Wednesday Just For Fun: Chuck Trivia


Chuck passed with flying colors. Casey got the worst score ever.

A few months back, while working on a few polls for later in the re-watch I started to play with a few other Polldaddy features, and found that I could make a multiple choice test of up to 9 questions (you need to upgrade to pro for that tenth question).  I’d been thinking of a trivia quiz for a while, so I made one, then promptly set it aside for the next six months.  Well I think that’s sufficient procrastination, so join me after the jump for some fun trivia about our favorite show.

So full disclaimer, I wrote the questions and the answers, and while I am confident I know my Chuck, there is the chance that I got it wrong.  If so you may politely challenge my “correct” answer in comments, and I’m sure our collective efforts should be able to come to the correct conclusion.

This of course means that the correct answers with an explanation will be in the comments section, so no cheating!

Have fun.  Take the quiz here if your browser cuts off the embedded one below.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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48 Responses to Wednesday Just For Fun: Chuck Trivia

  1. authorguy says:

    I would fail this so badly. I don’t pay that much attention to details like these.

  2. atcDave says:

    Argh! I miss counted real gun scenes!

  3. joe says:

    We won’t even talk about how badly I did! So, okay, I knew Emmett’s middle name…

  4. Wait, who was Guillermo Chan? That’s a truly hilarious name. Also, I failed miserably. 44%. Kudos, Ernie, I don’t remember any actual installs.

  5. Wilf says:

    Poor score. I must have watched the episodes many times each … I’m obviously not very observant!

  6. dkd says:

    Proud to say that I scored poorly.

  7. noblz says:

    Your skimpy outfit question was wrong. She was in her undergarments while getting ready for her date with Chuck.

    A lot of fun…a hoot.

    Plain Dave’s humble opinion.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Ah, but that was not a mission. Sarah may have had a mission in mind, but it was not a team B mission.

      • noblz says:

        Oh, you nit picker. Not to open any wounds, but Angel de la Muerte and Operation Awesome would have been better choices. Not my favorites, but a couple of the first half of S3 that I thought were OK.

  8. resaw says:

    I scored 67%. I remember the install on the boat, but that’s the only one that I can think of; I can’t recall Chuck ever having been asst mgr.; and I had no idea Chuck handled a real gun more than once…. Evidently, I lack sufficient credentials in obsessiveness…. Thanks, Ernie.

  9. anthropocene says:

    I scored 44%, but in my defense I must point out that multiple-choice questions with negative stems (“which of these is NOT something”) are frowned upon in academia.
    (…Dodges brickbats….)

    • resaw says:

      Interesting, and no excuse. When I wrote my investment licensing exams and the CFA Level 1, the writers seemed to revel in the construction of nasty questions like: “None of the following are correct except….”

      • anthropocene says:

        So was it a test of your investment expertise or of your puzzle-solving abilities? 😉

      • atcDave says:

        Probably both. Many ATC exams are the same way. And National Weather Service is the worst I’ve ever seen. I do have a four year degree, but the Weather Observer test is the stuff of legend. If you ever go two months without doing an observation you have to retake the test; I’ve known women to come in from maternity leave just to avoid retaking that test.

  10. What are the X guns and the Y installs?

  11. thinkling says:

    That was fun Ernie. I scored 67 also. I forgot about Yoga Seal … duh … and picked belly dancing instead. Can’t understand why. Is one of those scenes more memorable than the other? 😉 Then I skipped the real gun question, b/c I had read the bts emails, so I figured it would be cheating.

  12. garnet says:

    Ok I missed a couple, but I’d say some of the questions could be taken more thatn one way. For example the first Phoney Install takes place in Helicopter. The fact that it is Casey calling him out to get him alone is still mission related and it does serve as a cover for the mission ergo I suggest Helicopter is actually correct, but then again, it is your quizz.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I see your logic, but I’ll stick by my answer. There was never any paperwork generated and It’s not a phoney install unless Chuck knows it’s a phoney install as far as I’m concerned. Sizzling Shrimp makes it official by having Mai-Ling sign the fake paperwork.

  13. Ernie Davis says:

    OK, now for the actual answers, and perhaps more important my twisted logic.

    How many times do we see Chuck doing an actual install?

    2, On Lon Kirk’s boat in Crown Vic and the conference where Jill shows up in Ex. You could argue for the museum opening with Hannah as an install, but it was also a mission.

    Phoney installs are used to cover for Chuck’s frequent mission related absences. In which episode is this established?

    Sizzling Shrimp, it has fake paperwork and Mei-Ling signs for it. I don’t count people putting in a fake install call (like Casey in Helicopter, Carina in Wookie, or Colt in First Date) as a fake install since Chuck is unaware it is fake.

