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Yesterday Zachary Levi’s Nerd Machine crowd-sourced I Want My Nerd HQ effort went live.  I’ve already written about why you should help him here.  But it never hurts to revisit and keep fresh in people’s minds why this effort is so important not just for Nerd HQ, but in changing the way the entertainment industry interacts with and serves the fan.  Join me after the jump to see why you should help this effort.

Zachary Levi apparently likes to try new things.  A few years ago he tried and failed to get a booth at COMIC-CON.  So he decided to rent out space at a local tavern and hold his own parallel version of COMIC-CON.  He is now officially a victim of that success.  The event, Nerd HQ, has grown in scope and size until, to quote Zac:

The funding strategy we have been using to produce Nerd HQ is no longer viable due to venue deadlines and the commitments required by the Nerd Machine to properly plan the event. We wish we could continue to subsidize the event ourselves, but we simply no longer can.

If you read the various interviews out there Zac took a substantial personal financial hit when sponsors didn’t come through or canceled at the last-minute, and he can’t afford to do it again.

So Zac is asking for our help.  And in a rather bold approach born of his faith in his nerd army, he’s asking us to do it just so Nerd HQ, something that has been free for the last three years, can stay free for those who attend and for those who watch online.  That’s right, no tote-bag, no t-shirt, no advance copy DVD, just the same great quality videos of his Conversations for a Cause panels and the free Nerd HQ events and parties for those who can make it to San Diego.  Not much incentive you say?

Au contraire.

PushItThings like this happen at Nerd HQ and we get to see them streamed live and preserved for posterity.

And if you recall my last post on the topic there are a few other non-Yvonne related reasons like helping a wonderful charity, giving back to the other fans and helping to pay for the Conversations for a Cause that we can all enjoy for free even if we can’t make it to San Diego.  Or you know, to thank Zac for paying for Nerd HQ last year and making sure he doesn’t have to stand on the corner with a “Will act for food” sign to pull it off this year.

In all seriousness this is an opportunity for us to change the way the industry interacts with fans and supporters of shows or movies.  This effort, coincidentally, is starting the same week we get the culmination of another  project that was born out of another guy who wanted to try something new.

Rob Thomas and Kristin Bell wanted to make a movie sequel to their cult TV show Veronica Mars, so they went to the studio that owned it (Warner Brothers, also coincidentally the studio that owns Chuck) and made a deal.  They could make the movie if they could raise the production costs in a Kickstarter campaign.  The threshold was set at 2.5 million dollars (and a portion of that would be going for fulfillment of the DVD, T-shirt or whatever you got for your donation).  They hit that threshold within 12 hours and ultimately raised nearly 6 million dollars.  It was kind of fun to go back and read the comments in the article I wrote about the effort and re-live the excitement.

The level of support this showed lead to the studio being a lot more generous than their original agreement.  They picked up the fulfillment costs (the T-shirt or DVD or whatever you got for your donation) allowing the full 5.7 million to go to production and are now planning for a much more ambitious release of the film.

Zac is doing something similar, less ambitious in some ways, but different and a bit tougher in many ways.  He wants us to think of something that has been free, and then put a value on it and help him keep it free for others, and available for ourselves.  It is also a chance to show our support for Zac’s efforts to connect fans and the entertainment industry in new ways and to show the world those new ways are popular with the fans and work for the industry, building enthusiasm and support for new or existing projects.  It’s also a way to show sponsors and potential sponsors that it is worth supporting Nerd HQ.  But why take my word for it, hear it from Zac at the I Want My Nerd HQ site or in his interview at The Hollywood Reporter.  And if you can, make a donation.

Just for fun I’d like to see the level of support among our readers, so I made a little poll.  Please answer only if you have actually made a donation with the size of your donation.  The poll is completely anonymous and is just for us all to see how our part of the Chuck community is chipping in.

