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Kate Morgan

Well its official.  Our Yvonne thread is getting pretty huge!  And this is likely to be the hot topic for the next couple months.  So let’s try to keep 24/Kate Morgan related discussion in this thread.

Unlike the “cast” thread, there will be no restrictions here on spoilers through the current episode.  If you know something you shouldn’t, we don’t want to hear it here either!  So if you’re not up to date, read at your own risk.  

Obviously we’ll keep our usual site rules about civil discourse.  We can certainly do better than IMDb here.  And since this remains a Chuck site, our primary interest is Yvonne Strahovski.  But extended discussions, opinion and speculation about 24 are allowed on this thread.

~ Dave 


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  1. Theresa says:

    Kate has shades of that old Graham’s Wild Card Enforcer in her

    • atcDave says:

      Oh yeah, no doubt. Kate seems like Sarah pre-Chuck. Although Yvonne thinks Kate is still more naughty than Sarah. Makes you wonder what she knows that we don’t. Yet.

  2. oldresorter says:

    Thx for the idea Dave! Just posted this elsewhere, obviously it belongs here:

    If you are interested, here are a bunch of 2-3 sentence reviews about the latest 24 ep, Kate Morgan is mentioned positively in quite a few. Fingers crossed this helps YS’s career!


    • atcDave says:

      I particularly liked the E! Online comment!

      • thinkling says:

        ~ and the NY Observer review, as well, which mentions the drug injection scene and her handling herself with her torturers.

        Personally I really liked the self-injection scene. It revealed a lot in that one brief moment — nothing passive about Kate’s acceptance of the plan. Even Jack was properly impressed.

  3. I think the moment I knew YS had something special was during the bomb kiss scene in 1-9. I knew right then that she could do anything! its been a blast watching her play Kate Morgan and I doubt we’ve even seen her best on this particular show yet so I’m definitely excited!

  4. oldresorter says:

    Rewatched this morning. Jack wants her, jack needs her, jack gets her. So funny. One big complaint about 24, all 9 seasons, but this ep demonstrated the flaw, so much of the drama is brought on by mistakes the good guys make, in this case, the President telling the Brits, the Brits then screw up Jack’s plan.

    Oh, and both times I watched, I FF’d thru the torture scenes, which I almost always do, including I never really watched the Cole scene. I can’t imagine what brought on the distasteful potrayal of my POV last week. The post made attacking makes me sick, I don’t think anyone ever did anything more distasteful on this site to me. I wish I had some recourse other than to complain.

    And my whole point was Kate being tortured would allow YS the actress to get a bunch of credit because as a fan of 24, that is how the show works. Which if whoever it was who unfairly attacked me took the time to read the reviews and tried to understand the english language as written, YS did just that.

    Sorry, I’m still boiling over that BS.

    • If it helps I’m on your side! I have to admit however that it makes me incredibly angry that Yvonne did incredible acting on Chuck for 5 years straight and got no recognition, its a disgraceful slap in the face to her talent and I just want to throttle Hollywood for enabling whack jobs like MC & JB and ignoring the real talent; Yvonne and many others included!

      Pardon my temper but the fact that recognition in Hollywood is based largely on popularity when it should be based on talent really disgusts me! that’s why I thank god that there’s an ever growing group of people who aren’t in it for their egos!

      Side note: Praying to god that Tracy Morgan makes it out of critical condition alive and well!

      • dkd says:

        If by “recognition”, you mean Emmy Award-type stuff, no one on Chuck got that kind of attention. But, behind the scenes, I think her work on Chuck probably helped with subsequent job offers. Chuck had some prominent TV critics on its side and I’m sure it put her on the radar of several casting directors. Every role contributes a little different to actors’ reputation. It’s just the nature of “24” that it will contribute something a little different than Chuck did…or Louie did…or Dexter did.

    • atcDave says:

      Let’s try to stay cool here. I’m not sure what all triggered the misunderstandings we had, but I think we all agree Yvonne is hugely talented and deserves far more credit than she gets.
      It would be a bit ironic if she got more attention for 24 than she did for Chuck, since 24 truly is a more limited, less dynamic sort of show than Chuck was. Its essentially one note. All panic, all the time. Don’t get me wrong, that can be a ton of fun. And if it gets Yvonne more critical notice, good for her. But we all know Chuck was a more multi-layered sort of show. And for five years we saw a lot more from Sarah Walker than we will ever see from Kate Morgan.

      • What I love is that Zach and Yvonne still hold those characters in their hearts. most actors want to leave their 1st major roles behind so fast… it’s nice that some people still appreciate the roles that put them on the map:)

      • thinkling says:

        All true, Dave. But I do think Yvonne has been really good at giving us more for Kate than the all-out, driven, agent. She manages to throttle back the agent at times and give us a calm, almost quiet sort of woman … not to mention her vulnerability and self-doubt where her husband’s situation is concerned. In a full-speed-ahead format, she’s done a good job of varying the pace a bit for her character. At least we know there’s something else there. Makes me with we could see more of Kate the woman.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh yeah Thinkling, I just wish 24 was the sort of show that allowed for more introspection and nuance. Maybe some actual growth.
        But absolutely there’s depth to Kate, about as much as the format possibly allows for.

        And I’m really not trying to down on 24 or Kate. It just isn’t Chuck or Sarah.

      • thinkling says:

        Agreed. Of course, then it wouldn’t be 24. Though if any character has a chance at growth or epiphany in 24 hours, it would be Kate, b/c she begins the day at such a low point. This particular 24 hours has the potential to heavily impact her situation. Seems like Yvonne even mentioned that as part of the draw for her.

        I would love to see Yvonne in her own show, as a strong, tough professional woman (like Kate), with a family life, where she could be vulnerable and human, even funny.

        Chuck was such a great vehicle for her talents.

      • atcDave says:

        No doubt I’d love that sort of show too.

      • oldresorter says:

        Jack had a great nuanced moment, the look he gave kate as she shot herself up was priceless. In many ways sutherland is masterful at saying things without words or with a minimal amount of words, a great fit with YS, and maybe someone she can learn from.

        Second, the 12 ep format should really be an improvement to keep the plot cleaner, smarter. 24 eps of ‘all panic’ got too extreme, and tiresome, and many plot devices repeat, like the good guys being stupid over and over and over again. And I noticed same as Think, YS has really slowed down the Kate portrayal, she almost has a sense of ‘serenity’ (did I just write that?) to her.

        And third, when Jack told Kate that he worked for the bad guys, then explained he was taking them down and kate asked ‘then who are you working for’, and he answered, ‘I’m doing this for me’. I’m jumping up and down thinking frickin Jack Bauer is ORION!

        So far, so good. Unfortunately, it is 24, and by and large, the lead female guests have not fared well by the end, so fingers crossed things turn out well for Kate as the credits roll, and even better for our favorite actress!

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, OR, that look was great. Their whole interaction through that moment was quite good.

        I never watched 24, and don’t really want to go back to catch up, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that the 12 episode season suits me much better than 24 would. That’s why I didn’t watch it before. When someone told me about it, I remember thinking that 24 episodes to cover just one day’s events sounded too tedious and drawn out, so I never watched. I wouldn’t be watching now it it weren’t for Yvonne.

        And yes, let’s hope she makes it through the credits not much worse for the wear.

      • atcDave says:

        I completely agree with both of you. I do have dire concerns about how this is likely to play out for Kate. Funny, we may be the one fringe watching this show that is far more invested in Kate than Jack. I did previously watch S1 of 24, and concluded the show wasn’t for me. But if this ends with Kate in an acceptable place, I may make a single season exception.
        But I’m still expecting to be disappointed in the end(!).

      • duckman says:

        I’m dvring this, but other than the first hour, (which just made me tired) am not inclined to watch and invest myself till I know what happens thru the end. I find surprises in today’s entertainment overrated. Thanks Chuck. I saw some pics of the fabled torture scene on imdb- just wow. I find myself more interested in seeing a documentary on how they shot that scene than the scene itself.

      • thinkling says:

        There are some BTS pics here. You can see a cable running from the hook to (presumably) a harness under her shirt. Even with that, I think it would have been very uncomfortable to film.

        Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic, but since more is being made of Kate’s back story, maybe she’ll make it out ok. Obviously, if they ever had even an inkling of a continuation of her story, she would have to survive. But talk of Kate spin-offs are probably just fan wishes.

      • atcDave says:

        Interesting pictures, they do show exactly how that was done. You’re right, it still looks uncomfortable!

        The talk of a Kate spin off could also be deliberate misdirection. Obviously I hope for the best, and I’m enjoying the show, but I don’t expect things to end well. I was very disappointed in that first season, and have followed things closely enough over the years to know very few characters ever get a “good” end on 24.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well 24 is what 24 is, and we have to accept that it is a limited role compared to a lot of Yvonne’s other work. But while it isn’t my usual fare I can enjoy it, and seeing Yvonne back on TV for what it is. And I think it speaks well of Yvonne that she can get so much out of a role and have us so invested in Kate and her future.

        While this may not be the role of a lifetime for Yvonne (I am still sticking with Sarah Walker for that one) what DKD says is true. Whether we see it publicly acknowledged or not every role and challenge she tales on adds to her resume. Whether it is a 3 hour Broadway play, her ability to physically handle both the torture and the intense action convincingly or her willingness to jump in to the Atlantic Ocean in her underwear at night, they all add to her image as a serious hard-working professional. Someone producers want to hire and someone who comes to mind immediately for casting directors.

        While I of course have no personal involvement in her career other than as a fan I can’t help but feel a bit of pride as people discover just how awesome Yvonne is. Yvonne Strahovski. We’ve known she’s awesome for years.

      • thinkling says:

        Good to be forewarned and have low expectations. If it turns out well for her, we can be pleasantly shocked.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Thinkling that’s exactly how I’m dealing with it.

      • Chlojack says:

        The 12-episode format is a huge improvement over the 24 episode format. I think they really only had one season (season 5) that was excellent from start to finish. Most of the seasons usually started off strongly and ran out of steam at midseason. Seasons 3 and 8 were probably the only seasons where the second half was better than the first (season 3’s final 11 episodes are probably the best in the entire series).

        It’s really amazing that they were able to do the 24 episode format those 8 years, especially with the required night shoots for half the season. WIth the exception of the first season (which started at midnight), all the other seasons had 11-12 consecutive night episodes. That must have taken 4-5 months to film.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        One of the reasons I never really took to 24 when it was on was that to me the format was so transparently a gimmick that you know some network exec green-lit just so they could market themselves as cutting-edgy at Fox.

        There are of course things to be said for playing with structure and format in TV, but I far prefer the way shows like Chuck and Community have done it, recognizing the time-worn tropes of TV and Hollywood and then employing them with either a twist or with a knowing wink to the audience. Including us in the laughter in the writer’s room if you will.

