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IWMNHQFolks, we’re failing in our efforts to spread the nerd and support Zac’s efforts to fund Nerd HQ.  Many people have had a lot of words about the effort, its lack of a rewards structure, a general lack of enthusiasm among many fans and the nature of Nerd HQ.  I think I’ve covered most of the reasons I believe we should back his efforts here, here and here, and I’ll have a few more words to say about some of that, but aside from that I have a few ideas about how to generate some more enthusiasm.  It involves Bribery.  After the jump.

So let’s get to a few of those questions.  Yes, Zac has set himself quite a task trying to raise a million dollars from fans $5 at a time with no reward structure, but this was a considered decision.  Zac doesn’t want to privilege one fan, to whom $5 is a significant chunk of their weekly allowance over another who can easily spare $100.  Both fans are doing the same thing, supporting Nerd HQ as something Zac and The Nerd Machine can give to fans, both online and in person and can keep it free and the panels inexpensive.  It is his new way to form a closer connection with the fans, and a lot of his celebrity pals seem to love it too.  If you want to see this sort of fan-centered event live as opposed to the industry-centered press junkets and moderated panels found elsewhere please consider supporting this effort.

I’ve been trying to think of another way to help leverage my donations and posts about this into a concrete way to generate enthusiasm and donations, and I think I have it… but we shall see.

I was watching Nathan Fillion’s 2012 Sunday panel where he was auctioning off the most absurd memorabilia and stuff for hundreds of dollars, thinking that was what they should do to fund Nerd HQ, when it hit me.  Do what Zac was doing, make it a raffle for those who pledge, but instead of a phone call or Skype, make it some piece of nerd-centric merchandise.

So here it is.  If you pledge $5 to I Want My Nerd HQ and e-mail me a screen-shot of the confirmation pledge by Sunday midnight you will receive one entry into the raffle of Firefly: A Celebration.  Brand-spankin’ new, shipped directly to you from Amazon (provided Amazon ships to your country).  It is chock-full of nerdy Whedonesque goodness and will provide any fan with hours of joy.

To take a screen-shot on a Windows computer check here.  For a Mac, here and for Linux here.  You are welcome to edit the shot to omit potentially personal information, but make sure to include the total at the top and your name (uncensored) at the bottom.  E-mail to erniedavis at verizon dot net.  Monday morning I will use a random number generator to pick a winner.  Every $5 gets you an entry, enter as many times as you like, but each screen-shot must be unique.


I have no idea if this will work, this is sort of a test, but if it does look to see a few more before the campaign is over.  I will gladly address any questions or concerns in the comments.


About Ernie Davis

I was born in 1998, the illegitimate brain child and pen name of a surly and reclusive misanthrope with a penchant for anonymity. My offline alter ego is a convicted bibliophile and causes rampant pognophobia whenever he goes out in public. He wants to be James Lileks when he grows up or Dave Barry if he doesn’t.  His hobbies are mopery, curling and watching and writing about Chuck.  Obsessively.  Really, the dude needs serious help.
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  1. Christopher says:

    I would love to join your efforts Ernie,

    So many people on Twitter trying to encourage donators (I have donated twice) I knew the significance of this campaign, and I find it interesting that we broke 100,000 in two days and and only 140K since than. It bothers me because we as Chuck fans have shown WB and NBC were right in pulling the plug. Rewards or not shouldn’t be the sole purpose to donate.

    So many people in Hollywood are really bad role models for kids and the truth is we have very few celebrities that give back like Zachary and as I mentioned on Twitter and my Blog I consider the cast of Chuck to be family members. I may never meet them, but truly respect the work they all do and how genuine most of them are. For example, Yvonne never shows pictures of her clubbing or out and about with different men. She posts pictures of her dog and nature walks Yvonne to me is a special person like Zachary and would support her in her quest to help Australia

    The fact is we let Zach, Yvonne and the rest of Chuck fans down by not crossing the first hurdle and that makes me sad.

