5.06 Chuck vs. The Curse: Specs and Reacts!

So What Did You Think

Tonight we have Chuck, Sarah, Ellie, Awesome and, it seems, Morgan’s P.A.N.T.S. all tangled up in the darkness of a nefarious plot involving Decker’s computer virus.

Sounds exciting!

And that’s even before you add in Rebecca Romijn (whoooo boy!).

Of course, Ausiello let go of this stunning revelation about her this week…

Rebecca Romijn’s barbaric CIA agent — who debuts in this Friday’s episode — used to be a man!

Huh? What? Oh, go read it, and then enjoy the episode.

Me? I’m hoping to see Alex again, back where she belongs this week.

– joe


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  1. Aerox says:

    First thoughts: I liked it. It was a good filler episode to fill in the blanks for the epic Shaw showdown. Although I have to say I’m a bit upset that someone who probably would’ve gone in epic lockdown would still be able to best Sarah in hand to hand combat, but I suppose that’s to ramp up the angst.

  2. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    It had been a while since we’d seen whiny Chuck. I see he’s still alive and well.

    The episode took 40 minutes to get going and then kinda limped home. For me it’s in the bottom 6 of this season.

    The continuous back loading of the story is also starting wear thin. I have never been a fan of this type of storytelling.

    BTW the promo didn’t inspire confidence for next week either.

    • Gord says:

      I had the opposite reaction – I thought this episode was fantastic.
      Also the promo – the last line of that promo suggests that Chuck has the intersect back.
      That would be huge.

      • dkd says:

        The events in the promo all look like they are in the back half of the episode. In the pictures that were released, Chuck is in a Santa Suit in what looks like a CIA Xmas party. Why does Chuck visit Beckman at the CIA? Does he get something from her?

    • joe says:

      For me, the most annoying thing was…

      Maybe it’s just me, but it really seemed like there were twice as many minutes of commercials as show. Probably means I’m addicted to watch the DVDs and the Internet.

      And why is it that we don’t have these episodes on-line again? Hum, NBC??? WB??? 😦

      • atcDave says:

        I hear you on that Joe! Not only is Chuck the fastest hour on television, but the commercials are entirely too long (maybe its because this is the only thing other than football that I watch live!)

      • Aerox says:

        Your commercial system sucks. Majorly! Most European (haven’t visited them all yet, so can’t comment on the entiriety) channels have (depending on length, let’s take Chuck in this example) 21 minutes of show, 10/15 minutes commercials, 21 minutes of show, 0/5 minutes of commercials (depending on channel) until the next program starts. Not a block of 3 mins commercials after every scene. I know which one I prefer 😛

  3. atcDave says:

    I thought it was a pretty good episode. Probably my least favorite of the season so far, but I think its been a strong season so that’s hardly a big deal.
    I loved seeing Ellie and Devon get in on some of the action. Ellie is a force to be reckoned with, I particularly like that she seems to have learned lessons from her previous experience.

    My biggest beefs were two; first, the PANTS sub-plot was really weak. I guess it was cute in the end with Alex opening Morgan’s box. But Chuck suddenly remembering this thing that was of such great importance to him was a bit silly.
    Even worse, the “Curse” itself was the height of idiocy. It was a call-back to Orion’s moronic “let’s run away” plan from Subway. It was stupid then and it was stupid now. To me, this was easily the least appealing Chuck Bartowski I’ve seen since the S3.5 lying scumbag.
    Now I know that’s very harsh language for an episode I just described as “pretty good.” That brings me back to what was very good in this episode. Is anyone surprised when I say Sarah?! Not only did I love her calling the curse what it was; but she got the plan altered (had Chuck’s back) even as he was bailing out on her; she and Casey saved the day in big shoot out; and she called Chuck on his stupidity: perfectly, appropriately, beautifully. She said almost exactly what I’d been muttering under my breath for 15 minutes.

    So basically, I enjoyed the episode except for Chuck himself. I think I like where this goes next week; the preview looked great. I’m actually pretty good with Shaw as the next baddie right now. The big showdown looks very reminiscent of Ring II, which of course is deliberate. And a bit of a suggestion the Intersect is back… or never left. We’ll see! (and no hiatus!)

    • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

      Sarah’s reaction to Chuck’s stupidity was the only part of the episode that worked for me.

    • I thought Chuck doing that was in character. He can’t handle waiting when his family is in danger. Doesn’t mean it was likeable behavior any more than Frost and Orion abandoning their families (especially Orion–he was the last parent and didn’t have a Volkoff gun at his head).

      While I know a lot of people wouldn’t like Chuck’s behavior, it was necessary for the fantastic payoff of Sarah putting him in his place. If Chuck acted reasonably, we wouldn’t get the fun pissed off trained assassin moments and the great we’re-a-team, you’ve-got-me, and supportive-Sarah moments. Fair trade-off in my book.

      All of the Woodcomb spy stuff was really funny. Especially after Ellie figured it out. They were my favorite parts of the episode.

      The most annoying thing to me was the computer magic. Chuck could use Orion’s computer to hack into the CIA and search for a file while pacing around the room. The Omen can take out all of the screens in Castle, the Buy More web site, and Time Square screens at the same time. Plus it can “hide” and “wait”. The Norseman was the magic ray-gun. The Omen is the magic sentient computer virus.

      • atcDave says:

        I won’t deny it was in character. But it was a character trait I had hoped he’d outgrown. The trick will be see if he learns his lesson about trusting, and not leaving Sarah. Sadly, this seems to be a lesson he has to learn as often as Homer Simpson has to learn life lessons.
        To my mind, Subway should have been the end of this utterly idiotic idea that abandoning family is ever a good idea (and Subway was one time too many for that idea!)

        You are right though that Sarah’s response was perfect. Really the highlight of the episode.

      • joe says:

        Yeah, me too. “I’ll always choose to keep you out of danger.” was the line he used in Subway, and Chuck was consistent with that. Sarah had to call a halt to it, though, and did so perfectly.

        I thought Ellie and Awesome were great! I’ve been missing them on-screen.

      • ladycat713 says:

        Sarah getting mad and putting Chuck in his place is a vast improvement over the Sarah who went artic on him and ran when she could and froze him out when she couldn’t.

      • lappers84 says:

        I think it was a case of making Chuck look bad in order for Sarah to look better, maybe a pre cursor to the coming episodes. Also notice at the end when calling him out about running away, when we know from spoilers that it looks like Sarah does the same thing when her mum’s involved. Bit of foreshadowing there me thinks..

      • atcDave says:

        It will be interesting to see how similar, or not, the situations end up being. But at least in Curse, Sarah was pretty clearly right and Chuck was pretty clearly wrong.

      • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

        I get Sarah getting angry with Chuck. Besides being the highlight of the episode, it is a totally understandable reaction.

        From what we know about 5.08, Chuck should have a similar believable reaction. The problem is we already know he won’t in order to resolve the episodes drama in a millisecond, and that will suck.

      • atcDave says:

        Shepperd some of that is just keeping things in character. Chuck does not have the sort of violent impulses Sarah occasionally does. Actually, both of them register as very forgiving people. After the initial blow-up, Sarah let Chuck off the hook pretty easily. I fully expect if Sarah presents Chuck with a similar situation he would scold her more gently about not trusting him and then forgive pretty easily.
        This is well established for both of them, and its often one of the appealing aspects of their characters. Chuck’s eagerness to rush into foolish behavior is unfortunately well established too. So I can’t really object the situation was OOC; only that it was annoying and he should know to trust Sarah by now.

      • armysfc says:

        from an outsiders perspective and not having watched here’s my take, lol. the main point of the episode is getting the virus online so the cell door opens and shaw gets out. thus setting up the next episode. chuck is a character driven show as we know. chuck has the virus and someone needs it. if chuck is the same as he has been all season and the latter half of s4 he doesn’t give it up, he makes an awesome plan, includes his team and saves e/d without giving up the virus.

        so they need to revert chuck to an earlier time, that fits his past attitudes so folks can say it fits. thus his character change in this episode. it’s in character for the chuck of the past but not the present, but the present chuck won’t work. it’s a pit fall of having the characters drive the plot. chuck has to make the mistakes he does for the plot to move forward the way they want it too.

      • army, I wouldn’t trust everything you read here. This episode open the door just barely enough for the people to love to get tee’ed off about what they perceive as bad presentation and characterization of two people that are supposed to be perfect all of the time now. While I was watching the episode, I was thinking, ‘Ok, I see what they are doing… Well, Chuck’s never going to allow that… Sarah is going to be pissed… This makes sense… I wonder how long until the boards blow up with more people overreacting and ripping into the writer and the TPTB for Chuck not being perfect.’

        Of course you might agree with those people, but I would recommend waiting until you see the episode yourself. I thought a lot of it was predictable, so it seemed to start slowly. However during that slow build up, I still found myself laughing out loud and enjoying the episode. The back third was great, so if you can get there without getting too mad at TPTB, it’s a great episode.

      • atcDave says:

        Jeff I think this situation is a little more than just the usual nit picking. I think, apart from S3, I’m usually pretty moderate in my response to things. Especially in S4 and S5 which I have overwhelmingly loved.
        But Chuck’s behavior rubbed me very wrong. It’s not that his heart was in the wrong place. It’s that he didn’t didn’t trust his partner and wife, even AFTER she said she supported him.
        After five years he has to know she’ll always have his back. Going in as a team would have made so much more sense.

        I tend to pretty willing to accept Chuck’s behavior most of the time. Even Fear of Death didn’t particularly bother me. But this was the most annoyed I’ve been with him since Subway.

      • armysfc says:

        Jeff it’s not just here that the things are being said. the trick is to know the posters and how they normally react, what they like and don’t. if people i trust as posters like kev, dave and sls say chuck was whiny like in the past i believe them. i do understand your point as well. mine was not to rate an episode as good or bad, just why they made chuck like he was a long time ago. the chuck from this season and the last half of 4 would not have done what he did unless the writers needed him act that way to advance the plot. character driving the plot as i said. he would have made a plan like in push mix or the cliff hanger. that’s what he does now. what he did before was rash and stupid moves that paid off, like i heard he did last night.

        i know more went on i the ep and advanced some things, but they are still tied to chucks actions from this episode. shaw gets out because the cell door opens because of the virus. there will be more focus on that in the next episode than the virus shutting down the world. at least thats my guess.

  4. uplink2 says:

    I liked it a lot. Lots of good action and I love pissed off Sarah. It tied the stories together of how we get to Shaw. I’m lookling forward to my rewatch. Loved me some EWP!!! That was great to finally see Ellie be the hot chick of the episode.

    Plus the bracelet returns next week!!! Its been gone since Honeymooners.

