Who do you want to play Sarah’s Mom?

We at Chuckthis pride ourselves on being trendsetters…er-maybe not. We pride ourselves on being the source of all the breaking news…ah not quite. We pride ourselves on having the pulse of the #Chuck fan, um not really. But seriously we pride ourselves with dynamic thinking expressed in articulate-schnook prose and through it all one thing has always intrigued us more than most: Sarah’s mom. The role itself is rich, meaty–full of endless possibilities & countless expectations. Is she good, or bad? Flawed or perfect? Does it matter? With and without our fondness for Sarah Walker, the role comes built in with the intrigue and likability that rivals Scott Bakula’s portrayal of Stephen Bartowski. In essence, whomever plays her will probably be among the annals of Chuck lore. With that in mind there will be a section in this thread with a spoiler so avert your eyes when warned but feel free to read on and vote before then. More after the jump.

We were actually planning on having this post up for you for awhile now but the names are so plentiful that it required more than just a quick post. Next to Chuck and Sarah getting together there really isn’t anything else fans want more. The names have been thrown about since the very moment we fell in love with Sarah Walker (to some that moment is Vicky Vale, to others, a minute later 😉 but we’ve always been intrigued).

First it was the low-key names, then fans openly dreamed and as geek creds started to make their mark on Chuck, more pop-culture icons started popping out. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, my dream pick is Lynda Carter and if she plays Sarah’s mom, I will die. But she isn’t the only person on our list. There will be a survey that will pop up with this post but for now here are some introductions/background:

Kim Basinger: Recent troubles aside, can’t go wrong with the original Vicky Vale. Blond, beautiful and an Oscar winner, she has the range to showcase all the things that Sarah’s mom could possibly have gone through or is going through. Her detraction? She’s not as active or as kick-ass as others on the list.

Lynda Carter: TV’s Wonder Woman, I can’t imagine anyone playing a better mom for Sarah Walker. Ok that’s my bias talking ;). In all seriousness, Carter has the height, the pedigree and geek cred to play this role. She’s 60. She doesn’t have as much range as others, but having played Chloe’s mom (one who abandoned her child) on Smallville, she has shown that she can deliver on tearjerkers. Her biggest detraction? Carter is mostly focusing on music nowadays. Plus she’s not blond.

Geena Davis: Davis has the strength and spirit to play Sarah’s mom. Best known for Thelma and Louise and A League of Their Own, she has since gone on to play a variety of roles, each one often featuring a strong, independent woman with a fighting spirit. At 6’0 she passes the height requirement (if there was one) to be Sarah’s mom but as a redhead, not so much. Edit: Per KG, she has also played a “kick-ass spy/assassin with Samuel L. Jackson.”

Carrie Fisher: With all the Star Wars reference in and out of Chuck, casting Fisher almost seems like a slam dunk. And now with Mark Hamill (Luke himself) starring in an episode, casting Fisher becomes even more tantalizing. Imagine, Luke AND Leia on Chuck! Plus she can most definitely showcase the emotional conflict that is endemic to the role of someone that abandoned Sarah Walker as a young child. But at 5’1 she may be too short to be Sarah’s mom (logically).

Erin Gray: Best known for Buck Rogers (TV Show in the late 70s-early 80s) she is a dark horse pick for fans of the genre. She has played strong roles in the past and she is quite beautiful. She’s 5’7. But she’s not nearly as well known outside of certain circles.

Melanie Griffith: Blond, statuesque and still active in the acting community (last seen in Hot in Cleveland with another blond, Betty White). She’s got the looks but not what you’d imagine for Sarah’s mom off the top of your head. Sarah’s more cerebral and throughout her career Griffith has played largely one dimensional roles.

Cheryl Ladd: If you’re looking for geek cred, Ladd certainly can boast those credentials. Formerly a Charlie’s Angel and most recently a mom of Delinda in NBC’s Las Vegas, she fits the role perfectly. Though she’s not as active as during her Charlie’s Angels days, she plays well as someone that could have borne the GBSM and have since been a loving mom. Her biggest detraction? She’s 60. With Jack Burton at 55, a bit of an age difference.

