Morgansect Malfeasance

“Guys, I know kung fu.”

Familiar words with not quite familiar reactions, at least from this poster. I should disclaim that this will probably mostly be a rant piece. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to Chuck season 5 (I am), or that I dislike Joshua Gomez (I like him, read this piece for proof), it’s that I’m apprehensive about what those 5 words will bring for Chuck in its last season and I shall attempt to convey those concerns within this piece. With me will be guest poster, @BDaddyDL to clarify and add his POVs on what fans have come to call Morgansect. There may be spoilers within so read on with caution.

The Intersect is symbolic | Remember the pilot? We meet this cute guy, sort of shy, definitely down on his luck and hopelessly, repeatedly striking out. We come to learn that he’s Charles “Chuck” Bartowski, the most charming guy on the planet. A guy whose life has dealt him unfavorably: kicked out from Stanford, living with his sister, basically underachieving but we knew who he was outside of all of that. We come to learn that he’s charming, heroic, with a vast height difference that intrigues and he’s funny. He’s got leadership qualities, and he sees more than meets the eye in our favorite spy Valkyrie, Sarah Walker. We fall in love instantly because, well, mostly because she does. He’s not just charming, he’s genuine, sentimental, caring and different. So lands the “thing” that changed his life: Bryce’s email containing the Intersect. Of course you can argue that Sarah changed his life but it all really begins with that email; Chuck references it himself in Masquerade. The Intersect was the manna from heaven for the Chuck Bartowski of the pilot. To be blunt, he deserved that break and he got it. It’s more than just an opportunity for a down on his luck “loser,” it’s the sun shining on his gloomy existence. An out from the bowels of mediocrity, an awakening from his reverie. Although for the foreseeable future he would come to see this as a burden, what it really was was the pathway to his destiny. To be that hero that he was always was (albeit in a smaller scale), “You’re good at your job, too, you know the one where you risk your life to save others, the one you didn’t ask for but were supposed to have.”

So now Morgan has the Intersect. Is that fair? All we’ve really seen from Morgan is that he’s a great friend, occasionally unknowledgeable about boundaries, and that his life revolves around Chuck bailing him out. So this “gift” called the Intersect, has he really earned it? There are talks of him being different from Chuck in that he’s psyched about it, dreaming of using it to hurt people without conscience and without remorse (this is of course meant to be humorous) because it’s this wicked cool toy that’s fallen into his very lucky hands. To be frank, Morgan doesn’t deserve it. Although it gives him a role, a very important role in the comedic aspect of the show, it really in essence devalues what the Intersect is and was and in turn makes a mockery of that which symbolically led Chuck to his path of heroism.

In the Chuck panel at Comic-Con a fan asked point blank, what we all wanted to know: “Is this season going to explain why Chuck’s brain is so special because it seems like everyone gets the Intersect pretty easily?” The answer being that they’ll differentiate Morgan’s reaction to the Intersect, just like they have differentiated everyone else’s reaction to the Intersect from PapaB to Vicky, etc. In theory, I’m not as opposed to the idea of an evolving Intersect, after all the whole point of Fulcrum, Ring, etc. was to evolve the Intersect to the point of being able to create an army of Intersects but emotionally it’s another matter. None of these guys were really able to fit well with the Intersect and whatever manner at which they acquired it came with it hardship, reverence and even emotional and physical tolls. Granted we don’t know any of that as it relates to Morgan as of yet, so we just have to wait and see. But right now for Morgan, it seems like a lark. Actually that’s not accurate, to be precise [spoilers ahead -highlight to see text], it won’t be easy for Morgan either what with “frosting his tips.” by mid-season.[spoiler end] And so Superman (Chuck) is without his cape (metaphoric cape). While I’m intrigued, I’m left wondering why not just leave the intersect out of the equation altogether?

What does this mean for Casey and Sarah? | In an hour long show, with only so much material to be spread out it’s only rational to be concerned about how that time gets spread. Granted contracts being what they are, they won’t completely phase out characters, but the emphasis on our favorite pairings might not be as present, much less our favorite characters. Team B used to be Chuck, Sarah and Casey and even then Casey was often slighted but still he was an important member of the mod-squad. [Spoiler ahead – again highlight to read]Even joking, quotes like these, “She foresees marital complications between Sarah and Chuck with, of course, Morgan in the middle,” are concerning[spoilers end]. I enjoy the dynamics when they are Chuck – Sarah, Morgan – Casey. I think the pairings work best when grouped as such. I’m concerned that Team Bartowski’s fat kid will be Sarah and Casey. With Morgan having the Intersect and Chuck being his handler, time needs to be allotted for the bromance and Morgan will inevitably save the day. A role that once came with it implied importance, understated emotion and surprising reveals.

It seems as if more and more in these interviews, Casey and Chuck&Sarah (as a couple) have become secondary. But perhaps most objectionable of all, Sarah has become secondary. These characters are intriguing, identifiable. They call on our sympathy, our hearts, our intellect. Casey’s growth from cold hearted G-Man to squeeing usher/Best Man was memorable and entertaining. Similarly Sarah Walker has transitioned from emotionally defensive “Agent Walker” with walls that rival the great wall of China, to “real girl,” complete with a husband and a future. These two story lines are something we wanted to see and definitely wanted to continue. To be frank, we’ve become attached to them and the very idea of shelving them for Morgan, is worrisome. Do we know this will be the case? We don’t. It’s important to remember that nothing has been filmed and no script has been leaked, but logic and reason at this point falls behind emotion. And emotionally we react unfavorably. Isn’t that why we watch? Isn’t that why we enjoy the show because we’re emotionally attached to these (Casey and Sarah specifically) characters and therefore want to see them evolve? Or even just be present? There were spells even in season 4 (a genius season!) where the relationships between those that we care so deeply about took a back seat to the bromance, for sophomoric humor. (Note: I’m not saying I don’t want Chuck to be funny, I do, but balance is essential, for a time during the latter portion of season 4 they’ve found that balance only to upend it again with this new venture). For a show that is at its core about relationships, this is concerning.


Five Hundred Forty Six Minutes, that’s all we have, just thirteen episodes of Chuck left. Yep, I did the math, five hundred forty six minutes. For our favorite show all we have left are those few minutes. I’ll admit it I can be selfish. I watch Chuck for Adam Baldwin, Zachary Levi, and Yvonne Strahovski. While I think Josh Gomez does a fantastic job, there are only so minutes available (546). So, when I hear at the panel yesterday, that Morgan Grimes is in a lot of scenes, well it disappoints me. To make matters worse Sarah Bartowski does not have a lot of interests. The wildcard enforcer seems to be a wife and a spy. Does she read? What’s her music taste? What movies does she like? All of these are good questions, and when Morgan seems to be all over the place, I doubt we will find out. Last year Casey spent most of his screen time being a mentor. He advised Morgan on how to enter the spy world. He advised Chuck on how to be a man, and advised Sarah on how to be….a real girl. With the Morgansect, Chuck will be his mentor. Sure Sarah will be there, but as his wife. So far, it appears that Sarah will become the costar that she listed herself as, for the Emmy’s.

H₂O, the chemical composition for water. Two molecules of hydrogen, and one of oxygen. Its simple. Add another molecule, and it’s something different. Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) has a lot of uses, but I have no interest in mixing it with Kool Aid. I think Morgan makes Chuck funny without having to make the big 3 look like idiots. Let’s face it, the Shipper Army is a large part of the fandom. We ship Sarah and Chuck, and while I don’t think every episode should be 42 minutes of them looking into each others eyes, (Joe shhh) I think that the reason why most of the fans are so devoted is to see Team B succeed, and then have Chuck and Sarah stare at each other for a while.

