Adam Talks About Jayne & Casey

Linky Goodness

Mel at has put up a Youtube video (originally seen at The TVAddict) with everyone’s favorite Red-Stater, Adam Baldwin talking to Polaris about his experiences, his hats and the fans.

Definitely worth the time!

– joe


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In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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4 Responses to Adam Talks About Jayne & Casey

  1. jason says:

    joe – AB repeated something that I seem to recall now having heard from nearly the entire cast, maybe fedak too, that having a end point is great – they all say that in a sincere manner making me wonder just how stressful 3 or 4 years of being on the bubble might be.

    I am sure we will come up with dozens of questions about the future, one thing listening to baldwin makes me ponder, how much of a future does this firefly, chuck, alias, 24, fringe, etc genre have remaining? I once read where its popularity sprung up from 9/11’s tragedy, the way world war 2 movies hit the theatre after the war – but for guys who are sort of typecast like baldwin, I don’t think that many jobs will be waiting for him. Further proof, this past season, many of this type of genre crashed and burned in their first season – undercovers, the cape, the event, no ordinary family, human target (2 yrs), etc – I am sure yvonne and zac can cross into whatever genre is popular (heck, Zac appears to be trying to invent his own genre – LOL), maybe AB can too – let’s hope so.

    • joe says:

      Oh, I’m sure it is stressful, Jason. Given the wrong mix of cast members it’s probably stressful even when the show is a success and cancellation isn’t a consideration.

      And really, it seems that most in television do seem to tire (physically and emotionally) of their roles before the audience. The problem of being typecast is, I’m guessing, only one of their frustrations.

      And right now, you’re absolutely correct. TV is changing. I’m not sure any particular genre is going to disappear so much as what we’ve come to know as network TV is metamorphosing into something we won’t recognize in 10 years. Blame the Internet!

      One of the things that has really heightened my enjoyment of Chuck, though, is the joy that exudes from everyone in the cast, including a great many of the guest stars. We saw it in Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase, Linda Hamilton… at least, I did in the interviews I saw. That kind of energy comes from the top.

      But it’s hard to sustain that energy indefinitely. It’ll be five years for the regulars. I hope they’ve been compensated sufficiently (and yes, I know that no one outside of Charlie Sheen is getting those $Million per episode contracts any more, and he’s not getting that any more either). I’m hoping they all can feel like they’ve done a good job, enjoyed themselves and are leaving on top of their game.

    • BDaddyDL says:

      There will always be a need for and Adam Baldwin type. John Wayne may no longer be the lead,but there is still a need for him in Hollywood. Someone has to deliver the hard truths, and thanks to TPTB he has had a great opportunity to show off his range.
      “All that matters is if you have the girl Bartowski.”

    • ladycat713 says:

      Quite frankly I blame Undercovers crashing on the constant presence of her ex. It would be like constantly having Bryce around.

      The Event timed its breaks incredibly poorly . They should have waited until they had hooked more people.

      And a lot of people have become hesitant to commit to a show in fear that it will get yanked mid plot point or another writer’s strike will happen and tank things.

      Of course sometimes things just don’t capture the Neilsen audience . One year I was crazy about 3 shows and all 3 got cancelled.

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