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Amazing but true, there is still new fan fiction being generated for Chuck, some of it very good.  What’s extra surprising is as choosy as I am, I still find plenty to enjoy.  Some of it is as good as any we’ve seen, so after the jump, we’ll take a look at what I’ve found to read in these last few weeks.

You all know any story I choose will be pretty Charah friendly, well I’ve pretty much settled in on not reading much post series angst either; to my mind, that ship had sailed by S3,and I have no stomach for more of the same.  It surprises me some how many fan fiction writers still want to go there, but it pleases me a lot that most do not.  Complete AUs and breaks from various points of canon still seem to be very popular, and are often much fun.

The first story I’ll bring up this time really is a treat, that is Quistie64’s sequel “Chuck vs the Sound of Music II“.  (I’ll assume you can figure out what it’s a sequel to!) This picks up several months after the end of the original story with an encounter between the recently married Sarah Bartowski and her old friend Carina Miller.  There seem to be a few plot threads at play; from Sarah juggling her roles of wife, parent, and agent; to Chuck’s missing parents; to Carina’s need to lay low by hiding with the Bartowski’s for a while.  I’m not sure how big each of those plots may become, but the story is starting off as a fun follow up for the characters and setting that were so much fun the first time around.  Initially Quistie stated this story would not involve music, but she has changed her mind and been using songs from a variety of sources to continue the twisted style of the original.  Of course, just like the first time around, the story holds up well with or without the songs.  I’m not sure how long it will be, but the four chapters up so far can be read in about an hour.  It would be rated PG for similar reasons to the first story.

The next story I bring up will not look like a story I would recommend, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun.  This is “Enjoy the rest of your life, Chuck” by Doc in Oz.  It starts, sort of, from the S2 premier (I say “sort of” because it later becomes obvious that some later events have already occured).  In this AU, Chuck recognizes the threat that accompanies the title quote from Director Graham; and he quickly decides he needs to disappear off the grid.  Although the first chapter ends with Casey and Sarah taking up the pursuit, it quickly becomes clear that they have actually been preparing him to do exactly what he has done.  This leads to an interesting chase in which the pursuit is not quite determined.  Ellie has a particularly fun part to play, that just gets better in the exposition heavy final chapter.  Be sure to stick it out to the very end, even if you find the main plot obvious the details are amusing.  This could be read in about an hour and would be rated PG-13 for some graphic/violent imagery.

The last new story I’ll discuss this time is also front loaded with some serious angst.  Curiously, it started as a one-shot that I would have never recommended, but has become a very intriguing multi-chapter story.  It is  “Chuck vs The Reassignment” by TheKyrien. The first chapter is truly a tragic story set at the end of “Broken Heart”.  Sarah is deemed hopelessly compromised by the 49B and reassigned to Washington.  She does follow orders and does not contact Chuck. Very unfortunately, Agent Forest is a Fulcrum agent.  So some time after Sarah has left, Agent Forest shoots Casey in the back and kidnaps Chuck.  Sarah finds out what has happened after she had already submitted her resignation from The Agency, and the first chapter ends on that rather hopeless note.  But for all of us who remember Phase Three the story can’t end there! The next chapters are about how far Sarah will go to make things right.  It is a fun adventure in an S2 setting with Orion and Ted Roark as interested parties in Sarah’s personal mission.  The story is exciting and well written. The four Chapters currently up could be read in less than an hour and would be rated PG-13.

Billatwork is rewriting another of his early classics.  This time it’s “The Fake Relationship ReMastered“.  Bill claims this remains his most popular single story by a wide margin (my favorite of his is “Negotiation“, but “Fake Relationship” is a close second).  The basic set-up involves Agent Walker being ordered to break up with Chuck so a new agent/seductress can be brought in to do what Sarah would not. Those familiar with Bill’s work will know that his villains are rarely subtle and this is an excellent example of that; Agent Becky Ivan is as contemptable a toad as there is in fan fiction.  And the ReMastering part of this is very well done.  The original was one of Bill’s very early works, this time around he has restructured several scenes and created something much better than the first try.  The improvements should not be controversial in a “did Han shoot first?” sort of way, Bill’s writing skills have clearly improved and the reader will benefit from it!  So far the story would be rated PG-13 for some sex talk and bucket loads of angst, but Bill has suggested it may lean more towards R by the end.

