Epilogue Speculation Thread

For starters,  this is not the end of Chuck This.  We will have a re-watch schedule soon.  We are still discussing details of how we will be doing it.  So be sure to check in over the next few days, there will be news.  And of course we’ll discuss the S5 discs and director’s cut of 5.13 when they come out in May.

Today’s post is an idea from long time regular guest of this site SD who just sent us an interesting suggestion;  why don’t we do our own sort of fan fiction/speculative epilogue for Chuck?  So that’s what we’re going to do.  For those of us who aren’t completely comfortable writing fiction, we can phrase it as a speculation or narrative of what we think happened next after the credits rolled.  And then next week we’ll put up a poll and see what the most popular epilogue is.

And let’s not make this another round of praising or trashing the actual finale.  This is all about what happened next.

After the jump, I’ll start with my own ideas!

Well, I think all that kissing stuff continued for quite some time.  I think it was semi-magical(!).  Even as Chuck was telling Sarah their story she was catching up emotionally to where she had been on the Bullet Train.  So we can say her heart was completely restored even before the kiss.  At the end of 5.12 Sarah had claimed she believed Chuck, but she didn’t feel it.  Well on the beach she felt it.  As Chuck talked she completely remembered her love for him.  The kiss itself brought back certain major moments;  like their first real kiss at the Bryce “bomb”, the charm bracelet, “shut up and kiss me”, “Feeling Good”, the proposal, their vows, and the drawing on the bullet train.

So when Sarah said “take me home Chuck” he did.  They snuck back into the apartment and enjoyed each others company for the rest of the night (is that an acceptable euphemism!?  This is a family friendly site after all…).  In the morning, Ellie came over to make pancakes and a family breakfast.  She was pleasantly surprised to discover Chuck wasn’t alone, and let out a piercing Elliesquee that awakened every dog in the neighborhood.  But Sarah did resist throwing a knife…

The last scene of this epilogue is the combined Bartowski, Woodcomb, and Grimes households gathering for one last family breakfast. As we see the gang enjoying each others’ company Sarah suddenly recalls some other such gatherings.

Now I’m sure you all can write something better than that!

 ~ Dave


About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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34 Responses to Epilogue Speculation Thread

  1. FSL says:

    The camera kept pulling back from the kiss, until it becomes a video footage shown on a tv. The camera is still pulling back to reveal the whole family in the living room in the house with the red door: Chuck, Sarah, Devon, Ellie, Clara, Mary, Sarah’s Mom, Molly, Morgan and Alex.

    Devon: “For once, Morgan’s plan worked.”

    Door bell rings. Alex opens the door to reveal Casey and Gertrude.

    Morgan: “I thought you were going off.”

    Casey: “For a vacation, you moron.”

    Casey hands Morgan a souvenir, then give Chuck a parcel left outside the door.)

    Sarah: “So Ellie, how’s the new job?”

    Ellie: “It’s great. And Clara seems really happy about coming back. She kept crying when we were in Chicago.”

    Chuck unwrapped the parcel to find an Orion laptop.

    Chuck: “It requires thumb print authentication to activate. Seems to require three of them.”

    Chuck, Ellie and Mary together unlocked the laptop.

    Stephen: “I’m glad you are all safe. It’s not secure to talk over an open network. Meet me at House X. Mary, you know where.”

    The laptop burned out.

    Chuck: “Dad’s alive?!”

    Mary: “Come on.”

    Camera pulls up and away from the exterior of the red door house. The familiar “victory” theme starts as every one follow Mary to their cars.

  2. sd says:

    The kiss on the beach ends, eventually

    Sarah: (smiling, hopeful) “That was very nice, familiar.”
    Chuck: (Echos of the final Honeymooner’s scene) (Chuck smiling, knowingly) “It’s a start.”
    Sarah: “What happens next, Chuck?”
    Chuck: (He stands up and takes her hand) “How about a pizza..vegetarian, no olives?”

    (Fade to black)

    (Following episodes)

    Sarah is still trying to sort out her life pre-Chuck and with Chuck. She is trying to square her feelings for Chuck with her still fragmented memories of their life together. They have pizza at the apartment they shared and Sarah hesitates before saying..

