The ChuckThisBlog Summer Watching Schedule!

All Chuck, All Summer

Aaahhh, summertime.  When the livin’ is easy.  Unless you’re a Chuck addict.  Like most of us here, and frankly, most of you reading this blog.  Then the wait for September (or gasp! October) can seem like an eternity, broken up only by Comicon videos, production leaks, cast tweets, the previous season’s deleted scenes and gag-reel, and at last the DVD. Whether your summer plans include a first date with that special someone, a second first date, a high school reunion or even a wedding or two we hope you’ll make time for us, because we at ChuckThisBlog are ready to try and fill your calendar and your Chuck needs if you’re ready to join us for some announcements, after the jump.

Announcing The ChuckThisBlog Back 14 of Season 4 Rewatch

Yes, once again we’re teaming up to re-watch and review and possibly re-review the back half of the season.  The schedule and authors are:

6/10 Chuck Versus The Balcony with Joe & Faith
6/17 Chuck Versus The Gobbler with Thinkling & Ernie
6/24 Chuck Versus The Push Mix with Faith & Dave
7/08 Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible with Ernie & Thinkling
7/15 Chuck Versus The Cat Squad with Joe & Ernie
7/22 Chuck Versus The Masquerade with Dave & Ernie
7/29 Chuck Versus The First Bank of Evil with Faith & Ernie
8/05 Chuck Versus The A Team with Dave & Thinkling
8/12 Chuck Versus The Muuurder with Ernie & Faith
8/19 Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff with Joe & Dave
8/26 Chuck Versus The Wedding Planner with Amy!!! & Joe
9/09 Chuck Versus Agent X with Thinkling & Dave
9/16 Chuck Versus The Last Details with Thinkling & Joe
9/23 Chuck Versus The Cliff Hanger with The Whole Gang!

But Wait!  There’s more!

The ChuckThisBlog 13 Top Ten Episodes Not Already Being Reviewed In The ChuckThisBlog Back 14 of Season 4 Rewatch.

Also known as TCTB13TTENABRITCTBB14oS4R for the sake of brevity.

Quick explanation.  There was interest in a whole series top 10 (by poll results) re-watch.  We looked at the top 10 and noticed a number were already getting re-watched as part of the CTBB14oS4R, so we dropped those from the top 10 rewatch and added the next few in the list.  With ties we ended up with 13 episodes, which we thought we’d watch Mondays to honor Chuck’s old night, with the run up to s5 rewatch on Fridays to honor Chuck’s new night.

With the TCTB13TTENABRITCTBB14oS4R we thought we’d be a little less structured.  These posts are more likely to be kind of like our first reactions posts, more a forum for the readers than anything else, but we are sort of pairing off for these with the idea of revisiting how the episode struck us on our first viewing and how we feel it holds up in the series.  The dates and the authors (so far):

6/13 Chuck Versus the Intersect The whole ChuckThis gang!
6/20 Chuck Versus the Truth with Joe
6/27 Chuck Versus the First Date with Ernie
7/11 Chuck Versus the Seduction
7/18 Chuck Versus the Cougars with Dave and Thinkling
7/25 Chuck Versus the DeLorean with Faith
8/01 Chuck Versus Santa Claus with Joe
8/08 Chuck Versus the Colonel with Faith (remember to buy ear plugs)
8/15 Chuck Versus the Ring
8/22 Chuck Versus the Other Guy with Ernie
8/29 Chuck Versus the Honeymooners
9/12 Chuck Versus the Subway/Chuck Versus the Ring Part II
9/19 Chuck Versus Phase Three with Dave

Hope to see you and your reactions, all summer long.

Ed. Note  Thanks to Thinkling for the picture that captures both summer, and Chuck, from first to last.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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15 Responses to The ChuckThisBlog Summer Watching Schedule!

  1. Faith says:

    Alladins needs to sell ear plugs with the brain bleach and the snark soother at this point :D.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Do we get a commission on this stuff? Or are you signing up for extreme squees just for the kickbacks?

