A Bluff and a Promise — Chuck vs the Zoom

Chuck Versus the Zoom begins with a bluff and ends with a promise. What comes in between is a Chuck reboot with a whole new OS.

The Zoom had the hardest job of any Chuck premier.

Chuck always resets itself at the end of each season, leaving the next season premier with some heavy lifting to do. The Zoom, however, had olympic lifting to do. It’s the biggest reboot since DOS gave way to Windows.

Chuck is sans Intersect, apparently for good. Chuck and Sarah are newly married, recently wealthy, and suddenly in business for themselves. No more CIA, except maybe as an enemy instead of an employer. Our heroes have become outlaws (albeit good ones), having to dodge the bad-guys and the good-guys. A shadow government is conspiring against them and manipulating their lives (more than even they know). Oh, and Morgan is the Intersect.

That is a lot of change … a lot of new plates to get spinning all at once. But even in all the changes, it’s still Chuck.

What happens between the bluff and the promise? There’s comedy, action, romance, family stuff, spy stuff, Buymore shenanigans … and absolutely nothing goes according to plan. I laughed and smiled a lot, and my heart warmed to spend an hour with my favorite characters again.

The Bluff.

The Zoom opens on a sunny day, at a beautiful villa on a bluff with a gorgeous ocean view. Chuck and Sarah are dressed to the nines and discussing their dream home. The scene oozes romance. Gotcha. The whole scene is … a bluff. Turns out they’re about to die, but at least they look really nice.

When Casey rides to the rescue in handcuffs, Chuck pulls out the big bluff. We have another master spy. I can’t not laugh at the disparity between bluff and reality … a disparity the bluffers are all too aware of. Chuck starts the big bluff, and Sarah follows his lead. Casey has a little more trouble getting into the spirit of things.

This master spy gets mixed results. The Intersect puts up a good fight, but Morgan drops the 6 million dollar vase. (At least it wasn’t a detonator this time.) Things definitely did not go as planned.

The Business.

Castle is restored to its former spy-splendor, and TeamB have settled into their new digs and post mission activities. Chuck is making sure the client gets what he wants. Sarah is supervising … er, husband gazing. (All new wives do this. I love the look on her face as she watches Chuck.)

After dropping the vase, Morgan fixes the vase … and shatters it again. Casey grumbles about … well, pick a topic. So, there are still a few kinks to work out. Here’s what we know so far.

When dealing with children and Morgan, the look-don’t-touch rule is probably best.

Apparently it takes a lot of money to start a Rent-a-Spy company … especially if you do it right, with rockets and satellites and fresh shrimp.

Casey may not the best PR man, and clients don’t respond well to gags and blindfolds.

Sarah is trying to hold the reins on the bank account, while Chuck is trying to boost morale and hold everything and everyone together, from the baby Intersect to the grumpy, growly (former) Colonel who hates working for dirt bags.

Missing the Intersect.

Chuck without the Intersect. It’s the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and it’s complicated.

Fans’ fears that the absence of the Intersect would produce a whiny, insecure Chuck should be put to rest. Zoom gave us an honest, mature Chuck, grappling with the burdens and responsibilities of running a spy business without the Intersect … finding his role and facing his limitations without it. Chuck really shines throughout: his character and courage, his selflessness and giving nature, his smarts and leadership. His struggle was poignant, sweet, cheer-worthy, and hilarious.

Even though he has lost his super power, the thing that leveled the battle field for him in the spy world, he can still be happy for Morgan, instead of bitter. He chooses to see the silver lining of working with his wife and his best friends.

Morgan’s sympathy for Chuck and his assumptions about how Chuck must be feeling reveal more about Morgan’s perspective on the Intersect than they do about how Chuck is feeling. For Morgan the Intersect is an end in itself. He doesn’t think much beyond the rush of the super-power. It has never been that for Chuck.

Chuck’s conversation with Ellie reveals his motivation for wishing he still had it. For Chuck it’s less about himself and more about his responsibility toward others and his determination to make the company succeed for their sake … and, of course, to give Sarah her dream house. To Chuck, the Intersect is a tool, a means to an end. Now he has to find another way to those ends, and he sees that it won’t be easy.


