Finale Alternatives and Epilogues

There’s always more than one way to tell a story.  And now that we’re at the end of our re-watch we’ll discuss possible alternatives, both big and little things, for the finale arc.

Even for those who love the finale with no reservations, there remains the possibility of epilogue.  So for the last post in this “Alternatives” series we will also look at what could have come next.  And of course, this all means a rather “epic” list of links because dozens of entertaining and well done epilogues have already been written by Chuck’prolific fan fiction community.

After the jump, we’ll dive right in.

This post will be broken into two major categories; Alternatives of the finale arc episodes (5.10-5.13) and Epilogues.  Obviously this is the end of this series of posts, although I will continue to do my regular fan fiction posts as the mood strikes.  I suppose we could start with a Bo alternative, but apart from a few minor complaints I have with that episode, there isn’t much I would really re-tool.

One fan fiction piece starts at about this time; “Chuck vs The Way the Show Should Have Ended” by Chuckfanster is a re-work of the whole finale arc (really starting from Kept Man).  It has been very entertaining, but it is updating slowly.

Bullet Train is where things get a little more interesting from an Alternatives perspective.  I’m sure you’ve all guessed my biggest complaint with the finale arc comes down to just how damaged Sarah is.  Although I can live with it all, there’s certainly ideas I like better.  And that starts right here, I love the idea of Chuck and Casey getting to Sarah just in time.  Maybe they rescue Sarah from Quinn after some memories have been lost, but before any deep damage is done.  This could have been played for a little light drama and pure fun.  I like the idea of Sarah having a stray memory return at an odd time; maybe leading to tears, anger or laughter.  I think this would have worked better for me than the sort of drama we saw that dragged things out to the very end (and beyond).

But I think 5.12 is where the alternatives start to get even more interesting.  Along the same theme as I mentioned above, I really like the idea of Sarah “beating” Quinn’s plan sooner than in canon.  An idea I mention in discussions a few day back was what if…  Chuck has some sort of signal jammer active at the home.  So Sarah finds herself alone with Chuck, with no Quinn to keep her confused all night long.  In this lower tension environment Sarah starts to realize some serious flaws with her briefing.  Maybe starting with the vague feeling her smiles in pictures with Chuck look real to her.  This could lead to a sort of low key information gathering and interrogation of Chuck.  Over the course of the night she and Chuck come to understand each other.  At least enough for Chuck to know what’s happening, and for Sarah to know Quinn’s playing her.  Come morning, we see Chuck and Sarah gaming Quinn instead of the other way around.  This could still include some drama as Sarah’s memories have been removed.  But I would like to see her actually reconnect, and fall in love with her husband even as they start their game with Quinn.  As Always, I vastly prefer the idea of Chuck and Sarah as a team.  Especially now at the end of the series, I consider it flat out stupid to tell the story the way they did or even to use the episode title they did.  Believe it or not, I routinely try very hard to moderate my actual opinion on this matter.  My other ideas are all variations on the same theme, like Chuck actually getting through to Sarah at the dream house; or Sarah verbalizing her realization she’s been scammed when she gets that first flash of real memory on seeing her carving.

Fan Fiction has delivered a couple of different treatments here.  The first is from  Kate McK called “For Better or For Worse“.  This is a variation on the last fountain scene where Chuck speaks up about what Quinn has done to them.  Its very short, and sets up what would have been a slightly different finale.  Perhaps just a variation more than a major change.

Another is “Chuck, Until the Day I Die” by Kilobyte44.  This starts with Chuck not wearing a bullet proof vest at the end of 5.12.  Sounds like a dark twist, but it takes an interesting turn,  and ultimately I like this treatment far better than canon.

Moving on to Goodbye alternatives.  No surprise, the big thing to me is just I would have preferred to see Sarah clearly falling in love with her husband.  As we’ve observed several times in discussion here, the writer chose a pacing that put all clear recovery off for the very end.  So many of us found this unsatisfying.  I know I sure did.  But if we had seen Sarah have a few more personal sort of memories return, and seen her have some of the same reactions she did to Chuck the first time around, it could have been very different.  I’ve also said a few times that even the smallest of changes would have helped me, just the simplest of statements from Sarah that she was determined to get her life back (“finding herself” strikes me as meaning the same thing, but in a vague/wussy/new agey sort of way.  Say it like you mean it!) or that she knew she was already falling for Chuck all over again.  My own minimal fix is Sarah saying “take me home, Chuck” as we fade to black.  Long time visitor to this site NeilN suggested, as the fade begins, “After you fixed my phone and before you started defusing bombs with computer viruses, right?”  That would have worked for me!

As I suggested in the earlier paragraphs here, a bigger change would have worked even better for me.  I think it is hugely disrespectful when a show runner changes their show so much for the finale.  We were all watching a show that was cheesy fun, larger than life, with a beautiful committed couple at the center of it all.  Then for the last two episodes we see something quite different; with only a shadow of the single most popular character, and the lead couple is effectively estranged until the very end.  Well guess what, this isn’t the show I was tuning in for!  I wanted my favorite characters, favorite team, favorite couple to do great things together.  This hardly happened.  Ideally, I wanted the major part of Sarah’s recovery to happen in 5.12.  Specific memories don’t matter as much to me as the love and commitment we saw for most of five seasons.  If they wanted to put Sarah’s specific recovery off to the very end, well that might have worked.  But I can never be completely happy with this badly flawed story.  I was tuning in to see Sarah Bartowski, but they kept her off screen until the closing seconds.  Not cool.


I suppose I should mention my own vision for where things go next is a rapid, but not instant recovery. I think the Bartowskis seek out a safer business and lifestyle, like they were discussing in Bo and Bullet Train and stayed as far from the government as possible.  I also think that meant kids pretty quickly, like within the year.  But not every story I recommend has to follow my vision exactly.  Some writers liked the idea of putting them back in the spy life.  That’s fine, especially for longer stories that envision a lot more adventure ahead.  A few writers drew Sarah’s recovery out a little longer than I prefer, this is also not a huge problem to me as long there’s a good reason for it, or the pay off is particularly satisfying.

All the stories below are from my own favorites list.  I have excluded a few that remain too incomplete, but otherwise this should be pretty comprehensive.  I do apologize if these brief descriptions aren’t quite a proper review (!), but this list is very big! As always, feel free to recommend your own favorites; I may disagree, or I may find a new one for my list!  I will break this into three categories; one-shots, multi-chapter stories, and on-going series.

One-Shots (these are all pretty fast reads)

Chuck vs The New Key” by CostasTT is unusual in providing a tech solution to Sarah’s problems.  But she already knows she wants her husband and life back.

5 Memories That Hit Sarah Like a Freight Train” by Wonderlandleighleigh has a pretty self explanatory title!

Sarah and Chuck’s PANTS” by newbie93 has a title that could only make sense to a Chuck fan.

Just Last the Year” by Crimson Pretichor takes a little longer than I normally prefer, but arrives at a good place all the same.

This is What Dreams Should Always Be” by Janeway1390 I find particularly powerful.

Five Seemingly Insignificant Memories” by dettiot has fun with some minor canon memories returning.

Never Forget” by Mikki13 is a little steamier than I normally go for, but it just seems so right in this case.

Chuck vs The Magical Kiss” by greengirl16 is a little more involved than the title suggests.

Beckett vs the Linchpin” by MyNameIs JeffNImLost is a real odd duck on this list.  It is technically a Castle crossover, and a sequel to another of Jeff’s works.  But it addresses all the main epilogue needs in a humorous way very fitting to Chuck.

Sarah vs The Wisdom in Memories” by BDaddyDL is another of those that touches all the bases nicely.

The Bartowskis versus May Flowers” by Alice Hermione is a longer one-shot.

Chuck vs The Goodbye: Extended Edition” by 00Awesome takes a brief look at our favorite spy family five years later.


Sarah vs Finding Herself” by Thinkling is the closest thing for me to an “official” epilogue.  Okay, of course it isn’t.  But I had the honor of being in on the whole creation process Thinkling went through, and I like to think I helped in some small way.  No doubt, this story hits all the bases with me.  This is the ending Chuck and Sarah would have wanted in Bo or Bullet Train.

Chuck Versus The Lost Years” by Angus MacNab is epic in the best sense of the word.  If Thinkling provides the “normal” epilogue for the series, Angus provides the “comic/super hero” version.  It amazes me that two epilogues can be so perfect, and so different.

Chuck & Sarah vs Their Next Adventure” by MyNameIsJeffNImLost is another that manages fun and outrageous just like the show itself.  It still needs to be FINISHED (ahem…), but its complete enough to be a ton of fun.

Chuck vs What’s Next” by Jason75 (AKA Jason/Old Resorter) has a campy, over the top feel that fits what the show itself was often like.

Chuck vs The Memories” by ref51907 (AKA Erik) is written from the unique perspective of someone who’s been through something similar.  Erik has also shared his real life story with us here.

The Long Road Home” by BillAndBrick (BillAtWork and Brickroad16) works a good conspiracy/adventure into the recovery process as Sarah is determined to do even better than she did the first time around.

Series (or Season Six)

Chuck Versus What Happens In Vegas” by Anthropocene is the start of an epic Season Six.  I linked the writer’s home page to provide access to all titles in this series.  We’re currently up to episode seven.  That makes this a lot longer than the epilogue stories, and that’s a good thing.  Anthro is accomplishing something really special here.

