48 Hour Speculation Pool

Only 48 Hours Left for Spoilers and Wishes and Specs — Oh My.

During the hiatus between S4 and S5, we at Chuck This have tried to schedule polls and rewatches, so all of us would continue to have plenty of Chuck stuff to talk about, especially in the driest times before news of S5 began to spill. Our long wait is almost over.

In about 48 hours, our favorite show will kick off its last season. That means we don’t have much more time to speculate.

I think we’ve run aground with the Morgansect specs and worries, so I’d like to turn to all other things Chuck. It’s everybody’s last chance to put forth their favorite specs. It’s a fun way to pass the time, and sometimes we end up being right.

Last year on this blog, someone predicted that Chuck and Sarah would buy the Buymore and go into business for themselves … funded by Hartley/Volkoff. Not bad huh?

Let’s see how close we get on S5 specs.

Bartowski Familly

I am glad that the all the family is in the know. So how will they fit into the new family biz? How will Ellie be involved in the spy world? Will she actually go on missions? Carry a gun?

I say Ellie ends up involved on a mission somewhat by accident, but that for the most part she is a medical/Intersect consultant. I think she will continues Stephen’s work on the Intersect.

Question is, will she come up with a new version for Chuck, and if she does will he upload it?

Sarah’s Mom

Well, now we know who’s playing Sarah’s mom, but what about the rest? Was she one of Jack’s mark? Nah, I don’t really think so.

I have always seen her as a regular (not-a-spy) person. It’s still my fervent hope (despite the casting) that she is just that. It’s been my long-time spec that she is a lawyer, prosecutor, or judge … turned politician. With the walking hug description, I’m now considering Child Psychologist as a possibility. Call me crazy.

Sarah said she felt caught in the middle between her parents. Is there another source of conflict between them? (For the record I categorically reject any and all secret baby theories.) I can see either of the above professions clashing with Sarah.

What do you think? What does she do? What’s the conflict? Is there reconciliation? Does she survive?


This is the only area where my specs are remotely specific. Of course, they could be so wrong, but here goes.

1. I don’t think GB is the PM. I think she knows a lot of facts, but isn’t a part of the conspiracy. She’s been just as manipulated as Chuck and Sarah and TeamB.

2. I think there are 3 different groups in the CIA, with regards to Agent X and the conspiracy. (a) There are some who know nothing about Agent X. They would have wanted to stop Volkoff’s operation, just like any other arms operation. They may not even know about the Intersect. (b) There are those who know about Agent X and consider it an embarrassment. They would have wanted to stop and kill Hartley/Volkoff all this time, emphasis on the kill part. They would be in favor of the Intersect if it were perfected. (c) Then I think there may have been a third group of people, who knew about Agent X, perhaps even sabotaged the Intersect to help create him, and wanted to use him and his operation to manipulate the flow of weapons around the world. They would want Volkoff to evade capture, but once captured, would want him to disappear. They would want an Intersect for their own personal agenda. Therefore, Stephen and Chuck were useful to them. Once Stephen was no longer useful, he was killed. Chuck is next. Not only is he no longer useful, but for some reason, he is a threat.

I can certainly see how such a diverse bunch of players and complex plot would have complicated Stephen and Mary’s lives.

3. So, why is Chuck such a threat? I’ll just take a guess that it’s because of his brain, his genetics, his legacy, and his character. He has the brains, the knowledge, the means, and the will to stop them. He can’t be manipulated … even by the Intersect. So they have to eliminate him.

Those are the thoughts I’ve kicked around. What do you think? Who is the great PM, and what’s at the heart of the conspiracy? Why is Chuck special, and why is he such a threat?

Chuck and Sarah

I predict a good things for them. Here’s my question. Will they end up out of the spy biz? If so, what jobs will they take? What kind of life will they finally have? All of which feeds into my last category for speculation …


How do you think it’s all going to end? Will there be a Bartowski baby or a pregnancy? Will the ending be a typical Fedak prologue ending or an epilogue? I sort of think it will be an epilogue with a soft prologue.

Is someone going to die? Was Fedak bluffing at Comic Con when he said one of the people on stage might not survive the season, and that it would be big? Just because of his wording, I’ll guess that it’s Big Mike. I prefer that no one dies, but I won’t be at all surprised if someone does.

I realize I haven’t even started on Casey and Kathleen or Morgan and Alex or the Buymore crew. So feel free to speculate about all things Chuck.


Pre S5 Limerick:

I’m riding high on anticipation
‘Cause by my last calculation
There’s two days to go
‘Til my favorite show
So, last call for all speculation.

That’s all folks. Speculate away.