    Sarah: “I feel comfortable here, Chuck…but I don’t think I can stay here right now.”
    Chuck: “I understand, Sarah…take as much time as you want. But here, here are some things that may help you.” (He hands her a bag as they say their good-byes…a bit awkward like a “new start” would be)

    (At Sarah’s old apartment/hotel)

    Sarah looks in the bag. She takes out a few pictures, some that jog some memories, others that don’t. Frustrated, she stops before she sees all the bag holds, which includes the picture in front of the house. This is revealed to the viewer and not to Sarah.

    (Next morning)

    Chuck, Morgan and Alex have breakfast and Chuck said he was sure Sarah would have run back to him after seeing the picture in front of the house…he is dejected.

    Chuck: “I really thought she would remember…she told me she could never forget that picture.”
    Morgan: “Buddy, she will, give it time.”
    Alex: “You need to make sure she sees you every day…that you are in each others life.”

    Morgan and Chuck look at one another and say in unison

    “She needs a job. We need a job.”

    Chuck calls Sarah and proposes they start the business they were talking about before the memory loss.

    Chuck: “No pressure, Sarah but we both have a skill set that’s unique and we both don’t want the spy life anymore.”

    Sarah: (Hopeful because it’s clear she wants to be in Chuck’s orbit and doesn’t know how) “That sounds like a great idea.”

    As they work together, Sarah is starting to build new memories with Chuck. Those new memories help her understand her feelings for Chuck have always been real. She knew it on the beach–but it was still confusing. No longer. However, Chuck isn’t pressing (in part b/c he thinks his ace (the house picture) didn’t work) and that confuses her.

    She shows up at his apartment with the bag Chuck had given her to return it and maybe together they can look at the pictures and somehow reveal their true feelings.

    As Chuck takes out the pictures and he describes them..they smile and laugh. He fishes around at the bottom and takes out the drawing. Sarah is confused, she didn’t see that picture.

    Chuck: (A bit sadly) “I really thought you would remember this.”
    Sarah: “I never saw it.”

    Sarah takes the picture, and multiple emotions are revealed.

    Sarah:” This is our house. I remember..it’s the life I always wanted with you. It’s the life I want with you now.”

    Chuck:(Overwhelmed tears in his eyes)

    Cut to them in the house with family and friends…the house with the white picket fence that Chuck bought with the proceeds from the Buy More sale in anticipation of their life together.

    The End.

    Note: Angst filled, I know–but given the Chuck we know from Seasons 1 and 2…well within cannon. 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Dave – So much of the finale is about the kiss working, it was teased as a near kiss during the dance, and Chuck was all but ready to ask Sarah as she left to go ‘find herself’, again hesitant Sarah responding to Chuck’s near ask was again a big fan tease. Hence, my final moment is the kiss followed by a single Sarah line, ‘I love you Chuck’. In this case vs the actual final, just slightly more evidence exists that she is fixed, yet the story still is different than the traditional payoff, which if …..

    ….I get another scene, I time jump ahead 8 years to Chuck measuring one of their kids height on the door arch, with the still present carved ‘Chuck and Sarah’ in focus, and their dog and the other child raising havoc in the background. Seconds later, the absolute end has Sarah putting her arm around Chuck, they smile at each other, and as the credits roll we hear the only dialog of the entire 30 second epilog, both characters say ‘Perfect’ as a call back to the wedding vows. Chuck says his first, followed by Sarah as they simply smile at each other, that 5 season long smile they both have when looking at each other. That would leave such a good feeling, a perfect one.

  4. Leigh says:

    The memories come back in fits an starts at first. It’s a rough ride, after the beach. She loves him. Sarah Walker loves Chuck Bartowski, but with her memories coming back so slowly, it’s hard to feel that connection the way she knows she should.

    And so, Chuck, being Chuck, comes up with a solution.

    “You know your memories…they’re gonna come back when they’re gonna come back,” he tells her one, night, holding her hand, rubbing a gentle circle with his thumb. “Trying to force them to come back or rushing you…that doesn’t really seem like the best idea in the world.”

    She takes a deep breath and nods. “Okay. So…so what happens now?”

    “Well, we’re here, together,” he says and smiles at her. “Maybe…maybe while your memories take their time coming back, we should make new ones.”

    She likes the sound of that.

    “When I was a little girl,” Sarah tells him, “when things got…bad or crazy, Dad and I would just hop in the car and take off. Roadtrip to a fresh start.”

    Chuck raises his eyebrows worried. “You…you wanna move?”