Several stories previously mentioned continue.  Thinkling’s “Sarah vs Finding Herself” is four chapters in now and has been updating on Saturdays.  I’d call this the most completely satisfying post series story I’ve seen.  Of course regular readers here know Thinkling and I often see things the same way; but I’m pleased with how many readers seem to agree so far.  I can’t say enough about how much fun this story is.

Chuck and Sarah vs the Recruits” by NinjaVanish and “Save You Later” by mia2009 have also had recent updates.  Both stories remain a lot of fun.

I’m guessing I’ll have another of these posts before too long. As always, I look forward to everyone’s comments and discussion, thanks for always making these posts a lot of fun!

~ Dave


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  1. I’m not sure why you’d be so surprised that people still write fan fictions. The story never ends. There are plenty enough holes in what they wrote for me to spend years filling them in (were I so motivated), while those devoted to the AUs can do whatever they want. Kind’a disappointed in your selections, there are a lot of good stories out there to recommend that didn’t make the list. I think even Doc in Oz applauded ‘Run for Your Life Chuck’, a story very much in the same vein as his own.

    • atcDave says:

      My favorites list (here) is massive. I believe you’ll find I’ve discussed a wide range of stories over the last couple years, so I try not to feature the same story more than once or twice. Sorry if you’re not interested in my current selections; but as always, I mention stories that I enjoyed either because they were exciting, satisfying, or funny. I do avoid those that are too dark or angst filled. Obviously some readers will enjoy the same stories I do, and others will not. No one is required to share my taste!

    • Crumby says:

      It’s not so much about ideas, but about interest for writing/reading about the show diminishing with time now that it’s done.

  2. atcDave says:

    Of course moments after I posted an update came up for KateMcK’s previously recommended “It’s a Wonderful Cover Life.” Another excellent story I continue to recommend highly!

    • thinkling says:

      Cover Life is such a fun story.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah it is. And it’s funny how Kate has created a completely different sort of setting that still involves the same sort of “cover” situation as the show itself.

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, only in this one, everybody in the universe knows except Beckman. And it’s a great AU use of so many characters, even minor ones.

      • Nervert says:

        Glad this one got mentioned. I may be biased but it’s a favorite of mine.

      • atcDave says:

        Nervert I believe I featured it back in January; really a very good story right from the start. Of course Kate is always a solid writer, I don’t believe I’ve ever not liked one of her stories. I’m sure it’s all because of her very talented beta…

      • Nervert says:

        Yeah, I can’t take credit for very much. I may have tossed a funny line in here or there (VERY sporadically; 95% of the funnies are hers) but the rest is all Kate.

  3. joe says:

    Dave, you just motivated me to catch up with Thinkling’s story (linked above, for those who haven’t clicked on it yet).

    Like we’ve all come to expect from such a great writer, Think’s story is well crafted and I defy you to read any part of it and not be heart-warmed.

    Now for the confession part of my comment, I have to admit that, until recently, I couldn’t quite face that ending again. But now that I’ve rewatched all of S1 and half of S2, I can’t wait to get all the way to S5 again. Thinkling’s story only enhances that feeling.

    My advice? Read it. Read it! READITREADITREADIT! 😉

  4. mel says:

    My favorite ongoing fic has to be Crumby’s “Rogue Spy”. It’s a Season 3 AU story, and I have to say s3 would have been *so* much better if they had done it like Crumby. It’s just awesome.

    Dettiot’s “Discovering Omaha” is a new one I also like quite a bit, The fic explores what could have happened if Chuck had not been expelled from Stanford, something that has certainly been done before, but I like Dettiot’s take on it.

    In addition to these I of course also read anything NinjaVanish, Quistie64 and Frea O’Scanlin among others write.

    BillAtWork is someone whose fics I’ve tried to read occasionally, but I’m just not too fond of his Sarah, or how he writes female characters in general.

    Thanks for the recommendations.


    • atcDave says:

      “Rogue Spy” and “Discovering Omaha” are also both on my favorites list, good choices!