For a lot of us the intersect was almost sacred, only the Bartowskis could have it. Now it appears every Tom, Dick, and Morgan can have it. “You’re Special Son,” what happened with that? Now every time I see Morgan flash it will almost be like a Bronx Cheer to the fans. Hey the fans, ya know the ones who bought the sandwiches, and even hung around after the season of Sh@$. I just hope TPTB get the hint. Please, if you are reading this, take the hint.



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92 Responses to Morgansect Malfeasance

  1. ArmySFC says:

    Faith, Bdad… very nice piece you two! i think between the two of you you covered most of the concerns the fans have about morgansect. we’ve already heard them say the will explore the bromance between chuck and morgan. with so little time left how much more do we have to see? we know how long they have been friends, seen them upset over the breaking up of toys, who gets what and all that. bdad this is for you, i posted yesterday about how this is a dream come true for TPTB of any show. you asked TPTB of chuck to get the hint. as my post says, they no longer have to. like you pointed out, its over, fini. no mater what happens (barring a miracle) they can write the show they want. so bring on morgan they have nothing to lose.

    faith you pointed out very well why people are upset over it, morgan doesn’t deserve it. the intersect was originally a good idea, put it into a competent spy and bingo. it took chuck how long to truly accept and master it? now morgan has it? seems like a shame to me that something so important to the team for 4 years is reduced to being the source of humor for the show. how often did we hear we can … your the intersect, your more important than us?

    bdad can tell you i have hated morgan from the beginning, even in the FF i write morgan is never in it or so small ya never know hes there. i may not be the typical fan, but i bet most fans think of morgan as the 4th or lower person on the show.

  2. atcDave says:

    Thanks you two, I think you summed up the situation perfectly. I really do enjoy Morgan as comic relief, he has been a part of some of the funniest scenes on the series, and in all of television.

    But comic relief is exactly that. It’s a break from the main story. If this were Monty Python or Austen Powers we would expect the show to be comedy first and foremost. But Chuck has been so much more than just a comedy. Much as I love laughing at a good comedy, I don’t fall in love with the story, setting, and characters in a comedy. I need the meat and consequence of something more substantial with believable personalities and stories that matter. That is part of why I root for teamB, Chuck and Sarah particular. I may like laughing with Morgan’s antics, but I feel no emotional investment in his welfare. So I really HOPE this will not be the Morgan show this season.

    I am concerned by Joshua’s jokes about being so busy and in every scene this season. I really hope he was just joking. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions yet, I may love everything about S5. But making Morgan too much the center of attention will damage the show for me. I hope that isn’t how the show ends.

    • thinkling says:

      @Dave: Exactly!! You put your finger right on the issue. No one is emotionally invested in Morgan. People on our blog like him (or not) in varying degrees, but I haven’t picked up from anyone, or any fandom rumblings, that anyone is emotionally invested in Morgan. It’s emotional investment in the characters, not riveted enthusiasm over spy plots or mythology, that has kept the show alive this long.

      So, when a VERY emotionally invested fan base — people who bought sandwiches and twittered and clicked and emailed and petitioned for the show’s continuance — when they hear that a character in whom they have no emotional investment is (perhaps) slated for disproportionate screen time compared to the characters in whom they are so passionately emotionally invested, in the final season, they react this way … understandably.

      I too refuse to jump to conclusions, as I said, but I certainly understand the concerns. I’m pretty sure TPTB don’t want a pitchfork fandom revolt in their final season, so I’m cautiously optimistic that our fears will have been for naught.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Or it means Morgan is a dead man, because he’s the one member of the team they could kill off. 😉

        The logic of which leads me to speculate on which characters are disposable, which leads to my dream scene. Jeff and Lester go out like Thelma & Louise.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Ernie that would be great! In 5.01 (kidding!)

    • Faith says:

      That’s a good point, about comic-relief, emphasis on “relief.”

      I think we need to resign ourselves to a heavy Morgan episode for the first two, most definitely first episode. For two reasons: one it’s already been written, planned (hence Joshua Gomez commenting on his shooting schedule) and in fact they’re filming it as we speak so can’t be helped. Two: first being doesn’t mean it won’t improve with time and hopefully before it’s all said and done those 546 minutes will not be as feared.

  3. BDaddyDL says:

    I’m glad you liked it. This is by far my favorite show, and just like anything you care about, ya just wany it to come out ok. I really want to enjoy season 5.

    • jason says:

      thanks for writing that, I enjoyed it and agreed with most all, amazing how someone can write something that both sides of an issue support, you two ever consider joining USA’s congress, or even the NFL?

      possibly the most encouraging thing about comic con was the way fedak fumbled the chuck / intersect / specialness ? from the audience, he couldn’t answer it, because I am guessing a big portion of the season’s twist will be just how special chuck is – exactly how they pull that off – I don’t know – but fedak seemed pretty fired up about the story

      • Faith says:

        I had an interesting conversation with a fellow Chuckaholic whose friend (not a Chuck fan) went to the Chuck panel. He noticed that the question unnerved Fedak and he was unprepared. He pointed out that the audience weren’t panderers and that was interesting to say the least. As I said before, I’m encouraged that they’re at least acknowledging fan apprehension, though concerned that they don’t fully understand it, hence the write up.

  4. thinkling says:

    Good post, you two. And may I say very reasonably elaborated. No flames, just facts.

    I agree with both of you. I suppose the Intersect could have evolved to the point that most brains could tolerate it. Mastering it, however, will probably be a different story. So, the Morgansect could still serve to highlight Chuck’s specialness. But do I want or need the Morgansect to do that? No. There are so many ways to show how special Chuck is. Morgansect is so not the way I would choose for the show to go.

    Like you say, we have 546 minutes left, and there are so many things I would rather see than Chuck training Morgan in the use of the Intersect. Mostly I’m no fan of the bromance. Fans feel, and rightly I think, that since we are in the final count down (546 minutes), TPTB should highlight the best parts of “Chuck,” not the weakest. Let’s face it, there’s probably not a very large segment of the fan base that tunes in for Morgan scenes.

    I can see that Morgansect could go in either direction. It could be funny and not take away from the other dynamics, although to be honest, I can’t imagine any more Morgan screen time than we already have. Or it could suck a lot of energy from other, more popular characters and aspects of the show. To me Morgan as a mandatory mission accessory, uh asset, just isn’t appealing. (I refuse to get all woe-is-us-we’re-doomed about it, though.) It’s certainly not baseless to imagine that Morgan might now be a tag-along on every mission, which could preclude really great CS missions as in FBoE. It’s even logical that there is a possibility of getting the bromance (the least appealing dynamic of the show) instead of the awesome CS spy couple we never tire of watching. I always enjoy the original trio on missions, too. Will we still get that? Sometimes I really like Morgan. However, I don’t usually miss him when he is absent from most of the episode. I do miss Ellie and Casey when they’re not around. Obviously I miss Chuck if he’s not around, and I really miss Sarah if she’s not around.