    “Well, maybe not,” she considers. “But a roadtrip doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, does it?”

    “No,” he said gently. “No, actually it sounds like a great idea. Okay. Yeah. Roadtrip.”

    So they pack up, and Sarah learns (relearns) that Chuck does not pack light, but she doesn’t really mind. There are car games and crossword puzzles, and days with the windows down and mix cd upon mix cd upon mix cd. She doesn’t really understand why they need so many until they get on the road, and he pops one in, letting it play while they talk.

    Sarah finds that the music helps move the conversations along; that the more they talk and the more music they listen to, the happier she feels; the more she can really remember. The music, the fresh air and this man are really all she needs.

    They get a motel after sixteen hours on the road. Neither one of them can drive anymore, and Chuck empties his pockets onto the coffee table. Sarah spots a folded up piece of paper amongst his wallet and keys and picks it up. For some reason she expects it to be a proposal plan, and deems that silly because they are already married.

    When she unfolds it, she finds a hand drawn picture of two people in front of a house with a baby.

    Chuck turns around and watches her. He looks sheepish and worried and embarrassed. “I…that’s just…that’s not anything…it’s just a…”

    She bites her lip and grips the picture tightly. “How could I forget? How did I forget this? When I promised I wouldn’t.”


    She takes a deep breath as tears fill her eyes and she feels Chuck’s arms wrap around her tightly. She turns and burrows against him, clinging to him tightly.

    Oof. That was longer than I thought it would be. 🙂

  5. thinkling says:

    Aw, you guys are really making me smile. I’ll add my 2c later, but for now, I’ll just smile a while.

  6. dkd says:

    I’m not really a fan-fic writer, but my “spec” goes something like the following. Like others, I don’t see a sudden return of memory, but slower one.

    After the kiss, Chuck asks if that helped her memory.

    She responds, “A little.”

    He says, “Like what?”

    “I vaguely remember a pregnancy test.”

    “Yeah, it was negative. False alarm. Why do you remember that?”

    “Because…[then we dissolve to a flashback of something we didn’t see in the finale. Sarah is doing the EPT and it’s positive this time.]…because there was another reason I needed to leave stop fieldwork besides needing to think. I….we have a lot to think about.”

    It dawns on Chuck what she’s trying to say, but he needs to ask anyway, “Sarah, are you….?”

    “The test was positive this time.”

    Chuck let’s out an, “Oh, boy.”

    “Don’t freak out.”

  7. Aerox says:

    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7787803/1/78_Times <— My interpretation of proceedings. Not complete yet, but that's the gist of it.

  8. phaseou812 says:

    Okay . . . I will try . . . don’t know if I can write the words properly . . . but hopefully you can imagine and get the gist of it.

    As they break from their “kissing on the beach” . . . we see them to continue to talk, cry and smile (while we do not hear their dialogue we see the warm chemistry flying). . . while we see flashbacks of the events that have occurred , such as their wedding and things that we may have not seen . . . like the beginning of their honeymoon, etc. (while music plays, with no audio of the in the flashbacks, simply a visual tool that we could revisit some of the scenes of the previous 5 years while we relive the memories).

    As they stand up and gaze over the ocean, they briefly kiss and turn hand in hand to leave the beach. There they see the Bartowski team waiting for them in the distance . . . John, Morgan, Alex, Ellie and Devon.

    Sarah goes hastily crying to Ellie to hug her and say “I am sorry, Ellie” Ellie reassures her that it is okay and reminds her “that she (Sarah) is a Bartowski and our bonds are stronger than anything the world can throw our way . . . besides don’t you remember, I wrecked you into a car . . . so we are even” . . . as they laugh and cry at the exchange.

    Chuck looks in bewilderment and amazement at his team as they are there for them. . . as he says “but I thought everyone had things to do, places to go, planes to catch”. In which Casey say’s “Bartowski, haven’t you learned anything in these 5 years, a marine never leaves a “man” down. We are a team. A “stinking traitor” is never going to take anything that is ours! . . . we’re here to insure our memories are returned”. And Sarah responds, “John there coming back . . . maybe not all in order yet, but I am coming around . . . and besides, as I recall. . . I think you have left a “woman” down . . . Gertrude may be the one.” As he acknowledges her with a shy grin.