Chuck vs Love Boat” by Ronnie1958 is another writer’s hypothetical Season Six.  Again, I linked the Author’s page so readers can access all the stories in this series more easily.  This action-heavy series has the huge virtue of updating at a blazing fast rate.  Seriously, I think we’re averaging five chapters a week.  And its been a really good time.

So hopefully that will keep you all busy for a while!  Or at least, I hope some of you can find something useful there.  It amazes me how prolific our fan fiction community can be.  There’s even a few more very promising stories left incomplete.  I would love to hear from readers here, share your own ideas on how you would have liked the story to end (or not!).  Whether you wanted a few minor tweaks, or something entirely different I look forward to hearing from everyone.  And speak up about epilogues too, so much great stuff out there, but I always look forward to that new twist.  Recommendations of already published stories are always welcome too.

~ Dave


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  1. I’m banning myself from reading anymore fan fiction because I don’t want to use ideas other people already had, I want to force myself to put on my “writers hat” and write a great fan-flic because I love to write and would like to make it a career (my primary would be Computer tech though) but I’ll read more eventually! I’m writing my review/analysis of goodbye right now so look for that post soon:) (on the corresponding episode thread).

    • joe says:

      That’s probably a good idea, Josh. As often as I’ve been tempted to create my own epilogue, I just can’t get past the idea that I’ve seen too many good ideas floating around to produce something that’s both original and worthy!

      But lemmee tell ya, if a movie ever comes, I’ll like it if it has certain elements. Maybe it won’t need all of these, but certainly, it’ll need most if it’s going to satisfy me. First of all, C&S have to be together and building a life. By having Chuck forget who he is (in the German Mexican restaurant) and by having Casey really forget who it is (and having Morgan tell him off), TPTB – I assume Fedak – were saying that the memories, as important as they are, aren’t the only thing or the most important thing. Each day we go on building our lives with friend and family, forgetting old lessons, learning new ones, changing a little every day. Sarah doesn’t have to recover her memories, but I need her to build a new life with Chuck more than I need them to remember the old one.

      I need family to be together. In any epilogue I need Ellie, Devon, Morgan and Alex to be there. Even more, I need Mary and even Stephen to be a part of it, somehow.

      I need to see a glimpse of their future, and I’d really like that to be started with the house with the red door and white picket fence. Of course, I’d be rooting for a baby on the horizon.

      Bad guys and heroism are not optional. Chuck may be a reluctant hero, but he’s a hero nonetheless. The hardest thing for anyone thinking about the show is getting the bad guy right. To paraphrase an oft-heard complaint made in totally different context, sometimes it seems like all the good bad-guys are already taken!

      The humor has to be spot on. I think that means Jeffster has to return from their (ahem) ‘successful’ musical tour of Europe. The Buy More, now a Subway shop, should still be the locus of humor, mostly because it’s irresistible. 😉

      The music has to be perfect. I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll know when I hear it! Fortunately for you FF writers, that’s not a concern on the written page.

      • atcDave says:

        I completely agree about the Chuck/Sarah requirements. I’m okay with the others more scattered, but appreciate at least an occasional appearance. The hardest thing is the blend of action and humor.
        It is very common with fan fiction to see one of the show’s elements perfectly captured, while other things are lacking. I don’t always mind, I don’t really weight all those issues equally. But it has to start with Chuck and Sarah. If they’re too far out of whack its hopeless.

      • Those are definitely things I’ll keep in mind, I would want to write something that pleases everyone while keeping things fun, but at the moment I’m working on a review/analysis of Goodbye, the fan fic will come after that!

      • atcDave says:

        Josh I think the main audience you need to please is yourself. It will be most fun and satisfying if it is exactly your vision. If that vision is popular, an audience will follow. But I think it’s really hard to prediction what will catch on, and what will remain niche. Do exactly what YOU want to write.

    • authorguy says:

      Not really necessary. Most authors read widely from other author’s work, it’s encouraged and almost required (I recently post on Comp Titles on my blog). Even if the idea is original with you, odds are good that someone else also had it. Worry about those parts of the story that can’t be duplicated, your own voice and tone as a writer, that’s where you need to be distinctive.

      • garnet says:

        I’d have to agree with Marc. The idea of a guy with a computer in his head is not original to Chuck. I can remember the Kurt Russell Disney flic , “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” from my childhood, and I believe there was also Jake 2.0 as a TV show prior to CHUCK. Robert Heinlein wrote of intelligent computers and the transfer of the same into humans. So an original idea is what you make of the basic premise. I have heard people suggest that Francis Bacon wrote every possible scenerio in his (or Shakespeare’s if you are more conventional) plays. So by that reasoning, every play that is written can trace its inspiration to him, and there are those that say he simply took older ideas and put them into his plays. The genius is in the presentation not the idea.

      • authorguy says:

        Romeo and Juliet isn’t much more than a boy meets girl love story. It’s what you do with it that matters. Lots of people have rewritten S3 before me, but no one like me, although every time I reread NinjaVanish’s work I’m shocked and a little depressed at how many ideas we had in common.
        As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to call it fan fiction that’s the way it ought to be. Getting all original runs the risk of writing a story that has characters named Chuck and Sarah, and no other similarity to the story the author is supposed to be celebrating. As good as it was, The Sound of Music was very hard for me to get into, simply because Ellie and Devon had died, leaving their 7 kids with Chuck. I can deal with it, but the more of that sort of thing you have the less I regard it as a Chuck fanfic. (Leaving Sarah without her memories is a complete non-starter for me, she’d just be the corpse of his dead wife, possessed and animated by the ghost of her identical twin sister, not Sarah at all.) There may be those for whom the Buy More and the Morons are important parts of the show, and my stories probably wouldn’t work for them for the same reason.
        Basically, I’m taking Dave’s advice here, writing to please me, which may be why I get so few comments! I focus on characters and plot rather than fluff, and the lack of fluff turns a lot of people off.

      • anthropocene says:

        I write to please my beta reader…umm, I mean…my wife.

      • atcDave says:

        That is probably wise!

      • Angus MacNab says:

        What Marc said. Read a lot. By doing it you’ll also get a good feel for what hasn’t been done, in both a broad and more subtle sense, and reading the work of others will help you develop your own style.

        Hehe. And yeah, anthro; please the beta readers as well as yourself. I always get a lot of satisfaction when the very well read Mrs. M says, “I like that.”

  2. In my defense, the Chuck & Sarah vs Their Next Adventure is at a stopping point. But better news is I’ve recently finished chapter 14, half of 15, and almost all of 19. I’ll post when part 3 is done (14-21ish).

    I also have most of the first chapter of a Linchpin sequel written, with a rough outline for a ten chapter story. It will be during Castle’s Target/Hunt episodes from last season.

    • atcDave says:

      That’s all exciting news! You know you don’t really have to defend yourself, you “owe” us nothing. I’m completely pleased with what you’ve written, that’s why I recommend it. And “Next Adventure” is at a good stopping (or resting!) spot, that’s another reason I can recommend.
      There were a couple on my favorites list I didn’t mention because they seem to be stalled at less complete locations. That’s always a sad thing to see, not least because the writer was surely excited and interested at some point, and then lost the drive (and/or time).

  3. anthropocene says:

    Thank you, Dave, and I’ll try to keep living up to such high praise! I wanted to wait to respond until after I’d updated “Chuck Versus Das Boot,” which I’ve just done.

    I appreciate the great suggestions for other works, as always.

  4. authorguy says:

    At the time I wrote Chuck vs. The Epilog, The New Key was the only story out there that provided a tech solution to what was really a tech problem. There are currently only 4, I believe. I’m a bit surprised by that, you’d think it would be the obvious way to resolve the problem.
    My list also has squarenine’s ‘and I miss your face like hell’, Heart vs Brain by BrittJK, Chuck & Sarah Versus the Little Moments by Imagination-Parade, After the Beach by dettiot, and Sarah vs Finding Herself by Thinkling.

  5. thinkling says:

    Thanks, Dave. And yes, you helped a lot. You encouraged me in a what was, for me, quite a daunting task, b/c I had never written fiction. I was so worried people wouldn’t like the story or my writing or characterization or … or … fill in the blank. But you encouraged me and kept me writing, and writing … and writing. 🙂

    • atcDave says:

      I’m always glad to see it still gets almost daily traffic too, at least clicks from here to your story seem pretty steady. Maybe its just the same person clicking every day.

  6. uplink2 says:

    Well the controversial finale did lead to some great Fics so I guess that is a win for it. Still wish we had a REAL canon ending but I can be thankful for that. I did want to add one to the list that I think is some fantastic writing. It isn’t on but on Archive of their own. I will preface this by saying it is rather dark at times and an adult NC-17 story so I won’t link it here. But if you are ok with those kind of stories I would encourage anyone to search for it and read it. There are some things I disagree with the writer on but it is really well written. It’s In This Skin by ndnickerson who has written a number of great Chuck stories with many times both T and M versions available.

  7. Angus MacNab says:

    Thank you, Dave. Writing Lost Years, and the friendships that came out of it has been a fantastic experience. I’m not sure if the story would have been completed without the support of those new friends that helped keep me going with their mutual enthusiasm.

    Your comic book description of the story is particularly gratifying, because that was very much what I was going for, a blending of techno-thriller and romance that drew strong mental pictures like a virtual graphic novel.

    • atcDave says:

      I’d say you succeeded perfectly.

    • Lost years is awesome on every level!:) I really hope you stay the course with Sarah versus the Farm, its been highly entertaining reading “country CHUCK” and I love the tweaks you’ve made to the characters and original cannon!

