Best Of The Sexy Situations

Sarah is Shocked

Even though it is an 8PM show, Chuck does on occasion like to take advantage of the attractiveness of their cast (ahem).  One in particular.  Shocking news, I know.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Yvonne seems a good sport who long ago gave up fighting a losing battle.  At least she doesn’t have to fight in her Weinerliscious uniform anymore.  We do have Yvonne’s counterpart, Ryan McPartlin for the ladies, and Zac has buffed up enough that TPTB occasionally dip into that well as well.  Since Chuck seems to keep it all in good fun (like Sarah repeatedly leaving Chuck speechless) and in good taste we can just sit back and enjoy the sexytimes.  Pick your favorites, after the jump.

It is sometimes hard to know where the lines are on some of these topics.  For instance Sarah’s “boyfriend” in Phase Three wasn’t literally a one-hit, but it was in spirit, so we make an allowance.  In the case of the sexytimes, well we need to distinguish from couple time or the usual spy attire that often, well let’s just say pushes the definition of “business attire” and isolate the real genuine attempts to grab that 18-25 demo. 😉

I’ll also say up front, sorry ladies.  I really tried, but I hope you can at least share a laugh at my attempt to even up the scores.  And I hope there’s no permanent scarring involved.  Pick three in either or each category, as is your inclination.

And now (with apologies) the men.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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35 Responses to Best Of The Sexy Situations

  1. lappers84 says:

    I do hope now that Chuck and Sarah are married we don’t lose much in the way of sexy times between the two. Though to be quite honest it has been quite few and far between this season despite their relationship growth.

  2. Ernie Davis says:

    Well now that they own Castle Chuck and Sarah are authorized to use the supply closet for whatever they want, so one clever visual reference to that would be nice. Say Casey knocking on a the door asking for a legal pad, then Chuck and Sarah exiting slightly disheveled a moment later.

    Then again that is more a couple moment that the more direct ratings grabs referenced above.

  3. Big Kev says:

    Someone voted for shirtless Jeff! I don’t know whether to laugh – or to be seriously concerned….

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Hey, we all saw Yvonne’s reaction to his pure animal magnetism in the season 3 gag-reel. Schwedak obviously decided to go with it.

  4. patty says:

    Sorry guys, I watch Zac in the belly dance scene. It is one of his funniest ever, I love his faces and the little lost sounds he made!!

  5. joe says:

    Oh man. I seriously don’t know how to choose this time! Fiendish, Ernie.

  6. Rick Holy says:

    The Bellydancing was definitely up there. But there’s NO WAY that it compared to the “slow motion” trying on of the bikinis. That was by far and away the most AWESOME Sarah-ploitation scene in the entire series. And Chuck’s reaction was a keeper as well. (Atlhough he said all three were fine, I was partial to the greenish one)! 🙂

    O.K. Now I’m going to re-open a can of worms that I’m pretty sure was brought up on a thread on this blog some time ago. It’s got to do with the KISSING. Yes, I know I’m a priest NOW, but that didn’t happen until I was 44! – so I’m not “in the dark” about these things.

    The Chuck/Sarah kisses earlier on were real, passionate kisses. Now, they’ve become like “5th grader kisses.” I’m not saying they have to swallow each other’s heads, but the kisses have been so “tight lipped” when they used to be anything but. Not that I’m looking for a cheap thrill, but I am expecting something that is suitable to the relationship that these two share.

    Even the wedding kiss was in the category of “5th grade.” I preside at weddings. I tell the groom to kiss his bride. Now, I don’t expect them to do a “honeymoon” kiss in church, but a little bit of “loose lips” isn’t inappropriate. It’s “real.”

    O.K., feel free to pounce on the guy with the collar – but to me the kissing moments over the last couple of seasons have just been lacking in at least A LITTLE BIT OF PASSION. Now they don’t all have to be of the caliber of the one in front of the “Bryce-bomb” of Season 1. THAT was a kiss!! (And I know you can say they thought they were going to die, so they “went for broke,” but STILL, just compare THAT to NOW: HUGE DIFFERENCE).

    Anyway, as long as we’re dealing with the subject matter at hand, I didn’t think it “out of the ballpark” to bring up the smooching!!

    But to return to the poll question – and to add a little “Beavis and Butthead-ism,” The bikini scene RULED!! 🙂

    • atcDave says:

      I pretty much agree with all of that Rick, including the toned down kisses we’ve seen this season. We’ve seen Sarah/Yvonne look incredible in quite a variety of outfits and situations. And I mean no disrespect to the pretty awesome Belly Dance scene; but the bikini scene is my number one, I mean DANG!