    • Gord says:

      I’m with you uplink2, I am adding this episode to my list of all-time favourites.
      I loved the return of Hot Moma and Six Pack.
      The return to Orion’s cabin.
      Loved Gen B looking out for Chuck and his family.
      Casey and Beckman’s meeting sight – where they went in the darkest times – like the Clinton years.

      This episode kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.
      I had no issues with Chuck’s Bartowski curse. I thought it was well within character for Chuck.

      The one thing I liked about Chuck in this episode was how calm and collected he was under threat of torture. Compare that to Hard Salami or Beefcake Chuck – he’s come a long way.

      Ticked off Sarah was great although I thought she let Chuck of the hook a little too easily.

      Also great to see the rekindling of the Morgan/Alex flame.

      By the way, the Gen B /Castle scene near the end has me wondering if the talk so far this season regarding “normal” life has been a misdirect. Maybe the series ends with the team back working for Gen B.

      • She didn’t let him off the hook. They edited out the scene in which Chuck is pulling at his restraints for an hour, yelling for help, while Sarah eats a sandwich in front of him.

        I’m still thinking it will be the normal life, but it might be part-time, like the very end of Alias.

    • joe says:

      One thing I’m sort of happy about now is that the return of Shaw is no longer a surprise. I have a feeling that was the original intent, but you know, it would almost have been anti-climactic. I think we all would have groaned if he really had come back, out of the blue.

      But with the two glimpses we’ve had, it’s like, yeah, that sort of fits into the story. I’ll be able to live with it until Sarah beats him down again. 😉

      • atcDave says:

        I agree Joe it would have been very anti-climactic if it had been a surprise. There would have been much groaning and eye-rolling during the episode instead of two weeks prior. This way we’re ready to just get on with it!

  5. atcDave says:

    I am a little disappointed that it looks like Chuck vs Shaw… again, for the big showdown. I’m sure they’ll find a different twist. But I sooooooo wanted to see Sarah take down Shaw.

    • She took him down last time. It might happen this time too. Considering how they edit promos, it could be…
      Shaw: No Intersect to help you this time, Chuck. You can’t beat me.
      Chuck: I wouldn’t be to sure about that. I have Sarah. (or I have a team)
      [Cue Sarah and Casey flanking Shaw and Sarah taking him out. The whole thing takes less than a minute.]

      • Aerox says:

        Honestly, with the way they are with tying up loose threads lately, I can see it being like this.

        Shaw: No Intersect to help you this time, Chuck. You can’t beat me.
        Chuck: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Because I know this isn’t you, Shaw.
        Shaw: Didn’t we have this conversation in Paris? I’m pretty sure that between you shooting me, me killing your father, then Sam knocking me over the head with the railing from a Buy More desk which led to my incarceration, followed by one and a half years of said incarceration, I haven’t suddenly grown a conscience. What do you think’s going to change?
        Chuck: Well, I wasn’t married back then, so whatever I say nowadays sways bad guys from their evil path through the power of love and compassion.
        Shaw: You’re right. *unties Sarah* I’m sorry for everything, Sam.
        Sarah: It’s okay. *shoots him*

        Three minutes, tops.

      • Aerox, add Casey beheading the corpse and disposing of the body, and that’s perfect (in the over-the-top Chuck absurdity way).

    • Gord says:

      What would make for a great twist is if we have a surprise guest star – Mama B and she is the one who takes down Shaw – in a Xmas tree lot using a double tap.

      I still think the promo hints that Chuck has the intersect back.

      • ladycat713 says:

        I’ve been wanting Mama B to be the one to kick Shaw’s butt for a long long time. Maybe have Shaw saying to Sarah , did you really think I’ve ever stop seeking revenge for you killing my wife. And then we hear She killed your wife under orders but you weren’t under orders when you killed my husband. Shaw then looks towards the voice to see Mama B and she says you messed with the wrong family.

    • sd says:

      I agree, Dave…Chuck Vs. Shaw does nothing for me. Been there–done that.

      In fact, this whole episode felt scattered to me…like a lot of different elements thrown in the same pot….all simmer no boil —to extend the unfortunate metaphor.

      I understand it was designed to get us to the next plot point…but…

  6. andyt says:


    This was a fantastic episode. It had me on the edge of my seat from the begining. This ep had some of the best tension in a long time.
    I think Chuck acted like a Bartowski, he did think of his family first in going to give up the Omen in exchange for Hot Moma and Six Pack was right in character. Remember it was Sarah, Casey and the General who said they had to run and go into hiding. Sarah tried to reassure Chuck by saying that she has been on the run most of her life; thus, she knows what she is doing.
    If I were Chuck I would see it as a family curse also. Further, there is clearly an attempt to connect the Bartowski family to this Big Bad behind all evil forever( or at least the last forty years of the shows tortuous timeline).
    As far as Chuck and the Intersect, I would point out that Chuck has had an Intersect in his head for at least twenty years. Couldn’t the info that he got from 1.0 and 2.0 been reworked with that Beta version for a new model that no one knows how it will work. This might be what is driving the bad guy. The fear that Chuck is truly a “superhuman”. Remember, the line was, “Chuck, you’ve pissed off some pretty powerful people.” I think Chuck is going to meet his Lex Luthor.

    • joe says:

      Hi, Andy! Good to see your handle here again.

      I’m detecting a pattern. There’s a bunch of people who’ve remarked that Chuck has reverted to form. If they liked the old Chuck, they say the episode is great! If they didn’t (and describe Chuck as whiny), they put the episode in the bottom half of the season’s ratings. Consistent!

      I’m sitting here all smug because of the theme of my last post, The Way We Were. I seldom say so, but this time, I think I got it – what the writers have been trying to do. They’ve been recreating the flavor of Chuck in S1 (and maybe S2 – I hope so!), to recapitulate the high-point of S3. At least, the feeling of it. The twist, for those of us who prefer new stuff, is that now Sarah is with him.

      Personally, I’m sort of lovin’ the balance they’ve found between the two.

      • atcDave says:

        It’s not about whiney Chuck to me. Apparently I’m not as sensitive that as some. But stupid Chuck irks me. And abandoning one’s spouse is utterly unacceptable. So now Sarah has shown herself to be better than Mary, but Chuck is looking a lot like Stephen. And yeah I know, Sarah will apparently fail a similar test in a couple weeks; if that set-up is as weak as this one was I’ll complain about that too!

      • andyt says:

        Thanks for the welcome back. I believe that you are right on. They are trying to remind us of elements from S1 and S2 because it is the last season of the show. I never minded neurotic, antsy Chuck it is part of his appeal. He is a normal guy thrown into an extraordinary situation. Also, the conspiracy goes way back so a revisit to an insecure Chuck would be appropriate to remind us how far Chuck has come from that poor guy in the Buy More who was lost. This was the fate that the Big Bad wanted before Bryce, Sarah, Casey, Beckman gave Chuck an opportunity to break out.

  7. uplink2 says:

    Ok two things I’m really wondering about after thinking about the ep and promo.

    First what was in Chuck’s P.A.N.T.S box?

    Second Chuck saying I wouldn’t be too sure about that when Plywood says he doesn’t have the Intersect to help him.

    • If the online spoiler people wanted to be evil about this episode, they could have said Alex wants to know what’s in Chuck’s PANTS.

      I was wondering about the second one, too. He could have re-downloaded it. Or it could be a bluff while Sarah gets ready to take him out.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m thinking Sarah may still be held captive when the big showdown begins. Some of the longer write-ups we’ve seen indicate someone thinks they’re going to die in this episode and makes a tearful last phonecall. My first guess is Sarah making the call (and we know Yvonne is dynamite for that sort of thing). My second guess is the opposite, Chuck looses the big fight with Shaw, then Shaw has him make a last call to Sarah before he kills him. Maybe in that scenario Sarah has since escaped and ends up saving the day, I would like that. But I still think the other way is more likely; Sarah makes the call, Chuck wins the fight.

    • Aerox says:

      Oh God, now you have me scared for some shitty ‘Chuck going Super Saiyan to save the ones he loves’ moment, including a flash that takes a literal thirty seconds, which shows Chuck learning all these awesome new moves.

      God, I hope they don’t go that route.

    • Leigh says:

      I have a list for what I think is in Chuck’s P.A.N.T.S.! *giggles*


      A photo of Sarah from their wedding

      The twist tie from their wedding

      His Stanford diploma

      The Eiffel Tower Figurine

      The Photo of Him and Bryce from the Alma Mater

      The piece of Mary’s necklace that he broke

      His and Sarah’s Spy Wills

      A hard Copy of the Paperwork for the Buy More

      A piece of the motherboard from the first computer he ever built

      A photo of himself and Morgan when they were kids

      One of Ellie and Awesome’s wedding photos

      A copy of The Brave and the Bold #54 (from 1964, first appearance of the Teen Titans)

      A family photo from 1989.

      • thinkling says:

        Great list, Leigh!

      • I really like the list. Thanks, Leigh.

        There should be something from the first first date with Sarah, but I don’t know what. Maybe her business card to call him.

      • ArmySFC says:

        here is the actual list of chuck’s pants, well pictures actually. it’s from the NBC site.


      • NBC’s list isn’t as good as Leigh’s but it makes sense (except for the 80’s picture–he was less than 10). Chuck wouldn’t have updated his PANTS since high school, so Sarah wouldn’t be in it. His Sarah mementos would be spread throughout their home, and the pictures are probably backed up on an Internet drive. Morgan on the other hand, would change his PANTS more frequently because he takes that stuff very seriously.

      • Actually, the Raiders tickers don’t make sense either. He was less than 1 when it came out in ’81. The last wide re-release was March of ’83. Then again, a lot of the nbc.com stuff doesn’t make sense or is wrong (Major Casey in the Air Force), so what else is new? I’ve noticed similar problems on abc.com.

      • thinkling says:

        Jeff, you’re right about Morgan, changing his pants more often. Until just last year he still had his toys on the living room mantle. 🙂

      • ArmySFC says:

        Jeff, casey’s dress uniform shows he served multiple tours in viet nam as well.

      • Army, Vietnam I can believe. He’s old enough to be Carina’s father. Plus there was that time Chuck used the Intersect to take them all back in time… wait wrong show.

      • atcDave says:

        Casey ( or Adam Baldwin anyway) is exactly my age. Which is barely too young for Vietnam Nam. And they have been inconsistent about branch of service (clearly Air Force in 1.02 changing to Marines later). But these are the sorts of things we shouldn’t take too seriously; the show has played loose with this sort of detail even very early on.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Actually Casey never said he was in the Airforce, just that he flew a stealth bomber. Given Chuck’s rather outlandish view of the world of superspies I could see that happening within the parameters of the spy-world they created.

      • joe says:

        Oh, gee, Dave. I have an unusual distinction, of sorts, of being *just barely* too young for Vietnam myself.