Heather Locklear: I know what you’re thinking, really? Locklear is best known for Melrose Place where she played (for lack of a better word) a bitch. She works well if the role requires Jack Burton’s wife to be equally devious as he is, and maybe all the more. She has played a mom before and at best, it was an ok portrayal. She’s 5’5.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Pfeiffer has played many roles, diverse roles, though not many as a mother. Still she has compassion (Dangerous Minds), she can kick butt (Batman) and she can play darker, less likable roles. Depending on the exposition in Sarah’s mom’s past, Pfeiffer fits well with most of them.

Rene Russo: Though not a blond, put Rene Russo in a blond wig and she can pass for Sarah’s mother. At 57 she’s actually older than Gary Cole and boasts quite a resume. If we’re looking for someone that can kick ass (Thomas Crown Affair), brings geek cred (Lethal Weapon) or can be funny Russo can act those roles, and do them pretty well.

Meg Ryan: At 50, and playing mostly younger roles Meg Ryan may seem like an unlikely pick but she brings with her some of the qualities needed for Sarah’s mom. Best known for When Harry Met Sally, she can do comedy, particularly romantic comedy very well. Plus she’s just so likable. It’s not hard to imagine her as the quirky mom that fell in love with Jack Burton.

Cybill Shepherd: In terms of television, few women have accomplished what Cybill Shepherd has. The original half of WT/WT in Television’s most infamous pair in Moonlighting, she brings with her history and a wink and a nudge to today’s epitome of WT/WT couple in Chuck and Sarah. She’s 5’8 and works as a mom-type, although without nearly the range or the geek cred and physicality than others on this list.

Emma Thompson: Another dark horse pick, and one that not many considers but she could play the role. An Oscar winner, she can play a variety of roles and can act her way through anything. She can be witty, strong, motherly and quirky–less kick-ass, but that’s certainly not the only requirement.

Kathleen Turner: Must admit I’d love this pick for the Undercover Blues connection–where she played a married spy, with a baby. Most recently she’s been seen in Friends (playing Chandler’s sex-change post-op Dad). Needless to say she’s hilarious.

Lindsay Wagner: Best known as TV’s original Bionic Woman, we know she used to kick butt. Most recently she does a lot of commercial work, but she stays active and could kick ass if needed. Unfortunately she’s not known for dramatic acting so that doesn’t help her case. Edit: Per MyNameIsJeffNImLost, she’s been in Alphas and Warehouse 13 of Sci-Fi.

Sigourney Weaver: Former Alien, Weaver recently has been seen in Baby Momma playing, a mom! She’s quite funny, quite devious (Heartbreakers) and is one of the most kick ass women of the ’80s (a cred that another Chuck vet boasts: Linda Hamilton). Needless to say if you were making a female expendables movie, Weaver (once upon a time) would be in that film. She’s not blond though, but tall (5’11) and at 62, same deal as Cheryl Ladd.

Stephanie Zimbalist: If you’re familiar with Remington Steele, you’ll recognize Zimbalist.  She played the lead (technically Pierce Brosnan was the lead, but since the heroin in that story created “Remington Steele” that really makes her the main protagonist) and did so admirably. She hasn’t been in much since then but she has done some guest starring roles since, most recently Judging Amy with Amy Brenneman. Same as with Gray, she’s not nearly as well known for a stunt cast.

So many names, so many intriguing possibilities. In the end it comes down to how you see the role and what qualities you deem essential to the role.

With that said (Spoiler area coming up, avert your eyes if you’re phobic, but please take the poll and feel free to comment below).

Ausiello posted today’s latest tantalizing tease: we meet Sarah’s mom (in recurring episodes) this season. Though we’ve been scooped (seriously this post was supposed to come out before this!) we’re happy that it’s finally confirmed. Her name is Emma and she is, “beautiful blonde who is, in essence, a walking hug.” May not be exactly what you’d picture as someone that would abandon her child, but therein lies the intrigue. Obviously the actor being cast is largely responsible for the portrayal so it becomes even more essential the right person gets cast.

(Spoiler area end). Vote now! Or sound off in the comments if there’s a name we’ve missed. For the record among the choices are a Bionic Woman, a Wonder Woman, a Charlie’s Angels, an Alien and Star Wars’ Leia. Pretty kick-ass list, if I may say so.


The results are in…Michelle Pfeiffer won with 13% of the votes.

Ranking/Numbering results:


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65 Responses to Who do you want to play Sarah’s Mom?

