Golden Boy

Yvonne on Broadway

First, she surprised me with the depth of her characterization of Sarah Walker – there was always something more to be found.

Now, Yvonne Strahovski surprises me by the breath of her characters. After playing on TV, video games and movies, she takes on Broadway in a production of Clifford Odets’s Golden Boy along with one of my favorite actors, Tony Shalhoub.

Mr. Shalhoub, of the television series “Monk” and Broadway productions like “Lend Me a Tenor,” will play Mr. Bonaparte, Joe’s father. Ms. Strahovski, who starred in the NBC action-comedy “Chuck” and will appear in the coming season of the Showtime thriller “Dexter,” will play Lorna Moon, a woman for whom Joe develops feelings, despite the fact that she is his manager’s girlfriend.

The revival starts in December. If any denizen of NYC would like to give us a review, we’d love to post it!

Hat tip to Michael, who was kind enough to send us the news.

– joe


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12 Responses to Golden Boy

  1. Chris Dunlap says:

    Joe, I’ve always felt Yvonne had tremendous talent. Chuck provided her the mainstream outlet for that to be recognized. I agree with you she brought great depth to Sarah. I think it is great that she is expanding her roles. What’s cool as Chuck fans is we can remember a little known young Australian girl who blossomed into a very talented actress. Ultimately all the actors in Chuck will go on to future great things.

    • joe says:

      I can’t agree with you more, Chris.

      Heh. One of my earliest memories of the show (1.02, I think), was the intro where they show the 2-bit color photos of the stars faces, the red “video game” character dodging things and the name Yvonne Strahovski flashed on the screen in 40 pt. fort. “Which one is she?” I wondered. I couldn’t decide if Yvonne was the Ellie character or the Sarah character! 😉

  2. I believe when Yvonne was first starting out as a young australian actress,she formed her own small theatre company,which emphasises her long standing desire to be successful as a “thespian” on the more serious and artistic stage.She must be absolutely thrilled to be making her debut on Broadway in illustrious company and all Chuck fans should be delighted she has this opportunity to further demonstrate her undoubted talent.Go Yvonne!!

  3. SarahSam says:

    She’s awesome. It’s just a matter of time before the world knows it.

  4. jam says:

    Very happy for her. Hopefully Golden Boy and Dexter will get her more recognition.

    I dislike Dexter and am not planning to watch, but maybe she can get that Emmy nomination from it that she deserved for Chuck but never got…

  5. dkd says:

    This is a pleasant surprise. Before he got the Thor 2 role, I would have thought Zac would be the one to go to Broadway. Yvonne beats him to it.

    I work in NYC, so going to this will be so easy for me.

    Kudos to her and her agent for successfully lining up so many different things since Chuck ended.

  6. jam says:

    After a month of previews Golden Boy had its opening night.

    Yvonne’s getting very good reviews too, I’ve only seen one negative one.

    A bunch of reviews listed here:

  7. This was a brave decision by Yvonne to take on such a difficult and challenging role as Lorna Moon in her first ever Broadway venture,particularly in such stellar company with the Director and fellow actors having won, or been nominated for.Tony awards.
    Her reward has been some fantastic reviews from the top theatre critics who,often,like “Golden Boy”,pull no punches.Bravo!!
    This bodes well for her future career and comments denoting “a remarkable Broadway debut” or similar may even lead to further recognition from her peers.
    I particularly like those reviews comparing her to both Carole Lombard and Faye Dunaway-praise indeed.

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