Season Three Alternatives: Angel de la Muerte

This is the final episode from the big Season Three kick off NBC gave us.  This is easily my favorite of the season until Other Guy, and I think many viewers felt all was well after a rocky start to the season.  Angel of Death is fun and entertaining in an almost Season Two sort of way, and Premier Goya is my favorite guest character of the entire season.  But of course, the big issue here is the overall backdrop of the season story.  So let’s look at the third episode of Season Three, and consider again how things could have been.

There really is a lot to like in this episode.  Starting with Armand Assante as Premier Goya.  This is the sort of wacky over the top performance we often saw on Chuck, and works as well here as ever.  Goya is generous and magnanimous in an almost dangerous way (refusing his hospitality seems unwise!).  He is indebted to Devon and determined to show his gratitude.  He is also enamored of Ellie (good thing Hortencia wasn’t along for this trip!  The revolution might have started a year earlier) and trying to reform his country; all with no sense of shame while curiously oblivious to the world around him.  So…  fun character.  It pleases me a lot that he will return a year later when the show actually is in a more fun place.  This episode also works great for Devon and Casey; and shows what seems to be more healing for Chuck and Sarah, including a “friends” moment that’s a little too warm to be taken literally.

My criticisms here have more to do with the big picture than anything in the episode itself. As I’ve said from the start, Pink Slip was an ugly episode that caused long term damage for my enjoyment of the show (and you all will likely hear that a few more times in the weeks ahead!).  Ideally, we would have had something like a real talk between our leads in this episode; but given that TPTB were determined to give us false hope instead, we get a few encouraging scenes towards the end that ultimately amount to nothing.  This is another situation that makes me angry if I give it enough thought.  Given that Chuck just told Sarah he loved her for the first time, they have discussed cleaning up messes, and Chuck will later claim (in American Hero) the goal of him becoming a spy was so he and Sarah could be together; he will show little initiative in making anything happen here.  Of course nothing “wrong” really happens here either, we’re just idling before the abyss of First Class.  So in some ways, Angel of Death is sort a pregnant pause episode.  I can still enjoy it (and I did enjoy it greatly on my recent re-watch), as long as I don’t dwell on what’s happening in the big picture.

So what would I have liked to see different from here?  A little healing is the obvious thing. Sarah does some coaching in the gala part of the mission and again before “surgery”, that is something I like to see and we will get some over the course of the season. But maybe Chuck and Sarah actually doing a friend activity towards the end would have been nice.  Like instead of “we’re not ready for that yet” how about “let’s grab some dinner”.  It’s a small thing, but I think we needed some small things at this point to get back to a fun place.  And again, I understand perfectly that returning to a fun place was not the TPTB objective.  But to me, it should have been.  Even better than making fixes, had we avoided Pink Slip entirely this could have been a dynamite, fun episode.  I can imagine some actual heat and flirting to accompany the big dance scene; THAT would have improved an already excellent episode and dreadful season quite a lot.  Or even better, if we had a “secret” relationship story going, I can imagine Chuck and Sarah trying not to get carried away during the dance.  And imagine Sarah trying to field Ellie’s “you still have feelings for my brother” query if they really were the couple they weren’t supposed to be, but with Casey listening in it could get interesting…

Obviously we didn’t get the season three I was hoping for.  But this episode has inspired little fan fiction revisionism.  We heard from NinjaVanish last week who mentioned several scenes from Angel of Death that fueled his delusion, I think many of us were in that place when this episode first ran.  So maybe we all hadn’t realized yet how much of a “fix” we’d all be needing soon. Kate McK did work her magic here however in Chapter 2 of “Chuck vs The Fight“.  This fairly short chapter adds two new scenes to this episode that would have the effect of skipping all the ugliness that lies ahead; if only…

Let me take advantage of a shorter main post this week to bring up yet another complete S3 AU.  “Chuck vs The Virus” by OOHiMBLiND starts in the Intersect room at the end of Ring, so it will be a complete AU.  The first few chapters are far more bleak than I typically would recommend, but be patient, this is an exciting and rewarding story as it plays out.  It is also quite long, but this is one of those times when that’s good.  There may be some angst and heartache along the way, but no love triangles!  Our main characters never look like total idiots, and they will work through challenges together.  Good story.

Next week, even though I think the episode itself is still a lot of fun, Operation Awesome will introduce us to Daniel Shaw.  We will also look a little more at the Ring.  Is that something to look forward to?  Well, come back anyway!

