Chuck vs the Muuurder (4.19)

Now that Chuck’s been put in charge of the Intersect program, it falls on him to decide how to select best Intersect candidates.  But when one of them is murdered, it turns into a procedural type of mystery instead.

After the jump, we’ll look at this week’s episode.

So Muuurder is not hugely popular.  That is an understatement.  According to our Chuck This poll this is actually the least liked episode outside of the misery arc for the entire series.  I can see not being impressed, although I can easily think of ten or so episodes I would actually rank lower, this is certainly at the very bottom of those episodes I did actually enjoy.

So what fails so many viewers?  I can guess a couple things.  For starters, it just isn’t a very interesting episode.  I will get to a few exceptions below, but really there are few memorable moments in this episode.

I think a bigger complaint is just that Chuck himself is pretty underwhelming.  He acts a little cocky, and yet unsure of himself at the same time.  Really, he looked like a far better leader way back in the Pilot with his Nerd Herd.  Obviously Chuck’s behavior is played for laughs; but I think to some extent this is a poor decision with the show’s main character.  Especially when for so many of us how we relate to Chuck is a big part of our enjoyment of the show.  So putting him in a position where he is an object of ridicule is just never a good entertainment decision.  Way back in Tango (1.03) I commented how Chuck not being the stereotypical nerd and buffoon was a huge part of my enjoyment of that episode and this show.  Unfortunately, in these last couple seasons, that precedent will occasionally not be followed.  And that just never works for me.  Apparently, others feel even more strongly about it than I do.  Now this situation is not all hopelessly bleak; I really like seeing how Casey, and especially Sarah, have Chuck’s back.  They both offer helpful advice; and of course Sarah goes above and beyond with encouragement.  And I always love how she takes Chuck’s eccentricites with an even stride.  Her nerd never seems to upset or disappoint her, and she calmly guides him along.  This won’t be the last time Sarah will look awesome at Chuck’s expense (ahem; Curse…).  But Chuck the buffoon never plays well for me.

I think we’ve actually seen far worse examples of bad or annoying behavior from Chuck, even outside of the misery arc, Third Dimension and Curse really stand out to me, and yet those episodes ranked above this one.  That I don’t get.

There are few fun and memorable moments here, I like the screening process.  Especially Josie questioning the worth of the “social” questioning, and Chuck and Morgan just not understanding her complaint at all.  I like Chuck trying to befriend his nemesis.  And I like that he will finally earn her respect when he solves the crime and saves her life.  And I like that as he makes peace with one nemesis he learns that he has another. And I generally like the Team Bartowski/Team Intersect moment at the end, especially Sarah casually using Chuck as a foot rest as they all eat cookies.  Its just a comfortable, friendly sort of scene that this show always does so well.

I also get a big laugh out of the Buy More high jinx in this episode.  The kidnapping of Kevin Bacon and Big Mike is fun; especially once Big Mike is content with his sandwich.  Even better that his big hero moment comes when he won’t be kidnapped past quitting time.  And the minimal tie-in to the “A” plot, of Casey ambushing the piglet in the duct work.  Now that is classic comedy.  And yes, I’m juvenile enough to be amused by the flaming BM left on the porch.

Ellie learning about the Intersect doesn’t do as much for me.  It might have worked better for me if this had been a big build up to her discovering Chuck had their father’s work in him.  But that moment will be lost as they head off on the Agent X story.  I don’t dislike that story, but it does feed in to how underused Ellie is in most of this season.

I still have to say that overall I enjoyed this episode.  I think I would rank at the very weak end of average.  At least to say, I don’t dislike it.  Its great stuff compared to the misery arc.  Is that setting the bar too low?  Perhaps.  But its Chuck, and I did enjoy it.


Lewis, the hacker.

Lewis, the hacker.

Here, in 30 seconds, the cast of characters and the plot. Start the clock.

Lewis, tech-ops specialist, hacker at the age of 14.
Josie, Psy-ops genius, intuitive and great in the interrogation room. She also knows how to manipulate others using their emotional reaction to her.

Casey: I get it. You had to get a girl to find someone as “feelie” as you.

Josie, emotive, emotional.

Josie, emotive, emotional.

