Live at NerdHQ with Yvonne!

Panel starts out with Zac saying that Yvonne came to SD specifically to come to this conversation.

She wanted to know why he was sitting so far away (coz he’s a moderator). So he moved closer (see photo).

Q: if you could play a superhero, who would it be?
A: she’s not really a comic book fan. Zac said Thor. She did get inspired by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Q: how do you pick roles?
A: she wants to aim high now that Zac has brought up Thor. She likes a lot f the roles, theatre, scientist, etc.


Q: mass effect question.
A: she is it a gamer but she’s become acclimated to Chuck. Into nerd but she’s not a gamer. She charmingly forgot the question.
Miranda is pretty kick are. She liked being part of putting it together.

Q: how was it working on set of Dexter?
A: liked working with Michael. He really wanted to make the best scene. Wonderful. Thrilled with storyline.

Q: What made you get into acting?
A: I was the goofy kid with braces and goofing off in camera. Was just always what I was doing. Was first into acting school at 12. Started drama school in Sydney. Came into states in 4th year of acting.

Q: smiles for smiles for both of you?
A: let me know.

Q: who would be a dream copanelist for you?
A: When I was young, I had a crush on Tom Hanks. I would love to have a chat with him.

The live feed is here:

Q: how does your faith interact with your job and certain roles?
A: I always feel like with acting it’s a form of art. We represent life and humanity and people and here are so many people in the world. As actors we are given challenge to portray people. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked I portray morally conflicting roles.

Q: favorite Chuck and Sarah moment. Scene.
A: so many. I wouldn’t even remember half the stuff we did. We lived it. I actually watched the third and last/penultimate episode. On the suggestion of a friend.
Zac: you almost did but you forgot.
A: it’s hard to pick coz there’s so many. I have a funny story about Zac. One time we were in the Chuck bedroom. Zac was lying in the bed. They had said action, I had a line, he had a line, and I had a line. And I was waiting and he was asleep. In the middle of the scene. He was snoring.
Zac: what happened was, when you’re in the plane you are nodding off. Somehow I knew I was supposed to say something. I woke up and said the line. And you were like, “are you joking?”

Krista Rodriguez, Zac’s broadway co-star has never seen Chuck.

Q: have you talked to Zac about the movie?
A: except this time you’ll wear the heels and I’ll wear the Chucks.
Zac: if that’s what it will take.
A: and the cat suit.

Q: what would you tell the younger Yvonne, coming to America, just starting off Chuck?
A: get ready to work 18 hour days. I didn’t even know that was legal. It would take an hour to talk about all that I’d say to a younger me. Grateful.


About Faith

Eternally faith-ful at least as it relates to my beloved Los Angeles Lakers. Yes that's where the username comes from. Other than that self-professed Chuckaholic, Laker blogger and part time internet addict. Ok, full time.
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31 Responses to Live at NerdHQ with Yvonne!

  1. atcDave says:

    Thanks for posting Faith! I won’t be able to watch ’till tomorrow night, so this is appreciated.

  2. Wilf says:

    Thank you, Faith. Just watched it. I thought the audience was very restrained, only asking about a Chuck movie at the very end!

    • resaw says:

      Yes, an enthusiastic audience but also respectful. I was glad to see that. Thank you for your summary, Faith. By the way, fanfic readers may be interested to know that Steampunk.Chuckster was the young woman who asked the question that involved a reference to King Arthur….

  3. joe says:

    Faith, that was fantastic! Thank you for posting this – and you were fantastic with that last question too! So glad you got it in.

    Is it just me, or did Yvonne seem much more comfortable in front of the room full of fans than she did at past ComicCons? Not so much last year, but I recall that after S2 and maybe a bit after S3 she seemed much more reserved.

    Yvonne has said a number of times that she was a bit of a tom-boy growing up, and some of the extras on the DVDs bear this out. It’s so much fun to she her cut loose and dance off stage…

    • resaw says:

      Her sense of comfort and ease struck me as well.

    • dkd says:

      (from someone who has been to both Comic-con stages and Nerd HQ) The Nerd HQ stage is very small and enclosed. It invites a very intimate relationship between fan and celebrity. The front row can practically touch the people on stage.

      Comic-con is a bit more cavernous and Yvonne was usually one of many on the stage. I think she really responds to the intimacy of the venue.

      • joe says:

        Ah! I had a feeling this was the case. I recall the ComicCon after, I think, S4 (where we saw vids of Zac singing a duet with Scott Bakula). The room and the crowd seemed huge.