~ Dave


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I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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36 Responses to Season Three Alternatives: Angel de la Muerte

  1. aerox says:

    Well, there /is/ another LI in vs the Virus, but it’s handled in a magnificent way ^^

  2. Justin says:

    I do like the idea of Chuck and Sarah being in a secret relationship and the complications that will bring to their personal and spy lives. It would have been interesting to see that relationship put to the test when Chuck has to seduce someone for information or when Shaw begins to flirt with Sarah. Having them in a secret relationship would also create a Chuck and Sarah vs. the world scenario, the world in this case being the CIA who stands between them and freely being a couple. Their goal to one day be free of the CIA so they can be together without having it to hide would be something worth rooting for.

  3. uplink2 says:

    Well I agree that this episode is rather interesting for a number of reasons. Taken simply as a single isolated episode it has a good feel to it. It was fun and the addition of Ellie and Awesome as key players is ALWAYS welcome. Too bad they seem to be AWOL for most of 3.05 on and WAY too much screen time is given to the guest stars. I could enjoy this I guess on a rewatch IF I didn’t put it into the context of the entire story. It can be viewed as just a fun fill type episode. There were some good ones in season 2 like Tom Sawyer and in a way DeLorean though the Sarah back story is critical. But the problem with doing it in the terms of this re-watch is that we ARE looking at the big picture. And when you do that this episode becomes irrelevant. It is another case of bait and switch. Designed to give us hope when they had no intention of that hope being realized. I keep going back to my Wizard of Oz metaphor in that this all becomes just smoke and fire to dazzle us while the man behind the curtain is planning to prove we were all suckers for believing in what he is showing us.

    I think that is why this episode is so hard to have a good discussion about because in the end, it was irrelevant. We discussed last week a bit about the “friends cover” scene. To my eyes that is NOT a couple breaking up deciding to just be friends and move on. Maybe that was their intent but if it is, in a way they get betrayed by Zach and Yvonne. There is so much emotion in that scene. So much subtext and to me at least none of it says I want to just be friends and move on. That is what their performance shows to me. It says friends is a good start. There is so much unspoken between them but nowhere do I see either of them showing the other that for them it is a final description of their relationship. It is a statement of where it is now but the future is still quite unknown.

    The betrayal of that scene and that emotion is coming 2 episodes further on. The second season 3 relationship reset that comes in First Class makes all that emotion worthless and irrelevant. It was the false tease before reality slapped us in the face. The LI’s are coming and nothing that happened before them matters, like this entire episode.

    How could things have been done differently? Well again like last week’s, have what happened here actually mean something. Have the first step they take here not be the only one. Have Sarah say to Chuck while holding him that she knows how much family means to Chuck and that in a way Awesome is her family too because it is clear that Ellie and Awesome feel like she is part of theirs.

    But the thing is there really isn’t much you need to do to make this episode better. As you said it has everything a good S2 Chuck episode had. It’s just it was made irrelevant by what lies ahead both for Chuck and Sarah as well as the spy story underneath. All the hope that you get from that “friends” scene and the final hug will be proven to be simply a waste of time and emotion thereby diminishing what should have been one of the top episodes of the first part of S3. That seems to be common thread throughout all of season 3. It’s not about conflict and trials that shape and grow the characters into something better and more deserving of each other and their life ahead, its about conflict and betrayals that diminish everything and everyone it touches. I love stories like, a season 2 story but one of great conflict, tragedy and redemption. Chuck and Sarah go through hell but earn their happiness and are better people because of what they went through. I just wish I could say the same here. This episode is another example of the missed opportunities that are so rampant in Season 3. It laid groundwork that was simply never built on.

    • atcDave says:

      Apparently I can overlook the context a little easier than you Uplink! I do agree with all your complaints, but I can enjoy this one on its own merits. In fact, I think its an interesting study in that we get all the Chuck elements together that matter to me. It’s like proof they can still do it when they want to. Of course that makes the darker episodes worse, not better for me.
      The friends scene is bitter in the greater context; I agree it plays like more than friends. And I think the writers were trying to have it both ways; acting like Chuck is free to pursue other interests, yet having Chuck claim in American Hero he became an agent to be with Sarah.
      I guess it ultimately works for me only because I just skip most of what lies ahead, it truly isn’t deserving of the attention we so often give it.

