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Well, it’s been a while.  I will likely always consider myself a big Chuck fan; but no doubt, things are truly slowing down in all corners of the fandom.  But at least fan fiction is likely to provide new stories for years to come yet.  I enjoy discussing my favorites from time to time, and I always like hearing from other readers too.

So join me again as I look at a few of my favorites after the jump.

We still have a surprising number of new folks showing up at this site.  And it pleases me that so many have already read Thinkling’s excellent “Sarah vs Finding Herself.” I’m sure by now, most readers know that story was finished last week.  But if you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favor and get right to it!  Thinkling suggests there may be some later one-shots in this epilogue universe she’s created; but for now it is complete.  Of course that’s a mixed blessing; but the good news is, we have a complete and very satisfying story that goes right from late in the finale itself until two years later.  This story is novel length and would take several days to read.  I would call it a “PG” rating, for some grown-up drama and romance, but nothing ever explicit.

I think this is an excellent starting point for anyone who has not previously read fan fiction as it continues so directly from the show and keeps a similar feel to the show and characters.  I still remember well my own introduction to fan fiction.  Back in late season two I was a regular at the NBC forums.  This is where Joe, Amyabn, Faith and I all first became acquainted.  But one of the regular commenters at that site who most often agreed with me was billatwork.  He would occasionally mention stories he was writing, and I finally decided to check one out.  The story he had just finished when I took the plunge was “Chuck vs The Negotiation“.  I was immediately hooked, and that story remains a favorite of mine.  I didn’t just go nuts reading at the time though.  I did read all of Bill’s work, and gradually found more to read by checking out some his favorites.  “Sarah vs the Long Flight” by Go-Chuck-Go is another of those earlier works that remains very special to me.  It was during that very long break between season two and three that I gradually started reading more Chuck fan fiction.  Especially after Comic Con in July 2009 when I found myself not liking what I was hearing about the coming season.  By the time season three actually started I was pretty seriously hooked on the stuff.  (hi, my name is Dave and I’m a …)  If you’re just getting started, I offer my own favorites list as one possible starting point.  I like a pretty wide variety of stories; but I am a hard core Charah ‘shipper, and I care a great deal that both characters are treated in a positive and respectful way, so any story I recommend will absolutely end well for the both of them.  That doesn’t mean the romance is always front and center, not at all; again, I do like a wide variety of themes and styles.

Another of those fairly early stories that I found was “Sacrifice” by Cindy Ryan.  Cindy is a very prolific writer.  Her total body of work is almost as long as my favorites list!  But as near as I can tell, she’s only written about a half dozen stories for this fandom.  Which is too bad, because she’s a very good writer and Sacrifice is a great read.  It is an alternate, longer end to “Chuck vs the Best Friend”.  This time, Chuck actually drives the Herder away from Morgan and the Chinese Ambassador.  Chuck is seriously hurt in the resulting explosion, but what’s worse, is Sarah and Casey can’t find him and assume the worst.  There is some pretty well done drama here, especially for Sarah.  This story is not long and could be read in a couple hours.  I would call it PG for some difficult subject matter, but nothing too graphic.

Jumping forward to a much newer story; I’ve really enjoyed “Chuck vs the Rogue Spy” by Crumby.  Crumby has been an occasional commenter here for a long time, so many of you ought to recognize her name!  This story also was just finished, the very next day after Thinkling’s!  It is an alternate season three tale, which many of us are always glad to see more of.  It doesn’t start at the beginning, but we quickly learn in this AU, Sarah never met Chuck at Prague.  And he went on to finish his training and become an agent.  But Sarah isn’t to blame; she’s been framed for treason and has gone rogue.  Chuck knows little at first, but this quickly becomes the story of Chuck and Sarah’s struggles to prove her innocence.  This is an exciting and well written story.  It is also novel length, so allow plenty of time.  It would be rated PG-13 for content.

