Fan Fiction Poll: Results

We have results in on all categories for bdaddydl’s fan fiction poll.  Later this week I expect to post another of my fan fiction recommendation pieces.  But for now, let’s look at what other fan fiction readers consider “The Best of the Best (all time!)” after the jump…

bdaddydl has put together write-ups for the leading vote getters in each category, including comments by other fan fiction writers on the winners in the author category.

Favorite Author

Frea O’Scanlin — 37


I was going to write something flippant and irreverent here in my effort to tell you about Frea O’Scanlin and her work, but I decided that wasn’t the way to go. Frea knows how I think of her and I’m sure you do too. And besides, I’m afraid of what she might do if I don’t properly pay homage to her greatness, so here we go.

Her writing is clear, descriptive, evocative, funny, and entertaining. I knew she was something special after reading Chapter Two of What Fates Impose and nothing has happened to change my opinion since then. I think the Chuck fandom is incredibly lucky to have her writing in it, and it always makes me happy to see people give her the kind of credit she deserves. Each new chapter of Fates builds on the last, showing an entertaining and impressive consistency that I’ve not often seen. Each new story adds something to a very vivid world she’s developed. She’s one of the best and in all honesty, I’d buy something she wrote. I don’t say that often and I usually mean it even less, but it’s true. As a fellow writer, I think that’s about the best compliment I can pay her. I know that she’s got a future ahead of her and I’m just happy to be along for the journey.

NinjaVanish  — 27

NinjaVanish from Frea O’Scanlin

If you want smart, sexy Sarah then ninjaVanish is your author. This ninja exploded onto the Chuck scene in March of 2010 with his epic “Chuck & Sarah vs. the Bunker,” and hasn’t stopped since.  On top of writing, finishing, and defending his thesis, the mysterious figure has provided hours of entertainment.  He’s bent history and minds with “Chuck vs. the Frontier,” which pits our favorite hero against Pinkertons and science fiction alike, and he steamed up quite a few monitors with the prequel to Bunker, “Chuck and Sarah vs. Themselves.”  Currently, the ninja has embarked on a tale of bikinis and pirates in “Chuck vs. the Sunken Treasure.” I wish I could tell you he enjoys long walks on the beach, kittens, and Pad Thai, but like I said—mysterious figure.  Things I do know about ninjaVanish: he tells a darn entertaining story, he has good taste in books, and Dr. Phil spoke at his commencement (no, seriously, his profile says that).  You can catch up with him on his blog, or just check out his work.  You won’t regret it.

Kate McK — 17

KATE McK from Nervert

Kate has one of the strongest and most detailed commands of the characters among writers of Chuck fanfiction while having a very intuitive understanding of what makes those characters interesting and fun to read. Rather than letting this box her in, she is fantastic at coming up with inventive story lines even when it’s within the context of the show’s cannon. It’s not surprising that she has so many fans.

Malamoo —  15

MALAMOO from Mxpw

There are three important facts you need to know about malamoo: she is, in fact, a she (it amazes me how often people get this wrong), she is Canadian, and she doesn’t like angst. That’s right. The angst queen of Chuck doesn’t like angst. She doesn’t like to watch it or read about it, but she loves writing about it. It’s a contradiction I’ve always found interesting, and I think it gives her writing that little bit of oomph that it needs to put her far above the rest. Second Chance is her magnum opus, and before Frea showed up with Fates, was the top dog in the Chuck fandom. And deservedly so. No story has quite explored the emotional dynamic between Chuck and Sarah as thoroughly as it has, nor delved as deep into Sarah’s psyche. Agree or disagree with what she wrote, but we would all be so lucky if the show dedicated even a tenth of the amount of effort and thought to Sarah’s story as malamoo did in Second Chance.

She’s a very funny young woman, simultaneously naïve and knowledgeable, and getting to know her over the years has been one of the best parts of my experience in this fandom (as well as getting to write with her, one of my personal highlights). Someday I will manage to convince her to actually write some original work, and when that happens, well, it’ll probably be depressing as hell, but at least it will be done well and the rest of the world will get to see what we already know: that malamoo is awesome.