      • joe says:

        Perhaps a concession stand is in order.
        Ernie, did you order that shipment of SQUEE Protectors last month??? 😉

      • Faith says:

        I was trying to secretly supplement my gruel income, but I see my plan has been foiled. Now all the commission will be going to the executives, wouldn’t you figure 😉 LOL.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Wait, Faith, you didn’t get startup options? Man the IPO alone I bought a new app for my iPad!

    • You don’t need ear plugs when you have been forced to keep yourself medicated on brain bleach (for S3) and snark soother solution (for S4). They dull all the senses – sense of hearing included. 😛 😉 🙂

  2. jason says:

    thanks for the project, should be fun. I watched crown vic, undercover lover, and marlin last week – I liked them more than I recall in the past – from my POV – what was done in season 4 makes some of what I did not like in season 1 more tolerable.

    One thing I forgot and was reminded of, is how good chuck was with jeff and lester in season 1 (as their boss & voice of reason more or less) – I hope chuck (and sarah) acting off of jeff and lester might be some of the season 1 feel that we were promised for season 5.

    Speaking of season 5, of the main characters on chuck, few seem to love the show and the fans like josh gomez. I feel sorry for him that his s5 ‘story’ has met with so much criticism – I honestly don’t like the morgan character that much, yet I don’t think he is going to ruin s5 for me near as much as he has in the past – I started liking him much more as season 4 wore on, maybe starting around phase 3.

  3. Rick Holy says:

    Believe it or NOT – my “summer watching schedule” has already begun – with Season THREE. We’ve got a transitional deacon spending the summer with us (home from Rome) – and he left off with the end of Season 2. Sooooo…….. being the “good guy” that I am – and believing in the theology of “redemptive suffering,” we watched the first two episodes last night. On re-watch (and maybe because it’s knowing what Season 4 ultimately brought 🙂 ), the episodes weren’t as irritating as they were back when they first aired!! Pray for me that I make it through the horror of “Shaw” and the next nine episodes until we get to “the good part” of Season 3 !!! Of course, Kristin Kreuk (Hannah) will help things a little – BIG fan of Kristin; bumming that apparently her pilot didn’t get picked up by NBC. I feel at some point in this batch of nine upcoming episodes I’m going to re-live the crashing of the Hindenberg and repeat those famous words of that radio reporter, “Oh, the humanity!!!!” 😉

  4. I really think that Chuck Vs the Intersect and Chuck Vs the Helicopter should be considered a two part single episode. Together they

    Hmmm. I am not sure how this will look I linked my twitter to WordPress so I could use my nifty picture.

    • Mary Foy says:

      Crud!! No nifty picture and I accidentally posted an incomplete post!!

      As I was saying the 2 episodes together serve as a good way to introduce folks to the basic setup of the show and the characters as they stand from the start,

      • patty says:

        Ugh. Now my whole name is up there! well actually it is Mary-Patricia but really!

        I am going back to my nice little green fabric swatch!

      • Faith says:

        Aww. But I like the nifty picture!

        I don’t think I ever thought of Helicopter and Pilot as one complete package. They’re very different in both tone and approach so to me it’s almost like watching a different show but it does continue the story of Chuck Bartowski and fleshes out the characters a bit more.

      • atcDave says:

        I love both episodes and often watch them back to back. Great two part intro to the series. But Chuck often does two or three part story arcs, and apart from Subway/Ring II that ran together we normally separate them out.

  5. Rick Holy says:

    Just got done watching Chuck vs. The Angel of Death with three friends. We were rolling with laughter. A great season 3 episode! Armand Assante and the entire Chuck cast were at the top of their game.

    • lappers84 says:

      “Oh No, it’s the Angel of Death” LMAO. Decent season 3 episode. Remember Rick once you get to the cringe moments of the LI fiasco just keep reminding yourself of where it all ends (it helped me in my rewatch) 🙂

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