Goodbye, Chuck (Song)

Faith begins:

So…this is it. The beginning of the end. The story is to be concluded, and with it our friends, our “Chuck” family.

Thinkling said something to me earlier, she said “Crazy huh? This is just a TV Show for cry-sake out loud.” She meant it in the sense that she’s feeling all sorts of emotions about all of these when in a Chuck-less world, she wouldn’t be this emotional, but she is, we are. These are our friends leaving us, our “Chuck” family. Hopefully they’re leaving for greener pastures but we won’t know for sure until the 27th.

In a little less than 3 days, we won’t be able to laugh at something Jeffster’s done, or marvel at the number of messages that can be transmitted with one grunt, or even feel our hearts grow seeing a once in lifetime kind of love between Chuck and Sarah. We will no longer feel the connection between Chuck and Ellie, we won’t be privy to Clara growing up, we won’t get to see Casey and Gertrude celebrate the love that shall not be named. All we will have will be our memories. We saw these amazing people (both in front of the camera and out of it) grow before our eyes. They welcomed us into their lives (again both in front of and away from the camera) in a really special way, the likes of which we may never see again.

Those memories (and our DVDs, mp3s and memorabilia), and the feelings we take away from it will be all that we have left to keep us warm on those cold, cold nights because like all good things, it has to come to an end. But take heart, this is one of those once in a lifetime moments where you can only feel the sadness and the joy that is uniquely, goodbye.

So we shall. In true Chuck fashion, we’re saying goodbye with a song. Well more specifically, we’re saying goodbye by choosing the most fitting Chuck goodbye song there is.

There were many in contention. We gathered some suggestions from across the globe. And these are what they chose:

  • Time of Your Life – Green Day
Name a graduating class that didn’t have this song as its class song in the last 15 years, probably aren’t a lot.
  • Sarah McLachlan – I Will Remember You
Just emanates melancholy.
  • I’ve Had the Time of my Life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
Nobody puts Chuck-er Baby in the corner, still true to this day!
  • Boyz II Men – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye
  • Band of Horses – The End’s Not Near
A bit of an indie feel with BoH. Typical Chuck band.
  • Beatles – Hello Goodbye
There are 2 intended versions of this song, the mellower version fits.

The “world” chose well. Each one uniquely fits Chuck’s final goodbye, but there’s still something missing.

Amy and I also had our own pow-wow. And even more selections cropped up:

  • “When All Is Said and Done” by Abba.
This is Amy’s pick and her reasoning? It’s a love song to the characters. Very old school.
  • “Pictures of You” by the Cure
  • “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney.
Also Amy’s pick, because “the last 5 seasons have gone by in a blink.”
  • “I’ll Remember” by Madonna
  • “These Are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs.
  • “Really Gonna Miss You” by Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson’s my (Faith) pick. Why? It’s a deeply emotional song that can only be delivered via soul. Plus it feels like a song that would fit with C/S’s “Feeling Good” mix.
  • “Never gonna give you up” by Rick Astley
Because I (Faith) love the 90s.
  • Thelma Houston – Don’t Leave Me This Way
Another classic. I also feel like telling “Chuck” that.

Again, nice selections but nothing really rang true. Not the world’s selections, nor ours. Chuck’s goodbye song has to effectively send Chuck’s farewell message, and ours (as fans). There is a message in the song, after all. A tall order to be sure.

Then Amy suggested, David Hodges’ “Hard to Believe.”

The opening line says it all…”Stay, tell me the story again.” I’m one of the few that welcomed this goodbye. I felt that 5 years have treated us well, and if we must say goodbye this is the way to do it but as the day nears, I find myself, like the songs says, “finding it hard to believe.” If I could pause time, I would pause it in this moment and relive the last 5 years, “stay, tell me the story again.”

Story wise, with all that’s happening in the world of Chuck–the chaos, the uncertainty–there’s a bit of truth in this:

“Faith, it’s easier said then done
When it’s so hard to trust anyone
And maybe it’s just a place inside, that you can hide.

Wait, I can see you slipping away
Just stay with me
When the whole world brings you down
(when the whole world brings you down,)

Bit of a dual meaning there. The show is slipping away from us, and for Chuck, so is Sarah…

“When stars fall, and ground breaks,
You’re sinking, ’cause it’s too late,
I’m right here, I’m right here
Just stay with me”

“Even though you’re, finding it hard to believe
(in the darkest of nights I will be there)
Even though you’re, finding it hard to believe,
(when you’re lost, I will guide you home)
Even though you’re, finding it hard to believe
(in the darkest of nights I will be there)
Even though you’re, finding it hard to believe
(when you’re lost, I will guide you home)
When the whole world brings you down.”

