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Nerd-HQ_propagandaWith the Veronica Mars movie having had a healthy opening weekend (only $2 million but an average per theater that beats most of the top 10) and rumors of a sequel, perhaps dependent on digital sales (# 39 on Amazon Instant Video), it seems like a good time to look again at a Chuck movie’s prospects.

In case you didn’t know Zachary Levi is doing what he considers a test-run at crowd-sourcing a Chuck movie by attempting to crowd-source his Comic-Con satellite convention Nerd HQ at I Want My Nerd HQ.  And he’s now come out and said it explicitly.  If he can’t rally enough support among his roughly half million twitter and Facebook  followers and fans to get more than 7,000 backers he’s not going to go through the disappointment twice.  If this fails, the Chuck movie is a non-starter.  Join me after the jump to see what we can do.

I spent last weekend enjoying the Veronica Mars movie.  It was everything I could have hoped for.  Rob Thomas’ wit and gift for snappy dialog, the cast chemistry, a bit of redemption for a lot of characters in need of some, and a satisfying ending that hints at some future adventure in case of a sequel.  The movie hit the sweet spot between fan-service and pandering so perfectly, you just have to give the whole cast and crew credit for the amazing results of their labor of love.

I’d like to be able to write the same about a Chuck movie some day.  I may not get the chance.  To paraphrase Zac in a Kevin & Bean interview March 13th:

A lot of fans keep asking me, does this come with a Chuck movie? Well look, my plan has always been to make a Chuck movie. But a Chuck movie will cost 5 million at least, so I need to be able show the people in power that own Chuck that, hey I can at least raise 1 million so can you trust me with trying to raise 5 million? If i can’t raise 1 million now, I don’t now if they ever can believe that I can go and make a Chuck movie so if you are out there and wonder why you should donate, just donate and help me.

Now on Facebook:

Lastly, I know most of you probably follow me on here because of your love of “Chuck”, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. As you know, I have been vocal about my desire to make a “Chuck” movie at some point, and have reached out to those that control the rights about doing such a thing.

Please hear what I’m about to say very clearly. No one has promised to give me the rights if I can crowd fund NerdHQ, and they haven’t said that they won’t give me the rights if I can’t crowd fund NerdHQ. But I believe with all my heart that if I can’t get you to support this vision of NerdHQ, I won’t be making a “Chuck” movie.

And I wouldn’t blame him.  I totally understand.  Why tempt fate and have your hopes and dreams crushed again when that fanatical fan base decided to take a powder the first time you asked for just a little back.  And it is just a little, $5 from half the people who follow him on twitter and we’re there.  Boom.  Campaign over.

Nerds, we aren’t even close.  To get there we have to average $1,000.00 in donations per hour for the next 38 days.

That may seem daunting, but we can’t let the number scare us.  In its first 12 hours the Veronica Mars Kickstarter averaged close to $170,000.00 per hour.  This is doable.  All we need to worry about is letting every Chuck fan know this is important to the movie.  Sitting around waiting for the movie crowd-source isn’t an option, this is the down payment.  If this effort fails there will never be one.  There are millions of Chuck fans and all we need are about 200,000 willing to give $5 each.

Zac has a vision of a new way of doing things, of bringing the artist and the fans closer together, of freeing both artist and fan from the confines of the present system and allowing a free exchange back and forth without the layers of middlemen taking their cut and demanding their input.  And god bless him he has faith in people.

It sucks to see that faith being crushed.

Want to do something about it?  Check out The Nerd Machine YouTube channel.  If you see any value or derive any pleasure from any of the videos, give, and spread the word.


I am seeing, across the web, a startling (to me at least) lack of awareness of what Nerd HQ is and what it does.   This is the third in a series of posts about Zac’s effort to fund Nerd HQ.  The first is Nerd Power, Updated and the second is I Want My Nerd HQ.  Read them before deciding Nerd HQ is just a party for the people in San Diego and has nothing to give to the fan not going to Comic-Con.  Visit The Nerd Machine’s YouTube channel, and realize that Zac is fronting his own money in past Nerd HQ’s to give the fans that for free, hoping that sponsorship dollars come in in sufficient quantities to cover his expenses.  And last year he took a bath on it.  Help Zac keep that dream alive, Chuck movie or not on its own merits, or do it just to make the down payment for that movie, but help him because he needs our help and is asking for the fans to return the love.