    Having said that let me say that I do like Morgan in the proper dosage. He has been well used, for the most part, this season. I have genuinely loved some of his scenes, especially with Sarah. With Chuck, it’s mixed for me. Push Mix was good Morgan/Chuck. Some other episodes, not so much. In the Morgan/Sarah scenes, she brings out his heart (and fear), and he brings out her comedy … and also her heart in touching (Phase 3) or comical (Masquerade) ways … fantastic. In the Morgan/Casey scenes, Morgan brings out Casey’s humanity, and Casey matures Morgan. Morgan scenes with Chuck mostly fall flat to me. Morgan usually regresses Chuck to his less mature self, which leaves both characters less appealing than at any other time in the show.

    I agree that in the latter half of S4, they found a good Morgan balance. If his character continues being used more or less like that, with only the addition of the Intersect, I’ll be fine with it. But I think his character has been expanded, in terms of screen time and Chuck time, as much as is possible without losing the balance of the show and the dynamics that I like the most, like CS screen time and the original trio … and Ellie. I would hate for Morgan to be forced into every scene. I would hate losing the elements that I love the most for the expansion of Morgan or (especially) the expansion of the bromance. I don’t hate Morgan. I even like him. I just think the tolerance threshold is trickier for him than for other characters.

    That’s my say … and most likely the last of the energy I’ll give it. I plan to look forward to all the good things we’re hearing about S5 and cross the Morgan bridge when we come to it. No need to pay the toll twice.

    • herder says:

      I almost get the impression that they are not quite sure how to write the Morgan character, my personal favorite for this past year was the “kill the puppy” line which in truth is a line that I could see Chuck saying in season one. The scenes with Sarah that you mentioned are great because they allow Sarah’s character to be fleshed (get your minds out of the gutter) out, her playing with the action figures while trying to connect with Morgan was wonderful. His taking pictures of Chuck to sext to Sarah and his weird Valentines thing with Alex were sort of Jeffster type scenes

    • herder says:

      Sorry about that, keyboard kicked out in mid-sentence.

      At other times he’s just annoying like at the pub in First Fight.

      It’s a tricky balance to keep a subordinate character subordinate except in situations where he or she is some sort of a break-out character which isn’t the case here. They ran into the same problem with Jeffster which has it’s moments but is best enjoyed in small doses. If he is used to bring out strengths, weaknesses or growth of the big three then I’m fine with more Morgan, if it is more Morgan for the sake of more Morgan then I’m not. It’s all in the execution and as that was the big problem with season three I can understand the anxiety of many posters, personally I’m going to take a wait and see attitude.

      • thinkling says:

        Sounds like our perspectives are pretty close, Herder. Good Morgan balance is sort of tricky, I think you’re right that they struggle to find it.

    • Faith says:

      Thinkling great point about Ellie. Although the concern is obviously for Sarah and Casey specifically, this is the kind of thing that reverberates and that means Ellie and Devon. I love Ellie, I certainly would be unhappy if she gets even less time than she’s already bound to get being a new mother.

      Herder, great point about them probably not knowing how to write Morgan. Remember that they had a change in approach sometime in between season 2 and 3. They talked about it; they talked about how they talked to Joshua Gomez and from that point on wanted to delve more into the Morgan character and inject him more into the show because he’s such a dynamic actor. I agree to a point, as I said before he’s a fantastic actor and quite humorous, his maturity and his increased role was welcome. To a point. The point is that since that conversation things have changed and they’re still trying to find the balance from that point.

  5. gringochuckfan says:

    I like to look at the Intersect – kinda like Lord of the Rings… and the “Ring Bearer”…
    Other people could possess the ring – but with vastly different results.
    [ Like people on meds in the hospital – and that’s all I’ll say about that]
    Morgan will have his moments – and I’m sure they will be hilarious.
    I’m even guessing we’ll have one flash back scene – when Morgan was visiting the Bartowski home – and accidently downloaded an early version of the Intersect – in a similar fashion to Chuck – but with almost no DATA… like he thought it was a video game that didn’t work.

  6. alladinsgenie4u says:


    First of all thanks to Faith and BDad for addressing this pressing issue in a lucid and consice manner.
    Let me clarify one point – I don’t hate Morgan. Far from it. During S1, S2 and S3, I viewed him as a secondary character who provided a balance with comedic relief and I sometimes liked/ sometimes tolerated him. Why do I find thought about the prospect of more Morgan very irritating and unlikeable now? What changed? Did my attitude change suddenly or was it a gradual process? Let’s see.

    Crumbs of EMS (Excessive Morgan Syndrome – term coined by Frea O’Scanlin) were laid down way back in S3 itself and these crumbs started manifesting themselves as sores during S4. Also the process of making Morgan look more competent than Chuck started in S3 itself ( example: in 3×13 – Chuck, who is a nerd himself, fails to see Shaw’s fight as a staged and phony one and keeps drooling over the footage whereas Morgan finds the truth in a jiffy). There is also a deleted scene from 3×16 where we see Morgan spewing wisdom to Sarah about how much Chuck loves her yada yada, which then leads her to go to the psychiatrist’s house – Sarah at this point had given up on Chuck and was drinking away her troubles. I was very thankful this scene was not included in the episode because it was nice to infer that Sarah herself had that epiphany and went to the doctor on her own.

    One of my major beefs about the use of Morgan in S4 was the total dependence of Chuck on Morgan for relationship advice. This scenario was funny in the initial episodes but unfortunately this continued as a running gag as late as 4×20, which to me, made Chuck look bad – because his growth was stunted. Here we were, in to the final stretches of the season and out titular character has still not grown the necessary balls to confront relationship issues. That’s pathetic. And this was done because Morgan had to have more screen time and this is how they went about it. ( Zac himself said this in an interview that this season we have Morgan more involved with Chuck going to him)

    Other examples where I found EMS :

    4×05 – In Casey’s back story episode, Morgan steals the limelight in the end. This should have been Casey’s hour. Dammit!!

    4×09 – I liked Morgan’s initial scene with Sarah in Burbank but later on when they find Chuck, and Sarah is already openly crying, Morgan HAS to step in and counsel her about being a girlfriend and not a spy. I ask – what was a blubbering, emotionally over charged Sarah at that point if not a girlfriend? Was she acting like a robotic spy that Morgan had to intrude and dole out wisdom? No way. Dammit!!

    4×11 – My threshold for excessive Morgan tolerance was running low at this point – in retrospect I find Chuck’s inability to form a proposal plan very sad (his excuse that he was not good at multitasking again belittled his smartness and skills – and suddenly Morgan was the authoritative one directing Chuck ) Dammit.!!

    4×13 – The utter stupidity of taking Morgan on a dangerous mission abroad the ship. And then insulting Chuck’s effort of avoiding the lasers in 3×02 using the Intersect by now having Morgan circumvent lasers using suddenly acquired, out of the blue, super yoga skills. Dammit!!

    4×14 – Again, stupid relationship advice. Dammit!!

    4×16 – The utter ridiculousness and immature stuff about Chuck and Morgan. All of it. Dammit!!

    4×23 – Sending in Morgan to the meeting and conveniently forgetting that Vivian already knows Morgan – while Chuck and Sarah twiddle thumbs in the van. Dammit!!

    4×24 – Morgan as the minister – it was played for laughs but it was an emotionally beautiful moment and it should have carried weight with a proper minister at the service and not turned into a Star Wars joke. Ellie’s wedding was more heartfelt and emotional than C/S wedding. And then came the cliffhanger. Dammit!!