        Actually, I wasn’t, and I officially got a big 003 (out of 365) in the last random number lottery done for the draft in 1973. As luck would have it, no one was actually being sent over at that time, and no one was actually being called up.

        But it wasn’t much fun to contemplate at the time. Nixon took us out of Vietnam (and Cambodia) officially just a little later.

        And then there was Watergate and history officially came to an end for us Baby Boomers. 😉

      • atcDave says:

        Right Ernie, that is exactly the sort of detail I call sloppy; but it is a sort of consistant sloppy. He actually said “stealth fighter”, which would be the F-117; which is the exclusive property of the US Air Force. Early in S2 he also drooled over an F-22 and Chuck referenced him flying bombers; which of course proves nothing except that they were apparently thinking pilot at that point in time. Marine/Special Forces/Sniper all seem to have been later ideas. Perhaps when someone thought “Casey seems more like a Marine…”. It fits the character, but it is a later idea.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Joe; your “just barely” is a few months, mine was actually a few years!

      • During season two, nbc.com had a bio that said Casey was Air Force. The web designer might have known about the stealth bomber line, but at that point the show had already said explicitly he was a Marine. It also said Chuck was born in CT (which might have been in Chuck’s Alma Mater self-flash but was contradicted several other times) and Sarah went to Harvard (which was nowhere in the show). I think they just made stuff up. NBC doesn’t leave old content up, so I can’t find it now.

        The current “Spy Dossiers” (http://www.nbc.com/Chuck/exclusives/spydossiers/) say that Casey is Army.

      • jason says:

        Joe – 1973 – me too – 144 (I think).

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Yes, if you look at Chuck’s self-flash, he is apparently from CT, but moved to CA his senior year. But then according to Verbanski’s file on Sarah she was born in 1982, making her 16 when she graduated High School in the class of 1998. Then again with all the fake ID’s she’d lived under that is possible.

      • atcDave says:

        So Morgan must have moved too. Oh, as did their childhood house….

        A lot of details are inconsistent. Some of that may well have been NBC web content designers who didn’t actually have access to the show bible. Or the writers themselves either were sloppy, or changed their mind on little details they figured no one was really paying attention to anyway…

        I remember thinking the Sarah went to Harvard thing was probably invalidated as early as Cougars. But I know many FF writers have adapted it by simply saying the CIA sent her to Harvard.

      • joe says:

        Jason – I recall getting random draft lottery numbers in the high 200s and 300s in high school, JUST WHEN THEY DIDN’T COUNT!!! 😉

        Such is life.

  8. Gord says:

    If Chuck does have the intersect again, could it be the Omen virus actually destroys the code in Chuck’s brain that is supressing the Intersect. After all we have always been told it is a supression device. The intersect is still there its just not accessable.

    That might also fit with the spoiler that came out about Morgan getting the intersect again. Except in Morgan’s case it also has the trojan horse that was wiping out his memory and altering his personality – so its a bad thing.

  9. Sandra says:

    The worst episode of the season so far. The PANTS thing was pathetic. Who cares about Morgan and Alex. Chuck going off on his own was appalling and yet another weak plot device from this show. The Ellie and Awesome scenes are the only ones worth re watching.

    • Gord says:

      I can sympathize with those of you who did not like this episode – I had very similar reaction to Zoom so I know how you feel.

      That being said, I absolutely loved this episode. For me its the best of the season so far.

    • atcDave says:

      I’d agree it was my least favorite, but I still give it a 3.5 out of 5. I thought Chuck’s involvement in the PANTS thing was silly beyond words. But I liked Morgan’s mission and particularly liked the sweet ending to it. I care about Morgan and Alex. Maybe not as much as I care about Chuck and Sarah, but I do care.

  10. Gord says:

    Regarding Chuck’s P.A.N.T.S. box although its not to be shared I could see him sharing it with Sarah.
    One item I think that will be in there is Chuck’s spy will from S3. Also a copy of the picture that Sarah takes with her everywhere she travels .

    That joke about Alex – I’m almost surprised that didn’t come out as a spoiler. I could just see Ausiello or more likely Kristen from E! reporting a spoiler “In the next episode of Chuck, Alex does her best to get into everyone’s P.A.N.T.S.” or “by the end of this week’s episode you will see Alex getting into Morgan’s P.A.N.T.S.”

  11. Gord says:

    OK I have one very important question – what is more serious a Martini situation or a Pineapple situation?
    Could things get so bad that we have a Pineapple Martini situation?

  12. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    BTW, since when does Chuck not trust or believe in Sarah (all of a sudden)?

    • Aerox says:

      Since the writers needed some nonsensical angst to get us all angsted out for the coming two episodes 😛

      • Leigh says:

        See I don’t see it like that. I think that he has these moments in a handful of episodes where he just loses it. And that’s kind of normal for someone with his level of neurosis. His brain goes into overdrive and he just can’t figure out how to stop himself because he’s too worried/scared/freaked out. He has these weird panic attacks and just goes into overdrive.

        The need to bring back Christopher Lloyd. Chuck needs more therapy. 😉

    • Gord says:

      I didn’t see that at all in this episode. I saw Chuck not trusting or believing in himself.
      I also saw him not wanting to take Sarah down with him. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the ones he loves. That is very Chuck.

      • awelle says:

        I don´t understand how Chuck was not trusting or believing in himself. He obviously thought he could rescue Ellie and Devon all by himself, but he completely failed and gave up the virus.

        And how would sacrificing himself solve anything? It wouldn´t have saved Ellie and Devon and the virus was released, so Sarah would still have been hunted, if she, Casey and Beckman wouldn´t have saved the day.

        I really don´t see how Chuck´s actions could be taken as something to protect Sarah. And I don´t remember him trieing to justify them like that. He just had a weak sauce apology. The only thing Chuck´s plan would have protected Sarah from was having to listen to his whining any longer. I don´t think she really appreciates that.

        It looked pretty obvious, that he didn´t believe Sarah could convince Casey and Beckman to go along with his plan or at least not convince them fast enough. He did asked, what she planned to do, if they said no.

        On top of that, he was a hacker legend last week, but didn´t even entertain the notion of doing something undetectable to the virus, that would render it harmless?

      • While computer hackers seem to have magical powers in TV shows and movies, changing the most dangerous computer virus ever created, would take a little more than three hours. I glad they didn’t go that route.

        He wasn’t trying to protect Sarah. He was trying to save Ellie and Devon. Having your loved ones kidnapped by people who have already killed one person that very night would make anyone a little irrational Look at what Sarah did in Phase 3. She left her backup behind, too.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah but Jeff dealing with life and death situations is their business, and its something they’ve done successfully for five years now.
        Again, its not that Chuck acted horribly out of character with his foolish running off with only half a plan, its that he should know well enough to trust Sarah. She said she agreed with his plan; had he given her three minutes they could have gone to the villain’s lair as a team. Even if Chuck had gone in first to “make the exchange” while Casey and Sarah set themselves up in ambush. It would have been a minimul change to how things actually unfolded and would have reduced the risk involved for everyone.

        What we got, just emphasized some unappealing aspects of Chuck’s character and served as an obvious vehicle for getting the virus active. I’m not sure how else you bring the virus on-line, but what they did was somewhat damaging to how we see Chuck (still acting like the foolish and inexperienced asset, NOT the team leader and husband of Sarah).

        I hate that we’re making such a huge thing of this. It was mostly a fun episode, it ended well, and I’m looking forward to where things go next. But I found Chuck’s Curse an unpleasent plot device.

    • JC says:

      I don’t think they meant it to come off like he doesn’t trust Sarah, it was more about his family legacy, the sacrifices they made and whether he could do the same. It was just executed poorly. This was Chuck’s Gobbler.

      • atcDave says:

        You may be exactly right JC. I think that’s the assumption we have to make going forward.

      • jason says:

        Chuck’s Gobbler ep, I like it. That is funny, my very first reaction to the ep was that it felt like it belonged in s4, and showed how great s4 might have been if Ellie was clued in earlier, and if Alex was actually part of the show. This ep felt like her very best, and she appears to be capable of so much more, same with Ellie (and Awwesom), but esp Ellie.

        But for me, this ep was the writer’s Fear of Death ep, in that no matter the quality of the ep and the set up it provides, hapless, helpless, clueless, brainless Chuck is a fail, that card is now officially overplayed.

      • BigKev67 says:

        Totally agree. FoD was the episode that came to mind as I watched it. Fortunately I thought the other stories in Curse were a lot better than FoD – but yeah, incomprehensible to me how it benefits the show to have it’s main character be so utterly clueless, verging on outright annoying, so repeatedly. I know a lot of people hated the season, but one of the reasons I loved S3 was that Chuck learned his lessons, understood what being a spy meant, and in the back half, acted accordingly. Subway/Ring 2 Chuck is some of my very favorite for his character. Will never understand why they’ve seen fit to only show us that in very small doses since.

      • jason says:

        Kev – I thought Fake Name and Mask were two of Zac’s best acting eps, obviously I consider his role to be minor in my appreciation of the show. I also thought s3 to be his best season, by far, even though I was real disappointed with the way the final eps went down – no story to Papa B’s execution, the Ring in the stairwell, the Shaw confession, and the poorly staged fight scene.

        I don’t think it is easy to switch from parody to drama in the same episode. With things like PANTS, Omen, the Bartowski curse, Ellie and Awesome’s spy date, the ‘toy’, Chuck’s bizarre abondoning of his team and giving up the Omen, the show often switches on multiple elements in the same scene, and it is hard to keep up for the audience, as well as the writers and cast. Most of the brilliance of Chuck runs thru Zac or Yvonne’s ability to pull it off, but sometimes it all goes on overload, especially when the story turns serious, as viewers start paying attention with a more critical eye. Certainly, the way this last ep previewed the next, every single item in the next episode will be scrutinized, if FEdak plans on brutalizing Sarah in such a manner, quirky plot holes will not be acceptable.

      • JC says:

        I get the complaints about the constant flip flops and regression when it comes to characterizations of Chuck and Sarah. Its maddening and has hurt the show more than anything in the long run. But this is how show has handled these types of situations before and I expected it’ll happen again in Versus the Baby. I expected people to debate and fanwank it death but it’s an exercise in futility, so why bother. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been guilty of doing the same myself and can’t guarantee I won’t again especially with these next two episodes. Personally I’d much rather remember this episode for Sarah Lancaster’s fantastic legs, Ellie being awesome and watching them get turned as the episode progressed. Wasn’t it Heather Chandler who mentioned how great spy sex was.

        One thing that did disappoint me was the manner they handled the Bartowski “curse”. It has great potential for a running story between Chuck and Ellie. Too bad they dropped the ball with they it was handled.

  13. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    You realize, of course, that the Omen virus will eventually overtake this blog.