Chuck’s plan to get him and Sarah an invitation to Roger Bale’s big party  is brilliant … all except for the part where he’s supposed to fill in for Bale’s squash opponent. In an awkward moment everybody (except Casey) tries to let him down easy about his less than stellar squash qualifications. Trust Casey to plow right through those awkward moments.

Chuck is only a marginally better masseuse than squash player. Laugh. Out. Loud. Funny. Kudos to Zac for his facial expressions and fantastic physical comedy in the massage scene. Guess he should have used the 10 (or 20) mg darts.

Things didn’t go exactly according to plan, mostly because Casey was detained by Bale’s bodyguard. Morgan adlibs pretty well, but it’s actually Sarah who gets the invite. Watching Morgan and Sarah together, as in pretending to be together, was really funny — the way she towers over him and feigns affection as she pats the towel around his neck … and lets him live, even though he called her … Bunny Doll? I loved her change in demeanor and the handshake after Bale left.

Married Life — Sweet Torture, Shy Confessions.

Being married to a super spy has its disadvantages. Chuck can never keep a secret from Sarah, especially with Morgan as his partner. (Of course with her methods for extracting secrets, Chuck may make it his job to manufacture secrets on a regular basis.)

She may have her ways of making him give up his secrets, but he opens her heart with a gentle reminder of his love.

Chuck gave Sarah a clean slate. Now he wants to give her the best dream house his dwindling millions can buy. He thinks big — a mansion on the bluff or a villa on the beach — the perfect house for the perfect woman.

Sarah’s confession, however, reveals her heart’s longing for the home, family, and house she never had as a child. Underneath the super-spy persona is a girl whose dreams are unsophisticated. She just wants a life with Chuck in a house that’s cozy, homey, and simple.

Instead of laughing at her simple dream or replacing it with his grander one, he affirms it and vows to do whatever it takes to find her dream home. Perfect.

Mission Impossible.

Chuck quarterbacks from the van, and everyone is looking good — Morgan, Chalmers, and especially Sarah. He can’t help telling her so. He would rather be inside on the mission than stuck in the van. Though I rather feel the same way, I can’t imagine anyone else quarterbacking this mission.

OK, I confess I would rather see Chuck with Sarah on this mission, but Morgan’s protective nature of “my/our/your” girl was cute, sweet, and very Morgan. The sight gag of Sarah dancing with Morgan was downright funny, even if it was somehow so … wrong. And that leg thing? … how does she do that?

Fantastic. Everything is going according to plan … until everything goes blank. That’s never a good sign. It seems Decker is using Chuck’s computer and Chuck’s brilliant plan for his purposes, before feeding Chuck’s team to the wolves. Decker is not content just to fire TeamB from the CIA; he wants to ruin their civilian lives, as well. Guess he didn’t really mean the see ya never part. I really do not like this guy.

Time for the bluff again … only this time it’s no bluff. I love the unadulterated pride on Sarah’s face and the confidence in her voice when she tells Bale,

Do anything to us and you’ll never have access to those accounts ever again. You see we work with somebody, a master spy who always has a plan.

Chuck is the man with the plan, and if he doesn’t have one, he comes up with one. Loved the tried and true computer emergency. Chuck shines again. He gets his team out and leaves himself a small window (OK it was a pretty big window) to make it out alive. I’m with Morgan. Hey Dude, that was awesome! Yeppers.

Hollow Victory.

Chuck reviews the mission positives, and tries to cheer up his team. Uh-oh. He doesn’t know. Decker froze all their money. Did I mention I don’t like him … at all?!

Chuck looks utterly defeated. Well, forty-two million is still a lot to lose. Sarah’s assurance that they’ll bounce back doesn’t even register, and Chuck takes off. What is going on?

The Promise.

Sarah finds Chuck standing in front of their dream house. He is so close … but a day late and a dollar short. He failed where it mattered most to him … his promise to Sarah.

She swallows her disappointment and gives him perspective by reminding him of a higher promise.

“Well, so what. I mean we knew this wasn’t going to be easy, and we didn’t get married because we thought life was easy. We got married so that we could be there for each other when things got tough, so that we could work through things together, rich or poor.”

Sarah helps him find his silver lining in the most unlikely place … the Buymore. The store just has to turn a profit. She assures him, We can do that. She seems so calm, so certain. (She’s Sarah. She can do anything. But that’s not why she’s so certain.)

