Yvonne Vs. The Twits

We’ll have our weekly episode review in the ongoing marathon posted later this evening (Chuck vs. The Gravitron). But I’d also like to alert everyone who does Twitter about something a little special for #Chuck fans.

Tomorrow, Monday 10-Dec 2012 at 11am PST (that’s 2pm Eastern), Yvonne Strahovski will be Twitterviewed by Krista Smith. Better yet, Yvonne is taking questions.

You can follow along by doing a saved search on #AskYvonneStrahovski. Use that hash-tag to pose your questions.

And now, a bleg. I won’t be home at that time, so will someone please let me know how it goes? Pllleeeeaaaassssseeee???


– joe


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  1. resaw says:

    Will the interview not be archived and available afterward? I also live in a world where my weekday afternoons are occupied.

    • joe says:

      Resaw, I’m sure that you’ll be able to search on that hash-tag (from the twitter web-side) to see all the tweets after the fact. I’m not sure how long they’ll be available, though.

      My strategy will be to check it out later Monday evening.

  2. jam says:

    Yvonne’s twitter page shows all the answers, you can see the questions by clicking on them. I didn’t see anything interesting, but of course, YMMV.

    At least the interviewer left out all the embarrassing “ARE YOU STILL FRIENDS WITH THE CAST OF CHUCK??!?!!?” type of questions.

    • atcDave says:

      She did deflect a Chuck movie question to a TPTB problem. Not a very informative answer, but at least she didn’t say “I’ll never work with those losers again…”!

      • dkd says:

        It is up to the “Powers that Be”, isn’t it? It may be a stock answer, but it is a true answer.

        What would you consider more informative? I doubt anything at all is happening on that front. Zac says he tried to get them to consider a fan-funded thing after the show ended, but if they aren’t going to listen to him…

        I personally believer there will NEVER be a Chuck movie and don’t understand why people are still focused on it. The show hasn’t even appeared in syndication yet. And that’s another mystery entirely.

      • atcDave says:

        Um, its not very informative because it sounds like a stock answer that tells us nothing? Of course there’s no news, we all get that DKD. I think we also all get that its unlikely to ever happen. Doesn’t stop us from hoping however.

      • Mel says:

        “I personally believer there will NEVER be a Chuck movie and don’t understand why people are still focused on it.”

        Lol? Seriously?

        Of course people will obsess about a movie, even if there’s only a small chance of it ever happening.

      • atcDave says:

        Not only that Mel, this a CHUCK fansite. Of course we wish well for Zach, Yvonne and Adam for their lives and careers. But here, at this CHUCK fansite, they will always be Chuck, Sarah and Casey first. Whatever they do in the future will invite comparisons and questions, ABOUT CHUCK.

        The math isn’t that hard.

      • dkd says:

        “Of course people will obsess about a movie, even if there’s only a small chance of it ever happening.”

        Well, I still don’t get that. At the beginning of the football season, I might have had thoughts about the Philadelphia Eagles playing in the Super Bowl, but those thoughts ended even before they were mathematically eliminated.

        I reserve my obsessions for things that actually may happen.

        I would never ask any of the actors about a movie. Now, if I met an executive from Warner Brothers, it would be another story.

        I’ll always remember what a Babylon 5 actor said when fans were prodding him about Babylon 5 movie rumors. He said, “When they show up at my door with a contract, THEN, I’ll know it’s going to happen.”

      • atcDave says:

        You can still root for your team Eeyore, even when it looks hopeless.

    • ChuckFanForever says:

      What about her middle name being Jacqueline? And she didn’t even have to whisper very quietly! =)

    • JennyChuckFan says:

      There is one reason why I think a Chuck movie is still a possibility:

      As Yvonne and Zach become more and more popular, I think a lot of people are going to start watching Chuck on DVD. Several Dexter fans have said that they’re watching Chuck now because of Yvonne and Chuck could gain more fans after I Frankenstein and Thor 2 come out. Is there a way to track DVD sales for Chuck at this point? I’d be really curious to look at the numbers after those two movies come out.

      The more successful Yvonne and Zach are, the more likely Warner Brothers would be to invest in a Chuck movie.

      • atcDave says:

        I think you’re exactly right Jenny.

      • dkd says:

        If WB makes money off of a property, you better believe an accountant in their organization is tracking it, whether it is from DVD’s or any other source. TV shows like Chuck are deficit-financed in hopes of making a prophet later. Thus, they have to track any income they get to inform future investments.

        As for us having access to the numbers, I don’t know of any source that does anything but show top sellers for a given week.

        But, the bulk of the off-network revenue would be from syndicating the show. That is why I am slightly concerned and befuddled that the show hasn’t shown up in reruns on any cable network yet. It’s been nearly a year since it went off air. Have they been trying to sell it and getting “no’s” or programmers balking at the price? I can’t imagine that WB just shelved it.