  1. thinkling says:

    I lost the pop-up. I clicked back on the main post to check something, and the pop-up disappeared. Now I can’t get it back even if I reload the page. AGGHHHHH!

  2. kg says:

    Excellent run-down Faith. Just wanted to add that Geena Davis played a kick-ass spy/assassin with Samuel L Jackson (the name of the flick escapes me). She had lost her memory and forgot her skills/identity. The Agency/bad guys believed her dead and therefore she settled in as a school teacher mom. And then something triggered her memory and destruction and mayhem ensued and she was the heroine at the end.

    My top three was Phieffer, Ladd and Russo. Huge Batman fan but I wasn’t a particular fan of the Vale character, although I do admit it would make an incredible call back/complete circle tie-in to the pilot.

    Love Lynda Carter. Loved her as Wonder Woman. Had the near life-size poster of her in costume as a 12-year in ’78. For whatever reason, just don’t see it working here. She’s just brunette I guess. You’re right. Her cred is off the charts.

    • Faith says:

      Thanks! I had help from several people (they know who they are :)) so it’s not all me. I think the movie you’re talking about is “Long Kiss Goodnight,” and actually we thought of that or David (@OregonLt3) did. Good call.

  3. kg says:

    Oh By The Way: Saw Killer Elite over the weekend. Yvonne was cute and adorable as Statham’s Australian country-girlfriend in waiting.

    It’s no secret she’ll become a big star on the silver screen after the run of Chuck. As you all know, she can do adorable, kick-ass, emotional, smart, whatever you want.

  4. Lindsay Wagner has been in three episodes of Warehouse 13 and as the same character in an episode of Alphas.

    The spoiler I saw said she needs to be huggable, so butt-kicking, former superheroes might be outside of what they are shooting for.

  5. Leigh says:

    I really really really want Carrie Fisher to be Sarah’s mom, despite the height difference. I think she’d be amazing!

  6. thinkling says:

    I hope and I really don’t think that Sarah’s mom will be the spy type. I ruled out many just because they are too old or too young. Some I eliminated by eye color and height. I tried to go for versatile … someone I could see in almost any type of scenario (like a walking hug). I ended up eliminating some actresses I really like because of these criteria. Also, nerd/sci-fi/spy cred was of no interest to me for Sarah’s mom.

    My top picks are Kim Basinger, Rene Russo, Emma Thompson, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

  7. atcDave says:

    I still make Kim Basinger best choice, Lynda Carter second (only because I like her!); then I’m pretty indifferent. I sort of like the idea of tall blonde and athletic; since Gary Cole fails at least on the tall and blonde part, Sarah had to get it somewhere! Ultimately, I trust they’ll find the right fit.

  8. BDaddyDL says:

    Guys I know she’s not getting much attention, but do any of you remember Buck Rogers? My first crush was her wearing her uniform. So she has some real sci fi cred. She’s blond and has blue eyes.
    Yeah I know slim chance, but a guy can dream.

    BTW one you may not have thought of is Zanadu’s own Olivia Newton John.

  9. Faith says:

    Early numbers are in from 31 votes:
    Michelle Pfeiffer – 13%
    Cheryl Ladd – 11%
    Kim Basinger & Cybill Shepherd are tied at 9%
    Rene Russo, Lynda Carter & Sigourney Weaver, three way tie at 7%

    For the numbering, out of 20 votes:
    Kim Basinger leads as #1, as in “we really want her to play Sarah’s mom.” With a tie between Rene Russo and Lynda Carter following her at #2. And no definitive last, “ew stay away” for #17 (it’s a tie between 5 women).

  10. mxpw says:

    Shouldn’t Sarah’s mom look like, you know, Sarah? Most of these women look absolutely nothing like Yvonne. I honestly have no idea what Ausiello was smoking with some of his choices.

    • jason says:

      I think Yvonne could be Kim Bassinger’s daughter, or Jeri Ryan’s. I don’t see the Linda Carter thing at all, she looks more like Lester’s mom than Sarah’s & doesn’t do much acting any longer. For those who watch Warehouse 13, you know how that lack of recent acting works out, as the Lindsay Wagner just isn’t an actress any longer, even though I loved her as the billion dollar babe back in the 70’s or 80’s. Jeri Ryan can really act, she does appearances like this on shows all the time, she was on Star Trek, plus, she looks like Sarah, alot. Kim Bassinger fits the part of being a walking ‘hug’ & is Vicki Vale, as does Cheryl Ladd I would think, another candidate who ‘looks’ like Sarah & was an ‘Angel’. But put Jeri Ryan in there, she will steal the season, just like Bakula did in S2 and Dalton did in S4.

