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I wasn’t expecting to do one of these posts so soon after the last!  But there has been an increase in activity lately, and I just wanted to share some of the latest stories I’ve seen.

So after the jump, the latest bunch of my recommendations.

This my still be the Netflix effect?  I don’t know, but there are more new stories and more new writers right now than I’ve seen in a while.  Its my perception that there may be more new younger and foreign writers too.  Now this is sometimes a tricky part of the vetting and recommending part of it for me.  I would hate to label a new writer in a way that may diminish their enthusiasm; or worse, insult their best efforts.  This is among the reasons I resist getting too critical in a public review.  But as I’ve said before, not every story I enjoy and recommend could ever qualify as great, some are just fun.  This all about having fun with our favorite characters and setting.  So please, no pointing out if you find one of my recommendations severely deficient in some way.  I am well aware some of them have more limitations than others, but if I recommend it, it means I had fun reading it.  It may be I like a character portrayal, or found some element of the story unique or interesting. I always try to be clear in the review what drew me to the story.  My taste and opinions are an open book around here, and its okay when people disagree or insult me (I’m happy to fight back!), but no insulting fellow fans and writers on this site!  Not I don’t ever expect that to be a big problem, I’m pretty confident many of you will enjoy what I recommend, and I’m often pleased with what a classy and eager group of fans we have here.  But when dealing with amateur writers I always think its important to either be encouraging or be quiet.  After all, I want more!  And so many writers get better as the work.  If you must criticize something (other than me) please do it via PM or e-mail.

Let me start with something fun from long time commenter here Jason75 (AKA Old Resorter).  Many of you may remember Jason’s Chuck/Thin Man fusion from a while back called “Chuck vs The Long Island Debutante“. Well Jason is back with a sequel called “The Charles vs Murder on the LA Express“.  Jason has a style that just exudes enthusiasm for the characters and setting.  The set up is simple enough, Chuck and Sarah are taking the train to the west coast for their honeymoon.  Of course they find themselves amidst dangerous conspiracies and worse, Morgan.  He has a great time with a very funny Morgan.  You know, funny annoying, but funny.  Jason borrows characters from other ‘verses than just Chuck or Thin Man too, and creates a fun, eclectic, wild ride.  Its still early, only three chapters in and could be read in about an hour.  But expect it go quite a bit longer.

Another returning writer with a returning AU is Frea OScanlin with “That Which is Greater: Winter Break“. This setting has been characterized by several short stories.  It starts the Chuck story at about the Pilot with one significant alteration; Chuck is a single dad to the precocious Violet Bartowski.  As always, I suggest those who are unfamiliar with this setting to visit Frea’s author’s page first to get links for the whole series.  This latest tale starts with the whole gang heading off to Tahoe for a week vacation.  It is set shortly after the epic first holiday season for this AU, which means Chuck and Sarah are a very new real couple still not sure what the government and Casey will let them get away with.  Add to that the always fun dynamic of Sarah and a five year old and this story should be a ton of fun.  The three chapters currently up would take around an hour to read.  My best guess is its between a third and a quarter of the way done.

Next I’m going with a one-shot by a new writer.  Barbadiangirl has written “The Life She Only Dreams Of“. This was recommended to me by reader reppin246 in my last fan fiction post.  It is set several years post series with Sarah several months pregnant.  There is no huge adventure or deep angst.  It is a sweet, heart warming look at Chuck and Sarah’s life, the life they were planning on having at the end of the series.  It’s kind of long as one-shots go and would likely take an hour to read.  But its a great time, and fun to see the end we were hoping for play out.

Another new writer, Ronnie1958, is launching a hypothetical Season Six.  Obviously we’ve seen this idea, and seen it well done, before.  But hey, more of a good thing is better!  The style is a pretty good fit for the show, good mix of action, adventure, humor and romance.  Currently we have three stories up, “Chuck vs Love Boat“, “Chuck vs The Rock“, and “Chuck vs Amtrak“.  The first two are complete.  Each could be read in less than three hours.  So far, Ronnie is writing fast!  With maybe five updates a week he’s working about as fast as I can read.  And the stories have been a lot of fun.