I’ll recommend an on-going story too.  This is “Chuck vs Hollywood” by CostasTT.  Those familiar with Costas work will instantly recognize his fast paced style of adventure and fun, with a minimum of angst!  This complete AU has Chuck as a successful software developer (game designer).  Sarah is an actress who is playing the lead in a movie based on Chuck’s latest game.  She’s still a pretty tough character who even does most of her own stunts, but this is definitely not the indestructible Sarah Walker we’re all used to.  Not surprisingly, Chuck and Sarah meet and get quite “close” while working on the movie.  The action adventure part comes from a deranged fan (Daniel Shaw, of course) who decides to put an end to her.  This story is just pure fluff and fun.  No ulcers will come from the reading of this story.  But if you’re ready to just laugh and have fun with our favorite characters  you should enjoy this plenty.  It would currently take five or so hours to read and would be rated PG-13.  Costas is very good about updating regularly and finishing his stories, so there’s a very a good chance this will be finished quickly.

A couple of really excellent stories I’ve previously recommended continue.  “Chuck and Sarah vs the Recruits” by NinjaVanish seems to be approaching its climax, its been getting very intense and complex these last few chapters!  If you’re a new reader, this is the third part of a trilogy.  So start with “Chuck and Sarah vs the Bunker“, then read “Chuck and Sarah vs Themselves“.  NinjaVanish is kind of the intense, over the top action writer of this fandom.  So expect lot’s of explosions and gun fights.

And Quistie64’s excellent “Chuck vs The Sound of Music II” is also still updating regularly. This is a beautiful family centered tale that continues the setting and characters of the “Sound of Music” AU.  In case anyone missed it, Quistie also gave us a one-shot for this setting “Chuck vs The Sound of Music II: Operation BiB” which has the Woodcomb kids including Sarah in their Mother’s Day celebration.  This whole setting is just such good stuff.  After Thinkling’s epilogue, I would consider this the next most essential reading in Chuck fan fiction whether you know the original Sound of Music source material or not.  Its just fun, sweet and beautiful, in a way that our favorite show often was too.

As always, I would love to see any comments from fellow fans.  I love when these discussions get going.

~ Dave


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I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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  1. jam says:

    Rogue Spy deserves all the praise it gets, it’s not only the best AU S3 fic I’ve read, but one of the best Chuck fics, period. Crumby already started a new one, I expect good things.

    Aside from Dettiot (Discovering Omaha, Chuck vs the Wildcat) there really haven’t been many new writers I’d want to follow, especially since I’ve developed an allergy for the post finale S5 fics. Frea might have retired(?) from from writing Chuck fanfiction after finishing Fates, but the writers mentioned above, ninjaVanish, Quistie, Kate McK and a few other names still make the worth visiting for me.

    • atcDave says:

      I have some issues with post series stories too Jam. I’ve enjoyed a few quite a bit. But I simply have no stomach for additional angst related to the amnesia. To me, things would only get better after the beach, and I’m just not interested in stories that draw things out too long, or worse, make things worse yet before they get better. And abandonment is a theme I like even less than love triangles; so any story that has Sarah running off again after the beach I will categorically skip. That does rule out many stories, I’m sure some of which are very good. But just like my TV and movie choices, I’m looking for things that I will enjoy; and that’s more important to me than any critical measure of quality.

    • Crumby says:

      Thanks, jam. Considering the number of really great Chuck fics there’s been over the years, I’m flattered.

      I don’t read many new fics either anymore, and mainly just follow my favorites authors. I’ve recently re-read an oldie, though, The Words Written on his Chest by GoldenGirl, and loved it.

  2. authorguy says:

    I’m beginning to feel insulted.

    • atcDave says:

      Marc please don’t be insulted. First, you must realize I mention a very small portion of stories here. I try to bring up three stories each time I post, sometimes a one-shot in addition. And I often try to include something “older”. That really isn’t a lot that makes my cut.
      The other thing to remember is I’m picking stories that I like. I’m not a critic or a creative writing professor. I’m a Chuck fan and a Charah ‘shipper. I like to laugh, I like high adventure, I like to think well of my heroes, and I require a happy spot for Chuck and Sarah in the end. Again, I’m not a writing critic of any sort. I’m unimpressed with most technical details of “good” writing. Although grammar and structure do matter, they matter less than the first things I mentioned.
      We discussed a couple weeks ago some of your thoughts on an S3 AU. That does sound exciting to me and I look forward to reading it when I see it. Your current story’s synopsis looked very Casey centered; which doesn’t easily pull me in. Please don’t make a big thing of that. You need to write what excites you, don’t go waiting for my approval. And for the record, I’ve come to several stories late (after initially skipping them due to the synopsis or author’s notes) that are now among my favorites (“Family Matters” by Lucky47 comes to mind. Really one of my very favorites, but I think it was 20 chapters in before I even started it).