        By tying themselves so rigidly to a gimmick I felt they were asking for even more trouble than the usual procedural that just hits the same beats each week. Being able to sustain the sort of intensity I’ve seen in this mini-season for 24 episodes must have been draining for everyone, audience included.

        At least when Chuck was given an arbitrary number of episodes the bottle episodes were often a great deal of fun, Like Tom Sawyer or Seduction Impossible, or Honeymooners. But then again, going in to a season knowing exactly how many episodes you were going to have is a luxury Chuck rarely experienced.

      • atcDave says:

        That first season of 24 I thought it was a fascinating gimmick. I never remember anything else quite like it, and it made for exciting, breathless story-telling.

        But the mere fact the show got a second season was disappointing. That’s when the gimmick became even more transparent. And I think over the course of 8 seasons the show become its own cliche.
        One really nice thing with the 12 episode season is it means fewer really outrageous twists (of the immersion breaking variety). And the fact (suggestion?) that 12 hours will be skipped at some point actually adds a more natural sort of unpredictability back into the story.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Dave, I believe the cast/crew of 24 have been a bit more circumspect, confirming only that “hours” will be skipped (and by implication there would be 12 of them, but not necessarily contiguous) in my recollection. So there are possibly several breaks in the story, not just one, unless I misread you. The end effect however is precisely what you said, there is an unpredictability added to the show.

      • atcDave says:

        Yes, some combination of breaks to presumably total 12 hours.

  5. joe says:

    I’ve been nearly OD’ing on Yvonne this week – I’ve been also watching Dexter on-line. Hannah is nowhere near Kate or Sarah (except in intelligence, I think), but I must admit, Hannah’s a fascinating character.

    It’s hard to keep track of all the Morgans in the Yvonne show-biz universe.

  6. DKD says:

    Tangential thought that I had when someone mentioned spin-off above:

    Kevin Reilly just left Fox. He was the head of NBC when Chuck was developed and, no doubt, approved Yvonne’s casting as Sarah. He was the head of Fox when 24:LAD was picked up and she got cast in it.

    I wonder how his departure will impact Yvonne’s or 24’s future, if at all. I may be reaching, admittedly.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      In their latest podcast Dan Feinberg and Alan Sepinwall cover his departure from Fox and some of his legacy. I think Fox under Kevin Reilly is going to be sort of like NBC (after his departure) to me. I’ll thank them for great shows like Enlisted, but curse them for killing it with bad programming decisions.

      Though in fairness to NBC, Chuck, Community, Parks & Rec and a few others got a lot more seasons than their ratings merited, though I’d have preferred it be because they believed in those shows rather than they couldn’t cancel EVERY show in their prime-time lineup.

  7. DKD says:

    Latest Live + 7. The DVR increases over “same day” have been growing. For the 5/19 episode, the Live + 7 Adult 18-49 was 2.9, 71% above the 1.7 “same day”.


  8. It has been a blast seeing her back on TV, but as many have said there is very little room for character development in the 24 realm. Kate Morgan would have been a similar person to Pre Chuck Sarah Walker, and to me when I am watching 24 that is what I am imagining haha. I do believe she said in one of the special preview programs that working on Chuck made her transition to 24 relatively easy for her to achieve.

    • atcDave says:

      Or the terrifying thought, a glimpse of Sarah Walker had she married Daniel Shaw…

      Dang, now I need to get THAT thought out of my head…

  9. Myself and another man who works in my building have been watching ’24’, and he was telling me how he’d like to see a spin-off with Kate. I agreed with him, partly because I’d be as interested as you all in a show with Yvonne as the lead.

    As to the show itself, I think ’24’ will end with Kate either getting her old job back or, maybe better, getting the boss’s job. I know Yvonne’s in all 12 episodes, so I don’t see anything bad happening to her. But that could be my own wishful thinking.

    As to Kate herself, while we may not see “Graham’s wild-card enforcer”, we do get to see her acting on impulse: things like talking to Jack without permission, or crawling through air ducts. Always fun.

    • atcDave says:

      I hope you’re right about the good end for Kate!

      I really want to see Yvonne get her own show, something a little more upbeat than 24.

      • anthropocene says:

        “The New Adventures of Chuck and Sarah” — how’s that for an upbeat title?

      • atcDave says:

        I imagine an uncontrollable smile stuck on my face for months when that title is announced.

  10. Chlojack says:

    Yvonne is on the Emmy ballot for guest actress in a comedy series for Louie and guest actress in a drama series for Dexter (Are We There Yet? is her submission episode). 24: Live Another Day did not air enough episodes before the Emmy cutoff date and will compete in 2015.


    • Ernie Davis says:

      I’d just add that we can still post Yvonne news on the Yvonne page, we just wanted to minimize the number of 24 comments on that page making it impossible to navigate.

  11. noblz says:

    I believe Yvonne is doing great. I agree with whoever above said this was like Sarah Walker before Burbank, with drama and no comedy of course.

    I think tonight’s episode will tell how much latitude she’ll have to really take off with this. Now that she and Jack are together, if she retains her independence and doesn’t become just a lackey for Jack, then I think there will be real room for her to really shine even more than she has already.

    Frankly, I know its all rumor but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Kate Morgan Show. The very reasons she was selected to be Sarah Walker (as beautiful as a model and athletic enough to be believable with a gun) have tended to optimize her for this type of role or policewoman (like Beckett) or FBI agent or the like.

    I still say that while I, Frankenstein stalled, Yvonne was one of only two standout performances in the thing (along with Bill Nighy).

    • authorguy says:

      I just watched I, Frankenstein (bought the DVD at retail just because she was in it) and I have to say there wasn’t anything she did in that movie that couldn’t have been done by any other actress in Hollywood. If her character had been required to fight the demons along with Adam, then yes, she would have had a stronger role, but Dr. Wade didn’t really do anything. Even Killer Elite was better for her, paired her up with some hardcore types and she matched them.

      • noblz says:

        What she did could have been done by any actress, but she did it well. I didn’t say the role was unique, I said she and Bill Nighy did the best job of the actors in this film. I’m not a gargoyle/demon fan but the rest of the cast seemed uninspired. Yvonne and Bill Nighy seemed to get into their roles.

      • authorguy says:

        I can agree with that. Too bad.

      • atcDave says:

        I’d agree exactly with that Noblz. They made the best of weak material.

  12. noblz says:

    Wow, I didn’t think Yvonne was that much taller then KS. I mean she must be 2 maybe 3 inches taller than him. She needs a taller leading man, Zach maybe?

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah it was pretty funny when they were walking side by side. Keifer can’t be much taller than me…

      Really good episode for Yvonne I thought. We saw some good depth and range from Kate. I loved that she assured protection for the little girl during the evacuation. Nice touch, nice moment.

      • Chlojack says:

        Kate made an amazing recovery in only a few minutes. She has Jack Bauer-like super healing powers! My favorite Kate scenes were her scenes with Yasmine. Yvonne was really great in those scenes.

    • thinkling says:

      She’s also taller than Erik. And she doesn’t have to wear heels in this one. Nice.

  13. oldresorter says:

    regarding ep 9×7, first and most importantly, at the 5:33 mark, jack is interrogating Simone, with Kate watching. Jack got Yvonne’d, as she didn’t say a word, yet ‘voiced’ her strong displeasure. KS and YS have great chemistry together, not the romantic kind, but the spy kind.

    Second, ’24’ at its finest, at about the 5:35 mark, we are told they have 8 minutes to clear the hopital, so as a fan of the format, we know the drone issue is going to get resolved well b4 the closing credits. I like this aspect of 24, maybe I’m too impatient by nature, I love the quick action.

    Third, I spent some time working in England, the chase scene felt like every day I tried driving there. And when I drove with locals, even more so. Nothing short of driving on the race track, prepares you for the experience IMO. Loved the chase scene, but another even ten seconds would have been too much.

    YS’s role continued to be featured as much as anyone not named Jack is going to get, fingers crossed she emerges at the end whole, only 5 more eps to get thru.

    • atcDave says:

      It was a fun episode. One thing that made me laugh though; pretty obvious plug for Chrysler, even if they couldn’t be troubled to provide a right driver car!

    • Wilf says:

      Huh? Driving in the reality of London’s traffic they probably wouldn’t have moved more than 10 yards!

      • oldresorter says:

        Yep – I was thinking the same thing about traffic’s unrealistic portrayal, except my memories of being scared to death driving there overpowered it, and driving with the locals down streets to avoid traffic at break neck speed seemingly barely wide enough for the car to fit thru. I don’t know how anyone makes it to age 40 living there the way they drive. So I loved the scene.

        Then again, I’m a huge 24 fan, and I’m loving seeing YS getting a shot at such a big time show and role. Awesome for her!

    • Ernie Davis says:

      Yes, but 24 spy world is no more real than Chuck spy world. In both the CIA is a sort of American run supranational police force where they all carry guns and badges. So if Chuck could get around LA traffic, intercontinental travel and the slowest train in France 24 can manage a car chase in London.

    • Wilf says:

      What, wasn’t the Chuck world pretty close to reality? 😉

      • oldresorter says:

        Of course it was!

      • atcDave says:

        It was a perfectly fine reality!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        What, wasn’t the Chuck world pretty close to reality?

        Well yeah, except for defusing a nuclear bomb with fruit juice. That’s just plain silly. Fruit juice doesn’t have anywhere near the typical salinity of seawater. It would be undrinkable if that were the case. It defies logic.

      • thinkling says:

        Well yeah. But aside from that …

      • atcDave says:

        I would have said apart from Air Alaska flying DC-9s into Moscow….

        oh and that super-sonic BAe 146!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        Well yeah Dave, pick the obvious ones…

      • anthropocene says:

        Crying into the bomb mechanism might have worked better (avg salinity of human tears is 0.9% vs 3.5% for avg seawater).

      • Angus MacNab says:

        If ever there was a time Chuck should have pissed on something important, that was it.

      • oldresorter says:

        Epic scene comes to mind, Sarah’s mouth wide open in surprise at the sight, followed by fanning herself, Casey a grunt, followed by a nod, like a proud father, Chuck looks up and doesn’t understand, then says ‘what? I needed a saline solution to disarm the bomb, this is the only one I had handy, luckily Morgan and I ate a whole bag of pretzels last night.’

      • atcDave says:

        You guys are making me glad it was an eight o’clock network show!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’m with Dave. Ew. Remember Sarah and Casey were holding the device…

      • anthropocene says:
      • anthropocene says:

        (bites clean through tongue)

      • Angus MacNab says:

        Oooh, I’m sure Chuck would have been gentleman enough to say “stand back” first, Ernie. 😀

      • Angus MacNab says:

        I have to say, when I first saw that scene my reaction was, WHAT? You’ve gotta be kidding me? FRUIT juice? REALLY?!