    All of these are my personal impressions and others may disagree with them – but I just wanted to chronicle the list of the events that have left me feeling irritated every time Morgan poaches on others screen time, makes Chuck look immature and incompetent and generally comes across as Yoda.

    I fully agree with Faith’s views on Morgansect and the inherent fear that there will be a further reduction in screen time for Sarah and Casey. And I also second Thinkling’s views – the bromance is the least interesting part of the show and the thought/prospect of it being a major theme in S5 gives me twitches.

    Apologies for the length. 🙂

    • thinkling says:

      Aladin’s Apothacary R&D working on Twitch Tonic. 😉 My goodness, our product list is growing so much I can hardly keep up with it.

      • Twitch Tonic? I like it. Has a nice ring to it. 🙂

        our product list is growing so much I can hardly keep up with it.

        Reminds me of early days and humble beginnings when we used to peddle some brain bleach. Look, how far we have come. I am so proud of the Apothecary. *misty eyes* 😉 🙂

      • thinkling says:

        😛 I guess we can have an end-of-the-year going-out-of-business sale … if Morgansect hasn’t depleted our supplies.

  7. JC says:

    Probably the my biggest worry going into S5 is how Morgan having the Intersect will affect the characterization of Chuck and how other characters treat him. During large parts of S4 the traits and qualities that made Chuck a great character were given to Morgan. Then you had the moments where Sarah and Casey seemed to treat Morgan like more of a spy than Chuck. Will we get another large dose of no confidence Chuck and overbearing your not a spy Sarah? Also you have the issue of what makes Chuck special when it comes to the Intersect, for every other person they give it to it takes away from the hero of the story. I’m OK with the idea the tech advancing but I’d like them to show his specialness on screen again. Fedak’s answer at the panel this year didn’t give me much hope.

    My other major concern is how much time can they devote to the other stories. I’m guessing the conspiracy( shudder) will be touched upon again. Throw in returning guest stars, recurring characters and it makes me wonder if anything will get a satisfying conclusion.

  8. joe says:

    Hum! A repository for all the S5 worries! Cool.

    Great stuff, folks. And thank you ‘specially, BDaddyDL. Great writing, and I see that in these comments too.

    My own view is pretty sedate on this. I’m not too worried about The Morgansect.The real story we’ve been watching was never the sparkling fireworks that happened when the Intersect gave Chuck some special intel or special skill that solved the case or defeated the bad-guys in hand to hand combat. The real story was the sparkling fireworks we saw each time Chuck and Sarah learned something more about each other. The Intersect itself was (and is) just a tool to bring this out, and Chuck’s specialness remains with him like always.

    In fact, I’m (not so) secretly glad that Chuck is going to be a spy, and presumably have some skills, without it. Makes it more real, I think. And it gives me a little hope too, ’cause I’d really like to continue seeing myself in the Chuck character, even if I never get Intersected.

    And how do you conjugate that verb, anyway? 😉

    I’m just hoping that the camera doesn’t spend less time on the newlyweds.

    • thinkling says:

      Joe, I think that last line is many fan’s (mine) biggest concern. 🙂

    • atcDave says:

      Joe I actually do like the idea of Chuck without the Intersect, I would much rather see him use his brains.

      But as you and Thinkling said, the big fear is too much screen time. I don’t mind Morgan in small doses, but let’s keep those doses SMALL.

      • Rev says:

        More like nanosized. I still don’t understand why, if they want Chuck without the intersect(which is fine by me) they can’t just scrap the intersect all together. Or perhaps let Decker sent an intersected CIA agent after them for all I care, but to put it in the brain of one of the morons of the show is just… well not that great of a choice, let’s leave it at that.

      • Gord says:

        I think I would have been OK with Chuck not having the intersect if they hadn’t put it in Morgan. One of the brief interviews with Yvonne during comiccon, the interviewer asked her what she expected to see in S5, she started to say that her and Chuck would be doing like a Mr and Mrs Smith bit, then she paused and said, then again Morgan has the intersect now, and went on to imply that a fiar bit of the early part of the season will likely be devoted to Morgan and the intersect..

        Oh wont we just love watching Morgan and Sarah fighting bad guys together while Chuck stays in the van?

      • jason says:

        gord – for some reason I think it is going to be morgan and chuck fighting bad guys while sarah and casey are in the van, at least for a few episodes – going to be interesting to see how we all react when we see what fedak has in mind – of one thing I am sure, fedak is convinced the morgansect story is going to be, well he hasn’t used the word epic yet, but very good

      • herder says:

        Gord, I wouldn’t read too much into what Yvonne is saying for the season, so far I think they have read the script for episode one, typically TPTB have kept the actors in the dark as much as the fans. I suspect that there is a fair bit of Morgan in episode one and any speculation beyond that is just that, speculation.

      • thinkling says:

        Funny, Gord, I was going to say I’d rather see Sarah and Morgan fighting the bad guys together with Chuck in the van than see Morgan and Chuck fighting the bad guys with Sarah in the van. Then Jason beat me to it … sort of.

      • atcDave says:

        I would have loved no Intersect for teamB at all, but the CIA has one. So it would be teamB vs. The Intersect! That’s the sort of symetry that sounds exciting to me.

      • ArmySFC says:

        dave i really am joking when i say this, but that sounds like facing an opponent with a 9mm and he has a 249. i get the underdog bit but id rather have equal or better odds.

      • atcDave says:

        Under dog is always a better story. Being powerful and fully capable makes sense from a planning perspective, but overcoming a disadvantage is usually a better story. I’d love it if teamb’s big edge on combating a CIA Intersect was just Chuck’s knowledge of what the Intersect’s abilities and shortcomings were.

      • ArmySFC says:

        dave i agree to a point. i like a good underdog story, when it’s believable. my belief is i will tolerate anything that gets put out if it makes sense in the universe it is being set in. it’s why i stopped watching STV. i enjoyed it till they kept defeating the borg. then it stopped making sense. the borg wiped out how many species yet one dude can break them? really? see makes no sense. yeah i bled two shows to make my point.

        it would make no sense at all to me to see 4 people defeat an entire organization that has tons of assets and information at its finger tips when they would have none. to ME it makes no sense. now if they went pure get smart that would be ok, where all the bad guys were bumbling idiots. yeah it makes sense. but for what your saying to ME it makes no sense and i know oi would tune it out faster than a tom cat leaving a carrier.

        the writers of any show can make anything happen they want. that doesn’t make it believable to me. i do see your point but for me it just wouldn’t be fun to watch.

      • atcDave says:

        That’s certainly an area where we differ army; I always prefer underdogs. Sometimes more ridiculous is just better. And I love the idea of an elite four person unit taking out a vastly larger force. Ever hear of Thermopylae? Marathon? Isus? Saratoga? Midway? Or how about more recent heroic fantasy like The Magnificent Seven or Star Wars. I eat that stuff up, and I would love for Chuck to go that direction of taking on the whole CIA with no more advantage than Chuck’s intelligence and Sarah and Casey’s professional skills. That would be an epic and awesome wrap up to the series.