      • authorguy says:

        Not a problem Dave. Perhaps a small section to list new fanfics could be added, simply to let people know that they exist.
        So far I’ve got two stories in my S3 AU up. The AU itself is called nine2five, the first story is ‘nine2five’ and the second is ‘Casey vs. the Janitors’, which has a good chunk of Casey (a bit different from how he’s portrayed in the show) but a bit of Sarah or Chuck for the comic relief. ‘nine2five’ is almost entirely Charah (but not fluff). The premise is that they’re already happily married so your ‘happy spot’ requirement is already met. I have no intention of breaking them up or even seriously threatening their relationship. However, they won’t always be working together since Chuck will mostly be in the bunker when he’s got the Intersect uploaded, while she be in the field getting updates from him. They’ll be in communication but not always in the same place. (Remember, other authors are welcome in this AU!)
        I can understand about synopses putting you off, too. I held off on What Fates Impose for a long time, partly for the synopsis and partly for the sheer length of the story. Length is a big factor for me since I read at once. It took me a day and a half to finish Fates.
        On a total side note, does anybody know what happened to an author named ‘gaseous’? He has one of the best fictions I’ve read but it’s been incomplete since 2008.

      • atcDave says:

        Well now I am interested Marc! I will have to check out “nine2five”. That sounds like fun.

  3. garnet says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Thinklining’s story Sarah vs Finding Herself. I have really enjoyed this story, and like many others will regard it as my season 5.5. As I have said before, Thinkling should have been on the writing staff for CHUCK.

    Incidently, on my tabs for this window I have open,Sarah vs Finding herself, and The Sound of Music II. They have both been open for the last several weeks!

    • garnet says:

      Bah! why is it that you don’t see typos until after pushing POST. Sorry about that Thinkling!

    • authorguy says:

      Thinkling’s story wouold be suitable for TV writing if Chuck was a soap opera, where 60% of the screentime is recapping what happened before. Only about 40% of this ‘story’ was actually a story, which is certainly better than the majority of the ‘someday her memory will return’ class of post-finale stories but not worth an episode.

      • In all fairness, very little fanfic is like the TV shows they are based on. I’ve probably read less than a dozen Chuck stories that fit that bill. Even when they have a spy plot, they are too long or wouldn’t translate well to the screen for other reasons. For example, few are written in the third person objective POV. My stories are too heavy on the dialogue for TV, but I don’t care. They have what I want the characters to say.

        Thinkling’s story was not like a soap opera. There were no dramatic pauses of facial reactions before scene changes. No long lost brother was discovered on a deserted island. Charah didn’t break up and reconcile a bunch of times. Sarah didn’t find Chuck in bed with Jill again. It was a fluffy story. Soap opera’s aren’t fluffy; they are full of angst and implausible plot twists. Most TV shows aren’t fluffy they were produced after the 60s. Since I like fluffy written stories that complement TV shows that are often darker and angstier, her story was up my alley. For people that didn’t like fluff, her story is probably not for them. My story (if I ever finish it), will be fluffy and hopefully funny. It probably won’t be for them either. It has 6 chapters of fluff transition (4 written so far) to resolve the beach before getting to the mission, which I am looking forward to writing. I haven’t written a non-crossover mission fic since Sarah vs the Mystery Agent.