        The immediate solution that came to mind was, PEE on that sucker! It’s nearly a perfect match to ocean salinity. And, God, it would have been the bomb to see Chuck solve that problem by making his colleagues form a barrier around him before peeing on a nuclear weapon wearing an EOD suit. Heheh.

        We’ve seen much worse than that on Chuck.

      • Wilf says:

        Now that would really have sealed the overall reality of the show!

      • atcDave says:

        At least I’m pleased we’re still discussing Chuck, even on our 24 thread…

      • Angus MacNab says:

        Admittedly, I was concerned about the thread drift to which I was contributing, but this is a site devoted to Chuck, so…

        I do enjoy 24 and Yvonne’s performance as Kate Morgan. When she had her hand on the grip of her gun that was tucked into the back of her waistband, ostensibly to protect Jack; and after dropping from an air duct, no less. Holy Chuck vs the Marlin flashback, Batman!

  14. I thought the analyst poking around those files would end up dead, glad to see I was wrong. another great episode and nice to see the softer side of Kate Morgan with that little girl, that was another superb scene by Yvonne. she is sure making the most of this role!

  15. uplink2 says:

    I am going to toot my own horn that I predicted last night’s twist back on May 20th. Having been a fan of the show for sometime I knew there had to be more to Adrian Cross. I didn’t get that Adam was framed but I did see Cross behind it. But damn it was a cool reveal.

  16. oldresorter says:

    I finally was able to rewatch a couple of eps this week without turning it off. first time since the final pair aired. I made it thru the first three, without FF’ing or turning it off.

    I’m going to try to do a full blown Chuck watch, ep by ep , one ep a day. I’m going to try to post on the threads you guys already started. I’m going to try to limit myself to what I liked only, no dislikes. So when I rewatch Fake Name, I’m going to look for the good, and ignore the bad.

    Thinkling, you get the credit, when you and I discussed the murdoch mysteries, it dawned on me, I’d rather do a detailed watch of Chuck than Murdoch. I cut the bad in Murdoch a bunch of slack, and I enjoyed it. I’m going to do the same with Chuck, every ep, look for the good, the great, and the awesome, ignore the bad.

    In many ways, this is how I view almost all tv right now anyhow, so I’m going to give it a shot! I’m posting my pilot comments tonight, helicopter tommorrow, tango the next day. Anyone else game?

    • atcDave says:

      In a few weeks I will start another complete series re-watch. I’ll be posting a “episode of the week” sort of thing, that will include links to all previous discussions of the episode. I’ll also include things like the episode rank from our own poll, and any other data that seems relevant.
      If any reader has any ideas for other information they’d like to see included let me know either here, or via PM (fanfiction.net works best).

      Of course in the meantime, I really encourage anyone who wants to comment on any Chuck episode to put their comments up in the last big re-watch posts. These are all linked from the “Blog Episode Guide”.

  17. oldresorter says:

    Another 24 vs Chuck observation, after watching the first three eps of Chuck. YS looked like a almost a teenager then and talked like it too (I think her American was sort of ‘little girlish’ at first).

    So comparing Kate to Sarah, I don’t view Kate as a pre-chuck Sarah, more a post Chuck Sarah who lost Chuck (maybe he died in phase 3) and moved to England to get over the hurt. This is part the actress’s obvious aging, but also the Kate character seems to display a great deal of emotional maturity and strength, that I don’t think pre-Chuck Sarah had going.

    • atcDave says:

      Those are all good observations. I noticed especially in the first two episodes of Chuck that Yvonne’s voice was more nasal or something in her longer speeches. It may have been trying to get her American to sound right, but she clearly came to sound much better later.
      It is one of the more jarring things now about those early Chuck episodes, to see how young they all look. I’d also say I think Yvonne has lost too much weight, I thought she looked the part better in the earlier seasons when she seemed to have more muscle mass in her arms and shoulders.

    • thinkling says:

      Seems Yvonne’s age and maturity suit the Kate role now quite well, as her age suited the Sarah role then.

  18. thinkling says:

    24 LAD ep 7. I liked 7, but I thought 6 was a more riveting episode, with the getting-to-know-you dance between Jack and Kate, the I’m-still-in-control-here self injection, and Kate’s torture/escape/kill.

    Ep 7 was kind of a breather after that, despite all the splosions. Everything about Kate’s time with Yasmine was a highlight, seeing a different side of Kate, including making sure she got out. We saw a very human side of Kate throughout: her ability to empathize with Yasmine and advocate for her with Jack, her discomfort with Jack’s interrogation technique with Simone. Maybe Kate is still sizing up Jack, but even so they work well together. Their synchroneity and chemistry have been fun to watch. Kate is a worthy partner and has some complementary traits that add to the teamwork.

    Yvonne continues to be very natural in the role.

    • atcDave says:

      I really liked the scenes with Yasmine. It was such a nice human element to a ferocious fast paced story.

  19. thinkling says:

    24 finished production today. There was an interesting tid-bit in this brief article. It’s the first time I’ve heard anyone official speak on the possibility of a continuation with Kate. Article is here.

    • atcDave says:

      I’ve noticed all answers are hedged in such a way its still impossible to tell if a spin off for Kate will even be possible! I sure do hope for the best possible outcome for this character, but I hope no more Kate either. I want to see Yvonne do something fun. New show. “The Carmichaels”. That works for me…

      • Duckman says:

        I’m thinking “rocky mountain high”, set in Beaver creek. Cool theme song and everything.

      • atcDave says:

        Gee I think that holds a lot of promise!

      • oldresorter says:

        200th episode tonight.

      • thinkling says:

        I have mixed feelings about a Kate spin-off. I would love to see Yvonne headliine her own show, and Kate/24 is certainly not the least appealing option. On the other hand, I would prefer to see her in a role that gives her more to work with. I do think with the positive buzz about her portrayal as Kate, she should have some nice options.

      • atcDave says:

        I agree exactly Thinkling.

      • uplink2 says:

        I agree. Though I love this show and Kate’s story is interesting, the format doesn’t allow for some of Yvonne’s strengths to show. First, there is never any humor in 24 or whatever may come and though there has been romance it is always tied to tragedy. There is no happy ending to any of the show’s couples. Certainly for anyone connected to Jack there wasn’t. Plus all the key players over the years, Tony and Michelle, Kim and any BF. Chloe and Morris etc. All of them didn’t get a happy ending or a lot of sweet moments. While it would be great to keep seeing Yvonne on my TV I’m hoping she goes back to Broadway for her next project.

      • atcDave says:

        I’m selfish enough to say I’d hate the Broadway option. That’s just months on end of zero output from my perspective. A lead role on a fun show is by far the best were I’m concerned. Although a fun movie would work well too.

      • DKD says:

        For the people who can see a Broadway show, nothing is more special than seeing a performer you admire perform live. NYC isn’t exactly impossible to get to.

        If she did get a role in a new TV series, it would more likely be for next season, which means nothing really to do until pilots are filmed in March/April. That allows plenty of time for a limited run Broadway show.

        Plenty of TV and Film actors are doing it.

  20. noblz says:

    While doing Broadway and movies is great, I’m selfish enough to be with atcDave and want to see her on TV.

    I believe the attributes that made her perfect as Sarah Walker (attractive enough to be believable as a model and athletic enough to be believable with a gun) will determine the roles she’ll most excel at. I would like to see her as a spy/police detective (think Sarah Walker, Kate Morgan, Kate Beckett) in a show that while dramatic, also has some light hearted moments, kind of like a Castle-type format.

    She has tried a lot of different stuff in movies, but she hasn’t had anything stick yet. I know most actors and actresses don’t want to be type-cast, but if you’re good at it, you’re good at it. Might as well get paid for it.

  21. oldresorter says:

    Since she doesn’t have a steady tv gig yet, if her schedule permits, she’d make a great season long or even just an episode or two guest star on Heart of Dixie, complete with a Southern accent. JS has hired his ex stars to be guests in the past, and she’d make a dynamite foil for Dr Zoey Hart or one of her LI’s. Maybe she even could be Carter Covington’s girl friend (Ryan M’s role).

    I wonder if she is close at all to getting a star role in her own Pilot? I have no idea.

    But until any of that stuff happens, I’m happy for her she’s gotten what she has, she’s doing pretty well for herself, and has been fun to watch in all her different roles, movies, broadway, tv, the more the better!

  22. noblz says:

    Back to 24:LAD

    Looks like next week for a more kick-a$$ Sarah Walker-like Kate Morgan. Should be great.

    I’ll look for Adam Baldwin’s thread and repost but just a reminder, his next project “The Last Ship” premiers Sunday the 22nd on TNT.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah this was kind of a slow episode for Kate. Well, apart from drawing on a Doctor! Hopefully, more action next week.

  23. oldresorter says:

    Ep 9 was a solid one for 24, a pretty typical first five seasons type ep. Kate is ‘manning’ the B plot admirably, and crossing into Jack’s A plot off and on. The one thing about last night’s ep, which is pretty typical Jack, is he ‘Mausered’ the baddie. So far, Kate has not crossed that line on screen, but she probably will get one logical shot at it in the next three eps, one person in the show has ‘wronged’ her. Will she get payback, or let the legal system get it? I have mixed emotions about this, as I don’t like Mauser-like scenes, yet if YS is to be part of the 24 franchise as the female Jack, she probably needs to do so. I’d be OK if she doesn’t too.

    Usually fans complain about any non Jack scenes or plots, so just the fact she is headlining and getting through the B plots without too many complaints means she’s doing great. Only three eps left, making the show 12 eps long was a great idea, as they have lots of story left to tell. I look for one more un-named big bad to show up yet, someone from the first 8 seasons, who is the one who wants the override device.

    • atcDave says:

      Yeah I’ve really been enjoying the ride so far, and last night was a very exciting episode. Scenes I really liked being Heller’s return, the big climax action sequence for Margot and Ian, and I liked when Kate found Jordan. Impressive performance involving both emotion and strength; complex and nicely done.

      Now all that said, the end and previews had a few big eye roll moments, which is sort of what I have against 24. The device was promptly stolen and now a nuclear submarine is involved. Dun, dun, dun. Don’t miss the next exciting episode…
      I have no doubt I’ll continue to enjoy it, but the mandatory twists to fill three remaining episodes kind of make me groan.