      • Angus MacNab says:

        Thanks, Josh. I’ll try to keep the Farm ‘growing’. It’s been a fun story to tell, but a spy story that takes place on a farm creates some enormous challenges when it comes to building something compelling. Sometimes I spent a lot of time struggling with how I want the plot to proceed even with an outline in place. Making those decisions can slow things to a crawl. Add a little writers block, other writing projects, and some personal drama to it and it just makes it worse.

  8. garnet says:

    Thanks for this Dave.
    Thinkling’s story was the very first FF I ever read (or even felt the need to read). I still think it is a great read, and a fitting end for CHUCK. It set the bar for me, and I have been reading continuously ever since. I believe I have read most, if not all, of the stories mentioned, and have yet to read a story that I really haven’t liked. Some are better than other, and some I have re-read several times. There is something to be found in each story. Marc has done a great job with the alternative seasons (although I have to admit I am a little behind at the moment). Anthropocene has a really fun season 6 that I have really enjoyed. Ronnie1958 leaves me breathless. As you mentioned he has been known to update several times a week, and he has some great episodes. I believe currently there are about 13 stories with an average of 8 chapters…they will keep you going for a while!

    • atcDave says:

      I’m glad you’ve found so much to like!

      Breathless is a good way to describe Ronnie’s work. Not only is it fast paced action, but I can’t even imagine how he finds the time to do so much!

    • anthropocene says:

      Thanks so much, garnet; I appreciate your continuing support!

  9. oldresorter says:

    thanks for the mention Dave. I don’t read real much fanfiction, for the very reason Josh mentioned or asked about, I don’t want any of my ideas to feel like an idea someone else had.

    I’ve been surprised by the number of hits What’s Next continues to get vs the other stories I’ve written.

    I still have one to finish, and I have at least one more story left in me, maybe two. Much like the blog here, at some point, things do slow down. That doesn’t mean the ride wasn’t an enjoyable one. And who knows what the future might bring, for fan fiction maybe, but most importantly for the franchise, on TV or in the movies????

    • atcDave says:

      Slowing down is a funny thing. I’ve been thinking it would happen for a while, interests shift and life goes on. And I guess it has slowed down some; both this blog in general AND fan fiction. But not as much as I expected. Maybe now with this re-watch done things will ease off. But it has been quite the ride for five years!

  10. joe says:

    This is waaaaayyyyyy off topic, but it may interest fans that Snow White and Prince Charming are indeed expecting a baby and recently married (to which I say, better late than never).

    • Certain actors just fit together on and off screen, Mila Kunis/ashton Kutcher (together for real:This was way over do) Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone (dating since they met working on Spider Man reboot) Lea Michelle/Corey M. (would’ve probably married soon if the latter hadn’t died…very sad indeed…) John K/Jenna F. (not together and have separate spouses but I whish they would’ve been:) there work together on The Office is the only thing that rivals Zac and Yvonne, who as far as I know are still single…just saying:) ) Brad/Angie (no explanation need) Oh and MJF and his wife! Co stars falling in love is rare but it certainly happens!

  11. atcDave says:

    Looks like these links are seeing a lot of traffic! That’s awesome. Be sure to let the writers know how much you appreciate their efforts with a review.

  12. I just finished reading through this, and there’s another 5.12 alternative that I thought of. Have any of you read “Sarah vs. the Two Bullets?” by a writer called Nephite? It’s dark and grim, and starts with the idea that, when Sarah has her gun on Chuck in the dream house, she actually kills him. From that point, she somehow remembers everything, and as a result goes on a reckless mission, and is killed herself at the end. The idea is that the first bullet (Chuck) actually killed Sarah, while the second just killed an empty shell.

    There’s also a series of drabbles (can’t remember who wrote them) that go from Sarah’s hotel roo to C&S on their beach with a baby son. A much better story, imo..

    One thing I have noticed, and you all have hit on this. Evert FF I’ve read has out couple together. Maybe not immediately, but they’re always together in then end. Isn’t is amazing that FF writers are more capable of what we all consider an appropriate ending than the guy in charge?

    One more thing? Have any of you read any of the alternative universe FF? Those can be fun, since Walkertowski (not my word) come together much soon than canon (i.e Sound of Music).

    • atcDave says:

      Hah! Two bullets sounds WAY too dark for me! But no doubt I can see Sarah being suicidal if things played out like that.

      There were a number of stories, a couple of Drabble collections, and a few that were set well off in the future; that I decided not to list because they seemed a little beyond epilogue or postlude to me. Admittedly that was a little arbitrary on my part, but the list was already quite large.

      I’m a big fan of the complete AUs, and there’s a number of them on my favorites list. SoM and SoMII are at the very top of that list.

      It is funny how much better resolution is in most fan fics. In terms of story and outcome, I think a lot of fan fiction is better than canon. I understand television writing is a very different game; a lot more complex in terms of all the elements and moods they bring together, and there’s also a business aspect to it. But honestly, there’s a couple of ff writers I would choose over our show runners.

      • I like SoM, but found myself wishing that there hadn’t been quite as many mentions of canon missions (remeber, in that AU, vs. the Wookie still happened, and Casey was still the DJ at the Cougars’ HS reunion, but there was no Chuck. For me, the best thing about those was Mama Sarah. You see a lot of that in FF, but it’s rarely extended.

        I didn’t mention it, but there’s another AU I like: “The Fairy Tale Life of Sarah Walker.” In that one, Chuck & Bryce are step-brothers, Sarah grew up on the family vineyard, and Sarah’s dad’s actually in her life.

        As another side topic, and probably best saved for the series recap, but it occurs to me that ‘Chuck’ might’ve been better without the show runner we got. After reading all of your analyses, I came to the conclusion that Fedak either doesn’t understand TV, or really did misread his audience. Like you, Dave, I don’t think I’ll watch another show of his. However, I am looking forward to Yvonne’s next projects. She’s the reason I got into this show in the first place. She’s in the 24 reboot, and has a movie, Manhattan Nocturne, coming later this year.

      • atcDave says:

        I liked the way some of the canon missions showed up as stories for the kids or as “Spy Barbie” games with Megan. I think SoM was just an inspired bit of writing.

        Wishing for a different show runner is a such a tricky thing. From the start, Chuck was created by JS and CF. The genesis of the characters, and that balance of action, humor and drama is all a product of their imaginations. So trying to imagine it all without them is hard to define.
        But there’s certainly some things I wish were different from that start too. One idea that’s been brought up here is just the idea of Sarah as a full equal lead character with Chuck from the beginning. I like the idea of renaming the show “Chuck and Sarah” (or “The Secret and the Agent” per Anthropocene! My wife has recently expressed that she wants to see “The Carmichaels” as a new series not on NBC). Now doubt once CF took over at the start of S4 Sarah came closer to a full equal. But it was obvious in big climactic episodes that he always saw this as Chuck’s story first. I would have much preferred always having the couple as partners, even for the big finales.
        My biggest complaint through the first three seasons was the over use of the love triangle trope. Especially maddening since there was a kernel of such an awesome conflict of interest ingrained in the DNA of the show. Between Chuck questioning what he really knew about Agent Walker, and Sarah in a hopeless conflict of love vs duty; there was potential for a beautiful adult romance and relationship. And at times they succeeded perfectly. But JS was ultimately too much of a teen soap writer, and too enamored of the trope; so much of the potential was squandered. I always see S3 as particularly tragic in that regard. A perfect set-up was ruined by recycling the teen story instead of dealing with the actual challenges associated with these two characters trying to make something work.
        I think CF mostly did a better job. Except it seems clear to me he was more interested in “Chuck’s journey” than he was in the main relationship. I think most fans would have reversed that priority, and would have preferred a more aggressive romance at times. And certainly more attention to both characters together at finale time.
        The other complaint I have with CF is just his idea of ending. Or rather not ending. He usually did resolve the main details of the previous story, but then he left something hanging for “what comes next”. And that thing left hanging was often at the expense of emotional satisfaction for the main characters (“Ring II” and its potential secrets and lies; and “Goodbye” with Sarah unclear outlook are the two most egregious).

        In every case, I think better connection with their audience would have solved most problems. Especially the unwelcome over use of teen soap tropes. But I am very cautious about flat out wishing for different show runners. Now whenever we get a reunion project, it will be a whole new ball game. I can think of several alternatives I would prefer.

  13. All true. I’m with you as far as priority of story goes. Like a lot of fans, I’ve never watched for the Hero’s Journey or the spy stuff. I’ve always been more interested in the Chuck&Sarah relationship.

    • its tricky to imagine different sow runners, if we’re talking strictly from a Charah relationship standpoint I’d pick Mark Schwan, he has a knack for putting relationships as the focal point of his projects without overdoing the conflict. His most successful project One Tree Hill is a perfect example of this! I would’ve loved for him to handle Chuck and Sarah’s relationship because the rough times wouldn’t have been dragged out and he would’ve left them how we all wanted, anybody who watched OTH will likely agree with me here.

      • revdr says:

        I never really considered the idea of a different showrunner; I just think that they had blinders on as to the importance of the Chuck/Sarah relationship, and really what it actually meant to the overall hero’s journey. Although they did finally give Sarah some equity in season 4, every time it seemed that she began to overshadow Chuck, they felt the need to knock her down a peg. It was fairly obvious that Sarah was the show’s most popular character, and that the Sarah-centric were always some of the best received of the entire series. Yvonne’s acting and her screen presence were not to be ignored. But that being said, it became pretty clear that it was Sarah’s character that had to be torn down to put the emphasis back on Chuck. As to Mark Schwahn, I totally disagree. The only relationship that he handled properly on the show was Nathan/Hailey. He had the main character (Lucas) vacillating between 2 women for the 1st 4 years of it’s run. And he still didn’t resolve anything with Lucas/Peyton until season 6. That’s not handling a relationship well.