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I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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  1. Thanks for the post; I didn’t know this was happening. Added my $20, but it’s kind of odd. I can’t say NerdHQ has done anything I’m interested in, but the more Chuck magnet is enough for me.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      You should check out their YouTube channel. The 2013 panel with Joss Whedon is priceless.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah Arthur for me it’s not particularly about NerdHQ. Although I have enjoyed some of those interviews. But the big issue is supporting Zac, and ultimately hoping for more Chuck.
      So spread the word!

      • garnet says:

        I’ve done my part and hope that Zac will meet his target. I agree that the converstions are fun to watch, but the real perk would be a movie!

  2. Chris Dunlap says:

    Thanks for reminding me, just made my donation.

  3. revdr says:

    I am giving my financial support and I plan (hopefully) to attend SDCC this summer and will volunteer. I want to support Zac and his cause…not just for the possibility of a movie, but I would still love to see one none-the-less.

  4. 08mansoor says:

    I think it sucks that Zac is correlating raising money for Nerd HQ with a Chuck movie. I am by no means interested in Nerd HQ and the service they offer by having fans speak with celebrities. I was never interested in celebrities, and I am interested in sports a lot more, but I would have no interest in meeting my favorite football player and what not. That being said I donated to the Nerd HQ, because this blog helped me realize that the success of Nerd HQ could lead to a Chuck movie. Veronica Mars was a lot more successful, because it was for a Veronica Mars movie. I only donated $10 for the Nerd HQ, but if it was for a Chuck movie I would donate $100. Initially $50 and after a week if we didn’t meet our goal of the 5 million, I would donate an additional $50. I think fans would be more ready to donate for a Chuck movie without a doubt. I’m pretty sure that everyone that has visited/participated in the blog would donate upwards of $10-20(min). Also, Nerd HQ is not that attractive, because the reality is most people would not make the trip down to San Diego (I’m actually from San Diego…and I have no desire at all to attend), and they would not be able to benefit directly from the event. While a Chuck movie would allow all fans to watch the movie from their home or the theater. Also, I am pretty sure fans were guaranteed to get their money back if a Veronica Mars movie was not made. I hope Zac realizes that probably a small core of Chuck fans are actually interested in the Nerd HQ. I wish we could have a survey and see who’s actually fond of Nerd HQ from this blog. I think most of you guys and gals are hardcore fans of Chuck. I hope this message does not rub anyone the wrong way, and I wanted to thank all the contributors to this blog, because you guys are the ones who would keep us updated with chuck movie details and offshoot programs zac was doing. I hope Zac reads this blog and sees this post.

    • atcDave says:

      Well I have no doubt a Chuck movie would gain much more money, faster. I think for most of us NerdHQ is of only tangential interest. Some of the panels and interviews have been interesting. But I don’t have the sort of emotional connection with them like I would with a Chuck project. Its a difference between something mildly interesting for a single viewing vs something of emotional consequence to keep and re-watch often.

      But that said, NerdHQ is more important to some, and it’s very important to Zac. It’s a big part of his vision for the future of entertainment, and that makes it important for the future of Chuck. So I figure that makes it very important to me. Personally, I like everything I know about Zac. I like how he’s connected with fans, I like the type of work he’s done, and I even like his charitable causes. And I want more Chuck. So I’m all in. I’ll support NerdHQ, and I’ll support a later Chuck movie even more.

      • 08mansoor says:


        Your spot on Dave. I couldn’t have said it any better. Really its the emotional connection we have with Chuck that makes a difference.

    • dkd says:

      Damn the lack of an “edit” button. When I said “The people promoting this event ” I meant, “Some of the fans promoting this event”. I wasn’t referring to Zac’s team and I certainly didn’t mean it to sound “all inclusive”. Moderator, if my original note seems to harsh, please delete it.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        It did sound overly harsh, but if you’d care to express the sentiment a little more diplomatically I have no objection to the idea or the opinions. I have made my thoughts known on the subject above in an update to the post and in comments.