Mxpw — 15

MXPW from Wepdiggy

What do you say about someone who produces seemingly endless, awesome Chuck fanfic, yet is so magnanimous as to spend equally as much, if not more time helping others with their work? You say, “Nice to see you, Frea.”

No, seriously, mxpw has been around Chuck-fic almost as long as anyone, and though his role has evolved from serial one-shotter, to infamous femslasher, to respected beta, he’s always been at the top of his game in whatever field he has chose to contribute. And we, the Chuck fandom, are lucky to have him.

Brickroad16 — 13

BRICKROAD from BillAtWork

BrickRoad’s writing style can be summed up in a single word — soft. When you read one of her stories, you always know exactly what you’re going to get. You’re not going to be reading action spy scenes of fighting bad guys and their evil plots. In fact there almost always won’t be a bad guy at all because she see’s the good in everybody. You’re not going to get steamy hot love scenes. What you will get is a story told from a character’s point of view (mostly Sarah) that makes you understand what she is feeling just like she was standing there.

Naturally she has an amazing grasp on the language. But that’s not what strikes you. I defy you to read one of BrickRoad’s stories and not come away feeling good about it. And after all, isn’t that why we read fanfiction in the first place?

That’s BrickRoad’s particular genius and the main reason why her stories remain so popular.

Armadilloi — 8

Sharpasamarble — 8

Ne71 — 8

Favorite Full Length Story (all write-ups by bdaddydl)

The Fatesverse by Frea O’Scanlin — 52

If there was ever a guide on Chuck FF, under the section for AU (Alternate Universe)What Fates Impose will probably see the first story talked about.  What started off from the train wreck that season 3 is to became the standard in the fandom.  Over a sprawling 49 chapters, Frea says she still has more to go.  Then, To Resist Wind and Tide came out.  This time, the fic is from the point of view of Sarah Walker.  Now people reread the story to try and find the little tidbits that foreshadow future chapters, or help clarify opinions. Blue Scarf anyone?

Chuck and Sarah versus Themselves by Ninja Vanish — 44

What started out with one of the great first chapters in the fandom, The Bunker showed a side to Sarah that cannon did not show till Phase 3.  Another AC piece has Sarah rescuing her man. Next up came the prequel, Chuck and Sarah Versus Themselves. This story has become the “I wish this is how season 3 would have gone” fic. Next up, Chuck and Sarah Vs the Recruits.  Can’t wait.

Walker’s Eleven by Moonlight Pilot — 39

Out of the blue one day a new story hits the fandom written by an author, who wrote in another fandom, posted a Chuck mashup with Oceans 11. What came next was an amazing story. In my Opinion, the hottest kiss in the fandom is in this story.  What was left was a fantastic story, that also set up a spawned a few other mashups, including the Sound of Music/Chuck mashup.

Collide by Brickroad16 — 24

This story is not really a story. Its 50 amazing one shots that are Songfics. Every story tells a tale, some even could be their own epic novels. This Fic has just been completed, and if you are ever feeling down, just pick a chapter or two and prepared to be heart warmed.

Chuck vs Family Matters by Lucky47 — 23

This is another story that is enormous in scope, but not a lot of time has passed since It has started.  Lucky goes farther into the back story of team Bartowski than any author in the fandom.  There is not a lot of action scenes in this story, but there is a lot of drama. The characters are honest, but some like Beckman are seen completely differently.  As a story that started before season 3, and is still going on, it’s been fun to see how close she got to cannon.

Inevitability of Life by chuckfan56— 22

Another huge AU, but in this one things are a bit different. Chuck became confident. It’s a great what if. While the relationships have stayed the same, how the characters interact have changed.  A sign of how this story has become part of the fandom is when there was an issue between Chuck and Sarah the reviews exploded.

Double Agent by mxpw — 22

Sarah Walker was an ex-CIA agent who had joined Fulcrum looking for a better existence.  But what she really needed was to meet a CIA agent named Chuck Bartowski.  This story gave many fans what they wanted: Chuck as a competent, successful agent who still had the kindness and charm to woo a cold-hearted agent like Sarah Walker.

