Fan Fiction Again

Once again, it’s been a while.  I believe these slower updates will be the norm now that things are slowing down so much in the fandom.  I may even do some updates just for single stories at some point in the future, we’ll see.  But today, I do have an assortment of stories to get to that I’ve been having a lot of fun with.  So let’s see what we can find after the jump…

A funny thing I’ve noticed in doing these reviews, a number of my very favorite stories are based on older movies, books or TV shows.  With Christmas coming I’m sure I’ll be re-reading “A Chuckmas Carol” by Mikki13.  Other favorite Chuck mash-ups would be “Chuck vs The Sound of Music” by Quistie64, and “Chuck vs The Good, Normal and Wonderful Life” by ersk4 (its probably not what you think!).  Well now another very strong entry joins this list; its “Chuck vs The Charade” by somedeepmystery.  The donor movie is the classic Carey Grant/Audrey Hepburn vehicle “Charade”.  The original is typically classified a romantic comedy, but it has far more suspense and serious drama than we normally expect from the genre.  So that makes it a pretty good fit for a Chuck story.  And like the show itself, we get a role reversal; Chuck gets Audrey Hepburn’s part, and Sarah gets to be Carey Grant.  And I don’t mean that in a weird way…

“Chuck vs the Charade” is fun and well written.  It takes enough liberties with the original that its not entirely obvious what some of the twists will be.  And it gets bonus points for a few scenes lifted almost straight from Chuck!  Funny how easily they can be made to serve a different story.  So far, we’re only five chapters in, but updates have been coming rapidly and the writer says the story is already outlined and will be finished.  The part already written could be read in about an hour and would be rated PG.

Regular commenter at this site Anthropocene has previously finished a post series story (“Chuck vs What Happens in Vegas“) and is now bringing us a sequel, “Chuck vs the C G I“.  This story has Chuck and Sarah investigating a bit of industrial espionage at a Pixar-like movie studio.  Like the previous story, we get a nice blend of humor and excitement.  Its too early to know much about where all this might go; but I trust we can expect good things from Anthropocene, including fairly rapid updates to a tightly told story.  It might be intense enough to rate a PG-13, and could be read in less than an hour so far.

I’m not going to do a one-shot this time; but I will mention an interesting project that is also a fast read.  This is “Slices of Life” by dettiot.  With 12 chapters and less than 10K words, this is a drabble collection.  Apparently dettiot has been taking suggests via tumblr, and is writing little vignettes on those suggestions.  The best of these chapters are seriously fun!  Obviously nothing is very deeply developed, but the title says it all.  Every chapter is self contained and gives us a different glimpse of Chuck and Sarah’s life together.  Everything so far would be rated PG and could be read in 30 minutes.  I don’t know how long this will go, hopefully we’ll see many more slices of life.

Other works continue.  Marc Vun Kannon is still working his way through an alternate season three.  His latest is a very AU version of Fake Name.  Marc’s style is fast and easy to read.  Anyone interested in starting should check out his author’s page for the complete listing of stories in order.

Angus McNab is an excellent story teller and “Sarah vs The Farm” is an ongoing, very enjoyable and intense read.

And Uplink’s massive “Chuck vs Life, Love, & Lies” is nearing a very exciting climax.  He promises another chapter by Christmas, I know I’m looking forward to it!

Quistie64 is taking December off from her on-going “Chuck vs The Sound of Music II“, but it should be back in January.  She left us with a bit of a cliff-hanger, but this story is mostly a relaxed and sweet family adventure.  As always it gets my very highest recommendation.

I should also mention that Dettiot recently finished “Building Rome“, the very satisfying sequel to the excellent “Discovering Omaha“.

So even with things slowing down, there remains plenty of new material to read!  I am planning on doing a couple of posts on season three AUs when we get to that season on our series re-watch in a couple months.  I’m not sure if I’ll get another of these more general posts out before then.  But I always look forward to everyone’s contributions and discoveries.

~ Dave


About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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31 Responses to Fan Fiction Again

  1. anthropocene says:

    As always, I appreciate the review and the plug for “Chuck vs. the CGI” on this esteemed and highly dynamic blog! Thanks, Dave! Chapter 4 coming soon….