        If you look up “Wall flower” in the dictionary, I believe you’ll find a negative of Zac. Or possibly, a negative of Josh G. (Adam is, of course, unflappable). Next to those guys, Yvonne seems positively shy. I suspect she really isn’t, but just seems that way in comparison, and the video to which Faith linked sort of bears this out.

  4. This was so awesome:) you can tell Yvonne has no problem supporting Zac. Chuck in high-heels would be hilarious! I’ve said it before but a CHUCK movie WILL HAPPEN idk when but it will!! More comedy for both of them, they’re so good at it!

  5. aalleess says:

    Those who demanded her to dance should be ashamed of themselves. Just as Zac said, actors are not monkeys.

    • joe says:

      Aalleess, you’re now officially a proud member of a very large subset of Chuck fans that have felt very protective of Yvonne over the years. That’s a good thing all around.

      I’m sure it’s impossible for her to completely avoid every crazy out there; they always seem to find a way (and Zac did a great job of calling him (them) on it, with just the right amount of jocularity, too). Frequently, the crazies merely embarrass themselves. Still, most of the fans have been great at being respectful and giving the stars of the show space.

      But just to ameliorate the situation, the dance request was in reaction to Yvonne’s cute little spontaneous dance last year. I can’t entire blame them for wanting to see it again. It may not have been in good taste, but it wasn’t done out of malice.

  6. oldresorter says:

    Faith, watching the tape, I saw what appeared to be an excitement between the two stars. Not a sexual chemistry, but still a chemistry, kind of a brother / sister type thing or even just plain and simple a welcome friendship renewed for an hour. Was that apparent live too?

    did you see any other conversations? I watched one of ZL solo, the Sunday Fillion one, and the one with YS and all the ladies. Each of them were wonderful. I thought the conversation with the woman was interesting, very thoughtful. I did not know YS’s family left Poland ‘illegally’ to escape communism. I think she mentioned that in that panel. This is the first time I watched any of these that I recall at least, I would certainly do so again.

    Also, did you hear any mention of the money part, did they do well, I know they raised alot of money for Op Smile, but are they also solvent? Was it a record year or anything?

    • DKD says:

      They usually only announce how much they earn for Operation Smile and don’t comment on the financials of the event itself. It was only revealed during the Indiegogo crowdfunding that they had financial difficulties last year. Of course, as a private company, they have no obligation to reveal their financials to the world.

      I will say that the Nerd HQ space itself this year seemed much more crowded than last year. In addition to the $300K they got from the crowdfunding, they had some decent sponsors in Intel and Sega. The Nerdmachine merchandise booth had a good line of people buying stuff every time I walked past it. That also seemed better than what I saw last year.

      Before the event, I wondered if this would be the last one, but–based on what I saw and heard–it looks like they can continue it. We will see.

      • DKD says:

        One thing to add: In interviews, Zac didn’t sound like he would ever do a crowdfunding for this again.

      • Mark says:

        Not only that, and I really hate to say this, Zac seems to have lost hope about the Chuck movie ever happening. Through crowdfunding or otherwise.

        This little interview is just one of the many instances from last weekend where he seemed to dismiss the idea.

        It wasn’t long ago when he always used to say “I’m working on it”, but that is no longer the case for whatever reason. Really disheartening. Since many Chuck fans have been counting on him (and refrained from starting their own campaigns), I hope he at least clarifies his position so the fans know if it’s up to them to pick up the torch and continue fighting.

        On a more positive note, Nerd HQ was fantastic. Yvonne’s solo panel was great, her chemistry with Zac is still great and it was a joy to watch them. I haven’t seen anyone mention the other panel she did, which could well be the best panel of this year’s HQ.

      • DKD says:

        Honestly, I don’t think he said “I’m working on it” as recently or as often as the fans think he did. Sometimes, fans hear what they want to hear and tune out what they don’t. Most of his positive/optimistic statements were made in the glow of the Veronica Mars kickstarter. I don’t think he has said anything truly optimistic in the last 12 months.* In that time, there was a Josh Schwartz interview that was pretty clear that they weren’t working on anything.

        I see how he’s approaching it now as refreshing given how easily fans can blow even the most mildly optimistic statement out of proportion.** I don’t think he has to clarify anything. I’m pretty clear that nothing is going on.

        (* If someone has a quote made in the last 12 months where he actually said “I’m working on it” or similar, tell me where it is and I’ll apologize for having it wrong.