    • uplink2 says:

      Oh Dave I suppose I can too but in light of these discussions about each episode as it impacts the entire series that’s where this one fall down. Certainly it isn’t an episode that I find offensive in any way. It’s a tight well crafted episode with a good guest star a couple of great moments with Devon and Chuck and Ellie and Sarah. TBH I’ve always wondered if Devon’s words to Chuck meant a little something to Zach, I mean how DO you not fall for her? The confidence Sarah has in Chuck, the trust she shows him once again show how great that partnership is and how important Sarah is to his growthas a spy even if she doesn’t want him to be. Coupled with the friends talk you get the impressions they are saying that soon they will finally have that talk like real adults would have already done.

      In and of itself it’s solid on many levels. Most of all it’s balanced. There is enough spy story, romance and family to make it a the kind of episode fans got hooked on the show for. But that’s all it ever is. In the grand scheme of things, an episode of promise that is never delivered on. It’s just a distraction of hope that will be dashed in two weeks for nothing of value. You are right the writers were trying to have it both ways. They wanted to give fans false hope knowing full well that much darker and ultimately very unsatisfying days were ahead.

    • JoeBuckley says:

      That’s an excellent take, Uplink. But I do disagree with you a bit that this episode becomes irrelevant in the larger context. I can’t see that interleaved conversation, for instance, as minor at all.

      But it’s easy for me to see the next epi, Op. Awesome as irrelevant, even though (or maybe because?) it serves as the real introduction to Shaw. This, despite the brief, no face, intro we had at the end of Three Words.

      • atcDave says:

        Irrelevant is a funny thing, I mean, it’s all television, it’s all entertainment. I guess that makes it all irrelevant anyway.
        There are a lot of terrific scenes and moments in both of the “Awesome” episodes. But I do agree with Uplink in saying the episode, the whole mini-arc, seems futile in the greater context. So like I said, I just ignore most of it. Watching the “whole season” in one afternoon a couple weeks ago was very satisfying though. But my version of the “whole season” skips 3.01-3.02, 3.05-3.09 and 3.11-3.12. It’s the “good parts version”, and it was a lot of fun that way. It also made Angel of Death more important again as we go pretty quickly from cleaning up messes, to being friends, to “do you love me?”

      • uplink2 says:

        @Joe, thanks but I don’t see that interleaved conversation as minor either. It could/should be monumental. The problem is nothing ever comes from any of the conversations here. As Dave points out this mini arc is futile and full of false hope. The interleaved conversations and the “friends” conversation could/should have been step one of a well executed redemption arc. An arc where the pain, the anger, the worry, the lost opportunities and the reasons for choices made all get explained, learned from and grow each of the characters in such a way to make them more deserving of the payoff we all hoped was coming. But none of that happens. It becomes the only step and in many ways they even pull back from that during the LI arc. Neither Chuck nor Sarah are better off or more deserving of each other’s love after this journey than they were before. IMO the journey ahead caused by the irrelevance of the foundation we see built here diminishes both characters. Had the contrived disaster they are about to go through somehow had grown them as individuals or as a couple I could accept it more. But it doesn’t. It diminishes them and the epic love story they had been telling for 2 seasons..

  4. Joel says:

    The parallel Chuck/Devon and Ellie/Sarah conversations are the only part of this episode I don’t like. It just feels so heavy-handed. I think it would have been better with just one of the conversations, or even if they had both at different times during the episode.

  5. Arya's Prayers says:

    I like to think Sarah WAS on her way over for a spontaneous ‘friend date’ but was derailed by news of Awesome’s abduction…

    • atcDave says:

      Hey, I like that AP!

    • uplink2 says:

      Oh come on it was time for the wicked scarwy Wing to make its first appearance of the season. And the totally awesome wysterious Wing expwert to show his gworious self. Wistra supwahero will save the day! I just know it! He’s so handsome and… and.. and… wobotic! I bewieve everything they tell me about him! Sawah will see, he’s wonderful! 😉

      • JoeBuckley says:

        Oh gee, Uplink. Imitating Sheldon’s nemesis, Krepki, will get you nowhere here! 😉

      • uplink2 says:

        I love Krepki! The helium scene with him and Sheldon was fantastic. And the robot wars, he had his own version of Shaw lol.

        When writing that post I started to think, maybe Shaw was intended to be seen as ridiculous. The character is such a failure that it almost had to be intended that way.

      • authorguy says:

        You remind me of the scene with Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present.
        “There’s quite a lot of buying.”
        “Oh, Scrooge, is that all you can see?”
        The only real problem with a character like Shaw is that he isn’t a character at all, which becomes clear over time. Those of us who make our decisions early and stick to them in spite of all later evidence miss that curve.