Damian, former Navy Seal, marksman, looks like a terrorist.
Finally, there’s Brody, Chuck’s twin brother by another mother. Nerdy, emotional and into his family and friends.

Damian, former Navy Seal

Damian, former Navy Seal

Casey: Good God, there’s another one.

Chuck has to choose the new Intersect, but he hates letting the others go. Worse, Bentley is rooting for Chuck to screw it up. Chuck selects Brody, but that lasts about 30 seconds before somebody kills the recruit. Whodunit?

Okay, that was 25 seconds.

Brody. "Good God, there's another one!"

Brody. “Good God, there’s another one!”

I won’t mince words. I put Chuck vs. Muuurder at the bottom of my list too, somewhere along side 3-D. Of course, as is my wont, after the re-watch I wondered why! It was much better and more clever than I remembered and showed me something that I had completely missed. How can you not love Keven Bacon??? And don’t you just love how each of those people epitomize some aspect of our favorite nerd?

Here’s a question for the fans. Who got Damian’s answer to Morgan’s question: “Charlton Heston’s coolest movie?” (The answer is “PotA”, btw).

And Kevin Bacon, as himself.

And Kevin Bacon, as himself.

Wait, I want to reconsider my assessment of these people. First, there’s Josie. Manipulative? You bet. But isn’t that a bit more like Sarah than Chuck? Hum! And Lewis’s accent. How does that fit in? Finally, Damian, the former Navy Seal and marksman doesn’t seem very Chuck-like to me at all. That’s more like… lemmee think now, Casey! It’s fitting that Brody, the one who’s the closest to Chuck, is the first to leave the scene.

So I reconsidered and put it where it belongs, right at the bottom of that pile exactly where I put it before. Of course, all that did was prove to me that the Chuck canon is an amazing set of episodes.

[That’s a cop out, Buckley!]

Not really. It’s easy to recognize Muuurder as a foray into the murder-mystery genre and a fun exercise for the writing crew. Doing Agatha Christie is easy. Doing great Agatha Christie is hard, though, so we’re immediately tempted to give them a break and just enjoy the ride.

And the ride ain’t bad at all. It’s a bit unusual to find the entire a plot performed in the confines of Castle, but here we are with Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Director Bentley and four Chuck wannabees in that claustrophobic area. Do we ever see the outdoors? Only once, briefly, as the big BM is set aflame outside the BM doors as BM watches safely within.

And by the way. Does BM stand for Big Mike or Buy More? I could never figure that out. [snicker-snicker]

Ahem. Anyway, that thing I had missed before was happening right under my nose.

Beckman: Thank you for joining us, Director. The Intersect clearly works better in Chuck than in anyone Director Bentley was able to find.
Morgan: Ouch! So sorry!
Beckman: This time, our search will be led by the only man who really knows what it’s like to be an Intersect.
Chuck, we need you to find more Chucks.

With that, Chuck is designated leader of the group, if only temporarily. That’s not a small thing and yes, just like Dave pointed out, Chuck takes turns being cocky and very unsure of himself. Maybe he’s not quite a fish out of water, but Chuck knows he’s being tested here. He saved the city from a nuclear bomb just last week but Beckman all but shouts “What have you done for me lately? Hum?” Director Bentley, Chuck’s new nemesis, is right there to help him trip up, too, and it falls to Sarah to bolster Chuck’s self confidence. The murder that happens on his watch is making Chuck a nervous wreck.

Sarah: Okay, you are still in charge. You need to be calm and confident. But just remember; we need to figure this out, okay?

Believing in Chuck, bolstering his confidence.

Believing in Chuck, bolstering his confidence.

Sarah may not be Chuck’s handler anymore, but she knows leadership. She knows Chuck has to prove himself to Beckman.

Ah,there’s a “C” story going on too. Bentley had handed Stephen’s laptop – Orion’s! – back to Ellie in an attempted to unlock it’s secrets. Who better to do that? Ellie’s not only a bright neurosurgeon but as obsessive as her father when it comes to solving problems like this. Oh gee! She was ready to do research on baby Clara just last week, don’t forget.