        A TV movie would be more imaginable than a theatrical one given few TV shows ever graduate to theatrical films with their original casts intact no matter how famous their cast becomes. Firefly did, but it was far from a blockbuster.

        One thing I did remember was how when the show Babylon 5’s reruns went to TNT from original syndication, they produced three TV movies to accompany it. But, TNT also purchased another season of the show–its fifth. However, much to the disappointment of fans, the TV movies had low budgets and not every character was in every movie.

        I recently saw a Syfy special where the Stargate producers talked about why they didn’t produce any more “straight to DVD” movies after they produced two following the cancellation of SG-1. They said it was because the “bottom fell out of the DVD market”.

        BTW–I’ve noticed that Zac has already gotten attention from rabid Tom Hiddleston fans for posting pictures with Tom. I’m still waiting to find out, though, how much Zac ends up in the finished product. I barely noticed the character when I saw the first film and the actor (Josh Dallas) went on to getting a role in a TV show rather than movie stardom.

      • B5: Not all the characters were in all of the episodes. The problem is the regulars were not in some of the movies. In the Beginning was good, considering it was designed to tie together all of the backstory. The budget wasn’t really the issue, though. B5 episodes were $900K a pop, back when Star Trek was going for two and a half times that, and B5 was still high quality. I think the problem was the side stories weren’t as good as the main arcs. The Lost Tales took the budget too low, though. The epic scope was reduced to a view finder. That’s what I thought low-budget Chuck on USA would have been like.

        Stargate also was halted because of SyFy’s cancellation of Atlantis and MGM’s bankruptcy dried up the revenue stream.

      • dkd says:

        When it moved to TNT, Babylon 5 was produced on one less day per episode than it had the previous four seasons. Supporting actors also were in fewer episodes. It was actually pretty similar to the budget cuts that Chuck endured to stay on air. I could see it in B5’s fifth season. There was less coverage in the scenes and less scene locations per episode.

        It’s funny how much I learned about backstage production stuff from B5 that informed my viewing of Chuck.

        I’m honestly not sure I even want a Chuck movie if it is just a “low budget” thing that is limited in scope.

        I expect most if not all of you disagree on that. It’s a hardcore Chuck site, after all.

      • joe says:

        Well, not necessarily, D. We’re hard core, but most of us would prefer having good, lasting memories not wrecked by a bad Chuck movie. That’s what the hub-bub after the finale was all about. We wanted to come away with those good feelings we garnered after so many standout episodes, and for some, the finale damaged that a bit.

        Of course, we’d all prefer a good Chuck movie, one that touches our hearts and satisfies the mind at the same time. The characters were like close friends, and we want to see them come out whole and happy without becoming 2-dimensional.

      • atcDave says:

        There’s too many variables for me to say. I would care more about the script than physical production values. And the thing I’d be most eager to see would be like an hour long epilogue piece just for Chuck and Sarah, that wouldn’t require any fancy production values at all. But given that such a thing is unheard of, I would of course rather see something well made than something sloppy. But yeah, I’d probably be happy with just a Zach produced webisode if that’s all we could get.

      • jam says:

        “I’m honestly not sure I even want a Chuck movie if it is just a “low budget” thing that is limited in scope.”

        It’s more about having a good script.

    • joe says:

      Very cool she answered your question, Uplink. You’ll never wash your monitor’s screen again, I’m sure. 😉

      Thanks for the link! I’ve been searching her twitter and Krista Smith’s twitter to no avail, so this answered my bleg and made my day!

      • jam says:

        “I’ve been searching her twitter and Krista Smith’s twitter to no avail”

        Verified accounts don’t show replies by default, and all of her answers were replies to Krista Smith’s tweets. Choose “All” from the “All / No replies” option to view them.

    • anthropocene says:

      If she needs an experienced Monument Valley trip guide (hand raised)….

    • uplink2 says:

      I did get the impression she has another film lined up next. I don’t see her doing a pilot. Plus there is a chance she comes back to Dexter for the final season.

      • atcDave says:

        Of course I’m hoping for Pilot, but her answer does seem to suggest she’s looking at movies. Really hoping she’s done with that Dexter thing; but she has often said she likes things tragic, which suggests I won’t be watching many of her future projects…

      • dkd says:

        She’s gotten rave reviews from Broadway critics for Golden Boy. I saw it in previews and she is amazing. She’s also getting good things said about her for Dexter, too. There is even a possibility of a Tony nomination. It’s getting her noticed by a whole different set of people than who knew her for Chuck.

        If I was her agent, I wouldn’t have her doing pilot season. Her career could go skyward with the right movie role. If she is going to do TV, she should avoid the major networks at all costs and stick with HBO, Showtime, or AMC.