About thinkling

In my [younger] youth, I was a math teacher, basketball coach, and computer programmer. In 1984, we moved to Brazil, where we serve as missionaries. I like to design things and build things, read things and write things. We now live part-time in Brazil, part-time in the US. Love them both. Wife, 37 yrs; mom, 30 yrs. I am blessed.
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104 Responses to 48 Hour Speculation Pool

  1. ArmySFC says:

    with respect to you and your wish for the doom and gloom to end, i will only give one spec. morgan dies in episode 12.

    • Come on Army, we all know if it weren’t for spoilers, you’d be hoping he would die in episode 1 or 2.

      That said, I agree it could be Morgan or Casey at the very end of 12 or early in 13. I’m not hoping for either one. But after what happened to PapaB, another death would not surprise me (unless it is Chuck, Sarah, or Ellie which would still shock me).

      • ArmySFC says:

        can’t argue with that, however since i really believe someone will die in that episode, morgan was the least offensive of the big 4. one of which i believe will die in that episode.

      • thinkling says:

        I keep thinking they wouldn’t kill off people they would want for any potential future projects, i.e. reunion episodes or features. That has constrained my thinking on who might end up dead.

      • I really can’t decide between Morgan and Casey.

        Since Fedak likes Morgan so much, he would find it more offensive, and it is his story. But I doubt that is a factor. My assumption is if someone dies, it would be a meaningful, symbolic death: Morgan dying for Chuck or Casey dying for Morgan so he can be with Alex. Alex Coburn’s decision to be John Casey always seemed destined for a heroic end, but I could see Fedak wanting Morgan to be the ultimate hero.

        I think we’ll be be able to tell more a few episodes ahead of the finale based on how the Morgan/Alex relationship evolves (if it still exists) and how Casey acts about it and his future. The Devon spy reveal and the Morgan spy reveal were foreshadowed fairly heavily, so I wouldn’t expect a light touch.

      • ArmySFC says:

        jeff exactly my thoughts. the other option but very remote is chuck dying to save sarah. its his journey the show is about after all. the ultimate hero moment is chuck saving his pregnant wife.

      • atcDave says:

        I think killing of Chuck or Sarah is far darker than this show will go (I hope!). But I could see Casey making the ultimate sacrifice. Especially a good heroic death to save close friends (Chuck and/or Sarah) or family (Morgan and/or Alex) could be seen as fulfilling his life’s purpose and I don’t think would feel as down as killing any of the younger characters.

      • armysfc says:

        Dave, thats why i said very remote. that being said, forget personal likes and dislikes for a second. what’s to stop them? its over, done, fini. they can do what they want with out fear of losing viewers. schwartz seems to have another strong show on WB to go with GG. fadak i heard has the ok to do a remake of the BBC show Misfits so they have jobs lined up. so it can’t really hurt them professionally can it?

        like i said very remote so i don’t rule anything out. as for what thinkling said about reunion shows or movies. i think they have the same chance at that as getting a sixth season, remote at best. besides with chuck nobody is ever really dead are they?

      • Nervert says:

        Fedak’s gonna do Misfits? No kidding? I liked the British version. I’m curious to see how he’ll do with it.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh nothing’s to stop them army; its Fedak’s story and its over, he can do whatever he wants. But it just doesn’t feel like the show I’ve loved for [most of] four seasons. They’ve even called the show wish fulfillment before, and they clearly love the characters they’ve created. Fedak has also said many times he sees the perfect end as sort of a “the adventure continues” sort of moment. Which conveniently leaves things open for a renewal or reunion movie whenever they get around to it. So I don’t see them leaving things on a down note or in a total mess. I think it will be more like “Chuck bought Sarah her dream house, they had four kids, who all joined mom and dad in the family business (Buy More or Carmichael Industries?) and lived happily ever after…” Something like that.

      • thinkling says:

        I agree, Dave. They have said love letter to fans, and killing off one of the two favorite characters would be a horrible post script to a love letter. I would think they would want options open for a back 9 or spin off or reunion episodes.

        Oh, and it may be over, but if they killed off Chuck and Sarah how many of us would be unwilling to invest in their future projects? They would be black-balled in my TV-verse.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah absolutely Thinkling; that would permanently sour me on everyone responsible and taint the whole Chuck experience.

  2. atcDave says:

    I predict I will be laughing hard and often between 8 and 9 on Friday night. I’ll have to think about the rest…

  3. Faith says:

    I speculate that this will finally be Diane’s year to get her man, Chuck. We’re rooting for you DUCK!

  4. joe says:

    After seeing Cheryl Ladd guest starring on last nights NCIS episode, I predict that she will be fabulous as Sarah’s mother.

    Right now, I can’t imagine what the issue between Mama Burton and Jack might be, except maybe that he’s a con man in sheep’s clothing who tried to lead his daughter down the same path.

    I mean, is that *really* a reason??? 😉

    • thinkling says:

      Yeah, Joe, I can see many the issues between Emma and Jack. It’s Emma and Sarah I’m curious about.

