … Morgan. He’s been looking forward to being his best friend’s best man for a long time. Today he is Best friend, Priest, and Taxi man. Everybody knows how busy he’s been as best man: the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner preparations, the tuxes, the rings (aha), and any other stuff that comes up.

Other stuff. Like, today he’s in a beautiful church, participating with friends in a joyous occasion. But four days ago, he was in bleak Moscow vying with weapons dealers in a deadly game, taking a bullet in the process. Instead of giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner, he was spreading rumors of food poisoning to cover-up the assassination attempt on the bride. Instead of getting the bridesmaids to their hotel, he asked them to provide backup in a gun fight with the CIA. You know … other stuff … like that.

Morgan was at his best-friend/best-man best in Cliff Hanger, from the moment he joined the others at the hospital, “She’s gonna be fine, right?” until his final, “As–you–wish.” While MamaB, Chuck, and Casey run missions to get the antidote, Morgan stays with Sarah. Every time we see him, he is by her side … holding her hand, sitting hip to hip on the edge of her bed, resting his forearm on her leg, telling her Chuck stories. While doctors do everything for her medically, he does everything he can to tether her to life, until Chuck returns to save her. This is a more serious version of his staying awake to keep the plane aloft.

I loved his tale of Chuck chasing down bullies and demanding the return of Morgan’s pants, under threat of calling down the Intergalactic Firestorm Federation. Sarah loved it, too. Her giggle in the wedding bubbles up in fond acknowledgment of their private joke. Morgan has been there for Sarah whenever it counted (Phase 3, Balcony), and this is no exception. She is blessed to have inherited such a loyal friend. Whatever the guests may see in the weepy, bearded man with the white stole, there’s so much more than meets the eye.

Bridesmaids Don’t Pack Heat and Other Myths

Ah, the bride’s beautiful friends … Carina and Zondra. They look happy for their friend. The assumptions about their pre-wedding festivities are fairly common. (Well, except for Jeff and Lester’s, and we don’t want to know what their assumptions are … about anything.) A luncheon for old times sake or a day at the spa, cucumber facials and drinks with little umbrellas, laughter and girl talk. … Ha! Where the Cat Squad goes, trouble follows.

I loved the meet in the car. Casey withholds his sarcasm for Sarah’s sake, and Carina and Zondra meet Chuck’s mom … the mother of all spies, so to speak. No luncheon, but a mission for old times sake. Instead of cucumber facials and drinks with little umbrellas, they get hand-gun face-off’s and Russians with big parachutes … and machine guns (there had to be machine guns). No time for girl talk when there’s talk of arrest. And the best laughter belongs to the ones who laugh last … that would be Chuck and his spy friends. Oh, and I imagine their assessment of Chuck is now stratospheres above “doofus.” Mm-hmm! Sarah is one lucky lady. Their smiles at the wedding say it all.

Not so long ago, Sarah thought she wouldn’t have a friend at the party. Come to find out, she has friends and bridesmaids who would put their jobs and their lives on the line for her.

The Doctor of Honor and the Groomsman Doctor

I’ve never seen Devon smile so big, and Ellie looks as happy as I always imagined she would. Everyone knows that Ellie has a lot to smile about. Her little brother is marrying the woman of his dreams, and everything is perfect. She’s done a great job with her MoH duties, and today she’s high on the moment. Tomorrow she can rest, because being the Maid of Honor is hard work. … If they only knew.

Today she watches her brother’s dream come true. Yesterday she presided over his worst nightmare. No wedding gown, no scented bath. This MoH drew her bride from an icy tub and dressed her in a hospital gown. Instead of hair pins and perfume, she administered IV’s and antidotes. Her only goal was to get the bride to the church alive; on time would be pure bonus. Mostly she hoped beyond hoping that she would be signing her marriage certificate rather than her death certificate.

Ellie and Devon kept Sarah alive, no doubt about it. It was great to watch them function as a team. The ER doors burst open, and Ellie and Devon take charge. Ellie-the-puzzle-solver tries to figure out the root of the problem, analyzing thoreum and all the possibilities. Devon acts swiftly to treat the immediate medical need. He compartmentalizes a little better than she does. Even in full doctor mode, Ellie never stops being sister/in-law. If we didn’t already know how dire the situation was, Ellie’s face tells us. My heart breaks with hers as she hears Chuck’s promise to fix things. Ellie is the one who knows the score … and the odds. Through her facial expressions and her words, we know them, too.

Today we smile with them, knowing that this Matron of Honor and her doctor-husband have more to smile about than meets the eye.

Mother/Spy and Partner/Brother/Friend

Mary and Casey are unknown to most of the guests. The Buymorons are probably wondering when Casey went soft and how Mary had such tall children. Others smile as the mother of the groom wipes away a tear and smiles her happiness. They’re touched by the fondness in Casey’s eyes when the vows are exchanged. I think it’s safe to say, though, that nobody can imagine the history that brought these two to this event. For those of us who know, however, those small gestures hold a world of meaning.

Casey’s progression from hardened agent to partner to friend to, dare I say it … the big brother of TeamB has been wonderful and heartwarming. He was all of those things to Chuck and Sarah in Cliff Hanger: from hovering in the ER and challenging Chuck to man up to his promise to Sarah (brother) … to breaking Chuck out of a CIA holding cell (partner) and giving him his clean identities (friend). Sometimes he was all three, “Shut up. You’re Chuck Bartowski, the second best spy I’ve ever worked with, and now you’re going to go save the best one.” … “You get the antidote. You get it to Sarah, and you disappear. You do whatever it takes. You save her.” Wow.

I loved his partnership with Mary. They started out with all the rapport of a cat and dog, then slowly progressed to oil and vinagre. Finally they found common ground not only as spies, but as parents. What with Casey’s filling the shoes of Chuck’s and Sarah’s big brother, I think that makes him and Mary some sort of spy-in-laws.

The mother of the groom enjoyed the wedding as much as anyone. Every glimpse we get of her she’s smiling … big. No one would guess that not so long ago she never dreamed she would get to see her son’s wedding … until this bride risked everything to give her that hope, “Mrs. Bartowski, I came here to help you take down Volkoff and to get you the hell out of here.” This MoG has more to celebrate than meets the eye.

A man’s wedding day is understandably emotional for his mother: all those memories and milestones that come flooding back: Helping him find his classroom on his first day of schoolhelping him navigate a super-max penetentiary to jail-break an arms dealer. Teaching him to ride a bikemonitoring his first motorcycle ride at 250 mph. Worrying about playground bullieswatching him fight bigger bullies for higher stakes — and get tasered. Saying good-bye and sending him off to collegesaying good-bye and sending him off for good with untraceable identities. Her tears are well-earned.

The unknown groomsman and the mother of the groom … typical fixtures at a normal wedding … not.

The Glowing Bride and The Dashing Groom

The week before the wedding is typically a bit stressful for the bride and groom, but the stress this couple experienced was hardly typical. The week began with some pre-wedding nerves. After that, typical vanished into thin air.