Chuck finally tells her what’s bothering him, What about me though? You and Casey are super spies. Morgan is the Intersect. Who am I? What’s my job?

That’s an easy one. It’s why she’s so certain. Doesn’t he know? He’s the one who makes it all work. Without him, they’d be just a couple of spies and a bearded computer.

Chuck you’re our leader.

And he is.


Random Thoughts

Morgansect. Morgansect gives us comedy and does what every other Intersect has always done … shows us how special Chuck is. Morgan is a loose cannon, and no Intersect will fix that. In fact the Intersect will probably only serve to further loosen the cannon. Morgan with the Intersect is still Morgan. Just like Chuck with the Intersect was still Chuck. Morgan will never be the Intersect Chuck was. You can give Morgan 9 Intersects, and he will never be a master spy (that was a bluff). You can take the Intersect away from Chuck, and he is still a master spy. Remember, Sarah wasn’t bluffing. That’s why Chuck is the Hero/Leader. Intersect or not, Chuck is still that guy: the leader, the guy with a plan, still always doing the right thing, always caring more about his team than himself, and still saving the day. Like Ellie said, the Intersect just gave Chuck the opportunity to develop his innate hero/leader skills. Now that the training wheels are off, he will stumble some, but he will make it. He is that guy, always has been, always will be. As time goes on, I predict that Morgansect will only serve to further highlight the differences between Chuck and Morgan. Chuck was a unique Intersect host, with his brain and his character. (Remember his brain is almost unique in its ability to process huge amounts of data.) I expect we will continue to see that play out more and more.

The Team. TeamB are getting their feet on solid ground. Chuck is finding his place without the Intersect. Sarah is finding her dreams. Morgan is finding his inner cowboy — reckless and clueless. Casey is trying to find honor in what he’s doing. How can he reconcile his priorities (God, country, duty, Corp) with his new civilian life, working cases with moral ambiguity? He wants to go back to how it was before, where the lines are clearly drawn, there are orders to follow, and the moral ambiguity is legalized. I think the new paradigm is hardest for him.

The Conspiracy. We’ve been teased and baited. The tension is ratcheted up a notch … or 3. My curiosity is peaked, to say the least.

Season 5. I haven’t seen the comments, but I know they have been mixed. I am just as enthusiastic and hopeful as ever for a great S5. For all it had to accomplish, I think The Zoom did a good job. I was entertained by the mission and the action. There were wonderful Chuck and Sarah moments, like only Chuck can do. And I laughed … a lot.

I believe in the love letter to fans. I don’t think Chuck will stay in the van. I don’t think Morgan will ever overshadow Chuck and Sarah or be the hero or the master spy. He will be the comic relief and the touchstone to show off Chuck’s brilliance. Morgansect being a master spy is the big bluff, remember.

Chuck and Sarah. The honeymoon is over … not between them (not at all, never, no way), but around them. They will have to fight Decker to hold on to the life they’ve finally achieved. I think we’ll see plenty of Chuck and Sarah greatness — the committed couple in love and awesome spy couple beating the bad guys and overcoming all obstacles together. Being there for each other in tough times and working through things together is the promise, remember. Whatever their business problems; whatever Decker throws at them; whatever battles surround them; that promise is the eye of their storm.

S5 … Bring. It. On.


About thinkling

In my [younger] youth, I was a math teacher, basketball coach, and computer programmer. In 1984, we moved to Brazil, where we serve as missionaries. I like to design things and build things, read things and write things. We now live part-time in Brazil, part-time in the US. Love them both. Wife, 37 yrs; mom, 30 yrs. I am blessed.
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78 Responses to A Bluff and a Promise — Chuck vs the Zoom

  1. Nicely done Thinkling. I’m pretty much in agreement with you and wish I hadn’t read all the comments. Smart lady, indeed!
    Your review shows that the show is still called Chuck, not Intersect. “Intersect or not, Chuck is still that guy: the leader, the guy with a plan, still always doing the right thing, always caring more about his team than himself, and still saving the day. ” Thanks for putting in words what I had been thinking.

    • thinkling says:

      Thanks Peter. For all the changes, I still see the characters I love. I thought it worked well and was really funny.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        One quibble, I preferred DOS to Windows, and Chuck is more Linux than Windows.