    Then Morgan adds in his own bumbling charm as his voice is of amazement “Ellie was right! . . . I mean she is the smart one on the team” as Casey starts to stare him down with the famous “Casey disapproving look” . . . while Morgan goes on . . . “well I mean everyone is smart on this team . . . like Casey is the smart type blow them up, kill bad guy dude . . . kind of like Darth Vader . . . but after Darth Vader has come back to the good side, and Chuck well he is a brain on the computer and giving me good advice . . . But Ellie, she is this really brain, “brain” smart one . . . and she told us . . . well she told us some clinical reasons why your memories would come back . . . which I cannot recall at the moment . . . but the “Clift note version is she told us basically that as we were able to stimulate your emotions, it would trigger the return of your memories. Like the one time I put my hand close to your breast and you started to . . .” As Sarah face turns to shock and Alex drops Morgan’s hand and looks at him with disgust. As the group turns together walking off the beach . . . Morgan regains his composer “No not like that, it was nothing sexual . . . well how about the time me you were on a secret mission to make sure Chuck didn’t bungle up the wedding proposal and you were on a balcony” . . . as the audio sound continues to fade out. Morgan say oh yea . . . Sarah if you happened to remember Shaw . . . just go ahead and don’t remember him, he was a bad dude. Chuck raises his voice a little “Morgan!” . . . while Morgan say “seriously Chuck, Shaw was a bad guy . . . he should have never been on our team”. As the sound of giggling and conversation fades out.

    A government SUV pulls up with General Beckman rolling down the window . . . “Chuck it appears that the government has completed their investigation and audit, and we owe Carmichael Industries monies that was frozen by the agency” as she hands him a huge check. Chuck is in disbelief as he asks the general “Are you serious?” “Chuck I am a General, we are always serious” . . . as she smiles and drives away.

    While the team is still viewing the check in awe . . . a stretch limousine pulls up right after the SUV departs . . . and out stumble Jeff, Lester, and Big Mike . . . looking every bit of an all-night party, half dressed, with their cloths torn. Lester says “the producer insisted that we do one gig in Vegas before going to Germany Chuck . . . the fans were crazy . . . the producer says it is only going to be worse in Germany. It is my understanding that this Carmichael Industries company does security stuff . . . what kind of security services can you do for the “Jeffester” worldwide tour? As they all laugh . . . Chuck says . . . “I don’t know about that, but we could all use a ride to go get some breakfast”. As they all pile in the limo . . . with Sarah and Chuck having the primary back seat of the limo . . . like their wedding departure . . . as the rest are caring on and laughing . . . while Chuck and Sarah hold hands and smile upon their family of friends.

  9. Randy says:

    Love ’em all! I’m not ordinarily much on “fan fiction”, but this seems different. Very therapeutic, I must say, reading them on a Friday night after going out to dinner with my Valentine of almost 40 years (no reason to stay home on Friday nights any more!). Thanks Dave for the great idea! I can actually see any or all of them actually happening.

  10. Faith says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day All…

    Kiss ends. Chuck and Sarah, a lot breathless, look at each other as if the whole world exists only between them.

    Chuck in between big gulping breaths felt like he was waiting for his lifeline. He meant what he said, he would be there for her, he would wait however long it took for them to find their way together again, but still he secretly wished for magic. His five year plan only has one item in it, all caps and in 18 font: SARAH. Nothing else matters. Nothing ever will. And in that moment, he was so scared that he really has lost her, he couldn’t speak. Chuck Bartowski, articulate schnook, could only whisper: “Please, please, please.” He didn’t know if he was begging her or begging the fates, but he could only say, “please.”

    Sarah: Chuck…

    Chuck gulps. He looks at her hands, ringless, as if it’s confirmation for a dream lost, a life lost.

    Sarah: Chuck, I love you.

    He smiles, the sun was setting but it felt to him like it was shining just on him. She smiles at him, as if to say that everything is fine now. It dawned on him that he still didn’t know if she remembered but in that moment he didn’t care. He has Sarah and nothing else needed to be said.

    Sarah: Chuck, let’s go home. Our home. I know we don’t have the lease yet…

    Chuck: I bought it. I-I couldn’t imagine any other place that would bring me closer to you so I bought it. I sold the Buy More and I bought our house. Wait–home? You remember?

    Sarah smiles, the last few days flashes before her eyes and she cries.