      • Naley is proof he CAN handle a relationship well, they were always the most popular couple, not the the former and I think he learned from his mistakes with Lucas and Peyton with as he wrote the other 3 relationships and he wouldn’t have thrown Sarah under the bus at the end!

      • revdr says:

        I agree he handled Naley just fine…but he couldn’t get a grip on the primary character and his relationships especially when he established that Peyton was to be his true love from the pilot episode. He completely mishandled that at the core. Sure, maybe if he had only 1 relationship to focus on he might have done a better job, but when you create a show revolving around a central theme and character, and you take 6 years of a 9 year run, while that character in a state of confusion, to stabilize his story, it speaks volumes on whether or not you have a clue. I realize that some of it stemmed from CMM’s off screen, failed relationship with Sophia Bush, but that should have never reached the storyline. I liked OTH, but that show was in a constant state of flux….

      • I think the fact that it was always in flux speaks to MS strength as a writer and show runner, besides when judging how he would’ve handled Charah, you’ve got to ignore the high-school years! S5 of OTH wasn’t anywhere near as bad as S3 of CHUCK. H

      • revdr says:

        I totally agree…but that’s the point. He spent the first 5 years trying to get it right, and failing. You have to also take into account that OTH is his ONLY success. Every attempt to get a show past the pilot stage since, has failed. He wrote 1 marginal hit in Coach Carter and nothing else. He may wind up being like Amy Sherman Palladino….a one trick pony.

      • authorguy says:

        And here I thought this was a Chuck board.

      • authorguy says:

        Since the shows were already mentioned, why not Bryan Fuller, who made both Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies? A strong romance, central to the plot, quirky and not always well-motivated adventures, a bit of mystery. The Intersect might have looked a little stranger under his hand but who’d notice?

      • revdr says:

        Sorry AG…just proving a point.

      • revdr says:

        I would certainly love to see Fuller’s take on Chuck and Sarah, and the series as a whole. Certainly the quirkiness would be there…..

    • uplink2 says:

      For me I think the show handled the Chuck/Sarah relationship really well for all but 13 episodes. I think the growth, the chemistry, the epic magic of that relationship was perfect through the first two seasons. And that includes Beefcake which I never disliked as much as some did. Any of that angst was quickly dispelled by a great followup episode in Lethal Weapon. Plus Cole was a very well crafted character. He is my favorite of all of Sarah’s other suitors and the only honorable man of the bunch played by a very capable actor. Season 2 ended with so many amazing possibilities and I don’t think I could have been more excited for season 3 to see those possibilities play out. I was totally unaware of any of the spoilers, comicon disaster, anything at all about what to expect except for the promos NBC ran. Then Jan 10th came and I was shocked and incredibly disgusted and disappointed by the story they chose to tell.
      In many ways they told the relationship story too well in seasons 1 and 2, and when you add in the incredible performances and chemistry of Zach and Yvonne any attempt at extending WTWT with another round of OLI’s, especially retread OLI’s, it was doomed before it ever hit the screen. That is their biggest mistake and it damaged the relationship for many so much that it was never really the same. But for me from 3.14 on I was very happy with how it was handled till we got to the amnesia storyline. An absurd story choice to end a series on.
      The first 12-13 of season 3 mishandled the relationship because they didn’t fully understand their audience and tried to create a new show on the ashes of the old one. They didn’t realize we didn’t want them to create a new show on the those ashes but to build upon the solid foundation they had so beautifully executed those first 2 seasons. They got caught up too tightly in the TV troupe of WTWT and didn’t create a plot that organically grew from the characters they had built. They instead tried to change the characters to force fit their ill-conceived plot. And they simply weren’t skilled enough as writers to pull it off. They tacked on a weak spy story (The Ring, what amateurs) but that was never the central plot point anyway. It was always one more trip to the OLI well and stretch out and drag out WTWT for one more season. Unlike season 1 and 2 where the WTWT angst was over in 3 episodes max, they just kept dragging it out week after week after week till the show was no longer fun to watch. Then to make matters worse they stunt cast an uncharismatic, very limited actor to hinge that poorly conceived story around. It was a recipe for disaster and that is exactly what happened.
      But I give them credit for learning from their mistakes, well up until the finale story choice. They saw that Chuck and Sarah were what the main driving force for the show and that the viewers were drawn to their chemistry and the epic romance or at least I was and WTWT was thankfully put to rest even if it was 13 episodes past its expiration date. So all in all I think they handled the relationship well for 78 episodes out of 91. But damn those other 13 were pretty damn awful.

      • revdr says:

        Yeah uplink; I agree to a point. Even with the debacle that season 3 was, they still managed to drive home the point that no matter what obstacle, or what person (man or woman) came along, Chuck and Sarah were just better, together. Like you, I was highly disappointed that they were not actually together at the beginning of the season, but I was still able to see some good things come from all the muck of the 1st 11 1/2 episode. Chuck finally just manning up in American Hero is a high point for me. And you can see that same expression on Sarah’s face that you see near the end of Goodbye; that Chuck is the man for her. I just felt like the necessity to continue with the wt/wt was a wasted opportunity. Other Guy was the worst of the possible finales, because it was too rushed. The back 6 should have started in episode 1, with Honeymooners being the lead episode that year. All of the relationship growth was pushed back, instead of being the focal point.

      • oldresorter says:

        IMO the finale story showed how much the writers viewed their story as a end with a kiss or an ah shucks type moment and fade to black before we reveal the really good stuff. It’s how other guy ended, how the engagement scene ended, and how the beach scene ended. I felt that the writers struggled with the ‘good stuff’, other than the honeymooners ep, where they let loose. Its still mind boggling to me that someone didn’t tell them to tell stories with those two characters in that sort of plot line for the next 200 or so episodes. The ‘Charles’ was the final we all wanted to see, well, not ‘we all’, at least the final I wanted to see. And Morgan and Sarah should have been flipped in s5, Sarah should have been the McGuffin intersect story in eps 1 thru 4, and Morgan should have tried to kill Chuck and turned evil. The ‘Charles’ should have had to go undercover to chase Morgan down, save him from himself, and bring him home.

      • revdr says:

        It kind of shows you, at the end of the day, just how uninvolved NBC was. Either notes from the network were greatly ignored, or the network just didn’t care. It wasn’t a big investment for them money-wise, so it seems that they pretty much looked the other way when it came to Chuck. NBC was a desperate network, in search of anything successful to keep them from going under. Add to that a regime change during the shows run and that pretty much gave the showrunner free reign. They finally got it right, to a certain degree, but their Saturday morning serial mentality kept getting in the way…..

      • atcDave says:

        The parallels between Other Guy and Goodbye are amusing. Although I like the way “kiss me” becomes such a key line for Sarah twice, the context of it in Other Guy was much more upbeat than in Goodbye. Other Guy in general was a better, more decisive episode; even if it was woefully inadequate as pay off for the misery arc that proceeded it.

        To me the big take away about how the romance was written is just that the show runners were not the best writers of it. Except for a few key scenes, Chuck and Sarah together was better written by the staff writers than by the bosses. And notice ALL of those excellent Sarah-centric episodes were by staff writers. Perhaps we can say JS and CF were genius for creation, and assembling a staff. But their gifts for writing do not really extend to romance.

        Jason that’s a fascinating thought to flip the Morgan and Sarah arcs. No doubt I would have liked that version much better! But I’m sure it was never considered. They always saw relationship drama as the end game. Pity that.

      • revdr says:

        The only thing that surprises me there Dave, is that JS cut his teeth on series tv with a teen drama; one in which he wrote a great deal of and her ran the show for all 4 years. I don’t know why he was so adamant in keeping the wt/wt going for so long on Chuck. That still puzzles me to this day. And he made a point of providing closure for all the main characters when that show ended, with no ambiguity whatsoever.

      • atcDave says:

        CF was running things the last two years, so that part is easy.
        From the interviews he did that summer 2009 I’d say JS was just convinced he’d come up with a brilliant idea. I cannot for the life of me imagine how he thought “Prague” was a brilliant idea, but it seems to be true.

      • revdr says:

        It wasn’t so much Prague being a bad idea…it’s what went on in Prague, and afterwards. Now, if Chuck and Sarah had been in Prague together……..

      • atcDave says:

        Not being literal….

      • revdr says:

        Yeah, I know Dave….just trying to keep the conversation lively (that’s my “Big Chill” reference for the day)……

      • uplink2 says:

        The problem was that Prague had absolutely nothing to do with the spy story. They broke the balanced spy/romance connection before it even began yet continued to try and say that it wasn’t just WTWT and bringing in the “Other Guy” again. Problem was that simply wasn’t true. Prague was entirely about setting up the OLI’s by breaking and resetting the relationship. Thereby delaying them getting together till ep 13. It’s the kind of story JS lived for on the OC. But he didn’t seem to get his audience wasn’t OC viewers who were in large part teen girls who love that kind of stuff. Chuck’s audience was older, nerdier, more male and simply didn’t want another retread OLI story. But they ignored the great many spy related perfectly acceptable reasons for keeping them apart till episode 13 and simply got lazy with the TV troupe of another round of OLI’s. The standard that your leads have to sleep with someone else before you get them together.
        Dave is right IMO that the showrunners themselves didn’t write the romance well. It was the staff writers like Ali, LeJudkins etc that did. That’s why if there is a movie I hope its one of them who write it.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah I mostly agree with that Uplink. Although I need to repeat my usual mantra about how I think just ending wt/wt at the start of S3 was the best option. Although there may have been legitimate ways to continue it, almost anything would have been better than what they did, but starting S3 in a place more like Honeymooners is by far the most appealing option to me. Then when Chuck and Sarah decide to return, there is still some room for a good story around Chuck trying to keep his humanity, and everything that makes him special to Sarah, all while learning the uglier side of the spy life.

