Where’s Chuck?!

Update: Chuck will be available November 1st. Earlier than we thought. Rewatch party!
More here.
Back in January, it was announced that Chuck was going to be on Netflix. If you’re like me, you’ve been checking almost daily for 9 months and not finding it. Good news, the wait is almost over. We now have a timetable and Chuck will be available on various mobile devices, Internet connected TVs et al. via Netflix December 20. I am excited!

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Now if we could only see Chuck in syndication. But unfortunately half hour comedies like Big Bang Theory are commanding all the syndication dollars (hear tell TBBT is expensive) and network affiliates aren’t biting.

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22 Responses to Where’s Chuck?!

  1. Angus MacNab says:

    Hey, that’s my mom’s birthday. Now, if I could only get her to watch it.

  2. joe says:

    That’s great news!

    But I have a question. What’s this “mobile device” thingie of which you speak? 😉

  3. dkd says:

    I’ve found WB’s syndication strategy a head scratcher given we were led to believe they low-balled the cost of the show just to get enough episodes into syndication.

    Netflix only? Really?

    Despite the programming on Netflix, I don’t subscribe to it. I don’t have enough time to watch everything on my DVR. I’m certainly not going to pay additional money for more TV I don’t have time to watch.

    Even with all the stories about how Netflix helped Breaking Bad actually grow its fanbase, I’m skeptical it will work that way for Chuck.

  4. bigfan22 says:

    Man…I’m looking forward to Chuck on Netflix. I won the first two seasons, but I’ve only been able to stream a few episodes after that. I would love to watch all the episodes in a nice long marathon!

  5. uplink2 says:

    It’s about freaking time! Great news even if it took way too damn long!

  6. anthropocene says:

    Excellent! My wife and I are using Netflix to catch up to (what seems like) the rest of the world with “Breaking Bad,” on an accelerated time scale, so we should be done with that just in time to rewatch all of “Chuck.”

  7. Ernie Davis says:

    I think Netflix is better than syndication. Though I understand syndication is probably better financially for Chuck, I think the potential to expand Chuck’s fanbase lies more with Netflix. As Mo Ryan said in her first of the three Netflix posts:

    My gut tells me the convenience of Netflix allows many people to experience things they might not have tried otherwise. And as someone whose job is evangelizing about TV shows (some of them unjustly overlooked), that’s exciting.

    Now we may be arguing chicken and egg when it comes to expanding the fanbase versus additional revenue, but my gut tells me there are a lot of people waiting to discover Chuck, and now there is a way for them to do it without appointment TV or an initial financial commitment like buying DVDs.

  8. dkd says:

    Comment about what you said about syndication:

    “Now if we could only see Chuck in syndication. But unfortunately half hour comedies like Big Bang Theory are commanding all the syndication dollars (hear tell TBBT is expensive) and network affiliates aren’t biting.”

    Selling to broadcast stations isn’t the only way to sell a show. Most hourlongs get sold to cable networks. Castle is on TNT, for instance.

    It also isn’t that “network affilliates aren’t biting”. WB doesn’t even have it up for sale. WB has the option of selling the show into syndication if it wanted to. They have a syndication division and this is how it works. It is called barter syndication. They retain half of the ad spots to sell to national advertisers. The local stations get half the time to sell to local advertisers. The cost of the show to the local station is free or very cheap because WB would be earning money from the ads it sells. WB is currently syndicating Big Bang Theory this way, but they also are syndicating The Closer that way. Here’s a list of properties WB is syndicating that way:


    The other type of syndication is called cash syndication. The buyer of the show (TNT, local station) pays cash but they can sell all the ads themselves. In the case of Netflix, of course, there are no ads.

    A show like Big Bang Theory is cash syndication when it was sold to TBS, but it is barter syndication when it is shown on broadcast stations.

    Simple right?

    • WB doesn’t even have it up for sale?
      Now I’m confused – why not? (Not that I expect you to know the answer to that one)
      Seems that they could have capitalized on Yvonne’s first season on Dexter & the noise Zac made at SDCC & in NY. It might not be huge noise but still.

      • dkd says:

        Obviously, they did sell it to Netflix. What I was referring to was local station syndication as mentioned in the original article.. They aren’t selling it that way. I don’t know if they approached any cable networks before selling it to Netflics.

      • dkd says:

        Also, it’s possible that the Netflix deal was contingent on them not selling it anywhere else. Unfortunately, a lot more people in the U.S. DON’T get Netflix than do.

        I do wonder what Netflix paid for the show.

      • dkd says:

        Just checked with a friend in the know. 28% of the U.S. households subscribe to Netflix.

    • Faith says:

      I don’t know the ins and outs of syndication–only what I’ve been told from a network affiliate president (second hand). But I have always thought that Chuck would do well on ION, etc.

      Thanks for the insight.

  9. Ernie Davis says:

    A very interesting article dealing with the networks and studios changing business models and Netflix part in it.

  10. dkd says:

    Netflix starts today, folks. If you have a twitter account, go and tweet about it. Quite a few people have already. Would be nice to have as many as possible.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I second that. One thing that Netflix does is keep track of what is highest rated by viewers and what is most watched by viewers, and it does this both nationally and locally. If we can get Chuck to the top of a few of those lists we may be able to get some new viewers who stumble across it.

      I wish I’d thought of this before I left home, and it is sort of cheating, but if you leave your computer on and are streaming Chuck it will automatically go to the next episode, so a bunch of us could really skew the numbers.

      • dkd says:

        Now, there’s an idea!

        Netflix exec: Lot’s of binge viewing of this Chuck show.

      • dkd says:

        According to this site, Chuck is #6. But, I don’t know much about their methodology and whether it is accurate.

        Dexter is #1.

  11. revdr says:

    Most local station or even cable network wont buy into series unless they have at least 100 episodes (Chuck having 91) or they go with more established or popular shows (Grey’s, Castle etc.). As I recall, SyFy ran a Chuck marathon a few years back and it didn’t do that well. That makes syndication less likely or at least harder to achieve. If Chuck doesn’t do well on Netflix then the possibility of a movie even harder to achieve. TPTB have all but said that they want a break from Chuck and are working on new projects. Plus, unlike Firefly or even Veronica Mars, Chuck never reached “so called” cult status with our base being pretty much, us. Our prospects for closure are difficult at best.

    • dkd says:

      It’s arguable whether Chuck has “cult status” because “cult status” is in the eye of the beholder. It’s something that has no set definition. Chuck definitely was well-attended at Comic-con all the years it did panels. That success was the springboard for Zachary Levi’s NerdHQ.

      I continue to be impressed by the number of messages on Tumblr and Twitter from people who are watching on Netflix–both new and returning viewers.

      I was skeptical when it was announced.

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