    Sarah: I hate myself for doing this (she wipes her tears)…

    Chuck: I know you don’t like to cry, or show any weaknesses.

    Sarah: Only with you. I can only be myself with you.

    Chuck hugs her, spins her around and around, laughing and she could only laugh with him. In that moment, though dizzy in that way only being love can be, she felt something in her click. Her world is in her hands, his hands, and together, their life finally begins. They walk side by side away from the beach, away from the past, towards their future, thankful to have each other.

    Three weeks later… (with this song playing)

    Reverend: Dearly beloved we are gathered here to join this man and this woman, in holy matrimony. Do you have your vows?

    Morgan: Um, it’s…it’s…

    Morgan checks all of his pockets, coming up empty of the most important piece of paper he’s ever had to carry.

    Chuck: It’s okay, Morgan, I remember them.

    Chuck looks at Sarah. He, in a charcoal gray tux with the ever present Chucks on; she, resplendent in soft, satiny ivory, barefoot with toes in the sand. Sarah’s dress was cut low, strapless, tight fitting and drapes over her curves as if the garment was poured over her. In her left hand her flowers, gardenias, and in her right, she carried her train.

    Chuck: Sarah, less than a month ago, I thought I’ve lost you forever. I couldn’t begin to tell you how scared I was, and how empty I felt without you. I never gave up hope that you’d come back to me, [voice breaks] I thought I could love you enough for the both of us. But the thought of never seeing your smile, never feeling your feet next to mine when you get cold at night, never feeling your heart beat next to mine…my heart fractured in pieces. But today, my heart is full, because you’re here with me. I love you, Sarah and I can’t imagine being without you. So today and in all of our days I pledge to always love you, I pledge to never leave your side. I pledge to fight for you, for us with every fiber of my being. I pledge to never take our love for granted, and I promise to spend the rest of my days, giving you the strength your love has given me.

    Sarah: (in tears) Chuck, you always saw something in me, that-that I was afraid to see in myself. You used to say I was the only one that believed in you, but no one else believed in me before you, too. No one has ever fought for me as much as you have, no one ever will. Through all the hardships and the madness that we’ve lived through, I promised you that nothing would ever change my love for you and nothing ever have. You never lost me, and I never lost you. Though my head may have gotten confused, my heart always remembered. I love you Chuck and today and in all of our days, I promise you that you’ll never lose me. I promise to fight for you as much as you have always fought for me. I’ll love you until there’s breath in me and I’ll love you long past eternity. I never believed in fairytales, but I believe in you. You’re my soulmate, the half of my whole, my only love. I promise to make you happy and I promise…

    She moves her right hand over her abdomen, cradling the bump that wasn’t quite evident. She smiles, in midst of falling tears, she smiles, takes his hand and puts it over hers, over the bump.

    Sarah: …I promise you our son…

    Chuck: Or daughter.

    Then Chuck pauses, as if he didn’t even realize what he said, bursts out a smile, a shout of exclamation, picks up her and whirls her around and around. Dizzy, she now knows for sure that this time, it’s not the twirling that makes her dizzy, it’s him. It’s Chuck and what she feels for him.

    After a hug and after being set back on her feet, Sarah concludes her vows: Or daughter (she smiles). I promise you the family and the life and love that we dreamt and deserve.

    Chuck and Sarah exchanged twisty ties (the lock-pick rings are in the shop). They knew they didn’t need to renew their vows, but for this new beginning it felt fitting to have it amidst crashing waves, orange-hued skies and the warmth of sand.

    After the reverend exclaimed: “you may now kiss the bride,” Chuck and Sarah kissed once more on their beach. They started their lives all over again. Together. This time with nothing holding them back.

    • Katsumaro says:

      Nicely written. Sure you don’t write fanfiction? 🙂

      But seriously, the happy moments I think of between them post-finale usually include this in some shape or form, though whether they renew their vows or not mostly depend on if I’m in a more romantic mood.

      Still.. nice touch with Sarah being pregnant there at the end. If there’s one thing I can be sure of, it’s whenever they do have children, it’ll be raised with a tremendous about of love.

      Keep up the great work. 😀

    • Jason says:

      Faith – that was really good, best I’ve read. I am pretty sure you are a big Smallville fan, if so, did you like the Smallville ending? I liked Smallville, hardly ever missed it when I could watch, but was not a huge fan. I seem to recall I thought the Smallville ending left something to be desired for me, but I probably forgot all about it within minutes of the ending. My guess for fans of Chuck like I was of Smallville, the ending of Chuck was quite satisfying, it was just many of the intense fans wanted a clearer picture shown at the end (I know I did). Anyhow, hope all is well!