      Fake Relationship is definitely a different take on Sarah than Bill normally writes; in particular, Sarah pointedly does not play the seduction game in that story at all. In fact that’s what gets her in trouble, her refusal to play such games with Chuck. If that’s what sometimes bothers you this may be the one Billatwork story that could work for you.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        I really need to review thinklings story. Not only is it well written, but it takes the finale head on, and shows how it could have worked. I can now watch the last episodes in the series and enjoy them.

        Thinkling I will review. Btw the emotional memory thing was sheer genius.

      • BigKev67 says:

        You make an interesting point about the uses of fanfic and how it can add to canon for some people.
        I’ve tried to think that way, but I just can’t do it. For me, the show ends where it ends, and if I don’t see it on the screen, imagining what comes next can be fun – but it makes absolutely no difference to how I view what was on the screen. It’s like how discussing the game after the fact can be fun, but it doesn’t alter the result of the game.
        I’m the same when I read too. If it’s on the page, it’s canon – if it’s not, I don’t much care. And as much as I love fic (and I really do) – I just can’t see it as canon. The show and fic are completely separate in my head.
        I didn’t realise how clear that distinction is for me, and how literal my conception of canon is until the ending forced me to think about it! It hasn’t helped me in terms of Chuck – but it’s an illuminating realisation.

      • ArmySFC says:

        Kev…I’m kinda with you on this one. i haven’t read and stories (no matter how good or bad people say they are) that take place after the finale in an attempt to explain it or make it fit. like you said with a sports team, it’s like a Bill’s fan watching the missed field goal and talking about how different it would have been if he made it (sorry Joe). Chuck for me ended with the mess on the beach, and unless i see it actually change thats where it ends.

        Dave/Crumby…keep the faith on new ones coming out. ST Voyager, JAG, Hannah Montanna and others are still getting stories written and they have been done for years.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m pretty well aware of what actually constitutes canon, and I’m pretty aware of each AU’s canon too. As I’ve said many times, I really do wish we’d seen a more proper epilogue for the show itself. Perhaps the difference for me though is that pretty quickly, I was convinced things actually had ended well, so post-series stories that involve Chuck and Sarah sorting out their mess pretty quickly strike me as the most believable and natural.
        By the way, some of that feeling absolutely comes from re-watching S5 shortly after the finale aired. I see Morgan’s recovery as the model for Sarah’s; and what would have been shown in the epilogue was the plans for the future that Chuck and Sarah were formulating all season long. So while I agree with many of the complaints and criticisms of the finale, I also see how it was intended to be upbeat and a happy ending. So perhaps part of why I reject fan fics that explore darker possibilities after the beach (apart from just generally not liking darker stories!) is that I can’t buy into that possibility and I think they prey on some disappointed fans own worst fears.

      • Jason says:

        It is interesting how the ending makes most the imagination go to ‘what’s next’ in terms of time frame. My guess had the ending been in the house and / or with a pregnancy, the imagination probably jumps more into the future.

        Makes me wonder if the ending reflected a hope to pick the story up in the present somehow sooner rather than later, in the same time frame, rather than say a made for tv movie set ten years in the future.

        I don’t think more Chuck will happen, I think the ending’s negative affect on enough fans, probably served as the final nail in the Chuck coffin, and will probably be considered by the industry as an example how not to end, rather than how to. Of course, that is my opinion.

      • BigKev67 says:

        My comment honestly wasn’t meant as a criticism of the finale. It was more an observation on how some people can use fanfic and their own imaginations to add to their canon (or in some cases detract from it) and gives them another perspective that adds to their enjoyment of what they see on the screen. They draw from all of them to gain their overall impression, a sort of “canon plus” scenario in a way. My brain must be more linear and compartmental because I find that really hard to do. I separate them out and one doesn’t really affect the other. That contrast in mental processes was really what I was trying to get at.

      • atcDave says:

        Jason I do hope lessons are learned within the industry on how NOT to write a good ending. But I’m not optimistic. The writers seemed so proud of their incomplete ending, I think they’ve decided “leaving what comes next” up to the viewers is a virtue. They assume we all want to be story tellers like they are. I believe they are taught to think this way in school, they reinforce the idea amongst each other, and hear the dozens of fawning accolades from critics, many other insiders, and those fans who were well pleased; and dismiss as a minority the many disgruntled and unsatisfied viewers. In short, I think the whole idea of a proper epilogue is now regarded as passé or cliche. I hope I’m wrong and we do see better defined endings in the future.

