More on that magical day (on the Chuck set)

The cat’s out of the bag, I was indeed on set when Chuck and Sarah got married. Don’t freak out.

Let me start off by saying I didn’t know they would be getting married–although I had an inkling–all I knew was that Chuck was filming on location in a church in Pasadena (the Church of the Angels to be exact).

The Church of the Angels

I found out the details the night before via twitter when it was revealed that Chuck would be filming on location. I later on discovered (when the address was tweeted-I google mapped it!) that the location was a church and seeing as I had no idea if this would be Chuck’s last season, and the tantalizing idea of being there for Chuck and Sarah’s wedding, well I couldn’t not go. So off I went. Funny sidenote, the cast and crew were surprised to see us there, and they asked how I knew, and easy answer, online.

For weeks we deliberated whether or not the wedding was real. Knowing it was, I’d like to first extend an apology for not putting your minds at ease but since I made this vow, my hands were tied. But yes, it was a real wedding, complete with bridesmaids and the mother of the groom. Having seen Cliffhanger, you’d note that Yvonne did indeed look gorgeous and that dress was a dream.

I said earlier that there were “filming” reasons why Yvonne couldn’t greet us (if she were so inclined) and it was because, well she was the bride, complete with a (gorgeous) wedding dress. It had a train and the bottom was made of layers of lace and she was wearing it for most of the day with some wardrobe changes during breaks. Did I mention she and the dress looked gorgeous? My first glance at it, I literally squeed (insert Ernie rolling his eyes here). It’s simply gorgeous.

Who else was gorgeous? The groom.

Well as much a man can be gorgeous. We’ll go with handsome.

Morgan was indeed the minister and the chauffeur. I saw him wearing the outfits myself. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture with Joshua Gomez because our conversation was cut short and it was a long day for the cast and crew (not to mention, as stated earlier, I didn’t expect anyone to approach much less be gracious enough to take pictures with us). But I was able to take a picture with Jayne (commence nerdgasm guys lol) aka Adam Baldwin.

Now for the nitty gritty. I wasn’t inside the church, so I was just as surprised to hear their vows as everyone. I did try to pump the fireman on duty (who was very nice and tried his hardest to recall the minute details I begged for) on the happenings on inside to some success. I knew that the wedding was uninterrupted and beautiful. I have to say I was most surprised about the “uninterrupted” part. I even asked if Jeffster got up on stage and proceeded to hold things up but alas it was not to be. It was as it should be, uninterrupted and emotional.

The scenes I did see for myself were about 1 minute and change on actual film. Let’s think about that for a minute (no pun intended), plus or minus 8 hours was spent on 1 minute of actual film. Amazing to say the least.

I was standing where the circle is located although that's not actually me. (Photo credit to BTS photos)

The rice throwing, walk down the steps scene took 12 takes. The scene with Ellie, Devon and Chuck and Sarah took 5 takes. There was a very touching scene with Mary and Chuck in which she talks to him, kisses him on the cheek and they both tear up a bit that was cut. A shame because a.) the shot took 9 takes and b.) it would have added to the feeling of the entire event. I couldn’t hear dialogue from my vantage point but I like to think that she brought up Stephen B somehow. Heartwarming for certain.

There was no reception on the lot, but there was a crowd with the extras and the aforementioned family scenes. Big Mike even got to tell Jeffster to “move along,” away from bride and groom (scene was also cut).  From that the bride and groom settled into their limo and off they went.

After more than 12 hours on set, the show headed towards LA’s power station (I declined to stalk, er follow) which is where I assume the prison shots were filmed. The limo was to be filmed driving towards there with police escort and a jeep with a moving camera. I heard this from the fireman so this is second hand knowledge. A long day for certain.

As mentioned there were EPKs being filmed right in front of me and you probably saw them. What you didn’t see was the interview with Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Lancaster. I assume this was cut altogether because McPartlin joked about the funeral being Morgan’s. Seeing as death was a red-herring they probably thought it was best not to use the clip.

silly producers, trix are for kids

Speaking of the death, I pretty much spent the whole day trying to figure out who was dead. The red-herring was very big indeed. Having seen MamaB standing next to Casey on the receiving line, and seeing Ellie and Devon congratulate Chuck and Sarah I assume it wasn’t any of them. I didn’t see Morgan until later and so I took Ryan McPartlin’s joke seriously, that is until I actually saw Joshua Gomez in the priest outfit. It was a great sleight of hand to say the least. Kept me wondering.

Overall the whole day felt very surreal. First, big shipper that I am, Chuck and Sarah are getting married and I’m on set! It was exciting, a bit shocking and I really wanted to freak out. But more I could feel the emotion and the joy of the event on set. It’s amazing to think back from that day at the beach in the pilot and now I get to see these characters I’ve grown to cherish and love tying to the knot (don’t freak out, I still know they’re fictional). Everyone looked very happy and there was a sense of accomplishment not just from a season well done, but also to a journey traveled (in my opinion).