    • dkd says:

      I think the basic thought is that the only to know why people aren’t donating is to let them to express their reservations without fear of being attacked or having their concerns trivialized.

      That’s not in reference to anything I’ve seen here, though.

      There are obviously a lot of people NOT donating, but I see few people talking about there reasons.

      Still harsh?

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think there are several reasons more people aren’t donating, and I’ve written about most of them.

        1) Many people don’t know about Nerd HQ (or Nerd Machine for that matter). Many who do believe it is just a party limited to San Diego and they get nothing out of it. A misconception I feel free to correct and don’t consider bullying or attacking the messenger. For many of those who do know, Conversations for a Cause doesn’t interest them enough to support it.

        2) There is no reward structure. This is on purpose, but it does probably impact donations. Zac has purposely chosen a model that treats all donors as equals. It is a choice he believes in and feels people will still respond. They are, just not enough. A reward structure, even a minimal one such as a Nerd HQ 2014 T-shirt for $25 and up might have helped.

        3) There is no movie (yet).

    • dkd says:

      Rewards don’t even have to be a T-shirt, which would cost a little money for them. Do you know how many of Zac’s hardcore fans would have paid $50 or even $100 just for him to tweet them on their birthday? Zac once participated in a charity auction where the award was merely a follow on Twitter and the bidding was amazingly high.

      Anyway, here’s a very polite, well-written article talking about the campaign which brings up some points.

      • That article did raise multiple valid points! The sad truth is that nowadays, the general public needs to be “hit over the head with information” and have it specifically spelled out to them because they’re lazy! Thankfully this blog is one of many groups that are the exception to the status quo! I feel confident we”ll break $200,000 by early Monday morning (I’m on the East Cost of U.S) or possibly sooner

      • Aplegat says:

        It’s a well-written and thoughtful article, but the advice given is quite general and pertains more to campaigns which have to build recognition from the scratch. Knowing how the Chuck fans organized themselves to keep the show afloat and how it’s still going strong in reruns, and how the Nerd HQ was appreciated by attendants in years past, I can understand how Zac and campaign runners tought it will succeed on its own strenght. With average donation around 25$, as it is now, it would be enough if 40 000 people donated for the campaign; as the most generous donators are likely to hail from the persons who donated first let’s make it 50 000 – it’s still not such a huge number. The results so far are disappointing.

  5. 08mansoor says:

    Hence, Chuck movie would motivate more Chuck fans to donate money and even more likely fans would donate more financially. If they would offer free online access to the Chuck movie/a shirt for anyone who donates $100, they would see more promising results. Nerd HQ doesn’t really directly benefit us on an individual basis for the people who are not able to attend the event in San Diego. That being said I think its really cool that all money raised from Nerd HQ would help Operation smile and that is a good cause. What do you guys think? I heard Zac Levi is going to have a QA on his facebook page today. I will be asleep, since I am living abroad at this moment. The QA starts 4pm PST and 7pm EST. Someone please tell him to not make a correlation with the success of Nerd HQ with a Chuck Movie. Also, I don’t even have a facebook page.

  6. Ernie Davis says:

    I understand that some people are upset that the two things have become linked in Zac’s mind when they don’t think they should be. My take on it is that they are both passion projects for him, and he’s not going to let his own fans break his heart twice. He has talked about not wanting to look at the numbers because it takes over his life, and right now he’s seeing fans he thought would deliver a web-sight breaking Veronica Mars type response sitting on their hands. That has to be tough. I don’t doubt the response would be a lot different for an actual Chuck movie, and I’m certain he understands that at some level, but then he also thought the response would be a lot different for Nerd HQ so he has to be doubting his instincts on this.

    This is the third post I’ve written explaining what Nerd HQ is and why it is worth supporting on it’s own merits. If you haven’t read them they are Nerd Power, Updated and I Want My Nerd HQ. Both have polls, but the first has the type of poll you mentioned. Take a moment to read them, visit the Nerd Machine YouTube channel and decide if this project has some merit and provides the fans with something they aren’t getting elsewhere.