  2. BigKev67 says:

    I can understand the frustration that donations are less than expected but I’m not buying this idea that somehow “we” have let Zac down. We are customers at the end of the day, and no business stays alive very long by telling customers that they are wrong. If the response has been slower than expected then it’s incumbent on NerdHQ to adapt, either by lowering its expectations or improving its marketing and model, preferably both.
    As much as I respect Zac for who he is and what he does, some serious mistakes have been made in this campaign. NerdHQ is a specific event, that 99% of people won’t actually go to, so the subset of potential and interested donors is much smaller than the total Chuck fan base. I know, because I love Chuck but have next to no interest in NerdHQ (but donated anyway!) Linking this effort to a Chuck movie was a big mistake IMO and only succeeded in fracturing the fan base still further. And no matter what some may think, $1 million from a smallish portion of a smallish fan base was never going to happen.
    I’m honestly not knocking Zach. I hope he raises as much money as possible. But hopefully some business-savvy people around him are already learning some lessons so the next effort is better targeted and more effective.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      “We” are those inclined to support Zac’s efforts and spread the word. Sorry if that wasn’t evident from the context of my several posts on the subject by now. And “we” are obviously falling short in our efforts.

      The whole point of this effort is to remove passion projects from a pure dollars and cents calculation and give the decision to fans as opposed to the entrenched entertainment industry interests interested only in the bottom line as opposed to giving fans an experience they can cherish.

      And yes, you are knocking Zac. Linking this effort to a movie is a way to test his preferred model, funding it with minimal donations from a broad fan base and no reward structure just the final project as the reward. And if he feels that funding it that way is important to his vision of what a Chuck movie should be and represent, he really isn’t obligated to make a movie if he doesn’t believe in what it is. It is a rare thing for someone in his industry to take a stand on principal and put his beliefs to the test, and he shouldn’t be characterized as foolish for doing so.

      • Christopher says:

        I could of not said it better. We is a broad term used as a fan base as a whole. if you could not attend the event you can watch it online. There are options to watch the event. We also should take in account that the last three years Zach fit the bill himself in order to keep the vision he has of connecting Fans and Celebrities for a Q and A for free something that no other celebrity offers. Zachary is not a Johnnie come lately. He is genuine. I watched his twitter chat, and the man is sincere in everything he does and believe’s in

        if I had a million dollars I would of donated it to help him. He is a good guy, who wanted to get the fans involved. WE talk a good game. A lot of Chuck fans would pay for a movie right? Well we certainly failed the first test. I am sure Zachary would of went to the TPTB if we get the million dollars and said see this is proof that the fans will contribute to a Chuck fan funded movie. How can he go now we haven’t cracked 500,000

        I feel that sites like this one, mine and all the other Chuck Sites need to unite and voice our demand for Chuck to return. I feel the power of the few won’t move anything, but the voice of the many will make head ways. Think of this if Heroes is returning, A show that was cancelled the same time Chuck was. This was Why we needed to do more, and we can still do it 5 dollars for a Chance at a Chuck movie I liked those odds

    • oldresorter says:

      I’ve seen the Mars fundraiser and the will wheaton (spell?) gaming one, both have a hook (free download of the movie or games) to get the average donation up. I think the Mars free download was $30 or $35, for a Chuck movie, I think that would work much like the Mars movie funding worked. I think if anything, getting 10,000 fans to give $25 on average for what amounts to party for charity in California is a positive sign of the demand out there for Chuck and the love for Zac world wide, rather than a sign there is none.

      I don’t know the answer to this, but I wonder did the Mars movie model work? I saw the domestic gross was between 3M-4M total. And I think overall, the movie got good (not great, the movie played to the crowd) reviews from near every ardent fan who paid up front for the movie. One place I saw the budget for the movie listed as 6M, and different place 12M. So if the 6M kickstarter is added to the 3M revenue, the movie either is +3M or -3M right now.

      But don’t you think that if 10K people are willing to give 250K for an operation smile charity event, that it’s very likely 100K people would be willing to give 6M for a free download of a Chuck movie?

  3. magdalena says:

    Posting here for the first time after lurking for quit some time now but still reading all the episode comments LOL

    Last year I got from my son the complete serie of Chuck I was hooked after the first episode what a amazing serie full with action,drama,family and one of the best love story’s I’ve seen ever on TV I still regret it I didn’t watch the show when it airs but here in The Netherlands it was air very late 11pm. After I finished the serie finale I immediately rewatch every episode and still every night before I go to bed I watch one or two episodes. Call me crazy but I am in love and wish like all of you we will get one day a movie or a season 6.