It’s ridiculous that Castle is bombed three times (and its new Intersect room once) while the principles emerge unscathed, but that’s okay by me. Gunshots are fired all over Nick and Nora’s dining room with nary an injury too, don’t forget. It’s part of the fun. Besides, what’s more fun than Chuck taking care of bombs with computer viruses and fruit juice? Chuck taking care of a bomb with a pocket protector, that’s what! As we saw just last week and in the pilot episode, Chuck knows bombs.

Underneath that fun is a simple message, one that we understood subconsciously from the beginning. Despite his uncertainty and misgivings, Chuck is a leader just like Sarah believes. More importantly, he’s not the reason the Intersect works.

Chuck and Sarah and Casey and Morgan are the reason the Intersect works. Chuck knows that now, as does Casey. And so do we.

That’s the procedural part of this episode. Chuck identifies the murderer, solves the mystery and puts all to right again. Twice.

Chuck: Is this the Large Mart pig?
Morgan: Yeah, of course it is.
Chuck: [Seeing the burning BM outside the Buy More door] Oh, hey. Let me guess. Jeff and Lester stole the porcine victim, Large Mart snatched Big Mike in retaliation, he was able to liberate himself but they still torched the Big BM on your doorstep.
Morgan: Yeah, heh. Yeah, you left out, uh… Nothing. Right. That’s exactly right.
Chuck: Figured as much.

Heh! The serial part, Stephen’s laptop and the introduction to the mysterious Agent-X intrigues me more.

Beckman: Congratulations on solving the murder mystery and saving Castle from destruction. And a special commendation to you, Chuck. You are a true leader.
Chuck: Thank you, general. But I’m only as strong as the team that surrounds me. And, as always, Sarah and Casey were my eyes, ears and more today.
Beckman: I’m glad you feel that way, because this is the team we’re sticking with. Following the security breach it has been deemed too dangerous to put the intersect into a new recruit. At least for the foreseeable future Chuck, you are to remain the only Intersect.

The only Intersect? Wanna bet on that? And oh yes, our delightful Brit, Vivian Volkoff, is revealed as Chuck’s new nemesis. Bwa-ha-ha.

Dave’s right (again); this episode is one that would not have been missed (much) had we never seen it, and that’s a shame. It’s fun and leads us back to one our favorite family of villains. It’s going to be a fun ride to the end of the season.

– joe


About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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39 Responses to Chuck vs the Muuurder (4.19)

  1. mr2686 says:

    I’ve just never been a big Muuurder fan. It has grown on me over the years, but that’s mainly due to the B-plot (Kevin Becon…I’m buyin’ what he’s sellin’) and in jokes like asking the candidates what their favorite Rush album is (Lewis says Caress of Steel, widely regarded as their worst album).
    I only list 4 series episodes below this one, and as far as season 4 goes, I feel this is far and away the worst. Of course, it’s still enjoyable. Muuurder is kinda of a mile marker for me because once we get past this, we jump a bit in quality to Family Volkoff but then finish off the season with what I feel might be the strongest 4 in a row episodes in any season.
    On a side note, I’ve been upgrading my 5.1 speakers during my latest rewatch and Chuck truly sounds amazing on a good system. A good center channel really helps pick up all those “under the breath” comments made by Morgan and Casey etc. The music, of course, really is more enjoyable as well.

    • atcDave says:

      The sound mix quality on Chuck really is outstanding. I found it an amazing upgrade just going from DVD to Blu-Ray.
      I know I’ll be in the minority on how I rank order this; I would agree with putting it at the lower end of S4, but Gobbler pretty firmly remains my least favorite. And every other season has at least one episode I’d rank lower. Muuurder is one of those that will never be a favorite, but I don’t really dislike either.
      I do agree though that we’re coming up on a very strong run to finish the season. I still think the first five of S2 is probably the best run of episodes I’ve ever seen in my life, but the end of S4 is also very strong. Especially Wedding Planner and Last Details, two just dynamite hours.

      • mr2686 says:

        Dave, it’s hard to argue about the first 5 of season 2. Break up is a little weaker for me so that’s what put’s that block second (for me) and the last 4 of season 4 a little ahead, but if you go 5 for 5 and add Family Volkoff to season 4 then I give the edge to Season 2.