It comes as no surprise that Sarah’s only qualm about the wedding was having to exchange intimate feelings in front of a crowd. Even after Chuck stirred those feelings to consciousness, she couldn’t admit them, even to herself. The beauty of season four has been watching the vulnerable, free-spirited woman-in-love emerge as she opened up to Chuck. Breathtaking. But in front of a crowd of people? … Let’s not push it.

So … a dry run. Practice makes … perfect. We’ll be ready for anything. Someone really should give Sarah a glossary of things she should never say.

So, springing mom from a Columbian prison intruded on their romantic day-off, but they were ready for it (check). Intercepting a deadly weapon in Moscow wasn’t on their nuptial to-do list, but they were ready for it (check). Sarah being poisoned by the Norseman … nobody is ready for that, ever. Ready or not, Chuck stepped up. He did everything, risked everything, and hoped everything. He held nothing back and won it all. That’s why for 9 people, his vows aren’t just inspiring, they’re extraordinary.

Words just don’t cut it. Two days ago Chuck knelt down with words, “Baby, I’m going to fix this. We’re going to get married and be together … forever. I love you,” and stood up for action.

The only person who can get us the antidote is Volkoff. More words. Casey tested them, “It’ll take weeks to get clearance,” and Chuck gave them feet, Then I guess we’re just gonna have to break in tonight.

Missed him by this much. Volkoff is gone, and we meet the man who makes Casey go pale. Decker tests Chuck’s word’s, too, “Now stand down or get buried.”

No. Simple, one-word answer. The explanation that followed … all action.

One more test, “Chuck you realize that if you go against Decker, you’re going against the CIA. You and Sarah will have to disappear forever. You’ll never see your family again.”

Chuck stands at the point of no return, one moment that will determine his and Sarah’s future. I’ll do anything I need to do to save Sarah.

How do I express the depth of my love for you … or my dreams for our future?

By saving Sarah’s life … whatever it takes. Because she is. his. future.

I loved the motorcycle sequence … OK mostly Mary’s freaking out (I can relate) and Casey’s sideways glances. Oh, and Hartley’s screams.

After rocketing a charmingly confused Hartley into this decade and the new millennium, they’re off to the hospital to make up a batch of iridium, atomic # 77 on your microwave dial (in case you were wondering … oh, and don’t try this at home, kids).

Iridium flows like hope through Sarah’s veins. Maybe their friends will get to hear her vows after all.

Chuck clings to the memory. If only he can spend the rest of his life with her looking at him just like that. Happy. He wants to make her happy … always. He chided her for her few words, especially compared to his eloquent tome. Now, he has no words.

Chuck, you’re a gift. You’re a gift I never dreamed I could want or need, and every day I will show you that you’re a gift that I deserve. You make me the best person I could ever hope to be, and I want to spend and learn and love the rest of my life with you.

Simple. Perfect. She took his breath away. He still can’t believe she see’s him that way. He’s the one who doesn’t deserve her.

Right now, there’s only one gift that matters … life.

It’s not working. Chuck presses for ideas, and his mom comes up with the answer. A better iridium, available only from Volkoff Industries … in Moscow. Mom’s got the info; Casey will provide the ride, and Hartley is the key (or the face) to get them into Volkoff. They are on a roll.

… Or the fact that I will fight for you every day

Decker. Doesn’t he have somewhere else to be? Apparently not.

Hartley was too funny, especially considering he used to be Volkoff. It’s a good thing, because the rest of the scene was one of the harshest ever on Chuck. Chuck never quits, never stops, never gives up. There are certainly no words to express the measure of his love in these brutal moments … or its impact on Mary and Casey … and Hartley. It’s one thing to kneel by Sarah’s bed. It’s quite another to be brought to his knees by tasers, as he fights for her with all he has.

His love inspires. It made the Colonel go soft during Chuck’s vows. It gave Mary the strength to let him go. It emboldened Hartley to follow through at Volkoff Industries.

Chuck may not have the Intersect, but he’s got a plan. With Hartley in tow, they go to Moscow to get the antidote.

Hartley bails, leaving Chuck with no Intersect and no plan. He is completely alone, in the heart of enemy territory. Just like being surrounded by Decker’s men, the same rules apply: never quit, never stop, never give up.

There’s more than one way to fight for Sarah. Chuck plays to his strengths: the truth, humilty, and appealing to the flicker of goodness he believes each person possesses. This is not a moment of weakness or cowardice, but one of strength and courage. I love the scene.

Vivian is touched, but unyielding. She clings to her anger and focuses it unjustly on Chuck. Hartley’s appearance keeps hope alive, as he uses exactly the same game plan as Chuck. The truth. Humility. Hartley’s simple truth exonerates Chuck’s family and exposes Riley’s lies.

Chuck and Hartley show Vivian a kind of love she’s never known. Hartley offers her a father’s love in his sincere words and invitation to a better life. Chuck shows her utterly selfless love, when he offers up his safety and his freedom for Sarah’s life. Together they tap the vein of goodness deep inside her and draw her back from the abyss.

Antidote in hand, there’s one more battle to win. Chuck has the plan, and Hartley/Volkoff has the resources.

… Or that our kids will be like little super heroes, with little capes (or parachutes, maybe?).

This man and his love never give up. It was a cheer-worthy scene: Chuck parachuting onto the hospital mall and facing his armed enemies with steely confidence. He confronts the man that tasered him and never wavers or winces, even when all the guns are trained on him.

“You’re all under arrest.” Decker is such a smirker, and we know what happens to smirkers. I’ll see your arrest and raise you 19 Russians. Ha! The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. So many Russians.

I’ll just prove it to you every day for the rest of our lives.

One last move. Chuck walks right up to Decker and threatens him and the government with public exposure and embarrassment if anything happens to Sarah or his family or friends. Checkmate.

The memory of their dry run drives him, and he flies on the hope that he’s not too late for them to “tie the knot” for real.

You can count on me.


~ Thinkling


Parting Thoughts

Squeee3. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Best I can remember ever on TV. Sarah has never looked happier or more beautiful. The walk to the limo was beautiful as well.

The limo ride was another lovely moment. Such a happy couple. Affection warring with annoyance at Morgan’s Kodak moment. Mrs. Chuck Bartowski. Mr. Sarah Walker. The reaction to Hartley’s gift held just the right amount of trepidation. He’s no longer Volkoff, but still … we all know what Alexei would have left under their seat. Come to think of it, it was sort of a bomb … but in a good way.

I loved the cliffy. The idea of an evil puppet master and CIA conspiracy. Chuck and Sarah out of the CIA, wealthy, owners of the Buymore, operating their own spy business in the old Castle. A ton of potential. And with Fedak’s recent metaphor, Hart to Hart meets The A-Team, I can hardly wait for S5.

A huge shout out to Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton. I so hope that LH returns next season. She is such a great mother/spy. I love the dynamics that have developed between her and the other characters. I want more, please. I can’t imagine the Bartowski’s without her. TD did a masterful job as Tuttle/Volkoff/Hartley. He was totally believable and utterly entertaining. Since they didn’t kill him, maybe Hartley can come back for a visit.