      • thinkling says:

        Looks good, but she’s too young. Just 12 years older than Sarah. (14 yrs older than Yvonne)

      • jason says:

        Think – sorry – but 14 years older than Sarah is far more realistic than most these candidates who are 30 years older than Sarah, it is far more likely that the story will be a very young mom (say 18 years old) who sort of had to be out of the picture than someone who conceived Sarah while she was in her late 20’s or early 30’s – don’t you agree???? I agree with you, if the story calls for mama Burton to have been 30 when Sarah was born, Ryan is not a candidate.

        My big concern, most of these candidates have not acted much in the past – well – 30 years – I think this role needs someone who can act – not could – but can.

        Anyhow, no big deal. I must admit, having Vicki Vale would be cool, but having 7 of 9 would actually give the character a chance to be cool, not just the casting announcement!

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, I do agree that a birth year before 1955 could pushing the envelope. I would think being born between 1955 and 1960 (20-25 when Sarah was born) would be reasonable (Gary Cole = 1956). By that standard Kim B is at the top edge of believable (would’ve been 27 when Sarah was born). I still like her for the roll, though. I don’t personally see a teenage Mama Walker. I would buy the 25 to 27 age range before the 18 yr old, but that’s just me. If she was one of his marks, then I would definitely lean in the mid 20’s scenario.

        I like Jeri Ryan (just now realized, thanks to Frei, who she is — Body of Proof), but a 12 year difference between the parents, and a 14 year old mother(?) … I just don’t see it. Jeri Ryan would make a great older sister.

        Emma Thompson was my suggestion. (I may be the only one who thinks so, and that’s fine, but here’s my reasoning. Like I said nerd/spy/sci-fi creds don’t interest me, because I think Sarah’s mom will be not at all of those worlds. [Please, please, please, let her just be a normal person (i.e. not a spy). I could be wrong but I really hope she’s not a spy, which would be all the more reason for choosing outside of the stunt-casting norm] Age-wise Emma Thompson would have been 21 when Sarah was born, 3 years younger than Jack. She can do anything you throw at her acting wise. Blond hair, blue eyes, not quite as tall as Sarah, but still in the believable range. Yvonne’s twin … no … but believable enough. I can easily see her as a hilarious walking hug. She can be plain or pretty, and is quite capable of show-steeling. Great actress (won 2 Oscars + 36 other awards; nominated for 2 other Oscars + 42 other awards). To me she would be in the same category (catch-wise as an actor, not as a spy) as Dalton and would have his range of skill. She may actually be my first choice.

      • jason says:

        I always push Ryan cause she was the borg (7 of 9) on star trek Voyager, and Sarah acted so borg-like at the beginning, plus they look so alike. Plus Robert Duncan McNeil has a connection.

        I am SHOCKED at all this worry about age, in Hollywood, plus or minus 5 years is NOTHING. It is not like we look at their birth certificates. I agree Thompson is a great choice too.

        Yvonne has been pushing for Uma Thurman, who also is 50 or 51, has the Kill Bill background, and her mother was Timothy O’Leary’s girl friend of 60’s war protester fame – so he family history might be stranger than Sarah’s mom on Chuck. For the record, if my life story ever is a movie, feel free to push for the casting Uma Thurman as my wife, so I can hardly blame Yvonne!

      • ArmySFC says:

        i really think to much thought is being put into the actress age vs character age. make up can do wonders for an actor to make them look older. people need to separate the actress from the character they are playing. it’s not YS real mom were talking about, its a character on a TV show. there are quite a few actresses over 50 that still look like they are in their early forties. take a look at how many older actors play teens on TV. i don’t watch Glee but i think i remember reading someplace many are in their twenties. if they can do that why not have a younger actor play an older part? as i said make up works wonders.

      • thinkling says:

        Uma is younger than Jeri … born in 1970. I know that makeup can do wonders, but to me the age needs to be somewhat believable, and as great as these women are, they’re just not believable to me. Of course that’s just me, and if they picked either of them, they’d somehow make it work. I would get over my eye rolling and enjoy it, I’m sure.