        The fanfic-like-TV show issue isn’t just a Chuck one. There are three times as many Castle stories and Chuck stories, but few have cases. Authors apologize about “getting through the case.” Even fewer stories have the 90% case/5% Castle family/5% Caskett relationship ratio that the show has. Stargate SG-1 has 10 times as many stories as Chuck, and has a lot of stories not based on any ship, but mission fics tend to be linear and are too long to fit in an episode. The shear volume of those stories means there are some that would work, but they are few and far between.

        Fanfic and written stories are a different medium than TV shows. Much of the audience is looking for something familiar, but filling a gap of what they saw on screen, so it works.

      • garnet says:

        I was going to let your comments pass, but I think that you were not quite fair in your assessment. I accept that it may not be to your taste, But. as far as “not worthy of an episode” is concerned, I would suggest that the second honeymoon or the bank robbery could have been the basis for an episode but, what I was suggesting was that, for me, I very much liked how Thinkling handled the characters (to the point I could almost see them as I see an episode), and the way she handled the recovery of the memories. I see a true to canon story that uses all the major characters well and ties up many loose ends in a logical manner. I see it as a much more satisfying ending than the beach scene we were given by the creators. I will repeat that IMO they needed Thinkling or someone like her on staff. I offer my congrats to her for completing a full length story.

      • authorguy says:

        The second honeymoon adventure and the bank robbery are the parts I would consider story, and they were both very well done, especially the robbery. The rest is Charah-feelgood-fluffy-whipped-topping.

      • jam says:

        Like Jeff wrote, I don’t think fanfics (or novels, or short stories) should be compared to TV show episodes or arcs, totally different mediums with different strengths.

        That said, I agree with authorguy that the strongest parts of Thinkling’s story were the honeymoon adventure and the bank robbery. In other chapters the story often struggled to hold my interest. That never had anything to do with the characterizations, Thinkling understands Chuck and Sarah very well and they acted pretty much as I think they should, but I would have preferred if Sarah’s journey of re-discovering herself had been mixed more with other plot elements. All just my opinion, of course.

        Dave, yeah. I certainly skip any fic that starts with Sarah leaving after the beach. Surprisingly (or not) many authors go for that cheap angst, so I’ve been skipping a lot of fics.

      • atcDave says:

        I would also agree with the idea television is just completely different from written fiction. The strengths and weaknesses are just so different. The written word is much better for getting inside someone’s head, while more visual mediums work better for visually complicated events and sight gags. In my experience most stories work best for the medium they were first written for (novelizations of movies often fail as badly as movies made from novels!); while we are occasionally treated to something like Lord of the Rings that is treated seriously and reverently by those making the screenplay with outstanding results.
        But then the challenge for us with fan fiction is to not expect it to be too much like the show. Obviously we want to be able to recognize the characters and feel like we’re visiting the same universe (or a related AU world); but in the end, a written story is not television. Not only that, but just as different staff writers for the show had slightly different strengths and styles; different fan fiction writers will have different interests and styles in what they write too. We can make a virtue or weakness of that. It’s a virtue when we can enjoy the different emphasis; its a weakness if it emphasis some aspect of the setting, or deviation from the setting that we don’t care for.
        For me, Thinkling’s story presented exactly the sort of closure I needed after the series. I know they never would have done such a thing on screen, “Sarah vs Finding Herself” is long enough to have been a whole season all by itself. And I do agree with saying the second (or third?) honeymoon and bank robbery are the two most screen worthy elements of the story. But the whole thing works for me. It fills a hole left by the finale and I feel better for having read it.

        Jam, I’ve noticed the same thing, and I’ve skipped a lot of stories as a result too!

      • uplink2 says:

        Ahh, you guys have me worried. I have a late season 5 story planned that I hope is a different take on things. Now I’m not so sure I should write it lol.

      • jam says:

        Heh, if it starts by Sarah not coming home with Chuck, I can already tell I won’t be reading it.

        I will however keep on reading “Permutations” and “Life, Love & Lies”, both of which I like.