        By the way, I think you are likely correct about future content. I have mixed feelings about if I want to see it anyway; but my Costa Graven Pesos are on no official future Chuck ever.

      • joe says:

        @Army “it’s like a Bill’s fan watching the missed field goal and talking about how different it would have been if he made it (sorry Joe).”

        Heh! Funny thing is, after the team returned to Buffalo, it was Scott Norwood who got the biggest ovation. I heard at the time from friends who said it brought him to tears. Apparently, it was no where near the worst thing that ever happened to the guy.

      • atcDave says:

        Kev I actually sort of agree. Although I find a lot of satisfaction in many stories, I am always acutely aware of what really constitutes canon. I can ignore (canon) stories or events I don’t like, but they always sort of weigh on me. So even when I see a story I like better than canon, I’m always aware that it’s an alternate. Emotionally, the ups and downs of canon are weighted far more heavily than any alternate ever is. That’s why S3 remains such a sore spot for me, even though I’ve read and enjoyed many stories I consider far superior to the official one, I’m always well aware of their alternate status. I wish I could consider “Chuck and Sarah vs Themselves” or any episode from “Chuck vs the Fight” to be more meaningful than what we saw on screen, but I really can’t.

        Stories that fill in gaps like “Sarah vs Finding Herself” or “Sarah vs the Phantom Retcon” work for me because I think they are completely reasonable extensions of canon. Basically they are filling out conclusions I had mostly drawn for myself anyway. So those can be very nearly as satisfying as canon for me.

      • You’re right about the “what’s next”, Jason. One of my other fanfiction-doms, Stargate, has several “endings”: season 8, when Richard Dean Anderson left as a regular; season 10, the end of the show; year 11, after the second movie; and year 14, after all of the spin-offs ended. The most written about ending is that first one. It has an ambiguous ending which is not explained in the subsequent seasons: the OTP sitting on a deck at a remote cabin, fishing. They are sitting a respectable distance and their friends are there too (as chaperons?). Her dad just died and they both just got out of relationships, but there is some flirting. Because of that 54 second scene, there are many hundreds of “cabin fics” about “what’s next”. In post season 8 fics, authors even make a point of saying if they assumed nothing happened at the cabin, because most people do. The Chuck and Sarah’s beach is the Chuck’s ‘cabin’. (Although I think Chuck what’s next is much more clear than Stargate, that doesn’t mean much.)

        I doubt the Chuck ending was a set-up for a movie. The writers seemed to fly by the seat of their pants a lot when going from season to season (e.g. the conspiracy). Leaving Chuck with the Intersect is enough of a setup for potential movie plots. A great many Chuck episodes started with “Chuck flashes and then…”

        I also do not think more Chuck will happen, but not because of the ending. I think it has more to do with economics and the ratings of Chuck at the end. It also will depend on if ZL’s pilot gets picked up and how YS’s movie career goes. Except to the most die hard fans, Chuck’s legacy won’t be the finale. Not enough people watched it. Chuck’s industry legacy will be how the show was on it’s deathbed several times and still survived due to fan support, creative studio budgeting, in-show advertisement, and network inepititude (e.g. Leno). That’s also an opinion. If there is no more Chuck, that doesn’t mean I’m right. If there is more (quality) Chuck, I’ll be too happy to care that I was wrong.

      • BDaddyDL says:

        I would like to suggest that some fan fiction is so common it has almost become canon. For example, Sarah was not nearly posessive about her car in canon.

        What does Sarahs hair smell like? Canon doesn’t say, but I bet you thought grapefruit.

        Would we know the resentment Sarah feels toward blondes if not for ff?

        These are just a couple quick ones.
        It’s human naturefor our subconcious to fill in gaps. I devoured season 5 fics and it did help.
        However I’m wired that way. I could not deal with the finale. It left me uneasy and needed an answer.