      • andereandre says:

        Break up is my least favorite after Cat squad. Chuck at his most incompetent and demeaning. He can’t even pour wine because he is jealous, bah. Furthermore I dislike the Buymore plot.
        But the end is dynamite, I normally skip through the episode until where Casey is cleaning his gun and totally ignores Sarah’s explanation, really powerful scene. And than the rest, wow. Made me realize that it is not very useful to rank episodes when you are more interested in the overall story.

      • atcDave says:

        Gee guys, I love Break Up. My favorite one-shot villain of the series (Von Hayes), funny and sweet in equal measure (love the hospital scene), and just a dynamite ending. I only wish the Chuck/Sarah dinner scene had been used in place of the pathetic returning home from the non-date scene that we got. I think I would rank Seduction lowest of those first five, but its still one of the top ten of that season. Just a hugely powerful, nearly perfect run of episodes.

      • andereandre says:

        But Dave, how can you complain about Chuck being underwhelming in Muuurder (which I don’t agree with), and then be happy with an episode where chuck is a total pathetic incompetent jealous buffoon, with less self-confidence than he showed in the pilot?

      • atcDave says:

        I thought it was funny?

        Also, I wasn’t really that put off by Chuck’s behavior in Muuurder (or in Break Up), I actually have few complaints with Muuurder. I was trying to figure out why it was ranked so lowly. I would never in a million years score it beneath Third Dimension or Curse, and yet most Chuck fans did.

      • mr2686 says:

        Oh I like Breakup, I just think it’s not quite as good as the other 4 mentioned in season 2, and I actually love the Buymore plot with the Mighty Jocks…Ms. Wu at her best.
        That alone brings it up to excellent status in my book.
        Going back to Muuurder, I think the main reason it gets better for me is that there are so many little things that you tend to gloss over or not notice, but once you catch one, and then another and then another, you find that this type of episode is pretty darn good. It’s not quite there yet for me, and I’m not sure it’s ever going to go up my list any higher, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real enjoyable to watch.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh yeah I love the Mighty Jocks! Strahan lifting Morgan three feet off the ground, then Anna taking him down like a schmuck; so much fun!

        I agree about Muuurder too, lots of fun little moments and lines, but nothing really big or important about it.
        I only rank it higher than some because a few of those episodes have significantly annoying elements to them, which Muuurder does not.

      • andereandre says:

        @mr: yes the little things. The physical testing by Casey; a couple of sequences of a few seconds each, a little part in a fast montage; really funny and so easy to miss.
        @atcDave: Oh, I agree with you. Maybe I am a little bit overprotective of this silly little episode. In one of Earnie’s polls (Chuck versus the statistics) it gets 11 1’s which puts it in the category of the controversial episodes, which I find strange. If you find it ‘meh, doesn’t do a lot for me’ that would be a 2 or so. I can imagine why people find this ep forgettable, just not why anyone would hate it.

      • atcDave says:

        Andre I think we’re in about the same place then.

  2. andereandre says:

    I really don’t find Chuck very buffoonish here.
    Until now he always avoided formal leadership with its responsibilities and accountability.
    He is a natural leader of course and people follow his lead whenever he takes it (even Sarah and Casey) but he did not even want to be assistant manager.
    There is a big difference and he kind of grows into it during the episode so I didn’t feel that he was written disrespectfully at all.

    For me this is a very re-watchable episode. It has so many little jokes that I find some that I missed previously (or maybe just forgot) every time.
    This time it was “no, no, I have lots of friends who are terrorists”.

    • atcDave says:

      Except that he was a good and engaged Nerd Herd supervisor at the start of the series; and throughout those first two seasons we also heard how much the Buy Morons all looked up to him. Obviously it was never the career job, and his government duties quickly degraded his work for the Buy More; but I think they sort of overdid his weakness as a leader at times here, especially considering how he was depicted at the start of the series.
      I do agree though this is a very re-watchable episode. Certainly a long way from the series’ best, but fun nonetheless.

  3. oldresorter says:

    I liked the ep.