Favorite Short Story (write-ups by bdaddydl)

Chuck and Sarah vs the Force Field by  Farringtongirl — 13

WOW  A must read for all Charah fans.  Best example of showing intense physical passion, while never even coming close to PG.  All from a game taken from Stripes.

Chuck vs the Premium Drunk by ne71 — 11

Ne71 delightful use of humor and romance shines in this little story. This story has been confused for cannon more than once in Fan Fiction because it’s so close to the characters on the screen

Tuesday by Armadilloi — 11

This is probably the shortest tale in the winners, but that does not mean its short on emotion.  It really nails the feelings of the characters.  I have thought I’m glad Chuck struggled in the ratings because this is what might have happened if the put off the Chuck/ Sarah relationship

A Chuckmas Carol by Mikki13 — 10

My personal favorite short. This is so not fluffy, but it is some of the best writing in the fandom.  Really honors  Dickens’ iconic tale.

The Stocking by Altoonish — 10

There have been many Sarah leaves stories. This is definitely a great one. There is a different vibe in this one where the author does not hide the fact that the characters will get together, it’s just a matter of time.

Chuck & Sarah Versus the Second Honeymoon by HollywoodDramaQueen — 10

A delightfully fluffy story in the what happened category during the two weeks not covered in the end of season 4.

Great job, and a lot of work was done by bdaddydl in putting this together!  There’s a great mix of older and newer stuff here.  Many will notice this is significantly shorter than my own “favorites” list, there’s some really painful omissions here!  But that speaks very highly of the quality of Chuck fan fiction in existence.  There’s a lot here to enjoy.

 ~ Dave


About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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27 Responses to Fan Fiction Poll: Results

  1. BDaddyDL says:

    On my way to bed, but I realized I omitted to send NinjaVanish’s description. My most sincere apologies to him as well as to Frea and Neil N.

    If you want smart, sexy Sarah then ninjaVanish is your author. This ninja exploded onto the Chuck scene in March of 2010 with his epic “Chuck & Sarah vs. the Bunker,” and hasn’t stopped since. On top of writing, finishing, and defending his thesis, the mysterious figure has provided hours of entertainment. He’s bent history and minds with “Chuck vs. the Frontier,” which pits our favorite hero against Pinkertons and science fiction alike, and he steamed up quite a few monitors with the prequel to Bunker, “Chuck and Sarah vs. Themselves.” Currently, the ninja has embarked on a tale of bikinis and pirates in “Chuck vs. the Sunken Treasure.” I wish I could tell you he enjoys long walks on the beach, kittens, and Pad Thai, but like I said—mysterious figure. Things I do know about ninjaVanish: he tells a darn entertaining story, he has good taste in books, and Dr. Phil spoke at his commencement (no, seriously, his profile says that). You can catch up with him on his blog, or just check out his work. You won’t regret it.

    • atcDave says:

      I just fixed that above, thanks for the catch!

    • Michael says:

      Nothing unexpected here. I may not agree with the order and I am a bit disappointed that some things weren’t included, but all of these stories are truly great. And I am so happy that ‘Tuesday’ made the grade. Less than 4,000 words and it is amazing. It has haunted me since I’ve first read it.

      Btw, that Sound of Music/Chuck mashup is by quistie64. Yeah, by the author of the oft silly Ninja Librarian. It promises to be a funny ride and irreverent but not offensive to the Sound of Music.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        I just want to thank Dave. When I came up with this idea while tweeting with Big Kev, Crumby and JoeltotheDit was for fun, and maybe some people would read some of these amazing stories.. Than Dave offered his help. It took off from there. This was a lot of fun,
        So much fun I might never do it again. Seriously, Notorious JMG is planning something next year. I’ll be happy to help him.
        Thanks again, Dave, if you need something let me know. I owe ya.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        Michael for me there were some surprises. After over 70 votes there was still a tie in long story. Just a few more votes in the short story and it could have been a 9 way tie.
        More importantly the story winners were not all recent. This fandom has a rich history, and its authors have greatly influenced the newer ones.

      • atcDave says:

        bdaddy I noticed that too about the age of some of the stories; a lot of older stuff faired very well. I know common wisdom on major commercial polling is usually that there is a big “recency effect”; that is, more recent material will usually score better than older stuff (I think we’ve even seen some of that on our “favorite episode” surveys here at ChuckThis). But no such thing seems to have happened with fan fiction. Maybe its all still too new for that bias to show up; if we do this again in another year it will be interesting to see how much change there might be.