      • thinkling says:

        BD: Didn’t Rye say she smelled delightfully of grapefruit?

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah the grapefruit actually is canon; but I’ve got a really good one, Carina’s real last name. I think we mostly all know now that it’s Miller, but that wasn’t revealed until episode 3.02, and her character was already hugely popular in fan fiction. Notorious JMG had named her Carina Hansen in one of his early stories, and the name really stuck. New stories using that name kept popping up until fairly recently.

      • aerox says:

        I thought it was APR who started the Hansen trend.

      • NortoriousJMG’s Chuck vs His Destiny, Chapter 9, first reviewed on Sept 28, 2008, assuming the name wasn’t edited in later. Armadilloi’s account was created six months after that.

      • I just found an earlier reference in Chuck vs the Beautiful Letdown from May 2008. The name might be even earlier.

      • atcDave says:

        I have written Notoriousjmg on this topic and he does accept credit/blame for the name. I had long thought it was billatwork, but he pointed me towards JMG as the culprit!

    • Crumby says:

      Thanks a lot for your kind words regarding Rogue Spy, mel. New chapter should be next week. 🙂

      I’ve enjoyed Discovering Omaha’s premise as well. I would recommend it.

      And yeah, there’s always Fates, Spies and Nerds, or A Common Spy Problem. Can’t go wrong with these ones. 🙂

  5. jam says:

    “You all know any story I choose will be pretty Charah friendly, well I’ve pretty much settled in on not reading much post series angst either; to my mind, that ship had sailed by S3,and I have no stomach for more of the same. It surprises me some how many fan fiction writers still want to
    there, but it pleases me a lot that most do not.”

    I don’t tolerate post series angst either if the angst is attained via the memory loss plot device. I have such disdain for it that I can’t truly enjoy even fics that deal with it in a more positive manner. What a love letter to the fans, eh Fedak?

    Now, if someone were to write a fic where the amnesia is resolved quickly (and by resolving I mean getting rid of it completely) and THEN start exploring further adventures of Chuck and Sarah in a post Season 5 world I’d be really happy to check it out. As long as it’s well written, of course.

    Practically all of the most talented Chuck fanfic writers are writing stories that deviate from canon at some earlier point, usually it’s S3 (NinjaVanish’s work, Crumby’s “Rogue Spy”) or even pre S1 (“Fates”, “Chuck vs the World”)… the series finale is still relatively fresh so it remains to be seen if more S5 fics will start to appear where the amnesia isn’t the selling point any longer.

    • atcDave says:

      I think it’s likely most S5 or post series fics will deal with the amnesia to some degree or another, it’s kind of the 900 lb gorilla in the room and is difficult to ignore entirely.

      But we’ve already seen a few tellings that are overwhelmingly positive in their approach and resolution; significantly Thinkling’s “Sarah vs Finding Herself” and mynameisjeffandimlost’s “Beckett vs the Linchpin”. Several others have featured speedy recovers and focused on future adventures. Sadly, most do not. Most post-season stories do make far too big a deal out of the amnesia, and as I’ve said (and you quoted above!) I don’t care for such stories either and I really won’t bother with any amnesia related seperations for the Bartowskis (even temporary, I just don’t read such stories).

      • jam says:

        If I were to write a post finale Chuck story, whether it would be fanfiction or a surprise season 6 renewal I’d approach the amensia like this:

        Briefly acknowledge it happened (that’s all it deserves imo), get rid of it quickly, move on.


      • joe says:

        Jam, Dave, I have a feeling that if a movie is ever made, that’s exactly what would happen. The amnesia thread would be there at the beginning, but relatively minor and unimportant by the end.

        I’m not sure a real resolution (as in, Sarah regains her memory) is even necessary. It’s no where near as important, I’d say, as Sarah making new memories with Chuck.

        But having her regain a key memory as a means of saving Chuck would be a pretty cool device, if used once. Well, maybe regain one more to confound Morgan in some comic way. That could be fun.

      • thinkling says:

        Joe and BD thanks for the kind words about Sarah vs Finding Herself. It’s been such fun to write, a labor of love.

        Jam, It’s certainly valid to do that: write a story set in the future (however near or far) and just say that the memory problem was solved and go from there.