    • I could see Mama Burton having really done nothing wrong, except it the eyes of an eight year old daddy’s girl trying to win the approval of her father. Growing up with that strain, the relationship could be hard to repair. After being recruited, Sarah decided it was best not to have attachments by trying to repair the relationship. Before Chuck, she only really knew how to have a relationship through a con or CIA mission, so she wouldn’t know how to repair it.

      However, that doesn’t exactly fit with Sarah living with her grandmother in Wedding Planner, so there probably is something else.

      • herder says:

        I can also see Sarah being the one in the wrong as regards her relationship with her mother, generally it’s a lot harder to forgive when you are the one at fault. Also I can see the pre-Chuck Sarah being stubborn enough to stick to her position despite being the one in the wrong. As time goes by it is easier to maintain the distance rather than go through to hard work of fixing things. That is pretty dark and I don’t know how far down that road they are willing to go.

      • thinkling says:

        Good comment, Herder. I don’t really think that’s so dark, depending on the actual source of conflict, of course. The blame could certainly be shared, and given Sarah’s complicated life and tendency to avoid, your scenario is very plausible. I also think it would be very Chuck. I hope for reconciliation at the end, because reconciliation and redemption are also very Chuck.

      • jason says:

        Not inviting your mother to your own wedding, seems surreal to me, and inconsistent with the deep down ‘goodness’ we all see in Sarah? Sarah’s mom not at the wedding is not impossible to explain it away, but I probably will have very high standards when it comes to the ‘why’ of this story.

        Then again, as long as Chuck and Sarah are OK thru the backstory twisting and turning, that storyline’s problems will have very little impact on the season’s enjoyment for me. And, given who is writing the episode, I would spec that there is a 50/50 chance that vs the baby is a top 3 episode of the season for me. Of course, I would have made the same argument for Fake Name.

        I view this Sarah’s mom story as more of an example where the backstory of a near sure to be cancelled show has forced the extended story into a corner. The writers did an admirable job in s3 and s4 of trying to extricate themselves from the tight spots they were in due to extensions, but it won’t always work out. I ‘wish’ them luck in this particular case!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Herder, I think you nailed it. They forshadowed Sarah reconciling with her mother in Cat Squad (and at the end of Sediction Impossible). At the end of Seduction Impossible we saw Sarah not ready to deal with it, despite Chuck’s offer of help, then in Cat Squad we got a glimpse into Sarah’s past where she unjustly accused a team member, and then was upset, and REALLY upset when Chuck brought that team back into her life and tried to get Sarah to face and reconcile with her old team. Sarah prefered to keep believing she was right rather than question her past actions, even when Chuck showed her that she may have been in the wrong.

        At the end Sarah, having faced her past and having the reconciliation work out spurs her to go to Ellie, who is a little more restrained and understanding than Chuck (Chuck thinks Sarah can do anything, Ellie understands she has some issues that make diving in headfirst difficult) to start thinking about and talking about a reconciliation.

        Chris Fedak said that they intended to do a Sarah’s mother arc and that was the initial setup, but they ran out of time. I think that’s the way it goes, the way it was foreshadowed, Sarah-past found it easier to discard her family than deal with family issues.

        Additional predictions. Sarah’s mom will love Chuck immediately (as opposed to everyone else from Sarah’s past other than Bryce) and Chuck will love her back immediately. They’ll get along so well Sarah will have issue with it. (The same may or may not be true of the whole Bartowski clan).

        It is possibly a pregnancy scare, impending motherhood, that spurs Sarah to reconcile, just as Ellie was forced to think about and deal with her mother issues as she faced impending motherhood.

    • atcDave says:

      I was a little surprised to see Cheryl Ladd play a psychopath, I’m thinking she may be capable of more range than I gave her credit for. In particular, she may have a darker side than I was expecting. My guess is still that she’ll want to make nice with her daughter; but maybe she could be hiding something or have a mixed agenda.

      • Wild speculation I don’t even believe: Sarah tried to reconcile with her mom a few years back, and discovered her handler and mom were dating. After all, isn’t everyone supposed to have some unknown spy connection in Chuckverse?

        A more realistic option: Sarah’s mom tipped off the feds about Jack and is the reason he was imprisoned. Since that led Sarah to the CIA, Sarah blames her mom for the CIA life which she sometimes regrets (Crown Vic, Pink Slip, Final Exam and her red test, etc.). Sarah’s mom doesn’t understand this, though.

      • armysfc says:

        Jeff i like the second one a lot except for her blaming her mom. she would need to be really twisted to blame her when she has shown nothing like that towards her dad who actually committed the crimes and drug her along with him.

      • She was a teenager whose father was just arrested by ATF. The initial blame didn’t have to be rational. Everything since then is built on that initial blame.

        As for her dad, growing up Sarah was blindly loyal to him. The way she held out her arms to be arrested by Graham (in the final Cougars flashback) shows she considered herself in the same boat as her dad. Maybe Sarah viewed it as her mom turning her in as well. Again, her thinking didn’t have to be rational.