Will it work?  Tough to tell.  Maybe he needed to toss in a Nerd HQ 2014 T-shirt for a pledge of $25 or more.  Maybe the present offer is enough.  Maybe he needed the whole Veronica Mars increasing volume of stuff for each level of support.  Right now he’s closing in on the first $100,000.  Not exactly Veronica Mars numbers, but he’s only asking for $5 from each of us.  The idea is a little from a lot of people to show the breadth of his support.  If even half his twitter followers gave he’d be there in no time, so we have some waiting to do to see how this plays out.  I’ll just close with Zac’s own words.

If you believe in this, do this. And if you do this, thank you.


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I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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40 Responses to I Want My NerdHQ

  1. Ernie Davis says:

    While I understand that it doesn’t have the novelty of being first like Veronica Mars, and that there is no rewards structure, but I find it very dispiriting that only about 4,600 Chuck fans have donated just over $115,000 for a project that will likely determine whether Zac even puts in the effort to get a movie made if the fans show so little willingness to support it.

    It’s as if Chuck fans are all talk. Come on people! Five dollars now and maybe, just maybe, the Chuck movie doesn’t die. Or in Zac’s own words:

    A lot of fans keep asking me, does this come with a Chuck movie? Well look, my plan has always been to make a Chuck movie. But a Chuck movie will cost 5 million at least, so I need to be able show the people in power that own Chuck that, hey I can at least raise 1 million so can you trust me with trying to raise 5 million? If i can’t raise 1 million now, I don’t now if they ever can believe that I can go and make a Chuck movie so if you are out there and wonder why you should donate, just donate and help me.

    • Duckman says:

      It’s funny, I thought I would wait a couple weeks so I could donate what I would like to without having to carry over a balance on the cc.It actually occurred to me that they might raise the mil before then and I would miss out. Guess that won’t be a problem. I also am surprised this thread is so dead. The success of this project won’t assure a movie, but it’s failure very well could doom getting one. A little scary if you think about it.

      • atcDave says:

        Well I don’t know that this post invites a lot of commentary (!).

        But it is grounds for some concern if we can’t raise a little money.

      • dkd says:

        I wouldn’t call it failure if they don’t raise the million. I also don’t believe that it will negatively impact a movie getting made. There are so many differences between this and a movie, I think the PTB would be stupid to connect one to the other.

        We don’t even know if WB would even crowdfund a movie.

      • atcDave says:

        Obviously there’s a big difference in product, and I agree a Chuck movie would generate a whole new level of enthusiasm. But Zac has linked the projects, its obviously important to him that this gets done. And I think its in our best interest to keep him motivated and enthused, all other issues aside. We need him as the point man.
        As far as what WB might or might not do its too early to know for sure. But the Veronica Mars movie, with both crowd and WB financing behind it did just open yesterday. I have to believe how it does will greatly influence thinking at the studio.

  2. 08mansoor says:

    I think a chuck movie, or series would get a significant amount attention, compare to the Nerd HQ panel. Sadly, I am not interested in that venue and I intend to fully donate to a Chuck movie. Granted I am not going to make a sizable donation to a Chuck movie, but somewhere along the lines of 50-100 bucks. If someone told me that if I would give 300 bucks right now for a chuck movie or series, the show would be revitalized into a online series/show/movie, I would do it without thinking twice (if I was shelling out 300 bucks I would really hope its a netflix series of at least 4-6 episodes). If I was currently in the US and I could donate in person at a grocery store, convenient store, any public place I would donate 5-10 bucks to the nerd hq. Sometimes people are just not interested in making donations online, especially if its less than 20 bucks. Also giving money to something you dont follow or have any interest in, it just doesnt make sense to do so, and relying that this venue will help lead to a Chuck movie is just wishful thinking and you could be following this for the next few years. I wish they would just make a kickstarter fund and have the goal be reaching 3-6 million dollars. In addition, have Subway stores give us the option of donating to a chuck movie fund in Subway and that Subway would match it, and that they would allow us to donate to all its national and international store.