        No offense to Mac people. I’m one of you too.

        Besides, Sarah is more Mac.

      • Ernie, Mac X, released in 1999, and later versions actually have a Mach (i.e. Unix-based) kernel. Sarah is pretty like a Mac, but she is not that pretentious (no offense). She also knows enough to stay away from “Mac artists” Jeff and Lester. Sarah used to be more like the closed iOS, but now she is opening up, like Android.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Yes, I most certainly meant OS-X with the linux kernel. The point being that she’s so pretty and shiny you forget there is a seriously powerful computer (and one quite similar to Chuck) underneath.

      • thinkling says:

        I did too at the time, Ernie (like DOS better). I wanted to pull all of the useless icons and graphics out of the way. LOL. I’ve since adjusted.

    • thinkling says:

      Peter, your statement about the show being called Chuck and not the Intersect is an excellent defense of the creators’ direction of the final season … as season about Chuck without the Intersect. The fact that his bumbling best friend has it (remember Graham’s comment in Helicopter?), only serves to distinguish Chuck from everyone else. It really is about Chuck. … And of course Sarah. 😉

  2. joe says:

    I’m with Peter. Nicely done! You’ve got a bead on both the writers/creators and the fans, Thinkling.

    I love that Sarah-Morgan handshake (of sorts) on the squash court. It tells me instantly how far they’ve come as friends since Sarah made the (gauche!) mistake of trying to separate Chewy and Hans, and Morgan had to explain the difference between a collectible and a toy.

    Funny how Morgan learned that there isn’t any.

    There’s a hundred little things like that in this episode, things I really enjoyed.

    • thinkling says:

      The finger-y handshake was a priceless moment, made better by Sarah’s scowl. They are great together, and their bonding is sweet.

      Yup a hundred little things to love.

      • Thinking back to the non-Charah moments over the last season and a half, some of the best are the Sarah/Morgan OJ scene, the Sarah/Morgan stab-with-a-shoe/get-your-hand-off-my-chest scene, the Sarah/Morgan bonding with collectibles scene. The handshake was great because it shows how far they’ve come.

        Too many shows rely on all relationships going through the lead character. Last season we finally started seeing Casey and Sarah relate without Chuck as well as Sarah and Ellie. Of course we saw a lot of Casey and Morgan. It’s great to see that with Sarah and Morgan. They both care about Chuck so much they had to become friends eventually without relying on Chuck being in the room.

      • atcDave says:

        You forgot Sarah taking over the sub-mission in Balcony. Really an amazing number of outstanding Sarah/Morgan scenes these last couple seasons. It is funny how well those two play off each other.

      • Dave, I can’t believe I forgot that! That is by far my favorite non-Charah scene of S4. You can only see Sarah kick a guy a snake pit so many times before it starts to feel choppy, but Morgan throwing those papers around the room and Sarah saying, “I am someone deadly,” makes me laugh every single time.

        I think it was in Masquerade, Chuck said something like, “Who wouldn’t want to live with their two best friends?” I remember laughing because Sarah and Morgan were not best friends. Chuck was just being his over-enthusiastic self.

        Sarah has colleagues she likes to work with and cares about (Zondra, Carina, and Casey). They are friends who understand Sarah the spy, not Sarah the real person. She has in-laws she trusts and cares about but they (so far) really only understand that she loves Chuck. Her only real friend is Chuck. Before, Morgan was just her best friend’s other best friend. It’s nice to see Sarah and Morgan as actual normal friends.

        If things go south with Morgan, it would be great to see Sarah not just worried about Chuck being worried about Morgan (still an improvement from Best Friend), but for Sarah to also be worried about Morgan directly.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah I agree with all of that Jeff. Although Yvonne has indicated the relationship may be closer to step mother…

      • Now I am imagining Morgan as Cinderella. Nah, Sarah would only play the wicked step mother when she wanted Morgan’s intel. She already has her prince.

      • jason says:

        Two more Morgan scenes with Sarah, one in season 3 in the Castle, Sarah said to Morgan, ‘we never talk’ and kicked the chair at him, another one in this ep, when she knocks on his door to retrieve the new home folder.