Last but not least is another reader recommendation. On my last fan fiction post, long time reader Garnet shared his constant hope of finding some big oldie but goodie.  It is a little discouraging for many of us to realize we’ve read about all there is, or all that interests us anyway.  Well fellow reader Cory promptly came through!  Its a little different, its a Chuck/Veronica Mars crossover.  Now honestly, I’ve never seen Veronica Mars.  So there was little chance of me ever even looking at this one on my own.  But I owe Cory a debt of gratitude!  “Sarah vs The FBI” by TwotoTenth qualifies exactly for what Garnet (and I) were hoping for.  This is an oldie, written post Season Two, it is complete and it is fun.  No Veronica Mars knowledge is required!  I’m sure it would help, but I didn’t feel anything lacking for my ignorance of the subject.  It starts with a young FBI agent, Veronica Mars, being called in to investigate the murder of General Diane Beckman.  The leading suspect is a rogue CIA agent, Sarah Walker, who’s been missing for over a year.  And I don’t think I’ll reveal any more.  The discovery is so much fun!  This is really is a lost gem as far I’m concerned.  Really a very good story.  It could be read in less than three hours.

And that does it for now.  Think of this as a bonus post.  I wasn’t planning on doing it, but I’d found enough “new” material in the last couple weeks I thought it was a good time.  My next planned fan fiction post will be a Season Five Alternatives post in a couple weeks.

~ Dave


About atcDave

I'm 54 years old and live in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I'm happily married to Jodie. I've been an air traffic controller for 31 years; grew up in the Chicago area, and am still a fanatic for pizza and the Chicago Bears. My main interest is military history, and my related hobbies include scale model building and strategy games.
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41 Responses to New Fan Fiction

  1. authorguy says:

    Another great story is “Finding Home”, a bit of an AU. Sarah leaves Chuck on orders from the CIA and finds she can’t live without him. Casey is her guardian angel, as usual, but it’s not clear if she recognizes it.
    I liked “oh lord, I’ve been waiting for you”, another post-finale story. Barstow is the trigger for her cascade of recollections this time.
    Dettiot has yet another stellar collection or little moments from the show in “Real Love.”

  2. garnet says:

    Thanks for this update Dave….Sadly Vs. The FBI is one I have already read. Happily, I think it might be time to give it another read.
    I’ll add my 2 cents on some of the new writers. I have PM’d several of them to offer support and encouragement, and you are right several are writing in a second language. I will admit to being quite impressed by many of them, as my almost second language is French and I wouldn’t order supper at MacDonald’s in French let alone try writing a story.

    • atcDave says:

      Awwww, bummer, you’ve read it! It was a great surprise for me.

      Yeah I’m really impressed by the quality work we see from some non-native English writers. It’s funny to me sometimes I won’t even be sure for a while, just an occasional odd word usage or something.

  3. oldresorter says:

    Dave. Thanks for the kind shout out. I started writing to end the scene on the beach, and add a second epilogue eight years out, which evolved into the story “What’s Next” along with the one shot “Sarah vs Bruiser Butkus”.

    I never expected to be taken seriously as a fan fiction writer, so to read you words here is most rewarding.

    I haven’t been cured of Season 3 or Season 5’s end, but writing fan fiction is sure a far more productive way of ‘venting’ than continually rehashing the same issues that upset me on the blog here. Plus, I think writing gives me empathy for some of the challenges the writing staff may have faced. Empathy is a good thing.

    My MOLAX story is progressing well, most every chapter is partially written, and so far I’ve been pleased with how the story came together. One thing about Morgan, I think the writers might have messed up when they made him too real and serious in s3. I think the season 1 and 2 Morgan, might have contributed more to the success of Chuck than he gets credit for. IN s3 thru s5, jeffster took Morgan’s comic relief and buymore loser roles, while Morgan took Chuck’s buymore boss and guy who sees the truth about everything roles. I think in many ways, that hurt the show’s mechanics, the give and take nature of how events unfolded, even if the actual Morgancharacter was liked by many in s3 thru 5.