About thinkling

In my [younger] youth, I was a math teacher, basketball coach, and computer programmer. In 1984, we moved to Brazil, where we serve as missionaries. I like to design things and build things, read things and write things. We now live part-time in Brazil, part-time in the US. Love them both. Wife, 37 yrs; mom, 30 yrs. I am blessed.
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110 Responses to Chuck Versus the Long Aisle — Cliff Hanger

  1. joe says:

    Beautiful job, Thinkling.

    But you just reminded me! How could this possibly be a Bartowski wedding if nobody (um… nobody named Morgan) lost the rings???

    Oh, yeah – right. Twisty ties! That makes sense. 😉

    Okay. I can entertain the idea that this episode wasn’t perfect, but not for very long. Every day this week someone has said something about it or recalled a line or a scene that makes me want to go back and watch it again. It’s not perfect, because it didn’t have enough Sarah-smiles and it didn’t have enough C&S together, but then again, you simple can’t have enough of those. It did have exactly the right amount of Jeffster, though – like, um zero.

    Of course, I’m one of those who’s rather happy with the cliffy. I mean, isn’t this what I said I wanted at the end of S3/start of S4? – TeamB being a rogue op., carrying on Stephen’s legacy? I’m still up for that.

    • kg says:

      Joe’s first sentence will more than suffice for me.

      I too, was wondering what Carina and Shonda were thinking. Carina has known that there was more than meet’s the eye with Chuck as far back as Three Words.

      Shonda got a glimpse of the real Chuck. The total package you so eloquently describe in your piece. How both Chuck and Sarah feel as though they’re the lucky one, the less deserving one. And I think you would agree that Shonda’s shoddy, disrespectful attitude toward Chuck in Catsquad was more an outburst of her anger with Sarah. Chuck was the poor recipient at the time because Shonda was directly attempting to hurt Sarah. And she succeeded.

      • thinkling says:

        I always love it when Chuck shines and someone sees or acknowledges his qualities. So, I was cheering double as Chuck stood up to Decker and executed his plan. Casey and Morgan know Chuck has good plans, but I loved that Carina and Zondra and his mom got to see it first hand.

        Yeah, you’re right, Zondra’s comments in Cat Squad were designed to hurt Sarah.

    • Oregon Lt3 says:

      Beautiful indeed. You guys never stop amazing me with your writing. My CHUCK viewing is not complete without coming here to read the reviews and recaps. Thank you.

      One thought on T Dalts, a private spy team is going to need gadgets right? Bond needs Q, Batman needs Alfred … CHUCK needs Winterbottom!
      OK, just my dream, but a boy can dream … can’t he?

      • Oregon Lt3 says:

        … OK, Lucius Fox, but you get the idea 😉

      • thinkling says:

        Thanks, Oregon. It’s a fun community, and the readers/commenters make it so for us.

        Q is fine. I’ve thought about that a lot actually. I’d love to have TD (Hartley) as a Q type Nerd Herder guy on the show. (If he’s not available Pierce Brosnan will do.) He could draft Jeff and Lester, super spies, to develop/test spy “toys” for the Buymore (Spymore) that would really be mock-ups of genuine gadgets for TeamB. It’ll never happen, but it would mix things up at the Buymore a little.

    • thinkling says:

      Right, Joe, but what Sarah’s smiles lacked in frequency, they made up for in wattage. She absolutely lit up the screen during the wedding. Wow. So beautiful.

      I like the rogue ag, too. The potential is huge, in my mind, both with the H2H meets AT and the Gov. conspiracy that ties into all things Intersect/Hartley/Bartowski. Oh, yeah. I can hardly wait, except that I know once it starts, it will be over too soon.

      In Brazil, when we’re getting full, we say we’re getting sad, because soon the meal will be over. That’s the way I feel about a good book and S5. I can’t wait, and it makes me sad, too.

  2. luckygirl says:

    “every day I will show you that you’re a gift that I deserve.”

    I love that part of the vows because it explains for me the reason she turned into supergirlfriend practically overnight. It seems she made that vow to herself long before she said the words to Chuck.

  3. Verkan_Vall says:

    Very nice, Thinkling.

    Just not enough wedding.

    • thinkling says:

      Yeah, more would have been nice. That’s why I made the wedding the framework for the post … to stretch it over the whole episode. 😉

      • Tamara Burks says:

        For instance one question we didn’t get answered was , who walked Sarah down the aisle.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, they got out of that dilema pretty deftly … sneaky.

        I’ll go with Casey, because it seems right to me. Although, Morgan was on a roll … jk. 😉

      • atcDave says:

        I think it was Casey, Morgan was busy as flower girl.

      • thinkling says:


      • patty says:

        That part can be skipped if the couple decides to not have it.

      • thinkling says:

        You mean having someone walk the bride down the aisle? Yeah, I would assume it’s optional. They just left that part open … too much else going on, and that isn’t the main point of their wedding … it’s who walks her back up the aisle and out of the church that matters. 😉

  4. jason says:

    Loved your writing per usual think,

    one observation about the chuck and sarah dynamic. At the end I would have to guess sarah made near a half dozen faces during the hart to hart meets a team sequence at the end in the castle. The way she says volkov left us his money, the way she said OUR money when chuck called it his, the look when she said you guys want a job. Whatever instructions she was given on how to play married sarah, I hope it continues, I found that sarah to be thoroughly enjoyable. Don’t you get the impression she is so going to kick Chuck’s butt with a quick glance or maybe just the word “Chuck’ when he steps out of line?

    • lappers84 says:

      I think it’s funny you say that because she was never one to open herself to anyone. We always saw the looks she gave Chuck but was never actually able to say how she felt, even after they first got together in 3.5 it took her time before she expressed the first I love you. She was relying on Chuck to walk her through the emotional changes of a committed relationship and thanks to his help she was able to open up much easier. Now she’s married to Chuck it’s like a barrier has forever been broken and she can finally become bad ass Sarah Bartowski. (I think we know who’ll be wearing the pants in the relationship) 😉

      • lappers84 says:

        Something I wanted to add not just referring to the last few minutes, but just after they got into the limo and Chuck said “Mrs Chuck Bartowski” the way she quickly returned with “Mr Sarah Walker” as if to say ‘I’m in charge now’.

      • thinkling says:

        I took that as gentle teasing and a fond reference to Seduction Impossible, when Chuck called himself that.

        I see CS as well balanced, so I stay away from the idea that Sarah wears the pants, because it implies imbalance. Their complementarity is perhaps atypical, but it’s perfect for them, and to me it’s the charm of the show.

        Sarah always was and still is an awesome spy. Chuck has drawn out the real-girl/woman-in-love, so now she is completely both. Chuck was this exceptional guy who was exceptionally insecure, but Sarah has inspired him to become the hero he always was deep down. His real guy draws out and grounds the real girl in her. Her love inspires and gives him the confidence to be the true hero he is. Now that they are married, I expect to see that dynamic smoother and stronger than ever before.

      • thinkling says:

        Sorry, I’ll add a PS to that.