        And I can’t say often enough how much great stuff there is out there. My own favorites list now has over 150 titles. I’m not under any illusions about all of them being equal, but limiting it down to pick only five long and five short stories was seriously difficult.

  2. Crumby says:

    That was fun BDaddy! Thanks! And thank you Dave for helping putting this together.

    Congrats to all the authors. Amazing stories!

  3. joe says:

    You’ve just provided a fantastic service, gentlemen. Can’t thank you enough.

    Now, pardon me while I bury my nose in some fan-fics… 😉

    • thinkling says:

      Yeah, guys. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting. More to read 🙂

      • Michael says:

        Interesting, that notion of heavy lifting. I am a little guilty of this myself, looking for stories that have a larger review counts.

        I’ve noticed that the same names appear in the reviews. I wish they would have those little thumbs up counters as well. Perhaps folks are little intimitated by saying something publicly.

      • Crumby says:

        A lot of stories can be reviewed anonymously.

      • atcDave says:

        Reviewing can be tough (I understand why many would be intimidated!). I mean, I like to be encouraging, and I know writers look forward to readers comments; but often, when I’m really enjoying a story all I can really say is “great job!”

        And then the reviewer feels kind of stupid…

      • ArmySFC says:

        reviewing can be hard. i generally stopped because most authors never acknowledged they got a review from me. so my thought is if they can’t say thanks or comment on what i said, i took it as they just didn’t care. i heard the excuse, well i cant respond to every review. HUH? it takes 1 minute at most. i responded to each review i got when i posted.

        the reviews i liked the most were 2 kinds, the first is when they point a specific thing they liked, maybe an action scene. the second is a specific thing they didn’t like, maybe how a character handled a certain situation. it really is the only way an author can improve, is to know where he/she made the errors. some authors hate that though and let you know.

        one that drove me nuts were good chapter or good work. like i said i need to know what you liked so i can keep it going or what you don’t like so it can be changed. i do think most readers don’t care enough to post, sad as that is to say. they just read and move on. then again if you compare the number of people that hit on this blog and never post, it kind of fits in don’t you think?

      • ArmySFC says:

        some how that posted to soon. i used to read the ones with high reviews, but found i didn’t feel the same as the others about the story, so for me i just go for the first chapter and see how it goes, many have ended after one chapter or two but i still try to start them all.

      • atcDave says:

        Army you are right about just reading the first chapter, I think that’s the best indicator of tone and quality. The other thing I would recommend is review posts like I sometimes write; just like any media review, if you know the poster you can often judge if your taste is similar and if you’ll like the same things. In fact, to take it step further, I’ve found many excellent stories from comments posted here after I started the discussion.

        Your comment about the value of reviews sounds suspiciously like the argument we’ve long used here for the value of our feedback on the show itself too! But I do think you make a mistake in expecting an acknowledgement on every review you post. At least, I never expect a reply, and I haven’t been disappointed yet! Sure its great when the writer gets back to you, and I’ve gotten involved with a few good exchanges and formed some good on-line friendships that way, but I don’t expect it. I guess I start by assuming my opinions aren’t actually likely to be interesting or helpful, that way its pure bonus if someone surprises me.

      • ArmySFC says:

        dave, about the reviews being answered. it’s just a personal thing. if you ask for reviews and don’t answer, how does the reviewer know you read it. just answer 1 per story then they know you read them. thats just me though.

      • Crumby says:

        Authors generally thank they’re reviewers and readers in the author note.
        To me a review is first a great way to thank the author for sharing his story. I do try to give a little bit more of feedback than “good job” or “great chapter” (although it’s at least something) by, like you said Army, saying specific things I liked or saying what surprised/disappointed me to try to make it constructive.
        But as much as it’s always nice to get a reply or a thank you for a review, I don’t expect it and that’s not why I’m reviewing.