    Zac is passionate about giving the fans something new and exciting and breaking out of the old models the entertainment industry seem saddled with. To me, as generous as Zac and the entire Chuck cast were with their time and energy and appreciation of the fans, the mere fact that he is asking should be enough for 200,000 fans to pony up $5 no questions asked. The fact that he’s characterizing it as a down-payment on a movie, a way to know that those passionate fans are as passionate and willing to give back as he thinks they are shouldn’t change that.

  7. 08mansoor says:

    In theory it would seem like a really simple task for fans to pony up $5, but having such a large number respond to that request is a little difficult. Who knows how many followers are really young people who does not care for, or unable to actually donate via online. Thanks for re-posting the links again. I have been trying to read some of Nerd HQ’s goal, and I am starting to see more merit in it. I am super bummed right now, because I am having my doubts that the 1 million dollars will be raised. Zac was probably thinking a mill would be quick and easy, but man he must be super disappointed right now. Who knows maybe I am wrong and that failing to raise money for Nerd HQ would have a direct correlation with a Chuck movie. I just hope a Chuck movie is made and if it is not, then I can see why Chuck ended so early. Because, we as fans did not due our part when they were on air, and now that we have an opportunity to revitalize a Chuck project we are going to fail. Just wished Zac would have gave us the opportunity to raise money for a Chuck movie via kickstarter or whatever platform he chooses to use. I am really starting to get bummed. Hopefully, the money is raised. Do you guys think the money will be raised? I am really skeptical and I look at the money raised like three times a day.

    • atcDave says:

      There’s still time, but the big thing is, spread the word!

      Obviously its a little disappointing to be off to a slow start. But we should be able to fix this!

  8. gatesoutcast says:

    I thank thee for the information and insight. I am a big Chuck fan, but as an old hospital guy the NERD machine group has no interest for me,but uring from you and David, I donated to the cause for a Chuck movie,but will Yvonne now a raising star return as Sarah?

    • atcDave says:

      Great to hear we got another one!

      It’s obviously too early to know the details of who would be available when. But Yvonne has said several times she would love to be Sarah again. I think she knows Sarah us ground zero for her fans, and Chuck is the epicenter of her career. And I think Zac is smart enough to know Sarah is a required part of Chuck. I am 100% certain we will see Yvonne back as Sarah Bartowski.

  9. John G. says:

    I’m not going to San Diego, Comic-Con, or Nerd HQ. That being said, I’ve donated $20 (and could potentially give more in the future) because I see this as an investment. If this can get funded in full, it provides a better indicator of how a Chuck movie fundraiser will perform, because it will require much more money. And I will do anything I can to make a Chuck movie happen. This world needs more Chuck, in any iteration it can come in.

  10. Here’s what I be honest I would rather have Chuck back on the small screen, even if it’s for 13 episode seasons thru Netflix I think cramming more Chuck into a 2 hour movie is difficult to do because of the series original setup! it had steady plot and character growth every season, the possibilities are so broad that a 2 hour movie just isn’t enough.

    Plight after the shows fade to black my head flooded with ideas! Last week I stumbled upon and a fanfic called Chuck versus the Lost Years, which pretty much told verbatim the story that had already been floating around in my head! I’m one fan who never for one moment believed that Sarah lost her memories, but rather that Quinn’s torture had caused the Trojan Intersect to overheat and cease functioning but it was still in her head. constantly flashing caused them to be suppressed but Quinn made a mistake by continually using the flash cards on her why, it’s simple really.,the intersect is a computer and like any computer if it has to process too much data at once or too fast it crashes! I believe that this is exactly what happened, Quinn thought he removed the Intersect with the flash cards because they were another type of encoded data, that he thought would overwrite the intersect. Unfortunately he overheat it instead and it crashed eventually. The intersect and it’s defect now burned out, the neurological disruption in Sarah’s brain slowly began to reverse, in much the same way that any neurological disruption in our brains caused by drugs/alcohol began to reverse immediately upon starting detox.