      • atcDave says:

        Well Uplink, I like both of your ongoing works. But yeah, if you’re planning on drawing out post series angst I’ll likely pass. I have no taste for that. I’m currently feeling a bit behind, there’s at least 30 chapters of stuff I’d like to read in addition to the other aspects of life (doing laundry at this moment, going for a bike ride with my wife this evening, I’ve got a really cool model restoration project I’m working on…), so I tend to skip things that don’t look like they’ll be my sort of fun.
        But seriously, if you’ve got the bug to write something, DO IT! I think following your own whims is likely the best way to keep you writing, and eventually that should come back to things I do like.
        I have a co-worker who is usually really into the various models I’ve built over the years. But I do like to occasionally build odd subjects that leave him scratching his head. Like a couple years ago I built a Hawk 75 in Thai markings, and he just gave me this look like “what’s the point of this…” Here I’m all excited; “it’s a beautiful airplane, I love the highly unusual markings and camo, it flew combat missions against the British, US, AND Japanese…” His eye roll was almost seismic. Oh well, I loved it. It helps ME to love my hobby.

      • uplink2 says:

        All I’ll say is I break from canon before the beach. Thanks for the kind words on my other two. Should have an update for LL&L up this week. Then I’ll probably post the final chapter and epilogue to Permutations after that. I’m going to miss that story once its done.

      • Mel says:

        One post finale story that looks promising is “What happens in Vegas” by anthropocene. I think the author tries to unnecessarily emulate the pacing of the tv show, but other than that it has been pretty fun. Check it out.

        Like others here, I too can’t stand post series amnesia related angst. What we saw on the show was the low point, I expect any fic I read to make things better and fast. Sounds like I won’t be reading your s5 story Uplink, but I want to thank you for “Permutations”, and I will try to read LL&L someday soon.

      • Mel says:

        I forgot to mention “Chuck versus The Rancher’s Daughter” by Jameson Black. Not sure if it has been mentioned on this blog. It seems the story won’t get updated all that often, which might scare some people away, but the two chapters that have been published so far have been great!

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Mel “Vegas” is off to a very promising start, I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

        I’m not familiar with Rancher’s Daughter, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it. Long gaps between updates can be a problem, it often means the writer is loosing their way. Although some writers just work slowly…

      • uplink2 says:

        Thanks Mel. I’m glad you are enjoying Permutations. It’s been a lot of fun to write. Part of my thinking about what to do next is that I want to challenge myself a bit. I have basically 3 story ideas and one is an AU of another writers AU. I’ve loved writing Permutations but you need an insulin shot after reading much of it. LL&L is a pretty much straight up season 3 AU that is also a lot of fun to write. It’s challenging on a different level in terms of trying to be creative with spy angles to the story. I’d like to write something a little emotionally darker and see if I can do it. Many of my favorite stories are dark journeys to redemption.

      • atcDave says:

        Uplink I do agree a good redemption story can be wonderful and inspiring. And there is certainly loads of potential for such stories in the Chuck-verse. But one of the specific challenges for fan fiction is that you are spinning off from characters and situations that already have history and baggage. So although I would never deny your right to tell the story you want,and I’ll even allow you could likely do a good job; but for many potential readers when you get into the post-series period you’re dealing with something that already has a ton of emotional investment. Many viewers never wanted to go where the show writers took us (count me among them), but we’ve managed to make a tenuous peace with it because the ending was, by the slimmest of margins, “acceptable.” Adding too much angst or drama into that environment will simply not interest many readers. Again, it is always your right to tell the story you want, but you have to realize you’ll be fighting a lot of strong opinion already centered around that ending. So proceed with caution!

      • BigKev67 says:

        You know Dave, I think the ending could be a blessing as well as a curse for fanfic.
        I know, for me, the show ended in the worst possible place, with Sarah badly damaged and miles away from recovery – so I’m happy to read any decent effort to “finish” the story and provide the closure that canon didn’t, angsty or otherwise. Aerox wrote a couple of chapters that were really good but probably won’t be finished – but Thinkling’s story is by far the best post-series that I’ve read.

      • authorguy says:

        I’m interested in what people mean by ‘best’. There are so many scales of value that i’d love to know what standards people use when they evaluate a story.

