5.09 Chuck vs. The Kept Man – Reactions!

Thank God It’s Friday!

After last weeks emotional powerhouse of an episode, I suspect that tonight we’re in for some laughs. With Casey about to be propositioned and with Jeff and Lester convinced that something weird is going on at the Buy More, I suspect it’ll be more than just a few of ’em.

I mean, would you proposition Casey? Ever???

Oh – and in light of the official promo (available at the spoiler page too), today’s watch word should be Think Positive.

What is it??? An equal sign? An arrow???

Please enjoy and let us know right here what you think of tonight’s shenanigans and developments.

– joe


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63 Responses to 5.09 Chuck vs. The Kept Man – Reactions!

  1. Gord says:

    Here’s a speculation for tonight’s episode .

    When the team discovers Jeff is getting close to finding out about the spy business they make him sleep in his van again. LOL

  2. Gord says:

    I found something interesting this week at TV Guide .ca

    Nielsen determined the most engaging shows on TV
    Chuck was number 6 in the list of 10.

    For more information on how the poll was conducted and a complete list here’s the link.

  3. herder says:

    My personal WAG for this episode is that Casey decides to leave the team to go with Getrude but something blocks it, it could be something that Gertude does that requires her to flee ( he won’t leave Alex) or be arrested or changes Casey’s mind about her but my money is on Gertrude being the first significant death since Papa B. Also do we get another, deeper conversation between Sarah and Gertude about spy life vs being a real person.

  4. sniderman says:

    Lotsa LOLs on this episode:
    “So put on the banana hammock and stop whining!”
    Jeff’s master board that rivaled Chuck’s Tron poster master board
    Chuck narrowing his eyes in annoyance that Casey was more emotional intuitive about Sarah’s “condition” than Chuck was
    “What is this? A plus sign? An equal sign? Is that a peace sign? Is that good?”
    Lester’s undercover costume was classic!
    “Chuck…you’re spiraling again.”
    “Sarah…you’re spiraling.” (Ha ha!)
    “I care. I care a LOT. Maybe I CARE too much…”
    One of the baby names Sarah had up on the computer was “Levi” (!)
    “Let the statuesque man work out in peace!”
    “It’s not easy to trick a mental patient!” CRASH bang zip bang zip “Oh crap. We have a problem.”

  5. Aerox says:

    Morgan’s aim was pretty damn spot on. Lots of Duck Hunt, I take it?

  6. Aerox says:

    Oh, and, on a side note: Can anyone tell me what happened the first 11 minutes of this ep? All I saw was Yvonne 😮

  7. Im actually relieved we didn’t get to see Casey wearing the banana hammock…. although, it would have been the laugh heard ’round the world ~ just say’n…

    • Gord says:

      Yes I was relieved by that too. I thought I might have to close my eyes for a few minutes.

      Although, I’m wondering if the lady fans are a little disappointed right now. LOL.

      I thought there was something ironic about Sarah talking about the skimpy outfits she has had to wear for the team, while she’s standing there in that hot looking bikini.

      • amyabn says:

        I have to say I wanted to see Casey in the banana hammock (what a line!) and why was Chuck wearing a shirt at the pool? Loved Sarah’s recitation of all the outfits she’s had to wear in the past!

      • Faith says:

        My thoughts exactly Amy! Quite unfair.

    • joe says:

      I half expected Sarah to come out of their room (Gertrude’s and Casey’s in Miami) screaming “My eyes! MY EYES!!!

  8. atcDave says:

    Very funny episode. Obviously a bit of a let down after last week, but I’m quite happy with the just for fun episodes like this too.
    This was a very good Jeffster episode. I was wondering if they would end that way or not….
    Chuck and Sarah thinking kids. Kind of expected, but some good moments. Mainly good for Sarah, I found Chuck’s cluelessness a little annoying. But in the end it was all fun. Taking turns “spiraling” was cute. And Sarah’s nerd crack surprised me in a happy way. Obviously we haven’t seen the last of this!

    I’m going to guess this episode won’t keep active chatter going all week like Baby did. It was funny and enjoyable, no bad thing there. But it didn’t seem important really. It will be interesting to see if I’m proven wrong on that!

    I’m not exactly sure from the preview how much is happening in “Bo”. My guess is that most of the dramatic stuff will come later and next week will be another just for fun sort.