      • ArmySFC says:

        lol, yeah dave i have. but for the real battles you mentioned there are a lot of intangibles that need to be discussed such as superior weaponry and training. as for the show, face it if the CIA wanted them dead a lone sniper waiting at the apartment or buymore takes them out. they have to go out sometime. the insurgents in iraq and afghanistan prove that. wait long enough and they will provide an easy target. my problem is i exist mostly in the real world. i don’t get lost in what if’s and fantasy. that’s why i need things to make sense. btw im not saying you live in a fantasy world so don’t get offended.

        you said an elite 4 person team. who would be the 4? morgan is an idiot, without the intersect chuck may be smart but otherwise a dud. that leaves sarah and casey. so your down to two, lol.

        ill give an example i edited the profanity, this is the best FF i have read about an encounter with the borg, it’s by H.W
        Borg; a true encounter.
        “Man this part of space is boring, I wish something would happen,” Janeway
        Captain, a ship just dropped out of warp.”
        “Oh crap, it’s a Borg cube, now what?”
        “They are beaming over, Captain.”

        see makes sense! nice chatting with ya! it’s been a blast.

      • ArmySFC says:

        dave sorry i forgot this. interesting you bring up star wars. take the force from luke, could he have done what he did? that’s the closest i can come to an intersect comparison. i don’t think so. without the force he was the same ( maybe better) than everyone else. the force made luke same as the intersect made chuck, IMHO. but thats not chuck related, lol. night

      • atcDave says:

        Actually I always prefer the first Star Wars when the Force provided very little help. I though it all got a little silly after that.
        But I think all those battles I mentioned made exactly my point. The incredible under dog can achieve victory largely by properly managinging all those intangibles. If they take advantage if all their strengths, and avoid their opponents traps, amazing upsets DO happen. And those are always the stories I like best.

    • Henry says:

      @Joe: I totally agree with you in being not too worried about the Morgansect.
      I posted a comment on NBC boards, that for me too the Intersect is just a tool, and it’s Chuck that makes the Intersect special, not viceversa.
      Also, I think that at SDCC they didn’t want to spoil too much on what will happen in S5: I expect some more screen time for Morgan, but the show is still “Chuck”, after all…
      And about the screentime, I have to admit that my favorite spinoff would be “24 hours in the life of Sarah Walker”: 24 episodes of 1 hour each (ok, 42 minutes, let’s save some minutes for the privacy…) only focused on the hottest spy in the world! Do you think that NBC is open for suggestions on new shows..? 🙂

      • joe says:

        Let us pause to contemplate the possibility of the 24 hr. Sarah Walker Cable Channel.

        Sigh! 😉

        Okay. Let me climb out of my daydream induced stupor here. I suspect most everyone is saying just about the same thing in their own way, Henry. Gotta admit – you just said it well.

      • Gord says:

        24 hour Sarah Walker cable channel? Where do I subscribe? It better be available in Canada.

      • joe says:

        Of course, Gord! You see, CF listens to us about the show’s direction and scripts and JS takes notes about how to best market and syndicate the show right from these pages.

        From your lips to their ears. Or eyes. Or something like that. 😉

        (Sorry – put this in the wrong place originally!)

      • Verkan_Vall says:

        Oh for heaven’s sake, will you guys just STOP!!!
        24 hour Sarah Walker Cable Channel (SWCC), indeed.

        I was eating my dinner reading this post, and I ate part of my tie.


        Dang it, Joe. You always do this to me. You know I can’t resist the Tawny Australian Temptress.

      • joe says:

        Heh! VV, was there ever a time when the words “Deal with it!” were more appropriate?

        Deal, VV. Deal. 😉

      • Verkan_Vall says:

        Aha! I knew it!


  9. jason says:

    I’m surprised at the general consensus over Morgan. I do not like him near as much as most, still I don’t mind the morgan intersect issue that much, the morgan screen time taking away from sarah’s is what bothers me.

    Yvonne’s comments about now that ‘Joshy’ is in ‘limelight’ I can get some ‘rest’ surprised me. Although they had talking points, maybe that was fed to her to make fans up in arms. Lets face it, either TPTB were rattling all of our cages as they like to do or they don’t have a good feel for what fans want. The other scary Yvonne comments came later, when the entire panel was asked how they wanted it to end, she said it sweetly, but still she said something like who would listen to me anyhow (if that was a meeting I was running in business, I would probably call her into my office afterwards to discuss attitude) – and when asked about input, she said at first quite a bit, now none – which was in stark contrast to zac. That is 3 relatively negative comments on a panel that was so full of fluffy snow white stuff, that it leaves one wondering.

    BUT, I first wrote here to try to vent frustration and strongly try to convince others of the merits of the shipper POV in chuck – overall my posting has satisfied my needs in that regard, although it has often caused more consternation than I would prefer.

    But, at this point (or lets say in the next few weeks), the entire story will be planned out, another few weeks after that they will be all written, and a few after that, we will be eating thanksgiving dinner and they show will be wrapped. There is little point left (at least after this week or next) in any more crusades (such as morgan’s status as zac & fedak’s pet), since there will be nothing anyone can do any longer – it is what it is.

    My strategy either as of now or shortly at least, will be to take things as they come, comment in kind that I liked or disliked maybe, but mostly just hang on for the ride, and enjoy the last 13, while trying to smell the roses.

  10. BigKev67 says:

    Great piece. Agree with pretty much all of it, and I appreciated that you haven’t both written off the story already, as some reactions that I’ve read this weekend have done. Some worry is justified – some of the hysteria in response to Comic Con is not.
    I’d have a slightly different emphasis though and JC and Alladins have nailed it – it’s not Morgan’s amount of screen time, it’s the fact that his character growth comes at the expense of Chuck. Morgan grows, matures and becomes a more interesting character – whereas for vast chunks of S4 Chuck stagnates, whines and finales aside, is largely uninteresting for 24 episodes. My hope is that Morgansect will give the show a chance to refocus on “the Chuck solution”, and re-emphasize the smarts, quick thinking and heart that are the true keys to Chuck’s destiny – not some super-computer.
    I don’t think we’ll lose any Sarah time – although I do have some fears for Casey. I actually really enjoy Morgan. His character growth was second only to Sarah’s in S4 and if it continues, I’ll be fine with that. If it continues at Chuck’s expense however, that will be another (poor) story…

    • jason says:

      kev – your comment – ‘hysteria in response to Comic Con’ I think is abjectly misguided – management 101 – ‘people will follow wherever you lead’

      Here is why – we got led into talking about morgan, no hysteria involved. we got about 45 minutes of comic con direct, 20 roughly was unscripted ?’s, the other 25 was scripted.

      morgan ‘show us your flash face’ was scripted, and took about 10% of that 25minutes.

      the morgan ‘rocky’ seg (reminded me of the cringeworthy laser light thing in push mix) took 5 minutes, or 20%

      That is 30% of the total time, nothing else even came close, other than maybe zac talking about comic con and the loyal fans. I am not sure if chuck and sarah got mentioned even in one sentence – even if you don’t like them – you’d have to admit, some fans do.

      so directly, TPTB decided to lead fans into responding to morgan’s season 5 storyline & nothing else – hence there was nothing hysterical about the response (although the responses to the response appear to be irrational, if not hysterical), the comic con vs morgan line in the sand was drawn out in a fairly clear, concise & purposeful manner

      why I don’t know – season 5 will answer that

  11. BigKev67 says:

    Fair point – irrational is a better word than hysterical. But whatever word you use, some of the reactions on Twitter from Comic Con deserved the word. People were taking Yvonne’s joke about taking a rest seriously – and you just can’t have a reasonable discussion with people like that.
    I wouldn’t have emphasized Morgansect as much at the Con as they did – but everything was completely tongue in cheek and I took it as such. I think that reflects the likely tone of the Morgansect story but I don’t think it reflects the amount of screentime they will devote to it.
    What gives you the impression I don’t like Chuck and Sarah, by the way? I love Chuck and Sarah – but I think the stories told through them were far better in Seasons 1, 2 and (sometimes) 3. Story before fluff for me 🙂

    • jason says:

      kev – we write back and forth a fair bit – I did not know you liked chuck and sarh – I am sure you knew I did – LOL – I did know you were a big fan of story – I think season 5 – the ‘story’ jury is out – the ‘tie it all up’ has so much potential, could be so cool, what they need is something simple and brilliant – exactly like orion is chuck’s dad – I think the first few eps are going to be stand alones dealing with morgan and chuck, I can’t see how sarah will get the time she would if the first few were stand alones with the hart to hart theme, which big time shipper were so hoping for. by the way, that is why comic con was such a let down for me, I was hoping a 5 minute seg on hart to hart vs the a team, with just a hint of the overall ‘big tie it up story’ – that is the season I want.