    My only complaint, when I heard the ‘concept’ of an old fashioned murder mystery, I was really excited for a blockbuster mid season type ep in the spirit of episodes like Delorean or Best Friend or even Honeymooners. In that light, this ep didn’t knock my socks off that way. Still, when Chuck and Sarah are in a good spot, having fun and working together, that’s all I need in Chuck. A solid hour of fun for me. This was a very good episode for that reason, better than many.

    • atcDave says:

      Well you know I mostly agree Jason. It’s an easy episode for me to enjoy, in part, because Chuck and Sarah are in a good place from beginning to end. I even like that it’s not an overtly romantic episode, it’s about a mission and a mystery. The core team works well together, and the nature of Charah is just background. It’s sort of a status quo episode in that way, and I like it for that.
      I scores poorly with me more because so many other episodes are better than anything particularly wrong here.

  4. joe says:

    Good afternoon, folks. Sorry I overslept this morning and missed these comments earlier.

    But not really. Looks like we’re all in violent agreement here!

    I’d have to think long and hard to find an episode of Chuck that I found more forgettable, but like everyone’s been saying, Chuck vs. The Muuurder is still entertaining, especially once you’ve hooked up your 5.1 speaker system and catch all the quips in the dialog. Really is clever stuff.

    Of course, that makes the music sound better too. This is played when Chuck and Sarah are interviewing the “Chucks”.

    And if you’re more into the traditional Chuck-style of music…
    This one is from the final montage, when we find out that Devon decided to not switch out the harddrive and Ellie decides to keep Chuck safe by not telling him.

    • dkd says:

      I’m probably one of the people who rated this one pretty low.

      I think that, in some respects, it may be hard for many to articulate what about the episode just doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together for a few days.

      Part of it is that this is a “bottle episode”. It was all produced on existing sets. I sense it was produced on a really low budget and may have even been produced in fewer days than the average Chuck episode to save up for the season finale.

      There are scenes throughout the episode–mostly the ones down in the castle–that just don’t seem as polished as they might be. There are lines of dialogue and delivery of the dialogue that just don’t have the snap I expect from a Chuck episode. Some of them even make me cringe.

      They were trying to do a Chuck version of a classic parlor murder mystery, but it didn’t work. There were too few suspects and the execution just wasn’t good enough. It didn’t work as a parody of a that kind of murder mystery either.

      Chuck’s behavior and some of his dialogue is just annoying at times. They just seemed to lay on the “Chuck’s a leader” stuff a little too thick. It’s the fourth season. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, either for Chuck or the others. I wanted to slap him a few times when he was unsure of himself.

      That being said, other parts of the episode are enjoyable to me. I liked the Ellie and Awesome stuff. This was the point of the show where I really welcomed them finally using Ellie in a more meaningful fashion.

      I liked the introduction of the candidates. The Brody character, in particular, was fun. I was so sorry he was the first victim because this was a character they could have done more with. The interviews were funny.

      Kevin Bacon was very cute, but I thought the “BM” jokes were a little too juevenile for my comedic tastes. As usual, Big Mike delivers his in-program Subway commercial with skill.

      • atcDave says:

        Good analysis on several points DKD. I particularly agree about how the “Chuck as a leader” part of the story failed me. As we’ve mentioned a few times, I don’t think anyone really scores this episode highly; the only dispute seems to be where it falls from about 75 to 91.
        I occasionally do enjoy the more juvenile humor, especially since it seems so fitting to me in the feud between Buy More and Large Mart hooligans. Of course that’s coming from a guy who actually pulled the flaming BM gag when I was about 12. So I guess its mainly funny to me as it informs what the maturity level of those involved is (even if their BM was green and yellow)!

      • dkd says:

        May I add that “bottle episodes” can be executed well. Writers often use them as opportunities to do “character driven” stuff. But, it’s not very effective is the characters don’t feel right.

  5. resaw says:

    A mediocre episode, in my estimation. Dave, I’m with you in wishing that they had given Ellie more of a role here. Instead, they only hinted at the potential, without exploring it. It’s too bad that Chuck didn’t take Bentley’s words to heart and actively support her investigation of their Dad’s computer. If there was a positive, albeit brief, outcome from the continuing conspiracy to keep Ellie in the dark, it was in seeing Devon essentially acting as a double agent. Ostensibly, he’s Chuck’s agent for spying on Ellie, but now it turns out, he’s keeping Chuck in the dark about Ellie’s work and actively supporting her efforts. A nice twist, especially since he has never shown an ability to keep cool under circumstances that involve “espionage” of any sort. It’s fascinating that Chuck buys Devon’s story, though.