  6. uplink2 says:

    One of the things about the final hug scene that doesn’t get mentioned is Ellie saw Chuck and Sarah hugging. Now her expression changes when she sees the look on their face but she seems awfully happy seeing that very genuine, loving and certainly concerned hug. That hug is two people who care deeply about each other and about their family and yes Awesome is family to Sarah. But it never gets mentioned by Ellie as after next week she and Awesome basically disappear for a while. Now that’s budget driven certainly but damn I would have loved 2-3 more episodes with lots of Ellie and Awesome and far far far less of Hannah and especially Shaw.

    • atcDave says:

      Oh no doubt. I was rereading that post I linked last week about if viewers thought the main arc was worth it; and I noticed that was one of MY complaints even in 2010. That the extra character(s) had taken way too much time away from the characters I actually wanted to see. Of course that mainly means Chuck and Sarah were the main draw for the show to me, so reducing screen time for them was bad. But really it messed with the entire show’s dynamic. We had less Sarah, less Charah, less Casey (especially less Casey teasing Charah), less Ellie and Devon, and even the Buy More seemed less relevant in S3 than any other season.
      They just REALLY messed up the whole show.

      • uplink2 says:

        Couple that with the fact there wasn’t anything appealing about Shaw in particular both in performance and writing it was like why are you messing with the dynamic and giving so much screen time to a character and actor I have no interest in watching. Especially when they had so many I DID want to see. That’s why I liked this episode at the time as it focuses on Devon and Ellie and no one deserved to get more screen time than Ellie or Devon. Ellie was by far the most under utilized strength of the show.

        But look at it this way in the first 13 we got 2 Devon focused episodes, 1 Casey specific, 0 Sarah specific and 8 episodes with Shaw, 4 with Hannah. Does that make any sense at all? Especially in light of the fact that Mo Ryan was right, “Shaw was a wet blanket every time he appeared. He came off as a cold creep, not a charming spy. By the time he and Chuck were on that bridge, I was chanting, “Die, Shaw, die!” And that is not in a good way.

        It wasn’t a triumph of a great storyline building to the vanquishing of a beloved villain like Push Mix was. It was just get this awful character off my screen please! All of that screen time at the expense of other characters I’ve been hoping for more.

      • atcDave says:

        It does make Shaw frustrating that they crafted so many very appealing characters; including villains, like Roark, Colt and Volkoff.
        Although I do still think, Shaw failed primarily because Sarah was “charmed” by him. He might have been “fun” to root against, and fun to hate otherwise. But he made Sarah look like a complete idiot, and that’s something I simply can’t get past. I don’t think he ever would have been a “favorite” villain regardless, but it was his time with Sarah that robbed the show of its fun.

      • authorguy says:

        Sarah wasn’t charmed by him. She simply wanted to go back to the life she knew, as represented by Shaw. The superficial view of Shaw as a love interest really robs these scenes of their power. It’s too bad they overlapped like that.

      • atcDave says:

        I used the quotes for a reason. I don’t believe we were ever supposed to believe she loved Shaw. But she found him appealing enough to be the beneficiary of her self delusion. And that is a grossly unappealing direction to take the story. It’s also another of the horribly unappealing decisions made by the two main characters in this season.

  7. Ruthiesw says:

    When I watched this episode, I was disappointed that the cover relationship wasn’t resumed. For Chuck and Sarah it was convenient to explain the time they spend together and for us, the viewers, provided so many story avenues with them trying to balance a professional relationship, a cover relationship and fixing a damaged friendship.

    I always enjoyed the double-bluff elements in seasons one and two where they found themselves in situations when they had to act into each other, whilst having a genuine interest in each other that they can’t fully let on. This episode has it in reverse I suppose – with their heartbreak being concealed by the cover break-up/just friends conversations with Awesome and Ellie.

    Now, on the subject of Fanfiction I’ve duly added your suggestions. When I searched for Chuck vs The Virus I also came across ‘vs Sweet Home Alabama’ by DrMcDuck ( and its sequel ‘vs The Watcher’. Though this is set during S2, it captures some of the elements I would have liked to have seen in S3 while Sarah and Chuck rebuild their relationship: difficulty maintaining a professional distance from one another due to ‘slips’ while working their cover, with the added confusion of finding themselves under external surveillance (thereby requiring the cover to be maintained near enough 24/7). Since we didn’t get that in the show, I’m glad I’ve got the third story in DrMcDuck’s series, ‘vs the Accidental Benedict Arnold’, to entertain me for the next couple of days.