    • No – nothing really important this week… and that’s surprising…. when we have just a few episodes left – you’d think there would be REALLY IMPORTANT matters to take care of….
      – but really – what’s more important for this show than the whimsical?

      Fun with Trudy having the hots for Casey…
      Fun with Sarah wondering about being pregnant
      [- and on that note – Chuck handled all that really really well – Eh?
      …. hmmmm – almost too well…]
      Fun with the Buymore gang finding out about Carmichael Securities [ finally]…

      Spy story plots or otherwise – I think most of really enjoy this show for the fun….
      and errrrr – skimpy black bathing suits 🙂

      • joe says:

        Talk about your plot holes! Why didn’t Morgan just use those “twilight tranqs” on ’em, like they used in Nacho Platter, hum?

        Ah, the little things! 😉

      • atcDave says:

        I will be fascinated to see what Jeff and Lester do next. Kind of funny when those two have had the most intriguing plot of the night!

  9. Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

    I liked it. It was funny. Sarah’s reaction to catching  Casey and Gertrude, in what I assume was a compromising position, was outstanding. Mowing down the baddie, while seat belted, was cool also. 

    I’m afraid I think they gave Chuck another pounding in this episode. I mean this WAS the guy who years ago noticed “veggie pizza no olives” or “cheeseburger, extra pickles. The comedy about him being clueless to Sarah condition was OK, until he ordered for Sarah – where, IMO it turned into another version of the interrogation scene on that it was meant to be funny but bombed. It wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of the episode, but not the best part.

    And dammit, I only saw half the promo. Bummer.

    • armysfc says:

      Just for you, well not really anybody can watch.

      • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

        Thank for the effort, but I can’t see the NBC version.

        Much appreciated.

      • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

        I stand corrected. It worked perfectly.

        Thank you much.

      • joe says:

        Shep, most of what you can’t see is Bo Derek as herself kissing Morgan, who seems to have regained his frosted tips. They do make his eyes ‘pop’, you know.

        And Sarah makes her “bravest decision yet”. We’re not sure what that is, however, but “they” have Chuck.

        Two phrases are important – Sarah: Okay, we have one last mission.” and this is, according to the narration, Chuck’s final villain.

        We should move this to the spoiler page, but I think this will not be a stand-alone episode. It’ll be the start of the last.

        Added: Oops. Crossed with your last note above. I’ll let this stand for our non-American readers.

      • armysfc says:

        Joe, bravest decision yet = intersect

      • joe says:

        I’ll be chewing on that one all week long, Army. Exciting, and breathtaking in it’s implications, but we’ll see. We’ll see.

      • Nervert says:

        Ooo. Interesting Army. Been wondering if they’d ever do that. What would the Intersect do to Sarah, I wonder? We’ll see if it happens.

      • armysfc says:

        i said all along this year someone else would get the intersect before chuck, why not sarah now that it’s near the end?

      • Shepperd of Lost Sheep says:

        Here’s one to ponder.

        What if it came out that Sarah has always been an Intersect?


      • ArmySFC says:

        SLS that would get a lot of responses! but it would change sarah to much. it would mean she’s not as bad ass as people thought. just like chuck it would be the intersect making her great not herself. my take anyway.

      • atcDave says:

        I don’t like of the idea of saying Sarah always had an Intersect; but I think finding she was always considered a good candidate would be cool. (like say she was Bryce’s first alternate in the original Intersect project…)

      • patty says:

        It was running great until the big square saying not optimized… covered it up.

      • ladycat713 says:

        I’ve had a theory since the we’ll always have Omaha comment that Bryce and Sarah met on the Omaha project and that the only reason Bryce was on the project at all was because he framed Chuck. If he was something like a first alternate then he might have known about the project (which he did) and it would mean that Sarah could have been with Chuck for years before she met him and Bryce took away more than he would ever admit.

      • MyNameIsJeffNImLost says:

        ladycat, that’s possible, but I doubt we’d ever find out.

        In Chuck, the writers are not very creative with code names and locations. Most of the S1 and S2 code names had sand or glass (made from sand) as part of the name (e.g. Sand Wall, Sandworm, Glass Castle, and maybe Sandstorm). Also, a lot of things happened in Thailand and Prague. I wrote off the Omaha comment the same way.