        I’m not sure I buy this idea either. It’s just a little less wild speculation that my other silly idea.

      • atcDave says:

        Several intriguing possibilities there. I like the idea of mom tipping off the feds against dad. It would reinforce her distrust of serious relationships too; “if mom can’t be trusted…”
        Of course that also serves to make her hard earned commitment to Chuck that much more poignant; kind of a story-telling win all around.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, Jeff, Emma always being against Jack and then turning him in would be a huge hurt to a Daddy’s girl. It robbed her of what little family she had and thrust her into the CIA. That could work.

        Now … IF she’s a lawyer-type, she could have gotten info about the dangers of Jack’s last con and turned him in to protect her daughter …

    • BDaddyDL says:

      they pretty much torched any possibility of a crossover. Wow that is not what i expected.

  5. herder says:

    Really my hopes/wishes for the season are simple: Chuck and Sarah being the kind of people who will do anything for the other and both thinking that they are the lucky one in the relationship. Some sort of explanation of why and how Chuck is special, Sarah and her mom, a happy ending that enables all of us imagining them having adventures together, maybe with the next generation of Bartowskis. A return of the Charleses, maybe an envious Carina. A good season long spy mystery to explain the whole “you think this is a coincidence”. Interesting bad guys and exciting missions. Generally a family spy business involving the extended Bartowski family – blood and adopted- led by the big three; Chuck, Sarah and Casey.

  6. herder says:

    A few more specific predictions, there will be an issue brought up in the first episode that will end out being the final scene of the show. Chuck wants to buy Sarah her dream house, the final scene will be in the dream house, I think that I read some where she wants a door of a particular colour, the last shot will be that door closing on future Chuck, Sarah and family.

    Morgan and Big Mike, assuming they both survive, will end out running the Buy More as father and son at the end.

    The first ad had Sarah trying to seduce a secret out of Chuck, secrets will be a theme of the season, not lying but secrets.

    There will be at least one return from the dead: Orion, Graham, Bryce or someone killed early this season.

    Chuck gets the intersect back at some point but I’m not sure if he keeps it at the end.

    One of Casey, Morgan, Beckman or Big Mike is killed.

    The end showing Chuck, Sarah and their family will have a child named after the one killed above.

    One of RIOS, Omaha, Paris or Sarah’s red test resurfaces.

    Chuck triumphs in the end ( I wanted to have at least one right ).

    • herder says:

      assuming, not assuminh, curses for the lack of edit function.

      • atcDave says:

        I fixed your typo herder.
        Some cool ideas, I love naming a kid after a deceased friend; I could easily see that happening. Of course Steven or Bryce are already possibilities.

    • thinkling says:

      I think a lot of those sound very possible. I LOVE the door idea!

      I can’t decide if I think Chuck will keep the Intersect at the end or not. It’s such a cool thing. Part of me wants Ellie to have made mods that will make it function as a smooth extension of Chuck’s brain … a resource for all the special ghost missions that the President will be asking them to do (at the most inconvenient times imaginable) far into their otherwise idyllic future. The other part of me thinks it would be fitting to see the Intersect as merely a vehicle to fix Chuck and Sarah’s broken lives. Thus by the end of this part of their lives, Chuck no longer needs it.

      Along with the no longer needing it part, I hope he learns some modest defense/fighting skills. IF he has the opportunity to get it back, I don’t want him to re-acquire it out of desperation.

      • jason says:

        The intersect issue is one of the 2 or 3 most emotional issues about the show. I am very indifferent to it, but I get why it bothers others, as it seems to be tossed about like a hot potato? From my own perspective, Chuck not having the intersect ever again is the stronger story, I think in one of the previews Morgan says something that Chuck is awesome without the intersect, Sarah has said it too, Casey said you were smart b4 you had the intersect. Seems that is the over reaching moral of the story, isn’t it? I wonder if in s4 Chuck was going to get the intersect back in Leftovers b4 the extension came??? Otherwise, both Fedak’s s4 final endings would have left Chuck intersectless. I hope he either gets it and keeps it, or doesn’t get it back at all, either one is OK by me.

  7. lappers84 says:

    Some nice specs there. A lot of what is mentioned I’m hoping to see myself in season 5. And regarding the whole someone dying in the penultimate episode, whose to say someone actually dies but ‘dies’, they are spies after all maybe they fake their deaths. Or if they do actually go that route I’d rather see either Casey or Beckman bite the bullet.

    • Faith says:

      Let’s just say that in a show where Sh@w was resurrected after being dead, all of the big 4 (and Ellie) is probably going to live. Or at the very least continue to live.

      But I will say that for dramatic purposes I’m not opposed to death and sticking with it. Then again I’m someone that wishes PapaB comes back to life (and comes back to Chuck) even though they’ve unequivocally stated he was dead.