      • atcDave says:

        Kev I completely agree that the ending is a mixed blessing for fan fiction. The good of it is, a lot of writers have been motivated to address it, and we’ve seen quite a few really well done post series stories.
        But of course I think the bad is it left many of us (and I include myself in this) with very little tolerance for further angst or tragedy. Of course, given the affection I had for the main characters, that may not be too terribly different from how I was going to feel however hey ended it. But it did leave with one particular very sore spot, that is any story dealing too much with amnesia!

        Marc I think the great enthusiasm many of us feel for Thinkling’s story starts with the fact it heals the gaping wound left by the finale. That and her treatment feels honest, respectful, and even affectionate towards those characters we cared about so much. It also doesn’t waste time with additional angst or an unfortunately timed case getting in the way, it simply dives right in to making things better.
        It is not in any way a stand alone story, it is a very involved epilogue. Which is exactly what many of us apparently needed.

      • aerox says:

        Kev, I will probably finish it, but I’m working on so much stuff at the moment that it gets overwhelming, and some stuff gets pushed to the background. For reference purposes, I’ve made a screenshot:

        The things circled in red are my ‘active’ projects, and there are about 3/4 dormant projects as well, things that I have on the backburner if you will 😛 But the main problem is that I don’t focus on just one. I write a bit for every one of them now and then–except for 78 times, which I will probably finish in one massive go–which is why it seems like decades before I post a new chapter.

      • Mel says:

        Rancher’s Daughter updated today, and it continues to be awesome. For anyone who hasn’t discovered this story yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. I dare say you won’t be disappointed.

  4. uplink2 says:

    Well thanks for doing another of these Dave. I have to add my appreciation for a couple of stories I’d like to recommend. I simply love Chuck VS the Wildcat . It is one of the best fics going and today’s update was fantastic.

    I’d also like to recommend Chuck VS the Lost Years by Angus McNab. It is a great post finale story but the memory loss aspect is just a minor part of a much more interesting spy element. I’ve been graciously allowed to help with that story the last few chapters but have been really enjoying it from the beginning. Give it a read when you get some time. It’s well worth it.

    Finally I also have to recommend The Revenge of the Bartowski by Nervert. I would die if I could write one tenth as well as that story is written. The most recent chapters have been very tough to read emotionally and challenge the reader with their notions of what they think fits in the story he has been telling but they are so well done and I found Sarah’s reactions to be very appropriate and fitting of the final step in her journey. Nervert’s writing is in a league of its own and we writing hacks should all try to aspire to at least approach that level.

    • Late to the party again…

      Thanks for the mention, uplink! Sure, some of the post season 5 stories can start off with a little angst. Just the nature of the series ending we were given in my opinion. There was lots of room for interpretation, and the show writers intended it that way. I’m not a big fan of angst as a way to viciously drive a plot forward but I do see its place in a well crafted story. A reader probably shouldn’t toss a story out because it may start out with a tragic arc, amnesia *is* tragic, and a tough place to bring a story forward from…just sayin’.

      • atcDave says:

        Your point is rational enough Angus, I think the problem is we’re already dealing with five years of show history. That’s a lot of emotional baggage, especially since so many of us feel the show already grossly overdid the angst thing in S3. So for me, no matter how rational it may be, I simply have no stomach for post-series angst. I can’t do it, I’m not going to go there. I would also point out I believe the intent from both what we saw on screen, and from interviews with Chris Fedak, is that the worst is already past. (Fedak’s words were that Sarah had “caught up” to Chuck emotionally at the beach).
        Now I will never argue with you as a writer telling whatever story you want. And we’ve all seen fan fics that go off in wild directions that the canon characters or story simply never could have. But I think the post-series amnesia story will always need to handled gently to get much interest. I think a story set in S1 or S2 can really run the characters through the ringer, and as long as all ends well most of us will be pretty accepting. S3 stories really need to be about fixing the tripe delivered on screen, and I think far fewer readers will be receptive towards deepening the mess. By S4 I think many of were just worn out with the stuff and feel the characters had been through enough. And by the end… well I know even mentioning that Sarah is considering a return to the CIA is enough to scare me off. I won’t buy into it, and I won’t read it.