  3. 08mansoor says:

    where are the proceeds going for the nerd hq thing? Is it going to a charity for cancer research? Feeding the less fortunate globally? Sorry for my ignorance, but I might be reconsidering and I will end up donating. Yes, I am really desperate for a chuck movie or show and if the donation goes for a good cause, then I will definitely donate money, mainly because it might lead to a potential chuck movie/show (pretty sad) and the bonus being for a good cause (it should be priority one, but have already ties to other charities). Thanks. I stopped posting on the blog, but I still follow it religiously. Just no longer active with posting comments, might be waiting for the finale. Where do we go after the finale?

    • atcDave says:

      NerdHQ proceeds go to Operation Smile. It is linked above, and Ernie wrote more about why all we should give in his previous post on the topic, also linked above.

      As far as after the finale, we have a few ideas. We’ll do six posts discussing each season, and series overall. There also may be more than one post for post series fan fiction.
      After that, well, things will likely slow down. We might do another 91 weeks of posting an “episode of the week”, but it won’t be such an involved production for the next go around. It depends on how much fans continue to comment and contribute to the discussion really. I think there’s a feeling among the principals that we’ve said what we can say. We always look forward to seeing fan comments.
      But hopefully, something will start to happen with a movie before we fade away completely. I’m sure that will get excitement going all over again!

      • Dkd says:

        Just for accuracy’s sake, the proceeds if merchandise sold go to Nerdmachine. Zac often reminds people that he’s there to make some money too

        The panel ticket revenue goes to the charity as do a few other activities like last year’s Firefly screening.

        I don’t who gets the food and drink revenue.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Yes, but Zac was also very clear that last year he (whether himself or The Nerd Machine, or some combination) took a substantial loss. The buck he’s trying to make has been to cover the costs that sponsorship couldn’t. That’s the whole reason he’s going to the fans. NerdHQ has gotten big enough and expensive enough he can’t risk his personal finances to fund it.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      If you are a fan of Zac why wouldn’t you donate $5 if you can spare it? He is incredibly generous to his fans with his time and energy, and this is the first time he’s asked for anything back. You can donate with any major credit card or Paypal, so even overseas it is relatively easy.

      As for what you get out of it, Zach gets the opportunity to raise money for operation smile, and you can watch all the Conversations For A Cause by following the link.

  4. chuckfan101 says:

    It’s kinda sad that just 5500 people have raised money for this project. I mean come on, $5? That’s not much money. There are millions of Chuck fans out there, and we just need 200 000 of them to raise $5.

    “Alot of fans keep asking me, does this come with a Chuck movie? Well look, my plan has always been to make a Chuck movie. But a Chuck movie will cost 5 million at least, so I need to be able show the people in power that own Chuck that, hey I can at least raise 1 million so can you trust me with trying to raise 5 million? If i can’t raise 1 million now, I don’t now if they ever can believe that I can go and make a Chuck movie so if you are out there and wonder why you should donate, just donate and help me”.

    And after he said that I thought the fans would go crazy and raise money for show him the support he have behind him. But it’s totally the opposite. He gives us an opportunity, and what do we do? We turn our backs on him!

    Probably does the fans not know how much this project is connected with a Chuck movie and WB or it is like @Ernie Davis said, just talk no work!

    And he can’t even use Chuck’s Facebook page with 2.3 million fans to share the project and explain because of NBC that owns the rights! >.<

  5. Chuckfanswherethehellareyou says:

    The support Chuck fans gives to him right now is just wrong. If you even can’t show that you can raise 1 million, how are you supposed to raise at least 5 million?

    A part of me hopes that the film does not get off. The fans just don’t deserve it if you ask me. And I really did love Chuck and are still a huge fan of it.