    • atcDave says:

      Thanks for the kind words Anthro. I’m just glad you are writing fun stories. Keep it up, and I’ll keep talking about it!

  2. jam says:

    “Chuck vs the Charade” is truly wonderful, as is anthropocene’s second post-finale fic.

    Another new author who deserves a mention is Steampunk.Chuckster, who has written a bunch of “canonical” one shots and a great AU story too. More is on the way, his/her stories are definitely worth checking out. (( ))

  3. Ben D says:

    I finally decided to start Chuck vs the Sound of Music after seeing it in everyone of these fan fiction articles. It was amazing. I think I literally smiled the entire time reading it. I’m about halfway through the second one and its awesome as well. Great writing overall.

    I’ll have to pick up another one of these to pass the time once finals are over 😛 Chuck vs the Rancher’s daughter is awesome but hasn’t been updated in about 3 weeks, looking forward to a conclusion to that one.

    • Ben D says:

      Oh also I saw Golden Boy tonight, it was amazing. Annnnnnd… I met Yvonne after the show, got my playbill signed, took a couple pictures, and my NerdHerd shirt signed. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. She was wonderful.

      • atcDave says:

        That’s really cool Ben, congrats!

        Glad you’re liking Sound of Music so much, it doesn’t get much better than that.
        I also like Ranchers Daughter, it is so often frustrating to a reader when a loved story slows down or stops. I can’t even tell you how many times that’s happened for me. But it really makes it a treat when a good one gets finished.

      • joe says:

        Wow! Ben, I’m envious!

        Young Bailey (LittleChuckFan on twitter) saw the show too, and gushed about Yvonne too. I’m not surprise. Yvonne herself thanked all the #Chuck fans who had come to see the show.

        Is it me, or are stars interacting with fans differently now? It definitely seems more personable than in decades past, and I have to say, it seems to be a very nice thing.

      • atcDave says:

        At the very least Joe, we were fortunate to have a very classy cast with Chuck. Zach and Yvonne in particular, but really all of them have been friendly and receptive, by every count, to Chuck fans.
        We do see news all the time of celebrities who are less gracious, but the Chuck cast was something special.

      • jam says:

        “Is it me, or are stars interacting with fans differently now? It definitely seems more personable than in decades past, and I have to say, it seems to be a very nice thing.”

        Since any interaction with fans gets instantly reported in Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and who knows what else (often with pictures)… I guess you learn to behave. 😉

      • Judy says:

        I saw Golden Boy last week. The play was terrific and has gotten uniformly good reviews. Yvonne is in all but two scenes. After the show I waited at the theatre exit with 3 other friendly and excited Chuck fans. We had all come from out of town. In person, she looked much as she looked in Chuck. Yvonne was very gracious. She signed my playbill and we took some pictures. It was the highlight of a very fun weekend in New York.

      • atcDave says:

        Judy it is always great to hear such things; thank you!

  4. uplink2 says:

    Thanks again Dave for adding me to this great list. You got me started down this path and I always appreciate the kind words here. The next chapter is coming along but it is such a critical one I really need to get it right. It will be up by Christmas.

    On the topic of Charade, I watched the movie again on Netflix, I hadn’t seen in in years and years. It is amazing how she is weaving our favorite characters, an updated plot into a classic 60’s Grant/Hepburn film. There is a great deal of humor in the movie and it translates very well to the film.

    I do want to mention Nervert’s Revenge of the Bartowski and its long awaited recent chapter. Simply fantastic as always and reading stuff like that really keeps me humble for the hack I truly am lol.