  8. Gord says:

    Here are some of my predictions – someone (please make it very early in the season) will use the intersect suppression device on Morgan.

    Ellie and Chuck will work together to build a new intersect for Chuck because there is nothing broken in the world that the two of them can’t fix if they work together.

    Sarah’s mom will also turn out to be a grifter. The reason Sarah was living with her grandmother was because Emma ended up in jail.

    Morgan will move out of Casey’s apartment and move in with Alex. Alex and Morgan will be engaged by the end of the season.

    In the finale there will be a big family dinner with all surviving Bartowski and Burton parents as well as Casey, Morgan, Alex, Awesome, Ellie and Clara. At the dinner Sarah will anounce the big news “Chuck don’t freak out – I’m pregnant”.

  9. Leigh says:

    I predict a hilariously awkward scene between Mama Burton and Mama Bartowski.

    I predict that they’ll have to take the intersect out of Morgan to save his life.

    I think that Tim Dekay’s character is going to be involved with Mama Burton, which is what caused the rift between her and Sarah.

    Chuck. vs. Shaw beatdown round two. With Bryce for backup. (okay it’s more wishful thinking. Sue me).

    I can’t wait for Friday! *squee*

    • thinkling says:

      The two MamaB’s … I would pay to see that one LOL.

      I can’t wait either!!!

      • thinkling says:

        I’d still like to see all of the women in the kitchen at Thanksgiving: Ellie, Sarah, Honey, and the 2 MamaB’s. I think it would be enough to make Sarah sweat. 😀

      • Leigh says:

        Oh good god. Add Honey to the two Mama B’s…I think Bolognia needs to be thrown in there for good measure. She might actually turn out to be the sane one.

        With Sarah, Ellie and Alex hiding in a corner.

        Also, I can’t wait to see Mama Burton’s thoughts on her daughter’s new husband. There’s a lot of earned mutual respect between Sarah and Mary, so it’ll be fun to watch the flip side of that, having Emma and Chuck interact and figure out what to do with each other. He’s never had a mother-in-law before!

      • thinkling says:

        Ah, I almost forgot about Alex. She and Morgan might just run off somewhere.

        Good mother-in-law point. Just like Sarah and MamaB shared so much in common and ended up understanding each other in unusual ways, I think that Chuck and Emma will have a similar connection. Chuck will be loyal to Sarah, but he will “get” her mom. Emma will see how good he is for her. Even if there’s no reconciliation, I think Emma will leave knowing her daughter has blossomed and is in good hands.

      • jason says:

        Don’t forget about Alex and Kathleen or Verbanski in that kitchen?

        Leigh, what a great line of thinking, what if the point of the story of Sarah’s mom is how much she and Chuck are alike? I’m still thinking the only plausible reason for Sarah to cut her mom out of her life is to save her in some way shape or form, and the handler will come to Sarah to tell her those circumstances have changed?

      • thinkling says:

        I like that spec, Jason … Sarah distancing from Emma to protect her.

        It could be that Emma is a lot like the Bartowski’s, and Sarah will feel left out. I think fix-it-man Chuck will have his work cut out for him in this episode.

      • herder says:

        That’s an interesting idea Leigh, how Chuck and Emma get along, we are told that Emma is “a walking hug” which would seem to be playing to Chuck’s strengths and agains pre-Chuck Sarah’s. But remembetr even though Sarah had more in common (career wise) with Mary than Chuck she still had her snatched off the street in front of Chuck. Maybe Chuck will have to make an equally hard decision about Emma.

      • Leigh says:

        Jason, that could definitely be an option, that Emma was cut out to protect her, but then why not Jack as well, if the danger was so great? The difference could have been Emma saying “well okay if that’s what you want” and Jack saying “I don’t care. I can con my way out of anything and I don’t mind a little danger.” Hmm. Definitely something to think about.

        Thinkling – I feel like Sarah has changed enough to not feel like an outsider to the Bartowskis. They are her family now, and she is a working cog in that familial machine. I think if anyone is going to feel like an outsider, it’s Emma. Or any of the parents, really. Chuck, Sarah, Awesome, Morgan, Ellie, and Casey, and by extension, Clara and Alex, are a functioning family, pieced together from bits and pieces of broken or dysfunctional ones (except maybe Devon, bu that is super debatable, because there’s obviously some perfection and control issues he deals with because of them. Also, we’ve never met his brothers, so there could be something going on there). I feel like they’ve told all the stories they can about the core cast being outsiders to each other. The end of Vs. The Couch Lock really cemented that, at least for me.

