And Welcome To The Newest Member of the Chuck Family

That would be Oliver Michael Jacobs, the brand spankin’ new baby boy born to Sarah Lancaster and Matthew Jacobs, her husband.

Oliver Michael Jacobs was born in Los Angeles, weighing in at 8 lbs., 7 oz.

“We feel so fortunate for every minute we get to spend with our healthy and happy baby,” the couple tell PEOPLE.

– joe

Update: Here’s a little more at e-Online!

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11 Responses to Congratulations!

  1. joe says:

    His birthday was June 29! Why, he’s almost ready for COLLEGE already!


  2. thinkling says:

    Thanks for the update, Joe. Wonder how many sleep sheep they got 😉

  3. atcDave says:

    That is awesome news. The timing seems good, like she may not miss a huge amount of filming. But I wonder if she’ll want a smaller part this season? But then I’m also not sure if her part was that time consuming anyway. Anyone have any guesses on how many hours a week Sarah Lancaster was working on Chuck?

    • joe says:

      I couldn’t say, Dave. But by the fact that it was kept out of the press for so long, I’d say they’re doing the right thing for the baby.

      I’m sure we’ll see Ellie on screen, but of course we’ll never see her enough. I still have a “thing” for brunettes, you know! 😉

      • Gord says:

        Congrats to Sarah and her husband. As for having a thing for brunettes, I can understand that, as I am also usually partial to brunettes.

        In fact, when I started watching the Pilot episode, and Ellie came up on screen, I said to myself wow he sure has a beautiful sister. Then about 10 minutes later Yvonne showed up and I thought, “How did they manage to get the two most gorgeous women in the world onto one show”?

      • joe says:

        Oh gee – I said nearly the same thing to myself!

        Great minds, and all that. 😉

      • atcDave says:

        Actually during the Pilot my thought was “funny the sister is prettier than the love interest…”
        Have to say that didn’t last long though. Yvonne/Sarah just has charisma off the charts. It’s not just about looks, she’s about the most appealing woman I’ve ever seen.

      • jason says:

        Ellie is the show’s most underutilized character, she was great in the pilot, since then her primary role has been a confused sister talking to her shirtless husband. Sarah Lancaster was the only Chuck actor I had ever heard of prior to Chuck. I thought she was adorable in Everwood, even though she was a sweet character, she was brought in to play the ‘Shaw’ role for one season, i.e. delay the inevitable coupling of a pair of series regulars. She had a great part, did a great job, then got bushwhacked by bad writing at the end of her time on the show (season 2).

        We’ll see how Yvonne does once she leaves Chuck, Hollywood is full of female series regulars who are looking for their next big thing, but what she does each week on Chuck is special.

        Speaking of series reg’s looking for their next big thing, my only live watch this week was Sarah Michelle Guellar’s ‘Ringer’. If you like dark, sort of trashy drama, you might like it. I thought it would have made a great first 40 minutes to a 2 hour movie (it had a great ‘twist’), but I would never watch every week, too much soap opera in the story for me to invest.

      • atcDave says:

        Jason I do think Yvonne is the most likely of the Chuck cast to have a successful career after; but as you point out, there is SOOOO much competition. But of the regular cast, I do believe she has the most actual star appeal, and the broadest range. But many talented actors have simply disappeared after being loved in a particular role, so I wouldn’t bet on anything. I know she has said she wants to do movies and wants to do a broad variety of roles; but I hope she ends up with her own action/adventure themed show soon. That’s the only way I would be likely to watch much of her future work. (I won’t watch much in the way of chick flicks, or serious dramas, or anything “steamy”; no matter who’s in it!)

  4. Verkan_Vall says:

    Wonderful news. Congratulations to the parents!

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