        The wedding …Cliff Hanger … showed that balance. It was in Sarah’s vows and in Chuck’s actions. Something that they weren’t good at before … without each other.

      • joe says:

        Yeah, I agree with Thinkling on this one, Lappers. And trust me, I’d be the first to say otherwise if I saw even a hint of that.

      • atcDave says:

        I guess we could say Sarah “wears the pants” in the sense there’s always been a role reversal at the very core of the show. Sarah is the person of action and strong silent type; while Chuck is talkative, emotional and sensitive.
        But neither is dominant in a total control sense; they both have strengths that make the other better. And they know it! There’s no feeling of one lording anything over the other, they both acknowledge their flaws and deficiencies and know their partner completes them. Its really a perfectly balanced relationship, its just that the specifics of that balance are atypical.

    • thinkling says:

      I loved married Sarah, too. I hope that was a preview of the S5 dynamic. It was fun that neither of them minds playing Mr or Mrs to the other (Mrs Chuck Bartowski and Mr Sarah Walker)

    • joe says:

      My first revelation of the morning. “Married Sarah Walker”??? Married. That’s a new character, isn’t it?

      And I was just getting used to girl-in-love and engaged Sarah Walker!

      I jest, but only slightly. There was something I saw in that last sequence – something I really enjoyed – about the way C&S interacted and the way they carried themselves, and it had something to do with their married status. (I think it was revealed in the body language.)

      You’ll probably see the same thing in recent college graduates. I know the last time I felt that way myself (big time!) was when I got my black-belt. It was weird. I could not have improved overnight, yet it seemed that way.

      I hope the writers resist showing C&S at loggerheads, or even doing the standard TV-married-couple-bickering trope for a while. That can’t be too much to ask, can it?

      • thinkling says:

        Ditto, Joe. The season will be too short to waste it on such tropes. We need the power couple leading their team by day and well … other stuff by night.

      • jason says:

        joe – from the reviews I read, you and i seem the most fascinated with the CS interactions in the last few minutes of 4×24, I am going to try not to get too excited about them, as season 5 may contain none of it and one way I can ruin the show for myself is to place expectations on the CS relationship, but if the rest of the series has sarah and chuck acting the way I saw in the last few minutes, I will be really pleased.

      • thinkling says:

        You can put me in the same camp, Jason. I think (hope) they’ve been steadily progressing CS to this point, and that this is who they are now.

      • joe says:

        I’m optimistic ’bout that, Jason & Think. I have a feeling that no matter what, the writing will be overshadowed by the acting in this instance.

        I mean, it really was in the body language, wasn’t it? It was Zac and Yvonne and the juxtaposition of their stances. She’s good at it, and he actually seems to be better!

        I’m confident that power couple is not going to disappear.

      • thinkling says:

        Squeee … wahoo!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’m interested in the couple thing, but in a slightly different way. How do they now handle the covers? They obviously want to keep Chuck in a nerd-herder uniform, it has become his metaphorical cape. So what about Sarah? They sort of ignored the idea of a cover for her for most of the season. Since she was Chuck’s girlfriend/fiance for real there was no need to explain her presence in the BuyMore anymore and all the family knew she was a spy, so it was less important she have one. But now that she and Chuck own the BuyMore does that go public?

        I can see it working either way, Chuck and Sarah as the secret owners and the BuyMorons constantly trying to figure out who the mystery owners who know all but are never seen are, or Sarah comes from money and bought the BuyMore for Chuck (making Lester insanely jealous that Chuck found a sugar-moma) making Sarah the known, and completely scary boss. Or do they come up with a way to launder their money and be known as the new power-couple in Burbank?

        More importantly does Sarah get to use her Nerd Herd uniform again?

      • thinkling says:

        Ooh, good questions, Ernie.

        Though Sarah as the scary boss has its comedy potential, I like the idea of the mystery. They could be the mystery Buymore owners and also the new mystery power couple in Burbank, protecting 2 covers. It would put the mystery back in the show, which is always a nice component for the spy genre.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Then there’s the other angle, that the rogue team is now set up not only to do off the books favors for Dianne, but they can bring back all their old spy friends to either help them or to ask for help. I see at least one more Carina & Zondra appearance, and look forward to their absolute horror when they find it’s Morgan who will be assisting them on their mission.

        Perhaps Cole Barker needs a favor, or agent Forest, and they return to find a very different Chuck. Then there’s my favorite possibility, Jill. I can almost see the conversation now; “Chuck I know this is the old me talking, but I really would rather just kill her.”

      • thinkling says:

        Right, Ernie. And they get paid for all of that. Our A-Team doesn’t come cheap.

        (I do hope they don’t drag out money management woes all season!)

      • atcDave says:

        Agree with Joe’s comment (a ways up there!) completely.

        Ernie brings up some great points. My suspicion is that they will be mystery owners, but it may be revealed in 5.13 that Chuck and Sarah are the owners. Now I think I would also enjoy revealing Chuck and Sarah as the owners right away. I like the idea of “Sarah comes from family money”. It would explain things going all the way back to her Weinerlicious cover and driving a Porsche. So we could easily get Sarah as the scary owner that everyone except teamB is a little scared of (hmm, maybe I should say Morgan is more scared of her with reason, while the others are just scared of her bark!). I can imagine Jeffster trying to scam Chuck and Sarah in some way, and of course always failing miserably. That could actually be a fun scenario. But again, my money is mystery owners.

  5. Amrit says:

    I loved this episode and I agree with Jason the dynamic between Chuck and Sarah is something none of us could have predicted 4 years ago. I really thought that they looked so pretty at the wedding, I mean it just shows how well the make-up department did in season 1 of making Zac look (less handsome then he does now) and how he looks now. I do not think anyone in any universe could not now look at these two and say they are perfect together in every way, so kudos to the CHUCK people for that. I think sometimes fans are spoiled when it comes to CHUCK, I mean look how far the characters have progressed, it is beautiful to say the least.

    I look forward to this evolution continuing and cannot wait to see where the final episodes of this wonderful series takes us……god speed CHUCK people, god speed!

    • thinkling says:

      The growth has been great, Sarah’s has been especially fun to watch and Yvonne has made it so subtle and nuanced at times that is been so real and amazing.

  6. atcDave says:

    Awesome write up Thinkling. I especially love your opening thoughts about what an atypical wedding this was. It is so much fun to celebrate with these extraordinary characters and their epic journey. I think these last ten minutes were an ear to ear grin for me; I have rarely, if ever, seen such a completely satisfying finale (and pure bonus, there’s more to come!).

    Not only was this an excellent review, I’d even call it a great apologia for why we all love “Chuck.” Thank you!

    • thinkling says:

      Thanks, Dave. I know I grinned all the way through those last 10 minutes. I still smile when I think about the wedding. Perfect.

      I prefer CS together, but I can suspend that requirement for the rare episode, like Phase 3 or Cliff Hanger. And the wedding, though short, eclipsed everything else in terms of beauty, satisfaction, and mood. I think it was supposed to, for us and for our Chuck friends. Their faces said as much.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah, I would agree. Together is preferred, but on occasions like Phase 3 and Cliffhanger the solo adventure seems to highlight the drive to be together, so it works.