    In all honesty I think it’s already in the spoilers page since it’s a pig to load.

    • joe says:

      I sort of hope so, Shep, before the spoiler page collapses of it’s own weight!

      I’ll probably get to start pg. 3 of this season’s spoilers this week. I hope.

  14. mxpw says:

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but wow, Chuck (the character) is really getting reamed on twitter right now. It’s kind of funny.

    It’s so sad how unlikable this show has made its main character over the seasons.

    • Spoiler Junkie says:

      My Personal View

      The writers made Chuck (the character) take some questionable decisions, keep his wife out of the loop etc, etc because I am pretty sure that in the succeeding episodes they are going to do the same with Sarah. So, when we (the fans) watch/discuss these episodes we will always have justification/excuses for both the characters behavior. For ex: If Sarah keeps secrets and also keeps Chuck out of the loop, then fans will always argue that Chuck did the same before and Sarah is not to be blamed for her actions.

      It’s like S3 – first make Chuck do stupid things and then try and balance it out with Sarah doing even more stupider things. IMO, two things happen i) because of this the characters become unlikeable and ii) in this way the fan base get polarized – defending both or either one of the characters while bringing down the other.

      I may be totally wrong but hey! that’s how I feel with these writers.

    • atcDave says:

      Chuck was unlikeable in this one. But as I said elsewhere, its really the first time I’ve felt this way since S3. But unlike that season, we got an acceptable resolution by the end of the night. Sarah didn’t just let him off the hook, she chewed him out pretty good. Expect a similar pattern if Sarah behaves foolishly in 5.08. I principle I’m okay with the occasional stupid moment for a character; this one was most annoying to me mainly because it was a repeat of certain lessons Chuck should have already learned.

      • I have trouble seeing anyone who is worried about leaving his family behind and is worried about them being killed as unlikeable.

        Sarah should know after Truth, Delorean, Colonel, American Hero, Other Guy, Ring II, Couch Lock, and other episodes that Chuck has always taken rash actions or said rash things when his family or those his loved ones care about are in trouble. When Chuck left the room after Beckman’s stupid plan, I figured he was gone. When Sarah went back to discuss the new plan alone, I knew he was gone. Sarah should know better.

      • atcDave says:

        Yes Sarah should have known better, it was predictable.

        But she also said she agreed with Chuck’s plan. He could have allowed three minutes so they could go in as a team, or at least as a couple. Running away from Sarah at that moment is the exact thing I find unappealing.

  15. SarahSam says:

    Yeah, at times they have basically castrated the guy. He already originally had so many issues that made him appear wimpy ,that once he gained experience in the spy world you hoped they would disappear . I did not like the reappearance of whiny Chuck and like others am glad Sarah put him in his place. I also think Zac takes whiny Chuck a little too far sometimes which amplifies the annoyance. Chuck has always been made to appear inferior to the super spies and the Shaw character took it to another offensive level although in reality he was an was incompetent boob. No more whiny Chuck!!! Please.

  16. Big Kev67 says:

    Yeesh. Haven’t seen the episode yet – but it sounds like my personal kryptonite (ie whiny Chuck) is back in full force – and an episode written by the guy who co-wrote Muurder? If this was any other show, I think I’d be skipping this episode. As it is, I might just find something to distract me while I watch it… 🙂

    • Spoiler Junkie says:

      Looking for something to distract you ? – hmm what about Six Pack and Hot Mama? – only redeemable feature of the episode.

      • atcDave says:

        C’mon there was more than just that! Sarah was awesome! She had Chuck’s back and saved the day even when Chuck was being a weenie. And after a clumsy set-up the Morgan “B” plot (or was it the “C” plot?!) was funny and sweet.

      • joe says:

        Oh yeah. And Sarah L. was awesome too!

  17. Amron says:

    Well, for me it was a pretty good episode. I asked for a story about Ellie and here we are. The Woodcombs were great tonight. The P.A.N.T.S thing was not as good as the Awesomes, it felt like a excuse to bring back Morgan and Alex: even the final scene felt like a cliché: totally predictable, however I love the way Alex is very much like her father. And speaking about fathers, I liked how Chuck, when he’s talking alone with Sarah, acted a lot like nervous!Orion: looking everywhere, going all pessimistic, stuttering… I don’t know why everybody is talking about Chuck not trusting Sarah and going behind her. I agree with Jeff: it was on character, more on character, I believe, that letting Sarah going into Volkoff Industries and do nothing to stop him until the last episode… If there is something we have seen about Chuck is that, no matter how imprudent, he will do anything to save Ellie. And I don’t believe he didn’t trust on Sarah, in fact, I think he contemplated her as his back-up plan…

    • joe says:

      Good analysis, Amron. I agree about the take in Chuck not trusting Sarah. That’s not right. He does trust her. He just doesn’t think anything anyone does will be enough until he’s done everything himself. That’s the way Chuck is built.

  18. Cenodoxus says:

    I have to agree with the people saying that this is the weakest of an otherwise very strong season, and I have the feeling that eventually it’ll number among the weakest in the series as a whole. There were a lot of individual elements that were great to okay on their own, but the whole was less than the sum of the parts. I can definitely see what the story was trying to do —

    – The virus had to be set loose.
    – The writers had to advance the conspiracy storyline.
    – Some step had to be taken toward getting Morgan and Alex back together.
    – The CIA had to plausibly mistake Ellie and Awesome for Sarah and Chuck in order to put them in danger.
    – And if Chuck/Sarah/Casey weren’t meant to be on the run for more than the length of an episode, the immediate threat had to be removed somehow.

    — and it honestly feels like the writers were desperately trying to get all these elements into one episode and wound up sacrificing characterization and consistency to do it. Most of the stuff that had to be introduced to make the episode “work” (e.g., the P.A.N.T.S. and Chuck’s obsession with the “Bartowski curse”) is either stuff we’ve never seen before and so don’t have a reason to believe is a significant motivation, or behavior that Chuck desperately needs to have grown out of at this point. He might be neurotic, and he’s come by those neuroses honestly, but a core part of the character’s appeal is that he’s not stupid.

    Chuck is probably the most conventionally intelligent character on the show (or he should be, given what the writers have shown us), and to see him go riding to Ellie and Awesome’s rescue with no workable plan and having left behind his greatest assets (Casey, Sarah, and Beckman) is just painful. This is not the Chuck we know and love. It also isn’t a Chuck who just doesn’t have a better option. This is a Chuck who plays dogsbody to the plot, and I hate seeing a good character and a good actor being given such poor material. The only real problem I’ve seen so far with this season’s treatment of Chuck is how frequently he’s made to explain (or carry) plot points that the audience doesn’t need to have explained.

    Oh well. It’s ultimately necessary set-up for what looks to be like a great series of payoffs in future episodes, and it’s just disappointing that it wasn’t done better.

    A few more thoughts:

    1. Alex’s tearful begging to 911 to get the CIA operative out of the way was brilliant. Possibly the best part of the episode, and one of the few bits that made genuine sense.

    2. Casey’s conviction that the Clinton administration is among the dark times in his life is equally funny.

    3. If the P.A.N.T.S. are so important to Chuck that Morgan was willing to risk life, limb, and possible discovery to get them for him, this is something that had to have been introduced earlier. As it is, Chuck mentions it once and then never talks about it again. It would have made an awful lot more sense for Morgan to have spent the episode trying to figure out a way to get into Chuck and Sarah’s apartment to erase anything on their computers that they didn’t want the CIA to get.

    Possibly the P.A.N.T.S will come up again in a future episode (I can see Chuck having his spy will and stuff on Sarah in there easily), but right now the clumsy resolution to this was for Alex to see how much Morgan cared for her, which we already knew as of Business Trip. I wouldn’t have bothered with that, but simply given Alex a chance to see one of Morgan’s best traits in action — his loyalty and courage on behalf of his friends.

    4. Angry Sarah is always amazing, possibly because she’s the calmest of the trio and you know something’s seriously wrong when she’s upset. Although this, too, was resolved too quickly and easily. Chuck did something that was pants-on-head dumb. If the writers couldn’t find a way to get the virus loose without a moment of Chuckish stupidity, they at least could have used Sarah’s justifiable irritation to explore what happens when Chuck and Sarah don’t agree with each other over something truly serious.

    Again, this is yet another character and actor being served poorly by the material. Seeing major character points for Sarah get sidelined is not fun, and since Chuck and Sarah have now been together for a while, it reflects badly on Sarah whenever Chuck’s characterization goes off the rails. She fell in love with Chuck because of his heart and brains and courage. She did not fall in love with an impulsive lummock, and on a different show we’d all be wondering why on earth Chuck deserves her. (But since this is Chuck, the better — and in some ways, tantalizingly unanswered — question is why Sarah deserves Chuck.)

    5. The Buy More plots have been really good this season, and it’s surprising how much I missed Jeff, Lester, and Big Mike. It’s an understandable omission given everything else that was going on, though.

    If the writers can stick the landing, then season 5 has serious potential to be the best season of Chuck yet, but Curse isn’t going to be on my rewatch list.

  19. mxpw says:

    Finally got a chance to watch the episode and…easily the worst episode of the season. That was painful.

    Chuck and Sarah are like the worst married couple in the world, honestly. They are terrible communicators and they have like zero faith in each other. How can they be married and living together and Sarah has no idea what the Routine is? Or has any idea what Chuck’s PANTS are? What kind of husband just up and abandons his wife and lone wolf’s it with the stupidest plan in the world, AFTER she tells him he’s right and has promised to help him? Chuck basically said to Sarah’s face that he didn’t trust her. What kind of self-respecting person, let alone a wife, forgives Chuck that easily? Especially after his smug, cloying, completely insincere “apology”? This was the worst episode for the Chuck and Sarah relationship since S3, I think. Hell, this was the worst Chuck episode since…forever. Sarah didn’t get nearly mad enough to justify Chuck’s behavior, nor yell at him long enough for what he did to truly sink in how horrible it was.

    I’m so disappointed with this episode. This is supposed to be a love letter to the fans? An episode where Chuck acts like a whiny, horrible, jackass who doesn’t trust his wife? I have to commend this show, way to totally ruin five episodes of goodwill with me with this massive stinker.

    Don’t even get me started on the rest of this stupid episode or the truly terrible promo. I swear, if they brought Shaw back just so he can beat on Sarah and harass her and make her the damsel in distress.while Chuck gets another Big Damn Hero Moment… I don’t even know what to say, but it probably won’t be pretty.

    • JC says:

      She can’t get too mad since she’ll be doing the same thing in a couple weeks.