      • ArmySFC says:

        thinkling, please don’t get offended by this. what gets me about the age thing is that people are worried that’s it looks believable. this is on a show that brought back 2 people from the dead, has a guy with a computer in his head, promoted a major to a colonel and skipped the rank of LTC in the process, has the three worst parents ever, cant figure out time to save their collective butts. the list could go on forever about things that show has done that don’t make sense, yet people what her moms age to fit? seems like a goofy thing to be concerned about making sense to me.

      • atcDave says:

        Army I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want a casting decision that feels right for the part, especially with the stunt casting TPTB are so fond of, finding someone that generates a “that’s perfect!” sort of reaction before the character is even seen makes good sense.
        Now you are right that a lot of issues can be overlooked. In this case, an actress who exudes the right force of personality is likely more important than some of the physical details. In fact, I’d say so far, Scott Bakula is the only “family” casting decision who completely looks right for his role. (seriously, how tall is Makenna Melvin?). But I still think the physical issues are fair game for being among the issues we look at. And an actress who’s too old is probably a bigger problem than one who’s too young. But I imagine all these things could be charted on a big writer’s room white board while they’re being discussed, every performer will have their own plusses and minuses. In the end, who’s available may be the biggest issue of all.

      • thinkling says:

        I’m not at all offended, Army. You’re right that the show is about preposterous notions, the premise and resurrections, etc. But since it is about real people, even though they are in unrealistic situations, and since it’s not “Mork and Mindy” or “Star Trek,” I do expect certain things on television to reflect reality, like water doesn’t run uphill and 12-year-olds don’t typically have babies. It does matter to the brain. When people look too young or old for the part, or the required age, the brain just doesn’t buy what the eyes are selling. Much better to stick to something believable.

        It seems to me that generally Hollywood does stay within the believable age range when casting parents, siblings, kids, grandparents, etc. Like they did with Woody and Honey and MamaB and PapaB. I really doubt they’ll go for a 12-14 year difference between Jack and Emma. (I like the name Emma, BTW.) it’s not like they couldn’t force it, but why try? I may eat my words, which is fine, too.

        Anyway who says that these women would want to be cast as their peer’s mother? It’s not usually a compliment to be mistaken for the mother of a woman only 12 years your junior.

      • thinkling says:

        I might add that one of the reasons Role Models didn’t work for me was because of the ages of the actors for the Turners. They weren’t Chuck and Sarah +30. They were Chuck and Sarah +40, and it really detracted for me.

      • ArmySFC says:

        i do understand your points and i agree to an extent. Casey left his pregnant fiancee in 1989 to join the NSA. Alex at best is 22, most likely 21 ready to turn 22, yet the actress who plays her is 26 and to me looks older. most likely to have her fit the relationship with Morgan. they have her hooked up with a guy who is the same age as Chuck. how often do you see that in real relationships? once in a blue moon if i had to bet.

      • atcDave says:

        Morgan and Alex are about the same age difference as my wife and I; when I met her she was 19 and just too young to be anything other than a buddy. But 6 years later when we started dating, 25 and 34 didn’t seem like such a big deal.
        Actually Role Models made me laugh; at the “they look like us 30 years ago” all I could think was “wow are they vain…”

      • ArmySFC says:

        Dave you hit the nail on the head. Alex would have been 21 at best when they started dating, you waited 6 years until she was 25. so you see my point. there is a huge difference to me between a 34-25 dating and a 29-20 dating. the older you get the less the age matters.

      • atcDave says:

        Of course its well established Morgan is a man-child. I think he finally started acting like an adult at 30. A woman his own age would be 10 years too mature for him!

      • ArmySFC says:

        Dave on that i agree, although i still don’t see morgan acting like an adult most of the time. if so he would never have gotten the Intersect. the last statement doesn’t play well in the argument of needing and age appropriate actress to play sarah’s mom to make it believable, when they use a non age appropriate actress (25 but looks older) to play a 20-21 yo. they then engage her in a relationship with a man (30-31) that is not very age believable. you said it yourself your wife was to young at 19 and you waited 6 years.

        i would hope that who ever they pick gets better material to work with than LH, and is not another loser like the other parents. i think fans will have a hard time going through that again.