    After I finished I started to google all I could find about the cast and find out what Zachary Levi have done since the serie ended all I can say is that he is the most genuine, honest, giving & inspiring celebrity i’ve ever seen with such a big heart for his fans.

    I also find out he started NerdHQ in 2011 I’ve seen all the panels which was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it very much. Now Zac needs our help to keep NerdHQ going and of course I donate the first week while I know I never will be able to attent NerdHQ but I believe in what he is doing and where he stands for to give no perks is who he is for Zac it makes no difference if you give $5 or $500 that’s why I love him. I thought with so many fans who follow him on twitter and FB it would be a piece of cake but to my surprize and shock we even are close to our goal with only 16 day’s to go I think we don’t even reach $500K.

    How can we expect from Zac to fight for a Chuck movie if we even can’t help him raise 1ml for HerdHQ which is a free event for all people with a great cause Operation Smile I believe after all Zac have done for his fans we own him that. So please all Chuck fans donate!!

    If you are not willing to donate what is your right to do so I assume you don’t gonna watch the live panels he will be streaming world wide and who knows maybe he will have another Chuck panel this year and you will miss out that to.

    Zac is a amazing example for so many people with a big heart and I am proud to be one of his fans and a proud member of his Nerd Army.

    Sorry for my long post and bad English like I said earlier I am from The Netherlands

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Don’t feel you need to apologize, your English is far better than my Dutch. 😉 I want to thank you for your heartfelt appeal. I share your surprise and disappointment that this effort has not gone as well as many of us had hoped.

      • magdalena says:

        Thank you! Ernie Davis for your kind words …
        Something needs to be done otherwise I think last year was the last time we could enjoy of watching The Nerd Machine with their amazing panels. Fans do not realize what it means if this funding will fail. I have a feeling Zachary will never try to fund for a Chuck movie what if that funding also will fail he has to think about his reputation you know. I am sad that with only 15 day’s left we only raise $243K I can’t imagine how Zac feels right now.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I think there is still a chance, even if we don’t get to one million, that Nerd HQ may happen. They are still going after sponsors and it seems they are getting ready to jump start the effort after they hit $250,000. A really big saturate social media effort could get enough publicity to attract more people who don’t know about Nerd HQ or The Nerd Machine, or even Comic-con to the cause.

        And if we raise enough money that Zac isn’t AS worried about losing his shirt by throwing another one, who knows.

        I’m simultaneously disappointed and hopeful.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m glad to hear you say that Ernie. Much as I wish we’d been able to dazzle the world by earning money quickly, it still seems significant to earn as much as we did for little tangible benefit. And I hope Zac sees it in that light!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        If nothing else, perhaps Zac learns enough about how to approach a low-rewards broadly supported crowd-funding effort to try again, with say a movie?

        I think, based on their ability to break every poll and to crash the servers selling tickets for Conversations for a Cause Zac was actually expecting a lot more from the fans, so he can’t help but be a bit disappointed, but he’s a relentlessly optimistic guy, so I’m sure he’ll find something positive to take from this experience.

      • DKD says:

        The low amounts are mostly due to lack of perks and the fact that many of the people donating now are repeat funders. When you donate twice, you show up as two funders.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Yes, that seems pretty apparent. The Veronic Mars Movie had 91,585 backers donating an average of $62.26. I Want My Nerd HQ has 11,448 funders (and yes, anecdotaly many are repeat funders) giving an average $22.26. Up the average donation to Nerd HQ to VM levels and Nerd HQ is pretty much there, or up the number of donors to VM levels and they are well past the goal.

    • DKD says:

      Wil Wheaton’s web series campaign (still going) at Indiegogo has averaged $67.42. His proposal includes a budget–of sorts–that has 20% going to “fulfillment/taxes”. So, if some of the money goes back to fulfill the perks, you still earn more than you spend because people will donate at least three times as much.

      But, if donors to Zac’s campaign have donated more than once, they show up as more than one donor. The actual donation per person may be higher than shown, because donors would be lower than shown.

  4. Christopher says:

    The truth is I feel for those like Dave, Ernie, Joe, myself and a whole host of Chuck fans out there that continue to love and support Chuck are the same ones that didn’t hesitate to fund nerd hq. We connected with the actors and see them like family. This is why so many people love Charah. in essence we grew up with Characters, and what really hooked me were the gag Reels.