    • MLH1 says:

      This is EXACTLY how I reacted to this episode. I agree with you 100%. I am sick to tears of this show pushing a Chuck as a Hero message to the detriment of others’, particularly Sarah’s, worth as characters. It’s irked me to no end that Chuck is the leader – WHY? I ask. He’s not the best spy. He’s the most inexperienced. The money wasn’t just given to him. He doesn’t make the best judgements. He doesn’t listen to his team mates. I’ve never understood why Sarah has had to step back as a spy, and as a person all in the name of propping up Chuck’s ego, talk about a slap in the face to gender equality. Everything in their relationship seems to be about her deferring to the Chuck way of things. Sarah hasn’t been Sarah since season 2 – since season 3 we’ve just seen a steady erosion of her character’s strength and independence. There’s nothing wrong with showing some frailty (which they did in s2 quite well), but it shouldn’t have to result in making her character what is now essentially a 2-dimensional wife role.

      Eugh, bring back Bryce Larkin.

      • The most incompetent CIA spies in the Chuck universe:
        1. Agent Shaw (before he was evil) – risked Chuck’s life unnecessary, risked a plane full of civilian airline passengers, couldn’t steal the mask twice, duped by the Ring about Awesome at the resort, thought a suicide mission was a good plan, made moves on Sarah when any 1st year psych student would know it would mess with Chuck’s ability to flash.
        2. Agent Rye – got Chuck captured, risked his life unnecessary, misdiagnosed the problem with the Intersect, got what he deserved
        3. Agent Larkin – thought the chip with their covers was more important than the Intersect which had their covers and every other government secret. Thought a person with a concussion should take a long shot with a handgun. Blew up a government facility (killing how many loyal agents?). Took a single gun to a Fulcrum shoot out.
        4. Summer Greta – fired after blowing her cover with the Buy Morons.
        5. Stacy Greta – activated a nuclear bomb in LA (she’d be higher, but the Intersect is an excuse.
        6. Agent Forrest – thought blowing up a safe filled with nitrous oxide was a good idea. Didn’t return Devon’s badge to protect her asset’s cover.
        7. Agent Frost – couldn’t take down Volkoff for 20 years, but slightly redeemed because she did it in the end.

        Others might have different rankings, and I might have missed someone, but Bryce Larkin deserves to be on the list. His screw-ups outweigh his successes. He didn’t take down the Ring or Volkoff.

      • ArmySFC says:

        Jeff, you forgot a big one, mama b. first she gets lost for 20 or so years, then on her first mission back gets captured. her big idea for escape is get tortured a few times then break out.

      • joe says:

        Interesting POV, MLH. But I dare say that most of the fans think Sarah’s done a pretty good job of being the same kick-ass character she’s always been while being “that girl in love” at the same time. It’s not one or the other, surely.

        MXPW, you bring up a point with that “Chuck and Sarah are like the worst married couple in the world” idea. It sure looked that way at first glance to me too, especially when Chuck bolted with the virus and Sarah comes back with “This isn’t over.”

        But that was the first glance. I’m spoiling my own thunder, ’cause I’m just working on this idea now, and it’s half-baked. But Chuck was doing his darnedest throughout the episode to trust Sarah, and it just kept going wrong – it was Chuck’s worst nightmare. Then, he trusted her some more. THEN Sarah came around to his point of view, and THEN Chuck bolted. I’m rather convinced it wasn’t Sarah he didn’t trust. It was Beckman and Casey, and the group’s (the CIA?) way of doing things. He didn’t think Sarah could persuade them, not that she wouldn’t try. And with good reason.

        And Sarah didn’t really object to his apparent doubts and insecurities – mostly because they weren’t doubts about her! She objected to his going off without her, and that’s a totally different thing. That was about “the curse”, not about her. They were working through something new.

        Yeah, I know; distinctions without a difference. But I start to think there is a difference, if only in their minds.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Jeff, for Shaw you forgot poking a swizzle stick into a random hole on a potentially deadly weapon, and his big idea of a hero move to make up for it is to take a poisoned woman to the site where he hopes the antidote will be as opposed to contacting someone by say, cell phone to see if they have the antidote, are on their way back with the antidote, or maybe need him to come to the antidote?

        Oh yeah, and he figured the best way to cary out a mission with his greatest enemy hunting him was to go out in public and leave the guy he deemed incapable of any contribution as the only one able to guard the secret base containing intel so valuable he wanted to blow up an entire base for some disks that nobody seems to care about.

      • atcDave says:

        And you guys forgot the very first Shaw-ism; fake your death by getting a guy you’ve never met, but has a well known dislike for guns, violence, blood and needles; shoot you and then save your life…

      • Army, Agent Frost is MamaB. She’s on the list.

        I knew I was missing some Shaw’s agent screw-ups. Dave and Ernie, thanks for catching the other big ones. Faking your death when you are planning on shooting her anyway, and then going out in public to ruin the fact you faked your death–really pointless.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Except that he didn’t fake his death, he killed himself. He just made sure he had a cardiac surgeon on hand when he died. And he wasn’t planning on shooting her, he was planning on turning a civilian into a double agent based on the fact he looked like a spy. Which once again brings up the topic, how stupid are most spies who follow the playbook as opposed to Chuck who constantly ad-libs and counts on their all too predictable actions?

      • ArmySFC says:

        jeff…opps my bad. tore a bunch of muscles in the back and am on good drugs! i missed it. musta blended in with forrest!

  20. jason says:

    I liked this episode, same as all of them this season.

    But the promo for the next makes me angry. I don’t look forward to watching Sarah being brutalized (I don’t enjoy violence towards women and children in TV, I find it offensive), much like it was no fun watching a sexual predator manipulate & seduce her for 6 or 7 episodes in season 3. I cannot fathom how any normal person will enjoy seeing her beaten senseless and defenseless by some 280 pound pervert, tortured, punched in the face, left bloody and bruised, forced to kiss him (if they go there, how can any of you responsibly enjoy that?), then remain incapacitated (and I assume she is the near dead character spoiled about) until Fedak repeats a fight scene he already has shown, which was underwhelming the first time.

  21. BigKev67 says:

    Well I’m going to agree with both sides on this one. I actually quite enjoyed the episode – with the caveat that Chuck himself was just as stupid as advertised.
    Look, I think Chuck (the character) has been horribly written since S4 started. One episode he’s the man with the plan, and 5 episodes either side of that he’s barely progressed from the S1 nerd who should have stayed in the car. I think it’s been an awful move from the writers – but the unintended consequence is that I watch episodes for Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Ellie and Awesome. They were all to the fore in this episode so I was pretty happy. Chuck himself is almost an afterthought for me – so episodes where he’s an idiot don’t bother me as much as they once would have.
    It was great to see some extended Ellie and Awesome. The Morgan/Alex stuff was cute – even if the PANTS set up was horribly contrived. Beckman was worked in nicely, and the plot was progressed. Take Chuck out, and it’s a pretty decent episode.
    Sadly, I’ve had to “take Chuck out” of way too many episodes lately….

    • Big Kev – Yep – I think you nailed it…. Since Chuck wasn’t necessarily an important/key character in this episode … when he falls into the secondary role – he becomes the wimpy neurotic complete with hand wringing…
      This episode has a much different tone than any of the other episodes in this season of Chuck…. had an early Season 3 flavour…
      So I don’t want to cast it as a good or a bad episode – but it was certainly different… I’d say it gets a MATURE rating – rather than fun.
      Ellie’s surprise for Devon – is a very mature decision for this show.
      – btw – do you borrow a dress, and then go commando? I have no frame of reference for decisions like that….
      The Bartowski Curse – Chuck’s full blown fears~ that he’s becoming his father…
      The nature of getting hunted – seems much more serious.
      The whole idea of getting tortured – that’s right outta James Bond – or Jason Bourne!
      Lots of shooting and Killing! – no tranq guns in this episode…
      Releasing that serious computer virus – ok – that’s par for Chuck….

      I like your explaination – reasoning for Chuck’s behaviour…
      Complete with Sarah being very TICKED!!!
      – hmmm – whats with that make up kiss??? Is she still mad??? or was there forgiveness and understanding??? That was one of the weakest displays of affection ever….

      I think it does a good job in putting the story and characters in motion.

      If we were to poll the fans: stand alone episodes vs the mini arcs…. I think the fans are evenly divided…. this one jumps into the final arc in a big way….
      and I am really enjoying the mileage in this story – and I’m anxious to see where this is headed… and who’s pulling the strings.

      Don’t worry about next week…. next week will take care of itself!

  22. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    BTW what did Chuck do, and when did he do it, to piss off a lot of people.

    • Aerox says:

      Ellie and Awesome were kidnapped by Cunnings, Chuck wants to run in and save them and Casey & Beckman want to… do something else, I forgot 😛 Chuck goes all neurotic, Sarah talks to him and tells him: ‘You’re right, we have to save them. I’ll go talk to Casey and Beckman. We’ll go save them, I promise.’

      Then, as she goes to talk to Casey and Beckman, Chuck grabs the virus and goes in completely alone, pretty much spelling out to Sarah that he doesn’t trust the spy with 15+ years of experience, who happens to be his spouse.

    • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

      I meant overarching conspiracy-wise. Cummings said this to him.

      • Aerox says:

        Oh right, that’s a good question. I too wondered about that. It’s not like he did the things he did by choice. He foiled two rogue cabals, an arms conglomerate and a plethora of random bad-guy-of-the-week scenarios, courtesy of an email, Sarah egging him on to become a spy (and then blowing him off 😛 ) and General Beckman allowing the training to happen. But I choose to ignore that particular plot element (Cunning’s monologue), because it probably won’t (or very poorly) be resolved.

      • atcDave says:

        I think it goes back to the Volkoff/Hartley thing. He uncovered information about a massive CIA screw-up and cover-up. (CIA sanctioned an experimental procedure that created one of the most dangerous and powerful men on the planet).

      • Aerox says:

        Maybe Dave, but if we’re to believe Decker, this whole thing has been going on since s01e01

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah the conspiracy has been. But ticking off powerful people may be a more recent development. Remember the Agent X situation is what brought Decker into the picture in the first place.
        I believe we’re supposed to get some answers in 5.07. But I’m guessing a lot will be left hanging until the finale.

  23. Leigh says:

    I actually really super disagree with the idea that Chuck was whiny this episode.

    As I said in a comment above, I think he had a panic attack and did something dumb. He’s neurotic, and possibly has OCD tendencies, and with everything that’s been going on (Decker draining their funds, Morgan going dark side, not having the intersect, Gertrude blowing Decker up and then the top it off, to be on the run from the CIA and Ellie and Awesome being nabbed), he was going to snap at some point.

    He can’t be the cool, calm, collected hero all the time, that’s not who he is. And if it was, we’d be bored, and he would be Bryce Larkin.

    What he did was super dumb, and Sarah has every right to be mad, but it’s perfectly in-character as far as I’m concerned.