        One complaint I have with Morgan the character, is he has been used as an excuse for the writers to keep Chuck and Sarah from ‘fill in the blank’ (kissing, ‘Colonel’ing’, talking many times instead Chuck or Sarah talk to Morgan, etc) since very early in the show. Funny, Martha had one such moment in Castle Monday night as Beckett just saved Castle’s life and they were very close to kissing, when Martha interrupted, it is the life of a B character.

        Anyhow, one promising thing about Morgan in 5×1 going forward the next few eps, is he might become more than this sort of plot device, and become a layered A character central to the A plot. I’m OK with real work for Morgan, and look forward to him not having many more scenes like push mix laser light fiasco, or the Italian job, or his endless march beginning 5×1 to rescue Team B on Hamel’s balcony (seriously how long are bad guys supposed to wait?).

        I think Morgan now (the intersect), Casey next (love interest), then Sarah (mom) are all going to get little farewell arcs. I’ll bet Ellie, Awesome and Jeffster (and maybe even BM) will get a bone thrown their way this season too, I have read at least a little indicating that. Why not, they’ve earned it.

      • thinkling says:

        I agree. Sarah and Morgan are so great together. I prefer Sarah/Morgan to Chuck/Morgan.

        I think Morgan’s bedside watch in Cliffhanger added a depth and affection to their relationship. I think it’s visible starting with the wedding (by the authority vested in me by the intergalactic federation of planets …) and the limo (affection replacing annoyance when Morgan said he was having trouble letting go). And I think you see it in the Zoom. The easy way they work together, Sarah hiding her exasperation when Morgan really messes up, letting him call her Bunny Doll (and live … cracked me up), the whole dance/mission. But then there are limits to her good nature (Hand it over!). Yup, the Sarah/Morgan friendship is a gem.

  3. atcDave says:

    Fun and thoughtful write up of a fun episode, Thank You!

    One thing this episode did extremely well was get me excited for S5. While I still have a few reservations, my worst fears did not happen. I laughed a lot, I was pleased with almost every aspect. I still don’t think this rises to the best of the best; but it was a fun time anyway, and is holding up well after several re-watches.

  4. jason says:

    Thank you think – I really like the ep, which is surprising, in that I am not a huge Morgan fan. But you know what, this is the first time Morgan has a chance to actually participate in all the action with some notion of seriousness and some threat that things may go dark for him in the near future.

    One comment I made which applies to Chuck’s read of Sarah’s choices in homes, it was very much like Chuck’s read of Sarah’s choice in men, and how different the real girl turned out to be than Chuck (or I in this case) thought. The white picket fenced Rockwellian Cape Cod framed on camera with Sarah and Chuck was a delight to me. I wish they had saved that scene for the end, of course they will do even better, won’t they?

    One ? for you if you don’t mind, how do you think the show will end:

    A – Chuck and Sarah quit the spy life to live a normal life
    B – Chuck and Sarah stay in the spy life
    C – Something else, maybe they split up or one dies or who knows?

    • thinkling says:

      Yeah, Jason. That’s a great observation about Chuck’s view of Sarah’s choice of men and houses. I love the side of Sarah we’re getting to see.

      Not C. Not only because I don’t want it, but also because I don’t think they’ll do it.

      Some combination of A and B. I think they’ll be mostly out (in the white house with the red door), but there will be a hint that the spy life won’t quite leave them alone.

  5. Dale says:

    Did anyone notice that when Sarah walked upto Chuck in the beginning scene when she stands next to him she goes close and brushes her hand against his ever so gently….adorable.

    • joe says:

      That’s one of those “hundred little things”, Dale.

      Something I’ve been thinking about, and I meant to use this is a post I’m trying desperately to start, is the seduction scene, the one they put out early on YouTube.

      It’s cute and sparkles. But can you imagine that scene in Season 1? I can, but not with the Sarah we had then. The way I see it, if Sarah had tried so blatantly tried to seduce Chuck like that in S1, it would have been a transparent lie. It would even have been verging on despicable for her to try it.

      Oddly, in S1, it would not have worked on Chuck. He was waaayyyy to frightened of her then. Give S1 Sarah props too for realizing that it would not have worked. Now, not only is it not mean of her to try that ploy, it actually does work! Chuck cracked like an egg. That’s a measure of how far they’ve come.