      Or at least wanted, I am very skeptical at this point for hart to hart meets a team vs the over-riding big bad of 5 seasons, but like I wrote earlier, doens’t matter what I wanted, it is what it is at this point, so I am mostly going to kick back and enjoy the scenery these last few months

      • BigKev67 says:

        Yeah, me too. The final season of any show is one to put the quibbles aside and just enjoy the ride, and savor the show that you love.
        I think the short themes will be Morgansect, Sarah’s mother and Casey’s love interest – and the season arc will be “the conspiracy” and Decker. For 13 episodes I think that will be plenty to go on with.

    • Harku says:

      You know i find it really disturbing when ppl take comment that is meant as a joke or even misquote some stuff that was told to fit their own view…even on this blog.

      But while i’m a little worried about Morgan taking too much screentime (especially if it takes away from Sarah/Casey) i also hope that less emphasis on Chuck/Sarah relationship will allow them to focus more on Sarah as a separate character outside of her relationship with Chuck…which sometimes bothered me on the show, that Sarah barely existed outside of her relationship with Chuck. (season 3 was especially problematic in that regard).

  12. olddarth says:

    Popping in to offer an alternate explanation of the Morgansect. After three seasons of shooting on a 7 day schedule, and having just concluded a super-sized 24 episode season; Yvonne and Zac could be running on fumes. They may have asked the showrunners to spread the wealth around to give them a reduced work schedule.

    • ArmySFC says:

      OD could very well be true. Mariska Hargitay who plays Olivia on LAO SVU asked for reduced screen time this year so they will promote her during the season and cut her screen time.

    • joe says:

      Excellent point, OD. That scenario is certainly a possibility.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I’ll say one thing, based on Zac’s voice on some of his Nerd Machine streamed events he isn’t going to be shooting much dialogue for a few days.

    • andyt says:

      OD this is an excellent point. I remember one of the comments in the panel was Josh G. turning to Zach and saying “I have your schedule.” It may be entirely true that Zach and Yvonne want less time, especially early in the season. It might also depende on the projects that they had lined up for the off-season. Each might need a little time at the beginning for some rest after off-season projects. Additionally, less time in the schedule would allow both Yvonne and Zach to line up roles (either film or tv) for after Chuck’s end. This would be a consideration for them as well

      • Henry says:

        If you watch the round table of Hollywood reporter, at some point Yvonne complains that the worst part of her job is the long working hour, so this, and what andy says about the opportunity for new roles, could actually make sense.
        On the other end, they are professionals, so I don’t expect the writers to chenge their plans or story just to let one of the stars in your show to have some rest…
        Maybe it could make some more sense, being the final season, to give some more screentime to the “minor” characters, like Morgan, that might have an opportunity to show up a bit more.
        Pure speculation here, for what is worth…

  13. uplink2 says:

    Well I’m going to try something different. I’ve decided to not read any of the comments till after I post this so bear with me and if I repeat anything anyone else has written I apologize. I just need to vent on this subject. So here goes.

    First of all thank you to both Faith and BdaddyDL for your insightful and well thought out posting. I agree with much if not all of it. True I kind of blew up about this subject on Twitter saturday and have posted here about my displeasure and almost hatred of the idea but you two have made pretty much all my salient points but did it in a much more respectful and calm manner.

    To me it is all about the big three. TBH I am more upset with the idea of Sarah mostly but Casey as well being in 1 less frame this season because of Morgansect than if we were told that Morgan would be in zero frames this season. While I agree that Josh does a great job and has had some very funny moments, I simply just don’t “care” about his character in the least. I’ll pose this question as well. If we were told that Morgan was staying in Hawaii after season 2 would any of us have really been that upset? I know I wouldn’t have. About the only characters I care less about are Jeff and Lester. Heck I like Big Mike as much if not more than Morgan but I don’t want him to have an intersect either. But Morgan did grow up a bit and I learned to tolerate him in S3 and sort of like him in S4 but this idea has me really really down on his story. Unfortunately they seem to be very committed to it and I’ll just have to suck it up to get my fewer minutes of Sarah Walker and John Casey. That being said I have come up with a solution that seems to be the only one that makes this idea tolerable to me and answers the many questions we all have about it.

    Morgan Grimes must die!.

    That is the only solution to me that works. The return to Season 1 mode brings back the most common theme of season 1, “Stay in the car”. From all of the info being discussed Morgan will be all gung ho and take risks with the Intersect that will put him in great danger and his lack of real Chucklike natural intellegence I simply can’t see them making the case that he will find a way to get the job done like Chuck did when he left the car. Also being that they are talking about “spoiler sort of ” a “BIG” character possibly not surviving the season that only leads to 2 possibilities, Casey and Morgan. For Beckman to get killed simply isn’t “BIG” enough. And to help resolve the fans very good question about the “specialness” of Chuck that allows only him to deal with the Intersect, it has to be Morgan that dies or the small possibility that Casey gets killed trying to protect his daughter’s boyfriend like he promised her. when Morgan does something stupid like he most certainly will.

    But do they have the guts to do it? I don’t believe they do so we will end up with the same old things with stories being dropped, no clear reason behind the mission, and a less than satisfying treatment of the one story I absolutely want more than any other this season. Sarah Walker’s mom. All for the sake of whom I call the sixth most important character on the show. It is a very very disturbing scenario and though I hope I’m wrong this season will go down just behind Season 3 as next most what could have and should have been.

    But Fedak if you are reading this and you want me to fall in behind this idea, Don’t chicken out with this story. The danger of their new independent spy company must be shown vividly. Chuck must be shown as the one who is special. Give Sarah’s mom a much better story than you gave Chuck’s mom. Prove me wrong and kill off Morgan Grimes.

    • jason says:

      talk about TPTB taking revenge on shippers, make all the shipper scream about bromance for 2 or 3 or 4 episodes, then kill the little bearded scene stealer, hooo-hooo, that would really have an impact on this fan base, I have been as mean to morgan as near any blogger, if they killed him, even I would shed a tear.

      Last season, to tell the mary-stephen-hartley backstory, I was hoping chuck would be stephen, sarah play mary, and morgan play hartley, and TPTB have an ep that told the beginning of it all twenty years prior with the stars playing the historic characters.