      • thinkling says:

        I agree. It has been a fun ride, and Yvonne’s doing great, especially, as you say, layering the emotion with strength. I had mixed feelings about Heller’s return. I think it would have been better if the viewers had had a little hint (just a word from Jack that he was still trying to find a way out, but it’s a long shot) that Jack and Chloe were trying to do something, and then leave us wondering if it worked or if Heller was dead. Building up the sacrifice one week and then saying ‘just kidding’ the next … I don’t know, sort of took something away from it all. Of course, I’m glad he’s not dead, on multiple levels. I’ve enjoyed Heller, and besides being a tragedy in its own right, his death would be a victory for the bad guys. So all is well. The twists are kind of fun, I think, and there’s quite a lot to tie up in the next three episodes, so it should be fun.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah I was glad Heller wasn’t dead. Although I have to admit it occurred to me there could be some significant political capital to be gained by having a US president die to protect British citizens…
        But I like the character (I usually like William Devane), I like his sense of honor and sacrifice. And of course in some ways, his outcome is more tragic for having survived.

    • uplink2 says:

      What I was kind of surprised at but maybe not was they still managed to follow the standard 24 formula that there is a first baddie who is taken care of usually about the 12-15th episode in a 24 episode season only to reveal a bigger baddie behind it or taking advantage of it. I didn’t think they could pull that off in a 12 episode season but they did. True we only have 3 episodes left for the final takedown and I’m going out on a limb and make a prediction. The big twist that shocked Kim Raver is Chloe dies, probably sacrificing herself once she knows how she has been played.

      Last night was good from Yvonne but I still think her finest performance, and if it were eligible for an Emmy which it isn’t, would be the torture scene. That was some of her best work ever. But I’m still not totally onboard with a new show based around Kate. I want to see more from Yvonne than just the dark, deeply emotional, action hero. I like the lighter more fun, more upbeat performances from her and want to see more of that.

      For me 214 is a great formula with a great cast and an iconic show. If there is more to come the formula has to change. It has been fully vetted and played out and no matter how great Yvonne is she will never replace Jack. She has to find her own niche and to me that means the formula has to change. Not necessarily the real time aspect of it but how that is manifest.

      • atcDave says:

        I pretty much agree with all of that.

      • DKD says:

        “light, fun, and upbeat” says ‘dramedy’ to me and there aren’t too many of those being produced right now. Can you think of any examples of shows that are in production that fit the bill of what you are looking for?

      • atcDave says:

        Castle, Grimm. Its a short list. That’s why we need more!

      • oldresorter says:

        Murdoch Mysteries! The Listener. Come to mind, maybe even the Arrow.

      • DKD says:

        The rub is that while those shows mentioned can be fun for the viewer and you clearly like them, they don’t get their actresses much serious attention from critics or the industry at large. Does Yvonne want that kind of career?

      • atcDave says:

        What does that have to do with anything? We’re talking about a new show. Make Yvonne the lead. It’s not that hard.

      • thinkling says:

        Rizzoli and Isles is a drama with a lot of comic relief, relationships, family stuff. Something like that would work for me. Professional woman (tough as nails – drama) with a family (softer side with some comedy and romance).

      • I would be ok with a new show staring Kate I think it would given a decent chance because the gender and thus the dynamic of the show would change. I think we all agree a male implode the franchise but the gender shift would keep opinions at bay long enough to give such a spinoff a shot.

      • DKD says:

        “What does that have to do with anything? We’re talking about a new show. Make Yvonne the lead. It’s not that hard.”

        Wow, getting angry with me for discussing the realities of the industry.

        Sorry. But, it ain’t that easy.

      • atcDave says:

        Which is utterly beside the point. We were discussing what we would like to see happen, not what we thought would happen.

  24. DKD says:

    I was looking for critical mention of Yvonne in 24 and found this article:

    Good quote from the author:
    “Kate is probably one of the best created characters “24″ has made on the side of good in some time. She comes across as flawed, authentic, and very interesting to watch. This is why we would not be opposed to seeing more Strahovski on the series, even if for some reason Jack Bauer is not a part of it anymore. (With that being said, we’d much rather have Jack around thanks to the gravitas he brings to proceedings.)”

  25. noblz says:

    A lot of folks have said Yvonne’s TV roles have all been different. That (going back to OZ) Freya Lewis was not Martina Royce was not Sarah Walker was not Hannah McKay was not Blake was not Kate Morgan, and for the most part that is true.

    However, Sarah and Kate are very similar. Both are tough, fearless, willing to take on any mission and willing to do whatever it takes while still being emotional underneath it all. If anything, Sarah was much more ruthless than Kate. Even on a feel good show like Chuck, Sarah shot an unarmed man in the face and threatened to inject ammonia into a prisoner’s neck. While Kate woke up Simone, she did it under duress.

    Oh, and both Sarah and Kate appear to be nerd lures (everyone on Chuck and Jordan on LAD).

    • I count Yvonne’s role in the Mass Effect video game series as Miranda Lawson among her major roles because that’s something else she did a fantastic job with. For those who don’t know Mass Effect is a futuristic space exploration series starting in the year 2183:Earth is now a completely stable, highly advanced civilization among several cooperative alien races and the universe is suddenly threatened by an alien race bent on domination, causing multiple military forces to cooperate to oppose the single threat; her role is fantastic and better than Dexter by miles!

    • atcDave says:

      Except Kate never gets to smile or laugh!

  26. noblz says:

    During the last episode, I noticed something that got by me first time but I noted it on re-watch:

    As Jack was leaving the evildoers’ lair with the drone device he encounters Kate in the hallway. He gives her a real look of respect and shakes her hand saying “I’ll see you back there”.

    Does this portend anything, I wonder? Passing the torch perhaps?

    • thinkling says:

      I noticed that, too, Noblz. It was a really nice moment. Their bond is … well, it’s hard to find the right word for their fox-hole partnership. There’s definite respect … and great (non-sexual) chemistry. They work well together. Her trust has to mean something to him, coming as it did, when he was a fugitive, and no one else believed him. She was a worthy adversary turned partner. And his respect has to be a balm for her, coming at a time when she was a pariah of sorts. I also loved that he was immediately concerned about her investigation of Jordan’s murder. I know he was worried that it might be related to the terror plot, but did I sense some concern on his part for her. Yep, strange, but lovely bond between them.

      As for passing the torch … ??? I would like to see her get the recognition and exoneration she deserves … preferably not posthumously!

      So many loose ends. I like that the Margot plot wasn’t dragged out past its shelf life. I also liked the twist with the box. It has now become more important than the original terrorist plot. Margot was small-potatoes, compared to all the malicious possibilities.

      • thinkling says:

        Just another thought. She asked why he wanted her along if he didn’t trust her. He offered her the next best thing at that point … respect. By now, I think he even trusts her.

    • oldresorter says:

      I noticed it too, it seemed un-Jacklike, awkward almost, as you said, respect, not romantic at all. Been kind of glad the Audry card is being played this season, between the age and the height difference, Jack and Kate are best served as spy partners, not romantic ones!

      I think YS is being given a real shot at doing an important role here, and so far I get the impression she’s delivered, from what I’ve read at least from the critics and the little the creative side people have said.

      She has company in delivering stirring performances, her boss is having a great series, so is (was) Margot, so is Chloe, Cross, Devine, Audry, Mark, Hellier has been epic, and Jack is Jack. For me, 24 is a remarkable tv show when it is hitting on all cylinders, and seeing YS involved in the show couldn’t be better for me.

      I too would like to see YS get more lite or fun roles, her own TV series as the lead, and I’d love to see her do a Hallmark Christmas movie or series of movies even, but what she is doing on 24, isn’t exactly slumming. I still think she’d be awesome as a southern belle for a season of Hart of Dixie, southern accent, comedy, maybe steal the lead’s boyfriend for half the season, easy by the book stuff. JS, since we know you read this blog, please lets make that happen, then come up with a pilot for her to star in, just like you did with RB!

      • thinkling says:

        Un-Jack-like: kind of like he didn’t want to say good-bye but didn’t know what to say to this remarkable woman, who believed in him, stuck the needle in her own neck, was tortured, got free and killed the badies, gave him whatever he needed and helped him save the day. She did indeed handle whatever was thrown at her. What do you say after all of that? It’s definitely not sexual, and I wouldn’t want it to be … ewww. But I do detect a note of affection on his part. Nice.

        Agree this is a fantastic opportunity for YS, and she is hitting out of the park. A guest role on HoD would be ok, but please, I don’t want JS to do the show she headlines. I can’t take the angsty exaggerated geometry.

      • atcDave says:

        i agree with pretty much all of that Noblz and OR. Except well, I’m with Thinkling, keep YS away from JS please!

      • oldresorter says:

        Dave I’m OK with a JS role for YS, as he is pretty great at comedy, and can really make you love characters, a great fit for YS, who I feel is best served by a character you love. I’m hitting a point where romatic triangles just don’t bother me, you eliminate near 100% of all dramedy without finding a way to accept those. The best ones find a way to write that plot in an acceptable manner. The angst / wt/wt is something JS does not excel at, but he probably will get better at it. The Castle showrunner was doing OK, then fell off the cliff along with Rick at the end of last season. Its such tricky business.

        The scary one for me is the Dexter staff, who I read somewhere that they (or the lead showrunner) really fell in love with YS the actress for her work, not the person (for the diry minded trolls out there). I could see her showing up on some trashy cable program as a lead, in a role that would be hard to watch.

        If the ’24’ creative team liked her work, that’s another tv creative team on her side. If she gets enough of those, eventually, she will get her shot.

        If the ’24’ showrunner released a pilot, ‘Vigilance’, a story about ex-CIA agent Kate Morgan who balances starting a family by day, and doing things the government can’t do by night, would that still make all the 24 fans hate the show, or would it be different enough that people would be on board?

      • atcDave says:

        I sure do hope she stays away from any more premium cable stuff! But certainly its great that she’s earning support from a variety of people. I suppose a 24 spin off could be made to work, but I still think I would prefer something with better comedy credentials. Now the Castle creator (Marlowe) is pursuing other projects I will be very interested in what all he does next.

        I don’t know, its so hard to speculate in the dark like this. Its obviously good if Yvonne is making good impressions. But I think there’s never been a time when television was so dominated by self important tripe, it concerns me what good work there actually is for anyone; not to mention if I can even find shows to watch in the future.

      • thinkling says:

        Oh yeah, Dave, ditto all that. Like I said, a 24 spin-off wouldn’t be my favorite thing to watch Yvonne in (unless it morphed a lot) because it doesn’t showcase her range. But it’s not the least attractive option … not by a long shot.

      • noblz says:

        atcDave, et al

        As I’ve said I see her in more spy/policewoman type roles (what made her perfect for the Sarah Walker role still applies) and as for tone I like a serious but at times lighthearted tone like Castle started out. Drama and fun as well. I would pay good money to see her in something like that as a lead.

        I would watch a Kate spin-off, but to be completely happy I would need some lightening of tone. Let her smile some, she’s gorgeous.