    Seeing all of them have fun including Yvonne, who we should be posting our support for her since this will be her coming out party and for us Chuckaholics we were there from the start don’t forget that. When people start to say Yvonne is a gifted actress and better person, we Chucksters can say We already knew that.

    Two years later and for some of us who missed the boat and joined the fan base after the show came to Netflix. It is time Chuck fans to demand for our show to return. Petititons are not good enough but increasing blogs stats and comment every where and anywhere keep the show alive and the memories going

    Remember the memories and as Sarah said in Marlin, I say now

    Chuck: Goodbye, Sarah
    Sarah: Save you later.

    Yea the fans should save the show again.

  5. 2Fine2DFine says:

    i think the biggest shock came after Zac tested the #IWantMyNerdHQ hashtag tweet. it trended worldwide and US within 24hrs, spread like wildfire! i was amazed myself!! so once i witnessed that, along with the amount of followers Zac has on facebook and twitter, crowdfunding definitely would be a piece of cake! and as previously mentioned, for the first 48hrs, we weren’t wrong! fans were ready to donate and we hit 100k no problem! but the pace since then is quite the mystery. where did the other fans go? or maybe it costs nothing to tweet (other than internet access), but actually forking up $5 is a different story?
    if you look other indiegogo campaigns, Zac is not lacking in the fanbase at all!
    we’ve got PLENTY of funders. just funding low amounts.

  6. DKD says:

    When I see Wil Wheaton’s campaign to fund his obscure web series hit its $500,000 goal with over 30 days left to the campaign, it just reinforces to me that the problem’s with Zac’s campaign wasn’t lack of fandom, but the weakness in the offering and the lack of perks.

    I have no doubt in mind that if Chuck ever wanted to do fanfunding–and we don’t even know if that’s the approach they would take–it could achieve a lot more than this Nerd HQ campaign has.

    If Zac truly believes otherwise, I think that’s unfortunate, but I do not agree with him. I’m 100% sure that Josh Schwartz is a smart enough man to not interpret lack of response to this as lack of interest in Chuck.

    From an attendee’s perspective–I’ve attended all three years–Nerd HQ may technically be “free”, but that applies to just the space itself. Let’s face it. If you just want to sit around on couches, there are other places around Comic-con to do that. Most people who go do not just hang in the space and do nothing else.

    Full disclosure: I preferred the 2012 Nerd HQ location to 2013. I wish they would go back to something like that. The stadium was too big and lacked the intimacy. The food also sucked and there wasn’t a bar to sit at if you wanted a drink.

    Beyond that, it costs $22 a pop to go to the panels. Do one panel a day and you’ve paid $88. Yeah, it goes to charity, but it still comes out of your pocket and it wasn’t our choice to make it for charity. Want a picture with Zac? That’s another $20. Go to the Firefly screening and that’s another $15 (I think it was). The dance party was free*, but the drinks weren’t. So, add that in. Buy some t-shirts. Add that in.

    (* I would say that only a couple of hundred fans attend it anyway.)

    So, I really doubt that anyone attending Nerd HQ comes away not spending any money. I’ve donated an amount that I feel justifies the “overhead” for what I get, but I fully expect to spend a lot of money AT Nerd HQ when I get there. I also spend most of my time at SDCC ($165/badge), so I don’t think I should donate as much as, say, someone who sits around there all day.

    I believe in paying for things what I think they are worth. And that shouldn’t be tied into what my income is or isn’t.

    If Nerd HQ doesn’t happen, I’d be a little sad, but I’d just go back to spending 100% of my time at SDCC instead of 75%. Instead of going to Zac’s NerdHQ, I might stop in at Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry space. There’s no shortage of offsite places and events at SDCC these days. There are more and more each year. Hell, Conan is doing his show from there. Maybe I could get tickets to that. Maybe Zac will be a guest.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I fully appreciate other opinions on this, and can appreciate some people seeing this as flawed, but Zac is on record in several interviews stating that this model is based on his principles and hopes for the fanbase and the future of the entertainment industry. It is pretty apparent that he has misread at some level the enthusiasm and response. Perhaps he will adapt before the end of this campaign or in the next, I just don’t like hearing people run down his initial attempt as foolish or misguided, or deny him the right to make a Chuck movie the way he wants to, aligned with his beliefs about how it should be made or if the way he wants to can’t be made to work to decline to make that movie. He is not denying anyone else the chance to try, just deciding that if he has to compromise too much of what he believes in to make it work he’d rather not do it.