      • uplink2 says:

        I agree dkd. I think that Yvonne has been trying to expand and change her image ever since the show ended. From the Sobe ads to Broadway, its been an evolution of how many of us and others in the industry see her. For some Chuck fans it might not be entirely welcome but I personally think its the right direction for her. I know Dave isn’t a fan of Dexter and that was even before Yvonne was added but her work on the show has been truly inspired. She and Ray Stevenson have been second only to John Lithgow as the best guest stars ever on the series. A series which BTW had its best ratings for a Showtime original series in history of the network last sunday. A feat I expect they will eclipse with the finale this weekend.

        I also read that season 8 begins shooting much earlier this time in Feb. That would fit nicely into her schedule with Golden Boy finishing in late January. A couple of weeks off and then hopefully back for the final season. There is also a rumor it will be more than just the traditional 12 episode season to wrap it up. I know the series was shot and finished really before Hannah was really taking off on the series but I hope they left themselves a way to have her back next season. She is the key for any positive future for Dexter and without her I can’t see how they can give the show a redeeming sendoff. But maybe that was always their intent.

  3. JennyChuckFan says:

    I saw Yvonne in Golden Boy on Sunday and I agree that she was absolutely phenomenal. Not only did she nail the accent, but she was very believable as a woman of the 1930’s. She was feisty, passionate, tough, vulnerable, funny, and heartbreaking all in one performance. You would never know it was her Broadway debut and she was one of the strongest members of a cast that included many Broadway veterans. Yvonne, Tony Shalhoub, and Seth Numrich gave brilliant performances.

    One thing that sets Yvonne apart from other actresses her age is her ability to completely transform herself from role to role. Sarah Walker, Hannah McKay, and Lorna Moon seem like they could have been played by three different actresses. She changes everything from role to role: her mannerisms, voice, expressions, and body language. That is not an easy thing to do and she’s a really special talent.

    I’d like to see Yvonne do a combination of movies and cable TV series (I agree with dkd that she should stay away from network TV). Cable seasons are short (12-16 episodes), so she’d still have time to do 1-2 movies a year as well. I actually think the best roles for women are on cable TV right now (Claire Danes on Homeland for example), so maybe she could get a starring role in her own Showtime or HBO series. That would be great. And I also, would like to see her return to Dexter for season 8 because the Hannah character is getting more and more interesting every week.

    • atcDave says:

      Thanks for the report Jenny. No doubt Yvonne has loads of talent.

      I know I would hope to see her on a network show, mainly for the 22 episodes a season. Shorter cable seasons kind of annoy me, although I do enjoy a lot of the shows on USA. But by far my biggest beef with the cable channels is that pretty much EVERYTHING is dark and depressing. I simply don’t watch such things, and I don’t particularly care what the critics think about such shows.
      But it does seem Yvonne’s taste mostly runs towards such darker/tragic material. That is likely good news for her professionally, it means she’ll get lots of critical praise and attention; and given her talent, eventually awards. But it also means I’m unlikely to watch her much in the future. Such things are not my cup of tea!

      • JennyChuckFan says:


        Thank you for the reply. I know what you mean about the shows on cable being quite dark (Dexter, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Sopranos, etc, etc). Hopefully, Yvonne will do a comedic role someday because she has a wonderful sense of humor and good comedic timing. She had some great one-liners in Golden Boy and got lots of laughs from the audience.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah her comedy was great, but too brief in Chuck. I’d love to see her do something more comic. Although I get the feeling she wouldn’t actually do anything like a sit-com (which is fine, I don’t generally watch those either!), but there are a few upbeat shows out there like Castle, Psych and White Collar that make good use of both comic and dramatic elements and keep a pretty optimistic tone about them. I would be overjoyed if she wound up on such a show! But given her recent choices and a few comments I’ve seen in interviews, I suspect her taste and mine don’t have much overlap.

  4. Ernie Davis says:

    Sort of off topic, but I thought it deserved a mention. Sarah Lancaster (Ellie) is now on Twitter. I think this means Vic Sahay is the only main cast member not on twitter.

    In any case let’s give her a big Chuck-fandom welcome and get her some followers!

    • joe says:

      I think you’re right, with maybe the exception of Bonita? I haven’t seen her.
      How about Michael Kawczynski (Skip Johnson) or Jesse Heiman (Fernando)? Are they on Twitter? (And really off-topic, I saw Jesse just two days ago very briefly on a rerun of King of Queens, which was interrupted by the commercial he’s in currently, for about one-half second giving a cheer. The boy gets around!).

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Good lord, how could I miss Bonita!? I could lose my Duck shipper’s lifetime membership over this!

    • Mel says:

      And Zac has suddenly started following his old castmates. Maybe he’s feeling nostalgic.

  5. uplink2 says:

    Lots of good info here about possibility of Yvonne returning next season on Dexter.