      • Faith says:

        Better Jason, thanks for asking.

        I definitely like Smallvile, am a humongous fan if you ask certain people lol. I enjoyed the finale…it was probably and may still be the best finale I’ve seen. Just immensely satisfying and uplifting. Initially I was fine that they didn’t get married after all. With Superman the way it is, you have to figure the many hoops they had to jump through and I believed that after those fantastic vows, commitment wasn’t ever a question. But with time…like you, I imagine…I’ve become mildly dissatisfied that they didn’t get married when it was all said and done. It would have made it that much better (in some ways just like Chuck, make the picture clearer) and yet I can’t quite imagine it being any other way. Those vows, and that ending was magnificent.

        I’m sure you’re right. I haven’t heard from friends that are just casual fans but when I do, I’ll be sure to pass it along. Good contrast to those of us that are, to quote Chuck, “will never be normal.” LOL.

        On a totally unrelated note, I’m working on a post that’s the blog equivalent of a clip show and you’re featured on it. More specifically your coming away thoughts after season 3. Stay tuned. And thanks for the compliment!

    • atcDave says:

      Very well written Faith. I particularly like how you wrote Sarah acknowledging her vulnerability with Chuck.

  11. Wilf says:

    I’m not a writer – have never written any stories at all – except when forced, all those years ago at school. I’m a scientist and engineer, after all! but I love Chuck and am super-sad that it’s over, and your thread has encouraged me to write something. It’s not that dissimilar from others I’ve seen and I apologise for that, but it does pick up on something from a favourite, if not my number one favourite episode. So here goes.

    The kiss ended. Sarah looked blankly at Chuck. She really wanted it to have an effect but, objectively pleasant though it was, she just didn’t feel anything. Furthermore, her memory had not been stimulated by the kiss or by Chuck’s admittedly engaging stories about their former life together.

    Sarah stood up and walked towards the road. Chuck followed her and soon caught up with Sarah.

    “What can I say?”, Sarah said sadly. “I want to remember who you are, who we were, but it’s just not coming to me; there are no further memories; no progress at all. I need time to think – we should stay apart for a while. I’m sorry, Chuck.”

    Chuck was openly dismayed and Sarah felt so bad about it. But he was not going to give up on Sarah, ever. He had an idea. “Hey, ok, but it’s your birthday next Tuesday, so why don’t we celebrate that by going out on a date?”

    He knew her birthday! Something stirred from deep inside Sarah’s brain. “Oh my God, you brought me a present, a dress, and I said it wasn’t my birthday. And you said ‘Oh, one down, three hundred and sixty four and a quarter to go’. CHUCK, I remember! It was my high school reunion.”

    At that point, other related memories entered Sarah’s conscious. Not her whole past five years, by no means, but a significant start. Sarah realised that this was, after all, real progress. She put her arm through Chuck’s. “Take me home, Chuck”.

  12. I still hope to write my epilogue story sometime. I’m thinking it will be a series of one shots. Two of my six ideas have been mentioned on other posts. Right now, I’m calling those chapters Sarah vs. the Beach Patrol and Sarah vs. Surveillance.

    In the meantime, the CIA plot of the recent Castle two-parter made me think of my first Castle/Chuck crossover (Castle vs the Law of Averages). The result was a 1-shot cross-over: “Beckett vs the Linchpin”, http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7884875/1/Beckett_vs_the_Linchpin. It is set after the Chuck finale and features our favorite couple in a domestic setting. It also includes a lot of references to Sarah’s memory problems and some for their future plans. I don’t talk about right after the finale, because I’m saving that for the Beach Patrol chapter of the other story.

    • atcDave says:

      Thanks for the link Jeff, I don’t normally check crossovers so I never would have found this otherwise. But that was a lot of fun. Although I prefer to think of Sarah’s memories coming back quickly and completely, you managed to create an appealing and fun sort of intermediate period with her personality (and affection for Chuck!) mostly restored but the details all screwy. This was also a case where the crossover part worked very well, with Beckett basically an observer on TeamB’s eccentricities. I really enjoyed that!

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