      • authorguy says:

        Or not wanting to be a spy at all. Or being dragged kicking and screaming into the spy life. Certainly they had a lot of growing to do to be a real couple after S2 but that could have taken place either before or after Honeymooners.

      • revdr says:

        That was my way of thinking Dave; Honeymooners would have been my wish for a starting point for season 3. They not only had the built in story of starting a new relationship, but Chuck’s handing of 2.0 as well. I wouldn’t have even minded Shaw in the mix (I know, I know), but with a different dynamic, as Chuck’s new handler/trainer who turns bad along the way. The biggest failure was the OLI’s and the wasting of 2/3 of the season.

      • uplink2 says:

        Oh I agree Dave believe me. That is what I wanted. But I understand the needs of making a TV show and the pressure to not put your leads together too soon. Though I don’t necessarily agree with it, I understand it. The problem was that the device they chose, another round of repetitive OLI’s, simply was doomed from the start. There were plenty of good spy related reasons that they simply chose to ignore. It was never going to fly because to sell it you had to have one of the characters do something so completely out of character that it ultimately made them incredibly unlikable. Once Sarah shook her head at Bryce in Ring it couldn’t be her so they had to make Chuck the bastard and have him betray Sarah and treat her like season 1 and 2 Chuck never would have. And none of that was going to fly with a large part of their audience.
        I definitely wanted them together but could have accepted they weren’t just yet as long as they didn’t force that contrived OLI story down out throats. Have a legitimate spy related reason but keep the characters who they were when they were dancing just before Stephen came to tell them about the agent that picked up Bryce and in that Intersect room.

      • atcDave says:

        Rev I’m completely ambivalent towards Shaw. Well, in theory. I can easily imagine stories for him that would have worked just fine; from trusted mentor to annoying buffoon. But once they add romantic rival to the mix, he’s no good for anything else. And since he laid such an egg as a rival, he becomes the most loathed all Chuck characters.

        Uplink we’re always in about the same place with all of that.

      • What was needed at the Prague scene was the speech Chuck gave in the next episode. Plus tying it back to the first season speech Sarah gave to Chuck about being a hero sometimes not being a choice but a destiny.

        Turning Sarah’s words back on herself would have provided enough drama to keep the two of them apart longer. Making Sarah the reason Chuck was making the choices he made was the most intriguing dramatic avenue I would have preferred the show to pursue. Sarah would struggle with guilt and feeling responsible for Chuck’s decision and need to work through her reluctance at Chuck becoming a spy. Because in the end her words were right on the money.

        Then, having her at first reluctant to want to be around Chuck would make sense say for an episode or two. When she had worked through her issues or was comfortable enough to realize she was be the best one to mentor Chuck then she could have stepped back in and taken on an active role for the remainder of the season. And during that mentoring process she and Chuck could have worked through how to juggle their personal and professional lives.

        That’s the third season arc I would have loved to have seen. And the frustrating part, pieces of such an arc are on display in this season and previous ones. The groundwork was already there. It’s hard to believe no one on the creative staff was unable to see it.

        But then the bracelet and name reveal come to mind…….

      • atcDave says:

        No doubt Lou there was potential for a good dramatic story there. I absolutely would have preferred something lighter and more fun; but if they were going to do drama, something a little more sophisticated, without the triangle cliche, would have been a huge improvement!
        Even without any sort of estrangement there was room for tension with Chuck stepping up to a higher calling, while Sarah worries it could be his undoing; personally, morally, and/or physically. I most prefer the idea of them trying to be together from the start; Chuck will have plenty of concerns as he learns more about the spy world, while Sarah both offers council and coping advice while worrying about what Chuck will loose in the process.
        It does seem so rich. And it was all so completely flushed.

      • revdr says:

        Lou; I’ve say here before that if they were going to go the route that they did in Pink Slip that the one thing that was sorely lacking was the speech from Three Words. What they wound up doing was just not logical. You’re also right in saying that there are elements there that are visible throughout the arc; Sarah’s fear that Chuck will lose himself and her responsibility in him making the choice to become a spy are indeed all there. It wouldn’t have to be dragged out for the bulk of the first 13, allowing more time to flesh out more of Casey’s back story; Sarah opening up to Chuck (instead of Shaw) and them coming together, finally, when they both feel as though they had both reached more equal footing; Chuck professionally, and Sarah emotionally. It didn’t have to be all drama; bumbling Chuck is always nearby, and Sarah realizing that she wants to be more than “just a spy” and not stunted emotionally would have been fun to watch, without all of the misery that we had to endure.

      • CaptMediocre says:

        Sarah assisting Chuck navigate through the spy world while having Chuck help Sarah to regain her humanity would have been far more compelling and would have resulted in DYLM actually meaning something.

        And as a point to the Uplink’s, “didn’t understand their audience”. I actually see it as, “didn’t understand how their audience “identified” with the 2 lead characters.

        S3 had the same faces on the screen, but the were talking a different language than they had the prior 2 seasons. Fans once rooted for characters that became no longer root worthy.

      • atcDave says:

        Wow, great insight CaptM.

        I think that’s exactly true for me; the first two seasons I related to Chuck, I could even want to be Chuck. Not so for most of S3.
        And Sarah went from a noble, heroic character; to sort of a dingbat.

      • S3 really did have terrible writing and yet Yvonne and Zac still somehow managed to make Chuck and Sarah’s 180 degree personality shift believable.,they give the greatest actors serious runs for their money!

      • Further to what Cap said – Season 3 lost the Chuck character from the first two seasons and he never returned when they parcelled off his best qualities to Morgan. The prime example of Robin Hood writing the show operated under – especially in the second half of the series.

        Many here lament the loss of the Sarah character in the final episodes. I lament the loss of the Chuck character in the last 3 seasons.

      • authorguy says:

        I agree a bit. The character had to grow, and to that extent the bumbling puppy dog Chuck from S1 and S2 had to go, but the change they made in S3 wasn’t the way to do it. S2 Chuck should have been developed into an S3 Chuck we could at least recognize as a grown-up form of the original, which the Chuck in Pink Slip was not. (It’s a problem most fanfics have, the character is named Chuck, but it’s not *Chuck*.)

  14. Thanks for this!! I’ve been waiting for this post haha. Looking forward to reading some more.

  15. AG
    There’s nothing wrong with comparing tv shows/staffs,Rev I’d think if nothing else MS would’ve written a satisfying finale, he did it 5 times too and unlike JS and CF there wasn’t anything to dislike about them (nothing that he had control over anyway) except lack of former cast members (which was out of his hands) but everything he had power was done perfectly on each occasion! BTW I used to hate OTH. My sister made me watch it stating in S4 though and I never quit after that.

    • revdr says:

      I watched it with the wife….it was a guilty pleasure for me. Just like the O.C. was. It was that affiliation that led me to Chuck, because of JS and his connection to it……

    • authorguy says:

      If you want to compare that’s fine, but I’m ot seeing any comparisons here. If you want to go on about MS and OTH then find an OTH board and do it there.

      • FYI I was comparing the fact both show(s) runners had similar struggles, the comparison being JS/CF never figured out how too write a completely adult relationship, or fan satisfying finales, as evidenced by the dislike of S3 of CHUCK and how split people are with its finale. MS eventually figured out how to do that and write multiple fan satisfying potential series finales which the former did not do, besides with all due I wasn’t having this particular discussion with you but I’m dropping it now. .

    • duckman says:

      I’m not particularly creative but this finale alternative found it’s way into my head somehow. As far as I’m concerned the finale was doomed at bullet train, no possible ending could payoff what they did to Sarah. So, at the end of vs sarah, Chuck walks back inside, picks up a gun and put’s it to his head, screen goes black with dramatic silence. Tptb loved the debbie downer craptacular ending so much this would have just made them giddy.
      Goodby starts with a darkened ballroom where jeffster in a corner covers Kajagogo’s Too Shy. Chuck and Sarah appear dressed as they were when going too Ellies rehersal dinner at the end of s2, and dance (they always got that soo right). At the end of the dance we hear Sarah calling Chuck, then cut to s2 Sarah outside his window looking in and seeing him slumped on the floor beside his bed. Entering through the window she sees a gun and assumes the worst. Yvonne does her thing and then chuck wakes up, seems the gun is really a game controller. He thinks it was just a nightmare but soon realises he knows the future. He franticaly implores Sarah to warn Bryce, which they successfully do, ridding us of the poorly used 2.0. Chuck is now emboldened to tell Sarah exactly how he feels and we are free to reboot the series with the honeymooners arc and try s3 again on another network.
      That is a 5-13 that makes bullet train worth the electricity it took to make it.