      • DKD says:

        Because of the conversation, I looked through the new shows coming on broadcast TV that have either female leads or co-leads where the woman is paired with a male lead. Here they are with a description of the character

        Female lead:
        1. How to Get Away With murder – middle aged Black woman; college professor
        2. Agent Carter – right for Yvonne. Character is spin-off from Captain America played by same actress from the movie
        3. Madame Secretary – female secretary of state. Tea Leone cast
        4. CSI: Cyber – middle aged woman. Patricia Arquette cast
        5. State of Affairs – right for Yvonne. Character is a CSI analyst. Katherine Heigl got the role
        6. Mysteries of Laura – woman in her 40’s. Debra Messing got the role. This is very light drama with a humorous touch and looks awful in the clips I saw.
        7. Odyssey – right for Yvonne. Young stranded female soldier. Played by Anna Friel.
        8. Jane the Virgin – teenage girl (CW)
        9. iZombie – teenage girl (CW)

        1. The Whispers – Yvonne might be right for it, very scary looking show. Lily Rabe got role
        2. American Crime – middle aged woman; Felicity Huffman got the rol
        3. Stalker – right for Yvonne; female detective that specializes in Stalker cases; Maggie Q got the role
        4. Allegiance
        5. Gracepoint – this is the American version of Broadchurch. It’s about a murder. The actress who played the wife in Breaking Bad got the role

      • oldresorter says:

        a ten ep series following from the movie The Librarian is coming in December. ‘Rebecca Romijn will play Eve Baird, a sexy counter-terrorism agent who’s in charge of protecting the librarians’ as the lead female, Newhart, Wylie, Curtain all slated to retun in their movie roles, along with Roan Mongomery, et er What is his real name? John Laroquette something or other? The pony tailed guy from Leverage too.


        Would have been a nice role for YS, but … much as I like all these retreads, I hope she gets to put her stamp on something original on TV, not that anything is that original, but something that she starts.

      • authorguy says:

        I wish they’d kept Nicole Noone from the first movie. Losing that romance ruined the series for me. None of the follow-ups are as good as the first movie.

      • atcDave says:

        That’s cool news OR, I’ll look forward to it!

        AG it does disappoint me that they failed to develop that character and relationship. But I guess it was dragged out over long enough I never really had a lot of investment in it.
        it hadn’t yet achieved critical mass.

      • authorguy says:

        I was very upset that they decided to make Flynn a super-hero all on his own, in the second movie. It didn’t help that the plot was transparent and it basically sucked. The third movie was okay. But that first movie was like Chuck going from the pilot to the Barstow, and then to the Honeymooners, in one film. The only thing comparable would be if they’d removed Sarah from the show because she distracted from Chuck’s Hero’s Journey.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh I agree AG, it just hadn’t emotionally hooked me yet. So the show morphed from Chuck to White Collar. Bummer. But it was still fun.

      • authorguy says:

        I couldn’t care less about White Collar. I’m all about the central relationship, especially when it was so Chuck-like, and they threw that away on me. Flynn by himself is far less than half of Flynn&Nicole. Nicole beating the crap out of the Serpent chick, saying, “Get your own geek!” And that beautiful smile when she calls him her nerd at the end. How could anyone not love that?

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, AG, I wish they’d kept the original couple, too. But I’ll still be interested in watching the series — see what they do with it.

    • noblz says:

      Another thing occurred to me on re-watch, the Eric character (the black CIA Agent) was all about stealing Kate’s job at the beginning, now he follows her around like a puppy. Maybe he sees this lead agent thing to be very hard and he’s not ready to do what Kate has done…just sayin’…

      • thinkling says:

        Yeah, I’m glad he’s come to respect her. I thought in the beginning that I didn’t want that conflict to continue, so I’m glad it didn’t.

  27. atcDave says:

    Dang, great episode tonight! I loved the “interrogation” scene.

    Although when Kate got introspective later in the car was exactly the first thing I thought of back when we learned her husband had been framed; the only thing worse than not noticing her husband’s guilt, giving up on him when he was innocent…

    • thinkling says:

      Great episode, indeed! Ditto all you said. It’s a pretty scary interrogation when Bauer gets to be “good cop.” Yvonne was sensational. She got a little more range in this one: emotion, strength, emotion, bad cop, emotion. It was nice, too, how she nudged Erik into his rightful position.

      And isn’t Mark in a pickle, one he so richly deserves.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh yeah Mark is in a fun jam. It will be very interesting to see if he can get out of it without going to prison.

        I have fears for Kate though, I’m wondering if her “how do I live with myself” comment is dark foreshadowing.

      • noblz says:

        atcDave, Thinkling

        The last two episodes have been dynamite for Yvonne, she’s been great.

        The interrogation scene was pure gold, but then again Sar..I mean Kate is familiar with going “Kill Bill” on some dude. (I swear Yvonne’s voice, inflection and mannerisms remind me of certain CIA agent we all know and love.)

        I was never a fan of the show before, but isn’t Jack showing more respect and concern for Kate than he normally does?

        And I really hope the scene in the car is not a dark foreshadowing, maybe it’ll be motivation to live on like jack did…fingers crossed.

      • atcDave says:

        I agree with all of that noblz. I really like how Jack and Kate have bonded/found respect and trust for each other.

      • thinkling says:

        I hadn’t considered it as a foreshadowing. I certainly hope not. Although she said, “how do I live with that?” Which doesn’t sound quite as desperate.

        I rewatched some of it, and the whole scene where Erik takes over is nice. As they walk in, Kate quietly tells him, “You’re the ranking,” then in the background. When he finishes, he looks to her (for approval?), and she gives him a subtle nod. A very interesting exchange, b/c between the two she’s taken the lead and been in charge, but this time she stands back and respects his position. It also shows how much he’s come to respect her.

        Yvonne really knocked it out of the park, and the reviews are very complementary.

      • oldresorter says:

        I love the 24 ep to 12 change, absolutely no screwing around, one epic scene to the next. Awesome.

        YS is getting a great role on the show.

        I interpret the scene about revenge in the car where Jack gave Kate advice slightly different. The scene did not take place to foreshadow anything about Kate, but it’s about Jack. I don’t want to spoil anything, and I don’t know what is going to happen, but if you watched all 8 years, the scene might definitely had a different vibe. I look for the scene to be important right up to the end for the main plot, but more from Jack’s POV than Kates. We’ll know soon enough.

        Saw viewership was up .1, but I have no idea if the show is doing well, indifferent or poorly.

      • Chlojack says:

        She was wonderful in this episode. I thought this was the best dramatic performance she has ever given. She was fantastic in her dramatic scenes on Chuck, but she has never shown rage or hurt better than she did in this episode.

  28. oldresorter says:

    Spoilers from the tenth ep for those who haven’t seen the ep, read no further, or you’ll get spoiled on a great twist.

    great review for anyone who enjoys witty, somewhat sarcastic humor. The guy refers to Ritter as ‘Tyron” Ritter, maybe after the midget from Game of Thrones, due to how ‘little’ he is compared to Jack (and kate). But the funniest is he calls Kate ‘Lil Bauer’ or ‘Lil Bauer the Kate’ if he is really excited. Here is a sample of his writing in describing the interrogation scene:

    “This isn’t very important, however, because the Bauers are doing whatever they want. Lil Bauer has made her way into the Bratts’s room. And she’s not happy. She’s about to kill Bratts.

    Jack runs in, sees what’s happening, and demands she put the weapon down. She doesn’t. Because she’s about to kill Bratts. Benny is begging Jack to do something, Jack is yelling at Kate, and Kate doesn’t care. Because, again, she’s about to kill Benjamin Bratt.

    Freaking out, Bratts screams out the tracking number that he put on the device. And instantly, the Bauers stand down. BECAUSE THEY WERE ACTING.


    Calling Jack and Kate Redford and Newman, wow … that is really saying something. I agree. The two of them are great together.

    Lets hope ‘Lil Bauer’ has a good final pair of eps.


  29. Chlojack says:

    Fox released their 30-day multi-platform ratings for the week of May 12 (episode 3 for 24: LAD) and 24 saw an 87% ratings increase with 15.6 million viewers across all platforms. It was the #2 show on Fox, right behind the finale of American Idol. According to 24 Spoilers the ratings breakdown was as follows:

    “Live+SD: The live + same day DVR ratings for the third episode were 8.3 million viewers. These are people who watched between the air time of 9:00pm and 3:00am when the numbers get sent to Nielsen for processing.

    Live+7: The Live+7 ratings measure live viewing plus DVR viewing up to seven days later. The total audience for this was 11.7 million meaning another 3.4 million people caught up from their DVR during the first week.

    Encores: An additional 2.1 million viewers watched the episode via the encore airing that Friday.

    VOD and Streaming: lastly is video on demand and streaming services such as Hulu and Fox.com which added another 1.7 million viewers to the tally.”


    http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/06/27/family-guy-finale-24-live- another-day-top-foxs-thirty-day-multi-platform-ratings/277617/

    I think this is very good news. Yvonne’s IMDB ranking has seen a huge boost and has been ranked inside the top 50, since the premiere (including a high of #10, and three total weeks in the top 20). That’s the highest her ranking has ever been for that sustained period of time. During Dexter, she was in the top 50 for two weeks, and was ranked in the 100’s after that.

  30. oldresorter says:

    Has anyone read Manhattan Nocturne? I wonder if the movie gets made what you will all think, as YS plays a real femme fatale. IMO if the movie gets made well, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime for her, from what I understand of her POV at least. Unlike some (all) of the movies she’s been in, this has a chance to be a pretty darned great thing, and YS’s role I’d imagine to be considered the leading lady, co star, and dramatic heavyweight, unless the movie doesn’t follow the book. Here is a quick synopsis:

    “First published in 1996, Manhattan Nocturne is one of those dark, sexy thrillers that pays homage to hardboiled noir. It’s a detective story told through the eyes of a journalist (rather than a cop) and has all the key ingredients for a superb story: a slightly narcissistic protagonist, a mysterious femme fatale and a violent murder to solve, all set within the seedy labyrinth of New York City.”


    • atcDave says:

      From what I’ve read it sounds pretty trashy. I’d be happiest to hear she’d pulled out of the project.
      If she doesn’t, well, I hope it works out well for her. But I doubt I’ll be watching.

      • noblz says:


        I’m with you on this one. I don’t see an indie as the path to stardom. But these trashy indies seem to be well received by the industry, that seems to be the only up side to me anyway.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah exactly.

      • duckman says:

        maybe if it does well Sideshow will produce a premium format statue of her character. Then I can have a 2ft YS to display alongside Black Widow and Catwoman.

        No, I’m not married, why do you ask?