    I was pleasantly impressed that the fanfic followed this exact thread, plus it was extremely well written and made total sense from a logical/scientific standpoint! I honestly think she had her memories all along but due to the amount of neurological disruption from the Trojan intersect and it’s eventually overheat via Quinn’s torture and brainwashing her brain couldn’t process them. Add to that the chemical imbalances that probably occurred upon realizing that she’d been betrayed and that she’d beaten the crap out of Chuck, throw the guilt after watching her mission log on top of that stuff and it’s no wonder she ran, she was ashamed of and couldn’t trust herself anymore, I think she just used the “lack of feelings” as an excuse to run and to turn her attention to the one thing she could control which was eliminating the person who destroyed her life, which if you watch Yvonne’s body language, reactions and facial expressions in those scenes is what she was trying to convey.

    For those who haven’t read Chuck versus the lost years, I highly recommend you hop over to and read it! It really is very well written!

    • atcDave says:

      Glad you found a story that worked so well for you Josh! There is so much outstanding material out there to choose from. Obviously I always offer my own favorites list (at right, under the “fan fiction” header) as one starting point. We’ve done a number of fan fiction posts here, and many viewers have suggested their own favorites. You also might check out our “getting started” post from a couple months back.

    • Angus MacNab says:

      Thank you, Josh. I really don’t know what else to say. Words fail me.

      • No need to say anything:) I simply enjoy what you’ve written, I know Sarah versus the Farm is on hiatus, if I had one piece of advice it would be don’t come back to it until your absolutely ready, that’s been highly enjoyable as well:)

        I firmly believe you could’ve given Chuck’s entire writing staff a serious run for their money:)

        Just out of curiosity, how long did you have all these ideas before putting them on paper?

      • Angus MacNab says:

        The idea for the story started to simmer after Bullet Train, began to boil after the Goodbye, and came bubbling over the edges of the pot a couple of months after that. It was the first time a television show has ever done that to me (and I’ve been around a while). 🙂

      • Yes I think it’s safe to say that Chuck has left a lasting emotional impact on well everyone who’s seen it! It’s the only show I constantly re watch, it’s got the best non-verbal acting (Yvonne and Zac are incredible at saying everything when when saying nothing in a particular scene) I’ve ever seen between two romantic leads, it balances comedy, action and drama better than any show I’ve ever watched!

        I’ll never understand why NBC treated it so badly, it was an every person show. I’m currently trying to come up with my own fan-fic but as I’m sure you already know, the hardest part of writing is coming up with the idea (which I still don’t have yet) and then writing the first paragraph, after that I’m usually quickly on a role but getting started is always tough.

      • I can’t blame NBC. Chuck, especially towards the end, got really terrible ratings. I’m both surprised and grateful that we got five seasons, and that the writers got to end it on their own terms. NBC could’ve definitely done better, especially in the marketing, but they could’ve done much, much worse.

      • Several other people have pointed this out, however I always comeback with the same valid counter arguments;even from the get go NBC had a “wait until last minute” approach with Chuck and it’s renewals it got ratings NBC would beg for now in its first 2 years. Secondly NBCs scheduling has been awful for 10 years now especially with comedies, (they waited 8 months between S2&3) it’s not that difficult to do proper scheduling, they knew kind of show Chuck was and at the time Monday was an extremely competitive night among CBS, Fox and ABC! If they would’ve been smart and switched Chuck to a night with less cutthroat competition, (based on pure common sense) things probably could’ve turned out differently. Lastly Chuck’s terrible ratings near the end were due to NBCs once again poor decision to move it to Friday, it’s a known fact that shows on Friday have their demo-index cut in half!
        The bottom line is that the networks average ratings had fallen to pitiful levels long before Chuck had even been picked up! The problem with NBC is they haven’t left the 20th century, there’s middle ground with this network anymore; it’s ether you help us win a given night or we’ll threaten you with cancelation or the de-facto cancelation (Friday) anytime a show starts dropping below a 2.0 in the demo and if their lineup for the last 2 or so years is any indication they haven’t even managed to get close to that average for their scripted shows (especially comedies).