    • As awesome as Jeri Ryan is (and she would be *awesome*), I like Body of Proof and she’s got a full schedule, so I’m not crossing my fingers. She’s the one that I see looking most like Sarah, though, because they share similar coloring and build…and whoever they pick does have to look like Sarah, as Jack Burton does not. At all.

      I do request that whatever slightly-outdated star they pick, she’s a strong actress because she’s going to need it to pull off whatever “walking hug” properties they’ve got planned with any modicum of reality.

      • jason says:

        “I do request that whatever slightly-outdated star they pick, she’s a strong actress ”

        Yep – I just replied to Kev about nearly the same thing:

  11. Wilf says:

    On the other hand, she doesn’t exactly look like her dad, either, but it doesn’t really matter that much. I, personally, don’t look like my mum or dad.

  12. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    Sorry, but I didn’t know where to put this.

    Sarah’s mom will be far trickier than Mary. Mary’s excuses for being gone were very poor at best, making feeling any synpathy difficult, eventhough I wanted to.

    Going back (in time) to tell the present story has not been a strength of this show lately, and has done more harm than good.

    I really want us to meet Sarah’s mom, but there is no wiggle room or error. I think it’s going to be very hard to be sympathetic towards either Sarah or her mom. **apprehensive**

    After recently seeing her in W13, Lindsay Wagner gets my vote.

    • BigKev67 says:

      I’m torn. I’m glad that we get to meet Sarah’s mom to round out the story, and if they do half as good a job with casting and story as they did with Jack, I’d be ecstatic. But memories of the utter mess they made of MamaB (and Linda Hamilton) are still strong. Fingers crossed for a good piece of casting capped off with a great story!

      • jason says:

        Kev – +1 – funny – after watching LH, I dialed back my criticism of BR – Chuck apparently is not an easy show to be a recurring guest star – quirky nature of the show maybe?

      • Jason, just replace “quirky nature of the show” with the words “inconsistent characterization and motivations that only make sense if somebody rolls a pair of dice to make all of their decisions,” and I think you’ve got it on the nose. 🙂 I’m hoping Sarah’s mom is a one-and-done deal. The best guest stars are those that don’t stay for too long (read: Jack Burton, early Carina, Roan Montgomery).

      • herder says:

        I was reading an interview somewhere with the actrress who plays Beckett on Castle, she spoke of a meeting between cast and writers explaining the motivation and what the chararacter was feeling for the season. Compare that to the many times Chuck cast have said that they have no idea of where they are going week to week.

      • atcDave says:

        I think they already said “recurring role” for Sarah’s mom. I actually think the story issues with Sarah’s mom will be far easier than for Mary. We know Mary left of her own volition for reasons most of us never quite bought. Whereas Sarah’s mom could easily have been a sort of scam victim of Jack’s; she could have been bitter as Sarah took more after her dad and distanced herself accordingly. Up to disowning the ungrateful brat when she kept running off with dad.
        Of course that doesn’t quite mesh with the “walking hug” line we saw. But that could represent a change of heart and character as she is now eager to reconnect with her daughter.

        The other easy possibility is that Sarah’s mom is just like her dad. Another unreliable con artist who simply went her own way and abandoned her daughter. Then part of her reappearance story could be determining if her desire to reconnect is sincere or a desire to scam her now wealthy daughter.

        I suppose a younger actress works better if she’s the wronged innocent, and an older actress works better if she’s a grifter. Either way would work nicely, and I’m sure there’s plenty of other possibilities that I haven’t even thought of.

        For the record I disagree with the assertion that any mess was made of S4’s back story either. I saw a well conceived and executed story that was a delight to watch. I found a few nits to pick (like not really thinking all that highly of Mary) but nothing that diminished my assessment of Chuck as the best hour show on television.

      • BigKev67 says:

        I think the lesson is that cool casting can’t cover up a poor story. Linda tried her best – and still produced a couple of fantastic scenes – but the poverty of the material she was given beat her. Routh? Same poverty – but significantly less talent.
        Conversely, combine great casting with a compelling and humorous character and story (Papa B, Jack B and even Roan) and the possibilities
        are endless. Stunt casting is great, but character and story trumps all, as it should. If TPTB remember that, then Emma has a chance of being what we all hope for.

      • atcDave says:

        Yes I would pretty much agree Kev. I know character is a little more important to me than story, but both elements do matter at least as much (if not more) than the casting.