      • armysfc says:

        all good specs on sarah’s mom. it seems to me her mom was out of the picture way before she grew up. in wedding planner didn’t it show she was living at her gmom’s? it looks like to me her mom was mostly out of the picture most of her life.

        they don’t like to do parents well on this show. the only good one seems to be kathleen, at least we know she was around most of Alexis’ life. the rest as parents go are bottom feeders. granted they had a role to play in the story but i wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. my guess is she left sarah for (insert reason here) and fits in the mold of the other parents. as someone else eluded to she will meet chuck and all will be well.

        it’s a theme they’ve used three times out of three so i feel i have a good shot at this one.

      • jason says:

        Leigh – I was thinking more along the lines that Sarah specifically agreed to severe ties with her mom as a deal (either with a baddie or even with Graham), and agreed to not talk about it to ANYONE. The handler comes to Sarah, as her mom is now in trouble, and the deal is off. From Chuck’s perspective, all of a sudden ‘It’s complicated, makes 100% sense’

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah. Leigh, come to think of it, you’re probably right. In fact it would be neat to see the Bartowski wagons circle around Sarah.

        Interesting thoughts Herder … about the decisions Chuck may have to make to “protect” Sarah and help her at the same time, regardless of how he feels toward her mom.

      • thinkling, the kitchen idea made me laugh. Ellie would be getting frustrated because it’s her kitchen and she’s a better cook than Honey and Sarah’s mom, but their interference is ruining dinner. Meanwhile, Sarah’s mom would be hyper-overprotective, protecting Sarah like she was still a child. She’d worry about Sarah carving with the really sharp knives. Everyone who knows Sarah’s a spy and expert with knives would be trying not to laugh. Also, Sarah’s mom might think Sarah married Chuck as a con to get “his money” as owner of the Buy More, so she would be warning Mary to watch out for Chuck’s interests.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, Jeff, that’s a gold mine of comedic possibilities. I hadn’t thought about the con angle and that everybody but Emma and Honey would know about the family spy biz and Sarah’s disturbing talent with knives. I think Mary would get out of sorts with Emma, just like she did with Honey (the look on her face in the toy store, when she was spying on Ellie and Honey).

      • atcDave says:

        I’d thought about the con angle too; I can see Emma trying to decide if she should warn Chuck about how bad his wife is. Even better if Emma initially tries to involve Ellie and Devon; then we’d get a lot of folks rallying to Sarah’s defense even though they may not feel free to talk about what they really do know about her.

  10. herder says:

    One of the things that I look forward to is the music, of course it’s hard to predict what that will be (The Thermals?, Bon Iver? Franz Ferdinand?) but I will say that I have noticed a lot of “Chuck” music being used in other shows recently. Howlin for You, the music used during the sexting in last year’s premiere has also opened up the first episode of Prime Suspect and been used in the premiere of Ever After. I also saw Lizzie from Marlin in Happy Endings last week. But on the music thing the show has always been ahead of the curve and I look forward to being introduced to more great tunes.

    • joe says:

      Me too, Herder! I’ve noticed many of the songs used in commercials lately, too. Young Blood by The Naked and Famous (the fantastic song used in Push Mix when Chuck finally proposes to Sarah) is being featured in one now. They were running a commercial last year with The Teddybears doing Cobrastyle last year.

      Not sure it helps sell the product, though. They use the music and all I see are the scenes from the show!

      And sorta related, I think I saw the actor who played Merlin in Tooth (Kevin West) in a Subway commercial that’s running now. At least, I think it’s him.

    • Faith says:

      Since Bon Iver has a new album, they can’t miss out on an opportunity to showcase his tunes. It’s partly one of the many reason i was so happy to get a season 5.

  11. jason says:

    Today we get a new episode.

    Game 7 of the world series will compete, probably knocks off .1 or .2M off the 1.0-1.5 demo rating we expect plus or minus another .5 I guess. I am pretty sure most those 15 million series viewers would not be watching tv, but would be frequenting the local pub, restaurant, or high school sporting event if the series was not on.

    Nearly every 3 episode review I have read said the first ep is the worst of the three. In spite of that, I have always liked the first episodes more than most and I am cautiously optimistic I will like ‘Zoom’ more than the critics did too. Like much of Chuck, it seems in ‘Zoom’ the good is great, so as long as I can get through the bad (for me, as long as Chuck / Sarah and / or Sarah are ok I can get thru the rest) I will be pleased.

    A personal big picture comment as the show nears an end, I am shocked that nobody has asked me why I would watch Chuck at all given how much of the show I seem to not like. I won’t list what I don’t like, the list is pretty long, at least as long as the list of what I like. I like the procedural spy missions & I love the family scenes, I sure wish there were more game nights, dinners, parties, debriefing in the living room, watching tv, etc, etc, etc. For characters, I have liked about half the guest stars, Chuck most of the time, Morgan when he is serious, and I love Awesome, Casey, Sarah and Ellie (those 4 even make all things Morgan or Jeffster work). And without doubt, I watch the show for Chuck and Sarah. They have something unique, and are what hooked me in the pilot, kept my hopes up when things weren’t going my way and has kept me entertained more than any show I have watched ever has.