    • atcDave says:

      I’m not arguing its OOC, only that I don’t want to see it. I mean, sitting on the toilet for 5 minutes is in character but I don’t want to see that either…

      I also don’t really care what all Chuck is “dealing with.”. The fun of the show, and most television I choose to watch, is decent people overcoming challenges and danger. Chuck has been extra appealing over the years, in part because of how easily I relate to the main character. When the main character behaves foolishly, and creates his problems through that very foolishness, it undermines one of the show’s biggest strengths.

      • Dave, I understand your reasoning. It just wasn’t a big deal for me.

        However, while I personally agree about the toilet, they have had Sarah do a lot of sudsy maintenance in the tub and no one complained. Then again, a Lethal Weapon 2-like bomb/toilet scene might be funny, too.

      • Leigh says:

        I disagree, Dave. I think we need to see that he’s capable of that foolishness. It makes the character more believable and whole to have those faults.

        It must be personal preference, because I actually related to his crazy panic attack that drove him to make a really dumb move…to me, that’s not the equivalent of watching a character sit on a toilet, it’s part of who Chuck is.

        Again, personal preference I suppose.

      • atcDave says:

        Hmmmm, so are you saying Sarah in the tub or Chuck on the toilet would be equal entertainment value….

        Okay, let’s just not go there.

      • Leigh says:

        I wouldn’t argue about seeing Chuck in the tub…

      • atcDave says:

        I guess the panic attack is just something I utterly do not relate to. The training and temperament to do my job don’t allow for that. But the thing is, Chuck’s job should be similar in that regard. He’s of course allowed to care, and that caring is another part of what has always made Chuck likeable and relatable.
        I see two fundamental flaws in his behavior that rub me very wrong. The first is the whole “curse” nonsense. I don’t believe in that sort of idiocy and I thought Chuck was smarter than that. It’s all about the decisions we make, and Chuck, like his parents before him, chose poorly. Sarah spoke truth and wisdom.
        The second was leaving Sarah. I know it wasn’t intended as long term abandonment or any such thing. But over five years he has learned, many times over, that Sarah can be counted on. I see no reasonable way to excuse Chuck for forgetting that. The main issue here is just about some basic sense about working with your partner and spouse. He KNOWS beyond a doubt Sarah will have his back. And telling her what he’s up to will ALWAYS make more sense than running into trouble without her. Forgetting that is just stupid. He’s supposed to be the leader of their team now, but he behaved like a rash 10 year old. That may have been forgivable in earlier seasons. But now it just isn’t.

        Like I said before, it’s only a single episode, and other story elements were well handled. But for a large part of this episode I intensely disliked Chuck’s behavior.

      • Leigh says:

        Definitely understand where you see that as annoying. But remember that Chuck doesn’t have the kind of normal CIA/NSA/Spy training the Sarah or Casey have. Nobody really taught him how to wrangle his neurosis in these kinds of situations. Nobody sent him to the CIA farm or anything structured like that.

        It sucked that he left Sarah behind. It did, and she had every right to be mad. But if with panic attacks, when you’re braining is on that track, it can be very hard to stop yourself from doing stupid things. The thoughts you have when you’re going a bit crazy like that rarely line up with things that make sense.

        Perhaps I’m taking this too personally and making it a bit too serious business. Sorry! I think I over-relate.

      • andyt says:

        I understand your feeling that the “curse” was nonsense. Some people don’t believe in such things and that is fine. I see Chuck as someone who does believe in curses, fate, and destiny. You are correct that Sarah tries to point out the rational explanation that it is one’s choices that create a person’s life not some outside force. Given what we know about Chuck as a geek, I can see him believing in curses and such things as destiny. That is why it didn’t bother me.

      • atcDave says:

        Leigh I did think Sarah’s response was awesome. That really redeemed the episode almost completely for me; or at least it made it worthwhile. The response was pitch perfect on two levels; first her outrage. I loved it. Completely fitting and justified. She tore into Chuck and said exactly the right thing. And then the forgiveness, cautious at first, then more enthusiastic. That all reflected very well on Sarah; she was written to be almost perfect here. I know it won’t last, and that’s fine, she isn’t perfect and shouldn’t be written that way all the time. But it was awesome to see at the end of Curse.

    • andyt says:

      I agree with most of this Leigh. I would also point out that the “curse” was Chuck seeing himself as his parents who went into hiding and abandoned their family. Someone pointed out that if you watch the scene in the cabin Chuck acts alot like Stephen did at times. This reinforces the idea that the conspiracy against Chuck goes back to his parents and even more the Intersect that he downloaded as a child.

      • Leigh says:

        Oooh I’ll have to rewatch. I didn’t notice on first viewing!

      • andyt says:

        During the cabin scene, Chuck was very nervous wondering if the CIA was outside waiting to run in. He reacted to every little noise, movement etc. Stephen did this frequently as well. He always looked ready to run. In fact, I think Chuck at the end by going to save Ellie and Awesome finally began to break free of the Bartowski Curse. Yes, he left Sarah behind, but that was to spare her seeing her husband die possibly.

        Also, for those who read the Belgariad by David Eddings. Chuck pulled a Begarath by leaving Sarah. Notes are always best.

  24. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    Someone above said this episode felt like a S3 episode, and I tend to agree, because in order to make Shaw work TPTB had to play “character twister” with Chuck. 

    I mean Chuck was hacking secure servers last week but went brain dead when talking about doctoring a virus.

    TPTB’s Shaw tunnel vision is all over this episode, and I expect more next week in an episode that is already swimming against the current.

    • The Return of SHAW:
      Having THE guy – that almost staged a coup to take over the CIA and NSA out running around on the loose – AND – taking Sarah as his captive will probably get lots of attention!!! My guess is that Gen. Beckman lends a hand – so Chuck can fight Shaw on equal terms… man to man – hand to hand – intersect to intersect!
      Swim agaist the current – maybe – but it does a really good job of pushing both the plot and all the characters into position as we head towards the grand finale. Chuck vs the Curse ramps up the drama and tension that will most certainly come to a boil next week…
      then I think we have a cooling off – [ sort of] with Sarah and her mom… then things will quickly gain speed [ read – pushed off a cliff] as worlds start to collide in the final.

  25. mxpw says:

    I think the worst part about what Chuck did (and there were a LOT of things wrong there) was that he didn’t even seem sorry. That was the most insincere apology I think I’ve ever seen Chuck give before. You could tell he only promised (like he’d keep his word anyway) Sarah not to do it again because she was so upset with him, not because he thought what he did was wrong.

    I honestly felt at the end of the episode like Chuck hadn’t learned a thing. That despite what Sarah said, he’d do the same thing all over again. That he still believed in the Curse. I mean, how many times before this episode had he already resolved not to be like his parents, especially his father? And yet here he was, acting like a stupid, shortsighted, bad husband.

    This episode was plot contrivance at its finest.

    • atcDave says:

      I would agree I wasn’t pleased with the performance on the apology. Maybe it was written clumsily, maybe Zach botched it, I don’t know, but it didn’t feel terribly sincere. I know I always want to give Chuck the benifit of the doubt, and obviously so does Sarah!

      As far as lessons learned, time will tell. It sounds like Sarah may be faced with a similar dilemma in 5.08, how the two of them deal with that will be interesting.

  26. Ernie Davis says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how ready and willing, almost eager, Chuck fans are to see Chuck’s actions in the worst possible light.

    Chuck stole the virus and went alone because Beckman and Casey were unwilling to risk it falling into the wrong hands, even at the cost of Ellie’s and Devon’s lives. Sarah initially seemed to agree also. Sarah did come around eventually, but by that time Chuck had already started to put his plan in action. One he knew Sarah would never allow. Deliver the virus, and himself, to the conspirators only after Devon and Ellie were safe. Chuck knows they want to frame him so he won’t be killed, and that the conspirators will willingly hold him hostage as opposed to Ellie and Awesome so they can frame him for releasing the virus. Chuck also knows Sarah would never allow him to trade himself alone for Ellie and Awesome. In fact he basically laid out all of this to Sarah in the hallway, his plan to go alone, and she shot it down, insisting that they all be involved. So if Chuck goes alone he can get Ellie and Awesome out of danger, substituting himself, who the conspirators want alive, and neither Casey or Sarah are implicated in the release of the virus, or put in danger or made expendable hostages. In other words Chuck is once again willingly risking and possibly sacrificing himself for his team and his family. Chuck specifically said he did it so he didn’t drag Sarah down with him. It is him they are after, and leaving to draw the danger away from Devon, Ellie, Sarah, Morgan and Casey is very much in character for Chuck. It is an emotional response to bringing danger into the lives of your family just because of your very presence. While noble and self sacrificing it is also clueless and thoughtless enough for Sarah to be legitimately pissed that he’d sacrifice himself or that he’d put himself in danger like that with no thought for what her life would be like without him. But then again he looked pretty prepared for Sarah’s reaction. He knew she wasn’t going to like that he went ahead without her, and Chuck wasn’t exactly surprised to have Sarah and Casey show up, but by then he’d taken the most dangerous and risky part of the operation out of their hands without possibly implicating them in a crime.

    I thought it well done drama that was thoroughly in character for all of them.

    • atcDave says:

      Ernie I don’t think its fair to say we’re all eager to trash on Chuck. You know I’ve pretty consistently defended his actions since he stopped lying. I’m not at all eager to view things in such a bad light. But what Chuck did was rash, foolish, and poor planning for the nominal leader of Carmichael Industries. In the end, the day was saved by Casey and Sarah’s armed raid on the compound. Should that not have been plan A? And Sarah has let Chuck go into harm’s way before (just last week with the collective); as her partner they have done many risky things together. If Chuck needed to get inside alone as a distraction or part of their infiltration there was absolutley nothing to stop that from working. The baddies didn’t even ask where it was until after they knew Ellie and Devon had flown the coup. The only thing Chuck’s plan accomplished was releasing the virus.

      And of course it was in character for how Chuck has behaved in the past. But since S3 Chuck has suupposedly been learning and growing more capable. He has been involved with multiple infiltrations, raids and rescues. And he knows no one is better at this stuff than his team. I do not object to Chuck risking anything to save his sister, I would actually be disappointed in anything less from him. I just wish he’d shown a little more sense, and included Sarah.

    • mxpw says:

      I’m sorry, but what plan? Chuck had no plan. He gave the Omen up after barely any resisting. He didn’t even wait until Ellie and Devon had been released, making everything he did completely pointless. Are you saying his plan was to not only help in the release of essentially a WMD on the world, but to die with his sister? I guess that makes perfect sense. Family solidarity till the end (except for Sarah).