      • oldresorter says:

        The movie itself seems exciting, kind of like an old 40’s murder mystery set in modern day NYC. It all depends how seedy the ‘trahsy’ part is. In movies, those things can get glossed over pretty quicky(talked about rather than shown) or played to the point I have to turn them off, and I have a fair amount of tolerance. But YS seems to have boundaries, taste and good moral judgement, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she stays with what appears to be her limits, I think the movie might be great. She is slowly inching her way up the ladder, what she really needs is a well written script, with an exciting plot, along with a big role. I Frankenstein got one of those three right (a big role), maybe this will be the one that gives her all three.

      • atcDave says:

        OR I hope you are exactly right.

        Duckman… Too funny. Yes, I would have guessed you were single!

      • noblz says:

        If it comes out like a modernized “Maltese Falcon”, that might be OK.

  31. oldresorter says:

    dave I watched two movies this week, an oldie, that I prob hadn’st seen for 10-15 years, 3 days of the condor. That one made me think about YS’s career, the Faye Dunaway part isn’t exactly the ‘nicest’ role ever, but boy, she really, really nailed the part, she showed off who great she was, and sort of stole the scenes she was in with Redford. It made me think how wasted YS is not doing feature movies, she really ‘could’ be a star with the right set of breaks, but the clock is ticking, she needs to get some breaks to get into the game. Her reviews in 24 sure won’t hurt.

    ZL would do a pretty mean Condor himself, maybe not Redford level, but it would be a great part for him.

    And even better, a first time watch for me, made he really see the type of chemistry that CS had, in the Avengers, 1998 verson with John steed and Uma Thurman as Mrs Peel. ZL and YS would own that type of movie together. If you haven’t seen it, I promise you’ll enjoy it, Sean Connery is the big bad, a good one, but the spy couple, they are really fun and dynamic together. I think its 100% nice too, more comic than nasty in its approach.

  32. dkd says:

    It’s been announced that there will be a “24:LAD” panel at San Diego Comic Con.

    “Jack is back! Kiefer Sutherland is returning to Comic-Con, Twentieth Century Fox Television announced on Monday.

    Sutherland will take the stage to talk Bauer’s return in 24: Live Another Day alongside executive producer Jon Cassar on Thursday, July 24. ” (Source: TV Guide)

    I’m surprised by this given that the show will be over by then. The network’s usually promote shows that are coming on and not ones that just ended. Maybe Fox is renewing it. We’ll see.

    I do wish they would add Yvonne to the roster, though. She has a string of being on a Comic Con panel that goes back to 2007. This year would break that string.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I saw that news. Who knows there, may be time to add her to the panel. She’s obviously acting as Jack’s partner this season so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

      Yes it would be a shame if Yvonne didn’t make it to Comicon, and by extension Nerd HQ. Since discovering the show in 2009 July has always been Chuck family-time to me.

  33. atcDave says:

    There wasn’t as much for Kate to do this week. Still a fun episode though.

    • Chlojack says:

      The writers missed a great opportunity for a Chuck reference in last night’s episode. Right before Jack went in to confront Mark, he should have said, “stay in the car Kate.”

      Fingers crossed that Kate makes it through the finale alive, although a heroic death would be an acceptable ending as well.

      • atcDave says:

        Naw, if Kate doesn’t make it I’ll consider it a complete bust. I quit watching 24 years ago because it really isn’t my sort of thing. Kate’s the only reason I’m watching now, and if she’s gone I won’t watch any more.

        I’m thinking 99% probability the Comic Con news is all about 24 getting a new season. I can’t make sense of any other scenario.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I’m more or less with Dave on this one, though a heroic death won’t spoil this season for me. It has been fun to see Yvonne back on my TV week to week, and the show has given her a lot more to do and work with than I expected. Nothing against Kiefer or any of the others, but on balance, absent Yvonne I probably wouldn’t be watching.

        As for the ComicCon news I’d like to see them get another mini season with Yvonne as part of the cast, or announce a big-screen movie with her in it, but I’m not holding my breath. I think this is more about keeping the series viable and in people’s mind as something that can come back either as a movie or a series. Kiefer is obviously invested on keeping it viable, so I suspect that is what is behind his appearance rather than any actual announcement. Though I very well could be wrong.

      • atcDave says:

        The ratings having been pleasantly okay for a summer show. That makes me think Fox has ordered either a mini or full season, and Comic Con is where they’ll announce it. I’m a little concerned that Yvonne isn’t on the schedule so far; but to me its simple, I’ll watch what comes next if she’s on it, I won’t if she’s not.

        Although on the other hand, I still wish she’d find something more fun to be in!

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I dunno Dave, I find this sufficiently amusing given how many heavily armed CIA agents are available to roam the streets of London shooting up neighborhoods and locking them down with impunity.

        It could be an announcement. The more I think about it ComicCon is the perfect time to do that if Fox has decided to do another. Just over a week after the finale it is perfect to keep the buzz going. It is however in an interesting time-slot. As I understand it Thursday and Sunday are slower days as things ramp up and down.

      • atcDave says:

        Oh there’s plenty I find amusing or fun about 24, it could almost be a show I love. But mortality and bloodshed is way too high for me. I need some time for the things that make life worth living, a reminder of what it is heroes are heroic for. The all tension, all the time, approach 24 takes is not my thing.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I guess I can understand that, especially the all tension all the time part. I guess my take is that it is so far from realistic that the mayhem kind of rolls off me without making much of an impression. Which is kind of sad in its own way and leads to them going further and further to try and shock the audience.

      • thinkling says:

        I would definitely watch 24 with YS in it. I doubt I would tune in otherwise. Definitely not for 24 eps, but maybe for the 12 ep format … if the pickings are slim.

        I can take the pace. The killing gets to be a bit much, but mostly I’m like Dave. I can take that stuff, but I want the good along with it … put a face on the greater good. That’s what Chuck had that Casey and Sarah didn’t. His greater good was real people that he knew. That’s part of what Casey and Sarah gained from him that changed their lives. It’s hard to include that in the adrenaline driven 24 format.

        So, I’m pretty much back to not watching unless Yvonne is in it.

      • atcDave says:

        Ernie that actually plays directly into what I find tiresome. There’s never a quality breather. No family dinners or water fountain scenes. It’s always trying to top itself, and I find that exhausting.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Thinkling, as always we’re on the same page.

      • noblz says:

        No but we got a Casey throwback on the Last Ship Sunday. CDR Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) looks at Russians mining the channel and he says in true John Casey Fashion

        “I hate mines” sounded a lot like his “I hate Russians”.

      • atcDave says:

        I noticed that! Made me laugh at an unexpected time.

    • noblz says:


      I agree, just a sidekick last night. But still, 4 or 5 of the 11 episodes have been stand out episodes for Yvonne. That’s pretty good for someone else’s show.

      • atcDave says:

        Great point, that Kate is such a strong part as a supporting character is very cool.

  34. oldresorter says:

    YS had another chance to act with facial expression only when Jack and Audrey talked on the phone. Kate is in full ‘Lil Bauer’ mode now, she and Jack are pretty much like watching the more modern two person spy team, than the more old school sinigle individual spy that Jack always was. When YS was announced as a member of the 24 cast, this is the kind of role I’d have hoped for her, I don’t think anyone would have gotten a much better gig as a 24 guest. Now all she has to do is make it thru in one piece for one more ep. In some ways, her more subdued role in the 11th ep should bode well for her survival in the final ep, but then again, that is more wishful thinking than any knowledge based spec.

    • atcDave says:

      I agree with all of that OR!

    • thinkling says:

      I noticed that, too OR. There’s a bond between wounded warriors there, I think. I’ve been really pleased with the role for her. Considering the narrow scope of the show, she’s had more to work with than I first thought she would. Again, hoping she makes it out alive. My hope for that happening is that if they have any notion of continuing and Jack doesn’t want the physical role anymore, Kate Morgan is the only spy-character right now that they could put it on. So, if anything else, they might keep her alive … just in case.

      • Chlojack says:

        Not sure if this statistic matters, but very few major 24 characters (except the bad guys) have died in a season finale. Most of the major deaths occur around the half-way to 3/4 mark of the season. Hopefully that streak continues this year.

    • uplink2 says:

      My guess is Audrey or Kate dies If its Audrey when Heller finds out his daughter was killed because he allowed her to go on her own he has a heart attack and dies as well. If its Kate its a chance to make up for not believing in her husband when he needed her most. She will sacrifice herself in his name.

      I have to say I seriously doubt we will see a spinoff with Kate. The ratings are ok but not great and that is with Jack back. I just don’t think the numbers we are seeing are good enough for them to risk another expensive show with Yvonne as the lead and no Keifer. She has been fantastic as the sidekick and that is what she should stay. IMO

      • atcDave says:

        My guess would be Heller dies, but I wouldn’t bet anything on that!

        Both your scenarios sound plausible.

        I also doubt a Kate spin off. I have no doubt they could do it, and do it well; but as you said, the ratings are only so-so anyway. I don’t think there’s much energy left in the old franchise, certainly not enough to launch a new show. They might however get another season or two out of it with Keifer back.

  35. oldresorter says:

    When u talk spin off, do u mean s1 of a new Kate show, or s10 of 24? I have no real reason to ask, but I think real 24 fans would have trouble with the latter wothout KS, while the former opens up all kinds of new doors and audiences. I’ve read a couple of things, leading me to think KS still would like to do a movie. And also, that if s10 of 24 is made, KS might not appear in all the eps (he is expensive, and I think the shooting is grueling for him). As long as it means more YS on tv on in movies, I’m all in.

    My spec for the final ep, I thought the scene in the car foreshadowed Jack’s ultimate showdown at the end, with Kate using his words of advice back to him, so my spec is some Cheng / Jack showdown, where Jack does not kill for revenge, and Kate’s talking playing some role in that ending. Jack gets redeamed and gets to go home to his daughter and grandkids (maybe even with audrey) and the show wraps up in a neat bow if they never come back, and fans get the closure they never got. And if they want to do it again, they know where to find Jack.

    I’d say the best odds to die as Chloe (for old time 24 fans, that will be the ‘jolt’ the show always delivers), she might even take cheng out with her after Jack saves the day, next heller, next audrey (but I think both Heller and Audrey make it, the previews gave too strong a hint they die – LOL). I’d say Mark, but he should have gotten killed in the Russian mission, I can’t see any use for him in the final dead, I’d rather see his face when Audrey embraces Jack upon the mission’s success than see him dead. I’m giving Kate a cautious all clear sign, mostly because she gives the future story legs.

    • atcDave says:

      Well I like your take on it OR. I could easily see the scenario you describe with Kate having a bigger role and Jack maybe only appearing in the back half of a season or something.
      I do think you’re correct about a new show for Kate having better potential than handing her the reigns of 24. But for now, my bet is neither completely happens. I think the franchise is teetering. It may get another order or two (Season, mini-Series or movie) largely because it is proven and still has SOME drawing power. But I doubt any big commitments to the 24 universe are coming.

