ComicCon – Semi-live – Updated

Oh To Be In San Diego, Now That Chuck Is Here!

Please note that I’ve updated this with yet another video from ComicCon.

Yvonne at SDCC

This was the day! The Chuck panel convened at ComicCon and thanks to the magic of modern technology, was instantly viewed world wide by legions. And me. I can tell you the net effect in just five words: I wish I was there!

Okay, so this is my quick (and sadly incomplete) transcription of the panel today. I’m new to the concept of “live-blogging”, so please realize that this is not going to be a perfect rendition, and when you see quotes here, it’s really my paraphrasing. For more, please try Hit-Fix’s professional reporting!

I’d like to thank Lindsey Shoemaker (@ShoeLin_1685) for her twit-casting, and everyone who did live ‘casts and tweets during the panel.

The panel started with this video where Morgan tries to convince Chris Fedak that he’s not ready to be the Intersect. Zac, of course, tries to convince him that he is, all to the music of Jeffster doing Eye of the Tiger. So if you were worried about S5 and the Morgensect, don’t be. It’s pretty clear that everyone involved understands your concerns and also thinks the effort is doomed.

In attendance: Mark Christopher Lawrence, Scott Krinski and Vik Sahay, Ryan McPartlin, Adam Baldwin, Josh Gomez, Zac Levi and Chris Fedak. Sarah Lancaster did send her apologies for being unable to attend.

One of the bigger news stories from SDCC will be that Yvonne’s hair is shorter now. Personally, I think it looks fantastic, but then again, I’m biased.

About Season 5 being the last season, Chris Fedak says they’re going out on their own terms, and is glad for that.

Zac Levi: Thanks the fans for that opportunity – to go out on their own terms.
Josh Gomez is asked about his reaction to being the Intersect in S5 – “Holy Crap!” is his answer.

A Question to Chris Fedak: Is Chuck okay with Morgan being the Intersect? CF: Yeah, but Chuck is about thinking the solution (to the problem at hand). “What happens when you take away Superman’s cape? Chuck will have to be smart, just like he’s always been.”

Q to Yvonne Strahovski: What do you hope for the character? YS: hopes to take “a bit of a break from the lime-light” – “Let Morgan have it.” Her favorite episode was Thailand.

Adam Baldwin: He has a new love interest? Casey has met his love-match. Zac (?) suggests Betty White be cast as Gertrude Verbanski, Casey’s new love.

Casting News: CF – Mark Hamill as the first villain of the new season.

Q for Ryan McPartlin: Is Awesome gravitating back to Chuck’s world? RM: Morgan’s hair has morphed to be like Captn. Awesome’s. With Casey’s romance, “is there even room for Awesome?” Oh, sure, he says. He has to take care of Clara.

CF jokes Ellie is NOT being killed off in episode #1.

Q: What’s happening with the Buy Morons? Vik: What? We’re not going to be addressed individually??? Scott Krinski: “Vik says he actually gets some scenes this season.”
SK: “Can you elaborate, Fedak?”
CF: This is the season where it all falls apart for Jeffster (Awwwws from the audience). They will go out with a bang. Someone may not survive the season (CF points to Vik! – a joke). Adam wants Vik (or Lester) to die.

Adam is not convinced the show will end this year. Ryan wants a “feature trilogy.”

Q: What chance to we have for Casey-Morgan spin-off? VS: “The ‘really odd’ couple?” AB: We’re a family show – don’t want to break that up.

Q To Zac – About ComicCon – enough of a sci-fi component (in Chuck) to make it a fit. “Obviously everyone here is a Firefly fan.” Zac’s emotional at this point, and offers free hugs, free high-fives all weekend.

Q: to Ryan and Chris – What about Ellie & Awesome? CF: It’s back to basics this season. Ellie will have a great deal to do with the family business.

Q: What is your favorite stunt? – ZL: “Falling into a pool with Adam.” YS: “The Catwalk scene.” AB: “When Zac fell off the roof and I caught him. They went without the pads.” (Heh). RM: “When he stabbed Routh in the heart with a needle to revive him.” SK: “When I passed out.”

Q for Yvonne: Do you find American accents sexy. Josh Gomez: “Creepy question line forms here!” Yvonne giggles.

Q for anyone: Why is Chuck’s brain so special if EVERYONE is getting the intersect? The audience cheers this question CF: [pantomimes a quick re-write of EVERYTHING.] It (the Intersect) affects everyone differently. “Morgan will cross his hips frost his tips by the 3rd episode.” At that, Yvonne wants to see Morgan’s flash-face.