    • atcDave says:

      I’m thinking that may be two weeks though. I could be wrong, but I’m not expecting high drama from Bo.

    • Aerox says:

      If it comes out then they COMPLETELY retcon the shit out of their show 😛 Why would they need to protect Chuck so vehemently if Sarah is one herself? What one are we talking about here? v1 or v2? If v2, why couldn’t she whoop the shit out of Shaw?

    • dkd says:

      Does anyone else besides me get the impression that the scenes in this are from several episodes and not just the next one?

      Some of the settings, particularly the “Sarah decision” part seem to come from pictures I saw of them filming 511.

      I’m also wondering why part of it is in black & white. Dream sequence? Flashback?

      • ArmySFC says:

        DKD…i wondered about that last night as well. the black and white, no idea.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah I’ve said the same thing. I’m betting Bo will be a mostly silly/fun episode, with the more dramatic stuff coming later.

  10. Gord says:

    This was a good episode. Not a great episode but a good one none the less.

    While there were a lot of cute scenes, there wasn’t a lot that made me LOL.

    The funniest moments had to be Sarah/Casey related.
    (1) The change-room scene – which had some nice call backs – I caught direct references to Gobbler and Seduction impossible, but I also think there was a subtle callback to Best Friend. With Sarah’s I sympathize but do it anyways. That reminded me of Casey’s talk with Chuck when they want him to get close to Morgan’s ex (Anna) to find out about his new boyfriend.
    (2) Sarah walking in on Casey and Gertrude – once again Yvonne’s facial expressions were priceless.
    (3) Casey cluing in that Sarah thought she was pregnant before Chuck with Chuck saying how he would have to be the worst to miss that.

    Also got a chuckle out of Jeff’s board and Lester – the Indian Lesbian – keeping the shoes.

    BTW, while the U238 workout isn’t legal in the US, I think its approved for use here in Canada. LOL.

    I thought the action tonight was subpar, but that is probably because we just came off of two exceptional episodes with really fast paced intense action scenes.

    • joe says:

      I agree with that, Gord. This was a “breather” that I enjoyed, though. Usually those kinds of in-between episodes leave me hungry for more and I generally get excited at the promo that follows. And that promo usually sets up the next arc.

      This was just fun and easy to take. Oddly, I may go back and re-watch tonight (which is something I almost never do). There are more than a few subtleties I want to see again.

  11. Ernie Davis says:

    Just knowing that Sarah’s non-pregnant preference would be a bloody rare bone-in ribeye warms my heart.

    • Faith says:

      Had she also ordered Bulleit or Maker’s Mark or something along those lines, you’d probably think you’ve died and gone to heaven heh.

  12. Gord says:

    Her bravest decision, based on the promo I sensed she was running out into the line of fire to save Chuck. Sort of a “charge of the light brigade” kind of moment but instead of the 600 it’s just Sarah Walker – but then again I would rather face the charge of 600 light cavalry, then the wrath of Sarah.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Sarah Walker regularly carries far more firepower than 600 19th century light cavalry ever did

      • atcDave says:

        Hmmm, interesting thought. I’d like to see the Theoretical Lethality Index calculation for mid-19th century cavalry. 600 rifles through out a lot of lead, but they’re not repeaters so its one shot, then swords. Although mounted makes for a pretty high rate of closure…
        vs one highly trained and experienced modern special forces type fighter with automatic weapons and knives. No way Sarah carries 600 rounds of fire, that may be her Achilles heal. She could likely kill at will until her ammo is exhausted, then she’d probably only take out another dozen or so guys before going down… Although Victorian morality may preclude them from actually hitting a woman…
        All I can say is I’d love to see this tested. Not sure which game engine to use though…

        Geez, its late, I’m not feeling well, and you just activated my full nerd mode…

      • MyNameIsJeffNImLost says:

        Assuming the rifles are inaccurate enough that Sarah’s Humvee survives the first volley, she could drive over all of the sword-wielding soldiers half-blind. If she wanted to be stylish, she could go back for that F-22 of hers.

      • atcDave says:

        Hey it’s all about style.

        Although I like the Humvee as a weapon system. I kind of think eventually hitting a horse would disable it though, I mean 600 hundred horses is a lot of meat hitting the fenders.

