Something New All Summer Long…

We still have almost four months until we start the final season of Chuck, but a big part of the appeal of fan fiction is that we can get new Chuck stories all summer.  I imagine at this point most readers at this site have long ago decided if fan fiction was for them or not; but I would encourage anyone still on the fence to take the plunge.  For myself, I wasn’t interested in anything non-canon at first.  I gradually started reading a few stories by people who I knew as regular contributers at the NBC forums, and found myself reading quite a bit during that long break break between S2 and S3.  It really did help keep the setting and characters fresh in my mind during the long break.

After the jump I’ll have my usual assortment of recommendations.

Anyone who’s read one of these posts before knows I’m a big fan of NinjaVanish’s work.  He recently finished his very long and exciting “Chuck and Sarah vs. Themselves”, and has now been concentrating on his second project “Chuck vs. the Frontier”.  This is a complete AU.  All the familiar characters are present, often in fun and different roles.  The closest parallel to this I know of would be “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.”  It has a fun archaic sci-fi/fantasy feel to it.  Chuck is a watchmaker working in the 1890s in the shop owned by his father.  We discover his dad is working on something very unusual when a beautiful Secret Service agent comes snooping around (gee, guess who…)  The story quickly launches into something wild and exciting.  This version of Chuck is intelligent and industrious, but has nothing like the Intersect 2.0; so while Chuck might be a little more vulnerable than we’ve seen for a while, this version of Sarah more than makes up the difference, and may be the most dangerous Sarah we’ve seen in any story (or at least she’s the only one to routinely carry a brace of six-shooters and a wakazashi!)

Like any NinjaVanish story we get a good blend of clever storytelling, humor, and explosive action.  How easily the basic Chuck tale is converted to something like steam punk is highly entertaining.  This story is already quite long, I would allow a couple days to finish the 27 chapters currently posted, and the author has indicated 6 or so more until he finishes.  He has already finished a couple of lengthy stories so I think the chance of this one being completed is very high.  I would rate this story PG-13, or maybe barely R.  The violence is occasionally intense; but I’d say there’s nothing objectionable for language or sex, unless you’re easily offended by Victorian vulgarities.

My next recommendation is “Chuck versus the Do Over” by Louzeyre.  Some of you may recognize the author as a sometimes commenter on this site.  The story starts with a simple, but somewhat heart-wrenching event of Chuck being sent 10 years back in time, just a few weeks before his and Sarah’s wedding.  So he finds himself back at Stanford, rooming with Bryce.  The story advances quickly to get up to where the series started in 2007, but many of the gaps of what Chuck has done differently this time around will be filled in as the story unfolds.  The basic idea here is; what would Chuck do differently and try to fix with a do over?  The really fascinating part of this story is how things don’t always work as expected.  So some events clearly work out for the better, while others certainly do not.  The situation with Sarah is painful at first, but trust me, it does get better (I mean, how exactly would you tell Sarah your last serious relationship was with alternate reality Sarah…).

The story is currently novel length (nearly 100K words, as are many of the stories I recommend) and approaching the end of the S1 time frame.  I believe the intent is to continue for quite some time yet, but as fun as this ride as been that is good news!  I would give this story a PG rating, for the usual Chuck reasons; but nothing very graphic.

My last multi-parter this time will be “A Common Spy Problem” by KateMcK.  This story picks up from an obvious crisis point in canon;  Chuck and Sarah get a little carried away while washing off the Kool-Aid (shower scene from “Fat Lady”).  This is a well thought out look at what a serious Chuck/Sarah relationship might have been like in the S2 time frame.  And as an added bonus we see Sarah really fighting for it; she’s trying to sell Beckman on leaving the team alone and avoiding a 49B.   Those who have ever read Kate’s work will know some of what to expect here; she does a wonderful job of taking her thesis idea, and meshing it into the actual episodes we saw.  Although there’s nothing subtle about this one, in some stories Kate gives the reader gradual breaks from canon that snowball as the story goes; this one is more of an avalanche, she makes a sharp break from canon at the very start.

This story is much shorter than the others and could be read in a couple hours.  It also is not done yet, but Kate does have a good record of finishing her tales and I expect this one to wrapped up over the summer.  It would be rated PG-13 for the actions of an affectionate couple.

I often try to include a one-shot when I post.  These are the shorter tales that can be read in a single sitting.  A few weeks ago, jaytoyz proposed his Shate challenge; that is, stories celebrating extreme dislike for the bane of S3.  Sometimes referred to as Shaw snuff fiction.  I know,  sounds kind of sick; but most of the responses to the challenge have been appropriately tongue in cheek.   One response to the challenge really caught my attention was “Shaw vs. The Reader” by yvonnefan.  It is essentially a fun joke with a good punchline.  It could be read in 5 minutes and would be rated G.  It is the least violent snuff story you will ever see.

As always, these stories can all be found by looking under the fan fiction header on the right column of this page.  The atcDave/favorites link will take you to my favorites list that contains all of these stories and many more.  I expect to do a few more of these posts in the next few months, and hope to hear from other readers during this break too!

 – Dave

About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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17 Responses to Something New All Summer Long…

  1. atcDave says:

    Also, bit of sad fan fiction news; PassionOverMind was killed in a traffic accident this past week. She had written three one-shots, and was an avid and enthusiastic reader of fan fiction. She regularly wrote reviews, and will especially be missed by the many writers she regularly communicated with. Her brother has posted he will keep her page and stories up at fan She was 19.