    My final pre-Chuck premier wish is for a fulfilling season to everyone, so that the season is written such that as many of you as possible get what you want from the show!

    • armysfc says:

      interesting comments about why no one asked why you watch the show. these next comments DO NOT, again DO NOT include any of the owners of this blog. i find it pretty easy to see what the poster finds important just by what they post. if they write consistently about c/s or the mythology i get a pretty good idea that’s what they like and watch the show for. those comments could be good or bad it doesn’t really matter. take the mythology people for example. if a mission is well done and things fit in and make sense they say how good it is, if it’s done badly they will list things they find fault with.

      dealing with the ratings i gave that some thought as well. i really can’t say how it will affect chuck’s tonight because i don’t have enough knowledge of the casual fan base. if a lot are sports fans they could drop as low as .5, if not it may not have much impact at all. my guess is still around .9 to 1.1.

      • I’m a die-hard Cardinal fan (since before ZL and YS were born). I’ll be watching Chuck on my TV (so I can record it on my DVR) with my computer open to mlb.com’s GameDay. I’ll also have a TV on in the other room so I can hear crowd cheers and excited announcers. This is the kind of day our information overloaded world has trained me for. I’m ready!

      • ArmySFC says:

        well i got it right, chuck pulled a 1.0 in pilm numbers.

      • jason says:

        Grimm 2.1M vs Chuck 1.0M, that means 1.1M purposefully turned Grimm on after missing Chuck, that is a kick in the wrong part of the Chuck anatomy. Barring a miracle no new eps in sight after the 13. My hope now is that I get to see the 13 b4 the plug gets pulled on Chuck.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m pretty sure they’ll run out the 13, but it does make it pretty likely this is the end.

      • jason says:

        Dave – my guess is posting will start to dwindle too, 1.0M then Grimm getting 2.1M is a pretty clear message. Both Chuck and Grimm are on tonight, at the same time slots as last night, those numbers will also be interesting, typically NBC repeats get .6 to .8, good shows get closer to 1.0 to 1.4M or more.

        A forehead slapping time, what honestly did the team expect, with such an unpopular story line leading all the offseason promotion, media, interviews with Josh and Zac, comic con, NBC promo’s, etc? The last time they had an unpopular story in the offseason, the real thing was even worse, it is no wonder last night happened. Oh well, what is done is done.

      • ArmySFC says:

        look at the plus side, it can’t go much lower. even the cw pulls a .6 on fridays. i think you’ll see that number in three weeks or so. grimm might be the shock but losing to another networks repeats stinks.

      • I’ve been resigned that there will be no extension this time around because TPTB are not discussing the possibility. So I don’t care if the some episodes are not aired (that’s NBC’s problem) as long as the final episodes are produced and make it on to the DVD/BluRay set in a timely manner.

      • atcDave says:

        Once we get to the point of saying no back order, ratings really stop mattering. The series will surely be completed, but we might end up with a few episodes initially released as on-line only, but of course everything will end up on the disc release.

        I’m still excited for the remainder of the series, but a little down right now that this is really it. I guess the good news is I should be a little more relaxed this year come spring!

      • ArmySFC says:

        Dave, well that’s what i said a few weeks ago. for me it makes no difference but i feel for the fans like you and the others here. to see a show that means so much to you get cut off at the knees and pulled from the air early or go down with out many viewers left is not a warm feeling. it means that your little community will have a shorter life than it should and i feel for you guys.

      • JC says:

        I’m curious to see what Grimm will do versus Fringe. Its not a ratings blockbuster but being preempted by baseball probably helped Grimm’s numbers.

      • atcDave says:

        What really gets me is that apparently most viewers are done with the show, when I am not. Oh well, what can you do?

      • ArmySFC says:

        well you said it before you watch to the end. i just can’t watch a show i no longer enjoy. i’ll find something else to enjoy and catch what i miss when it re-runs on another network when nothing else is on.

  12. olddarth says:

    ‘My final pre-Chuck premier wish is for a fulfilling season to everyone, so that the season is written such that as many of you as possible get what you want from the show!’

    Mine too.

  13. Ernie Davis says:

    As long as we’re speculating, here is a list off the top of my head of Chuck guest stars who have gone on to get a regular spot on a series, or their own series within a season of being on Chuck. Feel free to add:

    Matt Bohmer -White Collar
    Chevy Chase – Community
    Mercedes Masöhn – The Finder
    Scott Bakula – Men of a Certain Age
    Dominic Monaghan – FlashForward
    Kyle Bornheimer – Perfect Couples
    Summer Glau – The Cape

    I think it’s entirely obvious that it was their guest stint on Chuck that gave them their break, so just for fun, who is next?

    Edit: Forgot to add my pick.

    Timothy Dalton – Charades With The Stars

    • atcDave says:

      I heard Scott Krinsky would be replacing Regis… (please nobody believe a thing a say!)