    • atcDave says:

      To be fair, this is sort of a hard sell. Except for those who can actually get to San Diego, there is little tangible benefit. We’re supporting Zac with no promise of anything coming of it.
      But we do all need to be thinking a few steps ahead here and support him! I am disappointed in the returns so far too. I understand why some might be hesitant to give. But this is really important in a long term sense. So let’s support Zac people!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Except that you are getting something very tangible from Nerd HQ. The Conversations for a Cause are both streamed live and saved at The Nerd Machine YouTube channel. Now I know that holds little interest for some, but given that many of the videos from 2013 have hundreds of thousands of hits I would hope for a bit more than 5,000 supporters.

  6. dkd says:

    As an aside, can we give a shout-out to how important the success or failure of Veronica Mars is to getting a Chuck movie. They earned $2MM in the first weekend, but that was at very few theaters. The “per theater” average was quite high.

    I’m going to try to see it this week. It helps that I liked that show.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      There is definitely a hopeful future for projects like this based on VM. WB responded to the enthusiasm by doing a much wider release and picking up the fulfillment costs. Once the movie revenues are added to Amazon sales, etc, they may see a profit, albeit small, but perhaps enough, combined with fan goodwill, to make it worthwhile.

    • Duckman says:

      I was gonna go see VM, multiple times if I liked it, it surprises me that my local 12 plex isn’t showing it. The next closest theater is an hour away, not sure how I’ll support the concept…

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Depends on your level of commitment, but I bought it on Amazon, even though I had a free digital copy.

    • atcDave says:

      It wasn’t showing close by for me. But I rented it on iTunes, even though I never watched the show, and didn’t particularly care for the movie; but I want to support this sort of project. ESPECIALLY through WB!

  7. k8te says:

    I hope that others jump on the Nerd HQ bandwagon but I do understand people thinking that they won’t donate because it has nothing to do with a Chuck movie and/or they don’t care about NerdHQ. My other half wasn’t overly happy to find out that “we” made a contribution since it wasn’t for the movie. I am supportive of the charity that Zac sponsors through this and I think the NerdHQ concept is innovative but I wouldn’t contribute to this on a repeated basis. It is a one shot only deal to show some support and the next contribution will only be for the movie.

    BTW, love the website. Discovered Chuck 7 months ago, just finished my 3rd rewatch and am ready to start again. I was so pleased to find this website and to be able to read such insightful comments about something that I have really come to care about.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah ditto that on the sponsorship! My wife was a little cranky about my enthusiasm…

      Its always great to hear of another new Chuck fan, welcome to the site.

  8. dkd says:

    Uh-oh. He’s laid it down: (From his Facebook page, posted aroun 4:10PM 3/19/14)

    “People of Facebook. I know that you’ve seen a bunch of my tweets being sent here about my current crowd funding campaign: http://www.Iwantmynerdhq.com/

    I’m not really sure how to best reach everyone, but I know that having more than 140 characters helps A LOT! So I’m grateful that y’all are here and hopefully reading this. The bottom line is, I really, really need your help.

    I know a lot of you have already donated, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. I haven’t really been checking the total, as it’s starts to consume my thoughts when I do, but I know that we still have a long way to go. And I know that if even half of the people here gave $5 we’d have this thing wrapped up! So I appeal to you, each and every one of you, to please find it in your heart, your mind, your soul to fight this fight with me.

    I know that we’re all from different parts of the world and different walks of life. But I believe that there’s a reason you decided to “like” this page. And I believe one of the reasons I was put on this earth is to make you glad that you did. Your support of me and my career means so much to me. Which is one of the biggest reasons I created NerdHQ to begin with. I wanted to start bridging the gap between us artists and you, the very people who support us, and our art, and our ability to keep making it.

    Some of you have been to NerdHQ and can attest to this. Some of you have seen the live-steam of our panels and can also attest to it. But for those of you who have not been to NerdHQ or watched any of our panels, I ask of you only two simple things: 1) take a moment to actually see what NerdHQ is, and 2) if it inspires or affects you in a positive way, help me keep it going with a donation.