  7. amyabn says:

    Great write up as usual, Think! I loved this episode too, and finally managed to download and watch about 12 times so far!
    The only things I think I would change would be to shorten a couple of the sequences to maximize the wedding or to fast forward to the reception and have them leave from there.
    I was surprised when Casey introduced Mary to Carina and Zondra. I would have thought he would have mentioned her as Frost.
    I love the nuanced performances as usual. The journey has indeed been long but what a reward to this point. I could gush on, but I’ll never say it as well as Think summed it up, so I’ll stop typing now!

    • thinkling says:

      Hi, Amy. I’m so glad you were able to download … Yay!

      I hadn’t thought about Frost v. Mary. But I take it as a sign of respect. Frost was associated with Volkoff, and Casey never quite trusted her. So perhaps it’s a subtle acknowledgement of respect and trust. Plus they are relating on a parent level now, too. And they are spy-in-laws toward CS. I didn’t think about it, but now that you bring it up, I like it.

      It’s interesting that Sarah had the presence of mind to call Mary Frost in front of Vivian and Riley in Last Details. Chuck didn’t … oops.

      • amyabn says:

        I just thought Casey, maybe saying something like, “also known as Agent Frost” would have boosted Chuck’s credentials a bit. I too wanted Zondra to see Chuck as Sarah (and us) see him. Chuck is like spy royalty, so to speak. Not a big deal, but the look between Carina and Zondra would have been priceless!

      • thinkling says:

        OK, now I see what you mean. I didn’t see which way you were going with it.

        Do you think Frost has that much of a reputation. She dropped out of sight for 20 years. I just figured they wouldn’t have known who Frost was. Intersting.

    • Tamara Burks says:

      I kind of thought that he would do that too. Then maybe have one of them having heard of her and then say in return something like sure , next thing you’ll tell us his father was orion.

  8. Faith says:

    Always a fantastic read Thinkling.

    Since you brought up MoG, I’d like to revisit her speech in Last Details. It was a fantastic speech, a very approving and understanding move not just from one spy to another but one who loves Chuck to another.

    As for the episode itself, several people have been wondering how I feel about it, and I’m sure most of you know by now that it’s not good. Sorry. It’s very rarely that I’m disappointed in Chuck and times when I am, I hate it. But I do give credit to Thinkling for showing me that this episode had a lot to offer apart from my gripes and my complaints.

    • thinkling says:

      I loved her toast, Faith … one of my favorite moments. Of course, my favorite Chuck moments have a way of piling up. Like the wedding, the toast seemed very normal or typical on the surface, but it was infused with huge meaning. “Thank you for taking care of my Chuck” … you mean like only hours ago putting a bullet in someone’s head to save his life … not what a normal bride would do. 😀

      There was also a moment at the party (Last Details) where Mary and Sarah exchanged a nice moment and a smile. Unfortunately the way it was shot, you missed a lot of moments like that.

      Oh well, you know how much I like the Mary/Sarah dynamic, and that just added more to it.

      I’m sorry the finale fell short for you … bummer.

    • thinkling says:

      Dang, that makes me miss Stephen.

      • Faith says:

        I do too, Thinkling, I do too. There are some specs that the finale left that part (whether or not he’s dead) open and I know it’s probably not a good idea, but I want him back.

      • thinkling says:

        Which finale … 3.5 or 4.0?

      • Faith says:

        4.24. To be exact it’s the conspiracy from Decker (whom I would love to deck heh).

        Army, I’ve yet to really write down my thoughts as a whole. People have just asked me individually. This episode has been very polarizing so I’m hesitant to really explore my own feelings. I also have yet to write my as promised day on set additional details/photos piece but I promise to get to that ASAP.

      • armysfc says:

        faith fair enough. i normally don’t post any more what i think of an episode, i just make comments about certain parts. i do understand the polarized part with the morgan bit at the end really causing the rift. i listen to both sides and ya know what? i still can’t figure out what they were thinking. well other than what mcneill said about fedak wanting to reward JG with more time because he is funny. i still think it was a joke gone bad however. they wanted to add a bit of humor thinking it was the last episode and when it got renewed it was too late.

        if the series ended, people would not care as much about morgan getting the intersect cause they would not see the results. i even would have laughed and said here they go and left it be. now i just scratch my head and wonder how they will handle it, lol.

      • atcDave says:

        You are right about that Army; Cliffhanger might have been a better series finale than season finale. I’m happy to see where it goes, but I do have concerns about Super Duper Morgan.

      • armysfc says:

        dave…thanks. another thing that doesn’t get much mention id the whole CIA/running a con so to speak. they haven’t done well with the mythology part of the show. i see them trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends and doing it poorly. just look at the confusion caused by cat squad. people took forever to figure out how that played into it all. i think that’s a can of worms they should not open. do episodic like we talked about before. but hey thats just me.

      • jason says:

        @faith – that is funny about decker, I dislike all things decker, and the fact he was part of the cliffhanger with the lame ‘it is all related’ disturbed me much more than morgan the intersect, which I view as simply stupid, but honestly, all morgan is stupid, so intersected or not, zac and fedak are so in love with the little elf, chuck fans will get stuck with morgan, decker on the other hand, has the potential to ruin the whole arc

      • jason says:

        In case cousin chris is reading this, what I want in season 5 is hart to hart meets a team. chuck and sarah having a team to call on that includes morgan, casey, mary, and a female seductress type character, in no particular order my preference would be someone new, zondra, carina, nicole ritchie (I know that is dumb, but I love her and sarah / chuck together, but I don’t think fans in general do), or alex (unfortunately, alex has gotten lines / plots that would put the father knows best crowd to sleep, I think she is lost as a potential dynamic character)

      • JC says:


        While I liked Decker the prospect of a gigantic conspiracy that tries to tie together the first four seasons worries me. Lets be honest the spy stories and mythology have been the weakest part of the series that last two seasons and I can’t really see it working without some major retcons, character assassinations or reveals that make zero sense.

      • thinkling says:

        Ok, I’m going to chime in on the cliffy, even though we have months to do so 😉

        1. Decker. Decker is detestable. Not anywhere near as good as Roark or Volkoff or even Vincent. But he’s not the puppet master. He does the dirty work. The PM will be someone like Roark … hidden behind a respectable title. So I see Decker coming back and getting killed early, so we can all cheer.

        2. The conspiracy. I like it. I think it makes a lot of sense, and I think it’s not a stretch to think PapaB knew about it. All the talk about people coming after Ellie and Chuck, because he wasn’t there to protect them anymore. Going back to Alma Matter, I could easily see a larger conspiracy.

        3. That said, I don’t want every episode dedicated to a complicated story that loses the fun. The conspiracy can be their mission, but they are the A-Team. They can be hired to do other stuff. I don’t know what that will look like, but it has lots of latitude for fun stories. Every once in a while they can tie up a loose end or make a connection to Omaha or whatever. The conspiracy could be like the Tron poster. It gets added to a little here a little there, but it doesn’t have to dominate every episode. Meanwhile, they’re doing a bunch of other fun stuff to take down some bad guys. Oh well, I see a lot of potential, as long as they don’t let the conspiracy suck the fun and H2H out of the show.