      • DKD says:

        I do hope he adapts, but if people aren’t allowed to publicly give feedback, how will he know what to adapt to? How we he know WHY it didn’t work?

        I’m not denying Zac his beliefs, but we all have to align our beliefs with reality. We have to align our business plans to the realities of the marketplace and consumer behavior.

        All businesses have to do that and he’s running a business. He wouldn’t be the first marketer who over-estimated demand. The history of marketing is riddled with examples. New Coke anyone? Somebody with a big salary thought that was a good idea.

        I certainly don’t think he was foolish for trying or misguided for trying. It certainly has been a learning experience and one that will be a case study for other crowd funders.

        As for Chuck, I won’t deny your opinion on how it might be made and Zac’s role in it. But, I have the right to my another opinion, too. There are going to be a lot of different opinions out there. If this isn’t the place to discuss alternate views, let me know and I’ll leave.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I don’t mind people’s feedback. It’s the characterization of the effort as foolish or worse somehow dishonest without taking the time to hear Zac’s explanation of why he decided to go this way that bothers me.

  7. PJ says:

    something else i realized. if i had $50 to spend, and i wanted to contribute to NerdHQ/The Nerd Machine, i personally chose to buy something (2 items actually) from the TNM store. if i just donated via igg, i would be short $50. but from the store, i got myself 2 shirts in the process.
    i dont know how their financial structure works if their store earnings goes towards paying staff and such.. but to me, it still all goes thru TNM.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I very much doubt Zac would be upset that you chose to support his efforts through the store. He has said that TNM operates in the red and that Nerd HQ loses money on it. However last year it was apparently bad enough his personal finances suffered a big hit, which he is trying to avoid repeating, so it all goes toward the bottom line.

    • dkd says:

      I made an effort each year to buy from the store. I even bought from their Nerd HQ booth in NY last year.

  8. dkd says:

    In case you are interested, there’s also a new incentive from Zac’s team: he’ll fly to the nearest city, if it is in the continental U.S., and have dinner with you and even have a meet-up with the fans in the area.

    The exact details are here:

    The catch is it only happens if they get $333,0000 raised. So, here’s your chance to tell Zac anything you want in person over a leisurely dinner.

  9. magdalena says:

    Sorry to be a downer but I have some problems with winning this price first it’s start with (( every funder that has contributed $5 or more to the campaign will be automatically entered to win the most awesome prize offered to date, a visit from Zachary Levi…………………………. Then the sad news someone in the Continental United States (sorry international funders) ))

    The price is amazing Wish I would live in the US and I am happy for the winner whoever it is and for all funders in the area who also are invited to meet Zac. Even for nerds who can not contribute can enter to win by mailing a request but no price for the people who live out side the States and have support Zac during these 32 day’s some have donate multi times is a mistake in my eye’s I know they have to save money to PRODUCE the event and Int’l flights cost more $$ But I am worried Zac will lose some support now why not giving the fans who live out side the States a Skype call from Zac. or pick 5 international funders and send them a autograph NerdHQ T-shirt.

    I know Zac wanted to raise the money without any perks but he needed to take some action because the fund raising was going so slow I understand that but to exclude some of the fans is wrong at least I think it is. I keep support Zac and NerdHQ because for me watching NerdHQ during the summer is my price and I hope all international funders will think the same.

    • dkd says:

      I was thinking about this before you even said it. Given Zac is probably going to have to fly to wherever the winner is and get a hotel room and other expenses, why not take that cost and use it to fly an international donor to where he is in New York? Or to San Diego? I know international flights are a lot more expensive than domestic ones, but Zac probably flies First Class and the international flight could be a coach ticket. It does seem to me a LOT of the donors are from outside the U.S.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      No easy answer for this one. What if the international donor doesn’t have the means to pay for a hotel, especially someplace like New York. Perhaps the donor might be a minor or not have a passport. There may also be legal issues. The fact that he added a write-in entry hints that there are some legalities he needed to address.

      It is too bad that international fans are excluded from this one prize we’d all love to win, and I’m sure he is also disappointed, but there are limits to what he can give to the effort.