      • Bold move! I like 2.0 so I would change a little but I like the idea that it goes back to the point where everything changed!:)

      • atcDave says:

        Well that sure could be an interesting way to avoid some of the darker twists!

      • I’m about to re watch goodbye’s extended cut, to help with my review/ internal memory has served me well but I’ve got to refresh myself because I’ll want to be totally informed as I critique and analyze it..I really want my internship over so I can focus on this and then the fan-fic, I have serious writer aspirations..even as far back as 3rd grade.

        You’ve given me something to think about! Thanks:)

      • Duckman says:

        Josh, have at it!

  16. anthropocene says:

    I’ve mentioned this before, but since this thread includes Finale alternatives, please forgive me for throwing my minimalist “fix” for the beach-scene ending of 5.13 out there once more. One little thing would have made a big difference (all the difference, in my opinion). There’s no added dialogue, because I like that the very last line of the show was Sarah telling Chuck to kiss her.

    All that had to happen was for Sarah to throw her arm around Chuck as they continued to kiss, right when the screen went black. That’s it.

    When, at the end of “Push Mix,” we glimpsed Sarah leaning forward to kiss Chuck even as the screen went black, did anyone doubt that her answer was yes?

    If, at the end of “Goodbye,” we saw Sarah embrace Chuck in the middle of their kiss even as the screen went black, wouldn’t that have been welcome reassurance that—whatever the state of Sarah’s memories—she was indeed “feeling it” again, wanted to be with Chuck…and that they would go on (to whatever destiny) together?

    That’s my idea of an “artistic” ending, and that is how my “S6” FF series began episode 1. The song playing as Chuck and Sarah went right on kissing was Beck’s “Looking for a Sign,” which came out about the time that S5 ended, has a folk-country sound not unlike “Rivers and Roads,” and also has more upbeat, though still somewhat ambiguous, lyrics. Might have worked well for 5.13 too…

  17. CaptMediocre says:

    My alternate to the finale would have had Chuck 5 years worth of memory instead of Sarah. Everything else, even the beach scene, can generally stay the same.

    • oldresorter says:

      Captain, it would have made a far more interesting story. It could have been funny too, once Chuck stopped trying to kill Sarah using the intersect! Chuck, we’re married, don’t you want to make love to me? Noooo. Yeaaa. Well … uhhh … that’s the thing, to me, we’re not married … the noble side of Chuck coming thru and sweeping Sarah off her feet yet again! In many ways, that side of Chuck seemed to get lost between s2 and s4? I was unhappy that Chuck didn’t do any of the little things in the final that Sarah noticed, to start sweeping her off her feet again, like the Ballerina scene, or cheeseburgers, or olives, etc

      • revdr says:

        BigK; I always saw the hope in the ending on the beach, I really did. But the absence of any kind of epilogue left me feeling a sense of incompleteness. If they had taken the time during that final hour to show some sign that she had any sort of recall of her life with Chuck, I think that I could have accepted it better. The notion of Chuck and Sarah having to fall in love all over again made me somewhat angry that the writer actually thought that idea was “cool”. The Sarah that we knew was gone, although the person on the beach, I do believe, was not season one Sarah; but she wasn’t season five Sarah either. That she couldn’t even recall the significance of where she was a sign that all was not well…not yet anyway. They relied too heavily on everyone recognizing the symbolism, and it didn’t play well because they didn’t do anything to clarify things…until after the fact. Any clear signs of recall would have made a huge difference. They expected all of us to assume that everything was, or would be ok. But you know what they say about people who assume things. It’s like you’ve said before, this was a 92 chapter book with only 91 chapters written.

      • BigKev67 says:

        Agreed. I saw clearly that Sarah made the decision when asking for the kiss to try and reconnect to her old life with Chuck. So I always thought they ended up together – but the gap between the fully-realised Sarah Bartowski of S5 and beach Sarah is just huge IMO. How can it not be when we’ve seen graphic evidence of 2 episodes of damage and regression and only some slivers of reconnection to offset that? Morgan is shown clearly to still have significant and important gaps in his memory (Star Wars) so Sarah’s case is only going to be significantly worse. And watching a show for 5 years only to leave a much-loved character hugely damaged with a long recovery in front of her? I can’t fathom why that would have been considered a good idea. Especially when your fanbase is already fractured and down to the diehards. But my feelings towards Fedak actually mirror my feelings towards Chuck. In the first 2 seasons his writing (with Josh) was outstanding – and so was the show. By the end of S5 the gap between what he thought was good and what I did was huge – and that was also reflected in the show.

      • I think the reason for the lack of “awkward nerd Chuck” was due to Chuck being more mature, he’s still a Nerd but no where near as awkward, which I don’t know about anyone else but I greatly appreciated because if the attraction happens identically to the 1st time then well…the plot choice is truly meaningless.

    • revdr says:

      If they had just given us a bit more of an indicator that her memories were returning. We saw her hit her head when she was sucked out of that plane. Small flashes of recall could have worked. I don’t mean rearranging cups, but more acute thoughts of something that they had done together, or even a sense of deja vu. There just wasn’t enough there. I had hoped that, even if all her memories hadn’t returned at the beach, maybe the discovery of a pregnancy would be the catalyst for a happier, and not just a ending. I mean, they were trying……

      • anthropocene says:

        I agree with much of what you suggest, rev. When I saw Sarah hit her head, I wondered if that was going to have some effect on her memories, but it apparently did not. I also would have liked to see some of her snippets of recall more directly involve Chuck. If played right, those still could have supported the big beach ending the writers were aiming for. And the idea of Sarah being pregnant yet not remembering anything about the father would have made that final episode much more interesting. A number of FF authors have explored that alternative.

      • BigKev67 says:

        I actually liked the finale up to the last 10 minutes. I mean I hated the whole memory loss idea, but given that, the performances were outstanding. And Jeffster saving the day with Take on Me was exactly the kind of original, quirky, heartwarming genius that the show did so well at its best.
        But oh, that last 10 minutes…. Firstly we had to swallow Ellie’s most OOC act in the whole 5 year run – leaving her brother and her sister in law when they most needed her. And then the beach scene – at best a sliver of comfort after 2 episodes of brutal damage and regression for Sarah. I respect the views of those who think Sarah is “back” on that beach, but it doesn’t look remotely like that to me. I see a damaged and lost Sarah taking one step – albeit a big one – on what will be a long recovery process.
        Whenever I think of this finale the word that resonates with me is disappointment. I’ve barely watched an episode since, that’s how disappointed I was. I wanted to love it, and I honestly tried to – but it goes down as the most disappointing ending to a series that I’ve ever seen.

      • atcDave says:

        Kev that reaction is exactly why I consider the ending a failure. I may see what I wanted to, but so many viewers never did. Great performances wasted on an ill-conceived ending.

      • BigKev67 says:

        Yeah. I’m past being annoyed about it, but even 2 years on, I feel incredibly sorry for those who lost their desire to retake the journey at all because of the ending. I hear the same about Lost and HIMYM although I never watched either of those shows. To be honest it just makes me want to ignore finales completely because the current trend seems to be producing so many divisive ones and controversial ones. I know you can’t please everyone but a more Hippocratic attitude might not go amiss in finales – at least do no harm 🙂

      • revdr says:

        That’s the thing with me BIgK; I still like going on the journey, with those shows you mentioned, and others as well. I re-watch West Wing, 24, Cheers MTM and Smallville at least once a year; others not so much…but with Chuck, I find myself stopping in the middle of the road, because of the lack of closure. I call season 5 my Dallas/Bobby Ewing “it was all a dream” season, because it was left so unfinished. I still marvel at how good Chuck was in season’s 1-2 and how sweet it was in season 4 up to the wedding. It’s extremely difficult for me to watch S5 because I just can reconcile the way it ended, but I wont ever stop watching those episodes that I love.

      • You watched Smallvile!? That WAS my all time favorite show, until it was usurped by CHUCK. I rentend seasons 1&2 from the library (it was `03 people) during the summer and watched both in time for S3! I watched it live, weekly from then until the end of its run Amazing show with a superb cast/crew whose finale was perfect, I have all 10 DVD sets!

        I know this is a CHUCK board people but I couldn’t help myself!

      • revdr says:

        can’t reconcile….sorry

      • atcDave says:

        I don’t like current trends on finales either Kev. It’s seems so obvious to me that a finale should be the time to celebrate the show, and please those fans who supported for however long the show was. Instead the trend seems to be to do something “different”. Very frustrating.

      • As far as recent history goes the best finale I’ve watched is without a doubt The Office; The story and EVERY character/couple was wrapped up nicely and Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) made a cameo appearance! it was truly perfect!:)

      • BigKev67 says:

        I tried rewatching – but the thought that Sarah ended up with Swiss cheese for memories and may not recall big chunks of what I was watching just killed it stone dead. And it’s never really come back although I lurk here to enjoy the conversation and chip in occasionally. There are others in a similar position and I think we were thrown under the bus by Fedak, frankly – but it is what it is. I do reserve the right to not watch his next show, which will be my own private protest at the way he chose to end Chuck.

      • revdr says:

        Oh yeah Kev; I’m with you there….anyone who would deliberately leave his fans (who pretty much kept his creation afloat for basically it’s entire run btw) hanging like that would be hard pressed to get my support for future endeavors. But the thought of not watching Phase 3, or Honeymooners, or First Date, etc., keeps me coming back for more.

      • atcDave says:

        I agree completely it was a terrible thing to do to fans. Although I guess I’m comfortable enough all was well in the end it doesn’t effect my re-watching. But I’m unlikely to give CF a chance to yank me around like that again.