      • Wow, I hope most readers don’t think I went wildly off-canon with Chuck vs the Lost Years. I actually find that idea a little distressing because it’s the last thing I wanted to do. I tried to use the whole series as a template, but the one episode that drove the whole creative process was one that seems to have a universal appeal to viewers – Phase Three. One of the things I especially found refreshing about the show was it didn’t shy away from violence and its consequences and its place in the larger messier reality of the spy world that was so important to the storyline. Chuck (the story, not the character) wasn’t afraid to let the bullet hit the bone. When writing for Chuck I try to use all the elements that made that show and its story great: romance, action, comedy, drama, satire, and, yes, even some angst (even as much as I hate its overuse as a plot device).

        Chris can go and say that the worst was already past all he wants, but for many viewers that was simply not the case after the beach scene. Especially when taken in context with all that preceded it after the romance scene on the bullet train. Many of us saw that it might not be all wine and roses for Chuck and Sarah going forward. Sarah has had the ‘reset button’ pushed on her, so going back to work for the CIA isn’t out of the realm of possibility considering it’s all she knew before meeting Chuck. Chuck going back to work for the Feds isn’t even a long shot considering it was one of the ways he saw to keep Sarah in his life and allow her to still do what she knew and loved to do at the time and also allow them to be a couple. The larger question for Sarah post Goodbye is how quickly she will rediscover the changes she went through after meeting Chuck and how quickly she will allow him to catalyze them, and where they will take it from there. So many possibilities there, even within the boundaries of story canon.

      • atcDave says:

        Well soon as you start a story canon is somewhat irrelivent. I think you can head off in whatever direction you want, whenever you want, you’re telling the story. But I don’t believe you can actually have Sarah going back in the field if everything we saw on screen happened exactly as we saw it, at least not how I saw it, Sarah at the beach was done with that life. I saw the most significant part of the healing as already started, she’d already rejected Beckman once at Castle, and she had turned to Chuck to start rebuilding her life. Again, that’s how I saw it, so having her go back to the agency just means the AU actually starts before the end of the series.
        But it’s an entirely seperate issue for me to say I’m not interested in going there. I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of very alternate Chuck stories, that is not a problem at all. But I also pick and choose the stories I will read pretty carefully, and exploring more depressing possibilities post series is just not to my taste. The way I saw the ending, Sarah went home with Chuck that night. You can absolutely write a story that says otherwise, it just isn’t one for me. I only mention that because it’s obvious from many comments that I’m not alone in feeling that way, and I believe there’s a fairly sizable segment of the fandom that doesn’t want to go there.
        You’ll likely never please everyone anyway. I’m just trying to be clear on my reason for not following that one. I suppose it’s like saying I don’t really believe the world will end in December, and I’m not very interested in reading more about it. (and that’s the fall out of five years of show I mentioned above, I might be more willing follow an angst filled story at an earlier point in the story, but not post series)

  5. YozaWB7C says:

    Thanks for your update on recent fan fiction,as,ever,Dave-much appreciated,as was your well documented support for Thinkling with her marvellous story.
    Thinkling,really enjoyed “Sarah vs Finding Herself-your grasp of all the characters is brilliant ,of Chuck and Sarah absolutely superb.You truly made Charah complete.

  6. Good recommendations here, I follow and love all the ones you’ve said here expect ”Chuck and Sarah vs the Recruits” but that’s simply because I have pritotized others and will most likely start with that trilogy when I find time for it.

    I haven’t actually read the epilouge from Thinkling, but that’s simply because I haven’t had the time yet with that 12 000 word update, the same with the newest update on SOM which I love the most together with TIA’s True Friendship.

    Other then that I love everyone of LongLiveChuck’s stories, but that’s simply small chapters with adorable fluff which aint everyones cup of tea. And I gotta put in Hiding my heart from chuckaddict which have been great so far with the 13 first chapters.

  7. Digestive says:

    The Final Year by KHyeew and The Spy and Nerd by BeckettByNight is so much fun!

    • atcDave says:

      Thanks for the input Digestive. I haven’t read so many of the teen themed stories, but I’ll look into those.