        I believe that the ending is reassuring and points to a happy ever-after for Chuck and Sarah. Sarah has reconnected with Chuck and her life. Healing was begun. I think we saw all of that on screen. Nonetheless, the ending is incomplete, by design. So, I chose to deal with what we got honestly (in a way that I believe flows from what we saw on screen) and work through Sarah’s healing in a positive way … not as a form of denial, but taking the story to its logical end.

        Like Dave said, the show sort of left us with an 900 lb gorilla. Like it or not, the gorilla is now canon. I accept the story as valid (though more tragic than I ever wanted), well told, and well acted, though incomplete. Unlike S3 I have no desire to squeeze it into a black box. I’d rather set it free. So Sarah vs Finding Herself sets the gorilla free.

        I’ve set some pretty strict guidelines for the story:
        1) Strict characterization (at least that’s my goal). If I can’t picture the Chuck and Sarah I know doing or saying something, I don’t write it. (opinions may vary on this, of course)
        2) The story has to believably flow from the series, but especially S5 and the finale, what we saw on screen.
        3) The memory recovery needs to be based in reality (even though the cause is not ;)). My Sarah’s recovery may be somewhat accelerated, but to my mind not impossibly so.

      • Thinkling, you should have given a spoiler warning. You’re setting the 900lb gorilla free. Now I won’t be surprised in the next chapter when King Kong is rampaging through Echo Park. 😉

      • thinkling says:

        Ohh … Chuck / King Kong crossover. 😉

      • called “King Kong vs. the Giant Blonde She Male”

      • atcDave says:

        Joe thinking about how the amnesia might be dealt with in a movie is a huge part of why my desire for it remains mixed. I would just hate if we got a reunion movie 10 years from now that started with just then having Sarah regain memories and get back together with Chuck. I’ve seen such stupidity in these sorts of projects before that basically give us a situation of deep misery or loss for most of the period we didn’t see. I’m sure the writers are convinced everyone wants to see a miraculous healing or joyful reunion; but for me it would suck all the joy right out of it if too much time elapsed (as in, anything more than a few days…)
        Obviously, at this point there’s little point in worrying about it; but a big part of me is happy to just leave it alone. Of course, if a few years from now we start hearing that Zach and Yvonne are interested in doing another Chuck project I will likely get crazy excited about it, but I’ll deal that if it happens.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh the trouble we’ve caused….

        I say giant blonde she-male wins pretty easily! (and Kong goes whimpering back to his island)

      • joe says:

        Dave, I’m with you on that. Except maybe I could live with a time frame that starts, oh, maybe six months to a year after the finale. Long enough to see significant progress of Charah (and to skip unnecessary details) and short enough to keep them as we remember.

        Thinkling, if that was your goals, you succeeded! Your characterizations (and the voices you’ve given the characters) are spot-on. I had no problem imagining the crew saying exactly the words you’ve written.

        And btw, some pretty excellent g-rated erotica, too. How did you do that? 😉

    • First jam, thank you for including Rogue Spy on that list.

      I know that I have personnaly no interest in revisiting this awful idea of storyline that was Sarah’s amnesia. Not as a reader, and even less as a writer. Bleh. It’s not even about the ending, or if I think Sarah has her memory back or not, I just hate the storyline as a whole and wouldn’t want to write a story acknowledging that it happened. Maybe if I had a particular idea which would be set with CS married, but I doubt it.

      It’s the same thing with post S3 stories. You have to acknowledge that S3 happened to make it work, and justify, in some way, how the characters acted… Meh.

      I know that so far, the ideas I had of potential stories I might write after Rogue Spy is done were complete AUs. It just gives you more room, and you can play with different element of the show and/or mythology.

      • atcDave says:

        I would agree with most of that Crumby. Certainly the best fix for S3 is just a complete AU as you and several others have done so well. Any writer who does choose to break from canon post S3 is left with a pretty messy back story to either explain or deal with as needed. Those stories that break in S4 or S5 will have an easier time if they just choose to ignore the S3 story, just as the show itself moved on and later ignored most of that season. The amnesia story is similar; although I apparently think more highly of the canon telling than some fans do, the lack of adequate resolution means it simply most be addressed by any telling that breaks at the end of Bullet Train or after. The fact we have no forthcoming canon to point the way means it really can’t just be ignored easily. Maybe if a story is set several years in the future, but even then, I suspect most readers will be dying to know how Chuck and Sarah overcame her amnesia.