    I must say I loved the Dexter/Deb part of the finale but not so much for Hannah. I was hoping for more. But in the article it talks about things that I really hope we will see.

    • atcDave says:

      Well that doesn’t sound good. Hopefully they will dispose of her story quickly, I’d hate to see another wasted year with this thing.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I think she also said something about a movie deal in the works that she couldn’t talk about yet. I’d love to see her able to do both for the good it’d do her career, but as with Zac’s first shot at the role he’s now doing in Thor, schedules often conflict.

      Golden Boy doesn’t finish its run until mid January I believe, and the article says Dexter production will start in early January, so right there she’ll probably be limited in the number of episodes she can be in by that, plus it means she has to go straight back to LA and start another job right after a job that she says is as grueling as Chuck was. Apparently Dexter is an easier show to do because of the limited episodes, but she could probably use a break. Still it is tough to turn down work at this stage of her career when she’s getting more recognition and seems just poised to take off.

      Hopefully she’ll quickly get to the point where she has the money and the recognition to take work or not on her terms without doing damage to her career.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m hoping we hear something good about the movie project she can’t talk about yet…

        It will probably turn out to be some epic romantic tragedy…
        and it will be announced the same day the Bears are officially eliminated from the playoff race…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Who knows, maybe she’ll re-team with Zac to play a leggy Valkyrie in the next Thor movie.

        Since about the only movies being made are comic book superheroes maybe she’ll get to be a superhero and kick some butt again.

      • Faith says:

        Yvonne for Ms Marvel FTW!

      • atcDave says:

        Don’t toy with my emotions like that!

    • uplink2 says:

      A couple of things. Dexter production starts in February according to the Dexter site so she will have time after Golden Boy finishes.

      Dave I know you didn’t like this move and show but to me I think it was a huge plus for her career. She has expanded her fans on a very significant level because of it. Though sometimes the writing was a bit suspect she gave a great performance with what she had to work with. I loved seeing her in this role and would be thrilled to have her back next season. I have been a big fan of the show for years and though I will definitely watch next season I will be disappointed if she isn’t on it. Like it or not it raised her game and her marketability and visibility.

      • uplink2 says:

        Also, I can’t believe they didn’t get an option in her contract if the intent all along was for her to survive this season. I fully expect that if they truly want her, she will be back. This group isn’t Schwedak who didn’t sing Bomer to an option and lost him.

      • atcDave says:

        I have always acknowledged it was a good career move. But to me its a wasted season.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        You’re probably right, I guess I was probably taking “shortly after the new year” too literally.

      • BigKev67 says:

        I’ll admit I only watched the season because of Yvonne, and she did do a fantastic job with what she had. The reaction to her role is “polarising” though, to put it politely. I gotta say after that finale, I feel really sorry for long-term Dexter fans. Deb’s charcater has been eviscerated this season, and Dexter is revealed to be nothing but a self-obsessed, manipulative psycho who deserves the chair. Dreadful writing all round.
        I’m much preferring reading about Golden Boy. A meaty role for her, universally good reviews for the whole production. It sounds like the sort of quality that would do anyone’s career a power of good.

      • jam says:

        Yeah Kev, on the Dexter website I visited a while back Yvonne’s character seemed to draw a lot of hate, and disturbingly plenty of it was directed towards her as well.

        I don’t know if it’s just that one site, but it seemed that all the hate came from the so-called “debster” shippers, eww.

      • atcDave says:

        It’s funny, not to defend the hate at all, but it does make me wonder if this is a common/known hazard about coming into a show that’s well established, especially in a guest/temporary situation.
        Obviously with Chuck we saw some dislike of characters cross into personal attacks. I would like to think actors know what to expect when they take certain sorts of roles. I do remember Brandon Routh saying, long before any of his episodes aired, that Chuck fans would hate him. But he said it with a laugh and a smirk, I wonder if he really was prepared for the intensity of some of it.

      • aerox says:

        Most of the people that I’ve personally seen who liked Yvonne, liked her for the way she looked. Imo, the role she was playing was poorly crafted, the back story was pretty bad, there was no character growth (though, she was a guest star, so I guess I can sorta let that slide) and the only moments that she really blinked out in, were moments where she cried (mind you, my opinion). The love story was silly and the speed with which it developed was unreal. Then again, so was the whole Debra/Dexter romantic angle. They killed off the awesome guest star because he had to appear on Thor 2 (Ray Stevensen). So yeah, not gonna lie, I wasn’t too happy with Hannah McKay as a character. Hope she doesn’t reappear and we end the show on a depressing note (maybe 51 consecutive life sentences/death row for our Dearly Devoted Dexter?), which is the only way for the show to end, and stay true to its roots.