For my money, there couldn’t possibly be a more fitting song. Thanks for the memories. Goodbye, Chuck and with your farewell, I will guide you home.

Joe Has To Sing Along!

It’s hard for me not to. I’ll second your notion about being emotional, Faith. I don’t think many would see it in my face or hear it in my voice. Despite my persona here, I’m really not publicly gushy like that. Still, there’s going to be many times when I’ll be hit by a memory of a scene or a quote or a song from this show and it will just lay me low for a while.

It’ll last just a little while though, because I’ll remember that Chuck has been a bit like me. At the end, all in all, it turns out just a bit better than he could ever have imagined.

Despite all the times I’ve mentioned the music here, there really isn’t much I’d add that isn’t included in your list already, Faith. One song that was never used, but always makes me think of Chuck is Wonderwall by Oasis.

Today is gonna be the day
That they’re gonna throw it back to you
By now you should’ve somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don’t believe that anybody
Feels the way I do
About you now

That almost seems to be about Chuck on the day we met him, on the day Sarah met him.

It’s almost funny how the Gallagher brothers had the prescience to know how Chuck and Sarah felt about each other from the beginning.

Because maybe
You’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You’re my wonderwall

But this is about the ending and about lessons learned, not by the characters, but by us in the time we’ve spent. So, with that in mind, my choice for Chuck’s good-bye song is Bette Midler’s The Rose.

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long.

And you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong.

Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring, becomes
The Rose.

Amy’s 2 Cents.

Faith and I have been working on this for a long time, and I’m flattered she is enjoying David Hodges (his stuff is awesome and I really enjoy his band, Trading Yesterday-check it out!). I wanted to share with you what Chuck has meant to me over these last years. I have been struggling to find the words, to be as articulate a schnook as my peers here on the blog. I have found myself pulling away a bit, very much in the style of our own John Casey, not ready for the journey to end.

Most of you know I’m in the Army and I’ve had the opportunity to deploy a lot, these last few years in particular. This show has been with me. On my laptop, on my iPod, on DVD. Gotta have it all because most of these lovely garden spots lacks decent internet. And forget about streaming! Yikes. This show and these characters have been with me when I’m homesick, tired, hot, scared, as well as happy, busy, in love and out. They have helped me with my personal journey as I’ve enjoyed theirs. I have watched characters grow and change. We’ve watched marriages, challenges, baby births, plywood (sorry, can’t resist!) and all sorts of action/mayhem. The relationships so wonderfully portrayed on screen are probably what I’ll miss the most. This show has put together a cast and a cast of characters that is unlike anything else I’ve seen.

This show also has brought me lifelong friends with my blog partners and a community of fans that I will always appreciate. This article, to me, is as much about you as it is the show we all love. A community that pulls together in a meaningful way to help others through the Have A Heart campaign with the American Heart Association. Chuck fans give back while making their point to the network. We have shown a passion and dedication, despite things we don’t like or when we disagree amongst ourselves. Healthy discourse is always good. A community of highly intelligent and creative people who think outside the box in approaching renewal fights. To quote Devon: “AWESOME!”

To the fans of Chuck and the cast and crew: Thank you for making my life journey better with a laugh and for warming my heart!

iOS links for Hard To Believe and The Rose

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Eternally faith-ful at least as it relates to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Yes that's where the username comes from. Other than that self-professed Chuckaholic, Laker blogger and part time internet addict. Ok, full time.
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14 Responses to Goodbye, Chuck (Song)

  1. AgentInWaiting says:

    I’ve been listening to “Take You Home” by Emily Smith a lot these past few weeks. First associated it with Phase Three but I think it works equally well for the finale. YouTube link:

    I’ll swim the ocean blue, dive the sea so deep
    To claim a pearl for you, a token for to keep
    A token of my love, a place to store up all your wishes
    And whisper to the doves, until I come home to you

    Put your hand in mine love, I won’t let you walk alone
    Put your hand in mine love, and I will take you home

    I’ll scale the highest peak, listen for the eagle’s cry
    Into her nest I’d peek, oh if only I could fly
    A feather I would take, craft into a quill
    And a present it would make, until I come home to you

    These places I would go, I’d travel without rest
    Just to let you know, that I would do my best
    To cast your fears aside, shelter you from every storm
    And I look for no return, but to come back home to you

    What I love is that most of the words could be sung by either Chuck or Sarah.

  2. Non Omnis Moriar. says:

    Another great post. Chuck and music have always gone hand in hand. After each and every episode I used to surf the net until I’d found that special song from that special Chuck moment. I can never listen to Toto’s Africa without smiling anymore, cause I don’t hear Toto but Jeffster. Other beautiful songs like Jet – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, or Apartment – “Fall Into Place, Dice – Finley Quaye, The Constellations – “We’re Here To Save The Day etc.etc.etc. Somehow, the song that I hear playing in my head when I think about the last scene from Chuck is Mike and the Mechanics with Over my shoulder. I just know that it’ll be something bittersweet. After all good old Bill Shakespeare said it the best; parting is such sweet sorrow.