    • atcDave says:

      I was also led to re-watch Charade, really a fun old movie with some seriously exciting plot twists. And the shower scene seems exactly like something Chuck would do…

  5. Hey Dave, thanks for the mention. Sarah Versus the Farm has been a labor of love. I don’t see an end in sight for that story so don’t expect or go looking for one. It’s completely episodic, and like the show, the only thing that will determine an end to it is reader interest. I’ve also created a companion multimedia blog for the Farm a little like quistie64’s Chuck vs the Sound of Music blog. It’s designed to give a little more background about the story and help the reader get a clearer picture of the aircraft and settings and also some opinion and explanation as to why the story is being presented the way it is. I’ll post a synopsis for each chapter, some short companion pieces tangentialy related to the story, and maybe a few one-offs and vignette’s not included in the main plot. You can see it here:

    On another note, I think I’ll have my first Chuck! story, Chuck Versus the Lost Years, finished by sometime in January. That one has been a journey. Once it’s done I’m hoping you’ll eventually take the time to read it. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by where it ends up. It’s already in a very satisfying place but it still has even better places to go. This story was all about putting the icing on the cake for the finale and it has already put me in a much better place because of it. After writing it I’ve found I can watch the entire series with little or no pain knowing where it will all ultimately end up. Once Lost Years is done I’ll be able to devote more time to the Farm with the goal of turning out an episode every 10-14 days.

    And here’s an interesting tidbit about somedeepmystery’s story, Chuck vs The Charade, that I don’t think Mystery will mind me sharing – it’s complete. That’s right, except for some minor polishing here an there it’s done. I’ve had the very distinct pleasure of being her beta reader and have read the whole thing word by word. She is such a terrific and humble writer, and has done much to help me grow in the craft by returning the favor through the gift of her time beta reading and offering editing suggestions for my own work. I hope we see much more of her talent on display in the future. Just don’t expect her to release this story all at once just because I told you it was finished. Be patient. What’s yet to come is going to knock your socks off.

    • atcDave says:

      Wow, great news all around Angus. Thank you for the “Farm” blog, I look forward to spending some time with that. And unending/episodic sounds great to me, as long as you don’t finally quit at some horrible cliffhanger (like Sarah loosing her memories and us being not quite sure if she’ll recover…. Kidding). I really look forward to more updates on that one.
      I do mean to read Lost Years at some point. As I’ve mentioned, I’m very leery of drawing out Sarah’s recovery period at all, but I will give it a try when complete.

      Your inside news on Charade is also much appreciated, she had told me it was mostly done, but I didn’t want to oversell the point. That one has really been a treat so far, and I really look forward to every chapter. Fun thing with such a mash-up is wondering how many things from the movie will be handled. And just how much is a used stamp worth anyway??? Of course the down side is that certain twists don’t get much reaction that actually might be shocking to those who don’t know the story (like in the most recent
      chapter). But as someone who loved the movie, I look forward to every twist and turn. She certainly is a talented writer!

    • atcDave says:

      Really excellent blog Angus. Thanks for sharing that. Too bad doesn’t make it easier to just link it right from the story.

      • Thanks Dave. It’s not a format I’m used to, or comfortable with, as well evidenced by my ham-fisted postings here. But I think I’ll eventually get the hang of it. I’m trying to get caught up with where we are in the story right now and write my fics at the same time. It’s become something of a juggling act. Thank goodness I’m off-season right now or I’d be completely overwhelmed. I’m guessing you saw that Chuck This number one on the blog list.

      • atcDave says:

        Sure appreciate the call out! Hopefully writers like you, Quistie and somedeepmystery will keep things going for years yet.

    • Mel says:

      That companion blog for your story is really nice. More than once has your story made me check the Wikipedia or google stuff, and I like it when I learn something new while reading something that’s already interesting.

      People have recommended many good stories in this thread and I’d like to add one more to the list: “Bottom of the Ninth” by cowgirl1208 just had it’s fourth chapter added. It’s another fun AU that places Chuck into a different setting while still having plenty of familiar elements, including spy stuff. Highly recommended.

  6. joe says:

    Great stuff, Dave. But I’m feeling overwhelmed! How do you get to read all that stuff??!!

    I’m going to try, myself. Angus, Uplink, Anthro, Marc/Authorguy, Quistie… (anyone I missed?) – You’re next!

    • atcDave says:

      Two words Joe, slow season. My job has seasonal peaks and lulls, plus we were over staffed for much of the last three years.
      You know I think any of what I recommended here is an excellent starting point. I know my favorites list is huge, I’m thinking in the near future I may do another “getting started” or “best of the best” post.