        I’m not denying that creative decisions with Chuck played some part in the shows decline, but I think it’s frustrating that if it were brought back or hadn’t been placed on Friday it could beat the majority of NBCs combined scripted lineup in the years since it’s cancelation, which I don’t think is an exaggeration to say at all because with the exception of the Blacklist, the Office, and the mid-season shows that premiered recently their scripted lineup is hovering at 1.5ish in the 18-49 demo!

        I hope u see that i don’t hate nbc simply because they wrongly canceled an established show with a loyal fan base and (tried) replacing it with scripted shows that (save a couple) are garbage, I hate them because they’ve become greedy, indecisive and refuse to accept that the domination they had in the 20th century is long gone!

        I’m sure lots of people share my view on this, given that there’s plenty of evidence to support it.
        I’m not yelling at you ether, I’m just very vocal about this subject:)

      • DKD says:

        There is a “ratings” blogger called the “Programming Insider”(aka Marc Berman) who from Season Three onward kept repeating that NBC should cancel Chuck due to its low ratings. So, there were some people out there who thought NBC was stupid for keeping Chuck on air at all.

        Monday at 8PM was hardly the worst time period Chuck could have had. As I recall, Wednesday at 8PM was particularly a “death slot” for NBC at the time, and still is if you take a look at Revolution’s ratings. Show after show after show that NBC put on at 9PM on Monday failed. “The Cape” anyone? “The Event”?

        Of course, now NBC has The Voice on at 8PM on Monday and it is a top-rated show.

        You can’t compare ratings from five years ago to ratings now. Ratings erosion has hit all the networks. It’s not something that has just afflicted NBC.

        Grimm has proven that Friday night ain’t so bad for a “geek-appeal” show. It premiered the same night Chuck moved to Friday and it has been renewed for a 4th season.

      • I get ur point obviously, I honestly think the era in which any show premieres affects it’s lifespan, take the office for instance it began at the perfect time and had a long lifespan until ended mutually by cast/crew.

        I favor chuck because in era of garbage scripted tv so few shows connect with the viewer and Chuck was that way for many people a lot of whom feel it ended too soon and was replaced by garbage that got axed after less than 1 season, it’s like cutting a quality hard working athlete in favor of signing someone who is supposed to be incredible and then them not being worth what you paid, there’s no way to know but that doesn’t make the pill any less hard to swallow.

        That being said I’m grateful we got 5 years of such a quality show and I’d rather re watch 5 seasons of relatable and quality tv than waste my time with 6+ seasons of useless garbage, i.e community (I’d take Seinfeld over Community any day) or some reality show poison(there is way to much garbage on tv nowadays), so anytime one of quality ends prematurely (at least to me) I get upset about it.

      • dkd says:

        Quality is in the eye of the beholder. I happen to like “The Voice” a lot. Just watched it tonight and it entertained me. NBC has tried a lot of things. One of my favorite attempts of their was a show called “Awake”. It got really low ratings–even lower than Chuck. But, they kept it on for their run of 13 episodes. The writer made sure the conclusion was satisfying and I would still recommend anyone to watch it.

        The “it didn’t get a good timeslot” excuse is lame. NBC hasn’t won the 10PM Monday timeslot in years and, suddenly, Blacklist comes along and it’s winning the 10PM Monday timeslot. Any timeslot dynamic can be changed by a the right show.

        Meanwhile, if there is a coveted “easy” timeslot, wouldn’t every show benefit from it? How would you pick which show to put in that slot? I think I would put the shows I have the most confidence in the toughest slots and the ones I have the least confidence in the easy slots. What does that say about Chuck that they kept it in the 8PM slot?

      • Okay Josh, first of all, Community is a very good show, albeit one with an enormous fluctuation between its best and worse episodes. It’s not Chuck, but Community provides much sharper humor than Chuck ever did (note that “sharper humor” does not mean “better episodes”).

        Second, you’re looking at this situation from the perspective of a fan. For a network, things like “quality” (whatever the hell that means) barely matter. Chuck might have more “quality” than, say, Big Bang Theory, but no executive in their right mind would choose Chuck over BBT. The engagement of the fans with Chuck is both what gave it a 5th season in spite of sharply declining ratings, and what made them put it on the Friday “death slot.”