      I feel like we watched two different episodes. Even Rebecca Romijn’s character laughed at how stupid she thought Chuck was. I don’t buy that Chuck knew Sarah would be there to save him. If he was so sure about that, then it makes no sense that he didn’t wait and have them all go together. It’s not like Chuck got there hours ahead of them. He got there maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

      I also do not understand at all you talking about Chuck being worried about Casey and Sarah being implicated in a crime. Casey was a wanted fugitive who broke out of prison after being arrested for “murdering” like six people. And Sarah was apparently already implicated in the murder of a high-level government agent and any number of other crimes. Chuck showed zero indication that he was worried about them being implicated in the release of the Omen (seriously, I saw nothing, where did you even come up with that?). For him to be worried about that would be like somebody worrying about a person falling into the fireplace when they’re already on fire.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Dave (and MXPW), Chuck’s plan was plan A. I’m not saying his plan went as planned, they never do, but Chuck has done this type of thing countless times, make himself the target and then get Sarah to unleash the Casey. But first his plan was to get Ellie and Devon out of danger and substitute himself before that happened. When Ellie and Devon were still in danger somewhere in the building he was just playing for time. But when they captured and threatened Devon instead of him he caved. Chuck’s plan was to take the biggest risk on himself. He did in fact float his plan to Sarah, and she shot it down immediately, so he went ahead anyway, knowing she’d be legitimately pissed, but that she and Casey would show up.

      If Chuck needed to get inside alone as a distraction or part of their infiltration there was absolutley nothing to stop that from working.

      Chuck needed to get inside to get Ellie and Devon out of danger, except Sarah shot it down without considering what he was telling her, he wanted to get Ellie and Awesome out of danger by giving himself up as a hostage. She insisted they go in together. With Sarah there as an additional potential hostage Chuck would have just done for her what he did for Devon. Sarah’s insistence on joining him on the drop was actually a poor plan based on what we saw.

      The baddies didn’t even ask where it was until after they knew Ellie and Devon had flown the coup.

      Actually it was the first thing Robin Cunnings asked Chuck, and it was before anyone knew the Awesomes had escaped.

      This is exactly the sort of thing Chuck has done before, and I don’t think it’s any sort of stretch of characterization for him to revert a bit when he’s panicked.

      I don’t buy that Chuck knew Sarah would be there to save him. If he was so sure about that, then it makes no sense that he didn’t wait and have them all go together.

      Sarah’s insistance that she do the drop with him is why he didn’t just include everyone in the plan. He clearly expected Sarah to show up because he basically told Cunnings she would (it was Cunnings mistake thinking Chuck was talking about his sister).

      • atcDave says:

        Obviously I’ll need to watch the episode again to get some of the details right. If it does look like Chuck knows his team is right behind him it makes his actions a little less stupid. But even so, bolting off on his own without agreeing to a plan is foolish. Again, they do this stuff all the time, it was too much of a stretch to force the situation that required Chuck to act like an idiot. And the rest were clearly right that taking the Omen was foolish and unneccessary. Whatever the exact sequence, Chuck was able to penetrate the facility and make contact with the baddies before the program was needed. Which is when the raid could have begun. Nothing is gained by taking it along except a plot device and making Chuck look really bad.
        I think Gobbler may be a very fair comparison to this episode; a main character was made to look really bad for a clumsy plot device. It seems a lot of viewers, including many who have been enjoying the show recently, were disappointed in this episode. That’s mostly where I stand.

        Now again, I am not terribly worried about long term damage or further missteps too much. You know I’m completely happy with the show we’ve had for the last two seasons. I expect some good story telling, twists, and outraguous humor in the next few weeks. But I really feel Chuck was made to look very bad in Curse. I’m not sure if they deliberatly wanted him to be the buffoon or if it was just sloppy (I suspect the latter). And later episodes may modify my reaction to this one some, but I expect I’ll remain at least a little disappointed in Chuck’s behavior here.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        All legitimate Dave, my point is that some of the commentary has seemed to miss that Chuck knew what he was doing and why. They’ve essentially ignored what is on the screen to trash Chuck for stupidity and for not cluing in Sarah. My points are he DID try to convince Sarah he had a plan and he needed to go alone, he DID have a plan that got Ellie and Awesome out of danger and he DID have a plan to keep the Omen out of the baddies hands.

        In the hallway conversation between Chuck and Sarah I got the feeling he was about to include her in his plan until she insisted they make the drop together. Since Chuck’s plan was to get the people he loved OUT of a hostage situation Sarah’s insistence on joining him was problematic. He was right to exclude her, she was right to be pissed. The drama comes organically from the situation, very similar to AoT where Sarah arrested Chuck’s mom.

        Whatever the exact sequence, Chuck was able to penetrate the facility and make contact with the baddies before the program was needed. Which is when the raid could have begun. Nothing is gained by taking it along except a plot device and making Chuck look really bad.

        Chuck was able to penetrate the facility under the pretense of handing over the Omen. His goal at that point was to get Ellie and Awesome out before the shooting started. His plan went south when Ellie and Awesome had already escaped. He didn’t know they were safe, and what he feared, using a threat to one of them, or Sarah, to get him to give up the virus did come to pass. He was clearly ready to be a hostage and endure some torture in exchange for time. Think Sarah would have allowed that plan to be put in play?

        And the rest were clearly right that taking the Omen was foolish and unneccessary.

        If we were more real world I’d agree that taking the Omen was stupid, but in Chuck spy-world even the hardened spies Casey and Beckman agreed with Chuck, that they had to have it as a failsafe, so you really can’t blame Chuck for sharing a common view that just didn’t play well on the screen. If Chuck is stupid for taking it then Sarah, Beckman and Casey are stupid too, so rather than lay the blame on the character it belongs on the plot device that didn’t work

      • jason says:

        Dave – so you don’t find the promotion for the next episode disturbing. You are ok with a 280 lb pervert beating Sarah senseless, binding her hands, taunting and tormenting her – you are going to find her bruised and battered face, what were your words – ‘I expect some good story telling, twists, and outraguous humor in the next few weeks.’

        By the way, Sepinwall has seen the next ep, is a big shipper, and likes it, I am sure it will have some payoff. Although I find Chris Fedak to be tasteless when it comes to writing drama, even he is not so stupid as to bring his own perversion back for his third attempt at ruining the show without having the episode be pretty good, but seriously, that promo, I really have to wonder how people can be that morbid to enjoy such violence – seems the whole fan base likes the promo – all I can say is wow?

      • andyt says:

        Jason, I must completely disagree with you. This is not sick or demented. Shaw is a villain. This is what villains do: evil, horrible, terrible actions. Shaws wants Sarah to hurt and suffer before he kills her for the death of his wife. Also, torture is the risk that all spies take. Sarah has been tortured before and will be in the future(unless they get out of the spy business). Also, you don’t think that Sarah has done this to others before. Remember she was a top field agent before she met Chuck. I am sure she did just the same to her enemies.

      • Aerox says:

        I’m pretty sure that Shaw just wants to kill Chuck on the basis of an eye for an eye. e.g. she killed someone he loved so now he kills someone she loves.

      • joe says:

        Great discussion, guys.
        Just rewatched, and Ernie, I start to agree with you. There’s more to Chuck’s response throughout than just his reverting to whiny, insecure Chuck. And there’s more to Sarah’s too.

        For instance, when Casey and Beckman (and even Sarah) form their original plan, the one that Chuck *agrees* to (reluctantly) (“You’re the professionals.” he says), Sarah almost immediately changes her mind, goes to Chuck and says that he may be right. The time-line really doesn’t indicate if its seconds, minutes or even an hour later, but she agrees with him. Even better, it’s not that Chuck doesn’t trust Sarah. Not at all. It’s Casey and Beckman he doesn’t trust. That’s a nuance, perhaps. But it’s quite different than the ol’ “I’m laying in my bed next to Sarah with the sheets held tight to my neck because I don’t trust her to not stab me in the heart while God and Suicide are playing on the alarm” Chuck.

        Added: Sorry. I really bungled that with typos, so I exercised my administrative prerogative to correct them!

      • atcDave says:

        Jason believe me I never want to see Sarah brutalized at all. But I am willing to trust Fedak to tell a good story. Over the course of the last two seasons he’s earned that trust. I do have some reservations, and I maintain the right to change my mind if I don’t like the episode.
        AndyT is completely right that bad guys do bad things. Its why they must loose. Sure I’d love to think the good guys are infallible. But their occasional failing is what makes their successes that much more satisfying.
        As long as the good guys win and remain good guys (yes that matters to me a lot) I’ll likely be fine with it. There are some lines I would never want to see crossed; I really hope to never see a sexual assault on Chuck (Shaw’s S3 seduction of Sarah came close enough, ewww), I hope to never see Chuck or Sarah cheat on each other, and none of our heroes should be killing innocents. But I think those lines are unlikely to ever be crossed, so I’m not terribly worried. Again, I reserve the right to change my mind if the episode offends or disappoints in some great way.

      • thinkling says:

        I agree with all of that Dave, not that that’s a news flash or anything.

      • atcDave says:

        Well Thinkling I’m pleased I haven’t totally lost my touch!

  27. Faith says:

    What did I think?

    No. Just no.

  28. Sandra says:

    I really hope that Chuck doesn’t end up taking out Shaw in the Buy More again. That will be a pure rehash of the season 3 finale. Where is the originality from this show now?

  29. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    You can say what you want. Chuck behaved as he normally would in such a situation or Chuck all of a sudden doesn’t trust Sarah. One thing is for sure. Not making the story clear is not the fandom’s fault. Ambiguous storylines (a hallmark of yhis show for a while) will always cause great debate. I certainly hope the story fog is gone in the next 2 episodes.

  30. Rick Holy says:

    I don’t have high expectations for a 13-episode season of a dying show. I’m figuring/hoping that the last 3 or 4 episodes will up the ante. I liked the Sarah being upset with Chuck aspect. I liked the Ellie and Awesome mixed up in the spy game again, and I did like what looks like a rekindling of the Morgan and Alex thing. But most of all – MOST OF ALL – Rebecca Romijn in the sleeveless white “wife beater” tee! Who cares about story lines and plots anymore! 😉

    • Verkan_Vall says:

      Fr. Rick: Thank you, you have just given me at least a partial answer to the question that’s been driving me nuts. I missed this episode (again, thanks NBC), and a co-worker who saw it taunted me, saying that it was “Eye Candy”. When I asked for details, he laughed in my face.

      Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in a “wife beater”??!! Zowie.

      But was there anyone else? Yvonne? McKenna? The Titian-Haired Temptress in anything made of leather? Details, someone, please!

  31. jason says:

    Cruising around the internet, goodness is this episode getting trashed, or I should say Chuck the character is getting trashed.