      • oldresorter says:

        I’ve tried rewatching at least a dozen times, always quit, usually on the first episode, unless I start with the pilot or delorean or honeymooners, etc. I made it thru two eps when I went Honeymooners / role models. I probably could make it thru s4 or s2 complete in a few years. I am much like you Kev, I enjoy reading the convo here, and pitch in some.

        One thing I’d add, is all shows I rewatch, after twice thru, I can’t watch a third time, so Chuck is no different, and even with a happy final, might not be all that different.

        I probably would give CF’s next show (if there ever is one?) a shot, I would find it interesting to see how he does, what he learned, etc. I’m all for redemption.

        I still think when the A writing team gave up after s3’s misery arc, that the show never was quite the same. I want to think (I’m making it up of course), that the writers in the room that season hated the arc and left. I know that notion makes certain other bloggers here crazy, but my thoughts are my own, so I’ll always think that. In either case, I’ll bet there is someone out there who knows what creative element was lost when near the entire staff left for greener pastures … Ali, JS, or one of the other fellows who left. Someone in those first two seasons really understood what romantic buttons to push. My vote always is that it was Ali, since she helped do Honeymooners, and that really was the last time the show felt THAT way. It’s funny, the more I read bloggers here, the more I think Chuck was the character who got lost by the writing team after the Honeymooners ep, not Sarah. And I continue to be amazed at how many great fans of the show found the ending unsatisfactory, still to this day.

      • Sorry but I agree with rev, don’t you find the fact that you’re letting pure cynicism ruin the show. just a little…sad!? I mean Seinfeld’s finale was fan split just like Chuck but I doubt people wouldn’t watch it again, besides there’s way too much awesome to never watch it again.

      • atcDave says:

        JS didn’t really leave, I think the idea all along was to turn the show over to CF at some point. But both show runners are credited for the entire run of the show; i think its just that CF lacked television experience so, so he partnered with JS until he was up to speed.
        There definitely is a change in mood for the later seasons; but between changes in writers, budget, and just generally where the characters were at, its all sort of guess work to figure what all played in to it.
        The staff writer you mention is a good case study in the difficulty of assigning blame/credit. I thought she was brilliant in S2, but terrible in S1 and S3. I think a lot of that may just have to do with the episodes they “draw”. That is, once the show runner sets the outline and arcs, the staff writer is filling details. So it can be very hard to sort out who did what.
        But given that several of the writers left to be show runners elsewhere, I think it was largely an issue of better opportunities. But I agree the timing always makes me wonder. I like to THINK that some of them may have been frustrated with the very ill-advised story decisions forced on them in S3.

        For all that, I think the second group of writers are getting a bum rap here. They worked in a different environment (budget and story details) and worked for a different primary show runner. Yet they delivered some of my very favorite episodes of the series. They did well enough the LaJudkins team is now show running the very high profile “Agents of Shield”.

      • atcDave says:

        Josh I think it makes perfect sense that if the viewer really believes Sarah was seriously, permanently damaged by the end, that they would loose all taste for the show. In the over two years since the end we’ve heard from maybe 30 viewers who felt that way, and of course we are dealing with only a tiny fraction of the viewership here. There are absolutely series that have ended down enough that I never wanted to go back.

      • those aren’t bad numbers…lets hope that if we ever get more Chuck, its finished nicely which I think is very likely for a few reasons: First its not like they can ever use the amnesia storyline again and the only thing worse than that would be a character’s (physical) death, which if they wanted to do they would’ve done already, so I think its safe to say their wouldn’t be another “nasty surprise.”

      • oldresorter says:

        I willingly accept and am happy for those who liked the final. I envy them. I wish I did like the final two eps or the cruel, bitter ending on the beach leaving Sarah with no memory of Chuck. It does ruin the show for me. Its something I can’t help, and wish it was otherwise. Wish it so much, that I try to rewatch, read this blog hoping to find some magic key, etc. I’m pretty convinced that by now, no magic is forthcoming.

        Dave – I am becoming a big JS fan. Heart of Dixie is in many ways genius. I quit watching in s1,and the first season is everything we stereotyped JS for. But I started watching with s2x1 and found the show is full of all of that aw shucks romantic chemistry stuff and quick witted banter that made me fall in love with Chuck, Sarah, and Chuck and Sarah. One observation, JS needs about 6 or 8 characters to spread out the story with to be at his best, i.e. 4 Chucks and 4 Sarahs, instead of 1 each. That way, at least someone you love is having a good story, while others are not. And if you love the characters and the quick witted banter is in play, the LI stuff is tolerable. The mistake of s3 was near all of us quit loving the characters for a variety of reasons, and CS didn’t talk. And in all frankness, I didn’t love either Chuck or Sarah in 5×12 or 5×13 either.

      • I love the finale arc for many reasons but there’s one thing I don’t like at all which I I’m putting in my review that I ‘ll soon post here and its not the ending or even that CF choose this plot at all.

      • revdr says:

        I think that in some cases, at least for me, it comes down to a matter of saturation, and pure love for a show. In the age of 2 hour (and sometimes more) blocks of programming by independent stations or networks, re-watching a show can be marred by overexposure. Shows like Seinfeld or Friends (or more recently Castle or Modern Family, BBT etc.) are everywhere, and it makes a re-watch less satisfying. Although Chuck is available through venues like Netflix or others, it’s still less conventional than a regular cable channel. You cant pick up a remote these days without hitting a Friends re-run somewhere, anytime of the day or night. It’s hard to miss a show when you cant really miss it. I still genuinely miss Chuck, so I continue to pull out the boxed sets to watch. Funny thing though, as much as I disliked the first 11episodes of season 3, it’s still easier to watch than all of season 5. I attribute it to knowing what’s to come, and not liking the end result. That a series comes to an end doesn’t effect my wanting to see it again, but the way it ends most certainly does.

      • duckman says:

        Something that’s struck me recently is not only do I have no real desire to watch Chuck (any episode), I really don’t have much desire to watch anything else either. It’s like CF ruined it for everyone. My tv has seen about 6hrs of use since Baby. When I first watched goodby last june or so I immediatly started again with the pilot to “get right”. Now I’d just as soon read som again (which I started again after Baby) or read this blog, as opposed to watching the show. Chuck pisses me off and everthing else just pales…

      • atcDave says:

        SoM is an excellent cure for Chuck blues! I think its the most completely joyful AU imaginable.

        I still watch a fair amount of television, but I’m sure not looking to repeat the emotional investment that came with Chuck.

      • revdr says:

        Yeah Dave; I still watch plenty of tv and I have my favorites; but like you, I don’t get nearly as invested in the programs I watch as I did with Chuck. I guess that in the end, I don’t want to come away disappointed in the outcome if, in the end I’m not satisfied with the way things end…..

  18. Guys I feel the need to point out, Elle ALWAYS had OOC moments! From day 1 I had her pegged as bright but flaky and overprotective, that we saw these thing again in the finale didn’t shock (or bother) me at all, they are purposefully written character flaws.

    Besides she suggested the wedding video and gave that fantastic advice to Chuck she did what she could considering, she was scrambling to move. There reaches a point when giving your opinion is really just “nitpicking” an issue and nitpicking is one of biggest pet peeves (my father does it all the time).

    • Agree that Ellie’s flaws were purposefully written but not they were not written as character flaws most of the time but rather as cheap story devices. The Ellie character was one of the series more underutilized and haphazardly treated characters. Her leaving in the finale with Sarah in the condition she has been left in is ridiculous.

  19. Cory says:

    Hey Dave,

    Just popped in and read a few blog entries, including this one. I’m glad you liked “Sarah vs the FBI” and I noticed that you’re providing links to post finale stories. I don’t see a link to a oneshot that I found refreshingly light, so I’ll throw it out there even though you’ve probably read it. It’s “Chuck vs The Epilogue” by Michael66.

    • atcDave says:

      I’ll have to check that one out, I definitely missed a couple. There was a few months when they were coming out so fast I couldn’t keep them all straight!

      I really enjoyed “Sarah vs the FBI”. It was a late discovery for me. I’d never watched Veronica Mars so I really never looked twice at it. But I’m glad I gave it a try, it was a ton of fun.

  20. magdalena says:

    I am just as most of you disappointed in the serie finale of Chuck it was a smack in the fans faces who invested so many years in Chuck and their main couple Chuck and Sarah. I came late to the party I started to watch Chuck when it was already ended. I can’t imagine how you guys felt watching a show for 5 years and got such a awful ending. I really wish Chuck had been given a proper send off. A Movie could still happen but with every passing day, it seems further and further away from actually becoming a reality. But a girl can dream right! till then I keep rewatch Chuck all 86 episode because for me Chuck ended with “Chuck versus the Baby” When Chuck and Sarah wrote their name’s in the door frame of their dream house. …… ( The rest of season 5 I only watched 2x and have no interest of watching them again).

    • atcDave says:

      Baby is an excellent place to end it. I know that’s often exactly how I remember them, and its the last truly great episode of the series!

      I’m not ready to give up on a movie yet, but I admit to being a little discouraged right now. Hopefully something good will happen.

  21. I just re watched the finale arc, the separation scene in BT as soon as the compartment door locks, the look on Casey face and in his eyes, he knew he was about to lose his partner (I’ll be honest for a split second before the camera panned down…I thought Quinn had killed her; Chuck like me was calm until he realized what was happening but Casey knows immediately after the door locks, that his partner is screwed) which may be why he acts so rashly in the following episode because as he said “she (based on evidence) tried to kill us Chuck, we can’t pretend that everything is as it was, otherwise she’ll succeed next time and I’m not going lose you both!” People might not like it but it was a perfectly logical way of thinking; he failed to protect a team member and wasn’t going to that happen again!