  13. ladycat713 says:

    The ticker’s messed up. It says it’s been one month since Chuck vs the Kept Man.

    • Faith says:

      That is very weird, must not have accounted for the new year or something. It’s updated now.

  14. Is it just my imagination [ runnin away with me] – or has this been an unusually quiet night in the Chuck universe? I expected more buzz with all the BABY talk – [ from the womenfolk anyway]

    Question – based on some of the intertube news floating about –
    Anyone have big party plans for the Grand Finale?
    [ Dave – you wanna pull one together in Windsor or Detroit?]

    • armysfc says:

      no it’s quiet. there’s not really much to say is there? i don’t mean that in a bad way either. the last three have split the people who blog into two camps each episode. people voiced their opinions for or against the ep and each other trying to make their point. this one, what can you say? it was fun, re-quote the same lines someone else said? not a lot really happened so…not a lot to talk about.

      • atcDave says:

        As I said above, I don’t think this episode will keep us chatting all week like Baby did. It was pretty much just harmless fun, nothing to get riled up over!

    • Amron says:

      It’s because is Día de Reyes… Hehehe!

    • atcDave says:

      That could be fun Gringo. Maybe we could turn some sports bar into a Chuck bar for the night… and probably get us both killed.

      • I think that Ford Field might be available….. just going out on a limb [ but you never know]
        Maybe one of the “Establishments” in that neck of the woods?

  15. Big Kev67 says:

    What a great episode! Just a really fun romp – one of my favourites of the season.
    Last week’s wild slalom between heartwarming genius and retconned, plotholed sloppiness really made my head hurt – actually it still does. So this week, all I wanted was a straightforward slab of Chuck that I could enjoy without having to tie myself in knots – and that’s exactly what we got and more.
    I reckon this was the funniest episode of the season so far. So many great lines, from Casey bemoaning the non-flame-retardent qualities of Cashmere to Sarah’s “everything. It’s all wrong”. Just reminded me of many fanfics where Casey has almost had to gouge his eyes out because of what he hears on surveillance duty – a great piece of role reversal. Loved Sarah’s little meta line about the skimpy outfits too!
    Casey and Verbanski were priceless together as always (although their palpable chemistry does make the lack of something similar between Chuck and Sarah a little too obvious) – it’s always touching to know that true love is a bullet proof vest. But my favourite couple this episode were Jeffster. Clean Jeff has been a stroke of genius this season – that storyline has breathed new life into both of those characters in a way that I wouldn’t have thought was possible. The use of the Buy More and all of the secondary characters this season has been stellar – one of the highlights of the whole season for me. I think there’s a lot of comedy to be mined from Jeff discovering Castle too – I hope they don’t sweep that under the floor courtesy of Morgan’s tranq darts.
    The only downside for me was, again, Chuck himself. I think someone mentioned earlier that Zac seems to like that buffoonish, overplayed style of humour. On a more general level the writers and I parted company around about 3 episodes into Season 4 in terms of how we’d respectively like to see Chuck written as a character; I remain baffled and I don’t like it, but I’m not in the writer’s room, and it’s not going to change! 🙂
    That aside though, this was a great episode, and marks three (mostly) strong ones in a row. Looking forward to next week, and the set up of the final arc!

    • joe says:

      Great comment, Kev. I can sign up to most everything you said here, ‘specially ’bout Jeff & Lester.

      Chuck&Sarah still have great chemistry, though. I think what you’re talking about is better described as “heat”. Heh! Casey and Gertrude have that in abundance.

      And that reminds me of one thing which hasn’t been mentioned. For me, the biggest thing missing was more Morgan and Alex! Too bad there’s only 60 minutes in an hour.

      • Aerox says:

        Actually, to me, now that they’re married, they seem like more of a cover couple than when they were actually a cover couple. The motions they go through scream: “We are together and married” but the rest feels… off somehow. Yes, heat may be a part of that, but that begs the question: Why do McPartlin and Lancaster and Moss and Baldwin nail it, but Levi and Strahovski sort of trudge along?

      • atcDave says:

        Wow you guys. I think Chuck and Sarah are beautiful together. Probably my favorite TV married couple in a very long time. I look at them and can’t believe they waited as long as they did for that, pure magic on screen together. Well, except when Zach’s doing the buffoon thing…

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