        Simply put, there comes a time in any show’s life when its ratings are no longer greater than what the average new show would pull in. Put another way, there will be some new shows NBC put on that perform better or worse than Chuck. But on balance, Chuck wasn’t performing well enough to tip the overall cost/benefit analysis in its favor. It’s easy to point at any one show that fails and say “Ah Ha! NBC made a mistake cancelling Chuck!” But such a commentary misunderstands the purpose of diversifying investments.

        In moving S5 to Fridays, NBC took a calculated risk: that Chuck’s fanbase was loyal enough to sustain a mediocre rating in its worst time slot while it took bets elsewhere. In essence, it hedged its bets. If it worked, they kept a modest cash flow coming from a spent investment while maximizing investment potential. If it didn’t, they didn’t lose anything they were particularly invested in, and they were still able to maximize their flexibility. It didn’t end up working, so they cut bait and moved on.

        That sucks for us, because Chuck was freaking awesome. But Chuck’s performance wasn’t going to effect whether I still watched Community, Parks and Recreation, or The Voice in any way, shape or form. If I didn’t care about Chuck, I doubt I’d have given it even as much time as NBC did.

      • Community is not that good if we’re taking about “sharper humor” I’d take Fraser any day! Although idk if it qualifies as such. I get your points completely and when I said NBC has been making poor decisions I meant more so in their comedy picks ups, with the obvious exception of their most recent mid-season selections their choices have been awful, so much so that they were forced to scale back their comedy block from 2hrs to 1 and have comedies on 2 separate nights.

        For the record I love their new mid season drama pick-up Chicago P.D and if that gets axed I will be just as angry about it as I was Chuck’s cancelation. I’m simply saying that I’ve lost faith in NBCs ability to sustain any new comedies they pick up.

        I like the voice (don’t watch it as much as I used to) I also think the Blacklist is an amazing show! In terms of acting and cast chemistry I’d say it’s right with Chuck, Breaking Bad, The Office, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother! Despite the wast differences in tone of these shows the one thing they all share is superb acting and cast chemistry!

        As for were I’ve been during past finale discussions due to what my sister was watching at the time, I was unable to watch Chuck on TV until it’s move to Friday:(j (she always insisted on watching Gossip Girl and 90210 “puke”) we didn’t have TVs in our rooms until Christmas 2011. I watched Chuck once it hit Netflix and have seen it countless times since then, I became curious about its popularity at the begging of this year and was using google when I eventually stumbled upon (in mid-February) this site:)

        I know another finale discussion is coming soon and definitely have many opinions on it and where I believe everything goes from the fade-to-black on the beach:)

  11. I also made a long facebook post and have been continually reposting it since last week I even donated a little because I fully support Zac’s vision! There’s got to be 200,000 nerds out there somewhere, come on guys let’s rally and finish this!!!

  12. I’ve noticed a slight increase in the rate of donations, let’s keep it up guys!:)

  13. I don’t think Zac will cease attempts to make a Chuck movie if nerd HQ fails for a couple of reasons: 1. I think deep down he (and the entire cast for that matter) know(s) people love Chuck and it’s fan base is addicted to it, there’s an emotional connection we feel to the Chuckverse that existed from the get go and bottom is it’s cancelation is one of the 3 dumbest cancelations in tv history!

    2. Zac is an intelligent person, he knows Nerd Machine and/or Nerd HQ isn’t where his core fan base comes from we our fans of his because he’s a humble person and an amazing actor. It’s evident that like the character he’s known for, he still has a certain lack of faith in himself, his sprits somewhat down because of the lack of awareness/support for something very dear to him! That isn’t a reflection of him (which understandably is the way he’s most likely taking it) if anything it proves how much he needs to continue spreading his views and visions for the world, regardless of how he does it!

    A Chuck rebirth is a long way off but so was Veronica Mars and that took 8 years but it got done eventually and was everything it’s fans could have hoped for! 24 and arrested development were revitalized too and Heroes is supposedly in the works so it’s not a question of “if” but rather “who”, “when” and “in what way!” Between digital sales, streaming and endless fan fiction, Chuck has seen a huge surge in popularity! Idk when but Chuck will be back eventually!