    I truly believe that if you just take a moment to actually inspect what it is that I’m trying to do, you’ll realize that it’s truly from my heart. I genuinely want to keep this going because I genuinely believe that you, the fans, are not being offered this kind of care and attention anywhere else in the world. No other conventions. No other expos. We set out to make NerdHQ powerful and special in ways that no one had tapped into, and I believe we have done just that. But without your help, it will end up being yet another memory of something that once was.

    Many of you are wondering why you should donate if you can’t actually attend the event in person, and I would like to simply point you back to our live-streaming panels, that are absolutely FREE to watch. No where else in the world is this offered to you. No where else in the world gets the level of celebrities that we get to spend an hour answering only fan questions, all the while raising money for charity. No where. Which means if NerdHQ ceases to exist, your ability to connect with artists like this will cease to exist too.

    Lastly, I know most of you probably follow me on here because of your love of “Chuck”, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. As you know, I have been vocal about my desire to make a “Chuck” movie at some point, and have reached out to those that control the rights about doing such a thing.

    Please hear what I’m about to say very clearly. No one has promised to give me the rights if I can crowd fund NerdHQ, and they haven’t said that they won’t give me the rights if I can’t crowd fund NerdHQ. But I believe with all my heart that if I can’t get you to support this vision of NerdHQ, I won’t be making a “Chuck” movie.

    Right now I’m asking for $5 from each of you to raise a total of $1M. A “Chuck” movie would cost at least $5M to make, minimum, and therefor a lot more than $5 from each of you. If I can’t rally you all to help me now, I don’t think I have what it takes to rally you later for far more money. That’s the truth.

    I want to keep bringing you the best that I have to offer. I want to keep fighting for you, and your voices, and your hopes and dreams in the world of entertainment. But I need your help to do it. You need to believe in the power that you possess. You need to believe that together, we can absolutely move the biggest mountains and change the world. A collected and unified people are more powerful than any president, any ruler, any business, any thing. You need to believe that your voice, your vote, your help, your donation actually means something. I believe in you. I hope you believe in me.

    Much love and many blessings on you and yours. z”

    • atcDave says:

      Pretty disappointing if people can’t give $5 or $10.

      • dkd says:

        Maybe it’s not the money, but the principal of the thing. A double quarter pounder with cheese only costs $4.79, but I still wouldn’t buy it because I don’t eat cheese and that’s way too much meat for my diet. I just don’t want the product.

        A lot the decision to pay for something is whether you would really miss it if you didn’t get it–regardless of whether its cheap or expensive. A lot of people may enjoy the free videos, but would they really, really miss them if they went away? For many, the answer may be “no”.

        Every online entity that has gone from giving their stuff for free to adding a paywall has had to deal with the difficulties of converting someone who’s accustomed to getting stuff for free to paying for it. It ain’t easy. With Zac is asking for voluntary contributions, it isn’t going to be much easier.

        I wonder if they expected it to be easy.

      • atcDave says:

        Big difference between buying a burger you won’t eat and supporting a cause we can believe in.

        Now I accept and understand that some people cannot afford anything at any given time. Nobody should give a dime they can’t afford to part with. I’m a big fan of fiscal responsibility.
        But if you claim to be a Chuck fan and you simply can’t be troubled to give, you should be ashamed. This is important for the future of Chuck. And if anyone still feels it isn’t important to them, then what are you even doing at this site? It is important to all the principals. As a matter of principle and policy it DOES matter.

        Everyone reading this who can part with $5 or $10 should give. Period.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’ll go further and be blunt. If you have watched the Conversations for a Cause live or on YouTube, or have been to Nerd HQ and you don’t give at least $5 (assuming you have it) you are a bad person. You are taking money out of Zac’s pocket. He funds these things and last year lost a substantial sum, so the first time he asks for the fans to help him keep doing what he does without risking his own money this is the support he gets?

        At this point those who can’t part with an easily disposable $5 are killing his baby. If this is the response he gets what do you think that does to his ability to sell Nerd HQ to sponsors because there is this fanatical fan base that supports it and will eagerly buy their products and visit their websites?