Q: Will there be a Chuck afterlife? CF: “No matter what, the adventure will continue.” The way he’s always seen it, the end is prologue. There should be a spin-off.

Q: How much input do (you) have into the characters. VS: (Joking) “Very little.” ZL: “Quite a bit.” YS: “In the beginning, a lot.” CF: “The actors are very much building the characters. With the fast turnaround, a lot.” Adam takes credit for the appearance of Ronald Reagan in the show.

Q: Let’s have an episode where Chuck is actually asked to ComicCon. The cast says they would love it.

Q: “Casey or Jayne?” AB: “We are out of time.” Audience: “Jayne!” AB: “This is a Chuck panel; Casey would win.”

CF: thanks everyone for all the support.

ZL. “You’re epic. So epic. Awesome. All the time, money you’ve spent.” He’s tearing up.

I finished watching the twitter-cast and came away overwhelmed. These guys love what they’ve been doing and it shows through, if uniquely in each cast member. Scott Krinski, for instance, looks like an old pro who appreciates everything and is taking the ending in stride. Zac looks like he’s proud of what he’s done, isn’t quite ready to let it go completely yet, but is already looking forward to the next thing.

I have no doubt that the cast and especially Chris Fedak are sensitive to what the fans are thinking and how they react to the plot lines that have been introduced so far. It’s pretty clear that they sincerely believe we’ll enjoy what’s coming.

– joe

Update: Faith provides this link to Mo Ryan’s Chuck Panel Coverage and Post-Panel Cast Interview.

And Another Update!: Yvonne gives her opinion about Sarah’s reaction to Chuck without the Intersect and Morgan with!

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28 Responses to ComicCon – Semi-live – Updated

  1. Mr. C says:

    Does anyone have another link to the Comic-Con video – that works in “other” countries?
    I love this weekend!!! it builds so much excitement…. but this year we’re going to have to wait even longer until S5 makes its return.

  2. Henry says:

    It’s NBC, as usual…
    I’ve watched the video from @ShoeLin_1685 (many thanks to her!) but I am still loking for the preview…

  3. atcDave says:

    Truly an epic day. I saw a B-1B do a full afterburner climb to 15000 feet, sweet! Oh and there’s Chuck news too…

    So far, I’ll say this sounds mostly encouraging and exciting. Kind of a shot in the arm after some of the worries we heard last week. Now I’m sure I’ll be forced to eat my words as more “analytical” breakdowns of the event show up.

  4. Kaylee says:

    What abOut charah?!?!? I’m still really not looking forward to more Morgan as well…. 😦 ah well…. At least Casey gets happiness 🙂 maybe

    • atcDave says:

      Hi Kaylee, welcome! I think they get the point about Charah. At least they get that we aren’t excited about Morgansect. It seems to me, they talked a lot about the bromance last season too, and it turned into the best Charah season yet; so I’m not going to worry about it.

      I think the thing is, Zach and Joshua actually hang out in the off season; so we get things like the video they just showed. While Yvonne is usually out of the country and doing other stuff, so she isn’t in on the off season plotting and jokes.
      But I think the bottom line is, they know Charah is what fans really want to see.

  5. Dale says:

    That video morgan versus the intersect was hillarious. I think when Fedak was on the phone he should have mentioned a few other things as well…he mentioned that he cannot do what Zac does, stuff life dancing or kung fu. How about he is not 6ft 3, he is not one of the 25 most sexiest men alive, he is not dark and handsome, he is not a freaking adonis whose smile makes ladies faint across the world, lol. Also he does not have the charisma and charm of the one and only Zac, apart from that he will be awesome ! lol.

  6. Dale says:

    Just stating the obvious, lol. I mean come on, the challenge facing Josh Gomez is so huge, so, so, so, so huge! I mean I was just stating probably all the reasons men and women love Zac!

    • joe says:

      You have a point there, Dale. But he’s not going to replace Zac any more than Morgan is going to replace Chuck. I’m sure they all know that. Morgan’s not becoming Chuck so much as becoming – well – Morgan.

      I know some fans are concerned with him getting screen time at the expense of our favorite couple, but I suspect his game is different. He’ll be a counterpoint, like always.

      I mean, even in S1 and especially in S2 Chuck spent a lot of time and effort keeping Morgan out of trouble (like in Best Friends, which is still one of my favorite episodes). I’m sure that’s gonna happen again.

      And hey, maybe Morgan will get a chance to help out Chuck again, like he did in Honeymooners.

  7. Faith says:

    ♥! I’m sad now.