      • lappers84 says:

        I agree with that, just like my first post I’d love there to be some more steamier scenes. Yvonne seems to get more attractive each season (maybe it’s just me) but I feel there have been a lot of wasted opportunities this year for some steamier stuff. One example would be Agent X and the bathtub scene, I think a lot of fans were expecting Sarah to pull Chuck into the tub with her, wasted opportunity unless of course it’s a deleted scene (one can hope). Though I guess you could say it was made up a little in Last Details. But apart from that and a few others the passion has indeed been a bit scarce.

  7. lappers84 says:

    Oh yeah and my votes were with:

    -Masquerade Suprise

  8. Verkan_Vall says:

    I got so tied up trying to determine which of Yvonne’s scenes were the sexiest, I forgot what day it was.

    I finally agreed with Lappers: Bikini, Belly-dancing, Masquerade Surprise

  9. Tamara Burks says:

    I think it was in an ep with Jill but how about Chuck trying on shirts as one or how about drunk Casey in Undercover Lover.

  10. patty says:

    I told my husband about this poll and he chose to forgo his normal scornful disdain for my blogging habits to make the following comments:

    1) Father Rick is right, not enough passion in season 4 kissing


    2) Nothing in season 4 can even come close to Chuck’s dream in Chuck vs the Third Dimension. (we’ve never seen it in 3D, so that’s just the 2D version).

    • thinkling says:

      Totally agree with #1 and hope they fix it.

      #2 … I’m innately unqualified to render judgment 😉

      • patty says:

        Yes, I felt unqualified to pick sexy Sarah scenes as well, so I asked my in house expert. 😀

    • joe says:

      Heh! I’m not! 😉

      I’m not too sure about the kisses. I mean, young passion is more than fine, and more than great to see in measured doses. But it can never be maintained, and one of the reasons is familiarity. – not with each other, but with the sensations!

      Okay, I’m at the stage where I need more than five minutes to recharge my batteries, and clearly, C&S are not. But at least they’ve given me a moment to catch my breath… ;D

      Anyway, your husband has a point, Patty. But I think that the 3-D scene is equalled by fantasy Sarah cartwheeling into the Buy More (hum… I have to look up which episode that was!) and dream Sarah seductively trying to get Chuck to flash in Phase 3.

      That’s my story and I’m definitely sticking to it!

      • thinkling says:

        I think that was Seduction, Joe, and I wondered if someone was going to mention it. Interesting all three of those are fantasies.

      • atcDave says:

        I still say bikini Sarah beats any of them…

  11. jason says:

    I finally voted for the first category (the model in the shower was my biggest moment, I did not even vote for the belly dance scene, which I thought was a LOL moment, not that hot at all), I have no interest in the second category, I FF thru all attempts at that.

    Also, I know many internet viewers (more other sites than here) are whining for more hot sexy scenes between chuck and sarah – I don’t agree. I view the show mostly as a comedy, the need for hot salami type kisses is not there for me, although that one set up comedy, as did the colonel scene in the hotel. Generally, I favor the cute things in this show (like the angel wings) rather than the hot ones …. I like hot in shows that support the hot scenes with that type of show, writing wise and actor wise, but chuck is justs too far fetched, too goofy, too illogical for me to take a CS love making scene serious. Same type of scene would not fit in hart to hart either would it, at least from what I remember?

    • Rick Holy says:

      I’m not asking for them to jump in the sack and go at it every episode – that’s not what the show is all about. But PLEASE, let the kissing be a LITTLE more “realistic” and less stiff/rigid. These days I almost hope that they DON’T kiss because the kisses are almost like the actors are saying to each other, “O.K., I guess we HAVE to do this!”

      I don’t want to beat a horse so badly that not only do I kill it but also render it into Elmer’s glue, but most all of Season 4’s Charah kisses were like a kid lip kissing grandma! Even the wedding kiss for cryin’ out loud! Just a LITTLE bit of the passion we saw in season’s past, please.

      • armysfc says:

        i think there may be some truth to what you said. towards the end of the season YS had some interviews that got posted. in one she said she was glad she got to wear more normal cloths at the end, the second she said how uncomfortable she felt filming the stripper scenes. she said she had to enforce a 10 foot rule after she got bumped in the face by a dancer. in the third ZL and JG practically talked over her the entire time. at one time ZL leaned right in front of her to get to JG. maybe there is a problem between the leads thats been kept quiet.