      • Nervert says:

        I can’t imagine there are too many authors that skip the reviews they get. One thing I’ve noticed, as chat rooms and comment boards proliferate, is that human beings are feedback junkies, and authors of FF (at least the several I’ve talked to) are no exception. In fact, *twitch* some are *twitch* fare gone into *twitch* their addiction.

        Now, re: the poll, thanks so much for doing the work, guys. Aside from the fact that this is a great service for readers, it’s also fantastic for authors to get a little more exposure. I know it’s work to do it but it’s much appreciated.

      • atcDave says:

        Nervert a big part of why I do these posts and write reviews is self serving and related to the exposure issue. I always hope increasing hits and positive encouragement for the writers will result in more stories of the sort I like! I’m never quite sure if it works, but at least it’s resulted in a lot of fun discussions with other fans and writers.

      • ArmySFC says:

        good points, and things may well be different now than over a year ago when i was actively reviewing and writing. this new batch of writers may be different and that’s a good thing. look back to the forums on FF. bdaddydl and i tried to get folks to review as well as respond to reviews it was so bad. he was having the same issues as were others, so it did happen. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, and mentioning it in an authors note is also a good way of doing it. seems the times have changed, which is a good thing for the FF community.

      • AgentInWaiting says:

        @ArmySFC, to be honest I never even thought about responding to reviews unless they asked a specific question (and most of those came through PM’s). I think the Reviews section is more accurately the “Thanks and Words of Encouragement” section as I rarely see (or leave) negative feedback on the actual writing (certain plot points however, are almost guaranteed to get strong feedback from readers). Most fans don’t want to discourage fellow fans who are contributing to the community or are leery of writing something negative about a popular story or author.

      • atcDave says:

        AiW I feel exactly that way about negative reviews. I would much rather encourage someone about the stuff I like than get critical about problems. They’re not pros, and I’m not an editor. So I’ll encourage what I like, and keep quiet if I can’t say anything good!

      • BDaddyDL says:

        It’s because of these suggestions that I read my first fanfic. So its your fault im addicted to reading and writing. Shhh I won’t tell my wife, she might hunt you down.
        Seriously thanks for starting me on this road.

        Also, if you see JustChuck on Twitter, thank him. It’s his web page that allowed me to set up the poll.

      • Michael66 says:


        >>> one that drove me nuts were good chapter or good work.

        I can live with those. They’re better than nothing. It tells me that they thought enough about it to say something. But what about the other side of the coin? I get very few negative reviews. There is one reviewer who seems to read a lot of FF, but when I ask a question about ‘his’ point, I never get a response.

        >>> i generally stopped because most authors never acknowledged they got a review from me.

        I never got one from you. ::smirk::

        I have started quite a number of conversations with other writers because of the review process. Including bouncing ideas or doing a beta on a story.


        >>> are feedback junkies, and authors of FF (at least the several I’ve talked to) are no exception

        No kidding! I still get giddy, ‘A real person wrote that!’ Who cares that hit rates are up or down. And when I get a review from someone but don’t get one for the following update, it is like ‘aw, crap. What did I screw up?’.

      • atcDave says:

        I really don’t like leaving negative reviews. But there’s also times I just don’t know what to say. Is “I can see where this chapter was necessary” really a review you want? There seems to be a correlation between those instances where I do finally say something a little negative, and the writer suddenly stops updating too. I hate to think I might have killed someone’s joy in their hobby.

        My own guideline to writers would be if I review faithfully, even not saying much specific, I’m probably pretty excited about your story.
        If I put it on my favorites list its good enough I’ll probably want to read it again.
        If I review only occasionally, I’m still reading but its not at the top of my list.
        I never say a word I have no strong opinion (I may not even be reading, duh!)
        If I take it off my favorites list you screwed up.

        Theoretically, I would discuss things I don’t like via PM. But I won’t initiate it. Sorry but I really don’t like being very critical.

  4. Crumby says:

    I’ve also read a lot of stories on discussions here or other recommendations I got online. It’s a great way to know if you’re gonna like it, especially if you know the tastes of the people doing the recommendation or if they know yours.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah exactly Crumby; if you know the reviewer their recommendation may be a positive or negative thing! (yeah I know I left myself wide open there, so I apologize to any writer would rather not get one of my recommendations!)

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