        This is worse than not supporting Nerd HQ, we’re killing it in front of Zac’s eyes.

      • dkd says:

        First off, I have attended Nerd HQ all three years. Each year, I’ve made a point to buy merchandise at their NerdMachine booth for the very reason that I knew that the revenue Zac got from that booth helped pay for the event. I even bought more merchandise than I needed.

        I did this at their NY Nerd HQ booth, too. But, I sat around and saw something that shocked me. Almost no one was buying anything. But, everytime they announced signing with Zac or another celebrity, people would line up with $20 in hand and give it up. That money was going to the charity. I wanted to scream at these people, “don’t you understand that the merchandise is funding the booth”.

        The other thing I’ve tried to do was buy food and drink at the establishment. I’m not sure if any of that went back to Zac, but better safe than sorry. At the very least, the deal between Zac’s company and the venue probably involves some assumption of the business they would get from attendees.

        These events were also “sponsor-supported”. So just as much of the TV we watch doesn’t cost us much because it is “ad-supported”, I tried to take a look at the sponsors’ displays. I must be honest that I’m not a gamer, so the gaming stuff just isn’t my thing.

        So, the idea that attendees didn’t fulfill their financial deal with what Zac was offering is kind of ridiculous. All Zac asked us for was to buy some merchandise, eat and drink there, and look at the sponsors’ stuff. We didn’t pay to get in because he didn’t ask us to. Had he asked us too, I’m sure many would have.

        As far as I can tell, this deal worked out well until last year when he (1) moved to a much bigger place, and (2) had some sponsors drop out. That’s not the attendees’ fault. The attendees didn’t ask for a bigger space. It wasn’t their fault the sponsors dropped out. We did the same thing we did every year: buy some merchandise, look at the sponsors stuff, eat and drink.

        How does that make us bad people? Based on the numbers, I think most attendees have donated, myself included. When you think about it, there aren’t that many core attendees. Only about 2500 people get to go to the panels because they only hold 250 people at a time and the average person goes to 3 or 4 of them over the few days. Only about 800 attend the party he throws for fans. Even fewer play the video games because there just aren’t that many consoles and gamers tend to stay on them for a long time. The rest of the visitors are just people who come in off the street who are curious about what’s going on. They don’t stay very long and they are unlikely to donate.

        You aren’t going to fund a million dollars from just the attendees. Most of the money has to come from non-attendees… and that’s the real challenge

      • Ernie Davis says:

        DKD, my comments were never aimed at you. You’ve clearly supported Nerd HQ and Zac’s efforts. My bile was more for the people who take without giving back when politely asked.

        I don’t consider anyone who attended Nerd HQ to be a bad person. I do consider people who attended, knowing Zac took a bath on the last one, still refuse to help when politely asked, and who will gladly continue to take advantage of Zac’s generosity bad people.

        His whole point is that he doesn’t want to make Nerd HQ a commercial venture. He doesn’t want to charge admission, he wants to keep the photos and panels cheap so they are accessible to fans, and he’s asking fans to help him do that, and they’re not responding. That makes them bad people in my eyes. They only take.

  9. BigKev67 says:

    Being honest, I thought they would struggle to raise $1 million. I thought they might get to $500K – but I’ve been surprised by how slow it’s been. But it’s always easy for us – the fanatics – to overestimate how many of us there are. If 5% the total Chuck fan base (say 6 million) could be called hard core and they all donate – that’s only $150K. Even getting to $500K on that 5% projection is a struggle. Add in the non-Chuck donators and the fact that the average donation is well over $5 and you might just get there.
    I’m desperately sorry for Zac because he is the very definition of a stand up guy and he doesn’t deserve to be disappointed – but DKD is right. Media outlets are struggling worldwide because people aren’t used to paying for stuff. They’re all struggling to monetise their content and overestimating how many people are prepared to actually shell out money. Hopefully that will change as people get used to the model – but it’s going to take time.