It was very, very hard to keep mum about all of this. Not just because well, everyone was freaking out on whether it was real or not, but also because, CHUCK AND SARAH ARE GETTING MARRIED! SQUEE! I had a very difficult time keeping my enthusiasm for both the event and the milestone since that day on set and again I apologize for not being more forthcoming but as stated, I made a promise. I hope that not knowing or hearing things from me made the experience more special for you. At the very least, I tried not to skew any one way in reaction and there are times when I really wanted to say something (I forget which topics now) that I had to literally step away from the keyboard.

Last notes:

  • I really wanted one of the flower arrangements for souvenir (I had means and opportunity 😉 and I had this elaborate plan of freezing them to preserve them) but I decided being on set was crazy enough haha.
  • As expected, they film out of order. This day on location was before the hospital scenes were filmed.
  • Finally if you have any questions that I can answer, and I blanked out in putting in this piece, feel free to ask.

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Eternally faith-ful at least as it relates to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Yes that's where the username comes from. Other than that self-professed Chuckaholic, Laker blogger and part time internet addict. Ok, full time.
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37 Responses to More on that magical day (on the Chuck set)

  1. joe says:

    Hey, everyone! I didn’t even know about this! Nobody tells me nottin’!

    I’ll tell ya, Faith. This is one time when I’d really like to see “the director’s cut” of an episode. You know, when all the stuff they could have used and wanted to use but didn’t (because of time) could be edited and processed and revealed. I’ll be it would be glorious!

    It was very, very hard to keep mum about all of this. Not just because well, everyone was freaking out on whether it was real or not, but also because, CHUCK AND SARAH ARE GETTING MARRIED! SQUEE!

    Oh, I had no doubt whatsoever that they would be, my friend. But thank you so much for keeping it under your hat! I’m happier for not having been spoiled for that. 😉

  2. Ernie Davis says:

    Well Faith you beat me to the post this morning. I was set for another set of polls, on fight scenes. And I swear the line about taking a break from the saccharine sweetness and wedding squees was in there BEFORE I ever saw this post. Honest. But I’ll put that post off so you can all squee one more day (rolls eyes).

    Honest, I don’t mind. After all I have the heart of a total shipper.

    I keep it in a jar on my desk. 😉

    Joe, is it wrong that I’m already geeking out on the possible deleted scenes and gag reel for the S4 DVD?

    • joe says:

      Yes, Ernie. It’s very wrong and you should probably be ashamed of yourself.

      Geeking out over the potential extra goodies on the DVD commenced at least two weeks ago, you tardy person you.


    • atcDave says:

      I’m pretty eager for those deleted scenes too. I also really wish we’d get a longer cut on many episodes; especially the episodes like Cliffhanger that are so packed and so rushed.

      • lappers84 says:

        Man there’s a load of deleted scenes I hope turn up on the DVD (Sarah/Casey hug anyone?)

      • atcDave says:

        I agree lappers. Deleted scenes and gag-reel make the disc sets worth the price. I just wish there was more money in TV box sets (like there is in movies) so we would actually get longer/alternate edits of episodes too.

      • herder says:

        There are surely some great out-takes from this year, how many times would they have shot the scene from Seduction Impossible “I said no, woman!” before they had a take where they were not laughing. Similarly the dream sequence of Lester in bed with Chuck and Sarah.

      • thinkling says:

        In such a great season how can the deleted scenes not make it just that much better!!

        Lappers and Herder, yes to all of those. No kidding, how could they keep a straight face in those scenes. And how about Morgan blowing kisses at Alex and getting interrupted by GB?

      • Faith says:

        Chuck vs the Cliffhanger, the Richard Donner cut FTW lol.

  3. beti says:

    Oh gosh I’m freaking up! Best blog ever! I really really coulnd’t keep it to myself for so long! How did you did it!

  4. Jen says:

    Wow girl, this is awesome… after the initial pang of healthy jealousy (LOL) i’m super happy for u. I may just Photoshop myself in that pic of u and Zac! I’m a super shipper and you all know i would tackle Zac to the ground and… if i ever saw him, so totally understand your excitement. man, i would have been dying to tell everyone!!! Good job on keeping it hush hush 🙂 thanks for sharing this with us.
    I do wish they would have had more scenes of the wedding in the finale. I really missed seeing Ellie hug and speak with Chuck and Sarah, a moment with Casey… and MamaB cause she was away for 20yrs and now she’s at her son’s wedding! Maybe they need to release Chuck – The Wedding Episode this summer and include all that stuff 😛

    I saw this post was by you and i really made a point to read it and comment… i’m here cause of u right now!

    Have a nice days guys! Duty calls…

  5. alladinsgenie4u says:

    Faith, thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us. And congrats for being among those few lucky ones who got to see the cast and crew in action. 🙂

  6. Michael says:


    Okay, as a male adult I have to say I am embarassed I just did that. Yea, what are you going to do about it? 🙂

    I have never, EVER, cared about some couple on a TV show, all the way back to the ‘cursed’ one, Moonlighting. BTW, I will never understand why they call it the Moonlighting curse, that show died for other reasons.