      • jam says:

        Crumby, I understand why a writer would want to avoid addressing the whole amnesia storyline. Like you, I hated the whole idea of it, even if they had actually fix’d it on the show I would have still disliked it.

        I liked S4 a lot and it helped me get over the awful S3 so I don’t mind actually reading post S3 fics (not that there are too many good ones).
        I always thought the biggest reason there are far less post S3 fics was that people were fairly happy with S4 and didn’t feel the need to “fix” it via fanfiction, but you made me think of another reason: doing it would require acknowledging S3 happened. I never really considered that, I guess S4 and my selective memory helped me get over it relatively well. In any case, I love “Rogue Spy” and I will certainly be interested in whatever Chuck stories you might write after it.

        Thinkling, despite me grumbling about memory loss fics, I do like your story quite a bit. It’s easily the best one dealing with the subject matter.

      • thinkling says:

        Thanks, Jam. I just hate seeing their future stalled on the beach, and without dealing with the final arc, it’s hard to imagine the future. Like Dave said S4 gave us a future after S3, but without dealing with the gorilla, in some fashion, there’s this yawning void in their future after S5.

    • thinkling says:

      “King Kong vs. the Giant Blonde She Male”


    • garnet says:

      I think it would depend on when we were to get a new episode/movie etc. If it is only 6 months-1 year down the road, I suspect that the memory issue and the issues surrounding it would be too difficult for them to avoid using (an admittedly it would offer lots of storytelling options). If it is not for say 5-10 years, I would expect that the amnesia woul not be a big plot point.

      All I can do is hope that we do, somewhere,-sometime, get more Chuck! I am realist enough to know that there is a slim chance, but romantic enough to hope for it. Let’s not give up because if ever there was a show that could defy the odds it would be Chuck!

  6. authorguy says:

    “Now, if someone were to write a fic where the amnesia is resolved quickly (and by resolving I mean getting rid of it completely) and THEN start exploring further adventures of Chuck and Sarah in a post Season 5 world I’d be really happy to check it out. As long as it’s well written, of course.”
    Not quite what I did over a month ago, but I got rid of the amnesia (completely) and set up a new interpretation of how the Intersect works that certainly set the stage for a bunch of new adventures. I may write some, but I’m happy enough filling in spaces in the original series. I have my own post season 2 AU ideas to develop, at least a little bit.

    Thinkling, I completely agree with your guidelines on characterization. So many otherwise good fanfics go off the reservation that way. Nice stories, but not really Chuck stories.

    I would love to see a Chuck-Wonderfalls crossover, myself.

  7. NOM says:

    Though I normally don’t like Billatwork’s stories, even I have to admit that Fake Relationship is a fun story. Thank you Dave for another great update about what’s happening in the world of Chuck fanfiction!

  8. Crumby says:

    Again, thanks jam.

    I forgot to add that I definitely recommend Chuck versus The World that jam mentioned.

  9. garnet says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t read much fan fic, but I have really enjoyed Thinkling’s story so far, and I find it to be a very well thought out and plausable continuation of the Chuck/Sarah journey. I look forward to each chapter, and there have been a few instances of dust in the room whne I have been reading along :).
    In a different vein, I have also enjoyed murphtone’s “Chuck Vs. The Next Generation ( ) and it is filled with fun moments of the Bartowski’s son finding out about the lives his parents’ have lead while on a mission to save them. Nice little touches such as the Uncle Morgan: “remind me to tell you why your parent’s had a second wedding 18 months after the first” (I think I quoted that correctly), put the ending in its place. It also introduces another young spy who is related to a friend of Sarahs 9I won’t spoil this one).
    It would be rated 18A for some steamy scenes

  10. authorguy says:

    Just wanted to mention that I just put up a new post on my own blog, about one of the more unexpected reactions to my latest fanfiction chapter.

  11. Shelli says:

    I love the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the
    great articles.

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