    I thought it was 90% OK, 4 themes that are just overplayed are all in play in this ep regarding Chuck’s character, his stupid little things with Morgan, in this case PANTS, he is no longer a 12 year old boy for goodness sakes. His going it alone from Sarah (inexplicably so in this case), except to justify Sarah going it alone in the baby ep I suppose. His neurotic behaviour, in this case with the Bartowski curse, so stupid. Finally, how inconsistently he is either brilliant or stupid, in this case with his handing over the Omen, which I guess was the point of the entire ep, you’d think it would be important to make that a compelling story? Much like other seasons, Sarah’s facial expressions can only save the episodes for so long, nearly everyone mentioned her being great in the ep. Also Ellie received praise, Alex a little too.

    If you add how much everyone liked Cat Squad and Verbanski, it is pretty clear to me (it has been since s3) how much the team needed to introduce a 4th member of team B to be a spy chick a long time ago. Too bad Hannah was not a spy, Shaw a librarian, & CS a fighting mad but working it out couple in s3. Hannah probably would be a regular and the show would never have been on the bubble.

    I would not discount the fact that Shaw the perversion is coming back has put everyone in a miserable mood, even those who like him are pissed cause they don’t want to listen to those who hate him discuss what a lousy idea bringing him back is. The fact that for the 3rd time Shaw is going to reduce Sarah Walker to a rag doll and a damsel in distress to set up an epic showdown with hapless, hopeless, clueless who we will all willing accept has suddenly become brave, composed and brilliant Chuck, well, whatever.

  32. atcDave says:

    On re-watch I’m feeling a little better about this episode. I still think Chuck’s behavior was reckless and foolish, but less hopelessly so than on the first viewing. In particular, the running off didn’t bother me quite so much as taking the Omen with him. I do think his rash behavior should disqualify him as team leader; or at least undermine whatever respect he can expect from his team-mates. But the urgency of the situation does make his action at least a little sympathetic. And to be fair, Casey and Sarah have both been guilty of similar rash and foolish moments (I’m thinking of Sensei and Tic Tac for Casey; Delorean and Phase Three for Sarah). I see those instances as slightly less serious because Casey and Sarah really are more capable of dealing with trouble; but the bottom line is they have all run off on their own without proper co-ordination with the team. This seems to be a favorite theme of Fedak’s and I think its reasonable to expect we’ll see something similar again. I’m not nuts about it, but there’s enough I am nuts about on this show I’m not going to let it bother me any further.
    And that is exactly the bottom line. I’ve never watched Chuck as a very serious spy drama, it simply isn’t and never has been. I have higher expectations on the reality of the characters themselves, but that too has been sacrificed on occasion as a plot device or source of humor. The likability of those characters is the strongest draw of the show to me, but I guess sometimes I just have to accept that TPTB view their product somewhat differently than I do. So as long as that mismatch isn’t too egregious I don’t want to make too big a thing of it. Bottom line is, I still love this show and love these characters. I’m eager for Santa Suit! Is it Friday yet????

    • lappers84 says:

      Let’s not forget Dave, that the events of the episode and the consequences are certainly leading to Sarah basically doing the same thing in 5×08. So their having to make someone else look bad (in this case Chuck) to emphasise a point that they intend to make later on. I also agree that under the circumstances Chuck basically panicked and went off half cocked (but this is classic Chuck), it’s also possible he did have a plan but didn’t intend for Ellie and Awesome to escape like they did. I didn’t hate the episode but I think it was merely filler for the next two.

  33. jason says:

    If the OMEN (muaha) actually ruins all computer programs, is it possible that not only will Chuck re-intersect, but also Volkov or Winterbottom (and maybe even Morgan?), the Greta’s, Shaw, anyone else????

    • ArmySFC says:

      it would be fun to see but unless the humans have a wireless card in their head i can’t see how they would get the virus.

      • atcDave says:

        You mean you’re not wireless yet Army? Better keep that quiet, there are government agencies that might hear you…

      • ArmySFC says:

        Dave, i have been poked and prodded more than enough thank you very much! it would be nice though just lay back close my eyes and stream videos or type replies. downloading may cause a headache though. and then finding the correct driver for my type brain, that’s a headache waiting to happen.

      • jason says:

        I assumed the intersect is part ‘wireless’ technology, isn’t that the only way the intersect is able to assess CIA data bases? Or is the mythology that all that data is loaded once in the intersect’s head, and never refreshed? I guess that might be more logical, not sure, probably not logical either way.

      • atcDave says:

        Jason I think the assumption is that the Intersect is wireless; remember in Break-Up Chuck got an update, that was apparently just a data refresh. At least that was always how I saw it. It does seem to be a learning or adaptive program in some way (maybe just connecting current events with stored data, but it is a little more than just a data base).

      • ArmySFC says:

        i thought the intersect was more a program that was included in the pictures you visually had to look at? all the information for the CIA?NSA are included in there as well and the program ferrets out the relevant information. i don’t recall ever seeing chuck get an update with out viewing something, via screen or glasses. since i don’t know or remember, did he ever just stand there and get an update or did he view something? that’s why i said they would have to have a wireless card, unless its in some new update, how would the virus get into their brains?

      • atcDave says:

        That’s exactly right Army. We wouldn’t really expect the Intersect to be vulnerable to any virus.

      • jason says:

        There is definitely a theory out there that Chuck’s suppression will get killed by the virus, and that he will be the intersect for his fight with Shaw. I would like that the least, my favorite is Chuck never intersects again, followed closel;y by Chuck IS the intersect, always has been, does not need goofy glasses, or emails, or wrist watches to help him manage it, or anything any longer – he just is. Of those 2 options, I am about 50/50. I was sort of hoping, which I doubt will happen, is that Chuck has the intersect, but only Sarah knows he has it.

      • ArmySFC says:

        Jason, i like the second, he still has it but only sarah knows. the other one i heard is, this will sound funny because there is another discussion about FOD, but seeing sarah getting abused and near death snaps the intersect back to life.

        i think the intersect theories come from the promo, where shaw says you dont have the intersect to help you out this time and chuck says don’t be to sure. of course it could be the troll comes to the rescue and if that happens, wow what a mess.

      • dkd says:

        As for Chuck, there are three theories floating in my head:

        1. We’ve seen the pictures of Chuck in a Santa suit at what appears to be a CIA facility. Why is he there? Perhaps, to get information from Beckman. But, maybe he also is there to get re-intersected.
        2. They’ve been showing Chuck to be quite competent at fighting this season, but not explaining why. Has this been foreshadowing or just sloppy writing? Maybe his suppressed intersect has gotten into his subconscious and he can call up the skills without even flashing.
        3. At first, the idea of the Intersect being influenced by the virus didn’t work for me because the virus would have to be put in the form of images to be downloaded into the brain. But, what if Chuck has figured out a way to do that and introduce the Virus images into Shaw’s brain and screw up with his intersect? They are surrounded by TV screens in that showdown scene.

      • thinkling says:

        Interesting Intersect theories, Jason.

        As for the promo, it could be a misleading clip, and Chuck still has no Intersect. In that case he can whip Shaw without it. Fine by me. I’ll be perfectly happy if he doesn’t get it back. OR maybe the alpha will reboot again and he’ll have innate access to the Intersect. That’s pretty much like Jason’s option that Chuck IS the Intersect. I like that idea a lot. If he has it again and only Sarah knows about it, that would be a nice touch.

        It’s a win any way you go.

        I’ve always assumed that the Intersect data (and OS) was stored in the brain. Any updates were uploaded the same way as the original … viewing encoded pictures. It’s wireless, but has to be line of sight and image transmission.

      • lappers84 says:

        Hold on a second. Do we even know the effects of the updated intersect, after Ellie altered it? I don’t think this has ever been explained, I wonder if we’ll get to find out. Maybe that brief fight scene from Frosted Tips was one of those effects.

  34. I just realized why I might have subconsciously accepted Chuck’s “plan” (or lack thereof) more than others. I’ve seen it before in another show, Farscape. If you’ll indulge me…

    In S2 of Farscape, the main character, Crichton is going slight crazy. He not only has secrets in his brain (like Chuck S1->S2), but he has the neural clone of his arch foe embedded in his head (he calls Harvey). In the final season arc, he sacrifices himself without discussing it with his teammates to trade himself for the hostage son of one of those teammates. The discussion about the plan to rescue Crichton goes like this…

    Stark (another crazy character): And all the doors are cross-synchronized so that when you’re here. I’m uh – Here! And everything’s perfectly in time because we’re on a silent count, right? Right? Right? You pay attention! If ONE piece of this plan fails then the ENTIRE plan fails! You got it? You got it?
    (The mercenaries they hired don’t get it.)
    Zelkin (a mercenary): We have no desire to die Ka D’Argo. But you are a warrior – you must admit this plan seems uh – flawed.
    D’Argo (the father): It’s more than flawed. It’s frelled. Which is why I say we forget about it.
    Here’s is what I think we should do. Moya should prove a distraction, and we go down there, burst through the front doors and storm the place. It’s what we do best.
    Aeryn (Crichton’s Sarah): Are you ready to go down now to get Crichton?
    Zelkin: But we all heard his transmission. What if Crichton is worse, and won’t be rescued?
    Aeryn: Oh that’s easy. I put a bullet in Crichton’s head and end it.

    So Chuck acted like Crichton, and everyone else burst in the front doors and rescued everyone. Who needs a plan? It was top-ten episode of that show. Chuck vs. the Curse doesn’t rank anywhere near as high for me, but the Farscape episode predisposed me to accept and like the Chuck one.

    • Verkan_Vall says:

      Aeryn Sun. (sigh)

      The Guns. The Leather. The Ruthless Practicality. Those Eyes, That Voice…

      (Big Sigh)

      Well, since Fate won’t let me watch Chuck S5, time to break out the Farscape DVDs!

      • “The Radiant Aeryn Sun”, who makes Sarah look like an emotionally together person. You must be skipping season 1, when Aeryn wore natural fibers.

        The funniest DVD commentary ever, “When Good Shows Go Bad”, in which the cast and producers ripped on how bad “Jeremiah Crichton” was. I actually like that episode more after listening to the commentary. Maybe TPTB for Chuck should have done that for select S3 episodes. It might have created some converts.

        The real question is who would win in a fight: Aeryn or Sarah? Aeryn has ancient-enhanced genetics, has pulse pistols and knows alien martial arts. Sarah seems to be a better shot and is the Giant Blonde She-male.

      • Verkan_Vall says:

        Sarah and Aeryn fighting?
        I’m sorry, what? I was daydreaming about something, it involved jello…oh, right:

        Sarah and Aeryn fighting?

        ……….What was I saying again? Oh, right:

        Sarah and Aeryn fighting?

        …………………Who are you people? What the heck time is it?

  35. Pingback: Episode of the Week: Chuck vs the Curse (5.06) | Chuck This

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