        4. Morgan as the Intersect. I do have reservations. I fear that Morgan will now have to go on every mission (I will miss the original threesome missions); or that the bromance will return. I think Casey brings out the best in Morgan. They are good together. I think sometimes Morgan and Chuck are immature together. I hope we still get more Morgan/Casey and CS than bromance. But I will definitely give TPTB the benefit of the doubt. They gave me Cliff Hanger and said Hart to Hart meats A-Team, so I’m totally on board.

        5. Chuck without the Intersect. If we get Chuck like in Push Mix or Cliff Hanger, that will be fine. Chuck using all his other skills is capable of being a hero and even a spy … up to a point. I hope they fill in the Chuck-fu gap with something and always give him a tranque gun. I’m afraid this means we might not get any more dynamic duo fight scenes like Honeymooners, First Fight, and FBoE. Hoping against hope that some of the skills have been backed up to another part of his brain.

        Bottom line: my expectations exceed my misgivings by a whole lot. I believe they will give us a fantastic final season.

      • jason says:

        @jc – it is funny, I really would not mind some sort of attempt at putting all the mythology together, the secret is it can’t be too ugly. I have a candidate for the 5 season long big bad, someone who has been around since the start more or less, and someone that as long as one does not get too wrapped up in detail, probably fits more of the cause of 4 seasons of problems for chuck than any single character – as well as someone who is sort of funny so it is not too dark, not too close to chuck (rule out morgan, casey, and sarah right off the bat), and someone who would probably be consistent with other tv types of resolutions to such plots. It also would explain a peculiar detail of 4×24, at least one I find peculiar.

        Any guesses who?

      • thinkling says:

        Dave, I agree, about season v. series finale. Either way I think it would have been better just to show the glasses and the note from GB. They could even have showed Morgan looking at the glasses. That would have given them time to plan, time to gauge fan reaction, etc. That way, theoretically, anybody could get the Intersect.

      • thinkling says:

        OK, Jason, I’m curious. Who’s your Puppet Master?

        From your hints, I would have to guess GB. If it’s someone we know already, she’s the only one I can think of. Though, personally I think it’s more likely that she has been played, as well.

        Could be Bryce. That would tie back in to original suspicions, but it would be a hard retcon to sell.

        So spill it … who’s your big bad?

      • joe says:

        Oh, Jason. I know who you have in mind.

        I ain’t tellin’! 😉

      • thinkling says:

        Joe! Keeping secrets? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • alladinsgenie4u says:

        Morgan as the Intersect. I do have reservations. I fear that Morgan will now have to go on every mission (I will miss the original threesome missions)

        ^^ My worst fears. I also fear that C/S kicking ass together may end. I love their tandem fights. 😦

        or that the bromance will return. I think Casey brings out the best in Morgan. They are good together. I think sometimes Morgan and Chuck are immature together.

        So true.

        I hope we still get more Morgan/Casey and CS than bromance.

        Amen to that. 🙂

        But I will definitely give TPTB the benefit of the doubt. They gave me Cliff Hanger and said Hart to Hart meats A-Team, so I’m totally on board.

        They do indeed get the benefit of doubt, but I am still apprehensive after reading the multitude of interviews that Fedak gave after the finale – talking about Morgansect and the Chuck/Morgan dynamic. Hope it turns out to be like the Chuck/Morgan team up in Anniversary – Fedak was going at Comic Con as to how C/M would make a bad but good spy team and thankfully it lasted only one episode. This time around I expect it to last for three episodes. More than that then I may start twitching – in a bad way. 😉

        The only way I may be able to ignore an excess dose of Morgan is that TPTB give us equivalent if not more C/S SexyTimes . Brain bleach might also help – to forget excess of Morgan, not C/S SexyTimes. Just clarifying. 🙂

        I believe Moryan and Ryan McGee also expressed concerns in a podcast that the final season may become more Morgan centric.I hope TPTB (specially CF) don’t stay tone deaf.
        Anyway, once Comic Con happens we will know a lot more about what they have planned. I expect another spurt in the discussions on Morgansect after Comic Con.

        Final concern – the huge conspiracy that Dekker was talking about.

      • atcDave says:

        So far, with S3 and S4 we’ve seen two completely opposite reactions from TPTB towards fan concerns. Obviously S3 started exactly the way fans were saying from the end of S2 “don’t do it!” While S4 addressed our concerns immediately and satisfactorily (Chuck/Morgan pairing, and Chuck’s lies and secrets lasted one episode only). You’d think they’d get by now that most of us want less Morgan, not more.

        Hopefully, they’ll get a clue between now and the start of production that a little goes a long way where the little bearded troll is concerned. It would truly be a shame if the final season was wasted with too much Morgan time. Let’s just hope things are balanced out in a way most of us will be happy with.

    • armysfc says:

      Faith ok you got me wondering. i read every post here and never saw how you felt. did i miss it or do i have to read between lines i can’t seem to find? i am curious about how you felt and why.

    • jason says:

      yea – GB
      a few things –
      1-graham died, beckman didn’t, did beckman know what was coming?
      2-GB was the only main cast member not invited to the wedding
      3-GB introduced shaw to the team as a ring expert and master spy, neither of which he honestly appeared to be, his major motive appeared to be to turn chuck into a killer rather than take down the ring?
      4-GB placed two kill orders on chuck
      5-GB conveniently was not linked to Robin Given’s intersect experiment project?
      6-GB knew mary, yet did not ever divulge any stephen or mary stuff to the team, she had to know hartley / volkov’s story then too – sent sarah into deep cover without the story???
      7-GB introduced rob riggle into the equation, who again, appeared to be an agent for harm to chuck

      not that GB makes a bunch of sense, and I am pretty sure there is a list of reasons why she shouldn’t or even can’t be the big bad, but there seems to be nobody else around that would have any backstory that intertwined with the show over the seasons other than GB.

      More fanfic’y than anything, but Lord knows we have the entire summer’s worth of time to fool around with this sort of guesswork, thought I’d toss it out there at least.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        So help me Jason if you ruin Duck for me… 😉

      • thinkling says:

        Good points all, Jason.

        I don’t think the big bad will necessarily be someone we know. At this point there really isn’t anybody, other than GB, who goes back to Agent X and before. Like I said, I think she will have been played as well. Remember she said she had to obey orders, too (A-Team).

        And in Subway, in that big meeting that Chuck burst in on, she had been kept in the dark about Op Bartowski. So there is clearly some stuff going on above her. To me there are a lot of bread crumbs to a bigger conspiracy, and that would put a nice bow on the story if done well. CS can get the big bad and have life as they want it, in or out of the spy world. They can set up whatever business they want to do good and stamp out injustice. I like it.

      • thinkling says:

        LOL … Ernie … the Duck has sailed.