    Zac will likely take time to re invent himself and come up with something different that shares his vision with a broader audience, branding and enterprise is trial and error just ask (although you can’t anymore)Steve Jobs:)

    I’m a nerd, Zac (and Chuck for that matter) changed my life, so I sincerely hope he doesn’t get too down on himself and remembers how much the world desperately needs people like him to continue influencing it in positive ways:)

    • gatesoutcast says:

      Excellent comments or in the world of Chuck, Awesome insights. One poster mentioned no movie but a whole series on Netflix. I know agree after watching House of Cards, a Netflix show, I think Chuck would do very well/good as a Netflix Series, and I am sure Netflix would love to have Chuck. We can get Terry Goodkind to write the script, and Joss Whedon to direct.

      • That’s a great idea! Everyone I’ve turned on to Chuck loves it! I doubt Netflix would’ve included it in its most recent contract unless they saw the merits in bringing it back to series! It functions better that way anyhow, Chuck has many stories left to tell that need the form of a yearly show to be told properly.
        The brilliance of show was due to its ability to shatter stereotypes and connect on a very real level via its characters and their relationships, I can’t image that being successfully crammed into a 2hr movie, it just wouldn’t be as good! Charah is the most compelling, screen relationship ever thought up because they have conflicting personalities, don’t get their “perfectly happy ending” and yet they always find their way back to each other!

        While I don’t have any objection to marriage I don’t think it’s necessary because love is not about that! It’s about finding someone your willing to fight for the rest of your life, never is this better shown then in Chuck! I find the last plot arc so compelling because Chuck’s life was torn away from him but he’s only ever concerned about Sarah’s wellbeing, which makes the fact that Sarah initially runs equally as compelling; she doesn’t understand how he could still love her after what she’s done, these facts alone are why the last two episodes are the best in the series and the most well acted I’ve ever seen!

        Wow, I tend to ramble when I get started:) but my overall point is that, to not bring a relationship like Charah back to screen (big or small is wrong) especially considering the show never should’ve been axed (god I REALLY hate NBC for that!)in the first place!

      • Angus MacNab says:

        No. No Joss Wheden, lol. I’m way to attached to my favorite Chuck characters to allow him to try to kill them off!

      • Josh, seeing anybody else who loves the finale as much as I do warms my heart. Where have you been during all of our finale arguments?

      • Due to what my sister was watching at the time, I was unable to watch Chuck on TV until it’s move to Friday:(j (she always insisted on watching Gossip Girl and 90210 “puke”) we didn’t have TVs in our rooms until Christmas 2011. I watched Chuck once it hit Netflix and have seen it countless times since then, I became curious about its popularity at the begging of this year and was using google when I eventually stumbled upon (in mid-February) this site:)

        I know another finale discussion is coming soon and definitely have many opinions on it and where I believe everything goes from the fade-to-black on the beach:)

  14. The campaign just broke 8,000 funders and is nearing $200,000, I know it’s a small victory but every bit helps and I’m one fan who’s been posting/reposting to Facebook multiple times a day, if I could donate more than $5 I would! Chuck is completely secondary for me, I’m trying AHAP to make sure Zac can keep this going, he wants to bridge the gap and better the world and I’m gonna do everything I can to help make sure he doesn’t have to start from scratch to do it!

  15. Not even 200K yet; that’s very disappointing.

  16. ChuckFanForever says:

    I can’t believe that Zac is actually receiving bad press over this. He’s said over and over again, if you can’t afford to donate, or don’t feel compelled to donate then you don’t have to. He won’t be mad at you. And to those thinking he’s trying to scam someone, I seriously doubt he’d put so much effort just to “steal” $5 from everyone who donates.

    He’s said in his video that Nerd HQ has lost money every single year (the past 2), and he’s had to use his own money to cover the shortage. So unless you don’t believe the guy and think he’s lying outright, why follow him in the first place?

    Even the lady that asked for money to pay for her own credit card debt managed to get $20K.

  17. Pingback: Support Nerd HQ! Win Valuable Prizes! | Chuck This

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