    For some reason, Chuck and Sarah were different.


    Thanks for sharing and for not sharing too early. What a lucky girl you are.

  7. jason says:

    faith – good for you, a prediction, you will remember that day for the rest of your life, a top 100 type day. I was able to go to the Masters Golf Tourny the last time Jack Nicklaus won (I imagine a couple of you weren’t even born then), a top 100 thing for me, a bucket list sort of thing. I’m thinking this chuck visit will be that for you – since kev and I were reminiscing over West Wing lines, now that you set visited the wedding set, “WHAT’S NEXT?”

    • Faith says:

      Top 100 wow that’s something to think about. As for what next, I’m trying to figure out if I can get another opportunity to be on location like this in season 5. There probably is no chance I could get in on the scrubs hospital for little superhero Bartowski 😉 but the idea is intriguing.

    • Lola says:

      Ok Jason, now I REALLY envy you. you were at the Master’s on a Nicklaus winning? WOW! (sorry guys, totally of topic, but i’m a glof fun 😉

  8. Crumby says:

    Thanks for sharing Faith! 😉

  9. joe says:

    It is just a rumor that Faith has not washed her right shoulder since Zac put his arm there.

    I repeat; it is just a rumor.

  10. Rick Holy says:


    DARN YOU, Faith! You’re making me sin!! 😉

    Glad you were able to “be there” and had such a great time!

    But how about a picture with the stunning Yvonne in the beautiful dress!!!???!!! You just have pictures with “the dudes!” 🙂

    • Faith says:

      Sorry Fr Rick, no photos with Yvonne. But take my word for it, she looked radiant off camera as well.

  11. lappers84 says:

    It must have been hell to keep it all under wraps. I for one would have snapped pretty quickly.

  12. herder says:

    Funny, I just sort of took it for granted that you had gotten an ivitation for the work that you had done on the NBC boards or something like that, to find out that you figured where they would be and just showed up makes it more impressive. That and the fact that the cast and crew took the time to speak with and take photos with you is doubly impressive, well done all around. Classy too to respect the wishes and keep things a secret.

  13. thinkling says:

    Way cool. Congrats, girl.

    I love it when people love what they do, and by all accounts the Chuck set is a happy place, where people like each other and have fun. That makes me happy. That you sensed a genuine excitement, kind of like a real wedding, at the Chuck wedding set also makes me happy.

    Yvonne seemed happy in the epk interview, so the smiles on screen should have come easy … sweet.

  14. amyabn says:

    I am sooo jealous. This just reaffirms that we need to work a studio tour when I visit LA! I am happy you got the experience. It really is amazing all the work it takes behind the scenes to make the show we love. Kudos to the entire Chuck family for the joy they bring into our lives each week!

  15. DiDi says:

    I am so happy you got to be there and share your experience with us. It’s almost as good as being there myself. I know it must have been difficult for you not to spoil but thanks for your restraint.

    Just a few questions, if you don’t mind. How long were they filming that day? What does everyone do in between takes? Was there a lot of joking around?

    • Faith says:

      I got there around 8:30 and I was told they’ve been there a couple of hours at least. I left the site around 6 so that makes it 10 hours for me and even longer for them. There were plenty of breaks though but it was still a very long and exhausting day I’m sure.

      Being there, you can tell that they genuinely like each other. On breaks they sat under the tent, often conversing, having a good time. Carina (Mini Arden), Zondra (Mercedes Masohn), Alex (Mekenna Melvin) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are really close. They ate lunch together, joked around in between sets, even danced out of camera range during the Mary and Chuck scene. Joshua Gomez and Zachary Levi are (obviously) very close. They have a vibe and they joke around a lot to each and about each other. Sarah Lancaster and ZL and JG are also very much like family, they didn’t stick around during lunch, they took a van somewhere but it was the three of them and someone else. Zac and Yvonne also get along well. They seem to genuinely respect each other and are professionals.

      It was very relaxed on set and I’d say this is probably one of the rare cases in which the cast and crew genuinely likes and cares for one another. They might not all be BFFs but they’re professionals and they get along.

      • DiDi says:

        In interviews, I think you can tell that they all get along but it’s good to hear it from someone who was there. Thanks.

      • atcDave says:

        Its funny how that always seems to matter to us. Somehow we really hope they have as much fun working together as we do watching them.

  16. Gringo Chuck Fan says:

    You know – I was just scanning through twitter to find you – to ask what ever happened that day you visited the Chuck set at the end of the season…. and WOW – you’ve already posted the whole adventure…. Thanks!
    I agree – I would love to have the opportunity to watch much more from the cutting room floor on the seasonal DVD’s…. as entertaining – if not more… but I would suspect that in many cases – it changes the tone or context of each episode enough – that TPTB do not want those loose ends floating around…. we do enough of the What If’s or How About s – all on our own

  17. Gord says:

    Faith, not only are you an expert in infiltration, and enducement of enemy personnel, but you can also keep valuable secrets. Are you sure you are not a spy?

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