      • The comments on Dexter Daily (Debster Daily) shouldn’t be taken seriously as 99.9% of the “hatred” towards Hannah came from obsessive Debster shippers who hated her character before she appeared on the show. The behavior on that blog is quite disturbing, with members attacking each other (they even attacked Jennifer Carpenter for supposed anti-Debster comments). It’s quite strange behavior, considering that most Dexter fans are against the idea of “Debster.”

        Everywhere else I’ve gone (Twitter, You Tube, TV Line, Spoiler TV, Tumblr, comments sections on articles, and even imdb) the comments about Hannah/Yvonne have been far more positive than negative. I saw dozens of people compliment her acting, so they liked her for other reasons other than her looks. She received many positive comments from critics (including TV Guide and Miami Herald in the last few days). And she has picked up nearly 30,000 new twitter followers since her first appearance on Dexter.

        Most importantly, Yvonne really impressed the producers and actors from the show. Scott Reynolds, Scott Buck, Robert Lloyd Lewis, Jennifer Carpenter, and Lauren Velez have all raved about her work on the show, with Carpenter calling Yvonne “a brilliant actress.” In fact, I’ve found the Dexter powers that be to have been more complimentary of Yvonne’s talents than the Chuck producers.

      • A few more comments on Yvonne’s character on Dexter. I really enjoyed Yvonne’s performance on the show, and really only had two issues with the way her character was handled:

        1. It took a while for her storyline to really kick into gear, and she had hardly any screen time for the first 3 episodes. So she really only had 7 episodes to work with.

        2. They didn’t show enough of Hannah’s darker side. There were glimpses of it (especially the finale when she bit Dexter’s mouth and gave him the evil eye, and her smackdown of Deb in the courthouse, which was brilliantly acted by Yvonne), but they should have shown her dark side a bit more.

        One of the reasons why I want to see Yvonne back (maybe for 4-5 episodes instead of a full season) is that they will finally show Hannah’s darker side more. Yvonne has the ability to play evil, so I’d love to see more of that next season.

      • dkd says:

        I’m a longtime Dexter viewer who drifted off the last few seasons because it got repetitive. I may have watched three episodes total in the season before this one. One thing the writers did is jettison their old format of one “big bad” for the season that he had to fight. They replaced it with several interweaving stories. Hannah was one of those stories. Almost universally, professional critics hailed the improvements in a show they were slamming last year.

        I have to disagree that Hannah has to show more evil. The way they crafted her is pretty clever–a person who murders with barely a hint at the evil that is inside. It’s kind of like Dexter himself. It’s harder to play this kind of character than someone who just chews the scenery like Colin Hanks’ “big bad” last season, which was almost universally derided.

        I just watched the finale last night. I could easily see how the Hannah arc for next season lays low for a few episodes to give Yvonne some time off between the play and the new season of Dexter.

      • dkd,

        You make excellent points about Hannah and I think “evil” was probably a bad word choice on my part. It will be interesting to see what they do with her character in season 8. Scott Buck said that Hannah has very mixed feelings about Dexter now (she still loves him, but she also hates him) and after biting Dexter’s lip and leaving the black orchid on his doorstep, I think her character will be a bit darker than she was in season 7. I wonder if she will try to kill Debra or even Dexter in season 8.

      • BTW, here is Dexter Daily attack on Jennifer Carpenter that I referenced last night. They had a total meltdown over her so-called anti-Debster comments:

        With fans like these, who needs critics?

      • joe says:

        There’s over 300 comments there, Jenny! I could only scan them (and thanks, btw. Since I don’t get Showtime and know next to nothing about Dexter, even the scanning was informative).

        My quick take was that the ranting was on the same scale as the Chuck S3 rants I saw on the NBC boards. You know. The ones that got me banned for the summer… 😉

        I take it some don’t want to let go of a Deb-Dex romance, even though the characters are related? Fans, especially ‘shipper fans, can be a bit like bulldogs with a bone. They won’t let go and like to growl. I can imagine that the Hannah character seemed like a bit of an outsider to them.

      • atcDave says:

        Joe that was exactly my take on it. I certainly see some parallels with Chuck S3, but it seems amusing that some fans have turned on the core cast! Funny stuff.

      • joe says:

        That’s what I see too, Dave. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but Jennifer Carpenter is a long-standing cast member, right? And they’re getting on her case because she said, in the interview that Jenny pointed us to, that the show and character had to evolve?

        It may be a stretch, but that seems sorta the equivalent of complaining about Anna’s leaving and Mekenna coming in.

        [Added: Well, maybe not. I could see Dexter fans arguing that it’s more like replacing Yvonne or Sarah L. with another character. We’d react too, I’m sure.]

      • atcDave says:

        I don’t begrudge any fan the right to be grumpy about any particular development. I think the challenge for the writer/entertainer is deliver a story that is satisfying to the largest number of viewers, while remaining true to their vision or concept. Obviously, problems occur when those two needs are different. But what challenge it must be to know how seriously to take different rumblings of discontent.