      • DKD says:

        Their going to Comicon AFTER the season ends is a hint to me that they intend to continue in some form in the future. Even Chuck didn’t have a Comicon panel after it ended. I would not be shocked if they make an announcement at the event.

      • uplink2 says:

        But that seems to be mainly to promote the DVD/Blu-Ray sales as Cassar and Keifer have a piece of that pie. I really don’t see it as any other commitment. The ratings simply don’t justify it.

      • DKD says:

        The DVD/Blueray market is dead. Nobody does a Comic-con panel to promote that.

        IMO, the ratings ARE good enough to get renewed. They may not look as impressive on Live + Same Day overnights that get published, but the C3 ratings are a little higher and the industry is moving to C7 next year. The show gets a substantially higher rating against Men 18-49(about +15%) than Adults 18-49. There are advertisers that will support that and the networks are pushing more into the summer.

      • atcDave says:

        Wow, mark today on your calenders, I agree completely with DKD on that. I don’t believe disc sales would justify an appearance. It may provide a cover story for getting there, but I would bet on a new show order of some sort being the main reason.

        The ratings have been solidly average. And for a network that’s had some bad news recently, a solidly average show is likely to get another chance.

      • uplink2 says:

        A 1.5 demo with what 24 costs to make isn’t good enough IMO. 24 is a very expensive show to make. And the advertisers are not that interested in Live +7 because everyone simply skips the commercials when watching on DVR. No way does any show get renewed based on Live +7.

        The only thing I could see them announcing at SDCC would be a movie. No way does Fox allow them to do it there without their control. I just don’t see it. Plus I would disagree with DVD/Blu-Ray sales being dead. There is still huge money spent on that market and with Amazon now owning the streaming rights to 24 I can easily see that being a big factor. Plus Cassar and Keifer make money with those sales and that is what they said they are going for in the press release. They are doing a sneak peak of “Worlds Collide” which is a DVD/Blu-Ray exclusive.

        Hey we might see something announced but I highly doubt we will see 24 season 10 or a spinoff. If it had stayed above a 2.0 then yea I think it would get something but not a 1.5 against weak competition.

      • atcDave says:

        1.5 Demo is looking pretty good these days. S10 of 24 is exactly what I’m betting on.

      • uplink2 says:

        Dave but against repeats and American Ninja Warrior and it doesn’t even come in at #1? I disagree. Especially when you factor in how expensive 24 is to make to keep up its quality. A 1.5 isn’t good enough for that expensive a show.

      • Chlojack says:

        C7 ratings would definitely count to networks and advertisers, and only includes DVR viewers who don’t skip commercials. I’m not sure how big the C7 numbers would be, but I think a significant number of people don’t fast forward commercials.

      • uplink2 says:

        Where do you get the idea that a significant number of DVR viewers don’t skip the commercials? I think it is the exact opposite. Most DVR viewers skip the commercials. I don’t think I have ever watched a show on my Tivo without skipping them. Beyond easier recordings, it’s kind of the point of DVR’s. Plus at this point Live +7 numbers matter little if any for advertisers. There will be some changes coming and newer technologies available but we can’t escape that these #s are just ok. And for an iconic “special event series” to get just ok numbers against weak competition and repeats doesn’t bode well IMO for another season.

      • DKD says:

        “Where do you get the idea that a significant number of DVR viewers don’t skip the commercials? ”

        It’s not what you think, it’s what the Nielsen boxes attached to the TV’s detect and what gets reported back to the network. While many people do skip through the commercials, enough don’t that a C3 or C7 rating for scripted shows are often higher than the Live + Same Day program ratings that are normally published. Unfortunately, C3 ratings are rarely published for the public’s review.

        To be clear, I’m not talking about Live + 7. I’m talking about C7–the average rating the commercials get(not the program) within seven days.

        I know I can’t show you the C3 or C7 numbers for 24:LAD, but you have to trust me that they are higher than what you are assuming. Against Men 18-49, the only Fox scripted live action show that had a higher C3 rating than 24:LAD was Sleepy Hollow. The Following was lower than 24:LAD and got renewed.

      • uplink2 says:

        I appreciate the info and the optimism but I still do not see a renewal coming. Ratings aside I don’t think Keifer wants to do it. And I just don’t see it doing better than this season. In fact I think it would do worse based on the novelty being lost. I just think for this “special event series” to get renewed it needed to do better than just ok against very weak competition. Plus the production costs of 24 are much higher and require a better return on investment. Again if we were talking 2.0 ratings I’d agree with you and pointing to C3 and C7 really doesn’t change the equation as they would be going up against other shows c3 and c7 ratings. If say 24LAD gets a 1.5 live same day and it goes up to a 1.9 C3, well that means ANW which got a 1.8 probably might have gone up to a 2.2 or 2.3 so the comparison is basically the same.

        And I still would like to find anyone who actually doesn’t skip commercials and watches them when they watch on DVR’s. It seems bizarre to me and kind of defeats the point especially when there is a 30 second advance button right on my Tivo remote.

    • uplink2 says:

      The thing is I haven’t seen anything about Kate that is all that different than Jack and that I think is where the trouble with a spinoff comes from. She is Jack Bauer light, or just a female version of Jack. They haven’t developed her into anything that different that can carry a new series. Perfect sidekick yes, but lead? No. The real time formula can work with other things but if its just another 24 with no Jack and a female version of him as the lead then I just don’t see many legs for it. But that brings up the point of would they then sex her up a bit to carry the show and appeal to a different audience. Though I do love skimpy outfitted Yvonne, I just don’t see that as part of Kate’s character or at least this season’s version. So to me something dramatic has to change as a season 10 with Kate and not Jack isn’t what I’d really want to see.

      • oldresorter says:

        I think there’s a big diff between s1 of a new show for Kate vs s10 of 24 w/o Jack though. Many spinoffs have been made, s1 of a new show, with pretty small characters from the parent show. Certainly Kate would qualify say vs George Jefferson from Archie Bunker’s All in the Family. Some have done pretty well. Heck, the format could retain the best parts of 24, and add all kinds of new things too, if it was s1 of a new show.

        Even I think s10 of 24 w/o Jack would be a lesser idea, although as I said, any YS on tv is a good thing. I think real hardcore 24 fans would revolt with no Jack. Be kind of like Chuck with no Chuck.

      • uplink2 says:

        Oh I agree that more Yvonne on my TV is a good thing but what I don’t see is what is different about Kate Morgan than Jack? I see her as currently shown as just a female version of him and that isn’t enough to carry a series. Something would have to change dramatically with that character to grow her into a reason to watch the show on its own and we haven’t seen that yet. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but in just 12 episodes there isn’t enough time to show us what is different and interesting about her.

      • Chlojack says:

        If Kate isn’t killed off in the finale, a non real-time spinoff would be much better than a season 10 starring Kate. The audience would never accept 24 without Jack Bauer, but a a new show without the limits of the real-time storytelling might really work, especially if you surround her with a strong supporting cast. Maybe even bring back a couple of characters from the original show. I’d love to see some flashbacks to Kate’s past with Adam, which they obviously couldn’t do on 24.

      • atcDave says:

        Yeah Chlojack that would be the best option for a Kate spin off. It would allow her to develop more, and show her full range than the 24 format ever could.

        Although I’d still rather see her do something else, something lighter.

      • oldresorter says:

        Dave why not both, IMO this 24 thing might get her recognized, such that she gets the kind of role we all want to see. And given this is a bit heavier role, and how much she likes to diversify, maybe she will take on something fun.

        I think s1 of a new show with the 24 showrunners is such a better option than s10 of 24, isn’t that what a spin off is, s1 of a new show? If they do s10, I’d guess Jack will not be in every ep, which would cut the cost per ep down, while retaining the franchise.

      • atcDave says:

        Both of those could work OR. I’ll continue to hope for something more light hearted and fun than that, but I would be okay with either of those possibilities.

  36. oldresorter says:

    My spec for the final is Kate and Jack split up, Jack takes down Cheng while Kate saves Audrey. Should be a pair of great Kate scenes, the one where Jack sends her off to rescue Audrey and the one where she does. She might even be around in the second last ep, when they wrap things up, Jack shaking her hand and passing the mantle to her. Last scene IMO will be a Jack happy’ish (happy for 24) ending.

    Guessing the big shock or twist will be Choloe getting killed by Cheng, or maybe sacrificing herself to save Jack.

    • uplink2 says:

      I think that’s an interesting premise, Jack trusting Kate to protect the woman he obviously still loves very much, in effect his family. Shows a great deal about what she has shown him. But I just still get the feeling that someone big, important and shocking will die and that points to Audrey for me. He has lost every woman he loved and I don’t see that pattern changing. I guess the only alternative is Chloe. And if that happens there absolutely will not be a season 10.

      I’m still trying to figure out where the 12 hour time jump happens,

    • Chlojack says:

      If Jack kills Cheng, it will be the most satisfying Jack kill since Nina Myers. I think it was a stroke of genius for the writers to bring him back as the final big bad. Hopefully Kate will save Audrey, and not die in the process. I think Mark will likely die, but he’ll redeem himself first. Hopefully Chloe won’t die.

      • oldresorter says:

        My theory is Chloe is a dead man walking since she betrayed Jack and her country, even if unwittingly.

        The tease is a shocking death, Audrey be the only other one, nobody really cares about Kate other than us YS fans, and near all the guests die, so that would not shock. Plus, don’t know if any of you saw it, but YS was on several morning news feeds yesterday hawking the ending. I think she is on the inside. Usually, the person in the crosshairs dying is not the shocking death, so my spec says Audrey lives.

      • uplink2 says:

        If you watch the promo, Jack is crying at one point and the only people Jack would cry about are Audrey or Chloe. I think Keller is the one in the flag draped coffin and that would be the time jump I guess of the dead President coming home. But the tears from Jack can only be for Audrey or Chloe. You’re right Kate dying would not be a surprise to 24 fans.

      • noblz says:

        I think it is probably Audrey, going on the assumption (quite possibly wrong) that killed off characters aren’t hawking the finale, I saw somewhere Yvonne and Mary Lynn Rajskub were making appearances together. That would easily explain Jack crying as well.

  37. Ernie Davis says:

    Seemingly good news for the ComicCon panel for 24. I’m guessing the “sneak preview” isn’t going to be of the already aired finale. And the panel is now with “the cast” not just Kiefer.

    • thinkling says:

      Wish we knew if Yvonne is going to take part. That would indeed be good news.