      • uplink2 says:

        Kev, I agree completely. I’m hoping for Cheryl Ladd but you are right the character as written is the most important thing. With Hamilton you had a good actress wand an inconsistent character= bit of a disappointment With Routh you had a horribly written character with an incredibly weak and limited actor = complete disaster. Gary Cole great character and perfect casting = probably my favorite guest star and gave us 2 of my favorite episodes.

        I have been waiting for Sarahs mom for 5 years and it is the only essential I had for season 5 and at last we are finally getting it.

      • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

        I honestly don’t care who plays Sarah’s mom as long as it MAKES SENSE.  And as much as I want to meet “mom”, I absolutely don’t want it to be at the expense of the Sarah character.

        The mom story has a “Sarah’s real name” mystique about it (and we all know how well that turned out). Like I said above, there is no room for error. 

    • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

      The more I think about it, the more I think we’ll meet Sarah’s mom (**coughLindsayWagnercough**) and the past will never be brought up or discussed.

      It wouldn’t the 1st time we ignored the past on this show.

      • atcDave says:

        It’s possible they won’t go into a lot of detail; but given that the only thing we really know about her is Sarah’s comment that the relationship is “beyond strained” I think something needs to be explained about it.

  13. mxpw says:

    The age thing doesn’t bother me. Honestly, if I were casting the role, I’d cast Jeri Ryan. She really is the best choice (acting ability and looks), and they could age her up a bit. Assuming she’s not too busy to take the role. What would bother me far more is Sarah looking nothing like her mom. Which, with few exceptions, none of the actresses suggested so far do. She already looks nothing like Jack.

    Of course, I’m not really looking forward to this story either way, so eh.

    • ArmySFC says:

      I’m all for Jeri Ryan. i think it would be a hard sell to get her even if she had the time because of contract issues if it indeed a recurring role like the article says.

      i don’t see this story ending very well no matter how they play it.

    • JC says:

      If age isn’t a concern why not Peta Wilson? She can act, has the the right look and the geek cred being the original TV Nikita

      • ArmySFC says:

        works for me!

      • jason says:

        JC – My criteria in no particular order, well maybe a bit of order: currently acting and doing it well, stunning, tall, blond, preferably closer to 50 than 60, the more experience in the genre the better, sounds like your girl has all of those.

        So much depends on how much she is going to have to act, or how multi dimensional her character is – if just being asked to be a ‘hug-gable’ cutie, anyone probably can do it … if she will get serious, emotional and be asked to make peace with Sarah, that is different, and if on top of that she plays some role in the endgame, then the actress needs to be top notch AND on top of her game.

      • thinkling says:

        JC, I think for most people age is a concern.

      • Faith says:

        And she’s Australian! I know she’s got Amy’s vote.

        I loved that Nikita TV show.

      • Kelly says:

        ahhh, my favorite tv show of all time (Chuck is second or third..sorry)

        La Femme Nikita –Peta Wilson is awesome! The one thing I do worry about though, she does have the acting chops, but I have not seen her try comedy. I do not think she is old enough though.

  14. Faith says:

    Final numbers are in out of 52 total voters:
    Michelle Pfeiffer won with 13% of the votes. Lynda Carter is 2nd with 12% of the votes.
    Cheryl Ladd 3rd at 11%.

    For the numbering it’s a little more complicated but Michelle Pfeiffer also takes it with 6 – #1 votes, Wagner second with 5 – #1 votes.
    The following are the winners for each rank–as in the highest vote getters on each number/rank with 1 being “yes I really want her to be Sarah’s mom” to 17 being “no, stay away.”
    1. Michelle Pfeiffer – 7 #1 votes
    2. Rene Russo tied with Lynda Carter – 6 #2 votes each
    3. Michelle Pfeiffer – 5 #3 votes
    4. Rene Russo – 5 #4 votes
    5. Erin Gray, Carrie Fisher, Cheryl Ladd – 3 #5 votes
    6. Erin Gray and Melanie Griffith – 3 #3 votes
    7. Emma Thompson tied with Lynda Carter – 2 #7 votes
    8. Carrie Fisher – 5 #8 votes
    9. Cheryl Ladd, Cybill Shepherd, Geena Davis – 3 #9 votes
    10. Carrie Fisher – 4 #10 votes
    11. Erin Gray, Heather Locklear, Lindsay Wagner – 2 #11 votes
    12. Heather Locklear – 4 #12 votes
    13. Kathleen Turner – 3 #13 votes
    14. Kathleen Turner – 4 #14 votes
    15. Melanie Griffith – 4 #15 votes
    16. Kathleen Turner, Stephanie Zimbalist – 3 #16 votes
    17. Geena Davis, Cybill Shepherd – 4 #17 votes
    As you can see it repeats, that just means that different people voted them in different rankings and enough people did so they got the most votes for those rankings too.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      There is one thing that I think we and TPTB should take into consideration when casting Sarah’s mom. Show promotion isn’t as much a consideration in the last season, so stunt casting a big name with geek cred to try to bring in new viewers may be less important than getting the right actress in the part. Remember Mini Anden was a virtual unknown as an actress (as was Mercedes Mason), but they defined and made two of the more popular guest star characters in the Chuck-verse.