    • atcDave says:

      I agree entirely Ruthie about liking that part of the story. And its awesome to hear you’re finding more fan fiction you like! I do like a lot of DrMcDuck’s writing, so I’m glad you found that too. There is always something special about stories set in those first two seasons. Obviously I always recommend my own favorites list (linked at right, under the fan fiction header), although I admit that list has grown quite large over the years. I’m currently re-reading “Sarah Vs Green Bay” by Moe32 which has several chapters involving “cover” issues at the start; although I guess the main point has to do with Sarah coming to terms with choices she’s made. Its a season one story, so its very different from most fan fiction, but a very well done story. And it has one of my favorite ends of any story.

    • uplink2 says:

      That’s an interesting take Ruthie. You are right for two years they were hiding the pain of the relationship being just a cover from Ellie and Awesome, but now they are hiding the pain of Chuck’s betrayal and devastation of Sarah underneath the friendship cover. It’s sad because they obviously are still deeply in love with each other and it makes the upcoming second reset even more difficult to watch.

      Ellie obviously sees the fact that Sarah still loves her brother and she knows him well enough to know he would never let go of the love he felt for Sarah easily. To Ellie Bartowski Woodcomb what Chuck is about to do would appall her. It why when she is confronted with a naked Hannah she easily catches on and ultimately confronts Chuck that he is lying to himself, to Hannah and to Sarah. He has become just a typical male dirtbag and that isn’t who Ellie raised him to be.

      Dave, I stumbled onto Green Bay a long while ago and it quickly became on of my favorites, so well done. It’s too bad that Moe32 hasn’t written anything for us in 5 years. It’s truly funny that there is such a dividing line even in FF between pre-S3 fics and post-S3 fics. Style, tone, content and writers themselves. Some writers hated S3 so much they stopped writing and left the show, many new writers came on board trying for “fix” the disaster of S3 or at least re-work it. But one thing sticks out, there is virtually no or at least very few fics that were written witrh a positive view of S3 like there were hundred and hundreds for S 1 and 2. It’s like the discussion we had last time with Crumby, writing with a positive slant on S3 is almost impossible. Intent be damned, if it fails on screen, it fails.

      • atcDave says:

        There are a small number of stories that went very different directions with S3; like Channah or Charina. I think that reflects a portion of the fandom that just hated Sarah after S3. Honestly, it baffles me, I don’t get you could even stay invested in the fandom if you dislike one of the main characters so much. But that’s all part of why I vet stories I’m going to read pretty carefully.
        But I do think revising or fixing S3 is the single largest category of story. Well, maybe recently, complete AUs have surpassed the S3 fix. But what’s really funny to me is how other episodes that inspire a lot of fan fiction, like Marlin or Broken Heart or even the amnesia arc, are clearly developing something from an idea in canon. While S3 stories are generally trying to undo or fix canon. It’s a completely different mindset.
        As far as writers burning out goes, I think for some (most?), its just a matter of time before they tire of playing in this particular sand box anyway. S3 may have sped things up for a few. We did have a guest post from ERSK4 a year or so ago and he talked about how S3 discouraged him for a while. But other writers, like NinjaVanish, were actually inspired to write by the season. I think, on balance, we actually gained more than we lost from S3. As I said a couple weeks ago, I think S3 ushered in a Golden Age of fan fiction; but much as I enjoy the excellent writing we got, I can’t bring myself to be happy about the season we had to suffer through to get it!

      • uplink2 says:

        I would agree with that.I was thinking in particular about Arathorn73. Their rant on season 3 doesn’t pull any punches. “Abomination” is a very descriptive word and then they walked away from the show and writing Chuck FF. Funny how their last chapter is posted opf Chuck vs his Destiny, that I like a lot was posted the day Tic Tac aired. I have a feeling Mask and Fake Name pushed them over the edge and they finished their story and left for good. Can’t say I blame them as I almost left then too.

        I have never understood the Sarah haters in FF land. But that hate is the basis for most of the Charina stories it seems. It’s why I think Beautiful Mass is the best Charina story as minirix never crapped on Sarah like so many others did. That Sarah hate makes their stories unreadable for me. But she never did that and its why I chose to do my AU of her AU. but damn is it tough to write a story accepting S3 canon. But again Mo is right S3 did a real disservice to the Sarah character and no matter the fantastic work Yvonne did trying to make the unsellable story she was handed work, some folks hold the weaknesses and disaster that is Shaw against Sarah. Ir was certainly never Yvonne’s fault that Shaw failed but Sarah gets blamed for it in some circles.