      And it was fun to see him crack, too. 😉

    • Dale says:

      Joe, agreed, but I was referring to the beginning of the episode scene on the bluff. She walks up to him and stands by his side. Then she moves her body right tight next to his and then brushes her hand against his very gently while she tells him she is more of a toes in the sand girl. It was something a little more suttle then the seduction scene and something that plays as very organic and natural…kudos to the actors for that.

      • Dale says:

        Oh I forgot to mention that Chuck also recipocrated her hand brush too….sweet, adorable….squee…I am such a girl.

      • joe says:

        Oh, I know the scene you meant, Dale. I was referring to another one and didn’t make that clear. Sorry!

  6. Dale says:

    Oh I forgot the trademark carressing of his face with her hands when she goes to kiss him…sweet, very sweet and adorable…I am such a girl.

  7. Ernie Davis says:

    Two complete nonsequitors for this episode. You could tell the bedroom talk about the dream house was probably one of the first Zach filmed after returning from Comicon. His voice hadn’t fully recovered.

    I noticed that the fireplace in the bedroom, which in the past has been home to Chuck’s Mac Classic, his bongo drums and parts of his vinyl collection now houses Sarah’s shoes.

    • atcDave says:

      I was noticing the whole apartment make-over too. They did a few things last season, but it seems Sarah is now marking her territory in force. There is no longer much trace of the old nerd pad.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I didn’t get as good a look at the living room, but I got the same impression. The nerd-pad-man-cave is fading away as Sarah settles in. The Tron poster however stays.

      • Fogh says:

        The fact that the TRON poster stays reminds me of the scene in S2(can’t recall which episode it was, the second one with Cole) that they are forced to move in together, and that they are talking about Chuck’s stuff at breakfast. The moment Chuck said, “Dad gave me that poster.” You could see in Sarah’s face that she understood it’s significance, and that she would never under any circumstance force Chuck to give it up. So it’s good that it’s still there.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Of course I didn’t actually see it in this episode. I’m making an assumption that Chuck has his limits and he’ll preserve a little corner of nerdvana by his computer desk.

      • thinkling says:

        Fogh, I love that scene in S2. I think it’s Lethal Weapon. I’m sure there will always be a spot in the Bartowski residence for Tron.

        I like the changes in the apt.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        In fact the last time I can recall seeing the Tron poster was in Fear of Death, and given that Sarah was standing in front of it in lingerie brandishing a knife, that’s quite a feat.

      • jason says:

        Ernie – I was hoping the Tron poster would get used again around the 10th episode when Team B tries to put all the pieces of the conspiracy together. My fanfic POV, Chuck asks all the member to a meeting, to come prepared to discuss the conspiracy:

        1 – Casey arrives with pages of notes written on a yellow legal pad
        2 – Morgan has notes on napkins, matchbook covers, take out boxes, as he is making a mess
        3 – Sarah hauls out a very neat, organized back of a poster, maybe even a Star Wars one that Chuck saw her hang in their apartment not knowing something was in back
        4 – as Sarah is looking very proud, Casey irritated, and Morgan lost, Chuck dims the lights, and has a high tech Tron board already made up, with point and click linking each item on the screen to the backup data

        I sort of borrowed this idea from Castle, but in any way shape or form, would love to see a callback of sorts to the Tron poster in the last couple of eps to both help Team B, but also to help reveal the story to the fans.

  8. Verkan_Vall says:


    Thanks for the writeup. I realize that some people aren’t happy with 5.1, but I’m just glad that my favorite escape is back.

    And more Ellie please. (although I know that is unlikely, given Sarah Lancaster’s duties as a new mother)

  9. Michael says:


    *** In fact the last time I can recall seeing the Tron poster was in Fear of Death, and given that Sarah was standing in front of it in lingerie brandishing a knife, that’s quite a feat.

    I don’t remember any poster in that scene. Do you have a time stamp?

  10. That is image 600/1979 of the image captures. Assuming the episode is 44 minutes, doing the math puts it at 13:28 give or take, with the massage–I mean first appearance of the poster–starting about a half minute earlier.