    • jam says:

      If you’re interested in getting into fanfiction, start with the best:

      That’s a must read story for anyone interested in Chuck fics, imo. An AU story where Chuck and Sarah meet under different circumstances… Chuck’s story is pretty much the same, but Sarah never got out of the con game.

  7. There’s quite a few stories I’d like to press on from the new ones.

    There has started quite a few lately that I really enjoy.

    Chuck vs the German exchange student have had a fun start.
    Love-Struck Spies is a super fun fluffy history, really great updates too, 9 chapters in like a week.
    Harvard’s Prime is a really beautiful story, Sarah in a wheelchair and has lost the ability to speak but damn I simply just love that one.

    Steampunk.Chuckster as said before have quickly evolved to one of my favorite authors, I’ve loved every story so much, I haven’t had time to read the latest one but I’m sure I will love that one too. Bare feet and Con Game has been my favorite so far bara I’ve really loved, not only liked them all.

    Chuck vs The Charade is just incredible, an amazing author that is doing an amazing job so far.

    Chuck vs The Best Christmas Ever part 1 of 2 from Reyes9 was so fun, so damn fluffy and I cannot wait for next chapter, first one is only a bit over 1k words too so you can read that one quickly.

    Chuck vs The Domino Effect has had an amazing start, haven’t read the latest chapter due to lack of time and not finding a good time to read on since I don’t read when I’m tired, will read up to date this weekend though.

    Other then that LL&L, SOM, Farm and Aussie continues to be among my absolute favorites that’s on right now.

  8. Off-topic…
    Chuck was cancelled in January, but still was the 9th most searched for show of the year:
    Too bad NBC and WB didn’t know how to monetize it.

    On topic…
    I got started in FF because of a post I saw about the 2nd Awesome Awards on FFnet. Here’s all of the years’ nominees and winners organized in three different ways:
    It doesn’t cover this year’s stories, though.

    • atcDave says:

      Chuck always had such a strong internet presence. It really is too bad it never translated into better ratings. I still encounter people who never heard of it.

      And when are seeing more of “Their Next Adventure” darn it! Don’t give me some lame “work” line…
      (you I can get cranky with!)

      • I am going to write this weekend. Yep. Sure I am. Between the company Christmas party and The Hobbit.

        It’s not the work. It’s the change from a zero minute round-trip commute (working at home) to a 3 hour round-trip commute. I’ve written half of a sequel to Linchpin which will tie in with Castle’s “Probably Cause” and which will take place after Their Next Adventure. But that’ll be posted after part 4.

        I am sorry it has been so long. I knew my new situation was going to be an issue which is why I’ve avoided a cliffhanger (plus I don’t like them). Part 3 has grown 7 chapters and will be posted daily, when it is ready. As a teaser… the first two chapters will be the day of the house warming party for Morgan and Alex that Sarah invited Big Mike to. One chapter is before, and one is during.

      • atcDave says:

        I look forward to “Linchpin” sequel too. Seriously I get how situations change, it amazes me so many writers are able to devote as much time as they do.

  9. Robert says:

    These are good ones, but my favorite is Slices of Life; excellent way to fill in some nice moments of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship!

  10. atcDave says:

    This last week, I’ve been a national statistic. I had a pretty nasty flu (and yeah, I had been vaccinated already!), and that has now turned into pneumonia. So I’ve been enjoying plenty of time off. Maybe enjoying isn’t quite the right word…
    But that means I’ve been watching lot’s of movies (including all three extended Lord of the Rings), plenty of Chuck, and some great Chuck fan fiction!

    Chuck vs The Charade” is nearly done, and what a terrific ride its been!
    Chuck vs The Sound of Music II” is back from hiatus.
    Jason75 recently started a Chuck/Thin Man crossover called “Chuck vs the Long Island Debutant” that’s been plenty of fun.
    And a few other stories have been started or updated.

    This may not be the ideal sort of vacation, but there are ways of making the best of it!

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