      Another thing that occured to me, a tasty bit of irony based on the fact that I came to Chuck in part to see what Adam Baldwin was doing. Zac and Yvonne having a fanatical following in the wake of Chuck are going to be a lot of producers dream stunt cast in the future. They will vitrually guarantee a big chunk of the Chuck fandom will tune in to see what they are doing.

      • atcDave says:

        That’s a funny point Ernie. I hope Zach and Yvonne are too busy for many years to do many guest spots, but it would be fun to see them pop up on later favorite shows. Although I hope I don’t see either of them playing villains or murder victims! That would be tough to see,

  15. herder says:

    I haven’t voted for any of the choices so far despite liking some of the actresses mainly because of the “walking hug” description, the actresses listed are many things, but warm and cuddly aren’t one of them. The one that I keep coming back to despite being maybe a bit too old is Sally Struthers, yes she’s blond, no she doesn’t have a great physical resemblance, especially now, and there is no geek cred, but she is a walking hug. An estrangement could have pushed Sarah to be the complete opposite of her mother; aloof, untrusting and distant and Chuck is bringing her back to her mother’s nature.

    • jason says:

      Will be interesting, a walking hug does not seem to jive with Sarah having what seems to be irreconcilable differences with mom / Emma? I think many of the women mentioned can pull that ‘hug’ role off though, even the stunt casting celebrity types that are no longer working actresses. But if the role is multi-dimensional, I sure hope they bring in a pro, someone currently acting, which seems to pull the choices somewhat more toward younger actresses. But most of all, I hope that the back story ‘story’ brings some modicum of logic to the table, whoever the actress / stunt cast celebrity happens to be.

    • thinkling says:

      @Herder: I love the idea that the estrangement from a warm huggy mom could have pushed Sarah into being aloof, untrusting, reluctant to express affection and emotion, etc.

      I hadn’t thought of Sally Struthers (unfortunately she makes me think of Archie Bunker and the Meat Head), but you’re right she does evoke the walking hug persona. I had thought of Bette Midler as a walking hug too (if ever there was one), but her age rules her out as well.

      I think Emma Thompson could sell it with no problem, even though her name doesn’t evoke that image, As for geek cred, unless Sarah’s mom is going to be a nerd or a spy, I think geek cred would be totally unnecessary, maybe even undesirable.

  16. SarahSam says:

    Man. I don’t know. I’m not really feeling any of them and I don’t know why, maybe because of the stunt-casting thing. If I had to choose from the list , it would be Basinger or Russo and I don’t know how realistic getting Basinger is. Jeri Ryan would be awesome if she weren’t already on Body of Proof , so that’s a tough get, but she is a good actress and certainly looks similar to Yvonne , which I agree, should be considered. Mostly though, just tell the damn story honestly. Stunt-casting was a huge problem in S3 with Routh and fitting “Superman” into the “Superspy” , who could take Sarah from Chuck. It failed miserably. Tell the story honestly and you don’t have to worry about that crap, no matter who is cast. Address the birth name….Sam (Samantha) and receive your just due PTB. By the way, did Jack Burton ever address Sarah as Sarah? I need a couple of rewatches. (LOL) Happy birthday to Zach Levi and yours truly.

    • atcDave says:

      Jack Burton always called Sarah by some pet name like sweetheart or angel (makes perfect sense for a conman who changed names often!). My money is on mom doing the same.

  17. Pingback: Who do you want to play Sarah’s mom Part Deux | Chuck This

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