        But I can see where it might really alienate a lot of fans when the show’s endgame may involve a character that is new, and/or disrupting an endgame significant numbers of viewers had hoped for. It might be like if Chuck’s PTB were trying to tell us Hanna would replace Sarah as the most meaningful love interest in Chuck’s life. Some viewers might not care, but I think many, if not most, would be outraged and feel horribly betrayed (um, even more betrayed than we did feel?)
        So I do think introducing an important character like this late in a show’s run is very risky. And I’m not surprised many fans are upset by it. But of course, I would question how many “happy” story ideas viewers were ever expecting from such a show? There are many reasons why I never started watching it.

      • Out of curiosity, were the attacks on Brandon Routh mostly aimed at his performance as Shaw, or did some of the fans attack him personally? I hope not, because it would be ridiculous to attack him for trying to make a living as an actor. And it’s not like Routh wrote the script.

      • joe says:

        Jenny, it’s really not possible to generalize for a community as large (and as vocal) as the Chuck community was when S3 aired. I tried to keep up best I could, but I just couldn’t read everything that everyone said publicly about Brandon Roth’s performance.

        Having said that, yes, there were some comments made (even here, I thought) that verged on being disrespectfully personal. But on the whole, not many. Most were quite careful to distinguish between a character that was meant to be hateful and the actor, and between the writer’s/creator’s intent with the character and the performance.

        Most tried to stay within the realm of “I know what I like in a performance, and this ain’t it”, relying on others – let’s say “professional” critics – to support their opinion. Nothing wrong with arguing from authority, so long as the writer makes it clear that he has no particular expertise.

        It only bugs me when opinions are stated as immutable facts and made out of ignorance.

      • atcDave,

        One major difference between Chuck and Dexter was that “Charah” was pretty much established from the beginning, whereas Dexter and Deb were established as brother and sister from the get go. Some fans were a little reluctant to accept Hannah at the beginning because they were tired of Dexter’s love interests. But once the writers established Hannah as someone who could fully accept Dexter, the fans really started warming up to her.

        Also, the Dexter producers and Showtime cannot ignore the fact that ratings increased right when Yvonne’s role on the show increased. Their numbers were up almost every single week after the 6th episode, including record numbers for the final two episodes. Between the record ratings, good reviews from critics, and Yvonne’s gain of 30,000 new twitter followers, being on Dexter will have a very positive impact on her career.

      • atcDave says:

        Jenny we saw a pretty broad range of reactions. Some even liked the performance and character. For myself, I hold nothing against Brandon Routh either personally or professionally; but I loathed the character. And not in the good “love to hate” sort of way. I think the entire story concept was fatally flawed at conception and never should have seen the light of day. I’m even extreme enough to say if I’d been in charge at the studio I would have fired Josh Schwartz for doing it. I think it was a terrible story idea, the characters on the show should have been past that sort of idiocy, and I cannot respect or like the characters involved (meaning Chuck and Sarah; Shaw was just a tool).
        Now all that said, its fiction. I’ve seen a lot of shows and stories with a fatally flawed chapter or season. I’m okay with just hitting delete and moving on. (well sort of; letting it go and disregarding it are two different things!)

        So you may have noticed, I never really got to the performance. Because I just don’t care. I can’t get past what was conceived and written; so the performance is irrelevant to me.
        Many visitors here would not say the same thing. There seemed to be a lot of vitriol leveled at the performance. “Wooden” being the most common complaint; and much of the discussion was humorous. I’d even mention the character of Shaw probably holds some sort of world record in fan fiction for the number of stories in which he was killed by wood chipper. I can see it; but again, I never made it past the writing.
        I think a few, but not many fans, even crossed that line into hating the actor. Again, some of that goes with the territory. Many actors are loved or loathed for their roles more than any actual reflection on their own character.
        But I think a majority of Chuck fans kept their passions in their proper place; even if those passions ran pretty hot on occasion! One problem though with such passions though is that there is a certain amount of legitimate crossover between personal and professional. As I said about Josh Schwartz; and many, MANY fans said about Brandon Routh, I thought they should have been fired. I don’t mean to be hateful about it. I mean it as a judgement of their ability to do the job they were hired for. But I’m sure anyone getting fired from a job will tell you it FEELS awfully personal! So I really do feel a little guilty for “wishing ill” of Josh Schwartz in that way. But my reaction IS based on his performance, it is not personal.

      • atcDave says:

        Jenny our responses crossed….

        But yeah, I do understand there are significant differences with Yvonne’s role, compared to Routh’s role. And it does make me smile a little that she was so successful on Dexter. I still hope she chooses not to return, but I can’t deny this will be good for her career.