    Anyhow, thx again.

    • authorguy says:

      I had the same feeling. The show writers had to do this stuff under a lot of pressure and little time, while we have lots of both, and their example to build from.

    • atcDave says:

      Empathy is indeed a good thing Jason. Its great to hear how you’re finding some for the writers. It is always a tricky balance to dislike a product without disrespecting the provider. Especially one as purely emotional as favorite characters on a favorite show.

      Interesting thoughts on Morgan too. He certainly did change a lot in the later seasons. Part of the issue may be, if he continues to be too odd, he can drag Chuck down with him. So I suspect the change had something to do with keeping him relevant to a maturing Chuck. I think I would have preferred if they kept him odder, but shrank the part. But its not a huge thing to me, I mostly enjoyed Morgan, even if he was over used on occasion.

      • garnet says:

        There is a question I have been dying to ask, and I hope it isn’t too peersonal. NinjaVanish had a character in one story…an air traffic controller named Dave who helped Chuck abort an attempted take over of a tower. Is that possibly a nod to someone here?

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah. Although he laughed at how much I was going to hate the chapter. I remember the chapter before I quipped to him (review or PM? I don’t recall) that I hoped he wasn’t going the Die Hard 2 route, it is so painfully unrealistic. Not only were the bad guys doing things that are just technically not possible, but the writer clearly had no clue about job responsibilities, or the difference between Air Traffic and Airport management.

        So I think he did it to torture me. What NV did wasn’t quite as outrageous as Die Hard 2. But the same sort of stuff. Mainly, airspace is structured and layered in a way that make it difficult or impossible for a tower controller to cause nearly so much mayhem. Except maybe on the runway itself. In the air is more of an Approach or Center responsibility. And O’Hare’s Approach Control, C90, is in Elgin, many miles from the airport!

        The only story I think of that actually got all of our technical details mostly correct is the original Airport; novel and movie both did a good job. Although its pretty dated at this point.
        Pushing Tin did very well in some ways. And made a mess of things in a few others.
        But I think every controller’s favorite movie is Airplane! Sure it makes a mess of things too, but who cares. And the first cockpit scene is pretty much exactly what most controllers imagine happening in every cockpit every time we talk to them…

      • oldresorter says:

        Garnett, in my first story, I shouted out almost the whole gang here in a fun, stand alone chapter that took time off from the mystery. You can read it quickly, a couple of thousand words, without needing any context from before or after the story. Give it a try if you like stuff that includes folks from this site.

      • garnet says:

        Shirley you can’t be serious……As an aside, Leslie Nielson was born in my home (and current) town so we have a soft spot for hime around here. His brother Erik was a noted and respected member of the Canadian Parliment.
        @ oldresorter
        Roger Wilco, I’ll check it out, although I think I have read all your stories, so I may have read it before. If so it was likely before I arrived at ChuckThis.

      • Fixed link for oldresorter/Jason75 (the other points to the preview page for his login):

    • I have messaged you before about how I really enjoyed your hypothetical season 6. Glad to see others feel the same way about your stories!

      • Well, your storyline of the future reminds me of a season 6 haha. Your What’s Next story basically mirrors a hypothetical season 6, and your story lines after are on my to read list!

      • authorguy says:

        Try anthropocene’s and Angus McNab’s versions of a season 6 as well. They’re both very good. Each has a different take on Sarah getting her memories back. Angus’ is one of three stories that I know of, and the only series, where the Intersect is used to fix the problem.

      • oldresorter says:

        Jeff, thx for fixing that link. My bad. It was fun to send Ernie and Dave out on a faux date with Alex and Sarah (Dave, I hope Mrs Dave didn’t minid?). And since Chuck faux hooked up with ‘Ava’ Thinkling, fair is fair. The whole gang ends up straightening things out and end up partying at Bristows pub, owned by none other than Jack and daughter Sid.

        Daniel, thank you so much. One of the reasons I keep writing, is because of how nice people are about giving feedback and encouragement. I try to stay true to my POV about the actual show, its nice to see I’m not the only one who saw the show in that light.