    • dkd says:

      ” If 5% the total Chuck fan base (say 6 million) could be called hard core and they all donate – that’s only $150K. Even getting to $500K on that 5% projection is a struggle.”

      The other part of this is that during the initial week, almost their entire media strategy was to spread the word on Twitter. A recent Pew study said only 18% of “online” adults use Twitter. So, you have to cut that 6 million down to just the 6 million down to the 6 million who use Twitter. And then you have to cut it down the ones who happened to be using it when Zac was tweeting about it. He has 550 thousand followers. But, a lot of them are probably light Twitter users and may have not been checking their feeds at the time this broke. It you use the “20/80” rule, 20% of your users represent 80% of usage.

      He took to Facebook, which has more users, to send his “No Nerd HQ/No Chuck” message, but how many people really have gotten that message? I posted it here. How many people have visited this page?

      One of the problems about using a twitter fanbase to spread the word is it is kind of circular. They all tend to follow each other. So, they are tweeting a lot to each other and no one else. It’s good that in recent days they’ve reached out to other fanbases. That Felicia Day tweet was worth something, I’m sure.

      The thing about Veronica Mars is that it got really good media traction. This may have gotten a few articles, but nothing major. And the reaction is mixed from the general public. Read the comments in the IGN piece.

      I think they need a media strategist on their team that knows what each media can and can’t do to achieve awareness.

      But, all that said and done, I have little doubt that if this crowdfunding WAS about a Chuck movie, it would be doing a whole lot better. How much better is hard to say because It would depend on whether it comes with our without the perks VM and other efforts use and what kind of media coverage it got.

      • dkd says:

        Apology for the typos. That’s what happens when you write a long post when you should be getting ready to go to work. No time to proofread.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        He took to Facebook, which has more users, to send his “No Nerd HQ/No Chuck” message, but how many people really have gotten that message? I posted it here. How many people have visited this page?

        Not nearly enough is the answer. The first of this series “Nerd Power” was re-tweeted by Zac and it has been read 3,842 times. A typical post now gets about 1,000 hits before interest wanes and the hits drop off to a trickle. We have about 300 twitter followers for our blog twitter, I have about 80 for my personal one. All we can really do is hope people share what they read here and on twitter on other sites and that word eventually spreads far wider than our audience.

      • dkd says:

        To my point about low awareness. They are currently collecting questions on the Zachary Levi Facebook page with the theme “I Want My Nerd HQ” so that they can answer them tonight Live.

        Read the questions.

        About 2/3rds of them have nothing to do with Nerd HQ. There’s a lot of “Will Chuck get a Season 6?” type questions. It’s like they don’t have a clue of what’s going on.

        Because they probably don’t.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Which hopefully Zac can have an impact on.

        At this point 99 people have followed our links to the crowd-sourcing page. I wish it were many more and hope that they all donated, but I’m realistic enough not to expect it.

  10. thinkling says:

    My husband and I have a small (very small) nonprofit organization. Coincidentally, we also launched a campaign to ask people to give $5. It’s very hard. I’ve been surprised how easy it is to get love and good wishes and how hard it is to get $.

    I agree with you Kev. I feel for Zac and wish things were going better for him and NerdHQ.

  11. Christopher says:

    Zach posted something on Facebook that made me see his position on the whole thing, it seems to me that the networks and WB have backed him in corner, I have been saying on twitter the last two weeks that if we can’t past this first step to get a movie or a 13 episode season. it is really a shame you guys are right so many people have said Chuck was the greatest show

    if we cant raise one million dollars now there is no chance in getting at least 5 million. What I feel bad about is how hard Zach is working on accomplishing what the fans want,

    He put up a lot of money for these HQ events, I consider Zach and co friends even though I mostly likely will not get the chance to meet them.

    another thing why I donated twice was because we hear of all the bad things celebrities do like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, yet people like Yvonne and Zach, who are positive for Hollywood don’t get into trouble.

    it is a shame that we can spend 5 dollars on a lottery ticket and lose than spend that very 5 dollars to get a chuck movie possibly

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