      • Joe,

        Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to hear that the personal comments about Brandon Routh were kept to a minimum. It must be pretty tough for actors to play characters that are not meant to be likable. But some actors are capable of making a very unlikable character likable (for example, I think Tony Hale was so good at playing the detestable Emmett Milbarge that I wound up liking him).

        I wonder if any actor would have been liked in the role of Shaw.

      • actDave,

        I actually agree with you that Josh Schwartz should have been fired for what happened during season 3.0. The Shaw storyline was a disaster, and I couldn’t stand how they handled Sarah’s character during that entire storyline. She was totally out of character during those episodes. One of the reasons I love Chuck vs the Honeymooners so much is it felt like the return of the “real” Sarah.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Jenny I agree about Honeymooners. But it wasn’t just Sarah; Chuck took a turn earlier in that season as someone I didn’t know, and wouldn’t want to know. Gee, they took turns being total jerks!

      • actDave,

        Yeah Chuck was definitely not likable during a lot of 3.0. Chuck and Sarah acted more like Ross and Rachel from Friends than themselves. Thank goodness the show didn’t get cancelled then because it would have been a horrible way to end the series.

  6. JennyChuckFan says:

    Dexter showrunner Scott Buck said that the early shooting schedule (February) has not been confirmed at this point. Even if they do start shooting early, there’s no guarantee that Yvonne will be in all of the episodes. Personally, I’d love to see her come back, because I really enjoyed her character and the dynamic she has with Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Plus, being on Dexter has been great exposure for her, with her imdb ranking reaching #23 a few weeks ago.

    Yvonne has definitely earned a nice vacation after Golden Boy, so I hope she takes at least a month to recuperate and recharge her batteries. But I agree that she has great momentum going for her, so turning anything down would be a huge mistake. In my opinion, Yvonne could be as big as Jennifer Lawrence if she wants to be, but I wonder if she is interested in being a huge star.

  7. JennyChuckFan says:

    BTW, I would literally trade my entire Star Wars collection for Yvonne to get a major role in the new Star Wars trilogy. Now that George Lucas has retired, the new movies might actually be good.

  8. JennyChuckFan says:

    With all the focus on Dexter and Golden Boy lately, I nearly forgot about Yvonne’s upcoming movie I, Frankenstein. I think it sounds pretty cool and Aaron Ekhart is a fantastic actor. Definitely looking forward to this one.

    • atcDave says:

      I’ll watch closely when reviews come up. I could very much like it if its an eccentric thriller; but obviously such subject matter could easily be far too dark for my taste. I love “monster” movies (classic Universal horror from the 1930s like Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy); but loathe modern horror which is typically just an excuse for slaughter. I also avoid shows with villains or anti-heroes as the main characters ( Like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, etc) So, given Yvonne’s recent track record, I will vet whatever she does VERY carefully before watching.

    • uplink2 says:

      That release has been delayed till September 13th, 2013.

      • JennyChuckFan says:

        September is probably a better release date for a movie like I, Frankenstein, and it’s coming out on Friday the 13th. The only real competition they have is Little Mermaid 3D and that appeals to a completely different audience. I hope it’s not too dark and violent, but I’ll see it regardless because Yvonne is my favorite actress.

        Also, Showtime just confirmed that last night’s Dexter finale was their highest rated program in network history. Yvonne did some fantastic work in that episode, even with limited screen time. Her smackdown of Deb is probably my favorite scene that she did.

      • atcDave says:

        Jenny I would agree as far as saying Yvonne may have the best screen presence of any actress I know of; and I think she’s a very talented actor and classy lady. But her taste is not my taste. And it looks as though Chuck was a fluke, and I may watch very little of her future work.

        You know what would be really awesome, is if she is unable to do any more Dexter, and the show’s ratings tank next season. THAT would seriously raise her market value.

      • ArmySFC says:

        Hey all! i’d like to say happy holidays and keep up the entertaining work. i’m currently deployed to Afghanistan so i don’t get to follow much. i did however get to read the reviews of YS latest movie guilt trip. i have not seen a good review yet and none mentioned her at all except to say there was a love interest. i do hope for her sake she gets a movie that is reviewed well because her last ones have all been duds. i don’t see much hope in her next one either because of the genre. granted dexter gets good reviews but in terms of viewers its a small audience. i think if she gets that one big shot it may turn around or she could well end up being another AB, lots of movies and no staring role.

        again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!!

      • joe says:

        Hey Army! Afghanistan? Wow. I spent too many days worrying about AmyABN when she was stationed there. Do I have to worry about you now too??? 😉

        Take care and enjoy the holidays. ‘k?

        Yvonne must have a small part in that Barbra Streisand/Seth Rogen movie. I keep looking for her in the promos with no luck. She’s getting good press for Golden Boy (on Broadway, with Tony Shalhoub, whom you may remember as Adrien Monk).