      • jason says:

        @ernie – that is genius – duck – I forgot duck – and that does 100% explain why GB wasn’t invited to the wedding, a couple of decades ago, my ‘sarah’ (who no man really wanted to mess with then or now either) made sure my best man’s sister did not attend our wedding if I recall – duck – yep

  9. Tamara Burks says:

    When I saw Morgan in the limo, all I could think was that he must have run really really fast out of a back door to get to the limo faster than the bride and groom.

    • atcDave says:

      Bride and groom were busy greeting guests. Most weddings I’ve been to, I think the pastor is home watching football before the bride and groom escape the church!

  10. milkyway says:

    Fantastic review as usual. I love this episode, almost everything. The vows and the wedding were perfect. And Zac and Yvonne … so amazing. We are so blessed to have one more season. I can’t believe it! Chuck is a magical show.

    • thinkling says:

      Hey, milkyway. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Welcome back. Gotta agree with you about the episode, the wedding, ZY … magic.

  11. kristine c. says:

    wow! is it just me or this post is just too beautiful it makes me a little weepy? 🙂 thank you for such a great read! I’ve been lurking in this site for a while now and this is my first comment. Your “Long Aisle” story is awesome. They had really been through a lot.

    Can’t wait for Season 5! 🙂

    • joe says:

      Oh, don’t cry now, Kristine. Bad enuf that Casey was on the verge during the wedding. 😉

      Oh, okay. Tears of joy are indeed permitted, and even encouraged. I have to confess that actually come close on my third re-watch.

      I’m so glad you de-lurked.

    • thinkling says:

      Thanks, Kristine. No need to lurk … join the conversation.

  12. Bill says:

    thinkling, you nailed it yet again. I have only one thing to add …

    The writers are pretty good with musical references, but they are young (younger than me, anyway) and their musical sensibilities don’t go back much beyond their ages, so they missed the perfect song for the wedding. It’s 55 years old, but it could have been written yesterday just for Chuck. I prefer Sinatra’s version. Lyrics are below … read ’em and weep.

    Just in time
    I found you just in time
    Before you came my time
    Was running low
    I was lost
    The losing dice were tossed
    My bridges all were crossed
    Nowhere to go

    Now you’re here
    And now I know just where I’m going
    No more doubt or fear
    ‘Cause I found my way
    For love came just in time
    You found me just in time
    And saved my lonely life
    That lovely day

  13. lappers84 says:

    I’ve just about reached season 3 of my rewatch (Yeah I know it’s fast but when you’re currently unemployed and obsessed with Chuck that’s what happens) and I’m even going to push myself to watch the dreaded Mask and Fake Name (also making notes of things I’d love to see or be mentioned in season 5). At least now I have an outlet for the horror that was the trapezoid by constantly rewatching Cliffhanger and reminding myself it all ends well.

  14. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    Naggin Feelin ~
    Ok, so having watched and re-watched a couple times,
    and I gave it a whole week of thought…
    Here’s a BIG what if for yall:

    What if everything that happened after Chuck returns from Russia
    with the antidote…. was part of Sarah’s fever dream?
    [ Everything after that fade to Black moment]
    Wedding with Morgan as the Minister… complete with twisty tie rings…
    – then Morgan as the driver???
    Volkoff sending them millions of dollars… ???
    Buying the BuyMore to start a new spy agency together… ???
    Just an ounce of worry – that everything that has happened, has all been part of a bigger, more sinister plan… ???
    It seems a little to easy… just a smiggen of Sarah getting everything she’s always wanted… hmmmm
    I’m just say’n, it could happen.
    We see what we want to see, believe what we want to believe.
    Season 5 begins, with Chuck dressed as a Russian soldier, standing over Sarah’s bed in the hospital… as the antidote slowly starts to take effect.
    I would not put this past the ultimate evil doer… Mr. Chris Fedak!
    The Cliff Hanger – was not actually what we thought we saw….
    At the time they wrote the finale – they presumably did not know if there would be a S5 or not…. We had a chance to see a possible ending… but did that really happen?

    • lappers84 says:

      I listened to the Podcast with RDM and he confirmed that it was the real thing. As interesting a theory as that is, I very much doubt they’d go that direction. I think they set up the new season pretty nicely with the new reveals and will be weird to waste an extra episode to see everything again (as much as another Charah wedding would be appealing)

      • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

        Well, I doubt they’d let us all in on the twist… so easily and quickly – if that is indeed the misdirection they want to set up for the start of Season 5… just say’n
        ~ I forot to add 2 more nagging parts of 4.24…
        Morgan saying ” As you wish…” – the quote from the ultimate fairy tale wedding… and then of course that one small detail about Morgan being the new Intersect…
        Its a greatest way to mislead the fans… we’ll be chewing on that all summer!

      • thinkling says:

        They’ve never done that Gringo … be outright dishonest about where the show is headed. They tease, but they don’t lie, and that’s what it would be at this point. It would be bad story telling, too. There’s nothing to gain by extending s4’s story. They want to tell this new story. I sense that they are excited about it.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        The only thing I could see retconned is that Chuck and Sarah turn out to not really be legally married because Morgan made up the Intergalactic Federation and didn’t have the power to officiate at a hastily thrown together wedding. They were all on deathwatch after all, and a few details could have slipped through the cracks. But I doubt it’d be played for anything other than commedy.

        Then again it is California, and I could see the Intergalactic Federation and it’s officials having the power to preform weddings.

      • Gringo Chuck Fan says:

        I wouldn’t use the term ‘ Outright Dishonest’…
        its more like throwing a big surprise party for someone…
        you wouldn’t want to tell them the truth, and ruin the surprise.
        – Where is the fun in that?
        Giving us an ending that may, or may not have happened – only gives the writers more options… maybe Sarah’s dream is a glimpse of what has not yet come to pass? I’m not going to nail this thesis on the writers room door… but I just needed to get this nagging feeling out of my head. ~ just say’n

      • thinkling says:

        Gringo, that’s what I’m saying they’ve never done, whatever euphemism you give it.

        Ernie, I don’t think what Morgan says (IFP) is as important as his having the proper paper work, which we’ve established is legal in CA. Time would be the only factor. And like you said, the most it could ever be would be a few seconds worth of comedy. Meh, it’s a dead end to even go there.

        They’ve only got 13 episodes for their final season. They aren’t going to waste time dragging out the season long (23 episodes) story of S4 and undoing the most beautiful wedding and finale ever. Just no point in it … at all.

    • joe says:

      Well, fun spec, Gringo. But it’s a little “Bobby Ewing steps out of the shower” for my tastes.

      Tell you what, though. I’m wondering about how long Morgan might have the Intersect in his head. I mean, he did tell Casey that he was done with the CIA (and I think, because of Alex, he really meant “the spy life”). They might make it last 13 episodes, but I think that because of his new love, Morgan won’t keep it forever.

      As the Greta’s told us, it is a bit of a burden after all.