      Maybe instead this season, sarah can play her mom, and chuck can play con man jack burton, and they can tell the sarah backstory that way (I’m sure they could find roles for morgan, casey, and the rest of the gang)

      Many shows have an episode like this – I recall smallville’s in particular as being lots of fun, and somewhat useful in putting some factual backstory together, I think such would be fun for the chuck cast, as well as a welcome break.

      • uplink2 says:

        I’m not saying it should happen 2 or 4 episodes in but not in the last 1 or 2 either. To me it should happen in 5.07 or 5.08, the usual dark point of the season. There needs to be consequences of this life and they chickened out on any real ones in S4 much to the dismay of many fans of the more spylife based aspects to the show. There was no real danger or threat shown to them or to their relationships. I would also shed a tear if they killed him off but it would be a genuine one because the story makes sense. Morgan Grimes is not a spy and never will be. He is not cut out for this life or the intersect and there needs to be drastic consequences because of this or the story simply fails.
        Again I don’t think they have the you know whats to do this but anything less and its just a dumb idea that will take away too much from the stories I do care about.

    • ArmySFC says:

      uplink, i agree. kill the troll but do it early maybe 3-4 episodes in. then you guys can have the hart to hart meets the a team find who did it and taking down the last of the big bad’s.

      i was glad to see him go at the end of season 2 and sorry to hear he returned in season 3. you have my vote on what would be a good season 5.

    • joe says:

      Wow! I really do like these specs (and Gord’s below). But the way I see it (yes, “The Chuck World According to Joe”), Morgan doesn’t really have to die, even figuratively.

      It’s the Intersect that has to go away.


      Okay, I’ll explain. To me, the story has always been about Growth and Change ™, first and foremost, Chuck’s. But of course, it’s about Sarah’s too, and about both of them as a couple, and then there’s Casey’s growth from “Cold School Killer” to father. It’s even about Stephen’s and Mary’s growth, if only indirectly. You get the idea. Only Harry Tang, Emmett Milbarge and the rest of the Buy Morons seem to be exempt.

      I thought that Alex (have we forgotten Alex?) was the vehicle for Morgan’s growth, like Ellie’s been for Awesome. But Morgan still has a part of him that wants to be a comic-book superhero-spy. He thinks Chuck and Sarah and Casey are comic-book heroes even now, even though he should know better.

      Both Chuck and Morgan have been using the Intersect as a crutch, using it to obtain the life they want. But that’s not how you get it. The only way is to grab that life for yourself. I’m guessing that in S5 we’ll see that Chuck’s learned that lesson and Morgan will. Both have to lose the Intersect and find it within themselves.

  14. Gord says:

    Faith and Bdaddy, you did a great job with this, and its like you were reading my mind.
    I have really enjoyed Morgan in S3 and S4, but to make him the intersect really cheapens the whole mythology we have had with Chuck in the past 4 seasons. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but two things that came out during comiccon, have me hoping that Morgan doesn’t have the intersect for too long, or that at the very least, Chuck gets it back fairly soon into the season.

    1. Was the statement – Morgan starts the season with the intersect – as opposed to Morgan will be the intersect this season.

    2. When asked if Chuck will get the intersect back, CF sort of side stepped the issue. He talked about Chuck using his brains – but in all seasons with or without the intersect, Chuck has come up with the unconventional solutions. Also, in some cases his solution came out because of a knowledge flash. Eg. diffusing the nuclear bomb with apple juice.

    I know I’m grasping a straws here, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will finish up the Morgansect arc in the first 2 or 3 episodes.

    • thinkling says:

      I’ll second that wish. Three episodes with Morgansect would probably be tolerable, if not funny … but a whole season. Ayeyaiyai.

    • atcDave says:

      I also agree Gord. Finishing the Morgansect story quickly would be the best possible choice. But I’m not in favor of killing Morgan off (as discussed a few posts up) because I don’t want to waste the last few episodes with Chuck (et al) weeping over his demise.

      • ArmySFC says:

        dave not that i really disagree but they didn’t have him show much over the loss of his dad. just saying. he’s grown, no reason to male him revert to preseason 1. they have him upset for maybe 1 ep and fly ahead 1 month like they do alot. simple. this is chuck were talking about when time and space to the writers are of no concern.

  15. Dan Neenan says:

    Wonderful article. Couldn’t agree more. I loved last years finale until the last minute. I am a bit fearful of this season, but since I have loved every minute of the shows history (well except the last one in S4) I am optimistic they will work it out. I too think of Morgan as a 4th or 5th character on the show and really don’t need to see more. Quite frankly if Morgan is going to cut into anyone’s time, I hope it is Chuck’s. Sarah and Casey best not lose screen time. If there really are only 546 minutes left (I have not done the math) I believe Yvonne Strahovski should be in every single one.

  16. Dan Neenan says:

    Even with all this anxiety isn’t nice to have Chuck talk back. Can’t wait for season 5.

  17. Amrit says:

    It is amazing but listening to Sepinwall and Fienberg’s podcast in the whole room only a few people complained. So I suppose this is the place for the few to complain hard…..I think the casual fans know that morgan will be insignificant and it will be the chuck and sarah and a little bit casey show….

    • Alf says:

      I have to agree with Amrit . I understand where a majority of people are coming from , but here’s my example :

      Last year at comic con Fedak and Schwartz said that Chuck and Mirgan were going to be a good but bad but good spy team . Upon hearing that I groaned a little because like the rest I wanted to see Chuck and Sarah with Casey and a side of Morgan . That was the main point I took away from con was that Chuck and Morgan were going to be spy partners . You know what , that lasted for 1 episode . All the emphasis ob the Chuck and Morgan pairing and that was it til ep 13 . Sure Morgan had more of a meatier role last year , but did that take away from tbe Chuck and Sarah story/scenes ? No it didn’t . Yet people are extremely apprehensive about episodes that they haven’t scene yet .

      I feel sorry and sympathize with the people who are not invested in the idea of the Morgansect . But get used to it because it’s not going to be a one and done type scenario or even a 2-3 episode deal . You’ll get it for a majority of tbe season . How they deal with that is anyone’s guess . The one thing this show has always nailed %100 of the time is the comedy . That’s what the Morgansect is there for . COMEDY .

      Instead of having Chuck be Morgan’s handler , it should have ( maybe still will ) been Casey kept the status quo of Chuck/Sarah and Casey/Morgan . I get that Josh and Zac are best friends in real life , but that pairing is not what makes CHUCK the show special . At least for me . Anyways I’m looking forward to tbe Morgansect and this season . If come by episode 6 and it totally suck and the rest of you were right about your suspicions I’ll be the first to eat my words . But as of now , I could not be more excited for October 21 🙂 .

      • Gord says:

        No real need to get used to it (the Morgansect), if I am not enjoying the show I will just stop watching it. It wont be the first time a show I have really enjoyed has shifted direction and caused me to lose interest.

        I am going to give the new season a shot, and if I still find it entertaining I will still watch it.It will come down to the basics. If a show I watch entertains me, then I like it and will watch again. If it doesn’t entertain me – I stop watching.
        I really hope I and the rest of the fans end up enjoying this season, because it would be a shame for Chuck to end that way.

  18. Dale says:

    I think Amrit means sepinwall was at comic con and specificularly the chuck panel and only one guy moaned about the moransect and everyone else was ok with it.

  19. jason says:

    I’ll throw a little spec out there, while chuck and morgan play intersect in the first few eps, I am predicting sarah runs the buymore. In my opinion, only chuck in the show’s 4 year run has interacted with the buymorians in such a manner that their story mattered, I think sarah will supply that much needed element – I for one will not FF sarah trying to run that mob.