    The 2 songs used at the end of BT were perfect.

    Oh and I watched the flashing during the torture scene in frames (via DVD) and it indeed looks like with each flash a wall of encoded images is being placed on top of the memory. A handful of people have wondered why she didn’t close her eyes I studied this closely too and she tried but I got the impression that 2 things made that a moo point:1. It distinctly sounded like the flash cards emit a frequency of some kind and since flashes can be stimulated by sound she was screwed regardless. 2 with each flash she became more fatigued and well…I know one thing if she hadn’t of dropped her tracking device she wouldn’t have anything whatsoever (including anything prior to meeting Chuckbut thankfully that interrupted the process and Quinn was forced to flee with her.

    • duckman says:

      Just reading Josh’s post makes me wanna punch CF in the mouth.
      Oh, and happy easter.

      • atcDave says:

        Hah! Well, my frustration gets quite high on occasion too. But let’s stop short of actually wishing anyone harm, especially on Easter!

      • Here, Here! I’m still working on my review and and analysis for goodbye, should be roughly 4,500 words or so (I go in depth) seeing as I’ve watched the entire series 12+times in 5 months, I could do the every episode..(you get a lot of free time without a permanent job) I’m sure many people have said this but, Chuck is the one thing I’m truly addicted to!

      • duckman says:

        Yeah Dave I’ve resisted making that comment a couple times before, just cought me at a bad moment. Pretty sure I wouldn’t actually do it.

      • atcDave says:

        As I suggested in the post, I also occasionally have a hard time keeping it under wraps. I can get pretty angry about the the end arc (5.12 is even worse for me than Goodbye).

    • revdr says:

      Ok Josh, so are you saying that the suppression was specific, or was it just random, with each card just wiping her memories without any prior intent? If it was random, why wasn’t Morgan’s memory suppression more acute?

      • I’m just putting to rest any notion that the memories were outright erased, which I know some people were concerned about. I’m not sure how specific memories were suppressed but I believe that has more to do with Sarah’s emotional attachment to Chuck than anything Quinn may have specifically done.,.almost like her emotional attachment to Chuck brought those memories to the surface of her mind and because she was forced to flash continually it suppressed all of those memories specifically, at least that’s my theory.

    • revdr says:

      And, I hope that everyone is having a great Easter so far, with lots of family and friends!!!

    • revdr says:

      I never believed that they were completely gone….I just never could get why Sarah’s memory suppression was so dramatic when Morgan’s was more or less random. He forgot things like Star Wars and Indiana Jones but didn’t forget, or at least was easily reminded about friends and family. It never made sense to me. Everyone seems to think that it had to do with the amount of use or flashing (zooming), but Morgan had the intersect considerably longer, and as evidenced throughout the Morgansect arc and beyond, especially in Bo, he zoomed quite often. Just another plot hole that they didn’t take the time to fully explain. That’s why the whole memory loss storyline was a bad, bad choice.

      • atcDave says:

        Well Morgan forgot what what was most important to him!

        Also, the biggie, Sarah was specifically assaulted to cause memory loss, Morgan’s was just incidental to use.
        But I think the important parallel is how Morgan recovered himself, and desired to reconnect with everything he lost. I see Sarah’s circumstance in the end as similar, she was ready to rediscover whatever specific parts of herself she’d forgotten.

      • Well remember prior to her capture it was stated that there is a direct correlation between the number of flashes and memory loss, Sarah said she flashed 40x in two 2 days and neurological disruption was already occurring (she lost motor control and suppression of her memories was also occurring by that point) throw the extra neurological trauma from Quinn torture and her emotional attachment to Chuck on top of that and it makes total sense why Sarah was affected to a much farther extent.

        I’m happy to take a stab at any other continuity issues people have:) lord knows I’ve watched the show enough (10+times) to make sense of the various plot holes.

      • atcDave says:

        But at the time Sarah was captured she hadn’t lost anything essential yet. It was what Quinn did that caused serious damage.

      • uplink2 says:

        Dave, she had already lost Alex before Quinn captured her. She said she didn’t know anybody named Alex.

      • atcDave says:

        Right, nothing important yet.

        If the show had ended with that as the extent of her problems none of us would have worried about it.

    • revdr says:

      Wow Dave; if Morgan really lost what was really what was most important to him then that doesn’t say much for Chuck, or his other friends and family!!!

    • revdr says:

      nuff said…….

  22. EDIT:


    Need edit button!

  23. magdalena says:

    Wish everyone a Happy Easter to from Holland.

    This blog is amazing hope it continue to stay for many years. Thank you all who started this Blog and what you guys have done here over the years . I’ve read in a lot of comments on Zac FB page since he started his campaign that there a many people who just started to watch the show I hope they will find their way to this Blog to.

    • atcDave says:

      Happy Easter to you too, and thanks!

      I really hope all those new viewers help our chances at a movie, that is always the burning issue to me.
      And of course they’re always welcome here.

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  25. Work on my fan-fic is going slow but surprisingly well and I’m having a blast writing it! The only thing I know for sure about the story at this point is I’m putting more of S2 Chuck (character wise into it.! I also am going to have Sarah live separately but (in close proximately) from Chuck, Elle and Awesome’s old apartment to be exact until I put them under the same roof again, (TBD)

  26. it has occurred to me that where people take Chuck and Sarah after the finale really depends on how soon they deal with “the elephant in the room” so to speak. I personally feel that is the biggest thing that would be holding Sarah back from resuming a deep relationship with Chuck. I ultimately think that if you believe the C&S at the end are more open mature and honest people they’d be willing to spend that entire day addressing what happened in 5-12 ultimately putting it behind them for good and moving forward reasonably quickly and that by letting go of that baggage Sara’s memories would resurface at a steady pace. Our emotions and mental wellbeing play a much larger role in relationships than we think, besides ever since I realized how bad S3.0 was ‘I’ve come to hate angst!

  27. anthropocene says:

    Jumping back to this thread….It interests me to think about Chuck and Sarah’s post-series future life, and will at least as long as I keep dribbling out fan fiction. It occurred to me that if C & S find their more “normal” life, then they’re going to be spending more evenings at home together (maybe the house with the red door and picket fence, maybe not). Eventually they may be joined by one or more children. How are they going to pass the time? Chuck has video games and maybe other digital activities….but would Sarah pick up a hobby or two—and if so, what? Start gaming alongside her husband? Watch movies in different languages? Become a gourmet cook? Write a tell-all book about the CIA? Take up crocheting, or gunsmithing, or home brewing, or carpentry? Casey had his bonsai. What pastime(s) would best suit Sarah Bartowski?

    • atcDave says:

      It is funny we know so little about interests or hobbies for Sarah. I know we’ve see fan fiction writers guess most of those you mention. My guess is, she could casually enjoy a lot of things, from sports to movies to hiking, shooting, martial arts to learning to cook. But probably doesn’t obsess over any hobby. Except maybe being an over-protective mom. The she might be a little nuts….

      • oldresorter says:

        Sarah as a mom is definitely the funniest future I see, with drama being mixed in by Team B never quite being able to get out of the spy business. This might be a great format for a few one offs, mini series, or movies … maybe Ellie gets kidnapped for what she knows about the intersect, and team B unites to save her, etc.

        If the franchise wanted to actually attempt a comeback where they take on multiple seasons, I would rather enjoy Chuck in a tech field of some sort, and Sarah doing something like counseling runaway teens who are in trouble. Of course, Sarah would on occasion have to deal with that trouble directly.

        Maybe even both scenerio’s could be mixed in.

      • atcDave says:

        Some great ideas OR, I like it!

      • anthropocene says:

        Agreed. Sarah trying different hobbies or interests out, hoping to find something she enjoys, could be humorous too.

  28. As much as I would love a series reboot I think it unlikely…Zach has said publicly (via YouTube) that movies would be much less demanding of the casts time or conflicting with schedules…I’m actually still working on my fan-fic though, I’ve finished 2 chapters and am currently working on the 3rd but keep changing things…I want to really get my feet off the ground before I publish anything and it’s just not good enough (for me) yet…

  29. i’m happy to announce that the 1st chapter of my fan fic novel for CHUCK is finished! I Invite those who frequent ChuckThis! to check it out

    I’m working on more chapters now, and hope to provide them ASAP!

    • Wilf says:

      I’d already checked it out and it seems to have potential. I’m intending to follow it as I’m interested to see where you take it.

      • I’ve got a lot of ideas…the tricky part is not writing anything that’s too similar to something else, i’m not too far off from publishing the next chapter though and i’ll have regular updates on my profile page.

    • atcDave says:

      I’d say you’re off to a very good start. I would however strongly suggest changing your rating. Too many readers will miss it entirely if you stick with “M”. And seriously, if you really are writing an “M” story you’ll loose me too.

      • i wan’t really sure what to rate it honestly; the scale for written works is very different than tv and moves…but i’ve just changed it because i wasn’t going to pen anything too out there and I can include any warning of such moments in my authors notes…but as a whole this is definitely a “T” story so thanks for pointing that out!:) i’m working on chapters 2 &3 (I plan to have 25-30) right now!

      • atcDave says:

        Sounds good Josh.

    • thinkling says:


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