      • PJ says:

        i was thinking that. if international, having to get travelling visas would be a lot more extra work, fees, and processing wait time from the government. either for himself or the fan.
        im from toronto, canada, and it’s a 1hr flight from NYC. which is cheaper than him flying the 5hr flight to LA from NYC. so i dont think its a financial issue.
        we dont know the “drawing” process for all the other campaign incentives so far. do multiple donations of $5 count as multiple entries? or if 1 donation of $25 counts as 1 or 5 entries? and my igg account doesnt say my country info. so how would they know? if they didnt exclude international fans, then when they do the draw, technically, they can keep drawing until they get an american fan. we would never know.
        or if i was an international winner, could i make my way to an american city and claim the dinner?
        either way… this incentive boosts american funders. international… not so much. but its tough to please everyone.

      • dkd says:

        I forgot to mention that the hotel would be included, but it would be in my proposal. As for the minor/no passport thing, that could be an exclusion to the rules, but it would be excluding fewer people than now.

        PJ, good questions. In my experience, most corporations who hold sweepstakes are more revealing on how they conduct these things. They usually have a very detailed document on how everything will work.

      • dkd says:

        BTW–Last year, Verizon held a sweepstakes which flew 2 people to Nerd HQ, including airfare, hotel room, and admission into one of Zac’s private parties. The rules are no longer on line, but I’m sure it was domestic-only because Verizon is an American company. No purchase was necessary, of course, for the usual legal reasons.

      • dkd says:

        (Sorry for the constant addendums)

        This article covers the rules of sweepstakes. You have to make it “no purchase necessary” or else it is an illegal lottery:

  10. magdalena says:

    Don’t get me wrong I believe Zac will do everything to please all of his fans , I don’t know if any of you were on twitter last Friday night but it was crazy and fun to post with so many fans and waiting till we finally reached 250K many fans just like me stayed up for it all night we all wanted to know
    what the BIG announcement would be but TNM decided to make that the next day. To my surprise, and for many others who do not live in the States it was a Dinner with Zac and those who do not live in the States were excluded from this price okay I can live with that if they also had a price for those international funders like a 10 min Skype call which cost nothing.

    @PJ TNM have said on twitter if I am correct that yes multiple donations of $5 count as multiple entries and 1 donation of $25 counts as 1. But that was for the Skype call don’t know if this also count for the dinner with Zac.

    As for the minor don’t think a minor has a credit card or PayPal to donate to the cause.

    Well TNM just posted this on twitter
    (We hear you international nerds, stay tuned for an update regarding the newest incentive. #IWantMyNerdHQ)

  11. Ernie Davis says:
  12. magdalena says:

    HiHo!! I am a very happy Nerd!!! yayy!! And I am more confident that we will reach 333K now!

  13. DKD says:

    Just to bump this topic a bit.

    The campaign ends on Friday. That means there are three and a half days left. It’s stands just below $280K at the moment. If anyone was planning to donate at the last minute, now’s the time.

  14. I am such a big big zac fan, I just watched his twitter live stream from late march the guy is just what he seems, no tricks, no BS, just an honest down to earth guy. The idea that anyone anywhere would even suggest otherwise is just completely ridiculous.Final count on the crowd funding is $336k, way to go everybody!:)

    • DKD says:

      Anyone want to speculate on whether Zac still feels that he won’t push for a Chuck movie if the Nerd HQ campaign didn’t make a million?

      It didn’t make a million.

      • oldresorter says:

        DKD I’d be more interested in your opinion than my own, as you seem to be more connected to the industry and tend to have the best feel for the answer to the ? you posed. What do you think?

        My take on Levi is that he is somewhat an early adopter with a quick, agile mind, so this may be the first of many forays into alternative media and funding for him. He does not seem one to give up easily to me. But, that’s a complete guess on my part.

        I found this interesting, didn’t talk about Chuck, but talked about resurrecting TV shows, at the end is a pretty complete preview of ’24’:

      • DKD says:

        Inevitably, he’s going to get a question about a Chuck movie from someone. I honestly don’t know what he’s going to say.

        But, as he said himself, when he made the statement during the campaign, (paraphrasing) he doesn’t own Chuck and was made no promises from the people who do.