      • lappers84 says:

        I’m interested in the effect the intersect will have on Morgan. You said it Joe, the Greta’s agreed it was a burden. And keep in mind it affected everyone who had the intersect (Greta’s turned into robots, Plywood become even more of an egomaniac)

      • lappers84 says:

        Actually there’s a story on FF written by Jimmy144 called Chuck v The Puzzle. Basically a version of a possible season 5 (though only had 1 chapter so far) which shows a more hyperactive Morgan who eats a lot.

      • atcDave says:

        We’ve heard Fedak confirm that Chuck without, and Morgan with the Intersect is indeed the intended direction for S5. This is a case where I hope they are paying attention to fan reaction and will change their minds. Maybe a three or four episode arc, where we see Chuck gradually gain control of permanently embedded Intersect knowledge leading up to Morgan getting rid of the Intersect after it puts him in too much jeopardy a few too many times.

        I expect we will know a lot more after Comic Con, if we can just survive the wait!

      • thinkling says:

        Maybe a three or four episode arc, where we see Chuck gradually gain control of permanently embedded Intersect knowledge leading up to Morgan getting rid of the Intersect after it puts him in too much jeopardy a few too many times.

        Perfect, Dave.

      • joe says:

        Yeah, Dave. That’s pretty much what I was thinking too. I hope CF is thinking in those terms!

        Perhaps, logistically, there will be one or two stand-alone episodes interspersed in there too. I could see an arc where Morgan keeps the Intersect longer than he wants to either help or save Alex, and then relinquishing it to keep his promise.

      • patty says:

        I know, I read Jimmy144’s story too. Hyperactive and eating constantly! It just seemed so….Morgan. I loved it.

      • patty says:

        We all know how TPTB love the sneaking around aspect of the show so I see everyone sneaking around and not telling Alex what’s up. Of course this will lead to consequences!

      • jason says:

        I picture morgan needing kung fu and flashing on archery skills, I think it seldom if ever save the day except maybe at the end, might flash on kung fu and hit casey, that kind of thing …. highlight josh’s comic ability

      • atcDave says:

        Jason I remember thinking (hoping) we’d get some of that when Chuck was learning the Intersect. Instead it just seemed to be a matter of it worked or it didn’t. Hopefully they’ll take the more comic route this time (I mean, you’d think that’s the whole point of giving it to Morgan, right?)

      • thinkling says:

        We really only got that in Operation Awesome when he yelled at the woman in Korean and round house kicked Lester into next week. I will always laugh at that.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Thinkling, that was a really good scene. I’d love to see Morgan have those kind of moments.

  15. jason says:

    Leo McGarrity to Jedediah Bartlett while campaigning for president, while on West Wing summer rewatch, “Fake it till you make it”. I really enjoy the west wing, have never sat down and watched it all b4 now.

    • Big Kev says:

      My favourite show ever. Actually, given some of our debates on here, that’s probably going to convince you not to watch it! 🙂 Aaron Sorkin is a genius. I’m very excited to see that he has a new show in production on HBO.

      • jason says:

        @kev – not at all, I have found a remarkable treasure trove a great tv viewing ideas here, ernie recommended wonderfalls, which I promptly watched and enjoyed immensely, not even sure why, must be a chuck fan thing. several fans have recommended alias, which I started in january of 2011, and found to be an instant hit for me (I like alias near as much as chuck), and I caught up with fringe last summer based on a chuck fan’s recommendation, and haven’t missed an ep since. Many of us here watch / enjoy burn notice and castle.

        So anyhow I am not shocked that you and I would share a liking / love for west wing – as we do for the show chuck. Fans on opposing side of season 3 of chuck, still share far more in common as tv viewers than they do with the general population.

        All chuck fans would get a hoot out of west wing 2×5, a familiar face in John Laroquette knocks it out of the park in his debut as a semi-recurring season guest star as Lionel Tribbey.

  16. Jen says:

    Thinkling, i just love how you wrote this post. Reading it was just like re-watching the episode, with the added bonus of having my same thoughts and feelings and reactions expressed in words.
    I think there should be a Chuck-Finale Rule where all season finales are 2 hours long! This episode was so jammed packed, so much happened, that an extra hour to expand on some stuff would have been incredible. I would have loved a little more on the wedding, of course, a little more of family time after it.. some Chuck & Sarah time after it too… we only got but a little glimpse of Chuck’s wedding ring! But oh well, the flashbacks were so sweet that they cover for that. I also loved those flashbacks cause i just love seeing Sarah expressing her emotions, with Chuck she has become so open and comfortable, and that’s a beautiful thing to see.
    I had been thinking a dew days before the finale that we’ve seen Sarah go all “Phase 3” to save Chuck, but that we hadn’t seen Chuck have to do it (at least not that i remember), so it was great to have it in this finale. Amazing what a little of CIA resources can do in the name of love (In the name of love! What more in the name of love?).

    I wish i could say more, but i don’t have time to analyze more or read the other posts, i gotta get back to work, ugh! One thing though, where did Decker come from?? i wanna know who he sent him and what the heck happened to him to be such a JERK!

    Ttyl gang!

    • atcDave says:

      No doubt my biggest complaint with this episode was too short!

      I suspect finding out who’s holding Decker’s leash will be a big sub-plot of S5. I love having a villain that I REALLY want to see go down.

    • thinkling says:

      It’s amazing how tight they can write and how much they can pack into an episode. I would have loved more wedding and family, too.

      I would have liked to be a fly on the wall Sarah’s dressing room and hear Mary and Ellie and the cats fill her in on all Chuck did.

      I would have liked to see her wake up.

      I know we heard her vows, but I would have liked to see the reaction to them, like we did with Chuck’s. And the trip down the aisle … you get what I mean. Two hours would have been fine by me.

      I’m guessing the guy holding Decker’s leash is the puppet master of the conspiracy. I do hope we get to see him go down, but hope it doesn’t take all season.

  17. Rick Holy says:

    There are few – far TOO few – shows on T.V. that you watch because the characters are played so well be the actors that you begin to care about the characters as if they were “real people.” I loved ALIAS because I genuinely CARED about what happened to Sydney Bristow. I loved LOST because I genuinely CARED about those characters and what happened to them.

    It’s a tribute to the cast, the writers, and yes, even TPTB (although we have taken shots at them from time to time) for giving us characters that we LOVE. And even the occasional bitching and moaning on most of our parts is because we care about how the characters are portrayed and what happens to them. (Not to rehash an old gaping wound, but the show “I am Sam” thing. The EXTREMELY negative reaction to that was because up to that point the writers and TPTB had given us a “Sarah” that we loved and cared about so much, that we knew she would never give that kind of “reveal” to anyone but Chuck).

    There have been movies that I have watched literally dozens and dozens of times because I LOVED – not just enjoyed – but REALLY CARED ABOUT – the characters. And there have been TV series, too. “CHUCK” will always be one of them.

    This was a wonderful episode in so many ways, and could easily have been the “series ender.” Yet we have 13 more to eagerly look forward to. I’m not in any mood to “rush summer along” (not after the long, crappy NW Indiana Winter), but when Fall DOES get here, the return of CHUCK will take some of the “sting” out of the end of summer. Season 5. Man that sounds so good.


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