    For everyone that hates the humorous Morgan/Sarah dance scene, wasn’t the Agent Rye interruption much, much worse? Chuck ordered Morgan to dance with Sarah, but he never would have wanted Rye to interrupt what was happening in FOD.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Well Rye did establish “Sarah’s Law”. You interrupt #sexytimes, you die. Meaning Morgan has been on borrowed time since Chuck Versus The Truth. No, wait, that scene was cut…

      As far as the dance, I saw that as basically Chuck and Morgan saving Sarah from being groped by Bale while touring the garden as the distraction, so I’m guessing she and Chuck were both fine with it.

      • Ellie actually interrupted, but has the truth serum defense.

        So far we have
        Chuckwin’s law: As a Chuck discussion grows longer, the probability of a complaint about season 3 or Shaw approaches 1.
        Sarah’s law: You interrupt #sexytimes, you die. (just think what she must have been dreaming about when she took out the alarm clock in Crown Vic)

        I think we need more. Here are some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions
        Chuck’s law: Don’t freak out.
        Casey’s law: No touching if you want to keep your man parts.
        Ellie’s law: Nothing is more important than family
        Devon’s law: Find your inner awesomeness.
        Big Mike’s law: My body is my temple.
        Jeff’s law: Beer is your friend.
        Lester’s law… I don’t want to know.

      • I accidentally edited out Morgan Law, which has to be something close to Murphy’s Law.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well in Ellie’s defense Chuck and Sarah were actually fighting about the fake #sexytimes when she burst in as opposed to actually having something close. But notice Scooter hasn’t been seen since opening the supply closet on Chuck and Sarah.

      • Ernie, are you saying the Wienerlicious was closed because Scooter was deep-fried as a mystery meat?

        Casey interrupted the last Valentine’s Day celebration, but maybe Sarah took pity on him after he saw Morgan and Alex together.

        Colt was imprisoned, we think. But maybe his prisoner transport was intercepted.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        The only thing saving both Beckman and Casey is the fact that Chuck and Sarah were only retrieving chocolate strawberries at the time of the interruption in Masquerade and the festivities hadn’t begun yet. A loophole, but an important one.

      • I don’t know, Ernie. The wings were out. I’m sure Chuck thought it was an interruption at that point.

        Casey’s going to die of shock from walking on on Morgan and Alex sometime, anyway. But once Beckman is no longer necessary to run interference for Decker, her days are numbered.

      • joe says:

        Oh, Jeff… Morgan’s law has to be “Respect the beard.” 😉

      • Ernie Davis says:

        We may be splitting hairs, but I still say that was a premature wing deployment and doesn’t count. If they were in their room I’d have to give you that one, but Morgan still had the livingroom for 85 more minutes.

        I’m still on the fence about Barstow. Part of me says Morgan is living on borrowed time, part of me thinks that will be the eventual cause of Casey’s demise, and a larger part says Vincent was going to put an end to things anyway, so his (eventual) death is the one that counts.

      • atcDave says:

        Jeff try not to get Ernie excited, he’s been dreaming of that Sarah/Beckman death match since S1. Something about the Duck coming home to roost…

      • thinkling says:

        Big Mike’s Law: Nothing’s more important than fishing and danish. Scooter went to manage the Wienerliscious in Alaska.

        It must be nice to finally have a TV that Beckman doesn’t appear on at inconvenient times. Although, Decker will probably be 10x worse.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Big Mike’s Third Law, If you don’t want someone taking a picture of your private business, put some drawers on!

      • atcDave says:

        And here we see back-to-back that Big Mike is a wise man!

    • herder says:

      Harry Tang’s law: you’re soft, like pudding.

      Sarah’s law: I’m pretty good with knives.

      Casey’s law: Reagan was always right.

      Morgan’s law: Chuck and I are really brothers.

      • joe says:

        Volkoff’s Dictum… Peace through violence!

      • Gord says:

        I always thought Casey’s law was that it is never a good idea to give the “it’s not you it’s me” speech to a trained assassin wielding a knife.
        Sarah’s Law – “I am somebody deadly”.
        Jeff’s Law – “Knowlege is powder”
        Chuck’s Law – “Its complicated”

        Talk about going off on a tangent, but whoever started this thanks, I needed to be reminded of how awesome Chuck can be.

      • thinkling says:

        Correction, Morgan and Chuck are twins (Phase 3 … and I still see Danny DeVito and Arnold Scwartzineger).

        Michael Carmichael … what were their parents thinking!