  3. MyNameIsJeffNImLost says:

    There’s a lot of good songs there, but did you honestly just Rickroll us? 😉

  4. Olddarth says:

    Here’s to a great ending tonight for the Chuck fans still engaged by the show.

    Creatively the show took an irrevocable direction shift in Season 4 that resulted in a parting of the ways for me but those first 3 seasons were always rank high along with other shows such as the original Star Trek, Fringe, FarScape and Lost that evoked similar deep emotional, and fun, connections.

    I have made some great friends through Chuck and we continue to interact about Chuck and other shows too. Thank You Chuck for that!!!

    Long days and pleasant nights to the cast, crew, and fans of Chuck.

    My choice of song would be:

    The Beatles – ‘In My Life’

    There are places I’ll remember
    All my life though some have changed
    Some forever not for better
    Some have gone and some remain
    All these places had their moments
    With lovers and friends I still can recall
    Some are dead and some are living
    In my life I’ve loved them all

    But of all these friends and lovers
    There is no one compares with you
    And these memories lose their meaning
    When I think of love as something new
    Though I know I’ll never lose affection
    For people and things that went before
    I know I’ll often stop and think about them
    In my life I love you more

    Though I know I’ll never lose affection
    For people and things that went before
    I know I’ll often stop and think about them
    In my life I love you more
    In my life I love you more

    Hope this embed code works…

  5. Katsumaro says:

    Fantastically written, FaithJemaliciousness. And I love me some music.. so all very good suggestions. T-Minus three hours and counting for East Coast 😦

  6. the shrink says:

    Closing time…..

    For ever new beginning is a new beginnings end.

    That is the chuck song

  7. MyNameIsJeffNImLost says:

    I have my Chuck playlist on shuffle and kept hitting that seemed to fit in the sarcastic/parody category:
    Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds (Ellie, Devon, and Morgan Honda ads)
    At Last – Etta James (Wedding Planner)
    Love On The Rocks – Neil Diamond (Undercover Lover)
    Don’t Look Back With Anger – Oasis (Alma Mater)

  8. Robert H. says:

    I haven’t followed this site since last year and have not had a chance to watch most of the episodes since NBC won’t run them any where else except for the regular real time slot on Friday nights (NBC consistent to the end-no wonder they’ve had another bad season but hey it is as it is).

    Just wanted to thank you all for this website and for all of your hardwork. It will be greatly missed unless there is a plan to continue it. Please advise if there are plans to continue. If not good luck to all of you, Perhaps we’ll connect again on a different show, forum, or website.

    • Faith says:

      Thank you for the kind words Robert. We’ll continue for awhile yet, there are definitely ideas brewing both about the finale and beyond it. In fact we’re already thinking of rewatches and what not. We have 91 episodes, the nerd in me can’t quite pass up the opportunity to relive every single one of that.

  9. amyabn says:

    I’ve got another song for you, one recently discovered. It is “Believe” by SafetySuit.


    If you don’t believe in what you’ve got
    It’s like you can’t see that you’re enough
    He damaged you too many times
    Now all you see are all the lies

    You gotta believe in what you’ve got
    You gotta believe in what you’ve got

    If you gotta cry, then let it out
    If you gotta scream, let me hear you shout
    Cause you got a life, you’re letting go
    See you’ve got a past, but I don’t know

    You gotta believe in what you’ve got
    You gotta believe in what you’ve got

    Cause I need you to stay here with me
    To stay here with me
    I don’t want you to leave
    Cause I need you to stay here with me
    To stay here with me
    I don’t want you to leave

    Now if you believe in what you’ve got
    Then maybe you’ll see and maybe not
    But don’t be afraid and don’t let go
    Cause I’m gonna take this
    And I’m gonna break this
    And I’m gonna let you know because

    I need you to stay here with me
    To stay here with me
    I don’t want you to leave
    Cause I need you to stay here with me
    To stay here with me
    I don’t want you to leave

    Cause I don’t wanna go away from you
    As long as it may take, I’ll find my way through
    As long as it may take, I’ll find my way to you
    And you’ll see, you’ll be fine

    Cause I need you to stay here with me
    Cause I need you
    I don’t want you to leave
    Cause I need you to stay here with me
    Cause I need you
    I don’t want you to leave

    Even when you can’t find a light there
    Even when you just cry in your bed
    Hold on, you’re almost there
    Hold on, you’re almost there
    Even when you get lost and you’re scared
    When you wanna give up I don’t care
    Hold on, you’re almost there
    Hold on, you’re almost there

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