      • atcDave says:

        Jason we must never speak of it again…

        You’ve definitely formed your own niche by just having outrageous fun with it all. Most fan fiction tells a more serious, straight story. A few writers capture bits of the Chuck humor. But I think it’s a rare thing to be as outrageous and crazy as the show sometimes got, Jason you do it well.

  4. garnet says:

    A couple of stories that might be worth a look are Chuck vs. Dangers in Paradise by Mr88 and perhaps Chuck vs. The Mirror by MG101

  5. lappers84 says:

    A story I’m reading at the moment which I’m enjoying is Chuck vs the Amtrak by Ronnie1958

  6. @Authorguy,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have been reading Anthropocene’s season 6, and I will look into Angus’ 6th season. the storylines you authors come up are a joy to read.

    • authorguy says:

      Those are the my favorite ‘season 6’ stories. Angus in particular, since he’s like me in using the Intersect to fix things. BillAtWork has another ‘season 6’ series, where she simply moves on, as a new Sarah making new memories. Not my favorite option. There are very many post-finale one-shot stories, mostly about the recovery of her memories, which are of the ‘gradual recovery’ or the ‘sudden cascade’ school.

      • I’ve been reading BillAtWork’s story, and I find it to be a plausible storyline as well, fully trusting those around her and reshaping and reworking those relationships are hard enough if you have lost your memory, and takes a lot to follow that notion. Definitely different from the two school’s you mention and a great alternative to those schools of thought.

        [ED. I’m not sure why this was put into moderation, Daniel. Sorry ’bout that.]

      • authorguy says:

        Definitely a valid alternative, but I think of it as a zombie of Sarah, possessed by the ghost of her identical twin sister. No interest on my part. I wanted Sarah back, so I gravitate to those stories that bring her back.

      • I have read many stories from those two thought processes, so it was nice to see a third option. But personally I do enjoy the “Real Sarah comes back” stories haha.

    • anthropocene says:

      Thanks, Marc and Daniel! Working on 6.07 now.

  7. gatesoutcast says:

    Dave, thanks for the updates to these stories, a great way to enjoy the romantic adventure of Chuck and Sarah. I loved Veronica Mars and what a bonus to have both shows mix. I wish someone would write a Quantum Leap mix into the world of Chuck.

    • atcDave says:

      Goc I’m glad you’ve liked my recommendations. I sure like finding new stuff.

      According to there are three Quantum Leap crossovers! I can’t vouch for quality, but just click on the crossovers tab at the top of the Chuck page and it will give you the full listing. One of them looks like a longer tale, and no surprise, it shows Beckett/Orion as a single character!
      If you check it out, give us a report!

  8. Barbadiangirl says:

    hey Dave, thanks so much for mentioning my story in this post. It sure does mean a lot to have avid Chuck fans like you guys reading and enjoting my work.

    • Barbadiangirl says:


      • Wilf says:

        Yes, thanks from me too – your stories have been really lovely to read. I’m sorry I can’t do an alliterative ‘thank you’ to match Dave’s “Fun fan fiction keeps the fandom …” 😉

      • atcDave says:

        Hey that was very carefully planned and executed….. Right. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • atcDave says:

      Hey “enjoting” works too…

      Thanks for sharing something fun for us all to read. Fun fan fiction is what keeps the fandom and the Chuckiverse alive now, so we all owe you a big one!

      • Reppin246 says:

        You guys are welcome. I’m glad I can play a part in keeping the fandom alive.

      • Reppin246 says:

        Sorry about that above msg., accidentally pressed post comment.
        What I meant to say was that I’m glad Dave took me up in my recommendation and that you guys enjoyed reading it as I did. Glad I can do my part in encouraging ff writers and keeping the fandom alive.

  9. gatesoutcast says:


    I just finished the Quantum Leap/Chuck cross over. Beckett and Orion are switched because of the leap. As a fan of both shows the author did an excellent job describing and interacting with many characters. He did a great job with Admiral Al, and Chuck’s friends as well. A fun read. Thanks for the info.

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