      • Cole’s Law: When you meet somebody you care about, it’s just hard to walk away.
        Carina’s Law: Spies don’t fall in love.
        Emmett’s Law: Don’t leave the Buy More or you become feral.

        I think Lester, Anna, Roan, and Beckman still need laws.

      • thinkling, Michael Carmicheal’s parents made the same mistake as Charlie Charles’ parents. Oh wait. They had the same parents.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Jeff’s First Law. I’m off by 8 and hammered by 8:05.

        Anna’s law. She doesn’t fight girls either.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Beckman’s First Law. DUCK!

        Beckman’s Second Law. You don’t run from a general.

      • Michael66 says:

        @herder – here are my humble suggestions

        Anna – Laws? Who needs laws? I’m just saying I know a guy, very reasonable. His rates, I mean.
        Roan – Never spill a drink
        Beckman – Shut up, Roan. And kiss me.

        @thinkling – my apologies for not thanking you for the post. They’re always a fun read.

    • Michael says:

      @ MyNameIsJeffNImLost
      *** For everyone that hates the humorous Morgan/Sarah dance scene

      I didn’t hate the scene on a story level. I thought it was poorly done. It looked like they put the pair of them on dollys and rolled them around.

      • Ok, I understand that. I could see the dance being done better from a camera positioning and scene editing perspective. A lot of fight scenes have the same problem. Some of it is the nature of stunt doubles (e.g. the same stunt double for both Chuck and Shaw in the final Ring II showdown). Some of it is how editors like do quick flash shots that are too short.

        It was fine for me because I didn’t need to be much better to be funny. Plus once Sarah raised her leg, who cares.

      • Gord says:

        I thought Sarah did a great job of dancing, Morgan on the other hand just sort of stood there.

        I think I heard that episode 4 (the buy more convention) was written by Phil Klemmer. I think he wrote Angel so lets hope we get a good Chuck/Sarah dance.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, Gord, I do hope we get a Chuck/Sarah dance sometime this season.

  11. @PeterOinNJ says:

    So just curious cause I didn’t notice. Was Sarah ever called Walker in the episode?

    • atcDave says:

      I didn’t notice either. It will be interesting to see what Casey does call her in the future.

    • thinkling says:

      I didn’t think so, but I double-checked the subtitle file just to be sure. She was only called Sarah, and Casey never addressed or referenced her by name.

    • herder says:

      I was half looking for that too, didn’t see it but that would be more likely to show up in dealings with the CIA rather than missions where aliases are used.

    • I’ve been curious all summer about how they were going to handle that. I thought Morgan would be using Mrs. B, but that was before the handshake/new friendship thing. I think it would be funny if Casey kept saying Walker, getting a glare from Sarah every time. It would be kind of like he got with the S1/S2 comments about Sarah’s chocolate in Chuck’s peanut butter.

  12. Gord says:

    For those of you who loved or at least liked this episode, which seems to be the bulk of the fandom, I would like to say I envy you. I wish I could have enjoyed it too.

    For those of us that hated this episode, I think the big worry is that it means we wont like S5 at all. I’m hoping that it is just this episode. After all, how can a Casey romance be anything but awesome, and if I don’t enjoy any other episode, I know in my heart I will love the episode with Sarah’s mom.

    In case anyone is wondering, If I were to rate the season premieres my ratings would be
    1. Pilot
    2. First Date
    3. Anniversary
    4. Pink Slip
    999. Zoom.

    The good news is that (as Morgan would say) 99 times out of 10 if I watch a bad episode of Chuck, the next episode is going to be awesome.

    • Rick Holy says:

      That was just the first course of a 13 course meal! I think it will get better with each course, as we work our way up to THE dessert – the series finale! I was just glad to be able to sink my teeth into some CHUCK again!! 12 more “courses,” and I’m going to savor the flavor of EVERY one – like Big Mike salvors the blending of flavors in the Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki sub! Bring on tomorrow night. CHUCK followed by an all new FRINGE! To “resurrect” a line from Field of Dreams: “Is this HEAVEN?” “No. It’s Friday night T.V.!”. “Oh, I thought it was heaven.” 😉 (ALMOST!!!)

  13. phaseou812 says:

    Nice review

  14. Pingback: Episode of the Week: Chuck vs The Zoom (5.01) | Chuck This

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