    Snicker worthy line/scene: Morgans says, “I can’t go all day without my number 2,” as the camera pans over the letters BM.

    • atcDave says:

      As Joe said, so far we all seem to be in agreement on this; only differing over how far below average we’re talking about!

      • resaw says:

        Well, while I suspect I speak only for myself on this particular point, and certainly, Dave, I know you won’t agree, for me it is worse than *any* season 3 episode. Just putting it out there… not looking to pick a fight.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah I definitely don’t agree.

    • andereandre says:

      “Snicker worthy line/scene: Morgans says, “I can’t go all day without my number 2,” as the camera pans over the letters BM.”
      With this rewatch I usually read the old blog entries before watching the episode. The one for this episode mentioned that it contained potty humor. I didn’t remember that, so I was alert for it while watching and I didn’t find anything. Now after googling for BM I understand.
      I blame the Dutch education system for leaving me so unequipped to fully understand ‘Chuck’.

      • joe says:

        Heh! You’re far more equipped than the average TV watcher in the US, Ander. I assure you! 😉

        But perhaps a better test is the humor on The Big Bang Theory. I used to work at NASA, so I know a fair bit of Physics. I’m sure that 99.99% of the gags and wordplay about Physics on TBBT is way over the heads of our typical high school graduate. I’d guess 99.44% (and that number is a reference to a very old advertising campaign here) of the college grads. don’t get the jokes either.


      • andereandre says:

        I think you are too pessimistic there, Joe.
        Even the best education systems in the world deliver more people who believe in horoscopes than accepting science.

      • atcDave says:

        Its amazing the usefulness of Google!

  6. Wilf says:

    I rather enjoyed this episode, not least because Chuck and Sarah’s relationship remained strong, mutually supportive and unfaltering throughout. I didn’t really think Chuck was whiny, but he was, maybe, sometimes just a little condescending as leader. I liked Josie’s “how did you get him to commit” (not sure of exact words). The English accent was pretty terrible (IMO) but quite amusing in its way. The whole BM thing doesn’t really work here in the UK (or maybe I’ve just led a very sheltered life). The cosy debrief at the end with milk and cookies was really nice, as was the (already mentioned) familiar way Sarah put her feet on Chuck’s lap.

    • atcDave says:

      I’m sure you mean you weren’t sure if BM stood for Buy More or Big Mike, right Wilf?

      Josie’s line “How did you get the Intersect to commit?” is one of those little gems that makes this episode entertaining for me. So much funny stuff.

      • resaw says:

        I liked Josie’s line, too. It would have been fun to see that conversation extended. Would Sarah have recommended repeating “It’s complicated” as a sure fire technique for getting your man?

      • Wilf says:

        Thought it was a Big Mac, actually 😉 Also, I forgot to mention that I also really liked the way Chuck was able to use his brain’s replay facility to analyse the data and come to his conclusion

      • andereandre says:

        Resaw, Sarah would have recommended to Josie to purchase the DVD’s of the previous seasons. I am not sure whether she would be aware of Hulu and Netflix.

  7. Dave says:

    Muuurder has always underwhelmed me…but having said that, there were some really good things in there.
    Sarah’s response to Brodie and the other “Chucks” was priceless.
    Sarah interacting with Josie, and Josie asking Sarah how she finally roped in the Intersect, violating 3 and 3/4 seasons of the world wondering how Chuck roped in Sarah. I thought that was an interesting twist.
    Casey as the Intersect’s “brainless muscle”.
    The ending was fantastic. Most of the rest wasn’t bad, it just didn’t inspire me. Chuck was portrayed as a poor, spineless leader and that didn’t sit well with me. Does not drop to the level of the “three that will never be re-watched” but it did make my bottom 10-12.

  8. Mark P says:

    I thought this episode was mostly forgettable although there were some good laughs in it. The leadership part was quite annoying though. Its been awhile since ive seen this one

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