        ** I still encounter fans that parrot back the excuse that a film can’t be made because Chuck hasn’t aired in all countries. That statement was made as long as two years ago. Surely, most countries have finished by now.)

      • oldresorter says:

        Mark I liked the ladies panel, thought it was pretty funny, mainly because the six of them were six very different types of people. The young girl from Game of Thrones on the opposite side as YS, when she talked about her co-star, her voice boomed with a commanding, heartfelt passion. She could become a superstar. YS (and all the ladies really) took on several serious topics, and handled them pretty darned well.

        DKD, I did not view the ZL interview about the movie much different than you did. I think common sense dictates a supdued response. I think I learned this from one of your posts a long time ago, I think at least you said (I always get in trouble when even trying to be nice and putting words in others mouths, so if I got this wrong, I apologize and feel free to set it straight), the movie will get made if and when the ‘pros’ (WB, JS, CF, etc) want it done. I’m hoping CF’s new job may help that eventually.

        On the YS / ZL panel, it was good to see how commited or ‘in’ YS is, I never really knew if she was or wasn’t. I think ZL might have even said something along the lines, ‘she really wants a movie made.’ when they were talking about the movie at the end.

      • DKD says:

        I’m a “never say never” person when it comes to more “Chuck” content ever being made. Anything can happen down the road. I just don’t see it happening now.

      • Faith says:

        I wouldn’t outright say that Zac has shelved a possible Chuck movie–he’s not not talking about it, let’s just say that–but rather he’s acknowledged that the time is not now and the drive is not there. But he’s still very much behind it.

      • DKD says:

        I always keep in mind that if people interviewing him didn’t constantly ask him about the Chuck movie, he wouldn’t spontaneously talk about it or put it on a list of talking points.

    • Faith says:

      There’s a friendship between them that is evident. Maybe not the same as he has with Dave Coleman, or she has with the Cat Squad but definitely a friendship that was genuine and heartfelt. Yes she came down for the fans, just for NerdHQ, but all these celebrities that were there did it also because of Zac.
      As for how much, all in all NerdHQ raised $260,000 for operation smile. I can tell you I personally paid for 2 surgeries if not more. As for the company itself, no mention that I recall. I can tell you that they sold a lottt of shirts. Nerd machine as a business is mostly shirts and more power to them. Hopefully this venture meant that Zac didn’t lose money (again) and that Nerd HQ can continue.
      Overall I went to 10 panels. Yvonne’s was great but it felt to me that each one just kept being more and more amazing. My favorite is the Joss Whedon one.

      • Mark says:

        “Yes she came down for the fans, just for NerdHQ, but all these celebrities that were there did it also because of Zac.”

        True. The difference is that apart from Yvonne and Nathan Fillion, who also did several panels, all had official SDCC reasons to be there. Their travel and accommodation was paid by whatever company/project they were promoting there.

      • oldresorter says:

        Glad you had fun. I’ll try to check out the Whedon one. Did you know so many of the Chuck crew worked on HOD? Makes sense with JS and all. How much fun would it be if ‘The Charles’ made a guest appearance on HOD? I’d settle for a certain ditzy, blond southern belle even. She hasn’t done real much comedy, and JS often picks up his old stars as guests on his current shows.

      • aalleess says:

        Regarding her friendship with the CAT Squad:

  7. DKD says:

    I was just reviewing the “view counts” on You Tube and Yvonne’s panel is the most viewed with 128,419 views as of 7/30/14 at around 11AM. It’s the only panel with more than 100,000 views. The 2nd place panel is Supernatural with 35,181.

  8. Miles says:

    That was a great panel, she was definitely having a genuinely fun time and that was great to see.

    I guess the questions could have been a bit better, but they could have been a whole lot worse too so I’ll take it. Good job dodging the potentially awkward question about her dogs too by talking only about Chazzie.

  9. mcgirlblog says:

    Reblogged this on mc girl and commented:
    I love Chuck and Sarah! One of the best tv show I will never forget. Miss them so much. Still hoping for a movie whenever that is. Never loosing hope.

  10. mcgirlblog says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I have so much fun watching them together. I know they have their own lives now, but to see them together again I am quite very happy. I love Chuck since the beginning. Good to see them having fun.
    I wonder if Yvonne have already finished watching the final episodes. lol at not finishing it till the end because they were too tired. 😀
    About the Chuck movie, the answer is normal. There is always hope, I would like to believe it will happen one day as I am one of those people who wants it. I guess I’ll just have to wait whenever that is. And I’ll support it for sure.

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