“Sarah vs Finding Herself” Available as e-book

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Need I say more?  Well you know I will.  Thinkling has converted her epilogue story into multiple e-book formats for those who want to read off line or simply prefer to use a reader app or device.  Links and details after the jump!

The gorgeous cover alone may make this download worth getting.  Of course many of us prefer the look and convenience of readers anyway.  There have been editorial fixes to the story as well, not that it needed much.  But this is the most polished version of Thinkling’s work we are likely to see, and what a great way to re-read the now complete story!  We have it available in three formats.

epub (works with most readers including Nook and iBooks)

Mobi (works on many mobile devices)

pdf (simpler formatting, but works most anywhere)

So while we’re at this, I do want to draw attention to many other stories that are available as reader or off line formats.  I love using these as the text is generally easier to read (I often read on a stationary bike, the bigger clearer print is much appreciated!) and persistent book marks are built right in.  Many of us also have devices that don’t have cellular service, so its nice to be able to download our content and keep it in memory.

Many of you know regular contributor here mynameisjeffnimlost is also a long time fan fiction writer, who happens to be on my favorite writers list.  His stories are often fun with a great deal of humor. He has written Chuck, Castle, Stargate and crossover stories and can be downloaded here.

Another of my favorite writers with available downloads is ersk4.  His stories are all Charah centered and usually start from an S2 time frame (when he was most active as a writer).  They tend to be fast paced and tightly plotted.  And few writers have a higher percentage of stories on my favorites list (and I don’t think any writer with more than five titles has a better percentage!).  He has pdf downloads available, with covers.  But he has no hosting site and will send files via e-mail to anyone who contacts him through his author’s page with a PM.

Finally, I can’t overlook the many excellent titles available through Castle Inanity.  The downloads section includes work by Frea O’Scanlin, Quistie64, NinjaVanish, Kate McK and others.  All with a choice of formats.

So fill up your reader with Chuck!

~ Dave


About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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24 Responses to “Sarah vs Finding Herself” Available as e-book

  1. Michael66 says:


    Read it! Waiting for the movie adaptation! 2013?

    ( Just kidding about the yawn )

  2. Michael66 says:

    *** Maybe we should sending “free” copies to Zach and Yvonne!

    I always wondered who, in the business, read fan fiction. I remember reading something about a writer for StarTrek:TOS who had read some of it. Most of it was ‘dreadful’. What was good, would never get past the accountants or the censors.

    Considering that ST:TOS gave birth to fan fiction and Zach is a fan, yo don’t think he reads….


    • atcDave says:

      Really I doubt any of them really make time for it. Maybe, now that the show is over, especially if they have something recommended from a source they trust. But I think we fans are likely more interested in it than anyone actually associated with the show would ever be.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      The legend is that Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, WonderFalls, Pushing Daisies, ST:DS9, etc) started out as essentially a fanfic writer. Star Trek DS9 accepted spec scripts, he was a huge fan, and after several of his were actually picked up and produced he was hired on. The rest is, as they say, history.

  3. Congrats on finishing the buck. I’m sorry I can’t read it – to me, the finale was one of the most brilliant and fulfilling things I’ve ever seen; anything more would only tarnish it.

    • I like the finale more each time I watch it and count it as one of the top 23 in my top 14, one notch below my top 10. (My list is tough competition, with a lot of ties.) Thinkling’s story doesn’t tarnish anything good you might already think about the ending. Even if you don’t need more, it’s a nice supplement and extension to the story.

      • atcDave says:

        Which is something a lot of fan fiction is good for. Sure, some stories address “grievances” some fans might have; but we all became fans of this show, and hooked on it for some reason or another. The very best stories celebrate what’s already great and wonderful. They add to it and take nothing away.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I’ve often avoided a lot of fan fiction out of a desire not to fall into a fanon trap, and I am a huge fan of the finale, especially the final beach scene. I find the way it was filmed, scored and presented to be incredibly moving and while not squee-inducing jump up and down happy, just about the perfect scene to end on given the overarching story.