        It’s always going to be up to them and we don’t even know if they would even go the crowdfunding route when they look for funding. I tend to think that the results of the Nerd HQ campaign won’t be on Josh Schwartz’s mind when he even gets around to thinking about a Chuck movie.

        These things take time. Witness the current developments in regards to a Farscape sequel. That took years. If the Chuck thing takes a similar amount of time, this campaign will be a distant memory.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I think it’s almost certain he is a lot less likely to try to fund a movie with this crowd-funding model, even though it probably is an effort that would enjoy broader support. Overall I think that makes it somewhat less likely he’ll try at all.

      • Christopher says:

        Sure, Zac did not reach one million, but think of this he was able to get 335k in 46 days. it finished very well, and to be honest the ones that donated like myself are willing to help Zac because we view him as a friend rather than some celebrity out there trying to get money from the fans. I never saw it this way. What I am disappointed in is the fan base.

        Like you, all I have heard over the last year is how so many Chuck fans were willing to pay for a movie. They had there chance and we blew it. all he needed was 200,000 $5.00. and there are a million fans of Chuck and Zac in the whole social media channels. This gave ammo to WB why the decision was made to ax the show two years ago, but as a passionate Chuck fan that I am and consider myself a friend of Zac and Yvonne whether I meet them or not. I still call myself a friend.

        These two people are classy and are respectable humans. These two are not out getting into trouble with the police or club hoping they are decent human beings and these are the kind of positive people you would want to associate with. Thus, the desire to help them in anything they do.

        This last part is for Dave, Joe and Ernie.

        I am making a pitch to you guys as a fellow bloggers to join my efforts in uniting all Chuck fans to force the hand of WB to do the right thing. I am making it a mission of mine to be a voice, so we all can be heard. I believe we can get it done. I support your website all the time and seek your assistance on this mission.

        I plan to write a letter and post it on my site if my efforts fail so be it, but we are being ignored by TBTB and we should not stand for it. I am doing this for Little Chuck fan, who is seeking help in her fight to stay alive. I am doing this because I am passionate about a series we can’t have, and it is not because a lack of fans. The show’s popularity has increased since the show went to Netflix and everyday on Twitter I see fans plea.

        So, I come to you guys again to join my efforts in getting WB’s attention will we succeed is not the point. its standing up for a show we all love.

        Dave especially, we know what the show means to us and for use to be ignored is petty on WB’s part especially when Heroes gets a 12 episode order granted. A show that was cxled the same year as Chuck.

        I look forward in hearing from you all. remember its hard to say goodbye and truth be told . We should of never had to say goodbye.

      • DKD says:

        I doubt anyone would attempt to fund a Chuck movie using a “no perks” crowdfunding model, IF they did crowdfunding. That was a huge experiment on Zac’s part. When you see how successful–by comparison–Wil Wheaton’s campaign has been using the usual tiered perks model, it accentuates how necessary they are.

        Had Zac’s campaign had the same average donation that Wil’s campaign is getting, he would have raised a million dollars.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        While I admire your enthusiasm I’d caution against confusing our interests in Chuck with those of WB and the other parties who own and produced Chuck. To them it is a product to be sold, granted a product they obviously loved and appreciated, but one that had outgrown its time and needed to go to make way for the next project. I think of it like a farmer reluctantly putting down a cow or hen that has stopped producing. It’s not as if he wants to do so, but the bottom line is he can’t support it at the expense of others that are producing for him.

        We should then be grateful for what we got, which by any reasonable industry standard is probably 2, possibly 3 years more than we would have had NBC not been in ratings free-fall (I still contend that absent the Leno experiment that carved out 5 hours of prime time in the fall of 2009 Chuck would have had a slightly better than even chance at renewal given it’s ratings). Thus I think talk of forcing WB to do the right thing is counter-productive. For their share-holders, the right thing was to retire Chuck until such a time that they can see a profit from bringing it back. And it is by showing WB that there is potential profit to be had from Chuck is what will ultimately bring it back if we are able to do so.

        Veronica Mars managed to show WB that there was still a rabid fanbase with money to spend for Veronica Mars. This was demonstrated by the Kickstarter campaign to the point that WB took on the fulfillment costs of the campaign and actually put up extra production monies in addition to the promised distribution costs. And VM has now opened up a potential new revenue stream for WB. There are Veronica Mars novels and a sequel being talked about in the wake of the movie re-starting the franchise.

