Joe vs. The Hacking

First, An Apology

If you received a direct-message (known as a DM) on your twitter account from mine (that would be @JM_Buckley) please please please disregard it, and I sincerely apologize. My account was hacked and has been used to send spam.

The message links to a rather dumb video that is, in effect, a twitter virus. It’ll pass the same DM from your account if you open it.

I believe it is not dangerous, but it is a nuisance. If you did click on the link, you’ll probably need to change your twitter account password and you’ll be unable to send tweets for a few hours, until your get back below the “tweet caps” for messages.

Again, apologies.

– joe


About joe

In my life I've been a professor, martial artist, rock 'n roller, rocket scientist, lover, poet and brain surgeon. I'm lying about the brain surgery.
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4 Responses to Joe vs. The Hacking

  1. cholitau says:

    I was surprised to see a DM from you… and when i read it i thought “That doesn’t sound like Joe at all!” so i figured it was something like this. I didn’t open the link. Someone must have though, because i received one from someone else. Oh well… these things happen 🙂

    Take care!

    • joe says:

      Yes, I was surprised to see how many times I got the message sent to me, too. I believe there’s a special circle in Dante’s Hell reserved for people who create that kind of mischief… 😉

      That’s life in the 21st century!

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