Stacy Keibler Talks To CT


GRETA Cptn. Victoria Dunwoody vs. Hugo Panzer

Occasionally, the neatest stuff happens. And recently, it happened right here. We were given the opportunity to ask a few questions of one of our favorite GRETAs, Stacy Keibler, and it proved irresistible! So without further ado, the questions – and more importantly, her answers – below the fold!

Ms. Keibler,

CT: To start, we can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. It’s true that many of those associated with Chuck, including the guest stars, have been wonderfully generous with their time and have been willing to interact with the fans so we’re so glad to see you join in the tradition! The fans are truly grateful for that.

Many of us have seen you as an athlete on the WWE, a model, a dancer on “Dancing With The Stars” and an actress on “How I Met Your Mother,” “Psych,” “The George Lopez Show” and now, “Chuck.” You also wrote fitness columns for “Stuff magazine.” Which of these would you consider your passion and why?

SK: I have always put 150% into whatever I am doing, so I feel I was passionate about all of them. It’s hard to just pick on of those things as “my passion.” If you asked me which one was the hardest that would be easier to answer 🙂

Stacy Keibler and the Cast

CT: Regarding, “Chuck,” had you seen the show before taking the role of GRETA and were you a fan? How was it interacting with the cast and crew both professionally and casually?

SK: I had watched the show a few times and I really enjoyed it, that’s why I was so excited to be a part of it. The cast and the crew were awesome all around. Now that I look back, I remember there was quite a lot of singing going on in between takes with everyone, which makes for a fun vibe when you are shooting long nights.

CT: In The A-Team, your character finally got a name, Captain Victoria Dunwoody, a distinct personality and an Intersect. What differences did you see in Greta versus Vicky and what was your thought process in deciding how Vicky would “be/act” with the Intersect in her head?

SK: Greta was undercover…so she was putting on lets say a “happier face.” I knew that Vicky was a tough cookie, who took her job very seriously, killing anyone who may get in the way of her mission. She was almost robotic and unemotional. There wasn’t going to be a lot of smiling and happy dances going on with this character.

CT: In “Chuck,” the Intersect can give certain people skills they otherwise don’t have, both physical (like Kung-fu) and mental (great abilities to synthesize knowledge). If you could have any intersect powers, what would it be?

SK: If I could have an intersect power it would be to be invisible when I wanted to…because Knowledge is Power.

CT: Given the chance, would you be interested in returning to “Chuck” in the near future?

SK: I had such a great experience with all of cast and the crew, I would be honored to return to Chuck anytime.

CT: We’d like to thank you again for giving the fans us this time and opportunity to get to know you and your experience filming “Chuck.” Before we let you go, are there any upcoming projects you’re involved in that you would like to tell fans?

SK: I am one of the leads of the movie “Dysfunctional Friends” coming out later this year. And one of the leads in the Hallmark TV Movie “Fixing Pete” coming out 2012.

And speaking for myself, I’d like to thank Stacy’s representative, Natalie, and Faith for doing all the intermediary work!


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6 Responses to Stacy Keibler Talks To CT

  1. joe says:

    Ack! If only I had a chance to interact and follow up with her instead of posing questions by e-mail, I would have asked Ms. Keibler which of her many endeavors she found the easiest! Next time, I’ll know better. 😉

    Of course, I can’t resist noting that Chuck fans live by the dictum very similar to hers; Knowledge is powder.

    From Jeff’s mouth to your ears!

  2. Faith says:

    I love hearing how great it is on the Chuck set and that it’s populated by good people. With the uber long hours, it’s nice to spend time with people you don’t hate.

    I’ll second Joe in thanks to both Stacy Keibler and her representatives for giving us this opportunity to see behind the camera so to speak.

  3. jason says:

    interesting – in broad terms, stacy k’s career sounds much like yvonne’s is likely to be once chuck ends – I think Yvonne is much, much more talented, yet is shows how hard it is for an actress to keep working, likely yvonne shows up in network shows as a guest star – although I would think she has a loyal fan base – some smart show may pick her up as a regular to get a little shot in the arm – unless she makes it big in movies

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah Jason, if Yvonne doesn’t make it big in movies I could easily see her being offered her own show. Probably something that would capitalize on her nerd popularity; like on ScyFy or USA (too bad Covert Affairs didn’t get going a couple seasons later, I bet the producers would have paid big to get her for that).

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