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Not a guest star, but I say Community should add Adam Baldwin as a psycotic Phys. Ed. teacher for next season.

    • jason says:

      Yvonne Strahovski – anything she wants – but how picking up another 1.0M loyal fans for Dancing with the Stars on Mondays – first she can dance and second, she is a great interview, pair her up with one of the better pro dancers, she’d fox trot away with the season?

    • herder says:

      Of the cast, I’d expect Awesome to be the first to get a new show, of the guests, either of the Gretas; Old Spice guy or Stacey Keibler seem likely.

    • herder says:

      Of the guests that have got shows, Olivia Munn was in Perfect Couples and Lazlo from Sandworm was in S*** my Dad Says last year. Also I would expect to see a number of the cast as guest stars on other shows once filming on Chuck is finished. Maybe Yvonne or Zack on Glee to work with Ali Adler again, Vik on Community to return Dany Pudi’s guest role, Adam on Castle to work with Nathan Fillion, Zack or someone else on Heart of Dixie for Josh and the like.

  14. herder says:

    To put Chuck ratings into perspective, so far this week the 8 PM shows for NBC have got the following demos; Sing Off 1.5, Biggest Loser 1.9, Up all Night/Whitney (repeats) 1.1/1.2, Community/Parks 1.4/1.8. My personal guess for Chuck is 1.5 while not great, is not deserving of blushes in this company.

    • armysfc says:

      herder, you could be right. one thing though, 1.5 on fridays is real good. from what i remember most weeks a 1.6 is the highest rating on any network on fridays. if they got that it would be great.

      there are a lot of things in play tonight. if everything goes chucks way they could break 2. people who left in the past because they had other things to watch or do on mondays could come back, people who never watched could think it’s a new show and tune in just to check it out, and people that watch fox on fridays but don’t want to see baseball could tune in as well.

      then there’s the other side of the coin. people think now that they got married the story is over and tune out, morgansect took a big toll, people don’t follow the move because they have plans for fridays that don’t include TV and people may tune into the series. they could roll snake eyes and pull a .5. it will be interesting that’s for sure.

      • thinkling says:

        We might pick up some lonely Smallville fans, too. That’s been my hope since we were moved to Friday in Smallville’s old time slot.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      One bonus. With the World Series on Fox, CBS decided to go with repeats. Also there will likely be more people watching TV, and the series isn’t going to be decided between 8 and 9.

    • Faith says:

      My prediction is an anemic 0.9. Not because of the World Series, though that won’t help but it’s Friday, it’s Chuck and it’s a week delayed on NBC of all places.

  15. Ernie Davis says:

    Has there been a season 5 premier Chucktoberfest drinking game established yet? One possible benefit from the move to Friday.

    Someone says “We’re still working out the kinks.” Drink.
    Morgan “Zooms” Drink.
    Chuck, Sarah or Casey says (in relation to Morgan being the intersect) any variation of “We’re doomed” Drink.

    • herder says:

      It’s more on a graduated scale: anyone says “Chuck” or if Casey grunts drink; Morgan zooms or Awesome appears shirtless, two drinks; classic lines such as “oh boy!”, “we’re doomed”, “you’re a Bartowski, act like it” or Sarah appears in lingeree then three drinks.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Sarah appears in lingerie and I need a drink anyway…

        You rules will likely have me passed out before the half-way commercial break. What is that, Canadian rules? 😉

    • Faith says:

      I support this 100%, and not just because I’m a closet alcoholic 😉 lol.

  16. ladycat713 says:

    I have a theory as to why Sarah is estranged from her mother and it popped into my head while watching NCIS (Cheryl Ladd was on it) . I wonder if Sarah sought out her mother with Bryce larkin in tow. Her mother may have accurately spotted him as being the same type as Sarah’s father (charming and manipulative , Plywood was just manipulative) and a full blown argument ensued. Since we know Sarah’s default is to run then her mother may not have been able to find her again.

    And I also think the name reveal may come up again if Sarah’s mother sees Chuck before she sees Sarah (after Jack B did something decent and actually told her mother where she was and that she was married) and introduces herself to him by name only to find out Chuck has no clue as to her name and what she looks like. That could bring up the info that Sarah doesn’t realize not telling him makes it look like she doesn’t trust him.

    • joe says:

      Ooooh! I rather like that spec. about Bryce, Ladycat. Very cool idea.

      I’m not so sure about the name-reveal thing anymore. I suspect it’s over and done. Worse, I’m not sure how I would feel if they brought it back this season. It might be interesting, but I fear it’s a little like treading on very thin ice.

  17. ladycat713 says:

    Oh and I definitely think we’ll find out that someone deliberately messed with Hartley’s Intersect download either trying to make it permanant or hoping it would kill him and it was made permanant by accident. Maybe it will turn out to be Graham and he’ll still be alive.

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