        And she certainly made a splash as Hannah on Dexter (I saw a youtube clip of one scene that melted my monitor). Hannah is certainly not Sarah Walker, and Dexter fans seem to both like the character and hate the intrusion into the original romantic story line. I think.

      • jam says:

        No idea how reliable this was, but I read somewhere that Yvonne had only like 2 scenes in ‘Guilt Trip’.

      • Jam,

        Yes, Yvonne has only 2 scenes and only a few minutes of screen time in Guilt Trip.

  9. JennyChuckFan says:


    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Yvonne do some kind of franchise movie role in the upcoming year or two. Jennifer Lawrence was originally opposed to doing Hunger Games because she wanted to do more serious, independent movies. But her mother talked her into doing it. Doing that movie wound up being the best decision she ever made and it has allowed her the freedom to choose whatever roles she wants. And she might win an Oscar this year for Silver Linings Playbook.

    Doing something like the Avengers could definitely help Yvonne in the long run, but she might not want to do action roles for a while after doing Chuck for 5 years. Once an actor or actress gets typecast in action roles, it’s pretty hard to overcome it. Hopefully she will consider doing one “blockbuster” movie during her career.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah Jenny that’s exactly what I would want to see happen. Although to fair, I’d be perfectly happy if she was typecast as an action movie heroine, that’s the sort of movie I like best and I would have no complaints if that’s what she settled into. But given that her plans are obviously quite different from that, I expect I’ll have to settle for seeing her in the occasional “fun” part. So locking into an action franchise is likely the best I can hope for.

  10. Yvonne hasn’t forgotten where she started (in the US): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLsDK4VC2jM

    [Made In-line. Thanks, Jeff! – jb]

    • joe says:

      It’s becoming hard to image Yvonne ever losing contact with her fans. Reaching out like this is awesome.

      • JennyChuckFan says:

        Yvonne’s gratitude towards her fans is so wonderful to see. She’s a true class act and it seems that everyone who works with her loves her. Tony Shalhoub recently said that Yvonne is “a dream to work with,” “a generous actress” and a “sweetheart” which is really lovely to see.

  11. aerox says:

    Here’s hoping that if she does show up, she’ll be more than just a one dimensional character :/

  12. SarahSam says:

    Loving it all !!

    • jam says:

      I guess someone at Marvel really likes Zac.

      I’ve seen some people already complain how casting him wouldn’t make sense since both Thor and GOTG take place in the same shared Marvel movie universe, but I don’t think that’s a big problem. Fandral’s role isn’t that big, and the character is unlikely to ever appear outside the Thor films.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Come on Jam, everyone likes Zac.

      Now the question is (not being familiar with GOTG) is one of the guardians a leggy blonde Valkyrie, or close enough to be played by someone who played a leggy blonde Valkyrie? 😉

      • jam says:

        Sure, Zac is likeable, but it’s still somewhat peculiar for them to consider the same actor to play two different roles within the same movie universe.

        Chris Evans (Johnny Storm & Captain America) and some other actors have played two different Marvel roles, but none of those movies were connected like this current line of Marvel/Disney movies is. I’m not really complaining, at least Zac is doing projects I might want to see, unlike Yvonne (so far).

        And no, no leggy blonde valkyries, but there’s one green skinned long-legged assassin.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Jam I think there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be seeing a lot of Zach over the course of his career! And even though I’m not at all familiar with this particular one, I’m excited that he might be involved with such a thing.

      • dkd says:

        One thing that makes it more possible for him to play two roles, is that he really changed his look for Fandral. He’ll have blonde hair and a blonde beard. The other is that Fandral may not have that much screentime. He didn’t in the first Thor movie. He comes as a member of a trio of warriors.

        I’m not familiar with the Guardians comics, but I looked up what the character looks like in the comics and I can see why brown-haired Zac would be considered.

        Still, he still has to be preferred over the other actor in contention.

      • jam says:

        James Gunn, the director just tweeted this:


      • jam says:

        And now he deleted that tweet, heh.

    • joe says:

      Everyone likes Zac, Ernie. But being “lanky of build”, is he really the person to protect the entire galaxy? Spiral arms and dark matter halo included???

      It’s a pretty big place, you know. 😉

      Well, I guess if Toby Maguire can be Spiderman… Bring on the Valkyries!

  13. So it looks like the casting “rumors” about Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson being the top choices for Ms. Marvel may have been false. A lot of Chuck fans really want Yvonne in this role (so much that they’ve created petitions). Since I’m not familiar with the character, I was wondering if Ms. Marvel is very similar to Sarah Walker. I kind of want her to play this character because she would do a fantastic job and it would be great exposure for her. But at the same time, it could lead to typecasting, which I don’t think she wants.

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