    Furthermore, I spec that the big ‘breakup’ of jeff and lester, will be over sarah, not that wt/wt kind of way way, geez, in the way that jeff is going to buy in to sarah’s work ethic commands & become her ally and friend, while lester will oppose her with everything he’s got.

    • Gord says:

      Lester opposes Sarah with everything he’s got? I guess that’s what they meant at comiccon when they said Lester would be killed this season (here I thought they were joking). Sarah will use him for knife throwing practice. LOL.

      • Henry says:

        after the “fight” at the Wienerlicious in Hard salami, I think that lester is more scared by Sarah than by Casey… 😀
        On the other hand, I think that Sarah has now a soft spot for Jeff, after the video for the reharsal dinner…

    • thinkling says:

      Hilarious, Jason. I would love to see some Sarah interaction with the Buymorons. You’re right. Jeff would comply and Lester would rebel.

      At the same time I hope the Buymore’s owners remain a mystery, maybe until the very end. Sarah would just be filling in as manager while Chuck and Morgan are away.

      • lappers84 says:

        One of my wishes for season 5 was for some interaction between Sarah and the Buy Morons, I can imagine it being pretty funny. 🙂

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah especially if they end up knowing she’s their owner!

  20. thinkling says:

    I just had a positive thought on Morgansect as I was rewatching FBoE. Morgan’s screen time is at it’s limit I think. But the Morgansect doesn’t have to mean an increase in Morgan screen time, only a better use of it. A good part of his screen time this season has been in irrelevant Buymore stuff that didn’t really add to much of anything. The Cliffhanger paradigm shift created the potential for restoring some balance in a couple of areas.

    There are two balance issues we’ve talked about for the last 2 years … Morgan and the Buymore. The Buymore pretty much lost its relevance after S2. The Buymore’s relevance to “Chuck” is proportionate to its relevance to Chuck. In seasons 1&2, it was his real job — his real world. Not only that, it showcased the quality of his character set against the mediocrity of his life. From the end of Ring on, the Buymore was none of that. It wasn’t his real job or his real world. He left mediocrity (and the Buymore) behind to embrace his destiny and realize his potential. Now that Chuck and Sarah own the Buymore, and it is their secret base (not the CIA’s base), some of it’s relevance is restored. That doesn’t mean we need more Buymore time, but at least the Buymore time we get can be funnier and more relevant.

    TPTB have given Morgan more importance and screen time over the past two years … in the only place he could function. The Buymore was Morgan’s bailiwick, with periodic forays into the spy world. It’s almost like they tried to increase the relevance of the Buymore by putting Morgan in charge of it. So they gave a less relevant character more screen time, most of which was spent in an irrelevant world. BOR-ing.

    How can two irrelevant entities become more relevant by association? They can’t. But maybe they can through cross-association.

    By giving Morgan the Intersect, his screen time and main purpose don’t have to be the Buymore. He can become more relevant (and his screen time more meaningful) by being in the spy world. He is also much funnier in the spy world than in the Buymore. Since Chuck and Sarah own the Buymore, they can spend some time there, thus giving the Buymore scenes more relevance. Also CS interacting with the Buymorons has much more potential for comedy than just Jeff and Lester and Big Mike and Morgan interacting.

    Hopefully by cross-association, the less relevant and stale can become funnier and more relevant. They can give Morgan relevance by taking him out of the irrelevant Buymore world and using him in the more relevant spy world, where he will never quite fit (comedy). They can give relevance to the Buymore by re-associating it with Chuck … and now Sarah … Mrs. B (outrageous comedy).

    I am seeing some hope that this *could* work well. It doesn’t have to mean more Morgan and more Buymore. It could, however, mean better/funnier use of Morgan and the Buymore.

    • atcDave says:

      Intriguing thought Thinkling. I still can imagine the Morgansect working out quite well, and you’re completely right, if this story gives him more relevance to the “A” plot it is a good thing. It’s just the overdoing it thing I’m a little worried about.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      (Frantically points finger to nose and Thinkling repeatedly)

    • jason says:

      think – that was sort of my point with sarah running the buymore, she would make B/M relevant, and might even allow the buymorians to tie into the A plot – how about everyone captured, and sarah has to take jeff, lester, and big mike along on a rescue mission, without them knowing for example?

      A 3rd balance issue about chuck vs many cia / spy type shows, is the lack of spy like characters to go on missions. Morgan’s intersecting will make him much more useful in writing creative missions, another positive about him intersecting.

      The big fear I have other than sarah’s screen time, is chuck and morgan do not have near the comedic chemistry with each other that casey or sarah have with either chuck or morgan, we’ll see how that plays out in larges doses this season.

      Among our bloggers, do most feel chuck will get the intersect back? I think he will not, just a hunch.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, I totally agree that Morgan has better chemistry (comedic or otherwise) with Sarah or Casey, or even Ellie than Chuck. If they balance it well, it could work out.

    • atcDave says:

      Jason my bet is that Chuck will not get the Intersect back. I think he will succeeded with his native (and unconventional) intelligence. I expect to completely love that part of the show, and am actually eager with anticipation.

      • Rav says:

        Is there a chance that if there is a time jump that during the missing time he learnt Kung Fu from his wife? So all Morgan is is a info resource

      • louzeyre says:

        RAV: Guessing by Zac’s comments that he’s glad he doesn’t have to learn fight scenes anymore and Fedak’s comments about Chuck’s real talent being finding “Chuck solutions” I’m guess no.

      • louzeyre says:

        Because I’m more than a little bit obsessive in general, after thinking things over a bit more I thought I should add a caveat to my comment above. I was really just basing it on the Comic-Con Panel, and on the round tables at Comic-Con. I was referring to Zac’s response to a round table question that he’s glad he doesn’t have to learn any more fights (which was probably a joke, when I listen to it again) and, even more so, his comment “I’m sure Chuck will still have some action stuff.” Later in the interview, Josh Gomez mentioned he had seen a draft of the first episode and I was assuming that if Chuck had been training over the break, Zac would either be a) surer in his answer or b) cagier about his answers so it wouldn’t be a spoiler. He seems to genuinely not know exactly how much action he’ll be involved in, which, to me, implied that he hadn’t undergone training before the first episode. The fact that Fedak mentioned at the Panel that at the beginning of the season Chuck will want the Intersect back seemed to substantiate that. They could plan to have that later. But I sort of live by the philosophy that “every cloud has a tornado in it” rather than “every cloud has a silver lining” so I tend to take the comments that make me anxious the more seriously so that I don’t keep my hopes up on things and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I’m wrong.
        Also, sorry for the typos.

      • Gord says:

        I’m not sure I would mind if Chuck didn’t get the intersect back as long as Morgan loses it in the first part of the season. Mind you to me Chuck having the intersect is a big part of what makes the show so enjoyable. Not the only thing, but it does make the show that much more unique.

  21. Rav says:

    When did he say that? As far as I know he could be pulling the fans legs? Lol, you never know…

  22. Gord says:

    Over at the NBC boards one fan had an idea I really liked. That Chuck would get the intersect back because Chuck with Ellie would build their own intersect. I thought that was a brilliant idea as it does such honour to the Papa B/Orion/family Bartowski legacy. If they do give Chuck the intersect back, I think this would be the perfect way to do it.

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