      I read Thinkling’s story and felt that it in no way diminished anything about the actual end of the show. I’ll probably be reading Jeff’s too, even though it’s a lot more likely to be tongue in cheek in a lot of places. 😉

  4. FYI, the link Dave was nice enough to promote has epub files. If anyone wants PDF or mobi versions, they can be created with calibre, or you can PM me through my FFnet account, and I’ll convert and add them to that site.

  5. Chris Dunlap says:

    Dave, thanks for posting this. I read and re-read Thinkling’s story and love it. I think it is a great extension to the finale and follows the same plot line. I certainly believe it would transfer easily into a movie script. I do think though the cast has moved on with their careers and a movie would be doubtful. We can still hope though.

  6. thinkling says:

    Thanks very much, guys, for the kind words and support for my first foray into fiction. It was lots of fun … and work, fun work, a labor of love. Now I’m looking forward to Jeff’s story, as well as some others in my Chuck reading queue. 🙂

  7. Hey, Dave, thanks for the shout-out to CI. 🙂

    • atcDave says:

      No problem Frea, thank you for making so much excellent content available for download!

    • garnet says:

      I’ll just add that I have been doing more than the advised amount of FF reading recently, and Frea’s “Fates” is a wonderful AU. The only complaint I’d have is that she has decided not to continue the story beyond Chapter 68. That said, Chuck, Sarah, and co. are left in a pretty good place and I suggest it it worth a read. Maybe we could twist her arm and she would reconsider…
      For the record, I also read Frea’s other stories, Ninja’s trilogy, Mxpw’s “Double Agent” (excellent once you get your head around Sarah being a baddie and the fact it looks like it will not be finished) and several others. Thinkling’s story got me off to a wonderful start!

      • jam says:

        “Fates” was wonderful indeed, but trying to arm-twist writers into writing a fandom they’re not currently interested in is probably not going to work too well.

        Besides, Frea has other unfinished Chuck stories… TWiG, Curtain Call and R&J. :-p

      • atcDave says:

        There’s always a fine line to walk. Be sure to offer plenty of encouragement to writers of ongoing stories so they know their efforts are appreciated. That’s the best way to help along a story you like.
        But if the writer has lost their interest or moved on to other things it’s best to let them follow their interests. Chances are you won’t like the results of a writer coerced into writing a story they have no passion for. I know unfinished stories are frustrating, but fan fiction writing is a hobby not a profession. We readers have no “entitlement” to anything.

      • Mel says:

        What is R&J? I thought I had read every Chuck story by Frea.

      • “Romeo and Juliet, but without the teenagers and death… well, okay, some death” It started as a a collection of scenes in a completely different AU. Frea explains it’s origin. Start at the bottom of that link and read up to get the background. Some more recent stuff is here.

        Six chapters have been put into chronological order in an ebook at the link Dave provided above. I believe the Engagement in Estonia scene on castle inanity and the tumblr scene were posted after the ebook was created. I don’t know if all of the other scenes are included.

      • jam says:

        Yeah. I haven’t actually read “Romeo and Juliet” myself. Since it wasn’t on ff-net I never even knew about it…. and when I finally found it, it appeared it hadn’t been updated in a while so I was hesitant to start reading. Hopefully the story gets finished someday, I’d hate to miss a Frea fic.

        Speaking of which, there’s a new Olympic themed story up on ff-net, yay!

      • Mel says:

        Thanks. I guess I will avoid R&J for now, I’d hate to start a story that might never get finished. Frea’s new Olympics story is brilliant!

  8. ChuckFanForever says:

    I enjoyed this fanfiction very much, and also the added bonus of providing a downloadable PDF is that I could read this in i-books on my iPhone 5, and that saves much more battery life than opposed to reading them using Safari on the website! An extra kudos for that Thinkling!

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