  2. Nervert says:

    Thanks again for the suggestions, Dave. I 2nd you on the “Chuck vs. The Frontier” recommendation. Anachronistic scifi/fantasy is a pretty good description. Anyone who goes OCD over anachronisms should look past them here as the story is too fun to get hung up on that stuff.

    I’ll also second you on Kate’s fic. She’s a good writer (yes I may be biased but still, she is) and the fill-in-the-cracks style of fan fiction is really fun, especially when, as you say, little changes from cannon start to spiral into bigger and bigger changes. Also, she’s got another story that she started a little while ago, “Inconvenient Truths” which I’ve been assured is going to be picked up again this summer which has the potential to be really fantastic. The beginning had me hooked and I’ve been a pest about her finishing it since.

    Gonna have to check out vs. The Do Over. Sounds interesting.

    Finally, this is a pretty sad time for Chuck fan fiction. We can’t lose any more writers this way.

    Oh, and, PS Dave, I posted it over the holiday so you and everyone else missed it but, if you’re still following it, Revenge has another update and I’m furiously working on the next.

    • atcDave says:

      I saw your update and was very excited to read it. Did I forget to review? It was a busy holiday, and a surprising number of stories came out this weekend. There’s still a couple of new stories that have started I want to get to and haven’t found time yet. I’m very glad to hear you have more coming!

      I think “Do Over” is one of those that didn’t initially interest me from the synopsis; I was afraid it would spend too much time with older stuff (pre-2007) and I wasn’t clear if it was a Charah story (yeah, that matters to me a lot).
      Both fears were ill founded, and I’m particularly pleased with the cleverness of what does and doesn’t work out for Chuck. That and some of the “fixes” have the effect of jumbling the time line quite a bit, like going after Rourke in the S1 time-frame.

      • Nervert says:

        Hey, no worries if you review or not. I just assumed everyone missed it because of the really low traffic. The next chapter’s going to be a big one some I’m trying to get the interest back after basically abandoning it for most of the last month.

  3. Nervert says:

    Whoops, meant to say archaic sci-fi/fantasy

  4. patty says:

    I second all of your recommendations. I avoided Chuck vs the Frontier for a long time thinking 19th century Chuck sounded like a stupid idea. The thing I like most about this one is it really has a sort of HG Wells vibe in the Intersect replacement for the story, instead of trying to just transplant the 21st century intersect somehow to the 1880’s.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah Patty, I remember really wondering at the start if the Intersect would play any part in this story at all. The teseract device NinjaVanish came up with has the perfect feel of Victorian sci-fi while feeling very Chuck-like at the same time. And then of course is The Ring’s very sophisticated automatic telephone switching device…

      • patty says:

        Yeah and all the whining about how heavy it is and couldn’t they make something smaller!! Of course that would be impossible! 😀

  5. Morten says:

    why don’t you mention the awsome fanfiction awards ?

  6. Rev says:

    Kate’s stuff is really great, can’t wait for her to return to writing once her schedule clears again. I still have to really check out NinjaVanish his frontier story, I read the first few chapters a while back, enjoyed it, but the victorian theme is not necessarily my thing, but I do know one thing, if there is one guy that can make it work, it’s him.
    An author I personally enjoy reading is Fogh(Chuck vs The Rome Assignment, Chuck vs The Bedside Vigil, and Chuck vs The Surprise Date are all stories I enjoy). Relatively new writer, like his style of writing. Big downside seems to be his slow updating, which is tedious, and he probably could use a beta sometimes, as it shows he’s not a native speaker.

    • atcDave says:

      I think I like Rome Assignment, today’s chapter was the best yet. But I usually prefer to wait until I’m more confident of where a story is going before I make a recommendation; and the updates have been coming really slow which always concerns me with such an ambitious story. I hate to recommend something that is unlikely to be finished. So while I HOPE to be listing that story soon, I’m not ready to just yet.

      • Rev says:

        Very understandable Dave, I know a small bit of what’s going on, which is why I know it’s not really disinterest or anything like that, but I can really understand why you’re cautious. Honestly I am too when it comes to the slower updating fics. Really hope personally that he manages to finish it, especially after the last chapter.

      • atcDave says:

        yeah I agree Rev. And I get that there’s a lot of really good reasons why stories stall out; the writers are all hobbyists after all, sometimes real life intrudes. But I also know as a reader few things are more disappointing than a story you get hooked on that never gets finished, we’ve seen a few of those!

        So I try not to direct people towards a story until I’m reasonably sure it will get done!

  7. Amron says:

    Oh, fanfiction!!! I love a lot of stories there, but I second “vs the Frontier” The way NinjaVanish had handled the Intersect is very interesting, and now that we finally have 2.0 on the map, well… it’s turning to be epic.
    On the other hand “vs the do over” started well but it was not exactly the kind of story I read, I mean I rather watch the old episodes instead of read again all of them, but I was surprised with the story at the end: I love the fact that this Sarah is different from the other Sarah, but still, Chuck loves her… It’s tricky, but amazing to read.
    Now, one of my favorite authors of all the fandom is Atlee, who is currently writing “From Burbank with love”. It’s a prequel from the show with hints of Ian Fleming. Chuck receives a diary from Ellie and it contains the beginnings of Orion’s work with the CIA, but above all, is a Roan Montgomery story. If you want an Agatha Christie tale, try ” Chuck vs the Island Getaway” It’s funny and well written.

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