        Now, could Chuck fans do the same? Almost certainly, but they need someone to organize the effort. In the case of Veronica Mars it was the creator and the star of the series who were the main push behind the effort, even before going to the fans. Zac had tried something similar with WB at the end of the series, and seems to have the rest of the cast on board, but Zac has very particular ideas about how he wants to go about it and what he sees as the future of the entertainment industry and how they interact with fans.

        That vision has certainly taken a hit. While he did say very early on that $1,000,000 was not the make or break for Nerd HQ, that he’d make that decision with his business manager based on the response, the response was obviously a lot less than he thought, even if it was enough to keep Nerd HQ moving forward. And while he did make adjustments and offer incentives of a sort during the campaign it is pretty obvious that even with a Chuck movie as the end result the ratio of people who are willing to pay versus the level of vocal support isn’t what he, or a lot of us assumed.

        I am still hopeful for more Chuck. As you’ve said, Netflix has introduced a lot of new fans to the show, and I could see it getting the Heroes reboot at some point if those fans remain vocal enough for long enough. I could still see Zac trying to organize something, though not for some time. But if Chuck comes back it will be because fans have demonstrated they are willing to pay for it and support it, not because they demand WB or TPTB “do the right thing” and give them more.

      • DKD says:

        I have to lean on my identity as a Farscape fan to say that fans pushing for a show to come back isn’t really as important as people think it is. The Henson company has commissioned a script for a Farscape movie. It’s the first step in development. While the whole thing may fall through, it’s a start.

        The thing is that I am not aware of any active “bring back Farscape” effort by fans. Yes, the fans have largely stayed together and attend Farscape events when they can. Yes, the show has been on Netflix and gained new fans. But, the decision to move forward has largely been made by the Henson company and it came as a surprise to fans.

        I don’t know if “24” fans had anything to do with bringing “24” back or if “Heroes” fans did anything specific to bring it back. If they did, I’m not aware of it.

        So, I think that the best we can do as fans is to continue to be here. When the PTB are ready and they think the market is ready, they’ll know we are here. All pushing it seems to do is lead to anger and frustration on the part of fans doing the pushing. Frustration can lead to other unpleasant things like giving up entirely and leaving the fanbase.

        I’m a patient person. If I can wait over ten years for even a glimmer of hope of a Farscape project, I can wait that long for Chuck: The Next Generation.

  15. Ernie Davis says:

    Not sure where this fits except as an amusing commentary on the state of network TV, so I put it on the current thread where we’re commenting on the state of TV.

  16. Christopher says:

    I am not saying I will accomplish anything, and truth be told I am only doing it because I believe in the product. I believe in Yvonne and Zachary. I wish I had 5 million dollars or I would fund the movie myself. Operation Bring Back Chuck is more of a platform for all Chuck fans to voice their desire for of the show we all want but can’t have.

    Ernie, I understand the product lost its edge by the time season 5 came around, but there was still a lot more story to be told. The fact they took more time to bring back Morgan’s memories rather than Sarah’s is something that the writers felt would be compelling story telling, but majority of the fans disapprove.

    While on this site I have read many times that season 3 was a disaster because of the writing, but at least we saw a conclusion on screen most fans can enjoy. From the Prague incident and until Sarah says your “Still my Chuck” we saw a weird story line that I just started to understand what was the motivation to have Chuck say in Prague I can’t to the woman he loves than to follow it up by jumping into bed with Hannah. The whole Shaw/Sarah love story really is poor because there is no chemistry between the two, but we all have to admit that Shaw as the bad guy was well done.

    I also respect Shaw for taking Chuck out of the van., which at the time he needed to be forced to do missions on his own.

    visit my blog an see for yourself. I designed it as a place where people can go to enjoy Music, scenes even added a dexter page because of the connection between the two shows. Chuck is very important to a lot of fans because of lack of ending.

    Think back to Sopranos, When we were black screened by seeing the screen turn black we were all up in arms on what happen to Tony. Imagination is fine when the scene warrants it self but the fact we still don’t have a clue, plus we won’t know with James being dead.

    We were black screened at the end of Chuck and for some of us its not right….Bring back Chuck is just a way for people to voice their demand for movie or new series. The series will not happen especially with 24 coming out next week and Yvonne’s status starting to heat up.

    No Zach and Yvonne no point

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