      • giant blonde she-male says:

        oh god, yes, i’m glad someone else is pointing this out. where’s all the barely-contained desire they felt for each other that was apparent in ALL of their kissing scenes, from the docks to roan to barstow… i actually feel like it’s been on a downward spiral from s3, when, after 3 years of waiting, we never got to see that explosive first time. but this season, it’s just been awful.
        the only one i can remember coming close to the level of passion in previous seasons was the one in gobbler, but even that felt a bit tame for the circumstances…

      • Big Kev says:

        I don’t think there’s any problems with Yvonne and Zac, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the toning down that we’ve seen is a very deliberate response to the crazier fringes of the fandom who ship Zac and Yvonne in real life, and spend their time posting derogatory things about Yvonne’s boyfriend.

      • giant blonde she-male says:

        while it’s unfortunate and a bit saddening that people carry characters into real life, the fact is that every fandom has its ‘crazies’, but it’s the actors (and directors, TPTB) job to make the story and characters believable.
        and yeah, i agree, i’m sick of people hating on loden, it’s a private matter and we have no business interfering.

      • Rick Holy says:

        I like both Zach and Yvonne – at least what I know of them and what I’ve “seen/heard” of them in interviews, articles, etc. Does anybody remember the TV Guide interview around Season 1/2 that had both of them on the list of TV’s “sexiest” stars? It was such a cute interview. They were playful, the chemistry was going, and you could sense the genuine affection (I’m talking platonic here) that they had for each other.

        Now truthfully, I don’t give a rat’s patooty who they date. I know Yvonne was/is dating a guy that appeared in one of S3’s episodes. If she’s happy, GOOD FOR HER. Zach was I think dating some country music singer (sorry, I forget her name). Don’t know if they’re still “an item” or not – don’t pay much attention to these things. If people are really into that stuff, whatever.

        But does anyone really think that the Chuck/Sarah kissing has been toned down because of some nasty things people are saying about Yvonne’s “real life” beau, or because people are “projecting” the Chuck/Sarah romance onto Zach and Yvonne and they’re trying to “deflect” that???

        PUH-LEASE!! That’s, to put it bluntly, crapola. These are two actors who paid to portray two characters who are supposedly passionately in love. I mean THEY JUST GOT MARRIED! If the “height” of the passion in their relationship isn’t peaking (or at least hitting one of the high points), then SOMETHING’S WRONG in how the characters are being portrayed. (Whether it’s something with the writers or the actors or whomever).

        If I see another “Grandma/little kid kiss” between these two, I’m just going to say, “PLEASE, NO MORE.” Just drop the kisses entirely instead of doing something that looks so awkward and out of place at this stage in their relationship.

        Again, don’t really even need “Bryce-Bomb” or “Roan-baited” type kisses. Remember when you first learned to kiss a girl (or a boy). “Keep you mouth loose!” was one of the bits of advice I remember. 😉 That’s all I’m looking for – a little bit of “loose lips,” not what looks more like “lock jaw!”

        O.K. Just so people don’t think I’m some kind of perv., I will end my comments about the whole kissing thing with this post. I just hope we get a little more “realism” in Season 5. ‘Nuff said!

  12. Ernie Davis says:

    The hits have slipped and the numbers have stabilized, so it is time to close the polls and tally the results. First up the men, and the result is clear, the ladies (and alternatively inclined men) love them some Chuck. He won out over Every Awesome pecsploitation moment, and, if you can believe it, Morgan in his tightie whities.

    1) Chuck awaiting a massage in FOD in a landslide
    2) Awesome gliding in Push Mix
    3) Awesome getting a sunscreen pre-coat in Agent X

    Very close behind, each trailing by only one less vote are Chuck’s inadvertant sexting in Anniversary,
    Chuck in a wetsuit in Push Mix and Other random shirtless Awesome scene that I missed

    For Sarah the fans have spoken, it’s bellydabcing bikinis and bathtubs, in that order.

    1) Sarah’s Bellydance in Seduction Impossible
    2) Sarah trying on bikinis in Coup d’Etat
    3) Sarah in the tub in Agent X

    Followed not so closely by Sarah’s quick change in Suitcase and Sarah’s massage in FOD in a tie for fourth.

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