    Which of the following characters has never been ass-man

    Chuck Bartowski’s brief tenure was to choose his replacement only, and Casey was acting Ass-man in Final Exam when Morgan was away, leaving only Jeff Barnes.

    Which of the following is NOT one of Sarah’s many names?

    Faye. This was the easiest apparently, 72% got it right. The others are aliases from Cougars or posing as honeymooners. Faye is Ellie’s middle name.

    What is Harry Tang’s middle name?

    Actually this one is the easiest, 81% picked Tiberius.

    Which is not a canonical name of a character on the show

    Ben Lo Pan (HT Big Trouble in Little China) Gangster in Sizzling Shrimp
    Guillermo Chan: First Bank of Evil manager
    Farrokh Bulsara: Tom Sawyer terrorist leader
    Otto von Vogel: Sasha the tiger’s owner in Role Models
    Hugo Panzer: First Class, Cubic Z
    Richard Noble: “Greta” in Suitcase and A-Team
    Emma Frost: made it up

    Which of the following was NOT part of a team B mission.

    Skydiving: First Fight, Goodbye
    Plumbing: beginning of Predator
    Helicopters: Hellicopter, Pink Slip, beginning of Angel de la Muerte, Goodbye
    Nudity: Hack-off
    Bartending: Tango, Beefcake, Masquarade
    Dancing: Break Up, Angel de la Muerte, Goodbye
    Hacking: Hack-off, many others.
    Stealth Bombers: American Hero, Other Guy
    A Tank: Other Guy
    Scuba diving: Push Mix
    Fake Facial Hair: Unknown mission,Chuck wakes up with a fake moustache, Ring II,
    Wigs: The Ex, Suitcase, Ring II
    Bellydancing, that was private.

    Which episode does NOT feature a mission that involves Sarah in a skimpy outfit?

    Crown Vic: Bikini on Lon Kirk’s boat
    Suitcase: Underwear under the trench coat
    Tom Sawyer: Nerd Herd Sarah
    Fat Lady: Hooker Sarah/shower
    Beefcake: Underwear with Cole Barker in the hotel room
    Kept Man: Bikini by the pool while protecting Verbanski
    First Date: That was for a real date. No gun after all.

    How many times has Chuck handled a real gun on a mission?

    The question so hard even I got it wrong. I was looking for 6 but forgot about 2 more. Lethal Weapon, Final Exam, Other Guy, Role Models, Ring II, Bullet Train, Cubic Z, and Goodbye.

    • thinkling says:

      Good job, Ernie. That was fun. Now I’ll further twist your logic.

      Nudity: I forgot about the Hack Off (I forgot some really obvious things), but I added Final Exam. It was accidental, but it did happen on a mission. You decide.

      Dancing: I would add the Pilot. Granted TeamB didn’t exist, but it was Sarah’s mission, and it did involve dancing.

      Stealth Bombers: how about Colonel … or does it not count because that was all Beckman? All of those are a bit iffy, because AH was mostly between Shaw and Beckman, and OG was pretty much all rogue Chuck. But still there were bombers and splosions.

      Skydiving: I would add Ring. Chuck called Casey’s private number and his team became the first airborne wedding crashers. Skydiving is also a wee bit suspect in First Fight, because technically Chuck was rogue again, and in Goodbye was Sarah acting as part of TeamB? Then there was also skydiving in Cliffhanger. Who can forget all those Russians?

      Helicopters: Add Predator to the list.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Just to torture the logic even further, in Cliffhanger Chuck was rogue, Decker had kicked them all out, but it was definitely a team B mission, so I say it counts.

        The nudity was for the mission because he did get into the steamroom with just a towel for his cover that left him uncovered.

        Good catch on Predator, I’m surprised I missed that one since the episode is one of my favorites.

      • authorguy says:

        Would Sarah and Casey jumping off the building in Hong Kong with parachutes qualify as skydiving?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        That would be base jumping, which base-jumpers will tell you is far more challenging than skydiving. Good catch though.

      • atcDave says:

        Those were F-16s in Colonel, not Stealth Bombers!

    • authorguy says:

      Installs: I wouldn’t count The Mask, since they were troubleshooting an existing system, not installing any part of a new one. But didn’t we see him mount Devon’s new TV in one episode? Does that count as an install?

    • anthropocene says:

      Thanks for posting the study guide, Ernie. I’m in awe of your command of the subject matter! 🙂

    • anthropocene says:

      PS: Emma Frost is an X-Men character, no?

  14. Ernie Davis says:

    OK, people seemed to enjoy this, and seemed to enjoy thinking through the questions. If people want to do this again I’ll be happy to put another together. With the results of this one as a basis I’ll try to pick “better” questions, as in less ambiguous and with correct answers. If you have a bit of Chuck Trivia you’d like to see in the next one you can e-mail to our site address or erniedavis at verizon dot net.

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