  8. authorguy says:

    I would like to apologize for any comments I made yesterday that may have come across as negative or dismissive. I probably shouldn’t be posting at work, where I feel under some degree of pressure to be terse and get back to what I should be doing. My reference to soap operas, for example, was meant only in the context of a serial program, which has to spend a good part of its time reminding viewers of what happened before.
    Honestly I respect the vast majority of the fanfic writers I’ve read, who take the show’s elements and run with them in directions the show never went. They remind me of 16th century explorers, sailing over the horizon, while my own stories seem to hug the shore, filling in gaps in what was given to us on the show but not really straying too far from the original source material. It’s a different skill-set, limiting in its own way.
    I am not, by the way, a ‘writing professional’. All of my stories have been written to suit my vision of what the story should be. So the last thing I would do is tell someone else ‘this is how it’s done’, because there is no ‘this’, no matter what the Big Six publishers or Hollywood executives would have us believe. I love the fanfics more than the published fics, mainly because I see the passion to write them in every word. A professional writes to suit his audience, which is an agent or publisher, not a reader like us, and their stories rarely come from the heart.
    Having rubbed shoulders with writing professionals (in a metaphorical sense) I am aware of how they would view most of these stories. TV would not treat most of us kindly, and it would be right not to. It is a business, with business concerns, and most of its rules come from there. Most of my own work is completely unfilmable, except for The Epilog, which was created to read like an episode, hopefully The Colonel and not The Mask.

    • atcDave says:

      Absolutely one of the great things about fan fiction is it’s pure hobby and free from commercial (or practical!) considerations. Writers can be as faithful to the source, or utterly outrageous as they wish.
      And I have started reading Marc’s S3 AU. So far it is a lot of fun and faithful to the characters we all know and love. I’ll say more in a later fan fiction post!

  9. Crumby says:

    Thanks for the kind words about Rogue Spy, Dave.

  10. quistie64 says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your lovely words of regarding the “Sound of Music II” and the accompanying “Operation BiB.” I’m so pleased that you and so many are enjoying the story. It’s a joy to write and I appreciate the continuing support from you and others who are still with me as the story continues to unfold.

    • atcDave says:

      It is a pleasure to be able to talk about such a fun and satisfying story Quistie, so thank you right back!

  11. anthropocene says:

    Dear Mel and Dave,
    Thanks for mentioning “Chuck versus What Happens in Vegas”…I’m delighted that you’ve found it fun thus far. It’s certainly a blast to write, and I do think that Chuck and Sarah deserve a little fun after what they’ve been through. More is coming soon!

  12. corunculus says:

    *Long* time lurker here. I’m already actively enjoying some of the stories you listed, especially those by ninjaVanish. Since you bring up “Sarah vs the Long Flight”, which I also found to be seminal to my fan fiction addiction, I wanted to recommend another season one story that I rarely see mentioned: “Chuck vs the Just Deserts” by sharpasamarble. It’s a fairly quick read, and one of my favorites.

    • atcDave says:

      Hey Corun, welcome to the site! I also like “Just Deserts” and it is on my favorites list. A lot of those early stories, just like the early part of the show itself, will always have a special place with me.

  13. Costas TT says:

    First of all, I’d like to publically thank Dave for all the support and the nice reviews he’s been giving me. I was honored to find my stories mentioned in this blog.
    Now, I am happy to announce the completion of “Chuck vs Hollywood”. The final chapter was posted tonight. Beware, I kind of experimented a bit with it, as mentioned in the author’s note. In fact, it was more of a challenge to myself, but I hope it worked.

    • atcDave says:

      I love doing what I can to give the writers I enjoy some recognition. And I think I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve ever done. I particularly appreciate that your work in addition to being fun, always gets finished!

  14. ladycat713 says:

    One thing I’m hoping might spark a few plot bunnies is the season premiere of Leverage. Even though they never said his name , we had Adam Baldwin shown in a flashback showing what Elliot had done over the break and he seemedto be in character as Casey . Elliot made some comment over not remembering him being that tall (the only time they worked together before was on Angel) .

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