    • Ernie Davis says:

      I’d honestly be surprised if she didn’t. She has been doing a fair bit of publicity for 24 lately and she has been going to ComicCon for seven years without missing a single year.

      I’m hoping this means she’ll be down there for Nerd HQ again and that perhaps 24 is getting another limited season.

    • DKD says:

      They say they have some DVD extras to promote. That’s fine, but I still feel the appearance is about more than that. I could be wrong, of course. It’s just a great platform to announce more production and not just DVD extras. Yvonne is back in LA, as far as I know, and it would be so easy to have her on the panel.

      • uplink2 says:

        That’s true but the original Batman TV series folks, Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar are appearing to promote the release of the complete TV series on DVD/Blu-Ray so it is done for that marketing model. It’s still a viable option and probably the only one the producers can use to market the DVD/Blu-Ray special features for sale to an attentive audience.
        I hope Yvonne goes but until we see an official announcement we simply won’t know. I do think all of the remaining promo will be limited to Keifer as he is the main draw and maybe Mary Lynn. Yvonne got the local Fox affiliates and E but I doubt we will see her on anything else. It’s up to Keifer now.

      • Ernie Davis says:

        I will just point out that the blurb in THR simply says that “the cast” will attend. Taken literally the entire cast will obviously not be there, but taken in the most obvious interpretation, the principle cast members will.

      • DKD says:

        Hey, we’re just speculating.

        The blurb in the official SDCC schedule doesn’t say anything about other castmembers being there. But, those descriptions are often revised.

        I think he would be smart to have other cast on the panel, but, if he doesn’t, it’s no big deal to me. SDCC and Nerd HQ have tons of stuff going on.

      • And now we have an official announcement about her attendance: http://nikilovescharah.tumblr.com/post/91842842599/yvonne-announces-that-she-will-be-attending-this
        Posted in her tag under cast members too

  38. oldresorter says:

    Kate lives. Loved the final. YS seems to be getting credit for doing a good job. Could the next mission be to rescue Jack?

    The exchange Jack for Chloe is how I wanted Orion to get taken down, Orion for Ellie.

    • Chojack says:

      Eclipse Magazine spoiled Audrey’s death, so that was ruined for me. But Yvonne was fantastic in showing Kate’s grief. There were some great throwbacks to the season 1 finale in this episode. If 24 does continue, let’s hope she doesn’t become involved romantically with Jack, because his love interests usually don’t fair very well.

    • atcDave says:

      Yvonne was awesome all the way through. Her end, and the series’ end, left me a bit underwhelmed. But at least she’s alive, and could appear in the next season.

      Perhaps the ending is where not having watched since S1 hurt me the most. I had no emotional response for Audrey’s death (she wasn’t a very engaging character for me in this brief season) ; and Cheng whatshisname was an okay villain, but he meant little else to me.

      So some good action, another great Yvonne performance, and a resolution. It was okay.

    • uplink2 says:

      Dave, I think it did help if you had those attachments. Audrey and Jack was even more engaging than Jack and his wife in season 1. She had done basically a Phase 3 search for Jack and got captured and tortured by Cheng and it almost destroyed her. That emotional engagement from the earlier seasons made both of those stories that much better. I screamed “Yes” when Cheng was revealed, not the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” when Shaw was revealed as coming back lol. It did add a lot to my enjoyment of this season.

      But I do think they ended it in true 24 fashion and I also think that it eliminates the idea of a Kate based series without Jack. He is 24 and if any of these characters come back it will all depend on Kiefer and Jack returning. I’d love more of Kate’s story but not without Jack and I think that is not in the cards now with how it was wrapped up. But they did leave the option of more in the future which is great.

  39. that was great! Audrey”s death was similar to a death scene from NCIS where you think the character is okay but then a 2nd person pops up to take them out…and Yvonne was fantastic like always. I hope this propels her career much farther!

    • Chojack says:

      Yvonne’s IMDB ranking has seen a huge boost since 24 started airing (10 consecutive weeks in the top 50). That’s the longest she’s sustained a ranking like that since she burst onto the scene with Chuck. I think the current surge is even more impressive since she’s not the unknown 24 year old this time. Hopefully these numbers matter in the industry.

      In one of the 24 interviews, she mentioned having two projects lined up for the second half of the year, although she was unable to reveal any details.

  40. thinkling says:

    Yvonne was truly superb. She did a great job all the way through, and managed to infuse every bit of nuance and range possible into her character in a show like 24.

    I had read the comment this morning before we got a chance to watch, so I knew Audrey’s death was coming. I had been hoping that she wouldn’t die b/c of what it would do to Kate to lose someone she was supposed to rescue … and of course for Audrey’s sake as well. I was glad Kate got the shooter. That whole rescue was great. Then even though I knew it was coming, I still was hoping it wouldn’t. Bad ending for Kate on top of what she was already going through. But she’s alive.

    That said, when it ended, my husband said, “You know who has to go rescue him now.” We looked at each other and said together, “Chloe and Kate.” It would make a good follow up in another 12 hours or as a movie.

    I enjoyed the ride. I would hop in again if Yvonne were involved. We’ll just have to wait for Comic Con.

    • Several critics are open to the idea of Yvonne as a permanent part of that world and your idea would be perfect bc KS would only have to be in the last few episodes, I mean if he didn’t want to jump all the way back in; Chloe seemed determined to rescue Jack somehow anyway and Kate is the only person capable of helping her do that!

      we’ll have to wait and see…

      • thinkling says:

        He could still be in all the eps. He would just be in some cold, dank Russian prison. There would have to be some sinister plot afoot in the world — in fact he could have uncovered it and somehow gotten the message out — that he would be critical to avert. Then Kate would be tasked to get him out, and she would tap Chloe as part of her team. Somehow Jack would be working on the inside, and Kate on the outside. The role would be less demanding for KS, but he would still be just as much a part of it.

      • Chojack says:

        Kate, Chloe, and Belcheck would be the perfect team to rescue Jack. I think the prison break/rescue storyline might even fit better as a TV movie. Maybe they’d be open to doing another one, like 24: Redemption.

      • oldresorter says:

        I also think KS is very expensive, and maybe somewhat burned out, so he might be able to sit out a few eps at the beginning, lowering the break even, and ratcheting up the action when he finally appears. It’ll also spare viewers from having to watch him getting abused for 3 or 4 straight weeks, a well which 24 seems to have worn out. Since we know he isn’t dying and that he can take it, making fans watch more of it, is simply worn out.

      • Chojack says:

        A Baur-less first few episodes could definitely work…
        Episodes 1-4: Kate, Chloe, and Belcheck go on their rescue mission to save Jack. Jack first appears in the closing scene of episode 4.
        12 hour time jump
        Episode 5: Jack, Kate, Chloe, and Belcheck arrive in Los Angeles in the final moments of the episode (13 hour flight from Moscow to LA)
        Episodes 6-12: Characters return to Los Angeles. Kate and Chloe are now working at CTU Los Angeles. Jack is finally has a proper ending and reunited with his daughter Kim in the final episode.

      • uplink2 says:

        I’m sorry to say I’m going to have to disagree. No Kiefer, no 24. He has to be in it the entire season for it to work. The ratings were not that great, ok yes but not great, and it is inevitable that it will drop again if they bring it back say next season. I think it only did as well as it did based on the 4 year gap. I think folks are looking through Yvonne colored glasses again. Kiefer Sutherland IS 24 and if he truly is burned out, it won’t happen. Reducing the # of episodes he is in only diminishes the shows value and ratings. I think it is much more likely to see a movie next time before another season.

      • uplink2 says:

        Damn lack of edit button. I forgot this point. Kiefer is the draw. He is the iconic element to the series. I’m going to make a stretch of a Chuck connection and say it was the Chuck/Sarah relationship and chemistry that was the iconic element to the Chuck series. Look what happened when the benched their main draw and replaced it with something/one much less interesting or integral to why people watched? It failed miserably. Now I’m not comparing Kate to Shaw but the idea of using a B (or D-F in the case of Shaw) player as your main attraction simply has some serious issues to overcome. This isn’t like the CSI franchise where it is the formula that is the draw and not the actors. You can substitute leads in those procedural shows and be fine but not when your lead is the icon, the absolute main draw of the series. I don’t see them being dumb enough to keep Kiefer out of a significant number of episodes. Kiefer is in all 12 or no season.

      • dkd says:

        I actually agree with the gist of what Uplink is saying. Kiefer IS 24. As big as an impression as Yvonne made, they can’t do it without him and the actor is ready and able to do it. I don’t claim to have watched 24 every single season, but I think what they did with Yvonne’s character was establish one more piece of continuity. The only two characters that have lasted since the beginning are Jack and Chloe. But, along the way they had quite a few characters that crossed seasons. Tony, comes to mind. I see Yvonne’s character as the new Tony.

      • Chojack says:

        Good points. The best alternative would be to reduce the physical nature of Jack’s role if the show does return. They already did that a bit by giving the major torture scene to Kate.

      • uplink2 says:

        Small correction DKD, Chloe came on board in season 3. She wasn’t there in the beginning but became a main draw in the later seasons. But she is now synonymous with 24. I agree with you that Kate became more like Tony than Jack in terms of importance to the series. And I don’t think they ever entertained the idea of Tony taking over the series. He was very popular and when he returned I really was pleasantly surprised considering we thought he was dead. But it never even dawned on me to think of the show without Jack.

        But the one thing I never want to happen is for Kate to become involved with Jack romantically as that means certain death for her lol.

      • DKD says:

        Uplink–You know your 24. It goes to show how ingrained Chloe became that I thought she was there at the beginning.

    • atcDave says:

      That is definitely a future series/season I would be willing to watch!

    • noblz says:


      I agree, it looked to me that clearly they were leaving it open to continue if they choose with Kate playing a big part. I’d watch it, although I’d prefer to see Yvonne smile more, she’s gorgeous, why hide it?

      • atcDave says:

        She sure did have a joyless story here! But I guess that is the nature of 24.

      • thinkling says:

        Well, she could do both 😉

      • thinkling says:

        Joyless is true. When you think about it nobody got a happy ending, except maybe Ritter. It was everybody’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

      • atcDave says:

        I remember back in S1 that was actually the opening credits; “the worst day of my life…”

        But I guess when we get to the ninth worst day of his life its not quite the same.

      • macnab13 says:

        That might be a novel idea, atcDave. 24 hours in the life of Jack Bauer that turned out to be something much better than “the worst day of my life…”

        For once, show us a hero whose life of heroism didn’t end in tragedy.

      • atcDave says:

        Well I think that’s part of what made Chuck so special. I think we live in a cynical age, and the most common thing is for such stories to be dreary and bleak. The most shocking thing is for things to work out well for the hero. I wish a few more television writers had the courage to try such things, instead of the painfully small minority who currently do.

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