        But you are right that AU have taken over for S3 fixes. Mainly because with the show finished it’s difficult to find new and creative stories that deal with canon. I know I’ve got a couple of canon based ideas but going AU makes it much easier to work something new with these characters.

      • authorguy says:

        You can’t determine failure without a statement of intent. That’s what distinguishes many professions, you can say what they’re supposed to be doing and judge whether they do it well. The fact that they’re intent may not have been your desire doesn’t make it a failure, necessarily.

      • atcDave says:

        I completely disagree with that Marc. For an entertainment product the ultimate measure of success or failure is if we’re entertained. Obviously that is an intensely personal thing, but the writer’s intent is not a major issue.
        I might agree with you more if we were talking about a new show. Then viewers are in a test drive mode and its all about deciding if that particular product will be to their liking. But going into a third season, the show and audience are well established. If a big change proves unpopular, that is ALL on the shoulders of those who made the change. And I admit that some change is inevitable, but writer’s intent is beside the point. Their obligation is to entertain their audience. Now just like any other job, the writers can consider themselves truly fortunate if what they want to do is always exactly what their customers want. But whatever they WANT to do or INTEND to do, their JOB is to entertain their audience.

      • oldresorter says:

        I feel any of us can have an opinion of intent (since as far as I know, s3’s intent is not documented anywhere as fact). I feel the intent of season 3 was to show how distasteful the James Bond spy life was, the one that Chuck and Morgan watched in movies and dreamed about. Hannah’s falling into Chuck’s arms, was what Chuck thought happened to guys like Bryce and Cole all the time. so when it happened to him, he was estatic. Sarah sleeping with her spy partner for sex and adult companionship was more the reality of the life, as she had done with Bryce, and maybe as she was willing to do with Chuck early in their relationship, or anyone else who happened to be handy at the time. No line of dialogue ever supported this, but I’d always thought part of what made Chuck special to Sarah, is he treated her like a ‘normal’ girl, or even like a ‘special’ girl, the kind of girl worth waiting for. So he controlled her, more than she him, by the way he was so nice to her. This was near the opposite of how she’d been treated as a spy, or by Shaw, who treated her as his company paid working girl, while she treated him like her mark.

        Killing was part of the life too, as was seduction (the drug lord, manoosh, Carina, etc). In many ways, the season had lots of pieces that alone made some sense, but when put together in the context of the first two seasons, the more fun / funny / and dare I say sweet show many had fallen in love with, season 3 was a brutal misread of what worked for me.

        I don’t think the show ever really worked well for me again, as I never trusted the show, even when it was giving me exactly what I wanted. In hindsight, I wish I had turned off the night of the mask, and power watched from Fake Name on. I would have enjoyed it much more, I’m positive. In the end, Chuck’s fail for me, was more about how the released teases were vs what was delivered. Watching Chuck from the POV that TV sucks with romantic couples, so Chuck will too, works just fine for Chuck, as Chuck sucks less than many. Plus, the dramatic writing has never been particularily good, it always has been overshadowed by the sweet romance, comedy, and nerd references and callbacks, I’m pretty sure S3 and the end of S5 proved that to most. My sin as a fan with Chuck was expecting more, based on how much I liked certain aspects of seasons 1 /2, then failing to let go, when it was obvious what was going on in s3.

      • atcDave says:

        Well I certainly agree part of what failed with S3 was I was expecting so much more. Maybe “hoped for” is a better word, I had a bad feeling from Comic Con on. But no doubt, at the end of S2 I felt like they could do no wrong. The first two seasons were so terrific, and I just expected to be amazed with whatever came next. The reality was bitterly disappointing.

  8. First Impression says:

    So Devon gets to learn a lot more about Chucks’s job.  He saves Premier Goya (the fabulous Armand Assante) several times, sees Sarah in action, learns that Chuck and Sarah’s relationship is platonic and realizes In the end he is happy just being a doctor.

    Best lines:  
    Casey in the holding cell:  Bring it on tough guy. 1000 Costa Gravas pesos says I walk out of here.
    Jack Artman:  There’s enough poison in this needle to kill an army platoon.
    Casey:  Well lucky for me I’m a Marine.  

    Goya lives, Casey is furious about Chuck using his AB negative blood to save Goya but loves the cigars, Sarah and Chuck’s cover will be friends and Devon has one more patient. It’s Jack Artman. Noooo! Sarah tells Chuck, then hugs him.  Can hardly wait to see the next episode!

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah this is definitely one of the few bright spots of the front arc, and Goya is easily my favorite guest character from this period.

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