  8. Dale says:

    The rest will be up soon

    Zach wants to make me cry with the way he loves the show. When he started to lose it so did I.

  9. Dale says:

    Don’t say I did not warn you about the crying.

    • bajanfan says:

      thanks alot for posting this, Zac was so emotional and I’m sure all of us chuck fans like him are all very sad to see CHUCK come to an end………………….. I was in tears as Zac was speaking, you could see how much he loved the show and fans and then when they were all shaking to the fans and leaving the comic con platform for the last time 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 ……………….. Chuck is the only show that I will be in tears when it comes to an end………….. reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy going to miss it 😦

      • atcDave says:

        You’re in good company here! I know many of us will be very sad.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Dave wrote a whole post on how he’d be sad. I’m still in denial, even though I wrote a whole post about how season 5 should be the last. From a story and journey perspective they’re close to the end. It doesn’t mean I want to lose the whole community we’ve built and Zac teared up about.

  10. bajanfan says:

    yea, all good things must come to an end, but I’m still glad for the chance to watch such a great show, see the characters grow and develop and just be part of the best fandom
    CHUCK is the BEST show ever

  11. louzeyre says:

    I have to say that the comic-con panel more or less confirmed my main fear about this upcoming season. I started watching Chuck for Chuck and his hero journey. Not just the journey from boy to man he made during the first two season, but also from man to spy.
    Unlike most people within the fandom, I wasn’t exactly upset that Morgan had gotten the intersect as much as what would happen to Chuck and his hero arc now that he no longer had it.
    I had some hope that if Chuck didn’t get the intersect back, they would at least use this as a platform for Chuck to begin to develop field abilities on his own. While he would take years, if ever, to get up to the level of Sarah or Casey, as other shows have shown, being smart and knowing as much as Chuck would have learned if he had been a normal agent and had the normal training of a beginning agent would have still made him an able to work in the field and could have led to him once again becoming the spy he’s already shown he could be, or even a better one.
    However, more realistically, I was worried that Chuck would go one or two ways, both of which would place Chuck back to being on the sideline.
    One option was that his hero’s journal would essentially be fast forwarded into making him the new Beckman, sitting behind a desk and giving orders with his days as a field agents behind him. Which felt sort of sad. Like he had been put out to pasture far too soon.
    The other was, perhaps, even worse. That they would press the reset button on Chuck hero arc and send him back to the position on the team he had before getting the 2.0. The he would once again be the man who could do puzzles but left the “running, shooting, jumping” part to his partners; the guy that was smart but still had to hide when things started to get interesting on missions or ended up become the dude in distress. As much as I might have liked watching Chuck puzzle things out in second season, I found it interesting because it seemed like a stepping stone to Chuck becoming something more, not because I found it especially interesting to watch Chuck push tiles around or hide under counters.
    Unfortunately, the comments about Chuck going “back to basics” along with Fedaks comments to EW that he thought Chuck was most “badass” when he came up with Chuck solutions all seem suggest that next year this is exactly what’s happening. Chuck is back to being only smart. Which would be fine if Chuck was analyst, but he’s already shown he could be more. Making him go from Sydney Bristow back down to an analyst or even a Marshall, no matter how cool Marshall may be, seems, to me at least, disappointing.
    I know some might say that this isn’t a resent button because the Chuck and Sarah relationship has progress, so Chuck feel more sure of himself. While it is true that Chuck may have confidence now, confidence does not add skills. If anything being more confident is more dangerous, since he now no longer has the instinct to run away scream like he did during the first two seasons.
    This doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch. I’m going to be sitting eagerly in front of my TV ready to watch the first episode in October. Absent the Sarah we saw in Cliffhanger turning out to be a frog eating clone or a having to fake her own death and hide out in Nepal for the majority of the season, I will be watching up until the last. But I don’t know if I’ll love it the way I have so far.
    I may be wrong, and, if Chuck and Morgan do “Batman and Robin it up” the way Zach and Josh joked about in one of their interviews I’ll be relatively happy. Unfortunately I suspect that at best Chuck is going to be less Batman to Morgan’s Robin than Old Bruce to Morgan Terry or Charlie to Casey, Sarah and Morgan’s Angels at best and more likely will the guy that has to hide on mission, becomes the damsel in distress or can only save the day with another heartwarming speech to the villain.

  12. jason says:

    not a huge revelation or anything, but mark Christopher Lawrence sure comes off as a top notch person. they talked about spin offs, how about him cast as Lou Grant, with Yvonne remaking the Mary TYler Moore show, maybe alex can be rhoda, or carina, depending on what you want to accomplish?

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